April 2014 – XIII: Returning HOME to and becoming the Source via the Rock-God Michael Sadler and starting to resurrect terminated life



  • April 28: Returning HOME to and becoming the Source via the Rock-God Michael Sadler and starting to resurrect terminated life.
    • I am opening ORANGE layers inside the shield of the Source. We have already received the last, decisive thing from my mother to turn around, and that is faith. I have returned HOME to the Source – via the key of Michael Sadler, see below – and at first things will not change when the game will continue to recover “cut-off heads”, i.e. terminated life, inside the Source, which we do because we can because of the act of the world and enough love and faith of my mother and many more in me.
    • I was shown how the bow gate of a BIG SHIP is opening, which is the same as being plugged in, which is about opening our New World inside the Source via the key of Michael Sadler. It is much to our surprise that we have come here today at the theoretical limit of life because I did not give up work as my old self as a matter of honour. Michael Sadler is authorised to bring the last bags (of darkness) in, which he can only do because of his faith. Michael Sadler is part of the water (of the Source), which I was shown in a pot turning into dough, which is what turned into creation of life and the Universe, and this is to say that he is the first energy (darkness) that poured out of the Source to create life, thus also the last that I meet before entering the Source, where we will all turn around becoming light. This is the last part of the pyramid (of life) we are bringing in, and Michael Sadler is the absolute top point on the pyramid. Michael is the socket between the Source and creation – and I was shown the socket being connected to Earth from space. I was shown new infinite stairs leading up into Heaven, and the steps are now turning from black to golden – because of Michael. SAGA helped bringing faith to Michael and they used to be darkness, and are now a ship navigator, which we use to turn around everything – they help pushing the green button of my locomotive to bring all life HOME at the Source.
    • When arriving at the concert venue in Copenhagen this evening for the SAGA concert, I was instantly given the feeling of Michael Sadler, and I was told that now it is divided and on place, which is about Michael’s secret of life, i.e. the key opening to the Source, which was given to me here. This is where darkness and light are one before everything will become light, and it is first now that I AM the Source. Before opening our New World, we will first resurrect terminated life in here on the edge of the Source.
    • I watched a SAGA concert with a band in SUPER FORM doing their best concert ever (?) full of enthusiasm, energy, and much joy and happiness. This was the TIME when “we’re comin’ off the wall” in the terms of opening the door to the Source. Michael Sadler truly had a “problem” in the beginning of the concert because his top keyboard (of two) did NOT work for the first 6-7 songs of the concert even though Dean Meehan had checked everything many times before the concert just to make sure (?), which was a symbol of life being “unplugged”, i.e. terminated, and when the keyboard again was plugged in, it was a symbol of Michael Sadler being the socket between creation and the Source. And the Source was opened to me, and the first I met inside was this terminated life, which we immediately started resurrecting when we are now continuing the act after receiving approval of the Source (“God”) beyond the otherwise theoretical limit of life, which is to make everything PERFECT before the opening of our New World. SAGA’s music is “sacred music” to me and Michael was so happy when the audience song the climax of Humble Stance – “you know you gotta know, there’s no one going to help you” – that he gave a MOUTH KISS to the audience, which was divinely inspired symbolising the kiss of Karen of the Source that she will meet me with as I have been told about for weeks. “Can you make it sparkle, can you make it shine” (?) – yes, everyone will see me as the Source bringing sparkle and shine to all life. I was “a mouse in a maze, with its so many ways, but there’s only one way to get out”, and this way out of the Old World and into the Source including our New World was through Michael as the key-man opening the door for me to God as my new inner self, and Michael is part of the origination of life himself. This is a band playing better than most with a “Rock God” as the lead singer lifting up both the band and all of the audience. They are on top of the world playing MARVELOUS and “sacred music” to me, but I would like them to play a bigger variation of their MANY great songs to bring “fish for Christmas Dinner” as a music magazine wrote about today, which is symbolising the birth of my new self. You will soon see “the magical pump”, which is about all life being “pumped up” to become our New World. This is the pump that SAGA is going to start and to keep working.
    • I was shown a long, thin and black canal, which is now turning into life (resurrected, terminated life), which is now working after attending the SAGA concert. This is black ink of the Source, which is normally the purest gold (when turned around), which we now follow just even longer inside the Source.
    • We are going to collect “The boys from Brazil” again, which is a novel about the Nazi-doctor Josef Mengele, who created 94 clones of Hitler to create a new Führer for the Nazi movement, and this is to say that I have many other parts of me out there to cheat darkness if I had lost it and someone was going to take over from me, and yes, the world knows about these “delegates of mine to save the world” too.


April 2014 – XIII: Returning HOME to and becoming the Source via the Rock-God Michael Sadler and starting to resurrect terminated life

April 28: Returning HOME to and becoming the Source via the Rock-God Michael Sadler and starting to resurrect terminated life

I dreamt something about John and 10 pieces of chocolate in the shelves, which includes small TV-units working for some time, which I have asked to receive, but it is not motivating to see that they are being opened and John self doesn’t think about it.

I woke up to the James Bond movie theme “Skyfall”

I continued dreaming about working at Danske Bank, where Jørgen and the others don’t say hello to me. Someone has forgotten a purse including much money and when I try to bring it back, it has closed and I will try tomorrow, but someone tells me to try now through an agent at a hotel, and I call and see ink on my hand – which is about MUCH force of the Source still to be transferred.

And I dreamt something about Top Gear selling a car of good quality with a chain from Denmark, and Jeremy is about to open the most rare and expensive bottle of white wine, which we will share, which is about the quality of our New World. And I had a dream where I felt Billy Cook in it, which also included something about a money safe tomorrow which cannot go wrong, which has to be about the SAGA concert.

I woke up to “Eton Riffles” by the Jam, which is about SETTING SONS, or let us say a Son of God.

And no, there will also be no spinning today, I slept awful and feel absolutely terrible today, and I also really cannot work – but still I worked all day, and went to the library in the afternoon, which in itself felt impossible to do.

I was closer than ever to stop working and I was shown a source emerging at the wall in the train tunnel beneath Espergærde Station – “come and see” – and this is if you give up now (not in Helsingør) as I was told.

I shared a picture from ”Kunstnergaden Rørholmsgade” (”The artist street Rørholmsgade”) on Facebook and said that I lived there as a child until I was six, and today this is a (short) street including many galleries and beautiful pictures/paintings, which are symbols of “life”, so this is symbolically about “creation of life” as you will understand the meaning of with the opening of our New World.

FB 260413 Rørholmsgade

I received some more sounds to my balcony and I felt and was shown sticky ORANGE layers inside the shield, which are now opening.

Some time after publishing my script of yesterday to Facebook, I took a shower, and I felt the presence from the hallway coming to me strongly again, and this also includes Michael Sadler, and now I was shown the bow gate of a BIG SHIP opening, and this is the same as being plugged in, and I was also given Laban’s song “Hvor skal vi sove i nat” (“Where are we going to sleep tonight”), which is about Michael Sadler’s continous sexual escapades when being away from his family on tour, and yes, this is why he was about to stop touring again because he cannot stop giving in to temptations, thus endangering his family life – this is also why he left SAGA for some years recently – and now I am writing about it for everyone including his wife, the band, crew and fans to see, so there you see, it was not easy bringing him back here to open this gate, but we did it.

This is the prison that I was not supposed to find the way and get out of.

The difference is that Michael Sadler not wore a collar as I did, making him live out temptations of darkness given to him, which I was “not allowed” to do.

There was most darkness in the beginning of creation, which is what we are meeting here at the very end.

Holm (my old music/religion teacher from Espergærde, who still comes to me now and again) was convinced that you would fall down the ladder, but we are still here.

Instead of two Volkswagen’s – Karen’s and mine of the Old World – we will receive one super sport car.

During the afternoon I did some more work to my website including a new page about “negative energy” to my website on “My Sufferings”, which was my new memo that I turned into a website too, and this was again even though it was impossible, which was TRULY the feeling today.

I was told that I was given four times stronger sufferings than what people gave me via negative feelings – because of the four divided world, and this goes for everyone else too.

We have already received the last, decisive thing from your mother to turn around, and that is faith.

Well, it isn’t the biggest change in history when you went from being nothing to now being everything including the Source.

I was invited for dinner with my mother and John this evening, and I was so INCREDIBLE tired this afternoon that I thought that there was a risk that I would not make it, this was truly on the very edge, but I did, and we had a very nice evening together again with good food and talk, and my mother accepted and agreed that it would be a good idea to invite Lis as promised for coffee at my place not in the coming week, where she has “much to do”, but in the following week, and yes, positivity of Lis and I was stronger than negativity of John in the end, and no, I don’t believe that the visit to me is decisive, it was a play.

It is first now that the final order and payment of the cruise in September has fallen on place, and when they checked with the travel agent the other day, it was good that they did because if they had to paid the day after, the order would have been cancelled, but now it is confirmed, and just to say that this is symbolising the perfect ship of the New World first now in place – here with the SAGA concert coming up.

My mother can now really see what she could not before, and I noticed how she looked much at my hair and when I asked her why, she said that she thinks that it is “very nice” now that she can see how black it really is, and this was a symbol of the “hair” of our New World, i.e. life including force of the Source.

Last week my mother was kind given me 200 DKK knowing that I don’t have much money for the end of the month, and I was encouraged to see how much a concert ticket for Michael Hardinger and his band – which is “half of Shu-bi-dua that plays Shu-bi-dua songs – coming in Helsingør at May 2 is, and it is just 200 DKK, and I was encouraged to by a ticket, which I however did not, and instead I used the money for food, but now I was given an extra 200 DKK, which is really with this purpose, and we will see if I can get a ticket for this too knowing that Michael Hardinger is also a “special friend” of mine, and yes, Michael, how long is it since you blocked me on Facebook, and is it about two years now (?), and don’t you think that it is about time to lift this blockage and to apologise to me?

I went home at around 21.00 and cycled via the Beach Road home as I always do from my mother, and it was such a beautiful evening – it was been INCREDIBLE weather here for the last 1-2 weeks with 15-20 degrees and much sunshine, which is NOT normal in April, which is “strange weather” – that I decided to stop and look over to the Swedish coast line now that I did not have trees from the view of my apartment partly blocking, and it was so clear that it was possible to see the lighthouse all the way up at Kullen in Sweden, which is approx. 35 kilometres from here, and I was happily surprised to see the STRONG light of the spaceship of everything/the Source close to this, and it was turning on and off too “almost” like the lighthouse, but still not as regular, and I was also given spiritual feelings/visions showing me that this was the spaceship of everything, and yes, it was NOT in Helsingborg North as it normally is – because I was now able to see all of the Swedish coastline from here.

I still feel the presence of the monster of darkness inside of me, which is because of dark energy of the Old World, which is how it will be until the very end when we will turn around to the other side becoming our new selves.

It is still a play about “I want my money back”, Meat.

My mother keeps on speaking about how incredible it is that her vision has become perfect – on one eye, and the next in three days from now – and it makes me think that my vision today is blurred both when looking at short and long view; it has become noticeable worse the last 3-4 years when writing my scripts.

I dreamt about having invited some friends – not as many as I would like – including old class friends of mine, and I don’t have as many CD’s as I use to have, but I have some which also includes three that I have been given from my mother, which are “original music” and are called something like “Urban”, and when I put this CD on, I notice that some of my friends have tried to play music on my old, fine gramophone, but no sound comes from it, but when I put on this CD, it sounds nothing less than INCREDIBLE, which is because of the quality of the recording and my VERY FINE music equipment/speakers, and it is Jack Nicholson singing, and my old friend Jack is sitting in the sofa enjoying the quality of the music very much. “Urban” is here about Keith Urban, the judge of American Idol, which is to say that I have not been watching your show for some weeks because of other TV (Big Brother) and sometimes VERY late and too late for me sending hours here.

I was told that it is much to our surprise that we have come here today – do you remember our question – from the SAGA concert, October 31, 2012 – about continuing the game not giving up as your old self because it was a matter of honour (?), and yes, this is what it took to get back.

I was told about Mette’s son Christoffer, who can follow me as Facebook friend as we have now been for some weeks, and how it is nice for him to be able to read me himself and not be told by his mother what to believe in me based on her “inability” to understand and wrong information about me from my mother and John. And I was told that this helped turning us around.

What about that Scottish band (?), and yes Simple Minds, and we know, I love them  VERY MUCH, and the first song that comes into mind is HOME, because this is where we are going now with the SAGA concert coming today – and yes, Simple Minds will come to Tivoli this coming summer as a symbol of our New World.

I felt much better today and there was no trouble going to spinning this morning then, and when I arrived, the first song that was played (before the hour started) was “Skyfall” by Adele, which is why I received this song yesterday, it was expected that I would come today.

During the spinning I was told that Michael Sadler is authorised to bring the last bags (of darkness) in, which he can only do because of his faith, and this corresponds to FC Barcelona and also FC Copenhagen, who both seem as if they will not win the national championships this year – both are no. 3 at the moment – and I was told last week when FC Copenhagen lost “the last hope” when Esbjerg equalised to 2 to 2 in additional time that this was also darkness working against us.

The spinning was maybe 4-5 minutes shorter than usual, and I enjoyed it much and used 583 calories.

This is the power that was almost destroying your mother’s and also your lungs as we – but no one else – know, and I was given a pain to my lungs as I was given so often back in 2010/11 when I decided to ignore it and to keep on running as my “defence system” against this darkness.

The watchword is just to come to the concert this evening, and yes, we had not believed that you would be able to continue working until now.

So Michael Sadler is part of the water (of the Source), which I am now shown in a pot turning into dough, which is what turned into creation of life and the Universe, and this is to say that he is the first energy (darkness) that poured out of the Source to create life, thus also the last that I meet before coming out of the bottleneck of creation bringing everything as our New World outside of this in “new air” of the Source where we will all turn around becoming light.

I was told that Karen is thinking that it cannot have been nice having such a voice of hell as I have had, and this thought is also the reason why we are coming home.

I went to the library after spinning to follow up on the last people to forward my email on my sufferings, and I felt an incredible relief knowing that this is now the very end of work I have to do on my to-do list, and I do believe that we are now reaching the very end indeed.

I received a déjà vue about having to be responsible in this life when everyone else was not – thus sending negative energy to me.

I was told that Niklas has understood by now that Stig is not sick/crazy as they had told him.

It was easy to work today because of how I felt, and it was also easy speaking to Leif, who came over to me to speak a few minutes about himself, but when I am so completely low/tired as no one has ever tried, it is a SERIOUS TEST on my patience.

I had been encouraged to send an email to Helena, which I did (telling her about the deceptions of the psychiatric system, which she works for herself – and I would have liked to post it on her Facebook timeline for her network/colleagues to see, but she has not given non-friends this opportunity), and I also forwarded my email to clairvoyants to Charlotte CLARISSA, whom I had forgotten to include the other day and also to Daniel and his friends, who harassed/ridiculed me some weeks ago, and I told them that I only speak the truth and wonder when they will start receiving red ears because of their impertinence in relation to me.

Mail til Helena 270414

FB 270414 til Daniel 1

FB 270414 til Daniel 2

And then I found my old cohabitee (from 1994-2001), Camilla, on Facebook and I decided to send her this email telling her about how important it is to focus on the positive (and objective) and not the negative (which however has to be improved you know), which is what she and her family did in relation to me too.

Til Camilla 270413

Til Camilla 270413-2

Til Camilla 270413-3

Finally, I also wrote an email to the Commune forwarding my email to headhunters the other day, and I could have decided to send it two minutes before closing time at 16.00 today, but I decided that I don’t want to rush because I have to read it through and improve it some times before sending, which I will do tomorrow instead, if we are still playing you know.

After some time I was told that a beginning understanding of psychiatry being a lie is coming from Helena, and even later, I received the feeling of understanding and gentle/warm feelings coming from her, and I wonder how this makes her TRULY feel about me

You will soon see “the magical pump”, which is about being “pumped up” to become our New World.

Your work today was only a helping hand to bring some bags with you, i.e. only a small part of the remaining.

We have now removed .., and you will simply cough up …, i.e. the last darkness.

So your last work was not enough as ransom to release us, and it never would be because we are eternal, remember, but this is where we drew the line in the sand with everything now coming to you. And the power remaining within this line is not even enough to kill a mouse.

I received a shivering feeling to my right thumb and was told that this means that we will NOT push any button of darkness (releasing an explosion).

And still, the understanding/faith coming from people receiving your email/Facebook post is what we use to open for this bottleneck.

And then we cannot continue sending on this dark channel?

The vision of Peter T. – my old class friend – as I have been given thousands of times the last 1-2 years, is also coming from me, i.e. the Source.

This is the last part of the pyramid (of life) we are bringing in, and Michael Sadler is the absolute top point on the pyramid.

It will become like popping popcorn when every individual will jump out as his/her new self.

It is Michael Sadler bringing you back to your original life, to the farm, it couldn’t be done without him.

So it is now that you are going to play on my violin and I see it being taken out of a glass table and into light, and again, not without Michael Sadler.

He is preparing “Cumberland sausage playing the guitar”, as I was shown, right now – with sausage being a symbol of life and guitar a symbol of creation. And he is taking a deep breath because he is nervous meeting you.

So Michael Sadler is the socket between the Source and creation – and I was shown the socket being connected to Earth from space.

You have pulled us out to the thinnest bacon, which is almost without meat and almost only fat. And this was the full bus stop here and you could go no further, which is what I had decided.

I received more out of this world pain to my right ankle, and I was told that it is not least because of my aunt Inge that we have come here, and I felt again as I have before that she is disappointed that her son, my cousin, Jan “could not” reply to my recent email and also not accept my Facebook invitation. And it isn’t so that it is Jan who has brought in much furniture since, is it?

I was shown new infinite stairs leading up into Heaven, and the steps are now turning from black to golden – because of Michael Sadler.

This is how we have succeeded bringing some of the most un-Christian in this world with me, and I felt Michael Sadler and also family, friends etc.

So this email and memo on “my sufferings – background”, which you didn’t think anything special of has turned around many, which is bringing you up here, and yes, I was close to not writing it at all.

And it is just to this location that you would have fallen (through lost life) if you had “lost it”. This is to where we went to as the outermost and theoretical possible limit for you and your mother, i.e. the world, to keep alive.

Don’t expect anything special to start with because we will just recover cut-off heads of your mother in the water as I am shown, i.e. terminated life.

I received the lyrics “gotta gotta” and “Parade” from Kiss by Prince over and over and over again, because you are not going to be cheated from this (parade) as I was told, and yes, I have heard that “life can be so nice, it’s a wonderful world, sweet paradise”, and that is our New World, you know, and I am given these “you know’s” over again because this is what people do about me.

I received the name “Stafan” as I have been given many times lately, and this is the Swedish version of the name “Stefan” and I connect it to – and I here feel – Stefan, one of Kirsten’s three sons, and the Swedish part will have to be about his newfound faith leading me to Karen in Sweden too.

I took the train from Helsingør at 18:43 towards Copenhagen to be at the venue of Amager Bio at 20.00 to watch the new concert by SAGA, and on my way I was asked if SAGA has been inspired by my favourite set list or will they play the same Greatest Hits as they normally do?

Favourite SAGA set list (20 songs): http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/SAGA+Stig+s+Favourite+Set+List/79154293

Favourite SAGA hits (68 songs): http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/SAGA+Stig+s+Favourite+Hits/79051068

Almost all SAGA songs (279 songs): http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/SAGA+Alle/80030536

I received ”sexual torments” and was asked if Michael Sadler is also gay (?), which also came to me in connection with their concert in 2012, so you are both to boys and girls, Michael?

It is very reluctant that we have pulled him to the trough, and I felt his darkness, and this was until he started believing in you as the Maharajah, and since, he has just been waiting patiently.

And no, I am not afraid of meeting the band and people from the audience remembering me from the SAGA Facebook group, so I will NOT hide down behind, but I am a little nervous, but still they are probably more nervous than I.

I have many times been told about Lau, the old lawyer of Dahlberg assurance, now with Tryg Insurance, and now his name came again – maybe he is confirming my “professional skills” as a non-lawyer that impressed you, Lau?

I was told that everything has been prepared, and I just have to enter, and I was told and shown that SAGA brings a little guitar amplifier, which used to stand on “liquorice” (darkness), and it is now a ship navigator, which we use to turn around everything, and I received the word “Adlon” and who or what is Adlon (?), and yes, I have heard it before and when looking it up I can see that it is a five star luxury hotel in Berlin, which is just to say that “everything of our New World is perfect”.

I was told about the three variations of salmon that we had at the Ocean Club restaurant the other day, and this is how you are going to feel as the fish of your new self, i.e. as the Trinity.

I received all of these notes just on the train towards Copenhagen, and it made me on the edge continuing to receive and have to write down these notes, it was NOT funny.

I was shown myself as the locomotive driver and when looking out the window, I see an arm coming in, and I feel SAGA, and this arm is going to press the green button inside the cabin, and this is because the other members of the band have helped Michael to obtain faith in me, and I do believe that this will have to be Jim Gilmour and Mike Thorne – as my Facebook friends too – in first hand, and yes Ian and Jim Crichton are not on Facebook.

I received the feeling of Sanne Salomonsen and was told that it is Tivoli after this, which SAGA is leading directly forward to. And I received the lyrics “We want Tivoli-life” from Tivoli-liv again and again, and yes, Tivoli is the symbol of paradise of our New World.

So we will no longer be a text-machine (writing my scripts) communicating like this.

SAGA knows that you are TIRED and “it is completely crazy that God is coming to our concert”, this is also how they feel.

It is this pump that SAGA is going to start and to keep working as we have decided.

Despite of today being a good day, I am still so fundamental TIRED and without energy all over my inside that I did NOT feel like going on this train and bus journey (of a little more than one hour the 50 kilometres to Copenhagen/Amager Bio), to stand up for two hours (my legs ALWAYS hurt) and to go back again – to use energy that I don’t have, which is hard.

I arrived at Amager Bio at 19:45 and was told that we still managed to reach the end station, and I was instantly given the feeling of Michael Sadler there, and I was told that now it is divided and on place – between Sadler and you/me, and this is what he brought with him after the 2012 concert as his secret of life, which is that he is the only one knowing how to open to the Source.

And we – the Source – are inside the back side of your left lower leg, and it is the key to here that Michal brought me, which is what we will already now open to (not waiting for a later second opening after the first opening of our New World).

So now it is TIME and I was shown the TIME album by Electric Light Orchestra and what is your favourite song from this album (?), and yes, we know all of it is “perfect”, but if I have to choose, it will have to be Twilight including the Prologue of the album, which I remember listening to over and over and over again when the album came out in 1981 – I had NEVER heard anything as great as this before, was my feeling, and yes MUCH MORE/DEEPER than this really, it was one of the musical highlights of my life, and I still get exactly the same feeling when I now listen to it again when these lines are written, and that is even though I have heard it “thousands of times” – and this is about reaching the place “where darkness & light are one”, i.e. the Source, and as you can see from the video, it is TIME to enter the light of the Source now.

“Just on the border of your waking mind
There lies… Another time
Where darkness & light are one
And as you tread the halls of sanity
You feel so glad to be
Unable to go beyond
I have a message
From another time… “

I also received “I am”, my favourite album by Earth Wind & Fire both because “I am” now the Source when receiving Michael Sadler’s key and this is also because I was told that Michael has gone through my top 100 list where this great album is also on, and yes, just LET YOUR FEELINGS SHOW, will you 🙂 ♥.

And yes, I was really encouraged to play my favourite EWF song, which is “in the Stone”, which is where we come from, and here is this INCREDIBLE song in a GREAT LIVE PERFORMANCE :-).

We have said it, done it and aren’t it before now.

Mother was the one having the greatest lack of faith of all.

Who would have liked to go to this concert with you (?), and yes, I felt Jack as I also did earlier today receiving the same feeling.

“Leisner – Jesper Vinge”, which are two names associated with Danish music, and we could send you all music of the world right now, i.e. all of the Source, but you do understand that there are more steps inside of here, which we will go through before starting up everything, and yes, that is alright, and you will continue suffering, and the four back chain is nothing compared to this, and alright, if this is what it takes to reach perfect and when going beyond the “ultimate border” of life theoretical possible, we will and that is if I can of course.

And then the concert started at 20:20, and the POWER of the sound again took me by (pleasant) surprise when its LOUD SOUND filled the whole room together with the DEEP beats of the drums, and yes, I LOVE IT and thought that “I wish I had this at home”, which I always think and that is except from the muddy sound of this venue throwing the sound in all directions.

I stood on “row 6” directly in the middle in front of Michael on the middle of the stage, and I was happy to see that the band was nothing less than in ABSOLUT SUPER FORM with everyone performing even better than the last concert in 2012, which was also unique, this was simply even better even though it seemed impossible to improve.

During the song “On the loose”, I was told that Michael Sadler knows about my love to Electric Light Orchestra, and then he sang the lyrics “the time we feel the most stable, is the time we’re comin’ off the wall”, and this is about TIME for something very unconventional/unusual happening in the terms of opening the door to the Source and really to bring me even more TIME working inside of this to continue the clean up of these “cut-off heads”, i.e. terminations of previous life that has returned to the Source.

Michael Sadler truly had a “problem” in the beginning of the concert because his top keyboard (of two) did NOT work, and he asked one of the sound people to fix it, but he “could not” for the first seven songs, I believe, and it was first when Mike Thorne took over the stage playing his fine drum solo that Dean Mehan, the man in charge of SAGA’s sound equipment and the setup of it, looked at it and discovered that it was not connected properly, he had to change the socket to make it work, and it was first from here that it started working, and this was of course a symbol of “darkness burning off life” as I also received examples of earlier today when working on my website at the library because suddenly it acted “completely crazy” not accepting or removing HTML-code that I keyed in – this is how “spiritual darkness” works many times directly in front of my face – and I was told that this was related to darkness of Michael Sadler (as he has collected as the last man of creation having the key to the Source) and yes a symbol of life that has been “burned off”, i.e. terminated, which is now only inside the Source to be recovered. And it was also a symbol of Michael Sadler working as the socket connecting the Source with creation, which he did when bringing me the key this evening.

Michael Sadler 280414Michael Sadler at the concert this evening in Copenhagen. Source: Gaffa.dk

A few songs thereafter I felt a rubbish dump of my mother, which is this terminated life inside of the Source – I was told that this is about life that was stuck in France not reaching me here, which is also because of Denis’ negative influence on Karen about me – and when Michael Sadler has now given me the key and we have opened the door, this is what is meeting me, and I felt how this “rubbish” now started being transferred to me too, and so much that I received the feeling of getting a BIG club foot.

I felt and was told that it is only because “my top father”, i.e. the Original Creator or “the old man” of the Source (or “God” if you will), has approved this that we will continue this game beyond the otherwise theoretical limit of life, and it is also because it is possible to do because of behaviour of the world and my mother, and it is ONLY to make everything perfect before we will start up the New World.

And I was shown how the old director Villy of the discoteque Exalon on Strøget in Copenhagen gave Lars G. and I free drinks (as he did once in the 1990’s, where I went out on town in Copenhagen, and no longer Helsingør), and this is to say that we are now recreating this building as example of houses/life that otherwise was destroyed, and yes, this building was brought down not that long ago leaving an empty place, and it is coming directly from “the bar”, which is an old symbol of the Source, and again because faith of Michael Sadler has opened the Source to me.

I was told that no matter what I did, I would not have been able to make everything perfect, and this rubbish dump includes terminated life from even before I was born.

Michael Sadler 280414 as the ROCK GODMichael Sadler as the ROCK-GOD with SAGA
in concert in Copenhagen this evening. Source: Gaffa.dk

I was shown that I am now on the top level of the Source, and Michael Sadler’s bald head was emphasized to me as a symbol of continuing the game “without hair”, which is without energy of the Source, and that is until everything is perfect, and we will turn around life to the other side to become our new selves including all force of the Source, and yes, this is how creation is done, from the dark and suffering side.

When SAGA played “Perfectionist” from their first album, it was nothing less than “sacred music” to me, this is how strongly I felt and how incredible beautiful it is – just listen to the keyboards at the beginning and the end – and I was thinking that it is really a shame to lock in this “symphonic” music in a small venue like this bringing a muddy sound, and then I was given the feeling and vision of a HUGE church room where the sound could spread out bringing a lovely ring to it, and why not play a concert inside the St. Peter’s Basilica self in Vatican (?), and yes, I could think of nothing better, and I am sure that this will NOT come about in the Old World, but you may think differently about this in our New World, and yes, I will be delighted to attend such a concert myself – and yes, just listen to the PUMPING BEATS of this song as example, and I can still see Michael Sadler in front of me with a clenched fit hitting “pumping beats” in the air with an incredible energy/passion in time with the music, this is also what SAGA is about, which is DYNAMIC as no other music and when you get it with FULL VOLUME and the most fantastic show only five metres in front of you, this is where MAGIC happens, you know :-).

Michael continued doing his old stunts at the usual places – making the crowd sing along with FULL POWER on “Don’t be late” and many other songs, which made him (and the band) smile all over, which made me happy to see – and when he took on the bass guitar, all fans knew that it was TIME for Humble Stance, but as usual he played the act that “Just because I take on the bass doesn’t mean that we will do Humble Stance, I also played bass on (this and that song) – and on Humble Stance”, and then they started playing their huge hit, and this is also to say that they were acting because they had seen me standing right in front of them but appeared as if they didn’t notice, and “special inspiration” was given to Michael during the climax of this beautiful song when he had the audience singing most parts of it including “you know you gotta know, there’s no one going to help you”, which he did not do in 2012, and it made him so happy hearing that the audience could and did that he was INSPIRED when he gave a hand kiss to all audience, and when he did, I was told that this is because “you did it” and that was to fight darkness when “there’s no one going to help you”, and yes, as my old readers will know, I have received NO SUPPORT from family, friends etc. (except from Jette and my four LTO friends in Kenya) nor from the official world of media and politicians etc. meaning that I went through the worst sufferings any man in history has gone through, and on the other side I will meet Karen as the Source welcoming me with a kiss, which I have written about for week, and this is what Michael showed here in “his little act”.

SAGA and Jim did “Scratching the surface” in a great version, which I LOVED much, and I also loved to see how happy Jim was because of the positive response of the audience when he said “you were fantastic”.

At the end of the concert, Michael “could not help” but singing “What you got for me this time, can you make it sparkle, can you make it shine” (?) even before the band started playing “The Pitchman”, and yes, Michael, this is what I can, and you and everyone will see me sparkle and shine bringing light to all of the world as my new self as the Source :-).

And yes, this was the end of the concert and “Wind him up” was the last song with the audience again shouting out all air of their lungs in a beautiful sing-along song, and what was my total impression of the concert then (?), and yes, I saw a band playing better than most bands – it is simply INCREDIBLE how Ian is playing the guitar; look him play in Tired World (I simply LOVED seeing Ian radiating the attitude of a boy/young man smiling and LOVING to play the guitar during the solo of this song, it was very visible to see) and Corkentellis as examples, it is astonishing to see how quickly his hands are moving on the guitar band, and I do believe that he is one of the finest guitarists around and this goes for all members of the band, look for example Jim Gilmour playing keyboards in Ice Nice (and in general providing the “trademark” sound of SAGA) and Jim Crichton on bass/keyboard and Mike Thorne on drums are also “the best in their league”, and on top of it all, you have Michael Sadler as one of the best singers around, listen to him singing “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHAAAAAUU” with all air of his lungs in “Mouse in a maze” as just one example and this is also to say that I was “a mouse in a maze, with its so many ways, but there’s only one way to get out”, and this way out of the Old World and into the Source including our New World was through you, Michael, this is why I came in 2012 and today, and this is why you are born, you are the key-man opening the door for me to God as my new inner self, and you are part of the origination of life yourself, see?

And yes, Michael and the band both play “very tight and precise” as I love it, and they showed even more enthusiasm, energy, joy and happiness simply to play for and to have a wonderful audience supporting them and singing along, and Michael was jumping around and screaming out his passion/energy as a young man lifting up the whole band and the audience – even more and stronger than in 2012 where he was also impressing me, this time just EVEN MORE, which I did not think possible, and again I thought that Michael is a Rock God on the same level as Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury, this is the level that we speak of, among the very best of them all, and it made me wonder how in the world this is possible for some “old guys” around 60 (except from Mike Thorne, the band members are born between 1953-58), and this may have been your best concert ever, Michael & Co. (?), and to me at least, it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen, and yes, both because I LOVE YOUR MUSIC but not least because you simply gave EVERYTHING YOU HAD instead of becoming an “old man” for example like Sting – even though all moods have its time – I simply LOVED it.

I really only had one point to criticise and that is that they again mainly played their greatest hits with more then 2/3 of the songs, if I am not wrong, being repetitions of the 2012 show, and most songs from the beginning of their career, and yes, I would have LOVED to see you play many of your newer songs both from the 1990’s and 2000’s, where you have created one amazing and incredible STRONG hit after another, and yes, as examples I would have LOVED to see you play Marathon, The One, Believe, God knows and many others, and I wonder why you don’t do it – is it only about “speculation in money”, i.e. to be sure that the audience will come (?) – and yes, this actually made me sad and disappointed, and it should be possible for a BIG ACT like you to go on different tours, which can be “greatest hits” or a mix of hits from newer albums, your own personal and less known hits etc. (?) and to market the tours so the audience will know about it (?); and yes, just a thought of course, and it can also only be a bigger joy for you to play a variation of your songs instead of playing the same base of 10-15 songs at all of your shows?

Michael was also inspired on stage remembering a concert they did in Tivoli years ago and he asked the audience about how many were there, which approx. half were, and Tivoli is a symbol of paradise of our New World, which is why he was inspired so speak of this. BUT WHERE WAS HAROLD THE LOCUST THIS EVENING (?) – you didn’t bring him on the background curtain. And yes SPIN IT AGAIN, which is about some inspired speech of Michael too in relation to “spinning”, which I didn’t quite get, but it is about SPINNING THE WHEEL of all layers of life including our New World inside the Source, so here it is SPINNING AGAIN, and that is SAGA LIVE IN MUNICH 2012.

I was told about Dean Meehan and that what happened with Michael Sadler’s keyboard not working was “completely unlikely”, and how many times did you check everything to make sure that it worked, Dean (?), and this is also to show you my power to make you BELIEVE too, and yes, this is also my favourite song of the band, which I would have LOVED to hear you playing.


This was my review of the concert, and you can read another review here from the fine Danish music magazine Gaffa – http://gaffa.dk/anmeldelse/83493 – and as you can tell, they too were INSPIRED when speaking about serving “fish”, symbolising me, at “Christmas evening” (to do something new instead of the same old, traditional food, i.e. songs, which is where we agree), and we all know that this really stands for the birth of my new self, right (?), and yes, this is how DIVINE INSPIRATION, i.e. God speaking (or acting/performing) directly through people as I have shown you thousands of times in my scripts.

On my way home I was told that Rigshospitalet, the Danish National Hospital, has asked my sister directly if it is alright to fee me – and again I felt that Helena is/was involved in your “evil games” wanting to use me for “reproduction experiments” etc.

Yes, the game continues because no one can choke you now because of all love of your mother and many others, who have faith in you, coming to you.

But I also received “concerned voices” because “we promised not to go beyond this point”, but still we do because we can and because EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT, that is why.

10-15 minutes after the concert, I felt members of the band speaking about me, and yes, you did see me all standing in “row 6” in the middle?

I was shown a UFO over Copenhagen – no one else seems to notice, understand or even care about this “special light” – and I was shown it acting as a spider or a helicopter landing on ice – because we continue the game bringing me sexual torments and sufferings – and at the end the look of it combined with the vision given to me showed it as a cuttlefish turning into a man with full evening dress lifting his high hat, kneeling and backing out, and this is “the old man” self.

It was now 22.30 and I had thought about going for a walk in Copenhagen spoiling myself – as I rarely do – taking me a cup of cappuccino at Baresso and a Shawarma at my favourite Shawarma house (making the BEST Shawarmas, which are so much better than everywhere else), but I was too tired doing this, and instead I took the first train and was home a little before midnight.

It isn’t so that the liver pate, i.e. life, fell down into light of the Source, as I am here shown, and it is only because you ask that we now can set up this life too, and yes, I was shown spinning wheels earlier today where a few spots were blank, which is what we are now filling up.

And yes, the world must believe that we have become mad to continue the game, which we do, and that is also because there are more people you can forward your email and memo on “my sufferings” to influence.

Yes, I was also encouraged during the concert to say that I forgive all people for their sins, which was a condition to do in order to get in here.

I was shown a long, thin and black canal, and how it is turning into a long line of hotdogs, i.e. resurrected, terminated life, that are being placed on it, and we have now got this factory up and running because you attended the SAGA concert.

I was told about Princess Stephanie of Monaco, and it isn’t because this road – leading life from darkness of Spain via France/Monaco to me in Germany/Denmark – didn’t work perfectly without Grace Kelly, is it?

I was shown a statue of the head of an ancient Egyptian lady, which I connected with Karen, lying on the front row of a small cinema, which we have now entered, and I am shown how it is turning into a flower symbolising love.

I was given the words “San Francisco” and felt the Brothers Olsen and I was shown Pet Shop Boys BEING BORED waiting on the train at the station, and this is the train leading to our New World, and yes, they know, and this is also the title of one of their old classics as you can here watch IN LIGHT at Roskilde Festival, which is yet another symbol of the Source. And this is also to say that this is what the whole world is, i.e. being bored waiting on me, and you are doing this act so well that we have been allowed to continue playing the game, aren’t you happy (?), and that is if I can play it myself of course, and yes, just to write this script including the “review” of the SAGA concert is a killer, you know.

I was shown flames all over and around the cross bringing the cross on fire, and I am shown how the last part of light of me hanging on the cross was pulled away before I – and everything – was burned down, and it was with the absolutely outmost of nothing that we have turned around everything.

This is also why Berlusconi is sending his thanksgiving, which I understand that you have written, “my friend”, and yes, haven’t we finished with today’s SAGA concert (?), and yes EVERYBODY KNOWS, you know, and that goes for Leonard Cohen too.

So we have now started playing the old LP records, which didn’t bring a sound in the dream the other day, and I am shown that they are really being played on the finest completely white gramophone of the Source because this is where we are now and what we are now behind the surface of the game that we still play.

I did not see the final of Big Brother this evening because I went to the concert, and I saw that it would be repeated at 02.50, but I was simply far too tired to keep awake, even though I tried, and I therefore had to see look up the result here and seeing to my disappointment that David won with Nirvana on the second place, and no, David was NOT worthy to win in my mind because of his lack of values/good behaviour, but this is the man that the viewers voted on, and this is just to say that man doesn’t want “Nirvana”, but still this is what I am bringing you, and yes, I was happy to follow you all contestants of Big Brother 2014, and I feel all of you as my friends.

I was told that it is already outlived darkness that caused terminations, which we are now resurrecting. And we are only on the edge of the GIANT lasagne, i.e. the Source.

We are going to collect “The boys from Brazil” again, which is a novel by Ira Levin, and one of the few that I was inspired to read as a boy, and it is about the Nazi-doctor Josef Mengele, who created 94 clones of Hitler to create a new Führer for the Nazi movement, and this is just to say that I have “identical twins” (?) out there – do they look like me, or have we changed them a little (?), but every doctor can see in the microscope that you are identical as I am here told – and this was also made as an attempt to cheat darkness if I had lost it and someone was going to take over from me, and yes, some of the world knows about these “delegates of mine to save the world” too, and now I do too myself.

I was shown the train driving through the hole of a wall, and we have never tried this before, which is to return something that had been returned to the Source.

The dark canal from before is black ink of the Source, which is normally the purest gold (when turned around), which we now follow just even longer inside the Source, and I am told and shown that there are read Christmas balls and Christmas trees in the compartment just next to the cell of mine, where we have had to imprison you much against our will.

Well, it is us – Hitler and the boys – that have cleaned inside of here, and I am shown Hitler sweeping with a broom inside what looks like corridors of a big prison below ground.

Even more gravy than what you believe has been wasted from before you were born.

The last couple of days I have been given a few small heart attacks, which however have not been strong, and this is also to say that I receive incredible amounts of darkness and lack of faith from many other there too making it possible to dig up this darkness where I normally should not be able to receive these small heart attacks.

And when coming to “the impossible end” of the script of today, I was shown the café on the main square of Epernay looking up the Champagne Boulevard, and yes, this is about completing my homework for us to celebrate later, and I am also feeling my sister as if she is part of an old Morten Koch movie – “they can only be positive there” is my feeling – and milking a cow, i.e. the Source.

And this isn’t the biggest “school work” that you had to do before entering the biggest flower vessel as I here feel my mother is saying.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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