May 2014 – IV: I will be reborn as my new self rising like the bird Phoenix out of the ashes as the winner who takes it all bringing all life with me



  • May 9: I will be reborn as my new self rising like the bird Phoenix out of the ashes as the winner who takes it all bringing all life with me.
    • In reality I am a puppeteer for everyone whom we control (as the Source) in this mind game (of the Old World) to make life perfect before bringing the TRUE creation (of our New World). So in reality we don’t exist. It is God self switching off the last lamp of life inside here, i.e. the last lamp of my mother of the Old World. I will not become free before I have become the Source “all over” and that is to become the heart of creation self. My cross will be lifted when I will become free, which will happen when the connection of the Old World to my right ankle, which is what brings me my sufferings, will be disconnected, and also when the connection of the Source and all layers of life to my left ankle will be disconnected, and I simply will “be” all over. I feel these connections now being disconnected. The act of giving me a weak heart is now reducing and I feel an incredible strength and gold behind this, which is my new self.
    • I finished my email to Communes, Psychiatric hospital etc. – “You were the System of Hell MISUNDERSTANDING and TERRORISING me”- and this was to bring forward darkness that was hiding, which is people of the system thinking that it has got away with hiding their wrong ways about me. We are bringing in more of the last life inside darkness of the Old World before starting up our New World, and this also means that we will not receive an INFERNAL NOISE breaking the egg shell when becoming my new self and that is because this has now become creation too instead of destruction. The director of Helsingør Commune, Bjarne Pedersen, again could not control his negative feelings towards me telling me that he will set up his computer not to receive my emails, and I told him that he cannot escape me, yes what a WIMP he is, who should be responsible and apologise to me for his WRONG actions instead of running away like a chicken. After some time I was told that the poor conscience of Bjarne and the system in relation to you is already spreading, and Bjarne does NOT like knowing that his colleagues and the world knows that he is NOT WORTHY of doing his job. This brought the system more poor conscience, and negative feelings of Bjarne, Benedikte (the mayor) and more brought in more life from darkness. All of this work today makes us come even closer to the crown of the tree.
    • I went out shopping with my mother finding “the best deal” ever with fish etc. being reduced to a fraction of the normal price, which made me buy kilos of different fish symbolising the huge size of my new self including “everything”/all life, and I have received new bed clothes etc., and my mother will now help clean everything of my apartment, i.e. for everything to become “perfect”, which is coming after I sent my email to the Commune also cleaning up the last part of darkness.
    • The second semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest included “divine inspiration” about my beating heart bringing creation/life and the “bearded lady of Austria”, Conchita Wurst, is a light singing about the rebirth of my new self (the terminated soul of Jesus) as the bird Phoenix coming out of the ashes (from the Source), and yes, THE WIENER (winner) TAKES IT ALL (bringing all life to our New World) :-), and it was reinforced by the strong light of the spaceship of everything, i.e. the Source, being shown to me twice on the Swedish coastline for the first time in many days when I was watching this song.


May 2014 – IV: I will be reborn as my new self rising like the bird Phoenix out of the ashes as the winner who takes it all bringing all life with me

May 9: I will be reborn as my new self rising like the bird Phoenix out of the ashes as the winner who takes it all bringing all life with me

FB 090514 Stig 1

FB 090514 Stig 2

May 9: I will be reborn as my new self rising like the bird Phoenix out of the ashes as the winner who takes it all bringing all life with me

I dreamt about my scripts being on display at a museum, which is located at Toldkammeret in Helsingør, which is about Michael Hardinger Band reading me.

I am with John and meet Tony Franke, who is a former banker and now disabled on a small island – feels like Bornholm – where he sells John a cheap folding rule of good quality after I have received one myself in a store.

And I dreamt about seeing incredible beautifully designed wooded houses, some are circled, on my way with the train to Hornbæk.

I woke up to “The Rhythm of the night”, which is an old dance track that I like.

I received “When your heart is weak” by Cock Robin, which it is now, and yes, an old favourite song of the 1980’s.

I completed and published the script of yesterday this morning, which made my Facebook friend Dorthe send me a “concerned” email fearing about the death of my old self, and I wrote to her that there is nothing to be concerned about, please focus on the birth of my new self and all of your new selves, because this involves ALL of us – we are changing to our New World and new selves . And the more you read me, the more you understand and believe in me – and vice versa. See it here:

I was told that my coming email to Communes will bring forward darkness that is hiding – thinking that it has got away with hiding their wrong ways about me.

It is God self switching off the last lamp of life inside here, i.e. the last lamp of my mother of the Old World.

You haven’t received the reputation in the system to be a grumbler that never gives up, have you (?), and also to succeed changing the perception of the system in you?

I went to the library after lunch to do the final edit of my growing email to the Commune, which is now 21 pages, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to start doing just one minute of work on this, which is how poorly and tired of working that I am, but when I first got started, I worked for five hours on it completing this edit, and yes, I could have sent it today but I decided to wait until tomorrow giving me a chance to do some last edits and bring in some new ideas, which I received a couple of, and yes, I will send it tomorrow also giving Lisbeth at the Commune a chance to read it before I will meet her again May 12, which is the date that she has ordered me to come.

And yes, this email/memo includes repetitions – but then again, this is required for people to understand today – and it could be of better quality and ”tighter”, but this is “my best under the circumstances”, and what I will send, therefore, and if the message will come through with this (?); yes, I do believe that it will.

I met Leif at the library and he has now received an offer to start as bus driver in Copenhagen, which he will accept, and no, he never received another exam to get his taxi driver license, which he needed to be allowed to become a handicap driver, which may simply mean that I will not need his taxi to drive through darkness to come home, I did it myself without it.

In reality you are puppeteer for everyone whom we control – in this mind game to make life perfect before bringing the TRUE creation (of our New World). So in reality we don’t exist.

We repeat: You cannot just enter here, it requires belief of these people, which is then what I have received from some and still work on to receive from others too.

As a coincidence, it is right there in the middle of everything that your mother will bring you birth, which is because this is where I end my journey, and yes, you are now allowed to bring birth – and that is “in a few days” when I tell you after having completed my last work.

I received an incredible fine and precise hit from the balcony beaming to my oven giving it a new “E3” error, which still happens here not every day but several times per week.

I felt my father and was told that he has laid the table for us.

I have felt uncomfortable the last days receiving a weak heart, and I was told that we had to make you afraid giving you this while preparing the last.

You will not become free before you have become us, i.e. the Source, “all over” and that is to become the heart of creation self.

I received the feeling that I managed to become 48 years old in my life, but because of the load of darkness put on me and my heart, and people/the world taking out my energy, this is a high age to reach that can be compared to becoming “very old”.

I was again told about people I met at Arthur Findlay College in 2005 and 2006 and also people of the Art of Living in Copenhagen that I lost contact to, whom were important as “tools” of my journey, and we had to use others for roles meant for these.

I dreamt about being on holiday – from GE Insurance – and I received MANY new quality projects (of GE Insurance and GE Capital Bank working together) via mail that I have to work on, and when I return to work, I learn that two colleagues did these for me, and now I will have to do it, and the bank acts condescending to us at Insurance. Our European manager from Finland arrives, and he has only been reading for approx. 1½ hours in the plane what he should have prepared MUCH better using more time on, and he is in our kitchen, and I tell him that there is something wrong with our Cappuccino machine because it doesn’t want to give it the final touch making it “right” – even though it is close. And this will have to be about the support of the Universe to me – I only receive a little of all sacrifices – and also that old colleagues are thinking of me.

I also dreamt about a lady coming with her daughter including several ring binders and LARGE envelopes – they are going to write applications, and I tell her that this is exactly how I have done it myself, and I have made some special labels to put onto the envelopes, which I show her, and I put on the third. Later, it turns out that this “application” is about killing a family member to receive 600,000 DKK, which will be paid out to someone that this lady has appointed and entered into an agreement with. And yes, I don’t hope that this means that someone in the family will die.

Is it time for us to start freezing – I felt a firm hair knot in the neck. And one will release the next, and then it is his birthday present? So on one hand it will look like death/destruction, but this will only last a short while until we get “an empty glass of nothing” as we really are.

You can look at this to break the egg shell to come in, which only has to be done once.

We don’t want to bring this in – and is this the last part of darkness/the Old World that we will break through?

I received “Sorgenfri” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “in other countries it was fashionable for the Queen to loose her head”, and this is about disconnecting the connections of our Old World to my right ankle and the Source to my left ankle, and NO THANK YOU, I still receive sexual torments/offerings every day.

So we will burn the last dark energy of Sanna, and no not with my approval, but on the other hand, I cannot continue working and spinning, but if and when I can, I will, if necessary.

I was told about an Opel Corsa with the name “Cors-a” meaning “cross off” in Danish, which is the same that will happen when I will become free/disconnected.

I was also told about “Gulliver’s Travels” and that we have come home.

I met with my mother at 10.00 to go out shopping, and we went to the Aldi and Netto supermarkets, and not only did we get the offers on two big glasses of Lykkeberg herrings (the best there is) of 25 DKK per piece, but we were also surprised by a whole freezer where everything was reduced from approx. 25-35 DKK per piece to 5 DKK per piece (!!!), and yes, most of it was fish, so I got all kind of fish including more herrings, cod, tuna, plaice, dab etc. and also some duck, lamb and pizzas, and yes, this was the best offer that we have ever met, and the message was here about receiving an INCREDIBLE SUM OF FISH symbolising my new self and everything of our New World including the Source and all layers of life also coming in now.

We also went to the store “Jysk” (selling duvets, carpets, furniture etc.) where my mother bought me a new stretch sheet and also a non-skid underlay for my living room carpet, and yes, now my mother can see and has decided not only to clean at her home but also for my home to become “perfect”, which this is about, i.e. everything of our New World, and it includes my bed clothes and windows (she gave me 200 DKK to get these polished again) and also bathroom/bathtub, which she wants to come and clean next week, and yes, I can do it myself, but of course she is welcome, and yes, I also said that if the weather will become nice next week that we should find a date to invite Lis, and no, my mother did not sound happy hearing this but just said a low “yes”, so we will see, but it is now time to start the “big clean up”, and yes, it is also connected to my email to the Communes etc,. which will create this last clean up because of their reactions to me, and I was told that this is because we have reached the end point.

My mother also said that there is no reason to continue paying for Fitness World if I don’t use it, and I wish that I could and also that I will be able to do it over the coming days when my work will reduce, but this is also really to say that now the “good will” of my mother has run out knowing that I don’t use it anymore because of no energy, and yes, I also told her that I was looking to buy pork roast, which made her almost “loose it” giving me a lecture about how fat this is, and no, mother, this is really not that fat, and this was more because of me being fat, which she simply cannot take.

And she told me about Sanna and Hans going on a cheap “sweet deal” to Rome, which simply made me SAD to hear because they – as everyone else here – continue living their lives in luxury as if nothing had happened, and yes, it almost makes me sick!

I was told that Karen and others have received as many experiences during nights as I have but instead of writing them down and understand them – for example by letting me help them understand because they know that I do this – they just turn around on the other side to continue sleeping/crying as I was told, and yes, long live laziness as we say here.

You will not only receive infernal noise but you will also feel like kissing the Devil – when being born.

I received “Uden dig” by Sanne Salomonsen and the lyrics “you gave life meaning, it will become difficult to be just as happy without you”, and this is about the feeling of darkness in relation to me stopping work and leaving my old life.

I went to the library around 12.00 and did the last updates to my email to the Communes, and I was happy that I decided to wait a day sending it because these were good updates (including a summary of the dark New World Order etc., and I was told that this is what makes people believe in me as Christ, which is about “doing my best under the circumstances”) and after approx. 2½ hours I sent it to the Communes, job search courses, Falck, Brede Park and Psychiatric Hospitals as you can see from the link below.

This is an English summary:

You were the System of Hell MISUNDERSTANDING and TERRORISING me when you believed that I was crazy, dangerous and wanted to kidnap/lock me up on Psychiatric Hospital.

Chapters of the email:

1. Facts about my years as receiver of Cash Help from 2009-14 at three municipalities that all immediately saw me as ”fully capable” and normal – of course.
2. I published my website in 2010 whereafter the attitude of everyone to me changed from ”very positive” to ”very negative” even though I am/was the same man.
3. I am ”the most skilled” because of my attitude and work moral, which is better than everyones else – not because I am born better than others.
4. NO ONE believed in my CV even though everyone saw me working as ”the most skilled”, and instead I was considered as self-centred/self-important with hallucinations/megalomania!
5. Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune issued my death sentence when they ordered me to give up my FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and when I refused, they removed my Cash Help making me starve for weeks.
6. Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune hated my writings, and surveilled me because of my alledged ”anti-social behaviour”.
7. A CRAZY and IGNORANT CONTROL-SYSTEM was ”lousy amateurs” that could not understand my CV and my true professional and human qualifications.
8. I told you the truth and the solution for you to improve, but I was considered as ”incredible negative and ill-manered, placed as disabled and sent for work test assessment!
9. Helsingør Kommune considered me as fit for work and normal until a job search courch disovered my webste and reported me as ”potentially dangerous” and anti-social!
10. Helsingør Kommune now suddenly saw me as ”incredible negative”, reported me to the police as a ”potential Breivik” and threatened to remove my Cash Help!
11. The System forced me to see a doctor/psychiatrist, who declared me for skizofrenic even though ”Stig behaves completely normal” and even though I logically explained about my ”spiritual experiences”.
12. Sins/darkness of man brought a dark New World Order that also wanted to make me crazy, hospitalise/kidnap me and carry out reproduction tests with me.
13. The World Elite issued the order to hospitalise/kidnap me via the Danish government to Helsingør Commune, but the director was a wimp, who did not have the courage to bring it out.
14. It was almost impossible for me to convince everyone that I am ”normal” after the system/authorities had stamped me as crazy – my DOOM had been written!
15. I was NOT unemployed, but worked FULL HOURS as writer, which NO ONE wanted to support, but your System of Hell made med unemployed and did everything to break me down.
16. My real purpose was to receive the energy of your System of Hell and transform it – via faith in me – to light and the creation of our New World instead of destruction.

And as usual, it did not take Bjarne Pedersen more than approx. one minute to lose the control of his negative feelings to me and he said that he would now set up his computer so it no longer can receive emails from me (!), and I told him that he cannot hide and that he already is known as a WIMP “all over the world”.

Bjarne Pedersen:
Jeg vil nu sætte min maskine op til ikke længere at kunne modtage mails fra dig

Du kan ikke skjule dig, Bjarne. Du er allerede kendt som en TØSEDRENG i “hele verden”. Du må have det godt :-).

Today, the Danish government also experienced to be in the minority when a majority of the Parliament voted against it in the case about “Danish well fare benefits” – “the Children Check” – where the majority wants the government to establish Danish rules (discriminating foreigners living and paying taxes in Denmark) even though this goes directly against the European law, which they all know (!), but because the Red-Green Alliance has decided NOT to vote for a vote of no confidence, the Government can continue, and yes, this is how the majority can do wrong and even know that they do wrong (!), and it is really about darkness wanting to remove the government/Helle Thorning-Schmidt in order to remove me, which it however cannot, and yes, the other day Lars Løkke Rasmussen also spoke about “emergency lies” of Ministers/civil servants to the Parliament where he wanted the Prime Minister to guarantee that her ministers don’t lie to Parliament and to demand that they will be dismissed immediately if they lie, and yes, this should come from you, Lars, who has a habit to lie to “everyone” to secure your own skin, and what if you started to tell the truth about all of your lies/Christmas games not only in connection with “daily politics” but also in relation to me (?), and do you still believe that people lying should resign immediately (?), and yes, I do look forward to receiving your “notice of resignation”, you can just send me an email, will you?

A “mentally sick” patient at a public psychiatric centre killed a doctor and wounded two others, and this is about a young man who was part of a recent TV program on mentally sick people by Anders Lund Madsen, and this was a reaction of darkness coming because I was writing my email to the Communes and psychiatric hospitals again going up against this darkness, and yes, because Anders is also a “key man” to me you know.

BT 080514 killing of a doctor

No, we weren’t about to break into fire because of your mother knowing that it is ”game over” – when I had not sent the email to the Communes, but now it is sent and I am also receiving more of this without burning it off because of the reactions of people to me (bringing more faith as well as lack of faith), and this is what will remove the “infernal noise” from my birth, this is the difference of not doing and doing this work.

I also forwarded the email to Karen telling her that “we will meet suddenly – take care”, and I sent these emails to Sariah and Helena (see this script on my website):

FB 080514 til Sariah

FB 080514 til helena

After some time I was told that the poor conscience of Bjarne and the system in relation to you is already spreading, and again I was told “thank you for doing this”.

How do you think that Bjarne feels like knowing that all of his colleagues around him – and “the whole world” – know that he is a WIMP and not worthy to work in his position (as I wrote) only waiting to be thrown down when the truth will emerge (?), and yes, “not nice”, Bjarne (?), and no, I simply cannot understand people being silent and lying instead of playing the game with open cards telling the truth, and yes, THE WORST BEHAVIOUR is what you see from this man, who should know better, and should have known better about me, but as the director he was “blank” but still a dictator thinking that he knew, but he didn’t! And I was told that it was fine that I did not follow his game.

And yes, I will now meet Lisbeth at the Commune for a new talk on Monday, and will she still decide to be slow-witted in relation to me and also thinking about giving me permanent disability pension (?), or just maybe my email also helped her to be “all shook up” as I am here told, and yes to see the King you know.

We will now give you a last warning, eeehhh there is no system working against you anymore (?), and no, it has dissolved, thus no warning to eliminate me.

I was told that recipients of my email have now started commenting it on the secret network, which I have no access to.

We have now restored all of the inner side, which is from the Old World, and the outside of this is the Source with our New World.

I was told about Sanna and the system now working for me as systems like hers now do all over the world, and alright, I will write it too, which is about the system sending Sanna and her family to Kenya in July, but haven’t we started our New World before this (?), and I was told that this is to approve of my connection to Kenya.

And it is to receive more of the last darkness that I sent this email today. I receive feelings of fear, which came because the system is afraid of me.

It will still only be the beginning that we open to when we will start everything up, and I felt that it will feel good.

Well, it isn’t directly into the sore corn that we hit again, is it (?), and yes, we know about you, which is what these communes etc. do and have poor conscience about, and I also feel Pia Kjærsgaard here.

I was shown grated cheese still coming out, i.e. bringing more life from darkness to our New World.

All of this work today makes us come even closer to the crown of the tree. It means that the pencil is pointing to an even smaller point, which I was shown via an incredible fine beam coming from the balcony to my oven making it turn into “E3” again.

Again I received an answer from Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune that they will do nothing about my email because I live in Helsingør (!), and yes, I wonder when you will start your soul-searching and do RIGHT to me including to apologise for your WRONG actions (?), and it also makes me wonder if the Commune and psychiatric hospital as examples have forwarded my email to the people I asked them to forward it to because I don’t have their email addresses, or maybe some of you decided that “this is too crazy to do”?

I felt the last part of the connection of the Old World to my right ankle being released, which is what will free me and bring the birth of my new self.

I received the sound and vision of a Swedish (very) flat bread to my balcony.

No, it is not your mother but your new self, who is a mummy.

So did the Commune chose to be as human as asking your mother if it was alright to hospitalise Stig (?), and when she said that it was – before changing her mind – they started preparing this, and this is what makes Bjarne & Co. believe that I am “unfair” (?), and no, it is NOT forbidden neither to my mother nor Bjarne and the system to UNDERSTAND and to COMMUNICATE with me instead of talking and planning behind my back, and no, I shouldn’t have to tell you because this is SIMPLE LOGIC, right?

Yes, we have also still enter through Vorupbør – via Jack’s mother – and I feel Vorupbør as “light”.

I still feel that it is from my right ankle that I receive my sufferings, and I received more marks/pain to the back side of my right lower leg, which is about our New World growing.

Karen doesn’t like you, does she (?), and yes, this is irony because I feel that she does, and this is because of my writings to the Commune because I write like no one else as she has seen so many times, and I felt her coming to me inside a small area of darkness coming to the collar of my shirt.

I felt Bjarne bringing in more from the balcony, and this is because he is also really the opposite of what he is in this life as darkness (not turned around to his true self yet).

I was shown Prince Albert of Monaco and then a canoe being brought out from a garage by Indians, i.e. original people, and I was shown Roger WATERS, which is about the Source.

And what shall we play by Roger Waters (?), and yes, MOTHER, right (?), and that is because this is a UNIQUE song by a unique artist, and here it symbolises my mother of our New World.

Did my new self really enter via Vorupbør and not Monaco (?), and I am shown the Ni knights.

I watched the second semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest this evening, and when the host Lise Rønne – outside the script – at 21.31 told “hardcore fans” of the contest that “you are the beating heart of the show”, she was really talking about my heart beating, which is what brings you the force of our New World and your new selves.

When watching the show I was thinking the same as the first show and often in music shows nowadays, which is that you cannot see the musicians playing, it has all become a “music video show”, which I personally find is a shame.

I felt Spandau Ballet, and was reminded that I have not seen the strong light of the spaceship of everything on the Swedish coastline now for many days.

The songs I liked the most this evening was (Norway), Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia – and mostly Austria and Slovenia that truly stood out as amazing/”musical”/”harmonious” to me.

I was shown and told that it is me with the riffle and the film projector, i.e. the Source bringing creation.

Lise Rønne interviewed performers at the Green Room, and when she interviewed the Austrian contestant, Conchita Wurst or “the bearded lady”, and she received STORMING APPLAUSE, the biggest of the evening, this is how popular she is, and there was no eye dry when Lise wanted to share her favourite sausage with her, which is symbolising “life” to me, and also to perform with her, and she had already made the CD album cover calling it “the Wiener takes it all”, and this is of course a reference to both Wien/Austria and to ABBA’s beautiful song “the winner takes it all”.

I had my eyes closed for a moment and was shown a big stage with light at the back of it and presence inside of this light, and I was told that this is me then that the stage – the ship – symbolises.

At the end of the Eurovision Song Contest at 23.00, I was shown the strong light of the spaceship of everything, i.e. the Source, over Helsingborg North again for the first time in days, and it meant that we continue playing the game with difficulties, and this came when I realised the meaning of the lyrics of the Austrian song “Rise like a Phoenix”, which is about being reborn as the bird Phoenix coming out of the ashes, which symbolises the rebirth of my new self, and as such, I am the winner who takes it all, and that is all life of our Old World that will be reborn inside our New World, see?

And I was told that she is indeed a light, and the light of the Source continued shining until 23.02 when suddenly “a hand” was brought in in front of it switching it off. And at 23.06 when I watched her performance again after the show, I was shown this strong light of the Source on the Swedish coast again, and I see how it keeps on shining even though it has difficulties doing it, and this is because I keep on working even though I have great difficulties doing it, this is EXACTLY what I see and the reason why, and now I was also shown very fast glimpses of new, strong light behind it, and this came three times, and this is about the light of my new self, and yes, after two minutes, this light was turned off again, but just to tell you about the strength of the performance of Conchita Wurst symbolising the rebirth of my new self, which is what it was about, and yes, I loved it :-).

And yes, this song from Austria may be able to challenge Sweden as the winner of the final in two days, and there are 2-3 others that can too in my opinion, and here is the song from Slovenia, which I also liked very much.

I also received the feeling of Benedikte Kiær at my balcony helping to bring in more but not as much as Bjarne, and yes, I had to use your negative energy for creation and I am here shown the band Kiss, and this is not a question of the kiss of death now but the kiss of life, and it is their song “Shandi” that comes to me, which I like very much, and this is also to remind me of the FINE song “Shanti-Ashtangi” by Madonna, which I have received a couple of times the last couple of weeks without bringing it, and it has been given to me in relation to the greeting “Namaste”, which means “I bow to the divine in you”, and this is what brings “a ray of light”, and yes, Madonna, you have made much beautiful music, but this is what I like the most :-).

I was shown the Robbie Williams in Tallin as I watched live in Helsingør Cinema last year and be brought a force to me too, which however is not nearly as strong as the force coming from Michael Sadler/SAGA, which I still feel coming to me.

I felt that the act of giving me a weak heart is reducing and about to being over, and I feel an incredible strength and gold behind this, which is my new self.

We have now reached the point where your mother can decide herself what colour to wear when we will start up.

FB 090514 Stig 3

FB 090514 Stig 4

FB 090514 Stig 5



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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