April 2014, VI: The Craftman’s Cave helps bringing in the last incredible force of God and to start the heart of our New World



  • April 13: The Craftman’s Cave helps bringing in the last incredible force of God and to start the heart of our New World
    • I was happy visiting the Craftman’s Cave in Helsingør together with John, who had invited me. It was like going 50-100 years back in time receiving old, Danish traditions also musical, which otherwise sadly have been lost. They have the same type of lamp that also hung on Titanic, which symbolised that the light of God was lost bringing the world to its end, but now we have recovered this light, which is now being installed also with the help of these local people of Helsingør, who saw me as positive and outgoing this evening and not the opposite as some had misunderstood via Facebook some months ago. Troels is engineer of the Helsingør-Helsingborg ferries symbolising the incredible strength of the Source now coming in. We had dried cod imported from the Faroe Islands without paying VAT, i.e. receiving my new self without losing life during my journey. I was happy receiving good relations with people here, and even though I am a terrible craftsman, they were open to the opportunity for me to become member, which was the goal of the evening, i.e. for these people to accept me, thus helping the last part of me to start up the heart of our New World. We ended by having APPLE CAKE, which was the best recipe of all that had been prepared wearing a golden apron symbolising the Source/God.
    • The metal shield of the Source is made the same way as a speaker, and I was shown a cross section of all parts of it, and everything is repeated for an infinity. I am the product of all cells that are willing to change form, i.e. all, and all are coming out via my light. After the football match (showdown between light and darkness), I walk directly to the coronation in here, and I was shown myself inside a magnificent and VERY tall room, and I felt Queen Elisabeth too, who has also been here. I was shown people here wearing ancient Egyptian clothes with the most incredible gold decoration. We are now transferring incredible force of the last part of me. This is Buddha self that we are creating and I feel the Buddha mask on my head being painted golden. A surprise is awaiting us in there because there is no one in there as I have told you, I am all of you. So now I am you Stig, this is why your name is written all over the world. And it is me bringing you alive as your new self.
    • I felt light/white everywhere, and we are now entering our new shopping centre, i.e. life, directly from here, which I was shown via a little entrance, and then I was shown light as ONE BIG pulsating heart and I was told that all life is now adjusting to our new heart now also including you as life, and yes, welcome you back after well accomplished mission.
    • I was told about how newspapers are writing on me for the secret network and bringing my sexual wrongdoings (until 2005) in a visible place, and that there is no end to the enthusiasm of newspapers to have come through this impossible darkness entering the Pyramid. The truth about me and the inevitable end of the world appear inside there, which is because everyone believed that I could no more when being out of energy.


April 2014 –VI: The Craftman’s Cave helps bringing in the last incredible force of God and to start the heart of our New World

April 13: The Craftman’s Cave helps bringing in the last incredible force of God and to start the heart of our New World

FB 130414 Stig 1

FB 130414 Stig 2

I dreamt about the Danish tax authorities writing in the newspaper that I owe taxes, which I have never done. I am working at Valby Jobcentre, which I have been allowed to do because I have not given up. A man violates two sweethearts with lawyers including out new manager, who has put together a big lunch in only five minutes, and we bring food too including lots of cakes. I felt the manager of the jobcentre as Bjarne, the director, from the Commune, and Risskov, Århus, is somehow involved, which has to do with Helena, and I see who scrimps of one are being poured up in a lobster soup of another, which is about the plans of “reproduction” with me if I had been locked up also involving Helena, and no, Bjarne is “not that innocent”. And Valby can only be a reference to my old friend Lars G. living there and bringing me darkness.

Later I felt Nazi’s of Florence, and “the perfectionist” by SAGA kept on being played to me. There is a big Depeche Mode exhibition with a big meeting and an ex-colleague helping. And something about Japanese beer and ice, which is about darkness of Japan coming.

In a new dream, Søren H. is bringing me 35 million DKK from the mail office, and I am told to remember the hammer. A colleague next to me receives the finest Cognac and Whisky, which I don’t. Suddenly I see myself on Nordhavn Station chasing a man having stolen a silver box – which is part of a very important silver collection – and I manage to bring it back, it contains the finest chocolate. Now, the 35 million DKK has been transported to the station too, and it can only be delivered to me if I bring almost impossible codes, and this is about incredible force of the “the old man” – even though there is no force on the very top.

I felt and was told about case workers of Hørsholm, Lyngby-Taarbæk and Helsingør Communes who will feel incredible stupid when they will discover that I told them the truth all along about me, which was “impossible” for them to listen to and believe in.

I slept better today making the day easier to go through including to last the whole day including John’s and my visit to the Craftsman Cave this evening.

I continued working the whole day on my script and edits of my new memo, and it will become “the best under the circumstances”, but the truth is that it is quickly written and then improved some times, and it really could be much better but you may not be able to tell.

I received a new potentially incredible pain to one of my corner teeth with the feeling that it would simply break, and this is if I don’t do the work that I am doing, and yes, nice still to be welcome with my dentist if something should happen.

I was told that Mette’s son Christoffer’s aura – after becoming Facebook friend with me – is also bringing me to the Craftman’s Cave.

It is an iron pipe I am coming from, and there is only one of these.

I was told that Helsingør Football Club also knows about me via Leif, who is part of the fan club, and no, these are not the worst people to connect to, and I am thinking of the coach Lønstrup, who used to play for FC Copenhagen, thus knowing “everyone” in the Danish football circles, and Mads Laudrup, the son of Michael Laudrup, is playing there too, and this helps you to understand, via Leif, that “Stig is completely normal”?

I spoke to my mother and she recommended me to get a haircut today before going to the Craftman’s Cave, and I really had enough to do, but decided to follow her recommendation knowing how important details like this are to her, so I went to my Egyptian hairdresser, who was as kind as always, but now very busy from morning to evening everyday having received many new customers and not yet a new hairdresser to help him, and after waiting half an hour, he gave me a fine haircut as quickly and as good as he could using the scissor quicker than I have seen anyone do, and it made me tell him that if there was a competition to be the quickest using a scissor, he would surely win it, and he told me that he actually did, because he actually attended such a competition in Egypt, but it was not only about being quick, but also doing your best quality, and yes, this was a symbol about the work that I did during my journey, and when he was done, he showed me the label of his new shirt saying “Made in Egypt”, which made him happy to see, and I asked him if it was 100% genuine cotton, which it of course was, and yes “shirt” is a symbol of life too, so here it was about genuine life coming (from the great Pyramids of Egypt), which he is helping me to do.

After the haircut, I had a little time to walk around town before meeting John, and then I met Lis, my mother’s friend, in the city shopping centre, and she is still somewhat resisting to me not speaking as much as she did, but she told me – as my mother told me after meeting her too – that she would like to visit me for a cup of coffee together with my mother, which I promised her to do when it will become fine weather for her to enjoy the view over the sea.

Is this about your mother knowing about her wrong behaviour in relation to you bringing you sufferings but doesn’t want to admit it (?), and yes, I have told her about the connection before, which she simply refused back then – maybe 1-2 years ago.

At 17.45 I met John inside the yard of the Craftman’s Cave, and John was kind to show me and tell about the house outside and inside, and first of all, it is incredible well preserved and may be one of the finest city houses of Helsingør, and when you walk inside the cave, it is like walking 50-100 years back in time seeing pieces of handmade crafts of all kinds in the window panes (for example the most beautiful carved elephants standing above the open fireplace) and hanging on the walls everywhere together with old pictures for example of cabinetmakers visiting Stuttgart in 1912 etc., and John told me about the big loft lamp being the same type of lamp that hang on Titanic, and I understood the sign that this is about the only light of the world – of “the old man” or God if you will – that symbolically sunk with Titanic showing you the end of the world, and now we have reconnected with this light.

We were 50 people sitting at six tables – including my mother’s good friend Käte, who was kind to come over and say hello to John and I – and the average age may have been 70 or even higher, and besides from John and I at our table, we had company by Torsten, who is nearly 80, and his wife Aase, Troels (engineer at the Helsingør-Helsingborg ferries), “Skipper” as I called him (former captain at the Helsingør-Helsingborg) and Jørgen, who is 90, have been a member for 55 years and lived for 7 years in Zürich working on weekly magazines as he has also done in Denmark, and yes, I tried to speak to all of these people, listen to their stories, ask questions and tell stories myself (no one spoke to Jørgen but me), and I was happy that they received me nicely, and Torsten – a very charismatic and strong man with a big singing voice – told John when he didn’t believe that I heard, that he liked the guest that John had brought, and yes, we had beer to drink to the dinner and the others, not John and I, also had snaps, and when Torsten asked me to give him the bottle, I was inspired to ask him “give me the name of it to receive it”, which he then did when replying “O.P. Andersson”, which was the name/label of it, and I understood that this was because I was recognised as “Stig” and been approved by these people, and yes, they remember me from the three Helsingør Facebook groups where I was thrown out from, and yes, GOSSIPING in a “small town” like Helsingør is thriving very well you know, and this was what I really had to cross this evening.

There were two “cooks” – members of the association – who prepared the big dinner, and I liked the cook to deliver his speech to everyone with much humour telling about just how impossible it was to get hold of this dried cod, which I understand is impossible to buy in Denmark today, so he imported it directly from the Faroe Islands (part of the Danish Kingdom), and when he asked the Danish Tax Authorities about VAT, he was told that he should not pay any, but still it was a condition of the carrier for him to provide proof of VAT paid to deliver the fish (!), and yes, an “impossible” riddle to solve, but he managed to do it, and this was another symbol saying just how impossible it has been to provide my new self (symbolised by the fish) without any tax deductions, i.e. loss of life, but we did it.

I helped bringing plates and food in and out, and waited to receive the dish of dried cod, and finally I was given a “big dish for one of the two big tables” as I was told, and ours was just a small table, so something was “wrong” making me believe that our table had already received fish, but when I checked, it had not, and they didn’t mind receiving the big dish, which then again is to show you a BIG FISH of my new self coming. And yes, it tasted deliciously, and the structure of the meat was exactly as I remember it from when I had “Bacalhau” in Portugal in 2002 – as dried cod is called there – but it was more salt here, and yes, there was all kind of accessories including mustard sauce too.

There was MUCH singing and three men playing harmonicas, and it was traditional “Nyhavn (“New Harbour” in Copenhagen) songs” as I imagine they would have sounded like in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and I liked it VERY much, and I told Torsten and the others that it was a BIG experience to come here this evening feeling like I am stepping these more than 50 years back in time to a time pocket, which otherwise is extinct today and replaced by modern cafes and cappuccinos, and it is a shame to lose part of the national mind, which this really is about, and they agreed with me – where can you meet this old Danish culture today as genuinely as here (?) – and I was given the traditional, old Danish Craftman’s song “Åh, disse minder” (“Oh, these memories”), and 10 minutes thereafter, they were playing this wonderful song, and it made me think and also tell the others when I heard them sing along, that “you are 10 times better than the singing in the church on the other side of the street”, and this is to say that I LOVE JOY AND HAPPINESS and people to attend instead as what happens in most churches today, which is that it is only the priest, the church choir and maybe 1-2 others that really sing with most people not singing or only singing very low “not to be embarrassed”, and no, this has NOTHING to do with life, and yes, I know that many hymns of Grundtvig as they “sing” here in Danish churches are beautiful, but it doesn’t mean a thing if they are not popular bringing joy and happiness to people and the feeling to sing along and smile, and yes, ideally you will combine both beautiful songs and appeal to people to sing along. And I told people at my table about when I met a large group of Irish people (at the Hotel in Portugal in 2002), who played and sang their national songs with full power/participation of everyone, which is even more than what I experienced here today, and this is really how I like it, and yes, I cannot remember anything more joyful when we met these Irish people in Portugal, who invited us to sing along, this is what gives the feeling of community and warmth.

When I spoke to Troels about his work as engineer of the Helsingborg-Helsingør ferries, I understood that this is why I was encouraged to tell Leif the other day at the library (when he said that he had visited friends at the ferries) about how my car key completely vanished into thin air (as it did by “magic”, when we were “this close” to disintegrate too) after returning from Golf in Sweden with Fair Insurance, and how I had to move my car from the deck of the ferry to the leaf of the bridge and have 2-3 employees to help me search every single mm2 of the car without finding it while blocking the traffic from maybe 1½ hours until I had to call “Danish auto-help” to remove it, and I told Troels the same story, but when I heard him say with a smile that he was doing the important work as engineer making the ferries sail, and “Skipper”, as I called him not hearing his name, on the bridge did the easy part sailing it, I understood that the connection is the INCREDIBLE strength of the engine of the Source which is now coming to me with the help of these people opening to and accepting me.

I told them about my background working with bank and insurance, which I know all about, but I know absolutely nothing of craft – but if I had worked as a craftsman, I would have done my best too learning these skills, but I never did and it made Torsten tell me a story about how what could have been worthless bank shares of Sjællandske Bank was saved to him by Danske Bank, and this was a story about how he had followed being a customer from a small bank merging with other banks to end up as part of Danske Bank, and I told him about when Danske Bank was merged with Handelsbanken – “the big enemy” and neighbour at Holmens Kanal in Copenhagen – in 1989, and when they literally knocked a hole to the wall between the two banks as the first symbol of merging, and I was given the feeling that this is what we have been working laboriously to do too, to enter the home of God, by working carefully with one little thing at the time followed by the next, next and next to come here all the way, and yes, Torsten even told the story about how we was working to expand a lift of one of these banks to reach the basement too, which was “the most difficult” of all work to do because it was flooded every single morning when they started work, and only by using a “magic material” – some kind of clay – they solved the task, and yes, this is really what we are doing now bringing up the light of God from the basement, and again, this was because of the opening and acceptance of these people seeing me as positive, interested in people and outgoing, and no, not negative as you believed that I was from our Facebook “dialogues” (?), and yes, it was only you being negatively when I told you the truth about your behaviour, and so it is, and yes, as mentioned I told them that I am AWFUL as a craftsman and have never travelled, which is also part of the criteria to become member, so I cannot become a member, but still Troels said that “but yes, you can, we have also opened up to everyone without criteria”, which I understood was “in special cases”, and later John and also a third person said the same, and yes, this was really the goal for me this evening, which was for these people to accept me to become part of them, which I did. And yes, yes, yes, Torsten was Secretary of the club and joked by saying that it took the club 6 years – 14 years ago – to bring him the form to become member, and just to say that this is one of the leaders of this club, and I received a good and close contact to him, so maybe you would like to enrol me as member too, Torsten, even though I am a hopeless craftsman?

NaverKäte took this picture of Torsten from my table singing out to all, and Torsten is the father of Käte’s friend, Gerd, who used to be my hairdresser in Helsingør in the 1980’s – a small “inspired” world as I am here told with a smile 🙂

I also felt the old, popular Danish singer John Mogensen, and when I encouraged Torsten to sing John Mogensen, he was somewhat reluctant, and thought of the song “Mennesker bliver spist i Polynesien” (“Human beings are eaten in Polynesia”), which he kept on speaking the lyrics of, and I didn’t think more of it until the other players/singers actually received the inspiration to sing one of John Mogensen’s popular songs, and yes, which one (?), of course “Så længer jeg lever, så længe mit HJERTE slår” (“As long as I live, as long as my HEART beats”), and this was to say that these people are helping me to start beating the new heart of my new self and our New World.

And it was confirmed when I met Carsten in front of the kitchen from where we collected the dishes of food, and I spoke to him about the heart starter, which hung on the wall, which he has made sure that the association has bought (via himself as a part time work), and again, this was about STARTING THE HEART as the acceptance of these people of me helps doing, and furthermore, Carsten works as a Church Servant (maintaining buildings etc.) of Mørdrup Church in Espergærde, and I told him that I was confirmed there in 1980, and also about the story of how Stone after receiving the Communion wine turned his back and proposed a toast to the congregation and also that I have a picture of this, and yes, I may decide to send my new memo of my sufferings to him too including this picture.

We were going to have old-fashioned APPLE CAKE for desert, and again, the funny cook presented it and said that they had been sent out to La Glace Confectioner in Copenhagen – the finest here – to learn how to do it, and they had received a GOLDEN APRON while doing it, and yes, another sign of APPLE and GOLD as symbol of the Source self.

There was only one thing going wrong this evening, which was that the cook had bought some cheap cream, which was impossible for him to whip into whipped cream, and it was probably because it had been treated with radiation, and immediately hereafter, people were inspired to sing “Spanish Eyes”, which is really because I had entered the cave of darkness this evening with many people opposing and fearing me from Facebook.

No, I didn’t speak a word about my spiritual experiences, I normally don’t when I meet people – except from Lisbeth at the Commune, you know – and I was thinking of Troels and the immense force of the engine of God, and about the big eel of the other day that could have exploded, which is exactly what it would have done if I had not carried on my work – bringing sufferings to the world via Putin as example – but today, the eel was put away because it was very weak because of spawn, which is taking all of its strength and from damages due to the catching of it, but it did NOT explode.

And yes, I love joy and happiness of people, but I do NOT like people drinking too much, having difficulties to keep their balance and behaviour without becoming primitive and vulgar, which also happened this evening to some, and yes, this is where the balance tips, I don’t like seeing this.

All in all, it was a happy evening and I was happy that John had invited me – bringing me an experience, which I otherwise never do these days, and we left at 21.40. I had also been given very strong feelings of Michael Sadler during the evening at the cave.

On my way home, I was told that I received a passport to come through by their acceptance – or “positive thoughts” – for me to become member of the club, which was for them to understand that I am NOT negative, but positive, and yes, there were people from other tables looking very directly at me this evening thinking theirs.

And I was happy seeing the largest UFO I have ever seen, which I estimated as about 100 metres long, and it was completely black on the dark sky with one light on each end of it disguised as “stars” as you know, and you could clearly see it if only you wanted to see it, but I was probably the only one seeing it (?), and yes, it was directly above Lappen where my mother and John lives, and yes, it was simply hanging still there only about 50-100 metres above the ground, and furthermore there were two other flying UFO’s, one green and one red meaning that there is still more resistance coming to me.

I received the lyrics ”at first I was afraid, I was petrified” from Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive”, and this goes for me too, the first light of God now coming in instead of being “terminated”.

Jerry wrote the article below about the coming of Jesus, which is really the same conclusion as in my scripts, and I decided to share his post too on my Facebook timeline to help people understand.

FB 110414 Jerry

The thing about changing colour was only for your mother to enter me.

I was thinking about Ukraine, and even though, I do NOT like the methods of Putin & Co., you know that I don’t mind people to be voting about which country they like to belong, but I like you to COMMUNICATE and AGREE on this as a basic human right of everyone (if there is such a wish other places inside Ukraine) without playing dirty tricks, which should not be difficult for you to do, right?

Yes, we needed you to go to the hairdresser too today to enter.

I was woken up already around 01.00 and was told that I had to get up writing the script of yesterday otherwise this giant oil-tanker cannot enter, and I was so tired and so completely without motivation that I just said that this is no option, and I was given SAGA’s “You’re not alone” again and told that world leaders are with me also helping this to enter via sufferings.

I was told that the metal shield of the Source is made the same way as a speaker, and I was shown a cross section of all parts of it.

I continued trying to sleep, and I received bad dreams about being part of a war with much stronger opponents trying to find me, it is about strategy, and I have something, which I would like to bury in Karen’s garden, which however wouldn’t be good.

When I woke up, it was again with SAGA’s “you’re not alone”, which was followed by another classic of theirs, Tired World, which is because this is what the world and world leaders are helping to do by taking some of my tiredness, and I now received the special lyrics “that’s why I am going to help you”, which was sung over “Humble Stance”.

After the football match, you walk directly to the coronation in here, and I was shown myself inside a magnificent and VERY tall room, and I felt Queen Elisabeth too, who has also been here. I was shown people here wearing ancient Egyptian clothes with the most incredible gold decoration – as in Remember the Time by Michael Jackson, only MUCH more beautiful.

I was prevented from sleeping again, and stood up, and I was told and felt that this is because of HUGE force entering the back side of my right lower leg, and I felt these people of the Craftsman’s Cave being decisive in this transfer of the last part of me.

Were these the ones – and not the Commune – bringing me the strong stomach and spinal column pain (?), this is what I was told, and these pains now returned again when drinking coffee and ONLY when drinking coffee, and yes, they are VERY uncomfortable.

I was told that the world has been acting in world class to bring you here.

So you are not king yet….

And the rest are 8-figures here, i.e. everything is repeated for an infinity.

This is Buddha self that we are creating and I feel the Buddha mask on my head being painted golden.

A surprise is awaiting us in there because there is no one in there as I have told you, I am all of you. And this is me holding up your heart, i.e. everything.

It was also me creating sexuality for you to return to me.

So now I am you Stig, this is why your name is written all over the world.

This is what “FREEPORT” is about, which is about my work for Danske Bank, Freeport, from 1986-88 symbolising this entrance.

And it is me then as the last bringing you alive, and I am shown a baby being lifted up, i.e. my new self.

I felt the Danish Princess Benedikte inside of here, of the Source, and in such a way that it feels like she receives spiritual communication too, and I am told that these three Danish princesses – Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Princess Benedikte – are very special.

And then after a trip around earth we will open the bar.

So I am the product of all cells that are willing to change form, i.e. all, and all are coming out via my light.

And it is the ring, which is inside of here – as I am shown – and nothing else.

I was told that I am also only here because we convinced the world to start World War I because of “poor causes” – and again, sufferings of man was used as strength of our spiritual world eventually leading to salvation.

I was asked to work while being up, but I did not, I “killed time” instead and this is why I received “spending my time” by Roxette and the lyrics “this silly game of love you play you win only to lose”, which was overtaken by “the flyer” by SAGA and the lyrics “nobody’s gonna shoot me down” and “I fly and never look back”, and finally I received the classic “How deep is your love” by Bee Gees, which again is a reference to Sicily 1978 and “everything” of the games of darkness and light that was installed inside of me back then.

Finally, at 05.30 I went back to bed and slept until 11.30 feeling terrible when standing up, which however was not as bad as two days ago, and I was told as the first “heartfelt welcome, you are now inside the frame”.

And it didn’t take long before I received SAGA’s “Spin it again” and the lyrics “sometimes you don’t have to think twice – spin it again”, and this is about starting the wheel or heart if you will of our New World.

I was shown a LEGO wall of many colours being opened, and told that behind this, is where I sit.

Do you know what the whole town is speaking about today (?), and yes, about my visit to the Craftman’s Cave yesterday, which is also because of my comments to Käte, which “everyone” sees, and yes, “Stig is completely normal”, which is just the message again.

It (“something”) is broken …., but don’t you mind, because I have taken care of it.

I was shown Djengis Khan and Caesar just beneath ground on their way up/out of the tunnel to the light, and they were me too.

This is about the last letter.

So I am the biggest crocodile of all that you are bringing in, and I see a HUGE crocodile inside what looks like a sluice built of weak wood.

I was shown a small hole made to a GIANT ship, and I was told that we cannot forget that this is what you did to enter here and to locate the gold of everything.

I was shown Lis with glimmer all over and a guitar too next to a coffee store, and this is because we turned her around bringing me love instead of the opposite.

I felt light/white everywhere, and was shown and told that we enter your shopping centre, i.e. life, directly from here, which I was shown via a little entrance, and then I was shown light as ONE BIG pulsating heart and I was told that all life is now adjusting to our new heart now also including you as life, and yes, welcome you back after well accomplished mission.

After finishing writing my script, I continued starting to do a few additions to my new memo during the afternoon, but I had to stop again because it was simply impossible to me to continue working because of how poorly I felt, and it was first at this moment that I realised that I had the wrong time plan inside my head believing that it is first tomorrow, which is the 12th and Karen’s birthday, which really is today, but now it was to late to finish the memo and an email to Karen, which I simply could not also because I was going to my mother and John together with Sanna and Hans and their children, and I could only be sad about my mistake thinking where in the world it came from (?), and yes, for the first time I have missed her birthday on the day itself, and this also shows just how difficult the game is to play these days, and yes, this was an error.

I received the name Nefertiti, and different symbols of “the star” for example via the Mercedes star, and this is to tell me that I am inside the shield of the Source.

Again, this afternoon I was so tired that it crossed every imagination, and I could almost not crawl out of my apartment to go to the dinner with my family, and I thought that I am not going to start cancelling now, which was why I went.

Yes, you can be everything and to pass it on from there, this is why your name is all over as part of the world.

We had a nice evening, and my mother had done a fine dinner. I was told about Sanna and Hans that I will be surprised about how they are following me receiving overviews about my messages etc., and for some time, they have participated consciously in the game against me putting out obstacles because this is the name of the game.

And I was told about how newspapers are writing on me for the secret network and bringing my sexual wrongdoings (until 2005) in a visible place as I have decided to put Karen’s sexual wrongdoings in a visible place on my website without doing the same about my own wrongdoings, which are mentioned directly in my book no. 1 but since I have not mentioned them as directly, and I was told that by this we have corrected this error.

Furthermore I was told that there is no end to the enthusiasm of newspapers to have come through this impossible darkness entering the Pyramid. And they are following my mother and I not being part of the secret network.

There were an initial “who is going to speak first to each other” attitude between my sister and I, and it was as “if only we really could talk” – behind the game – which we could not, and I really had no motivation at all to ask spoiled people about their spoiled life, especially Niklas and Tobias and their girlfriends (Tobias is with Mia again), and yes, it makes me VERY sad to see how they continue their lives as if nothing had happened with Niklas and Isabelle being motivated by all luxury they can get, her father has now bought his third Ferrari obviously not having second thoughts about that and I heard something about “vaccination” and Kenya and understood that they are planning to go on holiday to Kenya, which I really did NOT like to ask about at all, “yes, it must be fantastic to go to safari in Kenya” while people starve close to you, and no, this is what I could and should not do while in Kenya in 2009, which would have broken us down too, and when they spoke about visiting Dubai and a luxury apartment, there was no end to the “Christmas lights” in their eyes, and no, I could NOT take it at all, and still I had to give a “positive” impression as part of the game but it was difficult this evening.

And they also really did not feel like asking me anything except from first my sister, since Hans and also Tobias asking me about how I am doing going to Fitness World, which I then answered, and yes, there seem to be not other questions they would like to ask me including “how is work” for that matter, and I asked my sister about how her work is, which opened up the tension, and she said that she is going to apply for the position as head of one of the departments of the Danish Social Board, which she has been temporarily appointed in for the last 7 months, but there is no guarantee if she will get it.

We also spoke about coming “events” such as the mini-cruise to Hamborg/Amsterdam in September, my sister’s birthday at the restaurant “Ocean Club”, “which is the hottest in Copenhagen according to Niklas and Isabelle”, and yes, of course they go to places like this continuing their luxury lives as if nothing has happened, and we also spoke about going to Tivoli on my birthday to see Sanne Salomonsen, and later in the evening, I was given “Taxa” by Sanne Salomonsen and the lyrics “here in darkness, there are only us two”, which is really my father and new self.

I felt Karen during the evening and maybe she was “missing” my birthday greetings (?), and I received some French words and also the feeling of Denis.

I was given STRONG feelings to stop my work now, and I felt as metal/silver all over – as the Source – and was told about just how good I will feel if I stop now, and yes, these are feelings of my family coming to me, but no, I am not finished before I am finished however nice it would be to stop now.

And yes, it was to bring the shield of the Source in as the bottom of my new bed/self.

I returned home at 23.00 being utterly destroyed, and I was given new feelings of Karen coming together with strong faeces, and I was told that she didn’t know that her lack of faith in me brought me endless sufferings, but still, her continuous love to me is what was required for us to survive too.

I was given Angel Eyes by ABBA, and isn’t it funny if Sanna is chatting with ABBA (about me inside the secret network). Does the truth about you and the inevitable end of the world appear inside there (?), and this is because everyone believed that your refrigerator was emptied, i.e. that you could no more when being out of energy. I felt China, and do they have unity inside of this secret network without the conflicts of the world which is otherwise played?

We would then have said that your bid was not high enough, what do you want to do now, to leave this place?

This now means that we can bring out the very big paint rule when you will send your emails for Karen and others including your new memo.

I was given the word “artefact”, and yes, they do know that it is about me finding the heart, i.e. my new self, without eliminating life.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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