April 2014 – XIV: Working directly inside the Source resurrecting terminated life and bringing other parts of me home to make me complete/everything



  • April 30: Working directly inside the Source resurrecting terminated life and bringing other parts of me home to make me complete/everything.
    • I had a long script to write of yesterday, which was work to bring in more terminated life to “fill me up” as my new self. And it is us – terminated life inside the Source – that would continue insisting to “do wrong” even after having opened our New World. We are now working directly inside the Source setting this up pretending to be darkness even though everything is now light – this is how we continue the game. It is now time for all other parts of me to return home to make me complete. Some of these were killed/terminated, and they are now coming to me working as sockets connecting me to the Source. I was not even born to do this work coming here and also meeting Michael Sadler and so on, this was meant to be done inside the Source after having lost the battle to darkness/my sister bringing the end of the world before the start of our New World. We have also made a new teachers room in here. This is where all new beginning starts, and we have already begun the next. The Earth Globe is now on its very final round before becoming our New World. “I now hear that it is my turn to come down the downpipe”, i.e. “the old man” (God) – we have simply made you as full that you have to hold on to your hat and curtains because you are everything now. Even though I am nothing, I can be you physically because you – and everything – are also nothing in here. We are now just waiting to reach the hole from where all come out, which are all cells of the Source coming out via this one cell of the “the old man”.
    • I published my script of yesterday also to SAGA’s Facebook group and received many visitors from the group to my website but absolute silence too, but still I received both more faith and more darkness of people coming to me. Michael Sadler is sending me darkness too because he doesn’t like my writings on him, which are both “unpleasant” – his infidelity and also use of drugs – and “not the right time” to bring now. He is also surprised that I can use him because of his dissipated life, which he was tempted to do when darkness was allowed to take him over in contrast to me. This is the dark side of Michael Sadler that he still has accepted me to write about, he decided to give up his secret life in relation to his family and accept my “uncomfortable writings” on him as a “sex monster”, which – together with both more faith and more darkness coming to me from the SAGA Facebook group – is what is bringing in this terminated life from the worst darkness of all (bringing me sexual torments).
    • Family, friends etc. were spying on me, and all brainwashed against me, and they are now falling quickly to the ground. It was Pernille S. leading these people including my sister, Jack, Lars G. etc., and since last year they have been turned around to help me.


April 2014 – XIV: Working directly inside the Source resurrecting terminated life and bringing other parts of me home to make me complete/everything

April 30: Working directly inside the Source resurrecting terminated life and bringing other parts of me home to make me complete/everything

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I dreamt something about SAGA, minus 27 points to catch up via “Mouse in a maze” and I heard “bring him up”, which is “at the final door”. I also felt Nirvana from Big Brother in a dream, and no she didn’t win Big Brother, which is the same as when my favourite football teams don’t win – because of darkness coming against me – but on the other hand the first prize was 500,000 DKK, and I do NOT like price money, so in this sense it was good that she didn’t win, and yes when focusing on what is RIGHT and LIGHT.

I was reminded that Lis told me the other day about people born in the Taurus, as I, that they are depressed, which I told her that I am not, but the truth is really that I have been given depression as a feeling all of my life for feeling alone and not in control of my home and myself in my younger years, which I had to fight through too to be confident, NOT depressed and in controlled over myself, and yes, this is how it is and how it became.

I was also reminded about Leif showing me a video of a “magician” cutting over two people in halves and putting the top half of each person on top of the bottom of the other person, and yes, you could see from the spectators that they were SCREAMING because of what they saw, and I told him that this is indeed DIVINE INTERVENTION as I have also written about on my website (Signs I), and no, I don’t have the video today, but you can probably find it – it was out in public with two people laying on two benches that were “switched over” in halves, and yes, I wonder if Leif believed in me or “this is a VERY good trick” as most people believe without being able to see that what they see is actually “divine interaction”.

And alright, I was encouraged to search for it, and I found it and yes it is of course Criss Angel doing it – he is also on my Signs I site – and yes WHAT YOU SEE HERE IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING but because Criss doesn’t reveal it, people believe it is merely a “trick” because they “cannot” use their eyes and minds to realise that this is indeed “divine intervention”.

You can watch many examples of read more about these ”magicians” from my website below with this summary:

“Pure magic of God carried out by magicians as “actors”

Video examples of “magicians” walking on water and levitating, people and objects transforming, vanishing and reappearing and other “magical performances”.

The “magicians” are merely “actors” performing miracles of God without finding it “necessary” to tell the true nature of these “miracles” to the world, which is that they have nothing to do with the creation of them, but they are given to them as gifts.

Man has witnessed miracles of a nature, which the world has never seen the like of before, but still the nature of these was “undiscovered” by mankind because of your lies and distrust! It should have been easy for you to understand my coming, but most of you did not because of your “inability” to understand.”


Yesterday, I also shared my email and memo on “my sufferings – background” with the Facebook groups “Information for the Danish people” and “ADHD invented by Big Pharma”, and I received a few “likes” from the last group, and this feedback from Tonia in the first group blaming me for my DIRECT language, which she – as most people – cannot understand, and I was on my absolutely max. pressure with an incredible amount of work to do, but still I decided to send her my reply saying that it is about understanding positively/objectively and not the opposite, and then I pasted the information from the right column of my website explaining why it was necessary for me to use a DIRECT language to cut through the amour of people telling them about their wrong behaviour, and yes, this was also to bring more faith of people from these groups, which I do believe that I received.




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I received a LOUD noise to my shelves, and no, I am not full/drunk today yet (“fuld” – the same word in Danish having these two meanings – either “full” with new life if I do “impossible” work today or “drunk” of darkness if I do not).

I was happy receiving this birthday greeting from John in Kenya https://www.facebook.com/stig.dragholm/posts/10202367172323898 who shows his “gentle kindness” and I could also say “genuine without a façade (of evilness)”, and no, I NEVER see people here showing this “original behaviour of life” here because of WRONG culture and lack of faith.

FB 280414 John

And I received this “secret message” (see this script on my website and not on Facebook) via someone using the “search” field on my website knowing that I am able to pick up his message, and yes, I have a “mental problem” and need treatment from “medical professionals” (!), and I wonder if this may be one of Daniel’s friends, who has decided to “help” me this way by being a COWARD now also exhibited to the world, and yes, this is what they do NOT like to be, and no, I have received NO COMMENTS from these rude young people this time around, they may also have lost interest in me by now?

GC so called mental problem

I was shown myself wearing a YELLOW protection helmet working on a HUGE building construction site, and YELLOW is about my mother, i.e. creation, now working directly inside the Source still playing the act of darkness before bringing out our New World.

And it is us – terminated life inside the Source – that would continue insisting to “do wrong” even after having opened our New World.

It is the absolutely most popular choice in here coming up, which is about sending you HOME, and yes, why not bring the version of Depeche Mode this time, which is as good as the version of Simple Minds, and yes, two perfect 100 point songs. And this is because it is impossible to keep on pretending being darkness in here when we are gold.

You will slap your thighs laughing when you will know whom we have made as another side of you, for example Prince Henrik as I was told – and yes ONLY MEANT GOOD, you do understand, right Henry?

And it is now time for all of these parts of me to return home, and all are truly “different parts of me” as I understood also meaning that I will first be complete when all parts are united in me as one, and yes, I have a déjà vue about this in relation to Jack’s childhood home, where I have been told this – maybe in a dream – and he may be one of these parts too.

Several of these have also died, and I was given the name of Jesper Langballe, a Danish Lutheran priest, author and MP, who died recently, and yes, this sounds “completely unlikely” to me, but what do I know? And I was told that Michael Schumacher is another example.

I took a shower and felt the presence of darkness from the hallway coming to me – standing as a shadow next to me and giving me one little heart attack – and I was told that these are other parts of me inside the Source now coming to me, and they work as sockets connecting me to the Source.

The stage of the soon coming final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen takes place in the old Shipyard Halls of B&W, which is a “completely unthinkable” place to hold such an event because it had to be rebuild from scratch, and now I understand why, because this is an old shipyard, and the impressing stage/lightshow/background looks like A BIG SHIP, and this is therefore just a symbol of the ship of our New World, which is perfect, and yes landing “right now”. http://www.eurovision.tv/page/multimedia/photos?gal=103063.

I felt MUCH poorer and more tired today, and still I had a LONG script from yesterday to write, which I started doing at home from the morning as usual, and I finished at 15.30 and first cycled to the ticket sales of Helsingør Theatre to buy a ticket for Michael Hardinger and “half of Shu-bi-dua” playing here in Helsingør on Friday (in four days), and when I cycled from there to the library, I was given THE HURTING by TEARS FOR FEARS, which is about the sufferings that Michael Hardinger has given me because he is a WIMP too, who “cannot” stand forward supporting me publicly or even to lift your blockage of me on Facebook, Michael (!), and yes WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD, my friend, and that is to one of the biggest wimps around, and yes, we can call Michael a “Pop God” here, and no, Michael Hardinger wasn’t the man in front of Shu-bi-dua, Michael Bundesen was and Michael Hardinger was a close no. 2 and he brought “divine inspiration” for this band, and yes this is really ELEMENTAL, and we will meet Michael and receive his darkness to be used to clean between the sheets in here, which is “to sort them out”.

It corresponds to having forgotten the lunch package what we will now go through, which we had to do in all cases, and this is about what we will now go through when I will also publish my story to SAGA’s Facebook group and receive their “feelings”, which is about more darkness and also about more faith as the purpose, and yes, eventually I published my script and also this Facebook post to the SAGA group as you can see here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/77703339709/10152351565489710

Do you want to hear a secret? Yes, you were not even born to do this work coming here and also meeting Michael Sadler and so on, this is what Sanna was meant to do winning over you as darkness ending the world and returning everything to the Source and for us to do it inside of here without you, but now you are here and we do this work together “with the greatest pleasure”.

Käte B. – my mother’s friend – knows about you too, and she has the same attitude as Lis now has to me, and this is to say that this is how the attitude of people of Helsingør has changed in relation to me.

And you better believe that your mother is proud of you – “if it is really true what you are writing” – and this comes now after buying the Michael Hardinger ticket because I “stand on an Alp Top” you know.

I was told about Lisbeth Knudsen, the editor-in-chief of Berlingske, and that she didn’t believe that it was possible for me to influence Jesper (my old ACTA colleague now working there) over on my side after she had influenced him wrongly/negatively about me, but I did when sending my email of my sufferings to Jesper too, and does this mean that you had to put the cards on the table taking in Jesper too as part of the secret network?

I received a few likings – from Danes – to my post to the SAGA Facebook group, and I wondered if it was possible to remove the negative voice and hostility of some people there towards me – or if they will throw me out – because I asked them kindly to focus on our love to the music and to treat me as they would like to be treated themselves, and yes, so far there are no negative comments to me here, which also may be because they start realising that “Stig is not dumb” and for others, they may simply have had enough of me, and yes, is it possible to cut through the armour of will deaf people in relation to me (?) – no, it is impossible to make them believe that I am God, right (?) – and we know, some of these people are the worst and most negative darkness of all, but my post may have done just this to some, and at least I received quite many visitors to my new script containing the review of the SAGA concert.

I was shown and told that a completely new truck, or really a Falck rescue engine, is coming in from the right, and this is how we have chosen to bring out the last part.

I kept on working all day until 18.30, and I decided that this was it, I will do no other work today, but hope to being able to return to my not very big to-do list of work tomorrow.

I was shown the instep of Michael Sadler’s foot – feeling it shooting a ball – and he wasn’t MAD at you, was he (?), which I understand that he was.

I felt the Source coming as light and the feeling of Michael Sadler inside of this, but it immediately brought an “E3” error to my oven, so it is really darkness that he is sending me too, and that is because he doesn’t like my mentioning on him, which he is TIRED of, and I felt “tired” as in physical tiredness because this is what he brings me as consequence.

Earlier today I was told that Helena had a HUGE crush on me in the beginning, and now I was shown the stage of the Skanderborg Music festival – where I was in 2008 and where she comes every year – being packed down, and her attraction hasn’t become less now after my email to her, but no, she is also silent.

I was given a sound to the kitchen, and no, Michael Sadler had not discovered that it was TIME, which is why it is an un-convenient time for him now, which it ALWAYS it, and yes, this is again about “protecting” his family about “juicy” stories of his love for “female company”, which is the most important to Michael right now, which is why he keeps on sending me darkness.

Can you use me too” (?), which is about Michael being surprised that we can use him because of his dissipated life, where he was acting as extreme darkness when he accepted temptations of Hell, which he wasn’t protected against as I was.

And how does Michael and SAGA react to my link to the SAGA Facebook group publishing the FULL concert of their latest DVD release, which will potentially remove income from them (?), and yes, this is also “not popular”, is that how it is?

I received the feeling of more darkness from the hallway coming in, and it included the feeling of Michael Sadler taking drugs, which is also a feeling I received at the concert when looking at his eyes, and this might also be why he had showed such incredible energy as he did.

It is all of this that he brings to you as a “square cube” as I was shown.

I received the feeling of Georgie now better understanding “darkness disguised as light” and her thought “do I receive this too”, yes, you do (!), and from where, and yes, from me as the Source, this is what she has understood.

This is the dark side of Michael Sadler that he has accepted me to write about – despite of all – and this is the darkness that I have gone through to come here.

Some life also fell into the Mediterranean because John wasn’t as effective keeping/saving life as you, which is about me not sailing over from Gibraltar to Morocco in 2006/07 as planned, which John later did.

It is the core of me that we have reached – beneath the toilet seat, which is where we had to reach in any case.

Is Michael Sadler coming from incredible richness too living a luxury life after having sold many records – especially in the 1980’s – and I am seen him sniffing, which has to be cocaine that he is on then.

Later I felt him coming from the balcony setting up rows of saved people to me, and this is how it is that it is SAGA self and their core fans via their Facebook group that are saving us (via faith). And it is still because you have decided not to return home via your “old nightmare”.

Yes, Michael accepted to give up protecting his secret life to his family to support me, this was his choice, and it is inside of here (him) that the biggest insects are – I receive the lyrics “kun de færreste ved at de største intellekter kan man finde nede blandt de bidende insekter” (“only the fewest know that that the greatest intellects can be found down among the biting insects” from “Billen på bladet” by Shu-bi-dua, which is because we are coming to you as the next Michael Hardinger – and to you Sanne Salomonsen on Saturday, and yes, I will come together with my mother and sister, and have you found out where we will be seated and whether you will look at us or pretend that you don’t see us as Michael Sadler did (?) – and yes, why don’t you bring Michael Bundesen (handicapped after a stroke a couple of years ago) to watch the concert on Friday (?), I would be happy meeting him – and “insects” are symbol of the worst darkness bringing me sexual sufferings meant to destruct life self.


So it is a little of the same with Michael as it was with Karen, which is to accept me and my “uncomfortable writings” about his double life.

And then I received a giant pain to the back side of my right lower leg that felt like “a precise injection” of terminated life, which has now been resurrected, and this is coming because of the result of today’s work, and no, no one “felt like” replying to my post to the SAGA Facebook group, which seems to be a new trend almost everywhere.

I also received pain several times to the upper part of my right knee, which is about this life trying to move up from the lower part of my leg, which has been the right location all along, and no, I don’t know if this is right or wrong to do, but I do ask you to DO PERFECT.

I was shown a new UFO flying outside, and this time I was shown it as a cuttlefish, which is completely clean/white now meaning that we have resurrected this terminated life included in this club foot that Michael Sadler brought me.

I received the name “Buffon” and was asked “who is this” (?), and yes, when looking him I, I received the feeling “yes, that is right” and yes he is the goal keeper of Juventus and Italy, and “goal keeper” is an old symbol of people working for darkness, and I have written about some of these people today.

Mike Thorne, the drummer, of SAGA, brought this update pretending to be one of the “Ni-knights” from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and these were the knights that kept on giving new tasks for King Arthur to solve before he was allowed to pass, which was “simply impossible” to do, but still this is what I did, and yes, Mike was acting as a “goal keeper” too?

A little later I was told that Mike’s post – and divine inspiration – is a symbol to say that not only will we receive both full parts of Karen and I – united as one – already with the first opening of our New World (not having to wait for a new second opening) but we will also get full access to “the Holy Grail”, which is the engine of the Source bringing force to all life also including all layers of life before our creation.

So how many lady bags have we brought in now (?) – endless.

Now comes the mixture of all colours, which is the difficult part when you only want to become part of this creation mixed with that creation, and yes this is also how we can play the game.

And Sanne Salomonsen knows that she is the big reward awaiting you in Tivoli, this is how the game has been played.

It could have developed into a triangle drama between Karen, Denis and you with Karen doing EVERYTHING she could to get rid of you.

Yes, and many will still be surprised when Mogens Lykketoft and governments of all United Nations will stand forward saying that “Stig was right”, and yes “impossible” for some people to believe in my “crazy” letters for United Nations etc., and yes, we have those people in here too – and the same story about UFO’s with many people believing that “Stig is crazy” writing about UFO’s, but no, the official world will also stand forward telling about these, and you will meet them yourselves.

Nefer (old Aon colleague, now with Willis) doesn’t read you but she believes in you and she is one of the most crucial of all.

So Michael has decided to accept being exhibited as a sex monster to the world.

Your mother can witness that it has only taken seconds to develop you – but feeling as eternities of eternities here.

I was told that I received “special vaccinations” as a boy and if I had not received these, I would not have been able to receive the sexual sufferings that I did, and my sister wouldn’t be able to follow me. And the vaccinations that I received in 2009 at the National Hospital in Copenhagen was “a gift” for them – also bringing me “a special cocktail” including directly lethal doses for others than me because my body had learned to fight these.

I dreamt about visiting a food factory, which is Lisbeth’s (old colleague/friend from GE Insurance and Fair) client, and something about feeling frightened because of food melted together, and I see a lady, who has received an implant that automatically feeds milk to her baby, and this is about sorting out the layers of terminated life and to bring “milk”, i.e. force, to restore it, and this is also a reference to Falck in Lyngby that rents out breast pumps, which has to be about faith of these people in me too by now?

I woke up to Tears for Fear’s phenomenal “Woman in chains” and the lyrics “its out of my hands” and “It’s a world gone crazy”, which is truly was because it was turned around making it impossible to understand my writings as example even though I spoke the direct truth, which should have been simple logic for everyone to understand.

I was also given SAGA’s “On the loose” and the lyrics “But I think that you should warn me, if you start heading for a fall”, which is about Michael Sadler’s feelings and fear of heading for a fall because of my writings on him, and I was told that no one is suffering as he is.

I was shown his key opening the door to light, and I was told that we really don’t exist as darkness anymore but still we are playing this game to resurrect the last terminated life, which is what is really “crazy”.

I was told about friends and network – for example LWF in Geneve – spying on me, and they all came from the inside of a HUGE flower as I am shown here, i.e. love of my mother. And these people were all brainwashed against me, and they are falling quickly to the ground now.

I was given more hiccups.

I felt terrible and out of energy again this morning and so much that I truly wished that I could relax not working today, but I knew that I had to get started also because my mother was to get her second eye operated for cataract this morning, and again I am told that the result of this is also connected to my work, and in this case it can only become “perfect” because I have done my best under the circumstances, which is really every single day since I started writing seriously in May 2009. I spoke to her on the phone later – in the evening – and yes everything went perfect so now she has 20/20 vision on both eyes.

I was shown a cabin on a ship – with yellow walls and completely open out to see – pouring out fish into the sea, which is what we have now resurrected/brought back.

I was shown one Eifel Tower after the other in ”an infinite circle”, and traffic is driving through them, which again is about the spinning wheel including all layers of life each symbolised by an Eifel Tower, and yes “SPIN IT AGAIN” is coming to me again, which is the title of this fine song from their previous album and also from their 2012 concert DVD and a symbol of this.

It was TOUGH writing the script of today feeling as LOUSY and tired as I do.

Here comes the truth, if you could convince your mother that it was darkness – and not yourself – making you fat, you could enter anyway, and yes because this is what you have done even though it was “unthinkable”.

My work attitude and confidence has also grown stronger and stronger, which is about being careless about what people think about me and their impatience wanting me to finish work, and there might even be people losing faith in me because “nothing ever happens” – visible to them – and no, I don’t care, I KNOW myself, which is all I need to continue working doing my absolutely best and shutting everything else out.

I was told that Camilla and her family understand my email and “Stig is himself/normal”.

Yes, that is right, when I felt and was told about the ”club foot” during the concert, I also felt The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was also about Denis.

And I felt Anton, my former Swedish “not so brave” friend, and yes, he was the lion that could have eaten me too, but he didn’t.

Your mother has now delivered you to me – completing her task too, and I was now at the library where I often install the Tor Internet Browser (to be done every day because it is “cleaned” in the evening) to open my old Grooveshark account to listen to my SAGA playlists there, which is the ONLY way that I know how to do it from here (Grooveshark has eliminated Denmark as one of two countries only – due to taxes), and I was inspired to play the “Network” album, and somehow “I’m back” was the first song that started playing, and this is what I am, Arnold & Co.; I’M BACK, and that is as my new self, the resurrected soul of Jesus :-).


Yes, it was only a question about how far away from the tree that I would land – if I could not finish my work.

I noticed an old phenomena happening to my Scribd statistics, which has not happened for a long time, which is that I have had two days seemingly without visitors, which however is a symbol about terminated life not yet resurrected, and this will be “corrected” over the next days, and yes, my Scribd documents seem to have approx. 100+ visitors per day where my website only have maybe 60-70 per day at the moment.

I used the afternoon continuing to write my email to the Communes and now I received direct inspiration making the “shorter email” as I had planned on develop into a maybe 4, 6 or 8 pages long email including a resume of my experiences with them since 2009, and I struggle to do this work knowing that it may take me the rest of the week to do, if I can, and while writing it, I was told that they do know that they were negative and misunderstood me when I simply wrote the truth about them and Falck too, and yes, they also went in “coma” because of my Falck memo misunderstanding this.

Scribd 2904 including 280414

Mike Thorne from SAGA had played tourist in Denmark before the concert the other day, and he had visited Helsingør and brought a fine picture of Kronborg as example, which made me tell him that “This is Kronborg Castle at my hometown Helsingør, which is where Shakespeare’s play Hamlet takes place, which is about “To be or not to be”, which is why I live here, Mike, and the result of my work became “to be”, which is better than “not to be”, right?”

Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152341742025943&set=ms.10152341740895943.10152341738250943.10152341743020943.10152341742025943.10152341743010943.10152341835290943.bps.a.10152337406785943&type=1&theater

FB 280414 Mike 3

Here is also a fine amateur video shot of Ice Nite from the SAGA concert, which was one of the highlights of the evening:

Yes, you succeeded to turn around the system of Hell too to understand you, and for those who still don’t, I will give you another chance at the very end with my forthcoming email, which may bring what we need if we need anymore.

And I was told that Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, knows about me and is only playing a game when he asks me to stop writing him.

We haven’t hidden the best chocolate cake inside Hardinger, have we? And is it so that Hardinger is hiding the very trump of all?

How do you think it must feel like being a former girlfriend to you – Camilla or Henriette – now knowing who you are and that you were not lying about yourself?

We have also made a new teachers room in here. This is where all new beginning starts, and we have already begun the next.

The Earth Globe is now on its very final round before becoming our New World.

I was told that nothing is as terrible to Karen than her feeling that “no one wants me” having to go to me and then realise that I really don’t want her too (when acting as darkness).

I was given a sound to my shelves by “the big man” to the top and front of it and really to all of it and I was told that it isn’t time yet for me to come down to you, is it (?), yes, this is how to do it.

I felt Matthew – the late son channelling messages via his mother – and I was told that he/his mother has been told about my message that he brings “darkness disguised as light” via deceptive messages, and yes, from people believing in me.

I was happy to receive this email from John and also that he kept his promise to send it. Thank you very much, John, and I am still sad to see your struggles of life, which is still because the rich world doesn’t care as I have shown you many times. I do hope that your mother will come through her cataract operation as fine as my mother has just done – please bring her and your family all of my love.

Hi Stig,

Thank you so much for the encouraging message, we are true friends because we have come a long way since the time you came to Kenya. Surely you have sustained our relationship all that long and am very glad that i have a very reliable ally.

We have been well in spite of the normal challenges of life but we are hanging on, things are very hard here, the cost of living has gone high and the common man is suffering so much but this remains our country, we have to live with it. The children are going back to school by next week, at the moment we are trying to raise school fees, shopping etc. My mum will be operated on 16th May,2014, her  eyes have a problem  and doctors have recommended an operation to remove cataract. So all these are on me and my only brother.

Otherwise all my LTO colleagues are fine in spite of challenges that they are facing, we  are happy to have a dependable friend.

Thank you my friend.

I now hear that it is my turn to come down the downpipe. We have simply made you as full that you have to hold on to your hat and curtains because you are everything now.

And again, I received “let your fingers do the walking” by Sort Sol (“Black Sun”), which is about our new sun of the Source, and yes, this great song is as fine as “Wind of Change” by Scorpions as example, thus as big a potential world hit as this.

Even though I am nothing, I can be you physically because you – and everything – are also nothing in here.

When I returned home for dinner, I was given the thought about John reading that he is darkness not supposed to be with my mother, and then I almost overturned the bicycle standing next to me, which was to say that this writing of mine on John was almost overturning him.

Even though I only attended one of two lectures by the Greenland expert last year, we still brought in everything of the Source.

I received such strong darkness again this evening – still penetrating my skin and circulating inside of me – that it was making me feel absolutely awful, and again it as with a strength many times stronger than mine making me on the edge constantly to break down.

I received “Yesterday’s men” by Madness and was told that all of these men, i.e. terminated life, are now in, and yes, it will be better in the long run when we will have no madness of the world anymore, but still this amazing band, I hope :-).

So all of the system including Lars G., Jack, my sister etc. have been working for you (since last year), and they knew that Karen included the best kept secret of all. So my new line “there’s no one going to help you” at the bottom of my right column on my website means “no direct help and support” really.

John and my mother have invited all children/spouses/grandchildren on both sides on dinner at the Chinese Restaurant on the main square of Helsingør, which John, my mother and I also visited last year, and that is on Thursday May 1, and yes, now they all know about me, or should know, via my email on my sufferings, which Bettina/Søren and Mette and her son Christoffer have received too, but no, they will probably also not speak a word about this.

And this dinner isn’t connected to the Michael Hardinger concert the day after, is it (?), and yes, it is about receiving faith of people, and to take on extreme darkness of Michael Hardinger too, and yes, Michael, I haven’t seen you since the legendary unplugged concert you did in the recording studio at Trianglen in Copenhagen in 1994, and here comes a nice memory with Camilla and her brother and sister-in-law too because we went together and had a very good time, which is also just to say that she/they are also thinking of positive moments with me.

It is also impossible to get in here, which is about Hardinger, and yes, also connected with my work writing the email to the Commune to open up even more there.

Very often I have around 1 hour of the most insane tiredness around 17.00 – 19.00, which is truly killing me, and so deep that I am almost not here, and I had one of these again today as I have had so many times before, it is more the rule than the exception, and that is if I sit in the sofa at this hour.

At 20.55 the strong light of the spaceship of everything was switched on for half a minute at its usual place in the northern suburb to Helsingborg, and when it was turned off, I felt and was told by “the old man” “isn’t he coming now” (?), and no, I cannot see the three lights of the Trinity anymore because of all leaves now on the trees in front.

And the light of the spaceship of everything returned at 21.46 this time for three minutes, but it is only shining with difficulties, I can tell, and I received the feeling that this is because I almost cannot work but still it was switched on for as long as three minutes now to symbolise that even though I cannot work, I still work full hours, which is about 8-10 hours per day.

I received the feeling of Pernille S. and was told that she was the leader of my family, friends etc. working against me, which is why she came to me as strongly as she did a couple of years ago.

I had a little nervous heart this evening for the first time in a long time.

I was shown myself inside a ship having the statue of Holger Danske/Ogier the Dane in front of me – feeling it as “the old man”/God – and this is while we are just waiting to reach the hole from where all are coming out, which I was shown and this is from where all cells of the Source come out via this one cell of the “the old man”.

So Karen included the spiritual world including the Source with all force, which was lost to the world, and it was my task to recreate the connection and bring over all life to the other side starting life at our New World.

No, you never heard from Karen’s solicitor, which is how to avoid bringing down Earth.

These days also bring the revelation of how the worst gossip magazine in Denmark, Se & Hør (“See and Listen”), paid a spy at the Nets company to provide information on credit card transactions of celebrities and royals to the magazine for them to dig up “dirt” and follow people on holidays with sweethearts etc., and one of the first consequences is that the former editor-in-chief, the political journalist of TV2, Henrik Quottrup – yes, the Devil self eating his old hat after the previous election in 2011 – decided to resign in his new job because it would be impossible for him to continue carrying this out, and yes, this is the worst story ever of methods of the smutty press and decay of moral – they will do everything to bring “a good story” without consideration to the victims – and yes, it made a choir of media and politicians raise an outcry and speak about just how severe and shocking this is, and as “bad” as it is, it is still NOTHING compared to what the secret network that they belong to themselves has access to of “secret information”, and I wonder how strong their reactions will be when this is revealed to all of the world and it will understand how 90% of it was about to being terminated by these people. And yes, this is another foretaste on what is coming. Link: http://www.bt.dk/krimi/skandale-se-og-hoer-bag-ulovlig-overvaagning-af-kendte-og-kongeliges-haevekort.

BT 270414

And yes, Real Madrid won by as much as 4 to 0 over Bayern Munich this evening on Bayern’s home field (!), and Bayern has otherwise been the best team in the world the last two years, and yes, a sign of MUCH darkness coming against me from SAGA and their fans, and no, I didn’t watch the match.

FB 280414 Stig 2

FB 280414 Stig 3

FB 280414 Stig 4



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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