Maj 2014 – II: Releasing all colours of life via Michael Hardinger and receiving the egg and heart of our New World from Sanne Salomonsen



  • May 4: Releasing all colours of life via Michael Hardinger and receiving the egg and heart of our New World from Sanne Salomonsen
    • It is about time for DISCOVERY of what is inside the light. It is first inside this light that I can be delivered – following the recipe of life of my mother. We have already blown up the balloons, which are about blowing everyone as their new selves up to your new height, which is “much higher” than today, and this is what we feared the most doing.
    • I felt some of the WORST ever completely without energy making it impossible to work today, which was because of negative energy of Michael Hardinger coming towards me, but what we are doing is the exact opposite of what I am feeling today. After dinner, I was still utterly and completely destroyed and really could go no where, but still I decided to go to the Michael Hardinger Band concert at 21.00 in Helsingør, where I had a ticket. They played at the stage “inside the black hole”, which is where I am heading because of his negative energy, and this black hole is really the opposite when turned around, i.e. the light of the Source/God. There is a little messy inside here, which is what the reactions of Michael Hardinger and his band helped me to clean via my sufferings. Michael is a “Pop King” and it was part of the King that we transferred here. The band played all the great Shu-bi-dua songs, which are “the soundtrack of my life” and they did it with the old spirit intact, which I love so much, and great new rock energy. They “could not” start the singing “I have a dog …” in “Vuffelivov” because dog is an old symbol of darkness of man and also this band and Michael Hardinger in particular, and still it symbolises that God/I love man. And they were inspired speaking of a “roundabout” of all of their songs symbolising the wheel of all layers of life inside the Source, and they continued being inspired saying that when my mother, Lona, will receive her new glasses (of our New World), there will automatically be a garden party, i.e. everyone will receive joy and happiness beyond imagination, and this is about “the whale Hvalborg”, which is one of their big hits, with “whale” symbolising creation, and the whale of course comes from Helsingør as they sing. The concert ended with fireworks, i.e. “celebration”, when they song that we have now reached the top and “now you gotta be proud”, mother :-). We first had to push Michael Hardinger’s button to release all colours – all layers of life before ours – before Sanne Salomonsen will come and make it all more beautiful, and I was shown a GIANT heart, i.e. my new self/our New World, with an arrow pointing towards me, and this is what Sanne will help to do.
    • I had a very fine birthday together with my sister and mother having dinner in Copenhagen and watching Sanne Salomonsen’s great concert in Tivoli later, and shortly before Sanne came on stage, I was shown the egg of our New World being moved inside of me, and I was told “here you are” with a little help from Sanne and our friends, and then Sanne started playing her first song, which was the INSANELY BEAUTIFUL “HJEM” (“HOME”) with the lyrics “even though the road was long, I have come home, I have come home”, and I felt that these lyrics could have been written about me too returning HOME to the Source after a long and tough road, and this song and Sanne’s magical voice/performance (including the amazingly fine band) made such a STRONG impression on me that tears simply ran down my cheeks – I HAVE COME HOME :-). Part of the reason of this was also because of Sanne’s feelings, which were brought directly to me, knowing that she was very close to dying in 2006 when she received a cerebral thrombosis because I and the world was about to end because of darkness and sexual torments given to me, and she has lived in the thinnest lifeline of all since knowing that if I gave in to darkness – because of ignorant people refusing to read/listen to me – it would have ended her life (thus not bringing me “the egg” of the New World today). Sanne is still a WORLD STAR having the magical touch that makes the audience – including my mother, sister and I – ENTUSIASTIC. I only came in here – at this concert and at the light of the Source – because everything else is perfect. At the end of the concert I was shown some kind of tongs about to take out my old heart to replace it with my new heart of “everything”/our New World, and this is what Sanne is helping to do. She ended by looking at and pointing at me when she was singing the very beautiful (“trumpets sound I hear thunder boom) “every time that you walk in the room” bringing the end to a WONDERFUL evening :-).
    • My sister has had access to all information about me, and it required her faith in me before she started to work for me, which she started doing only last year, and it came to her as a shock that her lack of faith in me and wrong behaviour is what was bringing me and the world to an end, and she had to decide if she wanted to tell our mother about the truth of me, which she decided NOT to do, which was really wrong, but still the only way that the game could continue right until now.


May 2014 – II: Releasing all colours of life via Michael Hardinger and receiving the egg and heart of our New World from Sanne Salomonsen

May 4: Releasing all colours of life via Michael Hardinger and receiving the egg and heart of our New World from Sanne Salomonsen

FB 040514 Stig 1

FB 040514 Stig 2

I woke up to “the Hurting” by Tears for Fears again, and I was shown a hole through the bathroom wall where the water tube of the shower goes through, and yes, Michael Hardinger is also a connection to the other side, and I was given a loud noise to my balcony and was told that it is now his turn to enter. He is also gold. There are many ways leadig in here, there is also Allan himself, and that is Hans’ “relative” (“Grethe & Allan”).

I slept so poorly and felt so incredible tired this morning – it is EVEN WORSE than it normally is – that I really cannot do anything, and cannot last a full day including concert this evening, so I decided first to finish the script of yesterday, which didn’t take more than a couple of hours this morning, and to start resting thereafter, and no, I cannot finish my email to the Commune today, it will first be sent on Sunday or Monday, I hope.

You have already received your gift, we are only improving on it.

For some time I have heard Mads (business partner with Dahlberg) and Kim Bodnia (my old class friend, the famous actor), and I felt that Kim has been working for me “behind the curtain” because actors of Denmark know about me.

So he will take everything at the end nevertheless, but we still would like to bring in the last via your last email, right?

It annoys me to feel as TERRIBLE today that I cannot work because I really need to finish that email ….

I was shown a direct line from Michael Sadler’s keyboards to Ian Crichton’s guitar, symbolising creation, to the light, and we don’t need Sanna anymore because now you are here.

I was shown a Russian bag, i.e. the content of the light, opening with MANY stamps (that create life) coming out.

I was so tired that I decided to take a nap after lunch even though I was told that this draws out energy of others and is risking Lis’ life, but no, I could not continue all day today without this, this was the least energy I have had since that period of some days in Kenya in 2009, where I simply had absolutely NOTHING and couldn’t even move.

Once again I was happy to receive a new email from Meshack confirming the reception of my transfer, which I like very much to receive, and I was happy that he confirms that he is with me with or without these transfers, which I understand from his email that not all team members are, so who is playing an act with me pretending to be my friend in order to continue receiving my money but who would abandon me without the money (?), and yes, the truth will come for a day when I will awake as my new self, so you better tell me if you can, and no, I fear that you cannot, and I am here feeling that your “inability” to communicate directly what you think is also what brought me the attack in Nairobi, where I could have been killed if I had resisted, and also the resistance from the CRACY Immigration authorities who decided to jail Elijah, Meshack and I for 1-2 hours while deciding what to do with me/us, which wasn’t easy for you (?), and eventually they decided to expel me from Kenya because I as a white man had lived together with black men, and yes, isn’t this “completely crazy” behaviour? I wish you and your family/children all the best, Meshack, and I would like to hear more about your and your family’s everyday – written directly as it is – the next time that you write.

Hi there,

My trust and hope that you have been okay and doing well. We are cool here and doing good. Today i got the cash since i could not get it yesterday because it was holiday.

I got a total of 36,286.26 shillings and after M-pesa transaction each got 8,900. On behalf of the team members, i would like to thank you for the continued support to us here. But as i have always told you, with or without the cash, i will continue to be your greatest friend with you though other people might decide to run away from you but you should count me to be on your side.

I always remember what we went through with you at immigration office and how we were treated and this lifts me up to be your friend forever.

May God bless you and kind regards.

I was shown balloons coming out from a dark room, which is where I am inside, and this is to say that what we are doing is the exact opposite of what I am feeling today with MUCH sufferings.

We have opened to here because of “very special reasons”, and I was told that “Stig probably cannot come here”, which is what people thought, but now I am, and this is like correcting a vote on a wrong party to the right.

After dinner, I was still utterly and completely destroyed and really could go no where, but I decided to cycle to the library to upload my new script to my website, which I already had published on Facebook earlier today, and from there to go to the Michael Hardinger concert at 21.00 at the local venue “Toldkammeret” next to the station.

After publishing my script and on my way to the venue, I was told something like “we have to get it covered with their bass player”, who is Kim Daugaard, and this came together with the feeling that he knows about me and is also nervous playing this evening when I am coming.

Do you believe that we could walk around Earth because she, i.e. my mother, was going to give birth?

Your father was never colour blind, was he?

It is about time for DISCOVERY – of what is inside the light – and I was shown the “Aladdin-character” from the Discovery album of Electric Light Orchestra, and yes I can only wish that I was there again, I’m wishing :-).

I was told that Christoffer, who brought me torments like a Kalashnikov shooting at me, is nothing compared to what Michael Hardinger brought me because of his resistance/negativity to me a couple of years ago that ended with him blocking me on Facebook too – because of his negative misunderstandings.

I entered Toldkammeret, and since I have never been there before, I asked the lady in the wardrobe where the stage is, and she said symbolically “inside the black hole” (after the bar), and this is where I am heading together with Michael Hardinger, and this black hole is really the opposite when turned around, i.e. the light of the Source/God, and you do understand this, Michael (?), and this is also why you became so fond of children that you had to leave Denmark and settle down in a place where you are not famous, which is in California and later in Texas, and I am here shown a famous Danish host from children TV in the 1970’s, who had this very calm voice and presence, which made children confident, and you may recognise this, Michael?

And I was told that the lyrics from the other day from Shu-bi-dua’s “Billen på bladet” – about the “insect” symbolising the worst sexual darkness/torments – also match here, as just mentioned above in relation to Michael.

While I was waiting for Michael Hardinger Band to enter the stage, I noticed that they had a Buddha figure with a living light in front of it placed on a Marshall amplifier, which I liked to see, and this is because this is “the old man” that I am meeting inside of this black hole.

I also noticed that B-Joe’s guitar didn’t bring a sound from it, and one technician tried to connect it properly to the device on the floor, but it didn’t work out, and another technician was called in, and yes, this happened in the very last minutes before the concert was about to start, and I wondered what it would mean to the concert if they didn’t make it work, and this new technician started changing wires and plugs and it was first at 21.00 when the concert was about to start that he actually got the guitar working, and this is a symbol saying that it was not sure at all that I would be able to come this far during my journey still working and also meeting Michael Hardinger here to transfer to me what he brought in his bag.

I was told that there is probably a little messy out here/inside here, and is this also what Michael is going to clean op when he is here? It is his part of the King that we are transferring here. He was also one of “the security police” (of darkness) who has given up.

The band entered stage and started playing and it didn’t take long before the old members of Shu-bi-dua – Michael Hardinger, Kim Haugaard and Jørgen Thorup – together with the two “new” members B-B-Joe (SUPER guitarist) and Flemming on drums, started playing one fantastic version after another of the old Shu-bi-dua hits from the 1970’s and 1980’s, and gradually I started thinking that Michael Hardinger IS the Shu-bi-dua spirit, this is the spirit that is the sound track of my lifetime (in the 1970’s there were only Shu-bi-dua, Gasolin and ABBA for me, roughly speaking), and every single of their albums in the 1970’s was PURE GOLD to me with everlasting hits that are DEEP inside my soul, and this is what was revived here right in front of me, and I simply felt this spirit coming out of Michael Hardinger, and even though I missed Michael Bundesen as the lead singer, this band was nothing less than amazing with INCREDIBLE joy and happiness of the members simply having a good time playing here their first of 35 summer concerts, and the old Shu-bi-dua members were of course brilliant – Thorup is GREAT on keyboards/song and brings out much good mood and laughs – and B-B-Joe on guitar simply added new dimensions to these old favourite songs of mine because this man is a GREAT guitar player, and all in all, they brought in an incredible energy and “rock nerve” to these songs as I have never heard them played before, and I LOVED it.

There were MANY highlights of the concert, and one of them was of course COFFE VILLE from my favourite Shu-bi-dua album (no. 7), and yes, this song is both great musically and not least verbally, and no, I cannot translate it into English bringing the “funny word-play”, but you will get an idea when Dusty Johnson inside the saloon at a poker table “drinking whisky with one hand, while drinking whisky with the other hand”, and this is how they go on in most of their lyrics, which is “completely crazy”, and the same type of word play that I have in the very deep inside of me, and this is to say that Michael Hardinger is truly a POP GOD – coming from pure gold of the light of the Source, but when turned around, he was the WORST darkness sending negative energy to me, which I had to absorb as my sufferings (together with everyone’s else) to save you and create your new selves, and this is what “Whisky” and the card game symbolises, he played the hand of darkness, and I the hand of light because I was turned around, you know. And COFFEE from Coffee Ville symbolises “love/warm feelings”, and this is what I have for you Michael Hardinger and all of your band, you did GREAT this evening :-).

So I thought that the Shu-bi-dua was dead and buried with the stroke of Michael Bundesen a few years ago, but no, it is still alive and kicking, and people were dancing and singing along as people can ONLY do to Shu-bi-dua, which is the only band here that people know the lyrics of the hits from A-Z (or A-Å here in Denmark :-)), and yes this was truly a FOLK PARTY of people coming out enjoying themselves, and yes, the audience of a couple of hundred people were mostly on my age, but also some younger and older people, and yes, these songs are in the soul of Danes, this is NATIONAL MUSIC as much as Gasolin/Kim Larsen, and yes, in my ears this is WORLD CLASS music on level with the very best, which is why Shu-bi-dua is placed high on my top 100 list.

There were also “divine inspiration” given as examples to this band, and it started when one of the band members simply COULD NOT start “Vuffelivov” – one of the greatest Shu-bi-dua hits of all – and he started singing “Jeg har en hund …” (“I have a dog …”) in the wrong key over and over and over again, and yes, it was simply made “impossible” for him to sing it, and eventually Michael Hardinger had to take over to start it up, and as you know a DOG is an old symbol of darkness to me, so this is what this song and the band are about bringing me MUCH DARKNESS, but as you know, “you can have women and cookies and strawberry for fun, but there is nothing as lovely as a boo-booli bow wow”, and yes, this is how their divinely inspired lyrics are like, and this song is about my love to all dogs, i.e. man as darkness.

During the next song – the fabulous “Sommergryder” (“Summer pots”) with Thorup playing fantastically on violin 🙂 – I was told that it is now that all colour mixes of the four coloured cartridge is coming in, i.e. the mixture of all layers of life to be used freely as “clothes”/appearance of our New World, and yes, it is really only a matter of polishing the lacquer now as they sing, and this is coming to me now because Michael Hardinger is the closest we get to Peer (my late father inside the light as “the old man”) as I was told :-).

I was given a “beaming feeling” coming to me from “the town”, and I was told that the whole town believes in me.

No, it is not completely cleaned yet, and it is reactions of Michael Hardinger Band to me that is doing the cleaning, and later I was told that now you can have your flying/drivers license to enter here because we just had to clean first, and I was given the feeling of Lars G. and my neighbour Preben who do NOT like to invite me/guests because they have never cleaned up, and this is a symbol given to say that I really shouldn’t be able to come here now, but now it is clean when I also took on your darkness as my sufferings today, and I was told that it isn’t Michael Hardinger that brings you this INCREDIBLE TIREDNESS today, is it (?), and yes it is, Michael is the man making me feel this INCREDIBLE POORLY today, and we talk about some of the worst that I have ever felt like, but somehow the music made me forget this, and yes we talk about people like Laudrup, Jackson, Meyerheim, Carøe, Falch, Juul-Sørensen, and Hardinger of course :-).

Do you think that your mother is nervous about what will happen (?), and also will be able to feel it when bringing your birth (?), and yes.

Consider this evening as a kind of stag party (before getting married with Karen).

The audience shouted titles of old Shu-bi-dua songs they would like the band to play, which made Jørgen Thorup smile and say with inspiration that “maybe we should have a running roundabout including 220 songs”, and he turned “karrusel” (“roundabout”) into “karusello”, which made an inspired Michael Hardinger add “Elvis Karusello”, and yes, they truly love to play with words these people around Michael Hardinger, and this roundabout was merely a symbol of the spinning wheel including all layers of life (“eternal creations”) inside the Source.

And I was MORE THAN HAPPY and almost had tears in my eyes when they played my favourite Shu-bi-dua song of all, which is “DANMARK”, and yes, this song is in practise the NATIONAL SONG OF DENMARK, and no, there is no other song coming near to it, not even the official national song.

They continued being inspired when B-Joe brought out some funny sun glasses and said “når nogle tager disse briller på, så bliver der automatisk garden party” (“when someone takes these glasses on, there will automatically be a garden party”), but then he was made to “stumble” upon the word “nogle” (“someone”) and he “tasted” on it and said is it “nogle” (“some people”) or “nogen” (“only one”), and Michael joined in and they managed to play with this word and turn it around to “Lone”, which is as close they came to say my mother’s name Lona, which this was about (!), and yes, just to say that when my mother, who IS our New World, will take on these glasses of our New World, i.e. for everyone to open and become our New World and new selves, it will bring a GARDEN PARTY to the world with HAPPY PEOPLE beyond imagination, this is what this was about, and here three members of the band perform this fine classic song “Garden Party” in an acoustic version, which is fine, but I liked their rock version this evening even more, and when B-Joe ended the song singing “it’s alright now, I learned my lesson well, you see, you cant please everyone, so you got to please yourself”, he was inspired to do this with a high, falsetto voice, which made Michael Hardinger laugh and say something like “don’t sing like Bee Gees”, and this was of course a reference to “the program of light” that was installed inside Barry Gibb when I was on holiday on Sicily in 1978 – as I have written about before – to fight darkness of man, and yes, you really can please everyone, which is what I decided to do instead of pleasing myself, so there you have it, my friends :-).

After an exceptional UNITED STEAKS where the band and B-Joe brought out ALL OF THEIR ENERGY – I love the power that B-Joe brings to these songs – they of course had to sing about HVALEN HVALBORG (“The Whale Valborg”) too, and as they said, this whale is coming from Helsingør – whale is a symbol of creation/the world, and yes, the world do come from the Source here in Helsingør, you know – so when they sung “proud it rounded Helsingør”, everyone sung out “Helsingør” as LOUD as they could, and yes “Hvalen Hvalborg, sikke én” (“what a piece”) 🙂

And yes, I missed Michael Bundesen on lead vocals and would have liked him to be there, but still, this band had so much nerve and energy that it could stand on its on, it has to be the best Shu-bi-dua band there ever was (?), and the only thing that I regret is that no more people came this evening, and I am sure that when Bundesen is back in form, they will play not only for a Danish but a world audience, because this is how Shu-bi-dua become popular all over, and yes, via me, and yes, please sing in Danish, which is 100 times better than when you sing in English, and yes, you know :-).

I was told that we have already blown up the balloons, which are about blowing everyone as their new selves up to your new height, which I understood is “much higher” than today, and this is what we feared the most doing.

The concert ended with a new AMAZING performance of “Står på en alpetop” (“Standing on an Alp Top”), and I received gooseflesh all over when they started playing this and EVERYONE sang along – another of those songs which people can think from A-Å – and when they song “now you gotta be proud” (to mother for having reached the top), B-Joe received a piece of fireworks attached to his guitar, which looked great, and to me, this was to CELEBRATE REACHING THE VERY TOP OF ALL, and that is the light of everything and not the black hole, Michael, when we will turn around and become this light, and yes, you will NOT regret having played your part at this concert in Helsingør and becoming an “involuntary guest” in my scripts, and yes, we know, darkness simply hates to be exposed, but this is what is opening up to your inside, and this is what you contained too, Michael, isn’t it funny :-). Here are 2 x Michael – Bundesen and Hardinger – together in “my garden of Paradise” as Tivoli in Copenhagen symbolises singing this WONDERFUL song about having reached the top :-).

And yes, I took a picture of this fireworks in the guitar while B-Joe held the guitar over his head, but it became no good, but one of the crew took many pictures of the band AND the audience and also of this guitar with fireworks, and also this picture for their Facebook page, where I am standing at the middle right column – you can see the top of my face above the head of Kim Daugaard of the band (no. 2 from right) – and you notice the list of names of band members in the Facebook post, which does NOT include Michael Hardinger, which is because he decided to block me on Facebook a couple of years ago when I told him the truth about me and him self being “divinely inspired”, which he “could not” understand thinking that I was crazy, but now you don’t anymore, Michael, so why not lift your WRONG blockage of me (?), and I here feel Jørgen Glistrup, who is both Mogens Glistrup’s son and used to be employed by the FC Copenhagen and the National Stadium in Copenhagen and this is about his relation to Don Ø., Flemming Østergaard, who is another famous person, who also decided to block me on Facebook, and yes, they talk and smile about their WRONG actions knowing that they went directly into the trap you had set up to show the world just how lazy, dumb and better knowing ignorants these “wise people”, as they believe they are, really are, and no you cannot undo your actions now which is part of the game because if you did, you would show that you are now supporting me and on my side, and this is NOT how the game works.

Michael Hardinger Band FB 030514

Here is the picture above in FULL format for you to click if you want to have a better view of me.

Michael Hardinger Band 030514 full

Benedikte, the mayor, was also at this concert, and she posted this photo, which shows that she had to be standing close to me, but no, I didn’t see her, and if you saw me, you didn’t like to say hello, Benedikte?

FB 020514 Benedikte

Finally, I was told “thank you for going to the Michael Hardinger concert too”, and yes, this was not the easiest I have done because you truly brought me “the worst dirt” of all, Michael, making me feel absolutely terrible today/this evening.

I was told that Bjarne from the Commune has been told to keep the story of me a secret.

This is what Mads was meant to delete, which is this “black hole” or “the light” if you will.

It is first inside this light that you can be delivered – following the recipe of life of your mother.

20 minutes after the concert I received the feeling of Michael Hardinger, so maybe you were thinking or even speaking about me (?), and yes, this was Hardinger’s job, which was to install everything perfectly in here, but it could first be done as the very last, which is why I felt absolutely TERRIBLE today.

We couldn’t done this without having done “perfect/meticulous work” at Brede Park in 2009/10, which is where we started this work and now also where we are ending it, and with this work now in place, we will now “polish the lacquer” together with Sanne Salomonsen tomorrow together with your mother and sister – when we cannot bring Karen, but we have taken this into account and will transfer some here and there.

So no one succeeded to make you “slip”, I am very proud of you, which is what the spirit of my father here tells me.

This is the connection that Michael Hardinger, Sanne Salomonsen and I feel “the Danish music environment” don’t understand, and that is that we first had to push Michael Hardinger’s button to release all colours – all layers of life before ours – before Sanne Salomonsen will come and make it all more beautiful, and I was shown a GIANT heart with an arrow pointing towards me, and this is what Sanne will help to do.

I dreamt something about having defeated Germans, but I keep on fighting a VERY quick man. I am building a helicopter with old class friends.

My old colleague Lennart (from Aon) is selling amplifiers, and Lennart finds a sample in a closet that he gives me, it is an expensive one of more than 10,000 DKK, which is an American amplifier, a Harman Kardon, and it comes together with a STRONG tractor that can pull any speaker load, and Søren M. (from the old Helsingør meditation group, and new Facebook friend) allows me to play a little outside in his garden, where it rains a little, and I would really like to play indoor and to compare the sound, which I now only can do with the one other stereo he has outside. And the story here is about USA bringing me much force, I have been told about it for some time.

I woke up to an old favourite of my spiritual friends, which is “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits, and the lyrics about “a band is blowing Dixie double four time”, and yes “it’s time to go home” with this band in here that we call “Sultans of Swing”, and yes, symbolises by the Guitar God of Mark Knopfler.

I also dreamt about walking up an escalator in Stockholm between two teams that want to fight. I have a new Swedish friend and am asked how are things, and I reply that I am sad that people cannot listen, and my sister recommends to let the girl listen and for me to continue writing.

I woke up to my birthday and the first of some nice birthday greetings, and I was happy for those that I received and surprised over receiving some of them, and I was sad about those that I did NOT hear from, for example Karen, Vivian, Camilla, Henriette, and yes you can add most old friends and when I was told about Fuggi, I received “hit me with your rhythm stick” by Ian Dury because of the sufferings that his silence has sent me.

I received greetings from Jette’s wife, Kirsten, and I replied that I was looking forward to Jette deciding to remove her muzzle in relation to me, and later, Jette had lifted her blockage of me, become Facebook friends with me again, and sent me nice greetings too.

I was told about the Danish music environment believing that it was impossible for me to hold out until today.

And I was told about my mother and others receiving visions making them think “am I dreaming or am I awake”, which has to be the “half awake” visions.

The most important the other day at John’s birthday was to see Christoffer because he is also part of closing the hole.

We have said that everything if frozen inside here until your arrival – but it will be opened today.

My mother had asked me for her and John to come by for a cup of coffee bringing morning bread – and gifts – which was nice of her to do, but it required that I cleaned the apartment, which I really also didn’t have the energy to do (removing energy from writings), and just to do this made me sweat much.

But it was of course very kind of her, and they came at 10.00 for one hour bringing me a very fine Gant T-shirt in “all colours” symbolising that we have now brought out all colours of layers of life of the Source, and furthermore, they – together with Sanna and Hans – brought me a gift of fine bed clothes, which I have really been waiting on for months to receive because she has told me for this long, and this has also been a symbol of receiving “the new cover” of our New World to replace the old, and yes, my old is really completely torn, and I have not been able to afford buying new myself, and yes, a symbol of the state of my old self, which this is about.

While they were here, loud noises were given to my balcony, which they heard, but did not react to. And I was told that their radio decided to break.

I first started writing at 11.15 today feeling much better, but still poorly, than yesterday, and because I didn’t start working straight away from the morning, it was VERY difficult to concentrate on writing the script, and I felt a GREAT temptation to stop doing this TERRIBLE work that makes me suffer in itself, and to start living, but I kept on until it was finished at 15.00, and I had to go to the station to meet my mother – and to go to Copenhagen for dinner and the Sanne Salomonsen concert.

While writing, I received this computer error, which I normally never receive, which is about Microsoft Internet Explorer that has stopped working – even though I don’t use it – and this is also the shelf of the Windows Operating System in itself, and it came while I was writing about Michael Hardinger, and this is the meaning of him.

Explorer fejl

Your mother has seen you as the king in a “cartoon”, i.e. dream like vision.

You will only receive a gift like this one ONCE in your life, but it will take your breath away.

I met with my mother at the train, and later with my sister who stood on the train in Rungsted, which is halfway from Helsingør to Copenhagen (45 kilometres in total), and I was given the great “Overground” by Siouxie & the Banshees, and “Start” by the Jam.

Again I received the feeling about my sister now working for me, which she however cannot tell me.

My mother had found a new “sweet-deal” – 50% discount on restaurant prices – at the Greek restaurant “Eros” on Gråbrødre Square in Copenhagen, where we had a nice dinner, and yes, “Eros” is the Greek God of love, therefore. And it reminds me that Mette’s daughter Sofia the other day had plaits in her hair – lying on her hair – which also looked “ancient Greek” to me.

I had phoned my sister earlier to confirm details on the train schedule, and at the restaurant she said that she had called me back, and I picked out my telephone because I hadn’t heard her call, and I showed her that no calls had been received by the phone, which clearly could be seen, “but I am sure that you have called and your phone will show it”, which she then showed, and yes, she had called me twice and I could only say that “these are the small kind of things that happen here”, and yes “spiritual darkness” influencing my electronics as it influences me.

Among others we spoke about Akkari, the Danish Muslim/”Iman” (originally from Lebanon), who completely changed his mind about the Muhammad-drawings recently – my sister clearly did not like him – and also about the situation in Ukraine, and our mother said that John believed that this could lead to war, and I told them that it didn’t take much for these situations to turn into world war, and what they – at least mother – didn’t know is that it is actions of the three of us that decided whether world war would come or not.

Our mother continues speaking about the small and near things focusing on the well being of the family and our meetings including dinners and all small details, and not the big picture of for example the survival of the world and creation of our New World that Sanna and I focus on.

Sanna told me that she really had written her application to become office manager of the department of 17 that she has been appointed as the temporary manager of, and yes, the deadline for applying is May 26, but then she said that even though she had saved her application, it had now completely vanished, and she believed that it was because she has updated the operative system of her laptop, but to me this was the same that happened to me back in 2004/05 when I wrote a letter to Karen, which was NOT meant to be sent to her because it would be WRONG – accepting her “sexual services” for money (yes, it was WRONG of me, and I don’t know why I wrote this, which I should NEVER have done, and no, I really was not attracted to Karen sexually!) – and to me, this is the same, Sanna, because it would be WRONG of you to apply for this position of the system of Hell working against me and mankind self, and yes, there should be many other positions out there where you can “benefit” more, don’t you think (?), and yes, in real life I tell her that it is better to send this application “not too late” to send a good and not a bad sign to her employer, but now you really know what you should do, which is NOT to work for the system of Hell, but to support your brother getting out of this.

We left the restaurant and walked down to the pedestrian street “Strøget”, where there was a “golden man sitting in the air without a chair”, and I told them that “this cannot be done, but still this is what he is doing”, and “gold” to me symbolised the Source.

We stopped at the Baresso coffee bar, and I was encouraged to ask the young ladies at the counter to “produce artwork” in the three Cappuccinos that I ordered for us, and no, they could not do this in paper cups as they normally use, they had to use regular cups but they didn’t have any clean as one said, which however made another say that she would look, and yes, “out of nothing” she found three cups, and it made the first young lady make three Cappuccinos with the pattern of three swans, and the one I had even had two wings (but almost no body), and yes, swan is the end result of my new self and our New World that has changed from the ugly duckling which I just wanted to show you as I am here told, and yes, my mother thought that I was “crazy” when asking for this not knowing that it could be done, which she first realised when seeing it – as my work in general.

Baresso Cappuccinos 030514

I was told that my sister has access to and knows ”everything” about me, which my mother doesn’t.

We arrived at the impressive venue of Glassalen in Tivoli at 19.30, and I was given a mark to the back side of my left lower leg and also told that this is the next cell of the Source and not belonging to this creation.

Shortly before Sanne came on stage, I was shown the egg of our New World being moved inside of me, and I was told “here you are” with a little help from Sanne and our friends, and then she started playing the first song, which was her INSANELY BEAUTIFUL – because of what my mother thought of me – “HJEM” (“HOME”) with the lyrics “even though the road was long, I have come home, I have come home”, and I felt that these lyrics could have been written about me too after returning HOME to the Source after a long and tough road, and this song and Sanne’s voice, which has become darker, but is still MAGICAL – as I could feel deep inside my body when hearing it out live, which is MUCH stronger than seeing her on TV – and the beautiful music of her amazingly talented band of three made such a STRONG impression on me that tears simply ran down my cheeks – I HAVE COME HOME :-).

This was an acoustic concert where Sanne played ballads from her 40 year long career, and the tears continued running down my cheeks when I heard one of my absolute favourite songs of hers, which is “Uden dig” (“Without you”), which is also because of the lyrics by Anne Linnet, which I like very much, and yes, this is from here 1989 album “Sanne”, which I love very much, and if I could include more albums of you, Sanne, in my top 100 album list – besides from Katbeat by your old band Sneakers – it would be this and also “In a New York Minute” and yes also the other Sneakers albums of course, and this was simply amazingly beautiful and I also felt that my tears were strengthened by Sanne Salomonsen’s own feelings, which I felt, and I was told that she knows that she was very close to dying in 2006 when she received a cerebral thrombosis (as I dreamed about shortly before it happened) and also that this is because I and the world was about to die because of the sexual torments that darkness of the world brought me – this was before I stopped my own wrong sexual behaviour (which I did in 2008-09), and I was told that she knows that she is only living because of me and that she, I and the world were hanging in the thinnest lifeline because of people who “could not” read and understand me, but were lazy, better-knowing and some even ridiculing/laughing of me, which is the kind of behaviour that brings the end, you know.

Sanne was sitting on a bar stool, but when she was turning around on it, it gave a creaking sound that made the audience laugh, and she asked for the stool to be replaced because she didn’t want the audience to believe that she was farting, which was to say that Sanne is not bringing me darkness, i.e. destruction, which this is symbolising.

A little later, Sanne spoke about just how amazing a musician that Nicolaj Steen is, who was one of the band on stage and a long time collaborator of Sanne’s, and she could not help saying words, which made the audience think of “sexuality” and made people laugh much, and it continued over and over during her story until she said “stop”, and this was to underline that she knows about darkness bringing me sexual torments, which was about to bring me, her and the world down.

I was given the feeling of first David Bowie and then Jeff Lynne and was told that Sanne knows about my top 100 list and that she is placed on it too.

After each song, Sanne received STRONG and LONG applauses, and even though she is MUCH-ADMIRED as the “rock-mama” of Denmark, she still becomes happy and smiles like a shy young woman when receiving applause like this, which made me happy to see, and one of the biggest applauses of the evening came when her guitarist, the incredible talented Morten Woods, sung her old hit “Jeg i live” (“I am alive”), which is what we both still are, Sanne, and yes, I found it here on Youtube in a fine recording from a previous concert on this tour.

I was told that I am only coming in here – at this concert and at the light of the Source – because everything else is perfect, and I was told that Sanne was not only proud to play more concerts in Tivoli, but also to be playing for me, and also that it is NOT nice knowing that she would be the next to be killed if I gave up to darkness and still to continue her work.

Sanne continued playing one beautiful song after the other, and it was three times during the evening, that I had tears running down my cheeks because of incredible deep feelings and the third time was when she sung her great ballad “Efter festen” (“After the party”), which she made with Sneakers, and here it is in its original recording followed by a fine recording of the song from a previous concert of this very tour of Sanne’s that ended this evening in Tivoli, and yes, at our Paradise, and it is here (including the area of the Central Station) that “everything” started.

And yes, my sister and mother loved the concert too, and I had told my mother that this would probably become one of the greatest musical experiences of her life – also because it was acoustic and not “too noisy” – and it sure was, my mother was nothing less than enthusiastic.

At the end of the concert I was shown some kind of tongs about to take out my old heart to replace it with my new heart of “everything”/our New World, and this is what Sanne is helping to do, and shortly thereafter I received incredible strong “kill, kill” voices, which wanted to kill my mother, i.e. our Old World, and this was the very last dark energy coming to me, and yes, we are killing/terminating our old lives and our Old World but it will be replaced with our New World, and yes after the last heartbeat of my old heart, my new heart will automatically take over starting the beating of our New World.

Around this time I also felt my mother being restless and moving on her chair, and afterwards she said that it was because she had received a strong cramp making it impossible for her “to be anywhere”.

Sanne said that she has not been able to sing the next song “Overgir’ mig langsomt” (“slowly surrender”) before now because it is about when she spoke to her son not knowing if she was kissing death or kissing life, which is again about her thrombosis in 2006, and after the end of the song, she received such powerful and standing ovations that it made her cry, and this was also the last song of the set before the extra numbers.

But still, she came back on stage 1-2 minutes later giving a fantastic version of her old hit “every time that you walk in the room”, where she clearly showed her “magical touch” bringing the audience with her as very few can, and I had not been able to tell during the concert if Sanne was looking down on me/us sitting on the 17th row, which is also because my view is a little blurred on this distance, but I could tell that when she sang the lyrics (“trumpets sound I hear thunder boom) “every time that you walk in the room”, she looked at and pointed directly at me, and yes, I loved it too, Sanne, so “tusind tak” (“a thousand thanks”) for a VIDUNDERLIG (“wonderful”) concert, which is what Sanne said when thanking the audience for a “VIDUNDERLIG AFTEN”) (“wonderful evening”), which came to her inspired because these were the very words that I wrote on Facebook for Michael Hardinger band yesterday.

And then the concert ended after 2½ hours, it had truly been a WONDERFUL experience to see how strong and magical that Sanne still is, she is still a WORLD STAR to me, and symbolically it ended with “Blue Eyes” singing “New York, New York” on our way out, which was truly “A New York Minute” to me, Sanne – which she also sung at the concert – and yes, a symbol of my new self and the Big Apple of the Source with our New World :-).

And yes, Jarl Friis Mikkelsen was also at the concert, so “now we have seen a celebrity too” as my mother said not realising who the (coming) celebrities really are, and I just thought that he is also here for a reason being a “special friend” of mine.

We went from Tivoli to the Central Station, where we were going to buy a ticket for me on one of the ticket machines, but every time that my mother inserted her credit card, the machine “could not” read it, and eventually Sanna has to insert hers, which worked without problems, and later, in the train, I was told that it is “incredible” that my mother and I came here having no energy, which is what this “not working credit card” showed because it symbolises that my mother’s energy was also emptied.

On our way home in the train, I was again told that Sanna has access to all information about me – I was given different examples including all sexual information and also that I am our mother’s “lung machine”, i.e. bringing her energy to survive, and also that it required her faith before she started to work for me, coming directly from the Vatican, which she started doing only last year, and I was told that it came to her as a shock that her lack of faith in me, misunderstandings/selfishness in relation to my writings and better-knowing ignorance in relation to my “craziness”, which she wrongly influenced our mother and family, friends etc. with, is what was bringing me and the world to an end.

I received the great “Sideways” by SAGA, and was told that we would not be able to open these “inner worlds” without SAGA and Michael Sadler, who came “first” and Sanne Salomonsen who came “last”.

I was told that Sanna first received access to all files including “everything” in detail (from surveillance) on me when she started believing in me, and she had to decide if she wanted to tell our mother about the truth of me, which she decided NOT to do, which was really wrong, but still the only way that the game could continue right until now.

FB 040514 Stig 3

FB 040514 Stig 4

FB 040514 Stig 5

FB 040514 Stig 6



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