April 2014, VII: Bringing back Karen to me releasing her from darkness of Denis to bring the light of God to me



  • April 15: Bringing back Karen to me releasing her from darkness of Denis to bring the light of God to me

    • I was so tired and destroyed today that I could not do spinning and really also not work – I had no stamps (energy) for this the last letter – but I had to finish and send my memo of “my sufferings – because of family, friends etc.” to Karen together with one day delayed birthday greetings, which I did after having worked a full day too. I told her that we are already melting together as one – despite of what she says – which can only be done because of her inner warm and loving feelings to me, and I asked her to return home to me and also for her not to be ashamed of her disgusting behaviour to me and to have played the role of darkness because she was the Source of darkness playing this role. This is about “bring back my darling to me to me” releasing Karen and the light of God from darkness of Denis. I was shown a mail box in silver with a heart drawn around it, which is about bringing in the last part of God including the Source and love of Karen wanting to come back to me, which was the purpose of my email – despite of Denis wrong influence of her against me, and it is via Denis we are now opening to the yolk of the egg. Denis was brought by darkness of the world to effectively keep her and the Source from me. We now lack my mother’s approval to bring over the last incredible strength of God as darkness, which will be done via my email tomorrow to my mother (and others) including my new memo, and her understanding of this. It is still love/warmth of Karen, my sister etc. driving the works. We are not only inside the Pyramid, we are the Pyramid including all creation and the Source.
    • My family, friends etc. know that “we have simply done you incredible wrong”, which is the extra strong feeling my memo on my sufferings will give them, and this message is now spread via this memo. The memo is bringing an understanding of their stupidity being “unable” to understand me of my own family, friends etc. because everything I write is logical, which I have just collected in my memo.
    • Monegasques also posses some of the secret, and this is about Prince Albert II of Monaco and his siblings, the Princesses Caroline and Stephanie, that were used as the secret route transferring life from darkness of Spain via the French Riviera and these people to me here in Denmark/Germany, and this is also the road that I use as the last man of darkness, which is the light of the Source self.
    • I am planning to send out my new memo “My Sufferings – background” tomorrow, one day later than expected, and the idea is that this will help turning around enough people for us to enter, and I am shown an LP record being played from the opposite side on a gramophone, which is turned around, and this will make it possible for us to turn around and play the record from this side as light instead of darkness.


April 2014 – VII: Bringing back Karen to me releasing her from darkness of Denis to bring the light of God to me

April 15: Bringing back Karen to me releasing her from darkness of Denis to bring the light of God to me

FB 150414 Stig 1

FB 150414 Stig 2

I dreamt about being with Lars G. in BR’s toy store, and Lars has described the opportunities for gay people to adopt, and was this his dream of a life together with me – and NO, I am NOT and have NEVER been gay.

I was so tired and destroyed today that I could not do spinning and really also not work, but I had to – I had to finish and send my memo to Karen together with one day delayed birthday greetings, this was my goal.

I did not have much to write on my update, so I went to the library already at 10.30, and on my way, I was told that you and Karen are melting so fine together, her and my ship – because of the work I was going to do, but still I had not done it, and I truly felt so awful that I felt very close to not doing it, I was on my edge.

First I published the last two days of scripts, and finally uploaded the new and perfect version of the SAGA concert (the upload speed of the library the other day was 10 times slower than normal, thus not making it, but today it was fine – the file is 1.5 GB), and then I could focus on doing the last updates to my memo and the email to Karen.

I continued working some hours to further improve my memo, which was “right” to do to make it work even better, thus making it easier for people to understand its messages.

I received the lyrics “Bring back my darling to me to me” from “My Bonnie lies over the ocean”.

We are now coming to the drawing rules for creation of life, which I have set up.

After six hours of work to my memo and to the email to Karen, I finally finalised and sent it to her, and this is how it looked like where I give her the message that we are already melting together as one – despite of what she says – which can only be done because of her inner warm and loving feelings to me, and I ask her to return home to me again and also for her not to be ashamed of her disgusting behaviour to me and to have played the role of darkness because she was the Source of darkness playing this role, and no, I received no reply today, and I really don’t expect to hear from her – it would be a surprise – and I told her that this really doesn’t matter because we will be one in our New World opening soon.

We have simply done you incredible wrong” – and I felt that my family and Karen know that this is what they have done to me, and this will now be spread via my new memo.

I sat in one of the studio rooms of the library, and I briefly saw Allan at the library again sitting in the two-man room where he and I used to sit, and I just said hello without speaking to him knowing that we were both working concentrated, and when I later left at closing time, I was sad to see that he had just left without coming down to my room saying goodbye, so “nervous” about me he still is.

I was shown a mail box in silver with a heart drawn around it, which is about bringing in the last part of God including the Source and love of Karen.

Has Karen been thinking of the option that you may be gay too (?); and this is because this is what my mother has been thinking, thus spreading to Karen.

Is it just the mail manager coming now because Karen has decided to move together with you again? Yes, this was just the purpose of the email because without her wish, I would not be able to come home. So it is the last coming in now also with your mothers acceptance – coming with your email to her making her understand too the true connection of them bringing you your sufferings. And I was given a less potential pain to my tooth now, which is what I will now receive – after Karen’s acceptance – if my mother does not.

And this is me as the last darkness coming to you and not opposite – if I had given up, which would be the same as destruct the last.

We also just have to cool Karen’s rage because of influence of Denis.

So again it is your mother who is decisive for me to get in – where it was Karen before today.

The warmth of your words make a bigger impression on Karen than the coldness from Denis, which is opening to her prison to come to me, and this is what seriously opens up to the content of her ship, and I felt Snow White.

Karen will just say that she was tempted into ruin by men, and this is how we arranged it.

Yes, this is all that it took to make her understand the opposite world. And no, it is not a pity to Denis, which you could have written in your email to Karen too if you had had time, and this is because he is not part of us, but darkness that hooked onto us.

Karen’s rejection of you all of these years are also connected to your father and your poor relations.

It is me being the round ball in the middle with everything spinning around it.

I received a sudden beam of immense power from the balcony going directly into the back side of my right lower leg bringing me a potential strong cramp while I was sitting down in my sofa, and I had to stand up immediately – which was almost impossible to do because of the pain – to reduce/remove the cramp, and this was great force coming into our New World and not to “termination” – I was told that we are emptying what is inside my left leg (“termination”) – and I also received an out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that this is what is releasing us.

So we have hung up all previous fish, i.e. layers of life, in clothes-pegs around us as I am shown.

Had Denis convinced Karen to go to a solicitor to file a case/lawsuit against you (?), and yes, what happened (?), nothing and that is because Karen couldn’t do it.

And this went fine, we didn’t have any more stamps, and could not be sent home, which is why this was “impossible work” to do today being utterly and completely empty.

Karen had a slim hope to meet you out in town at night.

I was shown new file cabinets opening, which otherwise had been overtaken by darkness of Denis from Karen, which she is now bringing to me.

Does your mother dream about you as God in the nights (?), yes, the same does all.

So it is me inside of darkness who has written your name everywhere knowing that I would come out of here one day to become you.

It is via Denis that we are now opening to the yolk of the egg.

Karen was close to have said “goodbye Stig” around the time of your father’s death (January 2013), which I understand is about potential suicide, which is also because you and her did not become reality because you were “sick”.

No, it doesn’t take much to convince people, I am here shown a previous business relation working on a lower level than me, and this is about the impression of my memo to Karen/Denis, and yes, you continue driving with undiminished strength, and yes, we know, you are using the absolutely last of the pumps before you have to stop working, which I have been looking forward to for the last week, where work has felt like “too much”.

Eeehhh, has Queen Elisabeth been inside here via Denis because of darkness of the world trying to be a parasite.

No, none of them (Karen and Denis) are done with you, this is the skill that you have.

It is the same “excellent” forces of darkness that wanted to bring Sidsel and I together (2009) that brought Denis in with Karen effectively (in 2005/06) to write you off also because you would never be more of a gentleman than a true French as Denis knowing about wines etc., and yes, this is where our secret comes in because Karen received special feelings when I mention “wine” and “Champagne” to her as I did in my email above.

No, you will never again receive such an incredible amount of alcohol (darkness), which is now coming.

This development with Karen together with Lis and your mother is what makes us do a last try to see if we can bring in this incredible heavy Pirate over in your boat.

It is like having cut off pieces of the roast (bringing in parts of the Source) until now without having received the roast itself over.

And it is now the last single inside the singles folder that we now bring over, and this is a reference to my sister’s old singles folder, which fascinated me much as a boy, and then it should be possible to do, and I feel this singles folder as “flower power” and I receive the feeling of Ulla Pia and her song “Flower power clothes” (played by Sweethearts below because the original is not on YouTube), which is another way of saying “flowers”, i.e. love/warmth, which is what is driving the works, and this has to be both of my sister and Karen too.

I was told that this is why my mother had pomegranates in the salad yesterday, which made me joke about the risk of small explosions, and this is what remains after the approval of Karen today still lacking the approval of my mother via her understanding of my memo.

I was given a sound to my oven and was told that I am not here anymore but with you as I felt, and I also felt this presence still coming from the balcony too.

I was shown FC Barcelona with a GIANT football (the Source) and a fine world cup trophy, which however is far too heavy to be lifted, and I was told that this is why they have lost their last two matches.

You chose right not to open the apple yesterday, which came to you because of your mother’s wrong influence.

I felt that we are coming in together with the understanding of people having acted like a kindergarten because it was impossible for us – family, friends etc. – to understand what was essentially easy to understand (about me). So it is the feeling of their own stupidity now coming to them, and this is the trademark of the Devil, and now coming with recognition of people that this is what they were.

And this is because everything you write is logical and you have just collected it in your memo, and I feel understanding of Denis here.

I was given a sound to my TV/shelves and was told that it is me entering (the New World) here, and I received the feeling and vision of an INCREDIBLE heavy man, and it is because we still lack your mother’s understanding.

Until this, we will only bring small spiders to you before the big and heavy content.

During all of this I was given the taste of “delicious food”.

Was Karen a certified whore of the Danish Parliament, and has she heard about me via this channel (?), no, I will not say anything more now.

And no, you will not get her kiss (as I am given the feeling close to my mouth), but your mothers, because her ignorance stands in the way.

So it is the bacon production we now move inside you from Karen’s darkness, and we now just await the approval of your mother.

I received STRONG feelings of tears, and are these from Karen who thought that she had lost me (to “craziness”).

I was told about a grooved guitar being squashed, which is what brought the death of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend and the guitarist of Devo as examples, and we could go on, and this is because Karen is darkness.

I received D-A-D again, and now the alternative lyrics “I hate to say it, but I loved you so”, which are about Karen’s true feelings to me.

I received diarrhoea again, and I was so COMPLETELY empty this evening that I had NO RESISTANCE and I felt nervous about the risk of darkness overtaking me because of this. I simply felt terrible deciding to stay up until normal bed time.

I was told that “You have not lived in vain” about the now closed Valhalla Castle in Tivoli, which is about “opposite life”, which is where I took a full tour around maybe 10 years ago while sitting on the bench of it, which I am not sure that it was supposed to do.

I noticed a visit from Ballerup on my website focusing on my page about my father, and seeing a picture of my father and I from my confirmation in 1980, and Måløv is next to Ballerup, so I do believe that this was Kirsten, my father’s widow visiting my site, and I was told that this is mainly because of her miss of my father.

GC 130414 Kirsten besøg

I was shown myself on Margarita in 1996, and was told that we have followed you and Karen all along, and it was really amazing that you met at all (in 2003) because you are not Karen’s type, which I do believe is exactly why she is attracted to me (in a different/right way).

Isn’t it funny if Michael Sadler knows that your task is to hold out climbing all the way to the top with the new concert April 27 being the final goal?

I received the taste of Champagne and was given the feeling of Michael Sadler and Karen and told that they are closely connected, together with my father.

What is Karen fighting with (?), is it to bring a comic strip ashore?

I was shown myself in the middle of everything with a thin box of darkness around me and outside of this, everything is light, and this is all creation, and this is because you are the light of my life.

I received the feeling of a heart again, and was told that this loving feeling of Karen is everlasting.

I was reminded about the chairman of the Craftman’s Cave who, the other day, said with a smile that they had found five 200 DKK notes bound with a rubber band, and that the rubber band can be collected at the desk, which was a symbol of just how much energy these simple-minded people of Helsingør misunderstanding me have pulled out of me.

I received an incredible strong feeling and vision of my old friend Henning W., who has a special place as friend to me, and I was shown an endless table with big schooners (creation) being made on it.

It is now the genuine Indiana Jones coming in – inspired by a Facebook update the other day of Rasmus Tantholdt having met the “genuine” Indiana Jones – and no, John, was also not genuine, but a substitute if necessary.

I have received sudden INCREDIBLE physical pain to my feet and different parts of my body, maybe 5-10 times per day, and these days, they have been almost stronger than ever, and this is about the power of this force coming in that wants to destruct me.

I was shown Camilla’s parent’s cottage house in Rørvig, where we spent MANY good hours (from 1994-2001), and I was told that we were afraid of this being your last moment too (not being able to continue my journey).

We are not only inside the Pyramid, we are the Pyramid including all creation and the Source.

I still receive the vision of my old class friend Peter T. from time to time, and much these days, and yes, he symbolises strong darkness.

I was shown a gramophone on a shelves, and the record “Quartet” by Ultravox is being played on it, and it is the song “Reap the wild wind”, and I was told that this is how we feel like on our way in at the same time as this is also to say that it is not only the album “Vienna” by Ultravox that I love, but also “Quartet”, which made an INCREDIBLE strong feeling on me when it was released in 1982, and this is because I believed that it had a new and AMAZING sound that I had never heard before, and yes, I still love it as much today.

It was also not easy to bring your mother and that tour of Germany, which she did on bus together with her friend Käte about 6-8 years ago.

We don’t quite have Swedish conditions yet, i.e. have brought Karen over.

It is so smart here that if any lacks a nut to be used for creation, we just create it.

So it was through Denis that they tried to crown Elisabeth, but no, they didn’t succeed because she is not born for this.

No, don’t destroy anything, which is the risk if I should lose my temper to darkness coming at me, and I am shown amplifier-equipment of the Source at stake.

I received the song/lyrics “there’s always something there to remind me”.

I dreamt about Steen H. (from DanskeBank) and Lars G. at Christmas lunch, at the bus, remember the bag, it is snow weather, and we have to order articles from Tax, and I felt Jack in the background. Later I am with friends who have been with Lars G. and others to the funniest party at a bar years ago, and they tell me that Lars keeps a secret, and it feels like preparing food.

I woke up to Blur’s fine “Best days” and the lyrics “Other people wouldn’t like to hear you, If you said that these are the best days of our lives, Other people turn around and laugh at you”, and yes, these were the conditions that I worked under.

I was shown my picture of my email signature and felt Karen seeing it and thinking “fine suit/tie”, and then I was given the lyrics “if you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where fashion sits?”, which is then what Karen will do, with me, and yes, why not bring this fine song in Robbie Williams new and fine version?

I went to the library to do the last work writing a following email to my memo and I simply received the word LISTEN, which is about READ and UNDERSTAND – LISTEN (!) – and it came from one particular place, which of course was from David Bowie’s THE NEXT DAY, which is some time since I have brought it, so here it is again, and yes, it is not every day that your (top 2) favourite artist releases a surprise new album with an everlasting CLASSIC like this, and yes, it is simply INCREDIBLE – LISTEN, and the next day and another day, LISTEN :-).

As usual it is ALWAYS the worst period when getting started on work, and this goes every single morning here (“more or less”), and when arriving at the library not having much to shoot with, I was tempted by having darkness to help me instead of doing this work and that would be to accept “small explosions”, but no, NEVER!

When I had resumed work – doing some last updates to the memo (on My Sufferings – background) and started writing the following email – I was given the lyrics “oh, what would it take to save me, what would it take to save me now” by Jeff Lynne in one of his very beautiful songs (we are now at Top 1 you know), and this came because this is exactly what it took to save the world/man, i.e. for me to accept receiving sins/darkness of man as my sufferings to absorb, and this is why Niklas at our family dinner the other day could not help humming/singing along to the lyrics “save me now” when we heard it, and yes, it is really difficult not doing when you listen to this beautiful song, and it makes me happy that my mother at the dinner said that she had just listened to this CD (containing the two solo albums of Jeff) 3-4 times and how much she loves it, and yes, it warms my heart you know 🙂 ♥.

When working I was surprised when I felt Søren Pind and I was told that you are building a bridge over to me, and I was told that he is also inside of here, which is really the worst darkness (not turned around yet being the opposite), and he knows that I am coming because “I have seen you (i.e. me) in the cinema” as I am told that he has (seen me coming with our New World). And it is first at the very end that we exchange chairs, and I was told that he came over here because of an accident after he and I had been together in Helsingør at a meeting in the beginning of the 1980’s with the purpose to start the local youth branch of the Liberal Party, and yes, this was an experiment to see if it was possible to send a man over to the other side via me, which is what Søren Pind was appointed to.

It was almost impossible to me to write this following email because I was empty and could not think concentrated, and still I received inspiration not to write just a couple of short paragraphs to introduce the memo, but a couple of pages bringing the most important messages of the memo here in Danish simply because it is easy for my mother and others to read a couple of pages in Danish than it is to read 25 pages in English, if they bother at all, and it took my all afternoon doing this work, which under normal conditions would have taken maybe half the time.

During this “fight on concentration”, Leif came to me twice at the library sitting down and starting his talk about himself without asking question as usual, which was truly almost more than I could bear, and the second time around he came to me saying “this is confidential, but I could heart that one of the others in a studio room was watching porn, and I have told the librarian about this”, and yes, this kind of SLANDERING simply “hangs me out the throat” as we say here, I simply CANNOT take it (!), so I told him NOT TO SLANDER but to treat people as he would like to be treated himself, which in this case means that he should speak directly to the person in question telling him that if you don’t stop this, I will have to report you to the librarian, or at least to tell him that I have now reported you, just so you know, and then I told about how this nation is turning into an informer nation of people slandering to the tax authorities about the neighbours cheating etc. without informing people directly, which is what the authorities often encourage people to do, where EVERYONE should realise just how wrongly this is, and yes, Leif said “but he may be negative if I tell him”, and yes, this is what makes people afraid of telling the truth to people, which again gives people a wrong self-perception, but the only right thing is to speak out the truth directly for people to know, not to hurt them, but to help them, and yes how difficult can it be to understand, and no, Leif, do NOT slander (!), and I wonder how much you slander about me (?), and yes, it is fine to speak the objective truth about others to people, but it is not fine to bring “confidential” information and misunderstandings, which you don’t like to tell the person in question directly.

I had really planned to send this memo out today, but at 18.30, I had become “blind” and decided that I would do the last edit of the following email tomorrow, to use some hours finding email addresses on people who are going to receive it and then to send it, and yes, this was worth the trouble to do my best instead of doing my quickest because it increased the quality of it, thus helping to better understand.

At home, I felt more coming in from the balcony, and I was told that you have no idea of how beautiful I am.

I was given a mark to my teeth, and no, it cannot go wrong now – no tooth pain – because I have finalised the following email and decided to send it out to many, and not only few.

I was shown the one single and VERY STRONG light in Helsingborg North again, and yes, this one in the same height as normal city lights, but 50 times stronger, and it was only on for about one minute, and only once, and no, there were no other lights this evening, and there has been no other since writing about it.

You are not a cheap “make up corpse” (“sminket lig”), are you (?), and yes, this is what we say here about something “dead”, and “cheap” because I have no energy.

I was told about Gerry from the Immigration Authorities of Kenya in 2009 – wasn’t this his name, Meshack (?) – who deported me from Kenya because “white people are not allowed to live together with black people” (!) as I did with Elijah and his family, yes, this is what they decided (!!!), and he believed that you were God – reading the hard copies of my scripts from my computer bag, which he had confiscated – and if he did not, you would not have been given your computer back, which would have meant that there would have been no book no. 2 “Design of life” meaning that I would not have been able to truly start the decisive part of my journey, and this was also a crucial moment where we were “this close” not to pass.

Yes, it is first here at the very end that I can tell my family, friends etc. very directly about the truth of just how much I was suffering even though everyone could read and understand the true nature of these via my website if only they wanted to, but no, many did not want to or “could not” because of laziness thus making it “impossible” for them to understand, and yes, we know that Stig was suffering, but no one understood just how much.

Monegasques also posses some of the secret, and I understand that this is why Camilla and I drove a tour round the Palace of Monaco in 2000, I believe, and I was also shown a beautiful view we had over St. Tropez from a restaurant in the hills, and this is about these Monegasques – Prince Albert II of Monaco and his siblings the Princesses Caroline and Stephanie – through whom the journey from darkness of Spain via the French Riviera (including Monaco) went to me here in Denmark/Germany, and this is also the road that I use, as the last man of darkness, the light of the Source self, here says.

And it is the opening of Karen to me that makes us open to this the most inner secret that they were our escape route out of darkness, the Prince and his siblings. They were “a hidden furniture store”.

Karen is coming via Sweden, which the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has decided influence on, and I am here given the taste of Swedish cinnamon pastry symbolising creation.

I was shown a lifebelt and felt Karen, and I was told that it feels like being saved, and again this is “the old man” of God speaking, and there is now almost no sound to the kitchen.

I felt an enormous force just around me and we are only waiting on your mother to enter.

I felt Naser Khader, and yes, isn’t it funny that Khader and Akkari are now on tour together with Akkari asking for penance for his sins during the Muhammad drawings crisis, and yes, they are both playing a game given to them.

I felt Kim and Pernille S., and the idea is that with your memo, you will have turned around enough people for us to enter, and I am shown an LP record being played from the opposite side on a gramophone, which is turned around, and this will make it possible for us to turn around and play the record from this side as light instead of darkness.

So it is me at the oven that would destroy the rest (of the Old World) if I did not get out – I still also receive the feeling coming from the balcony, so both/and – and there is only one other way in and that is for you to accept your “old nightmare”, but you have rejected this.

So we are now “Kringsat af fjender” (“surrounder by enemies”), which is really the opposite when turned around, i.e. surrounded by all layers of life, and I felt all of the Danish music environment including Kim Larsen with me when receiving this.

Yes, Denis was ridiculing you and “the judgment” towards Karen because it was impossible to him as everyone else to understand, but there was something in Karen wanting to understand me.

I was told about the chairman of the Craftsman’s Cave and he isn’t shouting with joy for my description of the dinner at the cave, is he (?), and yes, he was seeking me up when we arrived the other day telling me about a special story of a plane that had never been used as a normal plane, and yes, he showed it to me, but I have forgot what it was for, but “inspired” it was, and it seems as if he wanted to see what kind of man I was.

So it is all the way out here at the end of the tail that Karen’s love to you is hidden, and this is the force that we will use for your rebirth, and I am shown the fine actress Ingrid Bergman here, and this may be because she was starring in the film “Casablanca”, which was a safe-haven from Nazi’s i.e. the worst darkness.

And it is this diamond hidden inside of me that I bring you, which I knew nothing about if you had not told me, i.e. told Karen, and it is this force and faith of Karen that is so strong that she chooses you and not Denis.

So we were a ship full of coal seeking out on town for a successor to you that became Denis, and then I was here given an enormous pain to my left testicle, but you were strong enough to pull me and all of us up, and I feel the INCREDIBLE weight of this. And it is also me, i.e. Karen, bringing your new self because we are one.

So you walked all of the way, and I am show a few steps up to the spaceship of everything with an open door, which is from here that we will come out, and don’t you believe that people will show overexcited celebration when they – my family, friends etc. and everyone else – will understand what it really is that I have done?

And we believed that we would be put on your head as darkness and not as now turning around too.

FB 150414 Stig 3

FB 150414 Stig 4



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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