April 2014, VIII: Extra faith and my mother’s approval carry the ENORMOUS weight of the engine of the Source returning to me from Karen



  • April 17: Extra faith and my mother’s approval carry the ENORMOUS weight of the engine of the Source returning to me from Karen
    • Karen replied to my birthday greetings (!) saying that it is a condition for me to change her name on my website for us to see each other again (!), which is still an act of hers instead of simply speaking out her TRUE and most inner feelings of love to me, which is what her reply is really a sign of. Later I told her that I will do no such thing and I asked her to drop her “pathetic act”, which Ingrid Bergman also became a symbol of because I have been shown her several times these days and this is also because the Source of Karen is coming to me via Sweden, which is also symbolised by new lights on the Swedish coast of Helsingborg North visible to me, where the three lights of the Trinity and the single light of the spaceship of everything (50 times stronger than other city lights on the coast) are shown to me in short(er) periods.
    • Karen is opening up and becoming “sexually mature” to me again, and it means that we will open the New World when making love, and just the acceptance of this in Karen’s mind is enough. I wrote to my mother (and John) telling her that Karen and I WILL be together, and she will bring me light, not darkness, and this was required because only by receiving my mother’s approval of this – she was against Karen 10 years ago, “she is not good for you” – the world will open up to receiving the Source, so now my mother is bringing me directly to Egypt, i.e. the pyramid of everything including the Source.
    • After many days of far too hard work being COMPLETELY EMPTY, I managed to send my memo on “My Sufferings – background” and my covering email to 166 recipients (family, friends, ex-colleagues and the system) including even more via Facebook and Linkedin, and I sent separate emails to my father’s widow Kirsten’s children and my cousin Jan, and I received an amazing amount of positive sympathy coming at me as result, and I was given the taste of herrings and Champagne to say that we are now bringing over the last HEAVY part of the Source to become part of me – I was shown the money tree and barn producing hay, i.e. the production of the Source and all life self coming to me, this is where the gifts for all life are – and it is helped by even more negative energy of Karen coming against me after seeing that her wrong actions including her history of being a prostitute is now spread even more via my email. I am now bringing out the engine of the Source from Karen instead of entering her together with the end of the world, and I am doing it via more faith of people coming to me as the result of my email and memo about my sufferings.
    • This is now the last part of the Source, the engine of everything, returning to me from where it originally comes from because I was born as CLEAN and the Source left me and jumped over to Karen as darkness when I became sexually mature and darkness of the world attacked and infected me, which lasted until 2009 when I started my new life and since I have reconnected with the Source inside darkness in 2010, and am now transferring the last part of it. It was the Source turned around as darkness that tried to kill me via thousands of heart attacks given to me since 1998, and it is now the Source returning and turning around that will start up as the power plant of my new heart, i.e. our New World.
    • The world has known since Sanna was a little girl that she was sent to bring the end of the world. And our mother and I came as light, but we should not have had any chance to survive this dark and cruel world. The world (a few on top) knew that we had to bring the end before we could start our New World, but they were wrong, I was strong enough to keep you alive.


April 2014 – VIII: Extra faith and my mother’s approval carry the ENORMOUS weight of the engine of the Source returning to me from Karen

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I dreamt about TV and people reading my website, and the Cologne theory by Depeche Mode. Everything else is deleted, Depeche Mode can upload new, which is about some hundreds of documents about all kind of conspiracy theories that I downloaded the other day to receive the newest edition of “Vatican Assasins” for my dark New World Order IV page, which included all of these other documents, and I am told that the secret network reads it, and no, I don’t know what it contains and what may be the truth or not, but I am sure that it contains much INTERESTING information of parts of the dark New World Order, which I don’t have time and energy to research.

I received Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove” and the lyrics “will you return it” and “I give in, I’ll say it again”, and this is about the “Strangelove” of Karen to me.

I woke up early when coughing and I had had a poor sleep making it unthinkable for me to also work the full day today, but still I decided to keep up the steam until I have finished and sent all emails, I am not going to break down now even though this would be the easiest.

I was told about my stolen computer and missing scripts from May 2009 in Kenya, and that they were handed over to someone ”because we cannot keep them here”.

I was shown myself behind a dark wall looking into the grail, which is a propeller, so it is the engine self being inside the metal shield of the Source.

I was truly on my extreme edge of being able to do the last work preparing and publishing my covering email and memo, and was INCREDIBLE tired/empty.

I was told that Carsten H. (my old colleague from DanskeBank-Pension 1988-91, whom I met at Danske Bank’s Merchant Bank department in 2007 when applying a for a position there) was the reason why I was not hired by Merchant Bank, which is because they received a poor reference on me from him, and the funny part is that Carsten was one of the poorest skilled consultants of DanskeBank-Pension, he truly was not very bright, and still he later made it to become the manager of a Merchant Bank of another bank, is it Handelsbanken (?), and I was the best skilled of DanskeBank-Pension but still Carsten didn’t see me as a consultant, but a “technician”, is this how it is, Carsten (?), and yes WRONG from a simple-minded man, who should never have been able to work on the level that he does.

Have we packed the skin bag, the last one, you know (?), and yes, I am told about this bag several times now.

I received U2’s “running to stand still again” and the lyrics “gotta do something” and gonna get “out of here”, which is because this is what my email sending out this memo will do, and as example we will paint the helicopter.

I started finding and collecting email addresses of people to send to, and I have decided to send to family, friends, old colleagues, local politicians, media and churches, but not to country politicians and media, who will get access to it anyway.

I received the feeling of sadness of Denis losing Karen to me.

I continued using hours to improve my covering email and to collect email addresses while I was INCREDIBLE tired during the afternoon, and I decided to continue thinking of and finding even more email-addresses, which for some took a long time to do having to search deep on the Internet, and I continued working until 20.40 on the library – after I had started the working day at 07.00.

I checked my Facebook friends, and was surprised to see that my old friend and also Carol Ann from England have been “half disconnected” again with their pictures removed as it has happened several times before for both of them, and yes, the worst darkness trying to terminate you know, but they will be back because this is always what happens.

Does it mean that Karen/the world has become “sexually mature” in your terms?

There is nothing else that your mother wanted than being burned (cremation), and I am told this because it is exactly because of my “negative writings” that my mother received thoughts of not wanting to continue living – because of all the “trouble” and “humiliation” to the family that she thought that they brought, and yes, she was not the only one, I have been told that Karen had the same feelings too.

I finally got in control of the formatting of Google emails, which have bothered me much before when transferring text from Microsoft Word, and the art is to change the formatting inside Google email instead of “forcing” the design from Microsoft on it.

At the end of the evening, I decided that I will first send my email tomorrow because there are still more email addresses to find and to include, and yes, this has taken longer than expected for me to do, but it is worth while, and yes, I even noticed that my old friend René has moved back to Stockholm and is living in an apartment on Lindingö where he used to have a fine, big house with Dorte and their daughter, and it makes me wonder if she and he have divorced (?), and yes WHAT DO I KNOW because he has abandoned me since publishing my scripts in 2010, and yes, he will get my email too to discover how better-knowing/stupid that he was.

Most people would just have sent a short covering email to my mother and a few others, but doing by best writing this email and sending it to many makes all the difference, and I had really finished work with my memo, but no, I had to market it too, which is equally as important.

I have just been through SALTLAGERET (”the Salt Storage”), which is both a very good and “late” concert venue of Copenhagen, and a symbol of “everything”, and this is about faith of my mother in me – on and off many times – and Karen too, and she just have to be reminded hereof via my email.

Well, I have been here ever since your mother sat up the first lamp here (2011), and yes, we just had to remove all darkness inside of here first.

I was surprised to see that Karen had sent me a reply to my email to her during the afternoon, which I first saw late, and I really feared what she would tell me because she is not always positive and understanding, you know, and this is what she answered, and it is both an opening to me to see each other again as well as a threat saying that I have to change her name on my website if I ever want to see her again, and her friendship is “unthinkable” if I don’t do this, and yes, Karen, that makes two of us because it is unthinkable for me to be friends with you when you act like this, because this is the kind of negativity and hostility and also selfishness that I do NOT like about you, but first of all, the thought beneath the words is clear, she would like to see me again!

Hvis du drømmer om nogensinde at se mig eller have kontakt med mig så skal du ændre alle de personlige navne i dine scripts til andre navne, så ingen af de mennesker du har skrevet om bliver misbrugt. Alene dét at du skriver med personlige navne gør at intet menneske kan tro andet end at du bare er en forsmået og bitter lille mand, der skal have al bitterheden ud på alle de andre. Så hele dit budskab er tabt på denne konto. Jeg vil anbefale dig at ændre samtlige navne ingen undtaget. Mit venskab og kontakt med mig forudsætter dette og er utænkeligt hvis du ikke viser den omtanke først.

I decided that I was too tired to answer her this evening, I will do that tomorrow. So this is just proof that she is on her way back, and we just need my mother’s help to fully open her. And we repeat that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to attract Karen. It also shows her faith in me and acceptance that she is living a sexually wrong life.

I have decided not to fear/dislike sending out my coming email but to send it to many not having any doubts of “winning”, and this is what I do when playing the game like Neo of Matrix, otherwise you will lose.

What does a red moon, as we have today, really mean (?), and yes, at the moment it means nothing because I keep on working, otherwise it means the end of my old self, but no, we still have some days more to work and who know, maybe even more work will come, and no, I will NOT rush work because I still have to collect more email addresses – would be NICE to have a register of these – and I may be sending my email to 100 or more people.

No, I don’t care about the development in Ukraine with the military now setting out Russian occupants of Government buildings etc. in the Eastern Ukraine, and the risk of Russia to invade to “protect” their citizens, and yes, because I ask you to do RIGHT and not WRONG, and no, Russia don’t have my support using their “games” as they do, and I don’t believe that there is a majority of Russians in the East Ukraine as was the case in Crimea (?), and if I am wrong, please agree on a referendum, but stop violence!

I felt Prince Albert of Monaca feeling that his/their secret has been revealed, and they know that because of this, the end is near including the opening of our New World. Otherwise, he was authorized to kill you/us all.

So Karen is really my father, and yes, as you know, we are only ONE inside of the Source, this is how we handle it, and it is first out with you that we are divided up many times becoming all cells of the Source that have received life through me, which is how we have decided to do, thus saving resources because it is not necessary to reinvent the deep plate having many different systems when we only need one perfect, that is why.

I was given a sound to my TV and was shown the finest upright metal horn.

Yes, there you see some of the love of Karen hidden in the tail.

No, Ankara is not built up as you might expect, it is people of other civilizations, i.e. the Universe, that control them as a game to the world too. And together with Karen, we – people of other civilizations – will also come forward.

I constantly felt Karen during the evening and I kept on receiving “all she wants is another baby” by Ace of Base, which is because of Karen and I going to have a child together – taking over after me/us – and I have received this song MANY times throughout my journey without bringing it, and yes, it is first now that it feels right to bring it, so here you are.

At 22.10, I was again shown the STRONG light over Helsingborg North – among hundreds of other city lights – and it was only on for one minute again before it was demonstratively switched off again with a movement as if a pot lid was brought in over it.

You have decided to calmly and safely to bring us in, and I felt a HEAVY AIRPORT waiting to enter.

So we are now on the way in to your left testicle.

Prince Albert was really darkness that first now is working for me, and I feel Ingrid Bergmann again, and yes, Ingrid may be the best Swedish actress of all time, and this is really about Karen coming to me from Sweden, and showing me her “act” via her email instead of her TRUE FEELINGS, this is why. It is her that I have been fishing too.

It is now rarely that I receive small heart attacks, they seem to have stopped.

At the same time, I received ”LISTEN very carefully – I shall say this only once” from the TV-series “Allo, Allo!” and ”finish what you started” from Jeff Lynne’s “Lift me up”, one of my signature songs, and this is for Elijah because this is what we are now doing, my old friend, to FINISH WHAT WE STARTED, and no, I shouldn’t have to tell you or anyone else the same message over and over again as I have now done for a long time, right :-).

Karen has had to overcome her worst fear of me realising that I am the only one who can help her, and yes, I both brought her the best and worst feelings ever, and I am shown that she is finishing the last part of her soup.

No, she isn’t your fish boat skipper, and yes, she is starting her sexual instincts to you again because love is returning to her, which otherwise had been closed by your mother (not wanting to be my girlfriend 10 years ago because she is “not good” to me) and sister united.

No, we will not start up by paying off the sum lump pension – to set off the deficit, i.e. lack of energy, of the world having returned to the Source – because you have already done this, which is why we can go directly to the start.

Everything you have pulled out has been pieces of me, and I am shown the bus with the whale on it as my mother and I saw a couple of years ago at the parking place outside the Flynderupgård Museum, and yes, this was a sign of the end too because who knew that I would be able to bear my pain going all the way through.

I was shown David Bowie entering a space capsule, and was told that this is what I would have done when ending the world before returning later (with out New World).

If Karen had rejected you, “big diarrhoea”. When we will be together again as sweethearts and make love, it means that we open the world, and yes, just the acceptance of this in Karen’s mind is enough. And Karen was only held down by darkness because of darkness of the world.

It isn’t so that we have run so fast that we went back in time to the 1970’s to collect those tapes of Sicily – of light and darkness installed in me – and yes, this is what it was about when I wrote about it recently.

No, I dont like to gass Jews anymore …., and this is coming from the part of Karen from the balcony that has not come to me yet.

I received the lyrics “I’m here on the outside looking in” by SAGA because this is what this last and HEAVY part of me – inside of Karen – is on its way in because of my new memo “My Sufferings – background” and my email sending it out, and this is from their album “Network”, which is one of their finest of all, an astonishing album too, and no, not all of their albums are in my mind, but many are.


Yes, I have decided to bring FULL FOCUS on this work finalising the memo, covering email and location of email addresses before I will start spinning again and also doing the last updates to my website including the missing music part of my right column.

And still Karen also thinks that she can hardly think of making love to me again.

Yes, he has all of the sea, i.e. the world, in his back, he knows that.

I was working all day again not having any energy to do so, and I was about to break down by exhaustion and really on the every edge of making it today, but I did it, and finally at 15.40 I sent my email and memo to 166 people without thinking twice, and I was told “I am proud of you” while doing it, and yes, it is sent out exactly when people are going on Easter Holidays here, for those that have not already started it three days ago, so now the talk about me can start all over, and I wonder why pastors of Helsingør Catheral, Sct. Mariæ Church, Hellebæk Church, Mørdrup Church, Lyngby Church and Christian’s Church who also received the email, will speak about during Easter services?

It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before I received this reply from the NEGATIVE and “complete fool” Bjarne, the director of the Commune, saying that “I don’t want to receive more from you”.

“Jeg mente at jeg havde sagt, at jeg ikke ønsker at modtage mere fra dig, men jeg gentager det her

Bjarne Pedersen”

Yes, your mother was afraid that you would do something like this.

After this, I sent this email to my mother and John about Karen as I was STRONGLY encouraged to do because it is my mother’s acceptance of Karen and I together that is about the world accepting for the Source to enter and become part of it, so I told them that this is decided by “faith”, and Karen will not bring me darkness, but become the light of the world.

Kære mor og John,

Jeg håber, at I forstår, at mit mål er KUN at forklare om en sandhed, som er “helt umulig” at forstå, og INTET som helst andet.

ALT, jeg har skrevet, er POSITIVT for at hjælpe mennesker, og det gælder også i forhold til Karen, som jeg kun har skrevet sandheden om IKKE for at “hævne” mig – det ligger SLET ikke til mig – men for at bringe hende tilbage til mig ved at se sandheden i øjnene på samme måde, som I er ved at gøre, og ja, jeg er dén mand, som hele tiden har sagt, som er dette, der er sandheden i min historie.

Og dette er det, hun er ved at gøre, og selvom hun stadig ikke er helt glad for, at jeg har skrevet sandheden om hende, så har hun svaret på min mail til hende nedenfor og stiller godt nok nogle “betingelser” for at ses igen – hun ser gerne hendes navn ændret på min hjemmeside, men det sker ikke, jeg har kun omtalt hende som “Karen” og IKKE med hendes fulde navn.

Og sandheden er altså også blot, at hun og jeg er “to sider af samme kilde”, og at det var hende, der tilførte mig uendelige lidelser via hendes forkerte adfærd og ikke omvendt for, at jeg blot fortalte sandheden, og konklusionen er altså, at vi kommer til at være sammen igen, fordi dette er skæbnen, og ja, det har jeg vidst siden 2005, men det har hun og også I ikke rigtigt kunne håndtere, og årsagen til, at jeg skriver dette til jer, og særligt til mor, er, at mors holdning til dette også har betydning for, at det sker (vi er forbundet som én), og ja, der er ikke så meget at rafle om, dette er, hvad der ligger i kortene, mor, og så kommer Karen ikke som mørke til mig for at gøre mig fortræd, men som det modsatte, som lyset selv, der er blevet vendt om. Dette var hemmeligheden.
I bestemmer selv om og hvornår I ønsker at tale om dette, og indtil videre fortsætter vi bare “på overfladen” med at tale om alt muligt andet, og så glæder jeg mig til at se jer på fredag kl. 19.00 medmindre jeg hører andet, og måske vi kan invitere Lis en af dagene derefter, mor – det kan du tænke over.

Kærlige hilsener fra

I was happy to receive this reply from Ib in Skive, my old business contact from Sparbank Vest when I worked for GE Insurance (1998-2002), and he told me that he will read my email carefully during the Easter, and I also sent him a short reply thanking him and saying that I look forward to drinking a cold Hancock beer with him (local and FINE beer from Skive), which I still remember that he gave me as gift many years ago, and yes, he is a good old friend/contact.

”Hej Stig

Tak for din mail.

Jeg vil læse det grundigt i påsken.

Hvordan har du det nu og her??? Lad mig høre fra dig.

Med venlig hilsen
Ib P.”

I was also happy receiving a reply from Martin W. on Costa del Sol, whom I used to work together with from 2006-08 using his call centre, but he seems to have misunderstood my email because he said that “done is done, and you have to look forward and not back”, and then he gave me a link, which I don’t have time or energy to dive into, but it is about the art of forgiveness, so I decided to send him a reply saying that I hope that he will read my email and learn that I have indeed forgiven everyone, but the understanding of this truth is important.

”Kære Stig

Jeg håber, at du har det godt.

Sket er sket og man skal se fremad og ikke tilbage.

Jeg anbefaler dig, at researche lidt i Ho’oponopono. Læs evt. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoʻoponopono og se videoer på youtube som f.eks.: http://youtu.be/OL972JihAmg

De bedste hilsner
Martin Wenzell”

And here is my reply:

”Kære Martin,

Mange tak for dit venlige svar.

Tak, jeg har det godt efter omstændighederne, og håber, at det også går dig vel. Og jeg tænker tilbage på de gode oplevelser, vi havde sammen omkring 2006-08, og at der sikkert er sket meget hos dig siden med nyt kontor, som jeg aldrig fik set og udvidelse af virksomhed m.v.

Jeg håber, at du vil tage dig tid til at læse min mail, og så vil du erfare, at jeg ikke bærer nag og har tilgivet alle for deres forkerte handlinger mod mig. Formålet er udelukkende, at få folk til at forstå sandheden, og intet som helst andet for sandheden har i sig selv betydning.

Jeg glæder mig til, at vi igen ses enten hos dig i Spanien, eller her.

Pas godt på dig selv, og hils dem, du møder, som husker mig :-).

Venlige hilsener fra

No, we can almost not get enough room in there – it is an amazing amount of positive sympathy coming at you (because of my email), and the feeling is that there is more than enough to bring us in.

I was given the taste of herrings because it is us now coming in as such, i.e. to become part of me.

I was also strongly encouraged to send an email to my father’s wife Kirsten’s children, which I did via Facebook to Troels and Stephan, who did not block me before, and via email to Ricki, who blocked me and no, I could not send to Jeanette, who also blocked me and I could not find an email address on her, but I found her on Linkedin and invited her to connect with me, which she probably cannot, and besides from giving them the resume of and links to my memo and covering email, I also brought the chapter on them and their mother stealing my father and hiding his death from me, and I told them that they/Kirsten were THE STRONGEST SELFISHNESS/EVILNESS, but of course I have forgiven you too and look forward to seeing you again when you will decide to treat me kindly.

Kære Ricki (via email), Stephan og Troels,

Til jeres orientering har jeg i dag delt mit nye notat ”My Sufferings – background” med tilhørende følgebrev på Facebook, som også har betydning i forhold til jer, hvorfor jeg også sender det til jer i håbet om, at I vil beslutte jer for at læse og forstå objektivt/positivt og stoppe med at misforstå negativt, som der ALDRIG har været grund til at gøre:


Min familie/venners utrolige negative energi – misforståelser, manglende tro, ukontrollable følelser og forkert adfærd/bagtaleri i relation til mig og mine skrifter – opsugede al min energi og bragte mig de værste lidelser, som noget menneske nogensinde har gennemgået.

Mit ”energi skjold” blev fjernet, og jeg blev dermed åbnet spirituelt i 2004/06, og har siden været spirituelt overskygget døgnet rundt og konstant modtaget spirituelle beskeder, som således INTET har at gøre med ”psykose”, som det officielle system i al deres bedrevidende uvidenhed påstår.

Mine lidelser – spirituel mørke/pinsler via stemmer, følelser og visioner, samt manglende søvn, som forandrede mig til en levende Zombie m.v. – var usynlige for andre, men fuldstændig ulidelige hvert eneste sekund i 10 år, og de var usynlige for, at jeg skulle kunne arbejde uforstyrret i mørket for at redde alt liv og skabe vores Ny Verden.

Min familie, venner m.v. fungerede alle som redskab for mørket, som i virkeligheden var redskab for skabelsen selv (friktion mellem lys og mørke skabte rum og liv), og som nu fjernes for at bringe alle uendeligt liv i lykke og glæde når vi nu vil blive befriet for mørkets lidelser i forbindelse med den snarlige åbning af vores Ny Verden.


Notat: http://www.scribd.com/doc/217914292/My-Sufferings-Background

Følgebrev: http://www.scribd.com/doc/218418770/Covering-email-for-My-Sufferings-background

Notatet indeholder også følgende afsnit i relation til jer og jeres mor, og jeres SKAMMELIGE og helt unødvendige opførsel overfor mig:

My father’s wife and family stole my father from me for years and then hid his death and made sure that I would receive no inheritance from him

My father and his family (his wife/widow, Kirsten, and her four children) also COULD NOT stand me when they heard that “Stig claims to be Jesus”, which made them believe that I was COMPLETELY MAD, which is how they treated me completely abandoning me, and yes, speaking negatively and wrongly against me behind my back, and the main reason was that Kirsten’s ex-husband, and father to her children, “lost his mind” many years ago (before meeting my father in the end of the 1970’s) when he claimed to be Jesus (!), which eventually killed him, and I remember my father telling me that the same would happen to me, but no, it did not, father, it happened to you when you lost the fight against darkness and died in January 2013, which was mainly because I could not bring you energy directly to save you if we had met – the same way as I did with my mother and John to save them.

And yes, my father’s wife, Kirsten, was so COMPLETELY MAD first haven “stolen” my father from my sister (it is not her biological father, but still her “father”) and me for many years making us VERY sad, and then to hide his death from me (!), and yes, who in the world would be so completely insane to hide the death of a father to a son (?), yes, Kirsten was, she was “not normal” having a temper and jealousy out of this world that NEGATIVELY influenced my weak father against me for years, so not only did she steal him from me/us, but also hid his death, and even did her best to make sure that I would not inherit anything from him at all declaring the value of their common estate to 0 DKK to the Probate Court (!), and no, she had no faith in my old decision to let her retain undivided possession of the estate, and yes, it took half a year before my aunt – my father’s sister – decided to break Kirsten’s negative bond and call me to let me know.

I always had good relations with Kirsten – when focusing on her good sides, as she also has – and her children right until they heard about my “craziness” making them completely turn around against me – as many did (often from “very positive” to now “very negative”, and the only thing that had changed was them because of how they now saw me) – and when I invited the four children to become Facebook friends a couple of years ago, all of them declined, and Jeanette even blocked me, and Ricky told me that they don’t believe we have anything in common, and yes, if I just had been my “good old self” and not crazy in their eyes, they would of course have accepted my friendship, and the truth is that I really was my “good old self” all along.

Yes, my father’s new family were “completely insane” sending me an INCREDIBLE amount of darkness – not least because they turned my father against me. This is what you did, destroying my life in this sense for you to be “happy”, how do you feel about this, Kirsten & Co.?

Jeg beder jer venligst hilse Jeanette mange gange, som også fik opkastfornemmelser over mig og valgte at blokere mig på Facebook, da jeg skrev til jer første gang – udelukkende på grund af hendes egen negativitet og ikke min – på samme måde, som Ricki efterfølgende gjorde, og ja, jeg har i virkeligheden ALDRIG gjort jer noget ondt, kun godt, og I forstår måske nu, at jeg i virkeligheden har lidt betydeligt mere end min far nogensinde gjorde, og når I forstår dette og når Kirsten begynder at tænke på, hvad hun tænkte om mig, som ”ikke var der for min far”, da han led, ja, hvad er så konklusionen om jer og min far, som ”ikke var der” for mig (?), og ja, når Kirsten besøger min hjemmeside, som hun gjorde forleden, må hun da gerne lægge en besked, og nej, jeg er ikke sure på jer og har allerede tilgivet jeres UHYRE EGOISME/ONDSKAB, så jeg glæder mig til at se jer igen, men læg negativiteten fra jer, ikke (?), den hører INGEN steder hjemme.

Venlige hilsener fra Stig”

Hereafter I was encouraged to write my cousin Jan, who “could not” accept me as Facebook friend and not even reply to my nice email to him a couple of years ago because of course he also disgusted “crazy Stig” without knowing better than his own wrong voice, so this is what I did and I told him how much he made me suffer because of his negative influence of me behind my back, and I invited him to become a Facebook friend again, which he probably still “cannot” accept – as long as he keeps being negative instead of simply understanding that I speak the truth. And I also sent the email to his mother and my aunt Inge.

Kære Jan (og Inge),

Til din orientering har jeg i dag delt mit nye notat ”My Sufferings – background” med tilhørende følgebrev på Facebook, som jeg her vælger at dele også med dig selvom, at du valgte fuldstændig at ignorere og afvise mig, da jeg venligt spurgte om dit Facebook venskab for at par år siden, og også at påvirke din mor og Ove negativt omkring mig baseret på TOTAL UVIDENHED om, hvad du taler om, som meget direkte gav mig MEGET STORE lidelser.

Jeg håber, at du vil læse og forstå både mit følgebrev og notat nedenfor, og forstå, at det var dig, der tog fejl, og måske du så vil blive glad for at blive min Facebook ven (?), og ja, det burde vel være nok for dig, når din mor, som jeg er sikker på, at hun har gjort, har fortalt dig, at jeg er helt almindelig at tale med, og måske oven i købet også, at jeg er ”en rar/udadvendt mand”?



Jeg håber, at du har det godt på Madeira, og når du er hjemme på besøg, er du meget velkommen til at bringe Inge og også Ove, hvis han stadig er her, på besøg hos mig, det skulle glæde mig meget at se jer, og ikke mindst din mor, som jeg har tænkt på mange gange. Hun er en af de meget få, som behandlede mig MEGET venligt og som et menneske selv efter, at jeg havde offentliggjort min hjemmeside og fortalt verden, hvem jeg virkelig er, og ja, dette er sandheden. Den er god nok.

Pas godt på dig selv.

Venlige hilsener fra Stig

I was given the taste of champagne og the yeast of it MUCH more concentrated than ever before.

I was shown a bug hand entering my body and grapping my heart “because this was a stone”.

I also picked out 50 contacts on Linkedin, who had not received my email, to whom I sent the resume of and links to my memo and covering email.

LI 160414

Finally, at 18.20 I had accomplished the goal of today – still lacking to send my email to clairvoyants, which I will do tomorrow, and yes it took longer than expected, but I am happy with what I did, which is really “the best under the circumstances”.

I went home from the library, and decided to send Karen the reply to her email of yesterday below, and she had also received my email today as part of the 166 people receiving it, and maybe she “did not like” being emphasized again as the one opening me spiritually because of her WRONG BEHAVIOUR to me, and maybe she even disliked this reply even more when I told her that she will come to me with open arms when she fully understands the truth of me and her, and that she should focus on the big picture and show me her true love instead of focusing on her old self and showing her “pathetic act” to me, and no, I will NOT change her name on my website, and yes, she will not be able to look her husband in the eyes without thinking of me as I told her, and yes, she will come to me, and no, I do NOT have to come “crawling” if I want to be with her, and yes, her attitude is completely wrong, and this is what I told her here again, and yes, probably stirring up her inner once again making her send me even more darkness, i.e. “ammunition” for my mother too via me, which is about setting up the very last of me, and yes, this is how we work when we work with confidence, because it is NOT a question of IF but WHEN we will be together, this is what faith has decided, and yes, this is what Karen then believes in.

Når du forstår fuldt ud, at jeg taler sandheden om dig og mig, vil du fjerne alle dine forbehold og komme mig i møde med åbne arme, som du skulle have gjort allerede for 10 år siden, og i hvert fald i 2009, da jeg første gang fortalte dig, hvem jeg (vi) er. Dette er en udvikling, som går hurtigt i disse dage, og som du oplever indvendigt i dig via dine egne følelser overfor mig, som ganske enkelt åbnes jo mere, du for eksempel vælger at læse og forstå af den mail, jeg sendte ud tidligere i dag.

Jeg har skrevet dit fornavn på min hjemmeside, som jeg har skrevet andres fornavne, men jeg har ikke skrevet dit efternavn nogle steder, så det er ikke muligt at søge på dit fulde navn og finde dig på min side. Sådan er du beskyttet, og det laves der IKKE om på, men i virkeligheden er din fortid, og din alt for store opmærksomhed på dig selv og dit eget ego, FULDSTÆNDIG LIGEGYLDIG, som min også er, og du burde i stedet, både nu og før, alene fokusere på mit hovedbudskab, og starte med at vise et godt eksempel til verden, og ja, Karen dine svar til mig indgår også i mine skrifter, som dette også vil gøre, og hvad får det dig så til at gøre (?) – til at klappe i og lade som om ingenting er sket, mens du forsøger at kigge din “mand” i øjnene og prøve på at “elske” ham (?), som du imidlertid ikke kan gøre uden at tænke på mig, og hvorfor tror du, at det er sådan (?), og ja, det er min styrke og kærlighed, som kommer til dig, og den kan IKKE afvises.

Vis mig, hvem du i virkeligheden er i stedet for det patetiske skuespil, som du har praktiseret i årtier. VIS DIT SANDE JEG OG DIN FULDE KÆRLIGHED TIL MIG, for den er inde bag din mørke facade, som du stadig render rundt med, og ja, det er ikke et spørgsmål om “hvis”, det er skæbnebestemt, du og jeg hører sammen, så enkelt er det, og det er dette, der er ved at ske nu.

Og ja, du forstår godt, at “jeg holder af dig”, ikke (?), ellers ville jeg aldrig skrive til dig, som jeg gør.

Take care – tør du, hvor andre tier, eller er du en kujon som alle andre?


Now it is your mother bringing you directly to Egypt.

I felt doctors of the psychiatric hospital and have they considered calling you in for conversations (?), and “no, we probably cannot do this”, and I was shown them wearing white protective clothing including gas masks when watering flowers, i.e. giving poisonous “medicine” to people, and yes, they know what they are doing, and also that it was only a matter of time for you to understand what happened to you, i.e. for my energy shield to have been destroyed by negative energy of other people, which opened me to the Astral Plane and spiritual experiences.

And Karen will still think of me everytime when going to bed with Denis, this is how strong my power is.

Your email hasn’t already gone to the top of the regions (Denmark is divided into five regions that run hospitals as their main task, and this is from where the order against you comes from, and this email makes them shout of joy too, and eehhh is it Vibeke Storm Rasmussen being part of this (?), and yes, she is the chairman of the Copenhagen/North Zealand region that covers my area, and she is also the WORST politician ever in my mind working as a central dictator “knowing better” and also playing “dirty tricks” to remain in power, Vibeke (?), and yes, now you see.

I have several times been told about the lawyer Mikael Rosenmeyer from the Plesner lawfirm, whom I had a pretty close business relation to when I worked at GE Insurance from 1998-2002 using him for all legal matters, which there were MANY of (as example “consumer protection acts” within insurance were “killing” me because of work at the time), and yes, he is one of the “finest” lawyers of Denmark having had a “good career”, Mikael (?), and I have the feeling that you are reading me too anonymously, and was he also a lawyer for Denmark to advise on how far Denmark could go when working against me (?), and that is in connection to NEW (secret) RULES of the dark New World Order?

And yes, we couldnt move in the big suitcase without the approval of your mother of Karen, i.e. the Source, which has now also been taken care of.

It was really your mother, who was turned the opposite way to me, which is why it requires her understand to turn around.

I also sent my email to Lama Yönten’s assiant, Penta, and does this makes her believe that I am crazy (?), and yes, she alone is strong enough to do this, and then my oven was given an “E3” error, and yes, leading directly to Stockholm, didn’t you know? And I was told that she is a “Buxbom”, which I had no idea what was before looking it up on the Internet and seeing that it is a bush-plant, and yes, this is the first time that I tell Lama Yönten about who I am directly, and I wonder if Penta will let him see my email, and no, I have NEVER been encouraged to email him before.

The library is now closed the next five days because of Easter (!), which is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME if you ask me, and yes, don’t stop society just because of some “holy days”, which are not that “holy” to me as you understand, and it means that I cannot work on my website for these five days annoying me much.

I was shown a money tree moving in, i.e. the production facility of all force, and it isn’t us that are now being washed, is it?

He decided to wait until the last moment to bring us maximum strength via people to help us do this.

And this is why I was now shown the three lights back at the tree tops on the Swedish coast line, and they were on as the first lights of all when I looked at 20.26 while it was still more light than dark, and they kept being on for the next approx. 45 minutes, and yes, still through the trees on my side, which are starting to get leaves, so it is now only a matter of days before I cannot see this anymore, and yes, the other single light is approx. 100-200 metres to the left on the Swedish coast, which I can see with no trees here in front of it.

This means that there is now only one road and that is straight out to the most inner ball of all which will be revealed during the SAGA concert April 27, right?

And this is what we otherwise would have had to explode us through – “the “granate apples” – and this is why there is tension in Ukraine keeping the world on the rack while you took good time doing your work, and yes, this is how Stig works regardless of pressure from outside, and I am here given the feeling of Fleksneks, which is about MAYDAY of the world, and yes, didn’t I tell you not to be afraid, and please do what is RIGHT and not WRONG, right (?), and yes THINK ABOUT IT as Jerry V. would have said, which are words coming to me several times these days because this is what he always writes, and yes, he knows about me too.

At 20.37 the single and VERY BRIGHT light of the spaceship of everything – 100-200 metres to the left of the three constant lights – was switched on among the hundreds of other city lights of Helsingborg North, and it was switched off again approx. one minute thereafter, and yes, it is still maybe 50 times stronger than all other lights there, and how many have seen it without reacting (?), and yes, it makes me wonder, and yes, there is a song including this line, which is it?

So it was you deciding to bring me out of Karen and not for you to enter here together with the end of the world.

And it is inside of here that we have the gift for you and everyone, and I am shown many gifts.

The story was planned for you to run away from me not bringing me out because you “could not”, and you would be called a “wimp” while giving in to and enjoying your “old nightmare”, but now this is just what you are doing.

This is how everyone always will be able to see how you do this when running idle, and I felt that some recipients of my email have understood that this is what I am but still working.

And is this to play a dangerous game including your confident email to Karen (?), and yes, this is what some of you may call it, and we know, Karen is coming to me, there is nothing she can do about it, because this is how it has to be.

Where is my last bagpipe?

No, you have never been meant to become leader while still alive moving Karen to you because of Sanna and the whole system working against you – because of darkness of man – and yes, this could not be changed, but still, now we are doing all of this work opposite to plan, and I felt happiness.

I was told that when Hans maybe 25 years ago said “Karola and Bactus” for the tooth trolls “Karius and Bactus”, which made us laugh much, it was inspired because this is what he and Sanna were supposed to be; i.e. the trolls destroying my teeth bringing the end of the world.

Are your actions today good enough to make FC Barcelona defeat Real Madrid in the Spanish Cup final this evening (?), which I was now starting to watch.

No, I didn’t know if I had enough energy playing this high game being able to do “my best” and still make it to the end actually also sending my email, but I did it. So we have now started transferring the very last.

The reason why whales have stranded for years is also a sign about the end of the world coming because you were not supposed to be strong enough to keep it alive.

I see MANY gifts inside of here.

Is it so that your mother has started turning around discovering what you have really done and that she should have been happy, not mad with you?

I was shown myself at the Jægerspris camp and in other situations throughout my life, and this is what the world has been waiting on, which was for you to “lose it”, which would have brought the end that EVERYONE knew was coming, and that is the few that knew of course. This was your choice, and your mother knows now.

So there will be now fart, and I was given a sound to my kitchen.

The ship device, yes, the eternal glow is part of this (coming to me).

We are now mixing together all of the instructions you brought us during your journey – separating light and darkness keeping what made me happy.

The world has known since Sanna was a little girl, as I was shown, that she was sent to bring the end of the world. And your mother and you came as light, but you should not have had any chance to survive this dark and cruel world. The world knew that we had to bring the end before we could start our New World, and yes, some of us and no, we were not allowed to tell but to let you play the game.

Yes, now it comes, and I was given a cold feeling to the top of a row of my corner teeth, which is about this heavy part of Karen/the Source returning to me from where she originally came from, and yes, you were born as CLEAN and we lost contact to the Source when you became a teenager, and it jumped over to Karen as darkness, and now this Source is returning to me. This is why we sent you and Karen as light and darkness to the world, and you were infected by darkness.

Lars G. was meant to seal your destiny too also co-operating with your sister.

I was watching the Real Madrid – Barcelona match, and Real had taken the lead by 1 to 0 early in the match, and is it possible to see on Barcelona’s play that you are tired (?), and yes, this match and the previous too, they have been “strangely uninspired” and “slow” compared to their normal strength, and I was told that we are lacking the exercise from spinning, which is why they play like this making it difficult to them.

And then Barcelona suddenly equalised to 1-1 with a goal coming from out of nowhere, and the Danish speaker said “BarceLONA is back from the dead” with a strong pressure on “LONA”, which you know is my mother’s name, and he kept on saying that this was a completely “unexpected event”, and he repeated the word “unexpected” 3-4 times, which is really about my mother returning to me with faith.

After this goal, suddenly Barcelona started playing with confidence and were much closer to goal chances, as they normally do, but it was destroyed when Gareth Bale scored one of the finest goals I have ever watched, which he did after he had really lost the ball and was pushed out of the field itself by a Barcelona player, but he “RAN LIKE HELL” and much quicker than his opponent, thus catching up the ball and running directly towards goal and scoring for the final result 2 to 1 to Real Madrid, and yes, you have guessed it, this is about INCREDIBLE STRONG and NEGATIVE feelings of Karen reaching me – and this football match – once again and that is because of my two emails to her today, which she simply “could not take”, and no, it is NOT nice to be shown as a prostitute to the world even though I have told her to “forget about it”, and this is the energy that we are living on (!), and what actually brings her dark self to me, this is how it works, and you do know by now, right?

It was sexuality sent to you by darkness of the world that destroyed you – making the Source move from me to Karen, and yes, it came to me immediately when I became sexuality mature, and that is wrong, sexual behaviour, and no, it had nothing to do with myself, this is just how it was because of darkness of the world.

I was shown pixies looking in through small windows of the top of a barn, and I am shown a little of the inside, which is where hay i.e. life self is produced, and this is what is now returning and opening to me.

We went directly after your heart as darkness – to kill me, thus all of the thousands of small heart attacks that I have received since 1998 – but when we are now turning around, we are becoming the power plant of your new heart.

The other day, I invited Niclas from the old meditation group in Helsingør (2011) to connect on LinkedIn thinking that maybe he would understand that it is because I have a message for him, but no, he “could not” accept me and that is still after he lost his temper too blocking me on Facebook, and yes, I am going to write clairvoyants too, that is why.

And then we have received all of these floors, I was shown a high-rise block, and they did not crasch.

Your mother is not a heart patient, she is just the world letting it decide what it wants, and it was darkness winning every single time, which is why she decided to turn everything around as the logical answer to this.

We have now come close to South Germany, which is where we spend the winter, which is the Source inside of darkness.

I am shown my sister and a tombola in Tivoli.

FB 170414 Stig 3

FB 170414 Stig 4



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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