May 2014 – V: Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest bringing the divine message of the rebirth of our New World bringing peace, tolerance and LOVE to all



  • May 11: Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest bringing the divine message of the rebirth of our New World bringing peace, tolerance and LOVE to all.
    • I am going to put down my weapons, i.e. to stop working/writing any day soon, and I receive MANY symbols of LOVE and LIGHT of our New World coming to me, and as my old self the light of the Source and our New World has now almost dissolved me. Jesus as my new self has been brought forward together with the King Carriage, and I will be happy to become my new self. We are about to replace my old and completely empty old self with my new self including everything and all force as the Source of the world.
    • I had much darkness completely vanishing into the air with my email to the System of Hell yesterday. There are also people believing that I am still crazy. There was a death accident at the local Grønnehave Station in Helsingør, which is because of darkness of Bjarne Pedersen & Co. coming at me. I WAS COMPLETELY BEATEN UP again but still I decided to work all day also forwarding this email to my mother and some family, friends etc., which was also important to do to influence her/them. It goes without saying that I cannot do spinning anymore, I simply don’t receive a day anymore having the energy to do this.
    • It was my mother creating the world, and I brought energy for it as the Son, but both my mother and I are really part of the ONE life of my father of the Source.
    • John’s son-in-law Søren wrote me a NEGATIVE and MISUNDERSTOOD email showing his WRONG ATTITUDE (selfishness and laziness) that made it ”completely impossible” for him and you to read and understand me even though this was a condition for the survival of the world! This is how Søren receives a place in the hole itself and I received a mark to the back side of my left lower leg, and this hole is about the separation to the next creation of the Source. It is reactions like his that are now giving me my weak heart, but nothing can kill me.
    • My mother has understood that I was right and not my sister, which is what opens the door to the Source, where everything is waiting on me/us – all gold of the Source and all creation. The email to the System of Hell that I forwarded to my mother and some family and friends was a matter about knocking the last faith into my mother for her to lift me up tonight, which is my heaviest self.
    • The message of the Eurovision Song Contest is LOVE is coming to you all from the Source with the transformation and rebirth of my new self and our New World. I had been told spiritually that Sweden would win the competition to show the Source, but during the show, I felt and was told about darkness of Bjarne and the System of Hell coming to me and influencing this, and instead it was OF COURSE Conchita Wurst winning with her “Rise like a Phoenix” symbolising our transformation and rebirth of my new self with our New World, and she brought the divinely inspired messages given to her to share with the world about our coming New World, which is that it will bring peace and freedom to all including tolerance, acceptance and LOVE, which we truly need because it is not all who can control their negative feelings to the drag queen Conchita believing that she is “disgusting”, which made me unhappy seeing. Still she won despite of all prejudices and lack of tolerance towards her as I did too, and this win is also to symbolise that she went through a tough journey to become accepted and understood, which she did with this win, as I did too, thus symbolising the acceptance and understanding of me by family, friends and the system, thus the world, which is what brings me – and us all – freedom from slavery/darkness and opens the door to our New World. The beautiful stage graphics behind Conchita showing FIRE, when she was performing, is symbolising the force of the Source – this is what you saw coming to you this evening. WE WON :-).
    • World leaders, the musical industry, my sister and “the system” as examples have been speaking and working against me as part of the play to bring darkness to me, but in reality they sent me a HUGE HEART because of the result of my work saving everyone.


May 2014 – V: Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest bringing the divine message of the rebirth of our New World bringing peace, tolerance and LOVE to all

May 11: Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest bringing the divine message of the rebirth of our New World bringing peace, tolerance and LOVE to all

FB 110514 Stig 1

FB 110514 Stig 2

I dreamt about working at a bank having a satisfied customer who receives the same interest both on deposits and loans.

New colours = new clocks to choose from.

You had a black Ford Taunus completely vanishing into the air with your email of yesterday.

Margrethe Vestager wrote on Facebook about holding government seminar at Højstrupgård here in Helsingør and showed a photo of the beautiful local forest here where she had been out running – see here – and I told her that there is indeed very beautiful here in ”Kingdom of Heaven” 100 metres from her where I live, and this is right next to ”the end of the world”, and I told her that she and the government as usual are welcome to come by for a cup of coffee now that we landed in “Kingdom of Heaven” and not “the end of the world”, but I still cannot make you break your promise of silence in relation to me, Margrethe and make you, Helle and the others to smile and say THANK YOU (?), and just a little bit?

FB 090514 Margrethe 1

FB 090514 Margrethe 2

I received Lady Gaga’s ”Poker Face”, which is about some people receiving my email of yesterday still thinking that I am ”Ga-ga”, which is almost “gak-gak” in Danish, which is “nuts-nuts”, and yes, darkness of will deaf people is still coming at me.

It was only very close that we also managed to bring your mother across the goal line too.

I received many songs yesterday and today symbolizing much love, for example this from “You and me both”, which is the message – me and my new self, and yes, I LOVE this song now as much as I did when it came out more than 30 years ago, and yes, it is still 100 points on top of my list too, and this is really where I am right now as my new self, the Son, on top of everything, or the edge of the pencil.

I had the “spring” and “orange herrings” from Lykkeberg as I bought yesterday and the first was very good and the second was an explosion of great taste in my mouth, and yes almost as fantastic as Camilla’s mother’s homemade orange herrings as she made approx. 15 years ago, which I will NEVER forget, and yes, ORANGE symbolizes the Source and herring/fish symbolizes me, therefore.

I watched Mogens Lykketoft and Uffe Elleman on TV2 News, and they were in Madrid together doing another fine and interesting TV program where one knows more about history/politics than the other, which I like much, and I was told that Mogens Lykketoft was turned around becoming my speaking tube after having been the opposite before, this is what my victory meant.

I was infinite tired at lunch and I received an endless pressure of the last darkness of my mother saying that I can now rest and don’t have to do the rest, which was stronger than any I have ever received, and yes, I WAS COMPLETELY BEATEN UP, but still I decided to go to the library because I had to publish my script of yesterday not only to Facebook as I had done from home, but also to my website, and I had to forward my email of yesterday to some family, friends etc., and no, I haven’t started cleaning/washing my bed, calling the window polisher etc., which I hope to start doing tomorrow with the hope that my work writing will become less tomorrow.

It goes without saying that I cannot do spinning anymore, I simply don’t receive a day anymore having the energy to do this.

The most important now is to share your email of yesterday with your mother, which I felt as “important” – to influence her even more – and I received the feeling of John together with a sudden pain striking through my heart, and this is because he doesn’t yet fully believe in me, and eehhhh, John is it easier even for you to read my DANISH instead of my ENGLISH writings (?), and yes, you are still focusing on protecting my mother from me – not realizing that you are doing the opposite?

Helena sent me an email asking me why I send my things for here, and I replied that she is closely connected to the Source and her faith therefore makes a big difference..


Stig, hvorfor sender du dine ting til mig?


”Hej Helena,

Mange tak for din respons :-).

Når jeg vælger at skrive til dig, er det fordi, at du er ”tæt tilknyttet Kilden”, det vil sige den Gud, som du ikke sådan rigtigt tror/har troet på, og at din tro eller mangel på tro i forhold til mig derfor har STOR betydning i forhold til min mission, fordi det er troen selv, som skaber/opretholder livet.

Jeg var ked af, at du ikke ønskede at blive min Facebook ven igen for noget tid siden, og at du i lang tid fastholdt din overbevisning om ”tro på systemet” og ”mangel på tro på mig”, som i virkeligheden er forkert, fordi systemet er IKKE til at tro på, og fordi jeg ganske enkelt taler sandheden om både mig selv, psykiatriens løgne og hele ”den mørke verdensorden”, som INGEN imidlertid vil tro på ganske enkelt fordi, at de IKKE ØNSKER at tro dette, og det kræver derfor noget ”ekstraordinært” at vende folk om til at forstå sandheden, og mine mails til dig – når du ikke så dem som min Facebook ven – er altså, hvad det krævede i forhold til at skabe en åbning i dig.

Jeg glæder mig til, at du igen vil blive min ven her, og vil kommunikere med mig med samme åbenhed og interesse, som du gjorde ved vores første kontakt. Der er i virkeligheden ikke grund til noget som helst andet, det kunne jo tænkes, at du kommer til at lære endnu mere om ”livet selv”.

Pas godt på dig selv, og skriv eller ring gerne, hvis du har lyst til at kommunikere :-).

Venlige hilsener fra Stig”

I also forwarded my email to the Communes etc. of yesterday to close family and friends as follows telling them that this is merely to shout up those of you still not understanding the truth fully.

Mail til familie mfl 090514

And I sent the email to my father’s widow Kirsten’s children including the message below asking them to say hello to Kirsten and say that I would have liked to receive a memory of my father, not a big thing but the citar he had hanging on the wall, which is special to me.

Stephan 090514

Finally, I had an old ”to do” task, which was to look up Sanna’s Facebook friends, which I did and I found her and Hans’ old friend Anita and Allan including their son Piet, whom I all know from family parties etc. over the years, and I decided to tell them and also Emil, Tobias’ old friend (both Piet and Emil abandoned me on Facebook 1-3 years ago), that I am not sure that my sister has told them as clearly that I am perfectly normal and she was wrong after she discovered this last year compared to what she told about me earlier to “everyone”, which is that everything says that Stig is crazy, and yes, I attached my last emails/memos on my sufferings and my email of yesterday of the System of Hell.

FB 090514 til Emil mfl

And no, I did not send to anymore, which I could have done and was encouraged to do, but this is enough, I don’t want to send this to anymore.

Helena is one of the very few responding to my emails because normally I do NOT hear from anyone including my family, Karen, Henriette, Camilla, former managers/colleagues etc.

There was a death accident at the local Grønnehave Station in Helsingør today where a man was killed by the train,, and yes, this is VERY RARELY happening in Helsingør if it has ever happened before (?), and no, you don’t go up against the system to bring it to fall, which is what the coming fall of Bjarne Pedersen is symbolizing, and this is his and other’s darkness coming to me also bringing this death, and yes, what if you simply decided to STAND UP, BE RESPONSIBLE, APOLOGISE TO ME and show yourself as a man instead of a WIMP, Bjarne?

Lokalavisen 090514

So I decided to continue working also this afternoon, and it corresponds to who is going to wash the dishes.

Yes, I can see Jette’s Google Earth pictures again, which she has continued uploading, but no, I don’t have the energy to comment these by now, which I therefore don’t prioritize anymore.

I received “Safari” by Gnags, which is ONE OF THE BIG GNAGS’ HITS – I LOVE IT, and you are allowed to sing along :-), and the lyrics “Bwana, Bwana, big warrior, he has put down his weapons”, which is what I will do as this warrior very soon when I will finish my work and stop writing, which this is about.

I also used the afternoon to check for missing videos on the main sites of my website, and I was happy to see that they are still all there.

People on the back side of the moon are also packing up, and don’t feel like working anymore too.

After finishing work this afternoon I was told “thank you for not giving up”, and yes, it was important also to forward my email to my mother.

No, Bjarne has forgotten to block me on Facebook, so I can write to him there.

The part of Karen inside darkness yesterday is now light because of your email, and yes, isn’t it all people that I wrote to today who is going to open the next – and last (?) – piece of flat bread?

I was shown the number 7 and hundreds of wagons with baking plates carrying sausages, i.e. the Source bringing life.

I received the colour yellow of my mother and the feeling of my forehead cracking in two, which was about breaking the world into two – a physical and spiritual part, which we have now united (I and Karen).

I was shown the record store of Amager shopping centre and this is about warm feelings of Helena to me, but she cannot communicate with me because of the system.

I was shown small orange trees which I saw at the florist in the Prøvesten Shopping Centre the other day together with my mother, and she was willing to buy me flowers for my balcony, but I did not want to tell her that I liked these – because she buys too much for me (!) – and now I am shown these because of the ORANGE symbolising the Source, and I am shown one orange flying through many other small trees formed as a heart and they are in a circle.

I was told what I have been told recently before without writing it, which is that it is not Ekstra Bladet but BT bringing news on me.

I was shown the Exciter album by Depeche Mode and told “one of the silent”, which can ONLY be “Goodnight lovers”, and yes, a TRUE favourite song of mine and in fact my favourite Depeche Mode song for all soul brothers and sisters out there, and yes, when you are born as a lover, you are born to suffer :-).

I was shown the eye of a crocodile – VERY VIVID – inside the light, it is blinking to me, and this is my mother, who is really me too, i.e. the Source.

I was shown the spaceship of everything of the Source flying into the arena of the Eurovision Song Contest, and no, you don’t have this yet, but you do know about this, right (?), and yes, you do have my spirit in there, and yes, you know that it would be “very special” in Copenhagen because of Stig, and no, you didn’t achieve to see me, I am still here and on the coast line of Helsingborg

The most important wasn’t to stop drinking Coca Cola, was it (?), and yes, I had Coca Cola every day for lunch in Kenya, and I loved the taste of it, and yes, I have stopped drinking it for five years now without problems, and what did the content of this do to me/people and what did I do without it (?) is more the question as I am told here.

I was shown a ray of light at the Eurovision Song Contest arena, and inside of this is Michael Jackson dressed in black, symbolising me suffering, and I was asked if more music has been published by Michael by now (?), and yes, here is a new song, which is a duet between Michael and Justin Timberlake called “Love has never felt as good”, and yes, this is what you will feel when becoming your new self, and a fine, little song it is 🙂 ♥.

I was shown a HUGE diamond pick up reading the smallest record groove where I am inside, and this is to say that I am this diamond of everything reading the smallest entities of life, and that is because it is not cold at all destroying teeth but because I walked all the way bringing all life out.

I was shown Denis and “all life” being part of the rocket that I sent out, and I felt my father inside the Source sending this out to become life of our New World.

I was shown a figure that has been pulled up and is now standing in light on a stage wearing a traditional white dressing and has beard, which is how you imagine Jesus is looking like, and yes, we have now brought him forward to become you as your real self and no longer the two others (a hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father as my old self), but your TRUE self, whom you will feel happy to become again.

I was given a short break to my sufferings and felt myself free and as a giant (in size) king. And yes, I still continue receiving everything as negative feelings/voices, which is so incredible annoying that it goes beyond anything that anyone has experienced and I still have to be careful not giving in to it, but to constantly be on alert. I was also shown a HUGE King horse-drawn carriage, which has also been driven in.

This is what all of my visits to Stockholm made me, which is my new self as the Son and the Source, and I was watching a fine concert with the FINE Swedish singer Lisa Nilsson, whom I love much too, on Swedish TV when experiencing this – – where she did a great performance of “Himlen runt hörnet” – “Heaven around the corner” – which is what we are talking about here, and yes, just around the corner, you know, but here is another great song by Lisa together with Björn Eidsvåg in “Mysteriet deg”, which is another favourite of mine :-).

I was shown myself in a record store in Stockholm in 2008 when I visited René, where I was looking for the new album and singles by the Cure of the time, and have they also published new music by now (?), and no, it doesn’t look like it, but it seems as if two new albums containing 40 songs from the 2008 sessions will be released this year, and yes, I am following you as you are also following me, Robert (?), and yes JUST FOLLOW YOUR EYES when entering the forest of the Source, and yes, this is one of my TOP FAVOURITE songs of this favourite band of mine :-).

In reality, I have been looking into a mirror to see if this tooth (of creation) can hold before bringing it into reality and before involving “everyone else”, i.e. cells of the Source.

I continue receiving small heart attacks, but a little less than some days ago, and yes, there is much for your mother to relate to, and that is in connection to my email.

I was shown a big see through and empty “professional socket box” with many sockets for all layers of life to connect to, and yes, this is where we all (all layers of life) are connected to knowing who you are, which is our father who is “just there”, but invisible.

Was Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune happy to get rid of you when you moved in 2011 (?), but eehhhh, no they have really not gotten rid of me as they realise with my email to them also making them understand how they really tortured me.

The role of Lisbeth from the Commune is to lay ham on baguettes, or the surface of a long oil carrier as I am also shown, and I remember the surface of this being “hills” of cells of the Source.

I was first told about the new Club Riva in Rungsted Harbour where Dan Rachlin plays as DJ, and how this was “my old dream” to get such a club to Rungsted, but it was brought there to bring “temptations” to Karen, who is still trapped in her desire for me on one hand and her reason to chose me on the other.

I received a sound to my TV, “the house altar”, which stands in my shelves, and was told and felt that this is what we will replace, i.e. to replace the completely empty Source of my old self running the world (of the shelves) by my new self including everything and all force of the Source.

I was shown how I am practically now eating the UFO from the cover of A New World Record by Electric Light Orchestra, which is because my old self is almost dissolved and overtaken by light of our New World and the Source by now, and yes, just listen to the FANTASTIC beginning of this album, and you can almost hear the opening of a golden gate to our New World, right, and yes ISN’T THIS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL MUSIC (?), and to me, it is, and are you ready (?), I wanna show you how to rock ‘n’ roll, ‘cause I’m ready, yeah , yeah, yeah, I’m ready :-).

I dreamt about having started working for Aon again and I am welcomed by Irene and another lady. I sit inside the open office of the benefit department and wonder where the old offices at the wall are, and they become visible then, and I see that they now contain handicapped people. I look forward to meeting the director Søren L., and I walk upstairs and am surprised to see that the general insurance department there is empty because they are setting up new desks all over and very close too. And I see “the worst terror scene” here, and also strong sexual scenes. And this is about people there also knowing and speaking about me bringing me the worst darkness/sufferings/sexual torments, and I woke up to “it’s a world gone crazy” from “Woman in chains” by Tears for Fears and “it’s such a cold, cold town” from “Fading like a flower” by Roxette, and yes, just to say that you have CRAZY people there not believing me sending me cold feelings.

I also dreamt about my sister having started to play guitar, singing songs and doing small concerts, which surprises me because I know that I LOVE music much more than she does, and I find it unreasonable that I have not been given the ability to play and sing like she when I have potentially much more than her to give, and yes, this is about the love of my sister bringing warm feelings of people, and also to say that I do not receive any warm feelings from people because of my work/love, and that is not visible at least, and yes, also to say that my sister is part of creation together with me, which is what the guitar symbolises.

I was shown bilberries all over above the water and a board in the water from where a diver is expected to come up any second now, which is my old self.

I was told about TÅREbæk (“TEARbrook”) as part of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, which is about people there starting to understand the sufferings that they put me through.

We just wanted to wash four apartment with you living in celibacy and now we have washed everything.

Again this morning I was COMPLETELY DETROYED from when I stood up, and I really cannot do anything, but I decided that to wash my duvets, write the script of today, take a nap and go to my mother and John this evening as agreed to watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest is what is on the plan.

I received “Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder with Cherie as in CHERRY, which is a symbol of the Source too.

I keep on being told things like my mother doesn’t understand just how tired/empty that I am, and that she will be amazed when she will, and yes, more of this kind, which only sometimes come to the script, otherwise it would be “too much”.

Is it so that Kirsten’s sons also now don’t want to “play anymore”, i.e. are tired of receiving my emails, as the Commune and my family etc. are too (?), and yes, it must be “annoying” to you to receive instead of STANDING FORWARD and SUPPORTING ME!

WRONG ATTITUDE made it ”completely impossible” for you to read and understand my book even though this was a condition for the survival of the world!

I forwarded my email yesterday from the other day to ”the official system” – “The System of Hell” (see below) – to family and friends, and I received a reply from Søren saying that he does not bother reading me because I write more than three lines, and yes, this is really what he wrote!!! I replied that his attitude is VERY WRONG because it requires that you read/listen properly to understand properly, otherwise you will only understand superficially, misunderstand or start a “discussion club” about your “meanings” instead of your “knowledge”. This is how it was “completely impossible” for people to read me – because of WRONG ATTITUDE – even though it is easy because it only requires to open my book (on 12,000 pages in total via my website), turn over the pages and read one page after another, and you can chose yourself if you want to read level 1) Headlines, level 2) Summaries, or level 3) The detailed content, but the more you read, the more you understand, which is what creates understanding and FAITH in me as condition for survival of the world and life self, which is what all of this was only about! Learn from the video below about how to read me, and then JUST DO IT!

Here is his reply and my answer.

Søren’s reply:

Søren 100514

My reply:

Til Søren 100514 1

Til Søren 100514 2

I also published his email and my reply to Facebook for people to understand/learn from.

FB 100514 Stig om Søren

Later I felt extra negativity coming from me from Søren who has had enough of my emails, which is what I understand that many have, and this is about pulling people to me against their will.

I received STRONG pressure – as I have done most of the time throughout my journey – to continue working and now to put on the new bed clothes to my washed duvets, which I only did on my outermost limit almost screaming in pain because I had NO ENERGY.

I was shown giant amount of fish still pouring in to the tanker as a result of my work.

This is how Søren receives a place in the hole itself and I received a mark to the back side of my left lower leg, and this hole is about the separation to the next creation of the Source. Without Søren the air would not because as blue, symbolising me, as it now will, this is his importance. And it is part of avoiding pain to my teeth as I am given here, i.e. sufferings of the world, when we will come out.

It is reactions like his that are now giving me my weak heart, which I have here again, but nothing can kill me and that is even though you did everything you could because of your wrong behaviour – like Søren.

This is the darkness that is stopping my old heart from beating as I feel now again and then I feel strong gold all around me ready to take over, and I clearly feel my father again.

I received the feeling of Kirsten’s children, and they agree with me that their mother is “will deaf in STRONG degree”?

I felt George Bush Jr. and was told that he is also completely with me, and this comes after I also felt him yesterday, where I was told that “we have now established an office in Iraq – we will now start the end of the world”, which was his feeling when starting the first war against Iraq.

We also would never have come out this way, via George, without Harold Locust, i.e. faith of Michael Sadler.

You aren’t the very last (inside our Old World), who cannot exist, are you?

I was shown Vivian as a Devil and was told that it is also her making me come forward and I am shown a GIANT figure of Christ as my new self coming, and yes, I sent my last emails also to Vivian.

Is the result of the Eurovision Song Contest this evening already given (?), yes, but only if you don’t take a nap, and yes, this was truly “blackmail” because I had planned to take a nap and NEEDED to take a nap almost desperately, but no, I did NOT want to run this risk, and yes, the same way that football teams easily can lose if I sleep instead of working or spinning, and I really thought that it was impossible to avoid taking this nap, but I got over it too.

This is about “all shook up”, i.e. reactions of recipients of my email to the System of Hell, which is why you are DESTROYED and receive small heart attacks including a weak heart, and yes to absorb the darkness that they send.

Have we just been released too (?), yes, the next layer because of Søren, and yes, this is the same man who saw me as “incredible negative” in the Helsingør Facebook groups last year, who is now helping us to bring more in (?); and yes, is this the last or ehhhh the first bar? And how much does his faith mean (?), and yes, enough to bring us up here, and I feel gold.

I was told that my old music/religion teacher from Mørdrup School is seeing everything that I don’t, which is more and more of “the divine” making him think “impossible”.

And I was told that Obama had his other hand kept on the button of nuclear weapons.

I went to my mother and John at 19.00 as agreed, and again, we had a nice dinner (“the best duck” symbolising creation) and a nice evening, but I felt “silent nervousness” from them I have forwarded my email to the system to them yesterday, and as usual, there is NOT A WORD about my true self, not a word!

There was some inspired speech, but I will only bring this, which was about John going to a routine check on the hospital, and their electronic number system was out of order, and they had therefore reintroduced the old paper number system, but suddenly the electronic system worked again, and now they had to get the electronic system to match the paper system, which it didn’t quite do, and this was a symbol saying that we are still working on creating “perfect matches” of Karen and I as part of our merge.

I was told about Bettina believing in me, and this came one second before John told something about a “King – ….” with King underlining that she indeed does believe in me.

Somehow, we were inspired to speak about “old days” and living conditions during World War II, and I was told that this is because of the strong influence and interest of Helena coming to me – despite of her lack of communication – and that is because she is “crazy about” everything related to World War II, and I was told that she is as interested in “life self” as I wrote to her about as World War II.

Later I was told that John was thinking about my true self being the Source while we were speaking of the war, and he is the very last that I bring with me, and no, John, I was NEVER embarrassing when writing/speaking about my scripts and what I saw in WRONG behaviour, work and communication of people, you were, when you felt DISGUSTED about me and treating me as a leprous wrongly trying to protect my mother from me.

I told my mother that every day I am hoping that I will have energy enough to go to Fitness World, but I don’t have at the moment, and if I don’t get energy during the month starting again, I will let her know – to stop the payment – which was alright with her, and yes, “now she knows directly from me”, and I was told that we can now continue my work …., but no, I don’t believe that we will because I really cannot.

We watched the introduction on DR1 TV to the Eurovision Song Contest final, and at 20.45 Uffe Buchard spoke about “bankruptcy”, and I was told that the Danish National Bank also has a non-realised plan about making Denmark go bankrupt as part of the plan of making the world go bankrupt as part of the dark New World Order.

I was told that my email to Søren this afternoon and his reactions before the Eurovision Song Contest show this evening was important to get the right winner too, and the entire world knows that this is the party showing the win of the Source, which is why Sweden will win.

When the show started, I noticed examples of LOVE when the contestant from Azerbaijan ended by saying “Make love not war, which was probably to Russia/Ukraine, and when the hands of the Iceland band after their song showed “LOVE”, and this is what it is about because “love is all around” from the Source and everything.

Again, I was taken by the INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL stage graphics of the show, which is really the most unique that I have ever seen. This is not only “top grades” but expanding the whole scale of grades. The hosts did fine this evening, and yes, it is not as much them but as the script that I have had some criticism to because it includes some “cocky vulgarity”, which is not as funny or “right” to bring as the writers of the script had hoped, and probably not understood by all countries, but it was less in the final, thus showing the professionalism of the hosts more in my eyes, but when Lise as example continued speaking with contestants in the Green Room about her “research” on them bringing food from a restaurant in Paris to the French contestant and a cake to the English contestant making them enthusiastic, I liked it VERY MUCH.

I was shown my new self and told that “I am also carrying on a child”, which is Karen’s and my new child, who will take over from me/us.

I received the feeling that Søren is NOT happy about being called “superficial” by me because “no, I am NOT superficial” is his belief, but no, Søren, I just showed you as you are.

I cycled the less than 10 minutes home at 22.00 – because my mother and John would not be able to stay up until after midnight watching the show to its end – and from the Beach road I received a quick view to the strong light of the spaceship of everything on its regular place in Helsingborg.

When I entered ground floor of my building, I was given the thought of my sister and the elevator door then opened to me before I had reached the door and pushed the button, and no, there was no one else in it or with me, “just one of those things”, you know.

When I came home, I was shown the light over Helsingborg again, but it was flashing and went out after only a few seconds which is because I have great difficulties working.

I watched the Swedish song “Undo” again, and felt it like the prison opening to me when Sanna sung “Undo my pain”.

Is Søren now feeling dumb after preaching his misunderstandings to me because he could not understand a simple structure of my email and website? And no, it isn’t so that Søren is rich, is it (?), and he also feels dumb not having shared with me and “poor people”, which is also how your mother and John feel (?), and yes, this is exactly the feeling that I received from them this evening, which is about “poor conscience” and yes “if only we had understood you”, and yes, I TOLD YOU SO, didn’t I (?), but no, you did NOT want to listen to anything else than your wrong inner voice.

Basim song the Danish song “Cliché love song”, which is about “lots of love from Denmark to Europe” (the world), and yes, this is a HAPPY song that makes children and young people here happy/enthusiastic, which I like to see, but no, I never liked it much because of its musical qualities, or let me say that “I liked it less”, but still liked it, and at the end of the evening, it became no. 9.

I was shown a lady standing inside a funnel of different mirrors, and this is inside the Source and this lady was Grace Kelly, and she came to me having recognised me as I was told because I watched the film “High Society” this afternoon where she is staring, and yes, I LOVE this film not only because of her acting/beauty but also because of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong who star in the film performing and not least singing/playing great :-).

I felt how the spaceship of everything of everything came to me from Helsingborg and literally was knocking three times on my upper chest “now I am right here, can I enter” (?), and yes, when there is no more darkness, you can, and if this is now, it is now, and yes, I have this script to write tomorrow including some not very important to do tasks on my list, and I will meet the Commune on Monday, the day after tomorrow, which I will also write about, and hereafter, I may stop working, we will see. And yes, my mother asked me earlier in the evening if I had had the meeting with the Commune, which I told her about the other day, and I do believe that my mother may be a little nervous about how the Commune reacts in relation to my email to them, and that is if they will remove my cash help, and no, I don’t believe that they will because what can they really do (?), and yes, they know that they pay out cash help to me even though I am not unemployed, thus breaking their own rules of paying out this help.

Are we in control of Russia (?), and yes, because you are in control of your mother, and that is because they are directly related, and we will see what will happen with the referendums on “state self-reliance” of the two Eastern regions of Ukraine, and yes, I believe that everyone should have agreed on these referendums (without problems) if this is really what the people want (is it really?), but still, if there is a true majority of people really who want independence or to be part of Russia, give them what they want, and yes, I still do NOT like “Christmas games” of any side, be honest, direct and open!

Yes, your mother has understood that you were right and not your sister, and is this what brings us GIANT wooden shoes as I am here shown on stage, and they are gleaming in silver.

It is all of us in here waiting on you, and I am shown how one “golden fan” after the other is opening to me.

The levels in here rise exponentially – an invention of the Source – which is also why we thank you for continuing your work, which I understand brings even more all of the time because of this system.

I was shown the Trekroner Fort just outside Copenhagen Harbour, which is because this is what the director general of DR TV, Maria Rørbye Rønn, is thinking of while watching this fine final of the Eurovision Song Contest, and that is because there was a person who was killed when falling at DR’s party on this fort last year because of her silence in relation to me, and yes, she and “the whole system” are still silent about me, but “everyone knows”.

I received the feeling of the spaceship of everything, of the Source, and was told that the message of this Eurovision Song Contest was LOVE coming from the Source to everyone in our New World.

By now, all 26 songs had been performed, and I enjoyed many of them not least from Austria and Netherlands as mentioned before, but also from several others.

I was wondering about a possible connection because earlier in the evening my mother had shown me two beautiful Chinese jars, which they have in their basement, which she though would look fine on my balcony, and yes, they were indeed VERY FINE, so I thanked her and accepted, and then Pilou Asbæk started speaking a little Chinese at the show, and yes, what was the connection (?), and it was first after the performance of all songs when he introduced Emmelie de Forest and said that “In China they call Emmelie de Forest for “chinese language”, which means the little butterfly”” that I understood what this was about, because “butterfly” is an old symbol of the spirit of my mother for “creation”, so here, Pilou was really speaking about the creation of our New World, which is what these two Chinese jars now mean to me, and this is why Emmelie de Forest comes here again with her “Only teardrops” followed by her new and equally as fine “Rainmaker”, and yes, to me, Emmelie de Forest and also Loreen from Sweden the year before were of EXCEPTIONAL quality, and yes, I can only sing WAY – A – WAY – O – WAY, and yes, this is also about LOVE opening up to the sky :-).

So your tours out on town in 2008 – hoping to find a girlfriend – did not really stop us as expected, which is why we sent you out on these tours (giving me the desire to do it), and this was to reflect darkness of mankind that should have brought the end of the world.

It was a matter about knocking the last faith into your mother for her to lift me up tonight, which is my heaviest self.

I was shown four ways in – arrows from each direction – and we decided to bring in EVERYTHING via Germany, one of the four ways/arrows.

I was shown the front stage of the Eurovision Song Contest – the front of the ship – sailing in here and I was shown it transforming into a full ship.

I received the feeling of Bjarne from the Commune and darkness coming to me from him, and can it be that darkness is influencing the vote of this contest (?), and yes, after half of the voting, Austria is in front with Sweden being no. 4, and yes, isn’t it Austria that is the RIGHT winner symbolising the birth of your new self (?), yes, it is exciting.

As the voting came closer and closer to the end, Austria was extending the lead, and in the end, she really won it (!), and there was no end to the celebration and happy tears, so this is what you will get, Conchita, a whole New World without hate and discrimination also from me as I was told and I felt Fleksneks and EVERYONE behind me here.

Netherlands came in as second and Sweden as third, so my favourites were the three first, I only got the order a little wrong because of darkness, but still it was of course the right winner that won, and I felt the spaceship of everything and was told that “now we are all here”, which is everything of the Source and all layers of life, and Conchita said on stage that ““this night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom, you know who you are, we are a unity and we are unstoppable””, which is exactly right, very well spoken, Conchita :-).

I was watching the final part of the show over Swedish TV – I like to listen to different commentators at events like this – and exactly when they said “Grattis”, i.e. “Congratulations”, I was given the name of Prince because this is his greetings for me and our win, and yes, what is his biggest party song (?), and that is of course 1999, and yes we are “out of time” because of the Judgment, but instead of “parties weren’t meant to last” bringing the end to everyone, I am now bringing the beginning to you, and just maybe you would like to write some happy lyrics or maybe an entirely new party song about this, Prince (?), and yes, let’s go party :-).

Well, this isn’t a sunbeam story about the fight of Conchita Wurst to receive recognition of her life after having gone through a difficult life, is it (?), and yes a symbol of what you went through to receive recognition from my family, friends etc., thus the world, and as result first and foremost of my mother, and no, you are not “soft in the ball” as we say here about “lunatics”, which is about convincing the System of Hell about this too including my sister who were all brainwashed. This is what is realising me from slavery and bringing me freedom.

Apologises from Minneapolis because I was turned into a speaking tube against you too”, which is about Prince and his role as part of the dark New World Order speaking against me in the musical environment for a long time the same way as Mogens Lykketoft did in politics as example, and I understand that this was until the game was turned around, which was last year when you started working for me.

Conchita had played her winner song again, and in the follow up program on Danish TV after the big show, they said at 00.50 that “we have all beards, we are all Conchita’s”, which was inspired to say that you are all part of my new self.

I was told about Berlusconi & Co. playing an act too as “the worst Devil” living deep immoral lives including great richness, wrong behaviour, crime, sex orgies etc., and they played this act because they knew that they had to and also that they knew that the end of the world was coming – as Prince and the musical industry did too – but as you saw, it didn’t.

We haven’t hidden the picture of Mona Lisa as the very last, have we (?), and I am shown how it is brought forward, and yes, it is a symbol of my new mother, i.e. our New World.

Shouldn’t we say that fire is now a symbol of the force of the Source (?), and that is because this is what it is and what you see in the incredible beautifully made background behind Conchita.

The same act included my sister – I am shown a VERY dark chocolate cake symbolising her selfishness – and all of the system playing their games against you consciously to bring you darkness (to transform into light), and this also included Michael Hardinger who feared you, and all of these were not allowed to write to you. So in reality they bring you a HUGE HEART of love as I am here shown, they just cannot tell you.

And yes, the refuse van of Brede Park, i.e. the garbage of darkness that I received there, was planned by the system against you, and yes, I do not ask people knowing what they did bringing darkness to me to apologise, instead I thank you for doing what you had to do – but of course if you enjoyed doing what you did as darkness even though you knew it was wrong, you have really sinned and I ask you to apologise/repent – but I ask people who brought darkness to me without knowing it via their wrong behaviour, work and communication to apologise, and yes, this is the only logical way that I can see it.

I watched the part of the press conference of Conchita that was brought on Danish TV before it was switched off, and I liked VERY MUCH to hear her message to change the world to make it a better place for you and me, and also that she decided to NEVER give up when she did not win previous competitions. The Danish host of the press conference, Ulla Essendrop, who impresses me for doing fine work, said something like “your phone must be on fire right now”, which was a symbol of opening to the force of the Source via the birth of my new self.

Conchita brought the message of tolerance, acceptance and LOVE to the world with divine inspiration given to her, and about being transformed and reborn of course :-).

She won despite of all prejudices and lack of tolerance towards her – as I did too, and earlier in the evening when I spoke to my mother and John about her earlier in the evening, clearly did NOT like her simply because of how she looks, and they said that when closing their eyes, they could hear that it was a good song, and yes, just to say that it was extra difficult for this man in drag to win this competition because of incredible lack of tolerance from many people to him, which is what the following examples from my Facebook friends show (see this script on my website) including quotes like “what a freak”, “I am about to throw up”, “he is disgusting”, and yes, TOLERENCE is indeed needed by many closed people, who cannot control their negative feelings, – and on the other hand, you have MANY people who accepted and took in Conchita to their hearts, which this is all about.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. Jette Uhlott, photographer says:

    hi Stig saw you do not want to comment – this is ok. The pictures are now so easily recognized.
    Your letter is – as usual – linked! 🙂

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