April 2014 – XI: Reaching the end of the Pyramid and the door to the Source – it is time to end our Old World and bring out the creation of our New World



  • April 24: Reaching the end of the Pyramid and the door to the Source – it is time to end our Old World and bring out the creation of our New World.
    • I am given LOUD noises to my balcony, which is about switching off our Old World and on our New World, and opening the door to this inside the metal shield of nothing.
    • John was meant to burn off the rent, i.e. to bring me darkness too (including energy for our New World), so there was a meaning with the madness. There is really no way into the spaceship of everything, the Source, which my mother with John were set up to prevent (being “unable” to understand thus sending me too much darkness for me to absorb) – but still we did it. We wouldn’t have come here without darkness of John. Making John understand that he is darkness brought together with my mother is also about making him understand that he is not right being with my mother, which is about making him think of leaving – to open for and say goodbye to darkness.
    • I continued sending my email and memo on my sufferings to more people including clairvoyants, headhunters and more, and I was told that we had not finished bringing in the last part of the Source, Sanna had taken parts of me, which we are now bringing in as enormous force coming to me, which this is about, and yes, I could have decided doing nothing thinking that we had finished. My family, friends, ex-colleagues, the system etc. are now sharing “my sufferings” via this email – and others are still “blind and deaf” still sending me darkness.
    • I am now at the very end of darkness reaching the end of the path of the Pyramid and the door out of here – together with Karen – as I have felt for days. It is through this the worst darkness that we look through via our telescope, and that is from the gold of the Source, which we will reach through this. It is the gold behind this darkness that was creating Putin and Assad as examples of the worst darkness that could have brought much more severe sufferings to the world if I had given up my work – and also what brought me sexual torments throughout my life. I was shown a black trunk of an elephant and was told that you have now reached me, i.e. the gold of the Source, playing all of this darkness to make you bring out everything you have converting darkness to light including me as the last. Well, it is me being Buddha, and there is only an infinite small entrance into here. We are now ending the Old World and opening to the force of the Source bring out the creation of our New World – it is about time for you to kill yourself, and it is my father speaking here because as my old self I am still the hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father before I will become the Son as my new self.
    • Pope Benedict was working on behalf of darkness ordering the world against me, and when I was winning the game against darkness, Vatican decided to exchange Benedict with Francis in 2013 to support me, and also changing the game of my sister starting to support me shortly after this.


April 2014 – XI: Reaching the end of the Pyramid and the door to the Source – it is time to end our Old World and bring out the creation of our New World

April 24: Reaching the end of the Pyramid and the door to the Source – it is time to end our Old World and bring out the creation of our New World

I dreamt something about Helle Aa counting coins, creating, Bowie at carnival, I am at the theatre and all employees are much “up and down”. Later I work together with different of my ex-colleagues, from Aon and elsewhere, and there is a group of three including I who want to be leaders, and everyone works over, which is tormenting me because I simply cannot no more. And people from Balkan wants to hurt me, and this is about reactions to my email on “my sufferings” from former colleagues sending MUCH darkness to me, and apparently it is “not easy” to understand if you trust more in your own wrong voice instead of reading it objectively.

During the morning at around 10.00 I felt that more people are now reading/discussing my email on ”my sufferings – background”, which is because today is the first work day after Easter, and I sent my email just minutes before the Easter holidays, where many had already gone on holiday, and now they have time to read and discuss this, and I wonder how many of you are so deaf and stupid that you still don’t believe in me and how many I have turned around with this email.

Michael Wulff invited everyone on “Beer and bacon” – symbols of force of darkness and God – and he showed a picture of a piece of bacon, which he had divided into “perfection”, “happiness”, “ecstasy”, “Kant’s imagination of the sublime” and “Divinity”, so now you understand what the concept of God is about – thank you for the inspiration once again, Michael :-).

FB Helt Normalt 220414

I continued being given high “whipping sounds” to my balcony after a few days break. And then I was told that it isn’t the same as switching off and on, is it, while I was giving a sound like switching off (our Old World) and on (our New World).

I was happy receiving this email from Meshack telling me a little about life in Kenya – I hope he will be better soon – which is really what I have asked my LTO friends to do all along, which has been almost impossible for them to do. Thank you for sending your warm wishes, Meshack, which I return to you and your “extended family” including everyone at the church/village. This is how to preserve your friends.

Hi there,

I trust that you are okay and you have been doing good. On my side, i have been suffering from malaria. Last week i got better but from yesterday it recurred again and right now i am still in the bed as i write to you.

We have a lot of rain here and i can say God has blessed us so much because the crops are doing good. We had a good Easter with the extended family members including Elijah and went to the church together. I am still very much being your faithful servant following on your scripts and i hope and trust one day we shall end this game and have a new world.

Kind regards,
Meshack “

After lunch and work at home during the morning, I went to the library and I was also encouraged strongly to do spinning later at 17.30, and I was so tired and low that I REALLY did not feel like doing anything at all, both work and spinning is “too much”, but I decided to work all afternoon – crossing strong resistance and feeling poorly – but I had to give up on spinning, I could not, unless I had decided to torture myself, which was too much for me.

I had just arrived at the library before I met the nice Persian man, Hashem, whom I also met last year, and he asked if he could disturb me for five minutes, which I accepted – despite of having much work and feeling incredible poorly – and the five minutes became more than 20 minutes challenging my patience to the outermost when he wanted me advice on punctuation of poems for his new book also because he was extremely particular with everything I said, and yes, one poem was about being “worthy”, which was later in the evening also a subject on Big Brother, and to me this was a question about being worthy for me to become my new self, which I am. He gave me his business card, his website is http://boodesh.com/chaame/dahbarg08d.htm, and I gave him mine telling him about my 12,000 pages of scripts and told him not to be surprised when opening it.

After this, I used some time to publish the three latest scripts to my website, which I could not do at home (at the moment I can only publish to Facebook at home), and sending them to LTO as usual.

I also met Leif at the library, as I also did yesterday sitting outside the library when it was closed, and he was kind asking me about the musical and what it was about, and yes, I was HAPPY for him asking me, and on the bottom he is a nice and warm man, who just lost knowledge about what “good behaviour” is about giving in to temptations of darkness often doing wrong.

Before today, I have been given ideas of more people to forward my email and memo on my sufferings to, and I have also received the thoughts that now it doesn’t matter anymore because we have transferred the heavy engine of the Source, but still I decided to write my email to clairvoyants/mediums and to collect email-addresses on these, which was “impossible” to do feeling as I do, and even though I could not work as concentrated/deep with the email text, I managed to do it, and I sent it during the afternoon with this outcome:

Mail clairvoyants 1

Mail clairvoyants 2

Mail clairvoyants 3

Since Niclas decided to block me on Facebook a couple of years ago and “could not” accept my LinkedIn invitation the other day, I decided to send this to Jimmy asking him to forward my email and to tell Niclas that he was indeed “darkness disguised as light” which cheated him self, Jimmy and many others and his guild was that “he didn’t understand better” and also not me even though I showed him that I was stronger than his wrong spiritual voices, but still he preferred the “wonderful light”, and yes, I wonder if you were “able” to forward this email, Jimmy, and if it is still impossible for you to understand and follow me (?), and yes, Jimmy, a “loving man of light” who decided to be blind following darkness of Niclas instead of me, and yes, Jimmy also decided to delete me as Facebook 1-2 years ago.

Kære Jimmy,

Jeg håber, at du vil være behjælpelig med at videresende min email nedenfor til Niclas, og hilse mange gange og sig, at han modtager “mørke forklædt som lys”, som har taget både ham selv, dig og mange andre ved næsen, og hans skyld var, at han “ikke forstod bedre” og heller ikke mig, da jeg som hans ægte selv dukkede op og påviste overfor ham, at jeg er stærkere end de forkerte stemmer, som gives ham, og at de måtte rette sig ind i forhold til mig, men det “ønskede” han altså ikke at gøre – hans “lys” (forklædt mørke) var for “vidunderligt”.

Prøv venligst at forstå sandheden, som i al sin enkelhed er den, jeg bringer jer, og ja, det skulle glæde mig at se jer igen, og måske I vil overveje at bringe mig en undskyldning på grund af jeres forkerte adfærd overfor mig?

De venligste hilsener fra

I received an error message from the email address I found on Jill Dahl – the one who introduced me to the spiritual world via her clairvoyant school in 2005, and also deserted me as Facebook friend in 2012, I believe – and I therefore sent this email to Nønne (from the same school and Selvet, and yes, the “lady” who also abandoned/deserted me on Facebook) asking her to forward my email to Jill, and telling her that it was not me but “everyone else” who were too busy to being able to understand the truth about me, and that she made me sad not fulfilling her promise to help me against Selvet in 2010.

Kære Nønne,

Jeg fik en fejlmeddelelse om, at Jill ikke modtog min mail nedenfor. Jeg har ingen andre kontaktinformationer til hende, og tænker, at hvis du har hendes mail-adresse el. lign, så vil du måske videresende den?

Mange tak – og jeg håber, at du har det godt, og også snart kommer til forståelsen, at det var ikke mig, men “alle andre”, som havde for travlt, og ikke kunne forstå sandheden om mig, som også gjaldt for dig, som jeg var ked af at se, og ja, du “kunne ikke” hjælpe mig overfor Selvet, som du lovede, og i stedet svigtede du mig ligesom “alle andre”.

Pas godt på dig selv :-).

Venlige hilsener fra

And no, I received NO FEEDBACK as usual from any of these people, and yes, I also sent the email to Lotus, Yvonne from “the Golden Circle”, Kenneth, Katie and Klaus K. from the old meditation group in Helsingør, and Klaus decided to tell me that he has never condemned me and also that he never walks the road of others so I have to bring my message myself, and yes, this is really what he wrote (!), and I could therefore only tell him that now he has a chance to understand what he and no one in the old meditation group “were able” to understand, and when he does, I will be surprised if he will not bring my message to others, but no, the chance of Klaus understanding is almost zero because he is “too lazy” to read and simple minded.

Klaus K.

Kære Stig jeg har aldrig fordømt hverken dig eller dine handlinger eller fordringer Kh. Klaus NB jeg går ej andres vej så du må selv bringe dit bud Kh. Klaus

Stig Dragholm

Kære Klaus, Nu har du muligheden for at forstå, hvad du og ingen “kunne” forstå i den gamle meditationsgruppe, og når du forstår fuldt ud, skulle jeg blive overrasket, hvis ikke du vil bringe mit bud til andre, men du om det. Pas godt på dig selv . Kh Stig”

I continued receiving out of this world pain to my right ankle.

The reason why cancer hit your father so hard was also that he lacked healing love from your mother.

We are also in Swedish newspapers believing that our hair is “umanerligt pænt sat op” (“immensely nicely set up”) making them “almost happy” you know, and with them, newspapers all over the world.

“We are being taped” and not only when this stopped (recording of the Source of everything that Putin had access to until I stopped it a few months ago), it made Putin give up, this is how crazy he is.

So John was meant to burn off the rent, i.e. to bring me darkness too (including energy for our New World), so there was a meaning with the madness, and yes, I saw him reading my previous script including the story about him being darkness for my mother, and I wonder how this makes him feel, and no, you will probably not be able to understand that you were a condition too to save the world for doing WRONG, John.

I felt my mother and John, and no, there is really no way into the spaceship of everything, which we were set up to prevent (being “unable” to understand thus sending me too much darkness for me to absorb) – but still we did it.

Do you know how it feels like to read about your brother everyday in the newspapers (editions for the secret network)? And no, the story didn’t take the direction that my sister and the system working against me had hoped for – about me becoming mad, which is why the world had to take over after me – and this is why they now play with clean cards telling the truth including the truth about your “mental sufferings” (given to me because of negative energy of my family, friends etc.).

Yes, John doesn’t like fresh Basil – a symbol of all good/light – and I asked him to taste one some weeks ago, and he looked like a little baby eating something that it doesn’t like, and yes, who cannot like Basil (?), well, John doesn’t and why do you think this is?

After sending my email to clairvoyants above, I was told that I didn’t know this, but we have not finished bringing in the last part of the Source, and I was told that Sanna took parts of you, which this is about, and yes, I could have decided doing nothing. So this is still about “I want my money back”.

I worked all afternoon with difficulties – overcoming strong temptations to stop.

You will be surprised to learn that your mother has been lying in bed with “open mouth and polyps” as we say here, and that is because of being under spiritual influence almost being opened because things did not work out as well for you, and yes, this is how close we were to being detected, and yes, I understand that it was a condition to save everything that I did it without my family, friends etc. being opened. Later I was told that Jan at Fair/Gjensidige as example also almost received a spiritual vision because of the same reason.

Of course it is up to you when we will get going (stopping the game), and eeehhh you told me that when we open to a little part of the gold of the Source, all of it will open, so if this is true, it may not be that important to continue working (?), but yes, we have not finished work yet to my website, but soon I will be up to date.

I was given the thought about Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune reading my email to them, and it was immediately followed by an “E3” given to my oven, so more darkness coming from you because you still “cannot” really understand?

I was told that Karen together with me has received an appalling poor coverage in newspapers until now.

I felt Pia & Peter in Hørsholm, who also received my email for clairvoyants, and I was told that this is why I was told about Peter being afraid of the dark spirit he had met inside of me, but now you better understand because of my email explaining it to you, and no, it is not that difficult to understand when you decide to read/listen instead of abandoning me, is it?

I was thinking if I will continue suffering immensely every single time we will do a new creation, or if it will be only this once for me because “a new part of me” always come up from the next cell that we open and this new part of me will become everything including all gold of the Source and previous layers of life, which I will now become one of, and yes, meaning that I am everything now, and new selves of me overtaking my role in future (?), and yes, this is how it seems to me because of what I was told the other day about a new part of me always coming with new creation.

Will I become my new self during the SAGA concert where we started “the beginning of the end” 1½ years ago, so now “the end” is coming, but will it be at the show?

I felt Fuggi’s mother, Elinor, with me – as I also did the other day – and I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Fuggi home, and I understood that she is the one that brought Fuggi to me.

What is the ship fed with (?), yes, LOVE, which you will feel immediately when opening our New World, which comes from all of these mothers of previous layers of life.

I was given a sound to my kitchen and was told that “My name is – Eminem”, which is about “m in m” as in “life inside life”, which is about new life developing for an eternity inside of me.

I continued receiving a VERY STRONG force from the balcony this time to the front side of my right lower leg.

I was told that Aske Ryg from DR1 TV news is especially dedicated for me.

I was happy to barely see the three lights of the Trinity over Helsingborg through the trees on my side, and yes, it was at 20.40 as the first lights switching on, on the coast line, and it lasted maybe half an hour, and these lights are white where ALL other lights on the coast line are yellow.

I was shown that Søren – Bettina’s man – is polishing a VERY BIG musical note, i.e. about to bring me warm feelings too now finally understanding me after having read my email on my sufferings, which he and Bettina also received, and yes “impossible” it was for years for this man – as example – to read and understand my website, but you got the email?

We haven’t shown you the door out of here at all – together with your “fästmö” (“engaged” in Swedish, i.e. Karen) – and I have felt this door now for days.

Is this yet another torpedo that we have saved Karen from exploding?

I was shown Putin sitting inside a black, Russian limousine and he cannot open the door and get out of it because it is parked directly up to a wall, which is to say that darkness keeps him in an iron grip.

I was shown the Wedding Album by Duran Duran, which was in connection to the marriage of Karen and I, and yes, this is no ORDINARY WORLD you know, and today Karen is like “gone away” as the friend I need the most, and yes, it is truly no ordinary world, this one, but our New World will be :-).

I received the feeling of my father coming to me as “garbage” from the balcony, which otherwise would have to be eliminated. And it is through this the worst darkness that we look through via our telescope, and that is from the gold of the Source, which we will reach through this, and it is this darkness creating the insanity of Putin, and also of Assad, whom I felt too – as examples of people who were supposed to bring much more war and destruction to the world if I had given in.

Yes, I was reminded that my mother told me before entering the theatre yesterday that “this is only to make you happy”, which was clearly inspired by my email on my sufferings telling her/everyone that I am happy for my family to make the family and I happy, and yes, this is truly the only thing that my mother wants, of course it is – she just couldn’t help her negative feelings and “could not” understand the impact of these.

So the degeneration is just me, i.e. the last part of darkness of my father, who was the pomegranate or “grenade apple” as we say here – meant to bring explosions if I didn’t do this work.

I was reminded about the sexual torments and wrongdoings of my life before 2009, and who controlled my life including this (?), and yes, the gold of the Source behind darkness, which is what stands behind me, my mother and everyone.

So am I both “the newest part” of me and the Original Creator with the Son inside of this part (?), and yes, this is how I understand it.

I was shown a black trunk of an elephant and was told that you have now reached me, i.e. the gold of the Source, playing all of this darkness to make you bring everything you have converting darkness to light including me as the last.

It is me filled with strawberries, i.e. creation, coming here, i.e. the Source, and I am shown the coronation chair.

So we have lost our way inside the Pyramid, i.e. come to the end of the path inside of it.

And it was me controlling these dark leaders of the world designed to bring blood to the world – if I had given up (to take my sufferings).

You are even the only one who has been written with stone.

I was shown that I am really inside an empty and dark corner cabinet of the kitchen, and the pipeline behind it is the gold of the Source.

I watched Big Brother again, and was SAD to see that five of the previous inhabitants of the house, who was given the power to vote one (of the last 6) person out, and decided to vote out Frida because she doesn’t play the game, thus not being worthy of winning in their minds (!), and yes, Frida is the most honest and kind of everyone just being herself, and instead these people for example decided to keep Nicky, the worst darkness as shown many times via WRONG and negative behaviour, in the house, and yes, just a symbol of the worst darkness coming at me – how in the world could you decide to be so wrong (?), and yes, because darkness was controlling you, that is why.

At 22.25, I was shown the STRONG and equally as white light of the spaceship of everything shining for one minute only at the same height of other city lights over Helsingborg North these 100-200 metres to the left of the lights of the Trinity, and also to the left of the trees on my side, and at 22.26, the light was switched off giving me the feeling of “exhaling because I cannot no more”.

At 22.27, the light was switched on once more, and I was told that it is me, i.e. the Source, bringing you physical pain, which I received much of today to my feet etc., which is because of STRONG DARKNESS coming to me from some of my family, friends, ex-colleagues and the system, and when this light switched off again at 22.28, I was told that it is me up in the lighthouse.

So we are looking down through the telescope to you, and yes, this is the last part of creation that is now returning to the gold.

I was shown a dark rubber band – a reference to the Craftman’s Cave – and no, we wouldn’t have come here without darkness of John.

I felt my father, and yes, this was the goal for you to reach when receiving darkness of Michael Sadler 1½ years ago, which also brought my father’s death as a sacrifice to bring me up here with the attitude “alright, we will give it a try”, and this is the game that we played to save the last part of the world.

I continued receiving strong darkness and when I was about to say “I kan bare komme an” (“come on and give me the best you got”), the words were changed to “I kan bare komme ind” (“you can just enter”), which is through the door leading from this darkness to the gold of the Source.

This is what Cardinal Ratzinger – Pope Benedict – could not say, and it was also me (Ratzinger) ordering Margrethe Vestager to work against you, and I did not want to face this knowing that you would win the game, which is why I resigned (February 28, 2013), and yes, this is because I was winning the game that we decided that we had to bring a new Pope supporting you instead of Ratzinger, who worked against me.

We bring back all virus pandemics etc. with us, which have been cancelled (because I won outlasting darkness). And I was told that the order came directly from Vatican for my sister to change her game against me, which is what she started doing when we went to Bakken in the beginning of the summer last year.

No, you didn’t stick to Karen because you didn’t want to see her for any price, and that is because she had to behave nicely, and no, I do NOT want to see her as her dark self showing a WRONG, negative and better-knowing attitude playing “hard to get” – the same negative attitude, which my sister (and many others) used to show – and this is why I gave her the right answer when telling her to behave properly in my latest email, and this is still about rejecting darkness of her, but accepting the light of her, which she has but “cannot” show because of wrong habits.

Yes, this part is the top of the pyramid that we are bringing in, which is what I was showed as turned upside down the other day.

I was shown Michael Jackson wearing gold tinsel clothes, and has a new song from Michael been released (?), and no, not quite yet, but here is a teaser of his coming album (may) called “Slave to the rhythm”, and this is EXACTLY what I have been for years doing impossible work deciding to continue working every day crossing unbearable sufferings and the most extreme tiredness that the world has ever seen, and just to continue until I would get into my work rhythm after 1-2 hours and just to continue for as many hours as needed from there, and without this rhythm, I would NEVER have been able to go through the worst darkness, and yes, I am sure that Grace Jones also knows what I speak of, and she made a BRILLIANT song with this title too, which I love much :-).

I was shown Isla la Margarita, where I was on holiday with Camilla in 1996, and I was told that we did not come close enough on Venezuala (we did not make it to the mainland as I was planning), which is why we lost Hugo Chavez to darkness closing one road, and we had to find another.

Yes, you were all puppets in strings in my game, remember (?), and it is first now that the TRUE creation is coming.

So you decided to go all the way up here to the top to include this in your final exam, i.e. not to stop working before work was done. We are now the Great White Brotherhood.

I dreamt about being shown around by the TV host Anders Breinholdt in another and bigger world – I felt other famous people there too – and I see that they have potentially a much bigger volume of music CD’s compared to the smaller world where I come from, and this is about people belonging to the secret network.

And now the opponent comes to capture us, drop the uniform, it will become too hard to do”, and I was shown my wet socks inside a wet apartment full of dead people, and this is now whirring against us.

I also dreamt about a new insurance company starting up with Søren H. as one of the leaders, and I have been offered a position below Henning W. in his department, and Henning is at no. two management level of the company, and I feel this as in incredible insult because they have not understood and valued my skills, and this comes after they have publicly humiliated me setting up pros and cons of me saying that I have many good ideas, which brings me plus points, but I spend far too much money on my credit card, which is more than my salary account can cover, and now I have to pay instalments for becoming partner receiving a share of the new company (only a very little share compared to the top managers presenting it), which they fear that I will not be able to do, but of course you can sell the shares if you want to as they say, and I really feel sad that they receive a much higher pay than me (not having the same skills), and also that I probably cannot get work anywhere else, and yes, this is still about working inside darkness with people still opposing me, and it says that I receive so much darkness/negativity of people now – because they “cannot” understand me, thus not believing in me – that I cannot cover it with my own energy, and yes, also because I was not strong enough spinning yesterday.

I woke up to “Saturday kids” by the Jam, which is about “live life with insults, drink lots of beer” and “save up their money for a holiday”, which again is about insults of people still speaking wrongly about me sharing their misunderstanding of me behind my back, which is what brings me MUCH negativity/darkness symbolised by beer, and yes, coming from my own SLOW and DUMB family, friends, ex-colleagues and the system.

This is why we have not started up yet – because Spain (darkness) is still playing football.

Is it possible to have two watches, one for your mother and one for you (?); no, not anymore.

Today was my sister’s birthday, and I sent her this greeting via Facebook bringing her this incredible beautiful song by Björk and thanking her for prioritizing the family and me, and as a sign of what comes in a world full of love, where she and everyone will receive love.

FB 230414 Sanna

I received the presence from the hallway – coming so strongly against me these days that I often almost cannot keep my eyes clothes because of the feeling of this presence as strongly as a physical presence standing next to me – and I was told that it is impossible coming here and asking for the mattress to be turned around.

Here is the refrigerator – I see it with a price tag – and I ask you to bring it out of trade, and this is what is happening when I am now returning the Old World to the Source asking for force of the Source to bring out the creation of our New World.

I continued receiving loud noises to my balcony, which seems to be connected with influencing darkness via my emails. Later, when new sounds came to me, I was told that these are not connected to the opening of the door, are they?

I received the feeling of Steen Kofoed, whom I also sent my email for clairvoyants to, and “now I know better”, which is about his understanding of negative energy bringing my sufferings, which is related to his work with people in “Sindsro” (“calm of the mind”).

I received the lyrics ”It’s such a cold, cold town” from Roxette’s “Fading like a flower”, and it came together with the feelings of doctors of the psychiatric hospital in Helsingør, and yes, they do believe that they were “open” speaking to me at their 12 meeting with all doctors, but no, you did not really listen, remember? And yes, I sent my email on my sufferings to two doctors, and forwarded it to the psychiatric hospital asking them to send it to Alex Kørner and three other doctors too. In fact it was “such a cold, cold town” that when I was searching for this song, the Internet connection broke down, and yes because they don’t like to be exposed to the world as the people/system that tried to bring me down forcing me against my will, and after five minutes, the Internet worked again, and this is how darkness also comes to me here, you know.

I was told that making John understand that he is darkness brought together with my mother is also about making him understand that he is not right being with my mother – as making Denis understand too – which is about making him think of leaving, and yes goodbye to darkness, even though I like John much, and a good day to light instead.

No it is not a King worthy continuing to work as you do (inside darkness while suffering), this is what I will make up to you (coming from outside).

I went to the library and decided to send my email on my sufferings to more people including Henning W. and Ole S. (from Danske Bank, 3107), my old girlfriend Henriette, Søren H., my old class friends Søren D. N., Lene, Pernille, Sofie og Christian G. and Hans’ brother Lars, and Lars and his wife Kirsten had reached the conclusion that you did not have a disturbing voice at all (!), and “Stig is the only sane of that family” (of my sister), is that what you think?

I also found my email to A2B – teachers and participants – from 2010 where I told them about who I am (being expelled the day after as result!), and forwarded my email to them too, as I also did to Rolf at Brede Park via Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune.

Here are some of these emails:

Ole SH



Søren mfl

Lars L


No, it is not with my free and good will that I renounce my Kingdom, and this is the last darkness of my father giving up – because of the impact of the work that I do today forwarding my email to “other people of importance to me”.

I decided to follow the encouragement also sending an email to “leading Headhunters” in Denmark, which I almost completed before 17.00, but I was not quite finished and really decided to wait finishing this until tomorrow and instead I cycled to Fitness World to do spinning but today the spinning team was cancelled (!!!), and I could not do other training because I did not bring shoes for this, so I went back to the library deciding to finish, send and publish my email for these headhunters, which I continued doing until 19.00, and here is the summary of and link to it:

In this email to leading Headhunters in Denmark I tell them about just how unprofessional – “dumb and better-knowing” – they all were back in 2009 when I sent them my CV and told them that “the most skilled leader, salesman, specialist and business developer seeks management position”.
They “could not” understand the simple truth of this, and they all failed to arrange a job for me, which would have been EASY to do if they simply had done the work they are paid to do. I use myself as example to demonstrate to the world that this is NOT how to develop the best labour market in the world – the only way this can be done is for everyone to work together to develop ONE PERFECT SYSTEM for the benefit of all/the society.

I don’t think that the age, or the shoes, is pressuring you, and yes, you have decided to keep on working your finest.

It was true – going back for example to Costa del Sol in 2006/07 – that we did not believe that you would still be working by now, and that it would be “blood of your mother”, i.e. sufferings of the world leading to its end bringing us all the way back to the Source.

Preben shared this funny video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151946446271522 about a man, who did not know how to read a book and was given instructions on how to open it and turn the pages, and it made me tell him that this is also what happened to me from people including Preben, who “could not” read my book, and this is how simply it really is!

FB 230414 Preben

Juergen from the SAGA Facebook group brought this update https://www.facebook.com/groups/77703339709/permalink/10152334747129710/ including a picture of Justin Bieber saying “The Gods sent me to Earth to make music” and a picture of SAGA saying “NO, we didn’t…. !”, and yes SAGA as Gods (???), which made me tell them “Have a good tour in Europe, Saga & Co. – looking forward to seeing/hearing you in Copenhagen” and share their song “God knows”, and yes, probably awakening even more negative feelings and some faith of this group/band too.

FB 230414 Saga 1

FB 230414 Saga 2

This email for headhunters is now part of the photo wagon now – developing my new self.

I felt Jesper from Falck and was told that he is about realising that I am using him – as part of my Falck memo – as example of how not to work to the world.

Because of fine work again today I was given the SECRET MESSAGE that Karen and Denis are following me secretly too, which means that they are part of the secret network too reading the special edition of papers about me.

I was told that the thank you chorus only grows bigger and it was another magical work day today.

I called my mother and was surprised to hear her “cold tone” sounding completely wrong as only she can do it, and I wondered what was wrong and if my last scripts have caused crisis between mother and John making me “bad standing” again, which was easy to think because I have seen how they (maybe only John) have opened and read my two previous scripts several times today, but no, it was because I had forgotten to call her yesterday to hear how her eye surgery removing cataract had gone (!), and yes, if this is WRONG behaviour of her (?), yes it is VERY WRONG, but this is also how she is, and I could only tell that I had completely forgotten only remembering her words when we said goodbye the other day, which was “I will call you” (before we will meet for Sanna’s birthday dinner tomorrow), which I told her and also that “this is NOT bad will, but simply oblivion”, and yes, this made her remove her coolness, and no, I do NOT like behaviour like this, not at all (!), and yes, my mother had been VERY afraid of this operation, but it only took 15 minutes, and she didn’t feel a thing and now her vision is perfect as a young girl again and this is on one eye, and the other eye will be done next week, so now she can see clearly now, and of course a symbol in relation to seeing and understanding me clearly now, and afterwards I was told that my mother liked the questions I asked her which no one else does.

Yes, I (almost) did not invite or give gifts to my family during my journey, and this is what made my mother give up on Lis the other day, which is just to say that I was also living on the edge here.

I felt Henriette, Hans’ brother Lars and Christian G. during the evening, they were thinking of me, but no, none were responding as usual.

At 20.35 I barely could see that the three white lights of the Trinity were switched on again as the first lights on the Swedish coastline, and at 20.37, I was surprised to see that the strong light of spaceship of everything 100-200 metres to the left was switched on for the first time as the first light there, and I looked at it before it was switched off after only five seconds.

I was shown a big pipe being assembled on Havnegade in Copenhagen at the old ferry terminal, and I was told that this is why I lived in Malmö (1994-96), which was to attract Karen.

I received even more strong force entering the back side of my right lower leg.

I was told that Claus Laigaard and other headhunters do NOT like losing image, and now I have published them to the world for POOR WORK, which they don’t like, and yes, this is how they suffer taking on some of my sufferings, and this is also what family, friends, ex-colleagues and the system do because of my email to them.

I was shown a big package of cigarettes (darkness) turning into a big roast (light/life), which is done solely because of my work today.

If I had given up and taken the taxi home to the world, I would be asked over again if I also wanted to destroy this – of my mother and the world – which also would be “impossible” for me to go through, and yes, I really chose the only road that I feel good about, which is to destroy nothing.

I felt Annisette from Savage Rose and was told that she is still with me and that is now when we are creating the new parts of Karen and I on top of my eyes, and this comes after we heard “Dear little mother” on the radio when driving to Sweden the other day, and I told my mother that “this is Annisette in top shape – my dear little mother”, and yes, this song is truly INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL, so here is some more with Annisette, her later husband Thomas and their band Savage Rose, and yes, amazing that Annisette was able to keep the band together and continue as if nothing had happened, and I feel Thomas and speak his words here while I feel him eating an apple symbolising the Source with our New World.

Well, it is me being Buddha, and there is only an infinite small entrance into here and I felt SAGA too, which is also to say that it was good for me to send them my best wishes of a good tour.

I was again told about Lars G. and others and completely impossible it was to open them and for me to enter Buddha behind their darkness, but it was NOT because of lack of love of these people to me, and I feel much love inside of their darkness.

I continued receiving pretty loud noises to my balcony, and now I felt the noises coming from flat chair and toilet seats, which are really from inside the metal shield of nothing, and “nothing” is what I felt.

I could also have been given access to surveillance of the Source including sexual activities of anyone I would like to watch – as part of my “old nightmare” if I accepted it – and I am first told this now because it could very easily have become a slide down to darkness.

I received the feeling of John from Kenya, and was told that there were rumours in Dadaab in 2009 about John and the team interviewing people and collecting information on refugees and their lives in Hell inside the Dadaab camps, and they could have been killed too, also by the corrupt police of Kenya, which is because there were strong forces NOT liking what we did exposing their secrets to the world.

I was shown SAGA on cruise – as they have just been in the Caribbean – as a little ship having an enormous head of God about it, and this cruise of theirs is also a symbol about having turned around the engine of the Source, and yes you can just “come on”, and the feeling is that SAGA/Michael Sadler is the door to the Source. And here they are ON THE AIR – ON THE CRUISE https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202448773755678&set=o.77703339709&type=2&theater.

I received the feeling of Karin from Netherlands – also receiving my email to clairvoyants – and was this enough to release orange sodas from the dark container keeping them (?) as I am shown.

I was shown layers of life on different levels and different colours of bathing rings that are brought in via a clever system and into the middle of our four-divided world, which is about bringing in other forms of creation when we want to try new life forms.

I received physical pain to my heart and was told that Michael Sadler is now always part of my heart, which we have finalised the implementation of.

There is a BIG cherry inside of there, which we will now bring out, and no, I am still not unemployed even though I received this fine song about the CHERRY by UB40 :-).

We are now sending in the finest wine glasses, turned around, which is because of reactions coming from receivers of my email to old contacts of A2B.

You kept your mother and many awake because of your decision “everything has to be perfect”.

So the plan of the system was to hold Karen completely out of the game and only to go after you because she was already on their side.

It is about time for you to kill yourself, and it is my father speaking here because as my old self I am still the hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father before I will become the Son as my new self.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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