April 2014, V: Setting up the metal shield of God inside of me as pure gold and the only light ever that attracts all life



  • April 11: Setting up the metal shield of God inside of me as the only light ever that attracts all life.
    • I am starting to receive less work and “I’m free to do what I want” because I am coming to freedom of the Source when finishing my work, finally – and I am so empty/tired that it is almost impossible to think/concentrate/work.
    • I uploaded the latest SAGA concert to the Internet, and the right column to my website including my Spotify playlists and SAGA playlists on Grooveshark simply vanished, which is because of darkness of Michael Sadler of the band against me. I will recreate this within the next week. All of this resistance is about bringing the two halves of Karen and I together, and we are bringing even more sun around the Earth. We have lifted the curtain of the theatre stage and the heavy elephant – of the Source – is being moved from the back and onto stage. We are expanding the motor of the Source, which is about increasing love of Karen to me.
    • The world never saw me killing with my sword deciding to not care in order to get relief from my sufferings, and yes, I would know what I would be doing if I gave in, I would be told, and this is also why I didn’t give in.
    • I crossed strong darkness making work “impossible” and continued and almost finished my new memo on “My sufferings caused by family, friends etc.”, and after this, I was told that we now also cannot kill Karen, and had I not done this, I/we would not receive the full love of God until faith of our New World would open the door. This means that I will now be brought completely on place – on top of the Source controlling/being everything – and this is what Denmark means, not Germany. And I was shown the smallest black dot arriving, which is “the old man” on top of the Source. It is me collecting all of the heart at the end. This requires that you have convinced Karen and “everyone” about whom you are, and to make them understand that they were the ones bringing you your sufferings, not the opposite. And I felt that the Son is the same as God because we are one (father and son). Is this the moment that the whole world has been waiting for?
    • I dreamt about Putin being Anti-Christ now having started his take-over of the world having the most evil plans to terminate most of mankind (the dark New World Order) and Obama working against him, which is about the fight over Ukraine and “more than this”, and I ask Putin to control his madness and act responsibly, and tell the world not to be afraid because this is the last play of the world the very last days before my reappearance.
    • I felt the most rotten – completely broken down – for a long time today, which was about exchanging the bottom of my bed/car, i.e. my new self, bringing in the metal shield of the Source. This is “the old man” behind the Source, who is only a metal shield on the wall, which we are setting up being darkness too, and this is the centre of the world and what all life is attracted to, the pure gold vein. And it is first with me that I receive the gift of my new self, which is not just all of the world without me, but with me. It is Buddha that we bring including the only light ever made, which we still use. It is about time to open and see what is inside the shield – I have been shown the first visions of opening the shield. This is the final door. It is first with me that the four drumsticks (parts of the world) can play the drum properly.


April 2014 – V: Setting up the metal shield of God inside of me as pure gold and the only light ever that attracts all life

April 11: Setting up the metal shield of God inside of me as pure gold and the only light ever that attracts all life:

FB 110414 Stig 1

FB 110414 Stig 2

I dreamt about Camilla paying with her Dankort/debit card in the supermarket, which I have worked to open again, which makes her happy. There are lots of different fish in the supermarket at cheap prices coming directly from fishing boats, but I decide not to have any, which is because I am not done with my work.

I woke up with two songs, both “didn’t I bring your love down – all night” with Yazoo, and “Gonna dress you up with my love” by Madonna, which is the difference between nights and days.

No, you have not received a bathing prohibition to enter ”the forbidden city”.

I received the lyrics “I’m free to do what I want” by Rolling Stones, which is really because I am coming to freedom of the Source when finishing my work, finally.

I was told that the reason why John almost died was because of the darkness he took on him when I didn’t manage to visit Puerto Banus, Marbella, and Gibraltar in 2006/07 – later John visited Gibraltar, which was to take on darkness trying to get out that way.

Had I decided to give in, my mother would not only receive my darkness/sufferings, but also increased understanding of me, which would help to stop me from giving in.

As usual, I wrote at home during the morning, and went to the library after lunch, where I joined the new SAGA files and started uploading the video, and it took until 17.30 before the upload was finished and (the Internet) archive.org had processed it – https://archive.org/details/SAGASpinItAgain – and then I discovered that not only is there a lift in the volume after 19:15 but the video is also more and more out of sync as times goes, and I discovered that this is because the video joiner worked poorly, but I decided that this is how it is for now, I had now started working on “my sufferings because of family, friends etc.”, which I will work concentrated on and finish before I will do a new video file of this and upload later, and yes, with this I could finally publish my script of the last three days to Facebook to “make this work” too, not least to Michael Sadler & Co.

I was surprised when I discovered that a block to my right column simply had vanished, which is the block containing my Spotify playlists and links with my SAGA playlists on Grooveshark, and there is no automatic back-up by WordPress on this, but I do have a manual back-up that I can use to recreate this within the next week, and I was told that this is a symbol given to me of darkness of Michael Sadler, who doesn’t like that I share your music for free, which I have not been allowed to do and removing potential income from you?

It was almost impossible to work today because of emptiness where I had very big difficulties thinking and concentrating.

Leif arrived, and decided to sit down in my small room to talk, and again, it was potentially annoying me very much removing concentration from work, which was almost impossible for me to find, and I told myself that this is important too, so I allowed him to stay for maybe 10-15 minutes.

I was told that the bank trainee courses that I attended at Danske Bank, Adelgade, at their old training centre from 1984-86 (one week at the time maybe four times per year, as I remember it) and “I cannot tell you just how important this was”, which was about the bank here noticing how well that I did, which was reported back into the system, and I did “pretty well”, and I understand that this helped me to stay in the bank – going up against darkness of employees trying to hurt me, i.e. throw me out (Susan in Espergærde, and Lars H. in Frihavn). And yes, I have been given the word “Bentasil” for weeks now, which is both the name of cough pastilles and my old colleague Benta from Frihavn, and this may be about her faith in me removing cough of darkness.

I became so tired in the afternoon that I really could not work, and I forced myself to do as much as I could.

I received a reply from my dentist saying that I am still welcome there as a client.

I was told that “all sex” – including on the Internet – would burn you/us, which is why I had to keep away from this, and yes, I have not been with a woman since 2005.

Isn’t it funny that you are heartfelt welcome here not because of Michael Sadler but despite of him bringing me the worst darkness, but he has a divine talent and my enthusiasm for his and SAGA’s music/performance is making him bear over with me, and eehhh because of faith too.

All of this resistance is about bringing the two halves of you and Karen together, yes, the Source and the New World that I bring, and we are bringing even more sun around the Earth, as I was shown, and “everything”.

I was shown a shower cabinet with the main water tube going between the two halves of it.

My coming memo on “my sufferings because of family, friends etc.” is coming together with my mother, who is going to have an operation for cataract here in April, which literally is about to make her eyes see, and yes, she is seeing poorly now and when watching handball the other day on TV, she could not see the score on the TV, and no, there wasn’t anything special about this handball match (Denmark losing by two goals to France) other than some darkness of John sent to Nødesbo making it difficult for him to score, as I was shown/felt some times.

I received a potential extreme pain to one of my wisdom teeth, which I understood is because of Sadler, but I am still welcome at my dentist, which is to show you the small margins coming through here.

I was happy to see the three new lights over Helsingborg North again this evening after it was been poor sight for some days, and now there are not only one but two lights next to it, which may be about building two times three lights on row (?), and yes, they were only switched on for maybe one hour, and soon I will not be able to see them behind the trees of the hill in front of me because they come into leaf.

I was shown that we have lifted the curtain of the theatre stage and the heavy elephant – of the Source – is being moved from the back and onto stage.

At the end, it was communication between my mother, John and I at our weekly meetings, which gradually opened them more and more up to me and “Stig is not crazy” when telling them “a little” and showing them that I am indeed completely normal.

We are expanding the motor of the Source, which is about increasing love of Karen to you. I was shown Danske Bank, i.e. energy/force, and it is just me, who is this motor and I have been allowed to use all force of all cells. I was shown and told that when I went with Karen for dinner and at the Opera approx. 10 years ago, was exactly how she likes it the most.

The world never saw me killing with my sword deciding to not care in order to get relief from my sufferings, and yes, I would know what I would be doing if I gave in, I would be told, and this is also why I didn’t give in.

I was reminded about how I visited an investment firm in Malmö, when I lived there from 1994-96 (because I was invited on the street), and this was in the very same office that later turned into ACTA, which I visited in 2007 together with the Copenhagen office, and I am told that my first visit in the 1990’s was to spread my spirit inside of ACTA before I would later join it, and yes, today it has ceased to exist, you know, and yes, the defeat of darkness.

What you lost at Puerto Banus and Gibraltar was almost won on your touring around Mallorca in 2007.

All of your déjà vue experiences came from inside of here, which is from the “the old man” of the Source, and when you have the Source inside of you, you are everything, aren’t you (?), and yes, this is what I am, and what my son will take over.

I had expected to sleep poorly after publishing my script and the SAGA concert yesterday, which I also did.

I had weak dreams about working as a salesman and wanting to call approx. 30 priests here in North Zealand to gain their support in me, which I understand may have to do with my story visiting Helsingør Cathedral, which is spreading?

And I dreamt about a pregnant lady, who doesn’t want me because I am not attracted to her, which may be about my “old nightmare” leaving me.

I woke up to David Bowie’s “Hearts filthy lesson”.

I received the STRONGEST sneezes again this morning, and I received the old stomach pain because of coffee, which is about the Commune going against me.

I was shown the landscapes of the Source that we see here, which is beautiful.

I was simply told “Susanne Hoffs” and “Walk like an Egyptian”, which is what we will do then when we will open the Pyramid of our New World and the Source :-).

I did not have much to write this morning, and after this I continued writing my new memo on “my sufferings causes by family, friends etc.”, which had been working up as a “potential nightmare” for me to write with MANY notes and yes, because I feel empty/tired you know, but I have decided just to do it as everything else and knowing that it will gradually take form when I simply do it, and yes first decide on the overall structure, write the first draft, improve it some times and then it is there, and yes, meaning that I will end this if not today, then tomorrow, and then there should be good time to follow up on the SAGA video, missing block of the right column, a birthday greeting to Karen and whatever may come, and yes, my family, friends etc. may react negatively to my memo, but the idea is really for them to understand the truth that they brought me my sufferings and still everything is based on love.

During the afternoon working at the library I had to fight tiredness and a VERY strong will/feeling to do nothing but I still decided to pull myself together continuing to write my new memo telling myself “come on, get it done, it doesn’t write itself”, and when I had written the chapter on Karen, I was given “the perfectionist” by SAGA, which I simply love – it is an incredible beautiful “symphony”/piece of music, some of their most beautiful music – and this is because I decided to go for the big version of this document instead of just a short update on Facebook, and yes I will give the summary of my new memo as update, which is the concentrated version and include a link to the memo, and this is MUCH stronger than if I just had used a couple of minutes only to write a “quick update”, which is how most people “work”, and yes, this is the strength I use to penetrate darkness of “imbecile” people, and have done since the beginning of my journey.

A man close to me at the library received the worst negative feelings thinking that everything about his work and the computer was the worst, and he kept on saying loudly and negatively “to Hell with it”, and I had to ask him to keep his negative feelings to himself, and yes, it seems as if incredible darkness is sent my way.

At the end of the afternoon, I had finally completed writing the first draft of this memo saving a couple of edits until tomorrow, and no, I had not planned this memo to become 19-20 pages, but this is how it is when you are inspired and do your best work under the circumstances, instead of relaxing which would have been my alternative.

After this, I was told that we now also cannot kill Karen after you have done this. And shortly thereafter, I received “Clocks” by Coldplay, which is really because of the “cold play” that Karen has played towards me.

The other day, a “monster eel” of 23 kilos was caught in the local Øresund strait, which was a sensation and has not happened since the 1980’s, I believe, and this article http://lokalavisen.dk/tv-monster-aalen-kan-eksplodere-naar-som-helst-/20140409/ARTIKLER/140409447/1051 now says that this eel, which is now with Helsingør Aquarium, may explode at any time, and this is about receiving the last very fragile darkness.

Monster ål - Lokalavisen 090414

I downloaded and tried maybe 10 different programs to join my SAGA AVI-files into one again hoping that it would remove the sound/picture out of sync, and still I didn’t find any program that actually worked, and I continued on this at home discovering that I had Windows Movie Maker on my computer thinking that it could do it, but no, it could not, it had far too limited choices and not the video/audio quality that I wanted as output, and I really didn’t want to encode all of it again, only to join it, and finally I read a review of joiners, and found one that was working only to discover that this program did exactly the same error as the other the other day, so what do I do now (?), and yes, I will now try to find a program that can join VOB-files before converting them to ONE AVI-file, and I found one program being able to do this, and after an hour maybe, I discovered that it only included less than half of the content, so I will have to find another program, and if this doesn’t work, I will try to download the whole torrent file again but this time from the library – if I am allowed to do this by now because they have updated their Windows XP computers to Windows 7 and closed all rights if you are not administrator, but they still have two computers on XP (as I also use at home without being able to update it when the support on this now stops from Microsoft, but I don’t care, I am “protected” here), and yes, what should have been an incredible simple task takes MANY HOURS to do giving me many disappointments, which is because of the lack of ONE PERFECT system.

And yes, if we had to kill Karen, this would have ended the world, and it is only me as the spearhead here – I am given a sound to my oven – and that is because I am everything, remember?

It really doesn’t mean anything if you win or lose because I – my new self – have already been created and am fully capable of living, but still we are not completely done, and yes, what will we do now (?), yes, it will come.

I was encouraged to send my new memo to as many as possible otherwise we cannot pull you all the way up, and no, I still do NOT like to send out information, which many people don’t like to receive, but again I decide to “just do it” and “not care”, and yes, I will send it one of these days, and I may wait until Karen’s birthday April 12.

It means that we will now bring you completely on place – on top of the Source controlling/being everything – and I was shown the Danish flag and told that this is what Denmark means, not Germany, because it is from here that I control everything, which is what we will now set you up to do.

Were there people fearing that I would not come through Arthur Findlay College in 2005/06 (?), yes, and this is because there were also forces trying to remove me from these two weeks I was there.

If you didn’t do this memo, Karen would become all the force until she was approved via faith of our New World.

It has to be completely fantastic, and yes, this is me then arriving here, and I am shown the smallest black dot, which is “the old man” on top of the Source. It is me collecting all of the heart at the end.

This requires that you have convinced Karen and “everyone” about whom you are, and to make them understand that they were the ones bringing you your sufferings, not the opposite.

This is what it takes to stand on top of the mountain as I am shown here with waving fans just like when Egon from the Olsen Gang is welcomed by his friends when he gets out of prison.

Do you remember what your name means (?), and yes, “the wanderer”, which is to walk all the way home to the Source, and I was then feeling Donna Summer and receiving her song, and I felt and was shown her almost crying of happiness because of this and because she is also part of my top 100 albums list, and yes, Donna was truly one of the greatest artists ever too.

I was told that the part of the right column of my website including my music lists was removed because you would not experience all of my love to start with if you did not do this memo, and yes, we are still playing the game bringing everything in as the goal.

We are building all of this on faith also of “anonymous people”.

The special lights over Helsingborg were switched on maybe only 15 minutes this evening.

And with this, you have proved that it is possible to convince the world that you are well and not sick/crazy as the authorities claimed.

And it is just me then moving in (inside our New World) and I was given a LOUD sound to my shelves. It is me bringing the triangle of everything.

This is what the roller-coaster of Tivoli is about when it this year has now been brought back to its original conditions.

And it is me – and I am shown the captain of an old passenger airplane of the 1930’s coming in at the airport – and I felt that the Son is the same as God because we are one (father and son). Is this the moment that the whole world has been waiting for?

Yes, I was VERY close to miss the survey – about plants absorbing energy also from other plants – which is the foundation of my new memo, and it was only with the outermost will that I re-found it, and had I not, I would not have done this.

To be released from the state prison, it requires for you to enter here, because this is where I am locked up, and that is by creation/darkness.

It is directly from here that the force are given to your mother, and I am shown weapons, i.e. darkness as requested, being sent in via transport belts.

I was given “Tag med mig” (“Come with me”) by Sneakers, and yes, Sanne, we will very soon, and yes, we are still warming up for the concert May 3 in Tivoli :-).


I still follow Big Brother, Denmark – I like to see how people behave – and I also like Ronny much because he does his best and works for the community instead of himself, and he behaves well too, and I am sad to see that most of the others think of themselves and your own selfish “needs”.

Yesterday, Real Madrid and Chelsea won over two matches against Dortmund and Paris S.G., and I was told that this was because of strong darkness, and even that the result of Real Madrid losing 0-2 was “fixed”.

This evening I watched the last half of Atletico Madrid against Barcelona, and when I started watching, Atletico was ahead by 1-0, and at some time, Messi did a free-kick directly into the wall and the commentators said that this was “symptomatic”, and yes, Messi didn’t play well, and in this match as also in the last match, I was told about “Danni Alves” as if he was going to play a vital role, but then he was given the ball and the commentator was inspired when saying that “nothing happens here too”, and at the end, Barcelona lost and was out of Champions League, and yes, too strong darkness again.

I was told that David is part of this darkness and I was shown Pinocchio, and this is because Pinocchio is known for lying, and you would never lie to me or potential investors, would you, David (?), and yes, it would suit you to tell me your decision about your business plan, if you will update this and send me a new version and when you will do it, or if you have “given up” (?), and yes, instead of saying nothing and letting me guess.

I continued having stomach pain and also pain to my spinal column, and I wonder what the Commune is up to now since I receive this.

I was surprised to see one STRONG light a little bit further north in Helsingborg than the three other lights, and this light is NOT normally there, and this time it is at the same height as the city lights, and I looked for it for one minute, and looked away and back, and then it was switched off, and a few minutes later, I was shown it being switched on, and once again, it was switched off within one minute, and yes, it may be 50 times stronger than the other lights there, so something’s going on you know, Frida :-). And this may be spaceship of everything?

Is there also sour urine, i.e. “destruction”, in Suriname?

I was told that when I was hired with ACTA in 2007, the World Elite knew that “he is serious”, but none had seen that I would be able to come here now in 2014.

I was shown Monthy Python using the shower head with water streaming out as a telephone, which is because the news about me has reached them, and yes, this is one example of names given to me knowing about me, which I still receive, but no, I have decided not to write them down.

I was told that Janet from Arthur Findlay College is still with me and I was given “don’t let this be deleted”, which is about “ancient wisdom”, which you are still thinking about, Janet?

We haven’t tested Sanna at all, and this is the deepest part of the Source.

So you are really yourself sitting there – I feel “the old man” – and this was given to me with a beam from the balcony to say that this man is really caught inside of me.

We just have to get the hand up to the heart, which I was shown and felt too inside of me.

I was shown myself entering a window of a castle guarded by guards with machine guns, and still I walk up the stairs and the feeling of darkness now changes to light when I am shown what looks like white silk all around me with golden decorations, and I am shown the crib of a child, which is my new self.

I had a VERY vivid dream that made me believe that it was actually real, and it was about Putin being the Anti-Christ who has now started his take-over of the whole world, and he has cut off the fingers of the President of Finland, and there is a public meeting in Finland held by Russia with an enormous amount of Finnish spectators, who are all celebrating because of this. Putin has given the world an ultimatum to follow him, and he uses the Finnish President as his hostage. He has put in his troops and is going to start terminating most of the world population, and there are no limits to the evilness of his plans. He is using Western disagreement of how to response to his advantage. I am opposing Putin and I walk up to the rostrum in front of all of these people, I am a national hero, I feel like a famous actor, and I am both here on the ground and inside a flying airplane above including more heroes, and I wonder if he will allow me to speak and the plane to fly over, and I get up to the rostrum high above people – with big difficulties because of my fear of heights – and speak to the people, and then I see that Putin has crashed the airplane, and I tell people that “now I am dead” because all people including myself inside the airplane are dead, but still I stand here.

Later, I am back in Denmark and I hear newspapers say that I am the most unknown national hero. I am taking a taxi to Helsingør Commercial School on Fredericiavej, where I am meeting world leaders, and to my surprise, they listen to me. I see Michelle Obama coming out from the building including all of these leaders. She has decided to walk out on the street protesting visibly to Putin even though this is the same as asking to be killed by Russian snipers, which I expect to happen any moment, but she seems to make it. I walk a tour myself, and discover Barack Obama in a meeting with “underground people” planning how to oppose Putin, and I wonder why he does it alone without me, but I decide not to intervene. Later, I see both Michelle and Barack Obama performing half naked on a club, which is to start civil disobedience to Putin, and all of these people including myself run out in the street, where we are met by strong, Russian troops, but I take off their helmets and knock them down.

When I woke up, it was with the feeling that Putin has now started his very last campaign as Anti Christ – and this is of course related to Eastern Ukraine, where people of Russian nationality has now started their “campaign” hoping to break free from Ukraine and also become part of Russia, and it seems as if this is led directly from the top of Russia despite of what they have promised the world to do, not to interfere, and this is the last play of the world the very last days before my reappearance. And yes, Putin, you are properly driven by so much madness that you “cannot” follow me when I tell you to stop playing your “Christmas games” and to act properly and responsible?

I fell asleep again, and dreamt that I am living with Obama and his family, and I am surprised hearing him speaking much and so much that I don’t feel like or have the courage to speak myself, and I am here together with a good friend of mine, and this friend has the courage to speak.

Half awake I see that all cash desks of the supermarket are open, people are hoarding, and I see how they just need to get out of the last door (glass door from floor to ceiling) of the supermarket to freedom outside, and I tell people not to be afraid. I am shown myself entering through the absolutely narrowest path, and I am surprised to see that I am strong enough to knock out enemies on my way, and world leaders celebrate me on the way. I am shown faces from the Danish Big Brother and am told that they are part of this, and I think that they have no idea of what is happening in the world after they have now been locked up for 100 days in this house, and still the last 2-3 weeks remain. I am shown Ikea beneath my bed, and they want to exchange the bottom of my bed, and they ask if they are allowed doing this (which corresponds to changing the undercarriage of a car, i.e. myself), and yes, I was half awake and it was 05.30, and I knew that this meant that I had to stand up, which I had NO MOTIVATION to do at all because I was still VERY tired, but still I stood up, and stayed up for approx. half an hour before going back to bed.

And I woke up to all of this with ”Ready or not – you are not alone” by SAGA, and yes, it seems that world leaders are on my side, and no, you don’t have to be afraid of Putin, he is just playing a game, you know.

Finally, I also dreamt about coming to work only wearing my bathrobe, and I tell Kim S., my manager, that the reason of this is that I have had such a poor night that I am really not able to work today and I could not take on any clothes because the wash of all my clothes broke down. Kim is now planning on setting up a second office further down at Pernille’s department and he will walk back and forwards between his two offices eight times per day. We are now doing a friendly visit to another insurance broker, which is very unusual. They work at a very little office/apartment, which however is very well designed, and I wonder if Kim is there to find and hire new employees to replace me, and I also think that it is strange that he has never appointed me as the SOUSCHEF because this is what I am in practise. Later, back at his first office, Kim is having a visit of a young man showing Kim his fine racing bicycle, and there are many other people inside the office, but I am outside and don’t feel like entering. Preben is there too, he will come back to work on Monday, which I look forward to, and he has started liking one of SAGA’s songs. The whole company is on our way to visit New York. And yes, this is about darkness/sufferings that Kim S. is sending me as my old “close” manager who could not read, understand and support me but was a chicken/coward like everyone else hiding from me.

Finally, I dreamt about visiting my old favourite café, which is Café Victor in Copenhagen, but I am surprised to see that it has changed into a Mexican café with two bars, and I am smoking pipe in there – and the two bars are about father and son as one God, and pipe is darkness that I am still going through.

So we are really transferring from here – a sound to my oven – to here with a sound to my shelves. I didn’t believe that I would stop the tap here.

I have even more stomach and spinal column pain today and so strong that it was close to disabling me, and I had to decide being disciplined to continue working – because this is what I am used to do, therefore, otherwise, this would be impossible to do.

I was given the feeling of Hitler coming to me from the hallway outside my door, and I was told that even though he knew that killing was about going through darkness eventually to save the world, he learned to love killing boys, and he asked for my permission to do this, but no, NEVER (!), do you think that I am crazy?

I was told and shown that I am only a metal shield on the wall behind you, and we are setting this up being darkness too, and this is the centre of the world and what all life is attracted to.

I was reminded about a small talk I had with Leif on the library the other day after Helsingør FC had lost by 1-2 on Fremad Amager’s homeground, and Leif said that he saw a player from Fremad Amager thanking the referee after the match and give him something, which the referee put in his pocket, and Leif was “convinced” that this was bribery, and he has a picture of it, which he has send to DBU, the Danish Football Association, and yes AMAGER (small island where Copenhagen South is placed) is related to SAGA – this is where I saw them play in concert in 2012 and will do again here April 27 – so there you have it again, “the worst darkness” of Michael Sadler coming to me.

This morning I tried to join the six SAGA VOB-files again without using the computer for other things at the same time, and this time, it actually succeeded, and thereafter I converted it again – using another program – to AVI, which also succeeded, thus removing the volume jump after 19:15 and also removing the voice/picture sync problems, and yes, now I only have to upload it once again to the Internet Archive from the library to make it “perfect”, and yes, from there to include it to the recreated block of the right column to my website including my music lists one of the coming days, and yes, NOT as easy as it should have been, NOT at all, but eventually I did it.

I was nothing less than INCREDIBLE tired today and my stomach/spinal column pain did NOT make work easy, it was truly a pain today, one of the worst.

So you have found the pure gold vein.

Isn’t it so that we will continue until there is only one Western remaining?

And it is first with me that he receives the gift, yes himself, and not just all of the world without me, but with me. So it is Buddha that we bring to you including the only light ever made, which we still use.

I was really completely and utterly down today with a tiredness and pain beyond description, and can it be negative feelings coming to me from Karen (?), and yes, I had a visitor from “Lyngby” on my website yesterday evening reading the front page of my website, a few others and then about Karen and my family bringing me sufferings, and who knows, maybe this was Karen?

And this is the force that is feeding Putin and his crazy dreams, which is why I dreamt about him.

I was told that the renowned CEO of Danske Bank in the 1980’s, Tage Andersen, was following me and the one receiving reports about me, and he had direct access to surveilling of the Source over me too.

I watched the comedian Jan Gintberg visit the Danish Parliament Christiansborg – http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/gintberg-pa-kanten/gintberg-pa-kanten-christiansborg-3-7 – and at the end of the program, he followed Margrethe Vestager visiting Helsingør and first a meeting on the Helsingør-Helsingborg ferries with local people, and then you were supposed to follow Margrethe to the meeting at the Culture Yard, Jan, but maybe you were told that “it is not that good for you to follow” by Margrethe (?) with the reason being that I was there, and yes, this was the meeting last autumn, was it October or November 2013?

Yes, your mother would have been willing to die to save you, and this is really what you did saving her because you could not stand the thought about losing your mother, which would have been the result if Sanna’s plans (hospitalising me etc.) had been carried out. This is what drove me – and I was given more out of this world pain to my right ankle as I continue receiving.

Is it about time to open and see what is inside the shield of me (?), and yes, I have been shown the first visions of opening the shield.

I received the feeling of Sicily 1978 and Bee Gees several times, and yes, let us play one more of Bee Gee’s immortal hits from Saturday Night Fever, which could be heard every evening on the open air dance floor there – this was simply the best music at the time with the right and very “special feeling” as part of the time, which you cannot feel the same way today, however, if you just close your eyes, you may be able to remember how it was (I see myself walking the paths of Citta del Mare in Sicily 1978) – and here with Jon Travolta on the dance floor becoming one of the biggest idols ever, and yes, you really should have been dancing some more too, John :-).

Yes, this was just the new bottom of the bed that we installed today, this is what was the most demanding, which is why I was feeling lower than low. And I also continued receiving big pains to my right foot of a new kind.

I received DAD’s “Hate to say I told you so” and I was told that this is for Karen because “I told you so”, I am the real thing.

I received the lyrics “there’s only way to get out” from SAGA’s “Mouse in a maze”, which is about bringing out God from top of the Source.

You are at the final door. It is first with me that the four drumsticks (parts of the world) can play the drum properly.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to April 2014, V: Setting up the metal shield of God inside of me as pure gold and the only light ever that attracts all life

  1. Jette Uhlott, photographer says:

    thank you for your kind remarks on Kirstens B-day. I have seen the mirror many times – but have you understood my mirror to you – people – and I – don’t care your writings when you ‘are not allowed’ to speek in a nice manner. AND SO IT IS ❤

    • Jette, I am sad to see that your stubbornness and negative feelings makes it impossible for you to look inside yourself and to understand that I do NOT speak negatively about you, ONLY THE TRUTH, and when I tell you that you once again exhibit yourself as a fool to the world, will you please try to understand that this is NOT negative, but ONLY the objective truth, and from the very beginning my comments to you were POSITIVE and to HELP YOU IMPROVE, but you ”could not”, you fell into the deep, black pot once again and dragged me down with you both being part of INCREDIBLE darkness/sufferings given to me very directly, and once again, to bring up the most precious from the basement of the ship, which is the light of God/my inner self, so do you think that you can start understanding now, to give up your WRONG stubbornness and maybe even apologise to me because of your wrongdoings and the pain you have caused me (?), and yes, you felt sad and down too but ONLY because of your WRONG misunderstandings and false pride – is that very difficult to understand? Take care :-).

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