May 2014 – VI: I have now absorbed 100% of all negative energy of the Old World including the landing of the Source, which will make our New World 100% perfect



  • May 13: I have now absorbed 100% of all negative energy of the Old World including the landing of the Source, which will make our New World 100% perfect
    • We have put up the green light for you, and that is to enter the other side. We are building a road to cross through to our New World, which cannot be done, but we do it based on your mother’s HUGE love to you, which is what is bringing you in, and our Old World will then transpire while we are being replaced with our new selves. The World Elite has prepared for our New World to start, and here almost smells of white flowers as I am here told and shown, and yes, white flowers of our New World. I was shown the globe with chains around it and I felt God all around it as the only one having the keys to open up to us, which will happen when I stop my work.
    • These days I am VERY CLOSE to just decide to stop working, lay down on my sofa, sleep and wait to become my new self because I cannot continue working, and yes, is this the same as “giving up” (?), no, it is to say that I have completed my work. The helicopter is landing on the football stadium, which symbolically is what happens when I will stop working.
    • I continued receiving better-knowing but ignorant emails from both Søren and Bettina telling me about how rude and unacceptable that I am without understanding that I merely speak the truth to people about how they are and that you need to improve your behaviour, work and communication in order to improve life and to keep living, which should be easy for everyone to understand is a message of love of God through me? And my mother became cold and reserved towards me because of this or “disappointed” as she said without wanting to say why, and this is shortly before she will become the proudest mother in history, and understand how Søren, Bettina and “everyone” influencing her negatively and wrongly about me was WRONG, and I was RIGHT. It is the last shots of darkness that Bettina and Søren have been allowed to fire against you. Bettina had implemented the smallest cherry that we know, which we just had to bring over to you. We have now come in to the most inner of everything via Bettina at the very end, my influence on her and the darkness of her and Søren sent to me.
    • I met Lisbeth from the Commune again “on the very top” of the State Authority, and the decision of her and the System of Hell of what to do with me is based upon the influence of all of my family, friends etc., thus the world, to me. Will the Commune decide to give me permanent disability pension because they are convinces that I am crazy even though I have showed them that I am completely normal as everyone immediately can see and (still) fully capable of working and do it better than everyone else (even though I am actually disabled in reality, which I however have rejected to be for almost five years in their system working my best/hardest) or will they accept that I continue receiving “survival help” until I will get my own income? This is what the meeting of today was about, and the system will decide on this within the next month or so. There is a growing fear of the system that they have done a terrible mistake in relation to me.
    • The most impressive is that I went through the last couple of months without losing a tooth, which I would have done physically if I could not bring in the heaviest parts of the Source because of lack of faith of my surroundings and if I did not continue working hard to absorb darkness coming to me as my sufferings. “It was very painless” and yes,” it didn’t hurt at all”.
    • My mother was designed to be given to me to “kill, kill” via my “old nightmare” – disguised as the most beautiful women sexually abusing me – which I have rejected with the result that we have now reached the end. My family, friends etc., thus the world, did everything they could to stop me without knowing that they carried the key of all life inside of them, which is where I had hidden, and the key was faith in you, which was impossible to obtain because of bad-will of people to me. It was the last faith of Lisbeth that we had to bring out today to reach the top that makes it possible to open the gate to our New World. We have now finally absorbed all negative energy of the Old World. This is the only other way to enter than your “old nightmare”, which would have burned off this negative energy/life. This is what the world knows about, the energy metre now shows 100 percent meaning that we have transferred everything to the other side of our New World, which is what it took to land the Source. No, we are not going to cut away anything here, which otherwise would have taken place via the explosion going from our Old World to our New World, so now we can just switch off and on. Had you given in to darkness, we would have started destructing Karen directly (via cancer), which is where the Source was hidden, but instead you have now returned hundred percent of everything that was hidden inside negative energy. The most unique is that Karen still is alive. This would be visible on the head and body of my new self – that I would not be completely in order, yes incomplete, which would wake interest of the New World to find and receive the last. This means that everything in you is new and nothing old is reused, which would be visible to everyone, and yes a little here and there around the body would be reused, which we will now avoid. This is what is making us 100% perfect made from new parts of the Source.


May 2014 – VI: I have now absorbed 100% of all negative energy of the Old World including the landing of the Source, which will make our New World 100% perfect

May 13: I have now absorbed 100% of all negative energy of the Old World including the landing of the Source, which will make our New World 100% perfect

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I woke up to “Only Teardrops” by Emmelie de Forest again, and the refrain emphasizing “between us”, which is “how many times do we have to fight” to get it right, and this is about my fight ending.

I was told something about going around the other side of Earth, to Australia, to get the key to freedom via faith of your mother.

Putting up lamps, we have put up the green light for you, and that is to enter the other side.

Are we going to introduce a penalty kick Preben Elkjær style (?), no, this time we will score against Spain (darkness), so come in, which this is about. And this is a reference to the famous miss of Preben Elkjær in 1984.

And then we will build a motorway here (?), but this cannot be done, no, but we do it based on your mother’s HUGE love to you.

Yes, FC Brøndby last season was a sign about just how close you all came to termination – when they were “this close” to go bankrupt and/or to relegate, see?

No, it isn’t Inge or anyone else, but your mother, who is bringing you in.

And yes, then we will walk a little bit more on this motorway before he will end his work he says ….

Will she transpire then (?), yes.

And then we will place the dog there ….get you over here, replace you, and back to her before she has discovered that you left her.

I was shown the helicopter landing – with waving flags – on the football stadium, which is what happens when I will stop working.

Yesterday and today I was shown FC Barcelona, and this is about them playing their second last match of the season today, and now again after Real Madrid “lost it”, they can win the championship by winning their last two matches, and the question is if they can (?), and maybe also if I can continue working, which I am not sure that I can/will.

Later: Both Barcelona’s and Atletico Madrid’s matches ended up in ties – Atletico was “this close” to score at the very end to win the championships, but they did not – and Real Madrid lost, so we will have one last chance in the last match between Barcelona and Atletico setting the championships this year, and that is if I continue working, which I don’t believe that I will.

I received a new email from Søren still focusing on shortening my writings, which he is “obsessed” with not realising just how easy they can be read really showing his mental blockage and lazyness more than anything, and he believes that I am putting down people with my writings, which are not love messages because I am “negative”, which people don’t want to read (!), and yes, this is STILL his misunderstanding, and yes, Søren is ALSO a VERY SICK man who cannot read and understand my objective words. And I told him in my reply – which I did NOT have the energy at all to write, but still decided to do – NOT to change the meaning of my words, and again I underlined that this is about being concentrated and having patience to UNDERSTAND objectively the same way as when Thomas Blachman speaks the truth to people directly that they sing awfully because this is what they do (!), and yes I help people to improve to bring people better lives and also because this is simply a condition of life, and yes, a LOVE MESSAGE which is easy to understand, right (?), but no, not to Søren, and that is because he “could not” read me properly, which is why he has no faith or lost it on the way. You can read the full email in this script on my website and here:

Søren 110514

Søren 110414-2

Søren 110414-3

I was told that despite of his resistance, my words are still entering him making an impact, and yes, opening him, because he “knows” about me, right (?), and yes, remember “the look” in his eyes a couple of years ago.

Yes, he could not handle his negative emotions and misunderstandings to me, and from his email you can also see what my mother and John have been telling him and Bettina about me, which is that they only want to bring me good, but I only “piss on them” as Søren writes, which is a language, I would NEVER use myself, but yes, I was “incredible negative and unreasonable” to my surroundings, which everyone of course agreed that I was, which makes me INCREDIBLE SAD because I was NOT, which they could easily understand if just they read me properly without negative feelings, but no, they could not, and yes, here you see how my mother was the worst speaking against me behind my back because “Stig is incredible negative” and “this is also what Sanna says, and she is the expert”, and that is the picture you know,

And when everyone told my mother that “yes, you are right, Stig is INCREDIBLE NEGATIVE”, this is of course what was strengthened in the mind of my mother and sent directly to me from her as my sufferings – and yes, I do NOT like people slandering about their negative misunderstandings, and you were the WORST of all, mother, how could you and how could you decide to misunderstand your son instead of simply LISTENING to me and understanding my words objectively without colouring them wrongly?

I went to the library after lunch – despite of the same incredible tiredness – and published my script, and I decided to forward my email to the System of Hell also to people of the church in Helsingør, Hellebæk and Lyngby including the Catholic Church in Copenhagen because they are really part of this system too as I wrote to them:

”Kære “Kirke-folk”,

Nedenstående gælder i virkeligheden også jer (“mere eller mindre” – mest i Lyngby!), som også er del af “Helvedes System” på grund af jeres handlinger eller mangel på samme i forhold til at forstå og støtte mig. Og måske I har lyst til at læse og forstå – eller er jeg stadig for uinteressant og “bindegal” for jer (?), og ja, begynder I at forstå billedet og hvor I faldt i vandet på grund af forkert adfærd, dårlig kommunikation (lytte/læse/forstå), selviskhed og bedrevidende uvidenhed?

Venlige hilsener fra

I felt Søren and the feeling that I am almost destroying him and his lucrative business because I am publishing his emails.

These days I am VERY CLOSE to just decide to stop working, lay down on my sofa, sleep and wait to become my new self because I cannot continue working, and yes, is this the same as “giving up” (?), no, it is to say that I have completed my work, and there is a difference you know.

Yes, you also just photographed this, which is ready to hang up, and I am shown a ham being hung up, and this is about Søren’s negative reactions sent to me, not least because of my publish of his emails.

No, there isn’t anything that can hold you back, and I received more life entering the back side of my right lower leg.

I was given a new sound to my balcony and was told that I am about to let go on my grip too – because I am as Stig – and this is how it sounded.

I was told about Inca’s and now it is only that little hole that we have to go through.

So it is me – the Source from the balcony – who is also controlling your old heart. This means that I have to stick you, but it doesn’t hurt.

I dreamt about Karen and I who are going to move together, but she also has another boyfriend, and something about problems, and yes, whenever I dream about this, an old theme, this is because Karen wants both me and another boyfriend not realising that I am all the man that she needs. Also something about a female friend buying fish, a cook, fire in the kitchen, and my dog is getting a piece of meat at her apartment. All of my letters are collected, and something about being good at yelling. And who is the bus driver (?), which is someone Karen used to know who she wants to share me with, and yes, she is still wrong and “crazy” having wrong sexual feelings.

I woke up to Sanne Salomonsen’s BEAUTIFUL version of “I can’t make you love me” and the lyrics “cause I can’t make you love me, if you don’t, you can’t make your heart feel, something it wont, here in the dark, in these final hours”, which is how it is with Karen in relation to me, she doesn’t know how to love me here “in the final hours” not because of me but because of her.

I also woke up to this email from Bettina – Søren’s cohabite and my mother’s John’s daughter – whom I had also sent my email to yesterday (besides from Søren), and she has the same “difficulties” as everyone else to understand that I only speak the truth about people asking them to improve (as a condition of life), and instead she believes that my communication is wrong and that I offend people as result – “when you shoot around you with accuses, terms of abuse and reproaches, your words get in the way for your communication and the contact that you wish” and “do you realise that your manner is degrading, disrespectful and goes beyond limits, and this is truly unacceptable?” – as she says, but no, Bettina, it is easily as clear as I tell you: I ONLY SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR WRONG BEHAVIOUR, WORK AND COMMUNICATION to help you improve – I am NOT negative, disrespectful or anything like this, NOT AT ALL – I only speak the objective truth, and everything else is negative thoughts inside your head (!), and this is also what you do everything you can to avoid reading/understanding because you don’t “like it” – “I am not interested in hearing what you write, I am sorry, there are far too many words, which is disturbing, and it doesn’t give meaning to me” (!), and yes, this is REALLY what she wrote (!!!), and yes, you are as crazy as Søren, Bettina, because you cannot and will not listen to and read me to understand that I simply tell you the truth, and the day when you will understand whom I really am and that I spoke to you as God asking you to improve to continue being able to live (a new life of incredible joy and happiness), do you think then that it is possible to listen to, read and understand my MESSAGE OF LOVE????

You can read the full email in this script on my website and here:

Søren 110414-4

I gave this short answer (see my website or the pdf-file above) again telling them that there is NOTHING NEGATIVE in what I write – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – and it is a MESSAGE OF LOVE for everyone to improve to get a better life, which comes directly from Gud as condition for life self, which everyone can understand if you just decide to understand as many already do, and are not will deaf and close your ears as you do and instead decide to misunderstand me and not to read me, which is the direct coherence.

Søren 110414-5

It isn’t your likeness hanging there, is it? It is not from the depth of Bettina that we have also pulled you up, is it? No, that white towel hanging there on the bridge, we cannot very well take that with us too, can we (?), but yes, this is what your SHORT reply to Bettina means, and yes, think that you can be so sick in your head believing to this day that I am NEGATIVE and show ANGER (!), and yes, what sick people and sick society that “cannot” understand what is easy to understand. And yes, this is what they “have not been able” to tell me, but slandered about with my mother and John, Mette and Jesper and “everyone else” because there was no doubt in their minds that this is what I was, and yes, “sick people”.

Is Bettina now thinking that “it was not as clever what I wrote to him”?

I was given the feeling of Crown Princess Mary, and was told that we have all walked out to the cattle show square, and this is really where the Roskilde Festival is being hold, so this is about all of the World Elite who has prepared for our New World to start, and here almost smells of white flowers as I am here told and shown, and yes, white flowers of our New World.

We have brought you the green stamp (to bring out the creation of our New World) before time if you decide to end your work now, which I understand was not meant to be already now.

But minutes thereafter when I was now on my bicycle on my way to meet Lisbeth at the Commune – raining as always when cycling there – I was told that it is first when I meet Lisbeth today – as the State Authority – that I have reached the top, and this is where I will receive the final verdict of the system against me based up all inputs from family, friends etc. and their verdict/belief of me.

On my way I was told about what Søren wrote to me, which is that he doesn’t believe that I am sick, but an intelligent man – why write this if he doesn’t believe or has believed before that I am sick – and I was told that it is a long time ago that the Devil has had birthday, so this is what I would meet today, the face of the Devil again given to me by the “nice Lisbeth”, which is very often how the Devil looks like, and yes, nice on the surface, but not in its inner being/beast because of its actions, and yes, will Lisbeth decide to be the Devil or light in relation to me?

At the reception while I was waiting on Lisbeth, an old lady told the employee that “it was very painless” and the employee said “yes, it didn’t hurt at all”, which was inspired from the Colgate toothpaste commercial, which is because there were “no holes” in my teeth, which is what the Devil of this system did everything to bring me and not only holes, but to pull out my teeth = what we would not bring with us to the first edition of our New World, but as you know, I decided to bring everything and I still have my teeth, right?

So Lisbeth collected me, and we started our meeting at her office, and she asked me how I am doing, and I told her the truth, which is that I am doing WELL because I have finished my work and can see the result of this, and I asked her if she has a garden and like to work in it, which she does, and yes, it is the same as if you have worked hard to plant a new garden, and am now tired and exhausted, but you can see the result and is therefore happy and satisfied, and yes, this is how I feel knowing about the result of our fine New World, but of course this is still invisible to you, and yes, this is how this meeting started, and she asked me if I will now stop working, and I told her that you should never say never, I learnt that 6 months ago when I told her the same, but I do believe that I will stop my work now, but let us see in some days, there might come more for me to do.

And yes, this led us to my email to “the System of Hell” from the other day, which she had open on her computer, and before we started speaking of this, I leaned forward on my chair and looked her straight into her eyes and told her “I have been telling you the truth about me all along”, and then I told her that we have been playing a game between light and darkness where my words have been twisted by her and everyone because of negative feelings, and that is because if you read my writings word by word, there is NOTHING negative in my words, I only write the objective truth about you, and I only do it because it is a condition for you to improve your behaviour, work and communication in order to be alive, otherwise you will choose the dark side, which is the same as destruction, and yes, Lisbeth then found an example from my email asking if this is not negative because everyone believes this, and then she read up loud “Bjarne, du er uansvarlig og en lakaj for dette HELVEDES SYSTEM, som gør dig UVÆRDIG til at beklæde din nuværende stilling“ (“Bjarne, you are irresponsible and a henchman of this SYSTEM OF HELL, which makes you unworthy to hold your present position”), and no, as I told her, you are right that maybe 99 out of 100 in the beginning will think that this is negative, but it is NOT (they are ALL wrong!) and only the truth because Bjarne – the director of Helsingør Commune – is indeed irresponsible when he “cannot” speak out the truth and put all cards on the table, and cannot communicate directly and openly with me, and yes, it should be easy for you to understand this when you simply take the meaning of each of my words, and yes, you will all come to understand why Bjarne is not worthy to hold his position, because I do NOT like henchman of the system working as the Devil in disguise/secrecy appearing to be something else, and yes, not only in relation to me but also to implementing Agenda 21 of the United Nations locally etc.

And no, this meeting was NOT about the Commune considering to remove my cash help because of my email to them, because you “simply don’t do” what I did – going directly after their throat – but no, Lisbeth and I spoke well together as usual, and yes, almost as “old friends”, this is the feeling that we both have, and for me this is about helping Lisbeth to understand me every time, and this is also what it became today after I really had decided with my self to get this over with as quickly as possible because I am exhausted and also because I don’t want to write new, long minutes of this meeting, but still, here you are/here I am writing this – as I am told.

And I told her that when Thomas Blachman tells people very directly YOU SING AWFULLY (!), he still does it with all of his heart to help people to realise the truth, and still, many simply cannot and will not understand the truth because other people have told them that they sing fine not having the courage to speak out the truth, and then they become sad and also mad at Blachman, believes that he is negative, wrong and poorly behaving, and they slander about him behind his back, and yes, exactly as what happened to me, I HAVE ONLY TOLD YOU THE TRUTH TO HELP YOU – HOW DIFFICULT CAN THIS BE TO UNDERSTAND (?), and yes, I could tell on Lisbeth’s reactions that she understood what this was about, and smiled and said that she truly sings awfully herself.

But Lisbeth is still sceptical in some matters in relation to me because “you don’t like to hear my attitude” as she said, but yes, I do, but I like it to be based upon KNOWLEDGE and not upon guessing without knowing, and I told her about how much I loved to hear my mother and John speak about World War II at our latest meeting, which made her say that this is “factual information” and not about “my attitude”, which made me tell her DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME ON PURPOSE (!!!), because I love to hear your attitude too for example on how to live life and let us say that you have read some of the big Russian writers, and this had influenced your thinking of life and how to life it, I would simply love to listen to and learn from you, but do it based on KNOWLEDGE – and here I feel that this was really to say that my philosophy as I tell her about every three months is influencing how Lisbeth self is seeing life – and I also told her about the actual story of the mayor Benedikte Kiær, who has declared the houses of the horticultural society “Julianelund” for illegal and they may be torn down as result, and about how people of today only have to read the headline of this story to have an “opinion” straight away – this is how people are, they don’t need to know before they know better (!) – that “this is really WRONG, and it should be like this and this and this” without knowing what they speak about, and no, I don’t know what is the right answer in this conflict where houses have been built larger than they are allowed, but some say that the Commune has silently accepted this for years and now the new mayor says that they cannot be allowed and have to be torn down, and yes, just an example where I cannot tell you what is the right answer, and Lisbeth said that she also could not, and that is because we know too little of the case – but be fair, reasonable and do what is right or “the most right” in the given case, of course.

And she also said that I will not tolerate when she says that she doesn’t believe in God, and I could only tell her that this is NOT true because everyone has a free will, but I will do everything I can to influence you to understand and to obtain faith via my writings, and here via my communication with her.

She then told me that she would like me to consider the next month if I can accept being moved to “the box” called “early retirement pension”, and I told her clearly that I cannot because I have shown you all along that I work FULL TIME better than everyone else (and I am also NOT crazy as the system behind Lisbeth believes that I am), and it made her say that our meetings here every three months don’t bring anything – except from a pleasant meeting as we agreed – and I cannot continue being on cash help, which is only meant as a temporary benefit (which I have now had for almost five years), so she has to do something, which made me tell her that this only is an admission of failure when she “could not” give me “survival help” and accept my own work as “activation”, which she and the system could have accepted if only they wanted to, and also that they “could not” provide a job for me even though I work better than anyone else (!), and yes, we agreed that we fully understand each other on each side of the line, and this is that the system don’t have “a box” that fits with my situation, and now she wants me to accept what the system decides to offer me, and she tried to “sell” me “early retirement pension” to me because this means that I can do my own work as I please, and I could only tell her that despite of this, I will NEVER accept the official system officially disabling me, which this is about, because I have shown you all along that this is as WRONG as it gets, and it made her tell me what she read from my long email to her and the system that I am really disabled, and yes, I confirmed that this is truly the case, but in practice it is NOT because I have decided NOT to be disabled, thus showing you that I am not, and this is why you CANNOT put me on this disability pension and that is NOT with my acceptance/signature at least, but if this is what the system wants to do with me forcing me against my well, please do it, and I will simply write about it, and yes, Lisbeth asked “what will you write” (?), and I told her that it will be the same as I have already done many times before, which is that it is WRONG and “completely mad” because everyone can see that I work full time and better than anyone, and yes, SIMPLE LOGIC, right (?), and yes, I asked her if she does this alone or together with people of the system, and she said that she will bring all files on me together with “some of your writings” (emails to the Commune) to the “rehabilitation committee”, and we will discuss your case and decide which “box” to put you in, which made me recommend her to write to them “PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS CAREFULLY” (!!!), and I wonder which side they will chose (?), and yes, will these people decide to believe in the WRONG story of the system having declared me crazy, which their WRONG journals say about me, thus giving me this disability pension or will they decide to believe in me, thus allowing me to receive “survival help” in practice (?), and yes, these are people – employees and doctors – that are going to decide on my case and my life without ever having met me (!), and they are people brainwashed by the system not having read much of my writings, which they don’t have time to do – or are too lazy to do, which therefore probably will mean that they will take the side of the system, and on the other hand, you now have Lisbeth “on your side” – my voice still follows and helps me with every line – and that is because she can see that you are NOT sick, but completely normal to speak to and everything that he says makes sense, but how do you make the commission understand this about me (?), and yes, impossible it is, and this is the conflict that Lisbeth is put in, which is about being loyal to me or loyal to the system (?), and yes, is it possible for her to decide NOT to bring my case for the commission to keep me on “survival help” in practise (?), and yes, we will see what will happen, and yes, I will report about it if I am still working at the time, we will see.

And I told Lisbeth about this case about a 50 year old man with a slipped disc that another Commune has asked to work efficiently 40 minutes per week, which he can only do with the biggest difficulties, instead of giving him disability pension, and this SCREAMS TO HEAVEN, which she agreed with me in, and I don’t know if this is because the Commune can save money by doing this (?), but in my case, it is completely the opposite when Helsingør Commune does everything it can to give me disability pension even though I continue working full time, and at least what I have continued doing until now, and yes, I can still continue working from now if it has to be, but if I can continue working full hours (?), and no, I don’t know, but my story to the Commune is that I can, and that I do NOT accept to receive disability pension just because I am disable – because I am not!

And I asked her if a scenario can be that her colleagues, who believe that I should receive medicine, as she confirmed today (they are VERY SICK being brainwashed by the system), may decide that it is a condition for me to take medicine to receive cash help, and yes, Lisbeth said that she doesn’t believe that this can be done today, and I do believe that she is right because I believe that the Minister of Employement, the dictator Mette Frederiksen, on TV one year ago said that she would NOT like to receive such a requirement herself, so I do believe that this is now out of the question, so you can really bring forward all your weapons, my dear system, and I will do directly after your throat writing about you, and yes “what will you write” as Lisbeth asked (?), and only that you are COMPLETELY INSANE as everyone clearly can see except from yourselves (!), and I continue hearing a low voice saying that “I am proud of you”, and that is to not give in to the decision of the System of Hell, and yes, I told Lisbeth that she is now going to give me their final DOOM, and I could see in her eyes and from her reaction that she truly understood what this was about, and it probably also made her somewhat nervous because is she really willing to give me the DOOM that I am disable when everyone can see that I am not (?), and yes, this is what earlier would have brought Hell to the world too.

She said that she will now send me a questionnaire about my life before cash help while I was working, how I felt about work and before that about being in school, and yes, she wanted to send me the questions for me to think about and to interview me in one month time and for her to write down my answers, and no, WHAT A WASTE OF TIME also giving the risk of misunderstandings, so I recommended her to send the questionnaire to me for me to fill out and return to her.

Yes, Lisbeth truly understood that I am suffering as I have told her and written about, and it made me tell her what I also wrote in my recent email that it is NEGATIVE ENERGY of people sent to me because of negative misunderstandings and poor behaviour speaking wrongly about me behind my back etc., i.e. sins of man, and yes, these are my sufferings completely disabling and really killing me – making me more dead than alive – and yes, she may understand that this is only what Jesus receives, and no one else, and yes it makes sense to you, right Lisbeth (?), and that is because it is the easy to understand truth!

And I told her about Martinus and the reading group that I attended with other people about 8-10 years ago, and yes, Lisbeth had heard about Martinus, and I told her shortly about Martinus that he was an uneducated man who received “the light” as “cosmic conscience” coming to him – “an opening of God, whom you don’t believe in, Lisbeth” – which made him intuitively understand the construction of the Universe, which he decided to start writing down, which he then did in his “Third Testament”, which was also to say that I LOVE TO LISTEN TO, READ and LEARN FROM PEOPLE, and this was also to influence Lisbeth to start believing, and yes, Martinus wrote logically about the construction of the Universe and life, and not writings about his everyday, which is what I mainly do – with my main messages collected on my website. And it was also to say that this is the gift that everyone will receive with the opening of our New World, which is “cosmic conscience” making you understand everything about creation and life.

And yes, I told her about people being more and more busy for example receiving 50 emails per day at work, which they quickly skim and answer “to get it over with” and that is because they also have phone calls and their own work to do, which puts them under pressure, and this makes people do poorer and poorer work, and I am just telling you that this is WRONG and you need to improve, and yes, also easy to understand, right Lisbeth?

So I was too exhausted showing her my power of penetration again, but still this is what I did influencing her once again in the meeting today that lasted 50 minutes.

Is there a growing fear of the system that they have done a terrible mistake in relation to me (?), sure.

Have you now received your note receiving the last warning, yes, and is this what my mother etc. really believe, which is that I am crazy, thus making the system want to bring me disability pension, and yes, some do and some do not, and for my mother it is probably difficult to say by now because one day she believes in me, and the next, she does not (?), and yes, depending on the influence of people around her.

I cycled home and shortly before reaching home, I received Medina’s “Welcome to Medina” and I was told that “this was it”, i.e. I had reached the top doing my best when meeting the system again today, and here this song means “Welcome to my New World” and to me it means “Welcome to Stig”, i.e. my new self, and yes, I LOVE MEDINA’s music, and to me, she is truly a STAR too, which you only see few of today compared to how it was in the 1980’s and before this.

And I called my mother when returning home to tell her that the Commune has done NOTHING in relation to me to calm her down, and immediately I could hear on her voice that she was “cold” and spoke with “reservation” to me, and when I asked her about how she is and what she was doing, she did NOT tell me the real reason why, so I asked her directly “are you mad at me” (?), which brought a pause before she said “no, I am more disappointed in you”, and I asked her WHY (?), which she did not want to say even though I told her that when she is disappointed, it is also RIGHT to say why, but no, she didn’t have the nerve doing this, and there is of course ONLY ONE REASON WHY, and that is for my publish of my email dialogue with Søren, Bettina’s man, but she “could not” tell, and is that because Bettina/Søren has told you behind my back (?), or is it because John told you when looking at my Facebook messages or because you are reading my Facebook messages yourself without telling me (?), and yes, I told her that “everyone WRONGLY misunderstands me, where everyone should understand me because I am POSITIVE in everything that I do, remember that” and yes, this is how my mother is still “disappointed” with me (and not with Søren!) shortly before she will become the most proud mother of any mother ever, and yes, “impossible” to understand that Søren and Bettina as well as John “could not understand me” and you can include everyone else of the family on both her and John’s side because this is how it was when everyone was insane not being able to listen to, read and understand me. And she told me that she will try to come and visit me one of these days bringing the Chinese jars as she promised to bring me yesterday, but no, she “could not” because of her disappointment with me!

It isn’t the most impressive that you went through without losing a tooth (?), and yes, this is what I could easily have done the last couple of months when landing the heaviest part of the Source.

It is not as you think about Flemming – Hans’ and Sanna’s friend – because he had the authority to intervene if Sanna had come too close to hospitalising you thus telling her about what she did, but no, this was not necessary even though we came close as I am told.

I called the window polisher, who will come here tomorrow afternoon also to polish them to make everything perfect, and now I really only need the new Chinese jars and to have my bathtub cleaned, and maybe also to invite Lis together with my mother if it can be done, and first the weather has to improve because it is still wet this week.

Are Kirsten’s children and Kirsten now speaking about giving me my father’s citar because they do understand that I would like a memory of him (?), and yes, I do believe that one of the children – living in Ledøje – visited my website the other day reading about my father, or it may have been Kirsten too because this is next to Smørum/Måløv, where she still lives?

He has probably run away from HOME that man there, which is about Jørgen Klubien (from Danseorkestret), and his new solo album, which is running here all of the time because I LOVE HIS MUSIC, and this is also a reference to “HJEMME IGEN” (“home again”), which is one of my top favourites of Danseorkestret – a simple song almost played down, but INCREDIBLE beautiful in my ears, and HOME AGAIN is what we are inside of the Source.

I was told that there is on-going work of the system to bring me an apology, which also includes Bjarne from the system, and yes, I wonder if and how you can do this when you are not allowed to speak freely to me?

I was shown Laura, the cook of Matador, or “food mother” as we say here, and this is to say that dinner of our New World is ready.

I was shown a Pan-flute at the meeting hall of the United Nations, and how it turned into newspapers, which people are reading in.

Yes, Lisbeth helped cleaning up in here today. And yes, I felt that Lisbeth was more humble today and showed less resistance, which can only be the effect of my emails making her “understand more”, and yes, Stig may simply be telling the truth and is not crazy?

I felt the very last part of darkness of my mother coming to me from the hallway concluding that I will give up on her to which I could only say NO, everything will come with me if possible, and yes, I do expect less work the coming days, but I don’t stop right now, I will wait and see what comes.

I was shown the globe with chains around it and I felt God all around it as the only one having the keys to open up to us, which will happen when I stop my work.

During the afternoon the “daily wave of INCREDIBLE tiredness/lack of energy” that lasts 1-2 hours hit me as a champion boxer knocking me down, I am COMPLETELY OUT during this time, and I felt how I was falling out into nothingness; how life was leaving me.

I saw the news about the referendum in Eastern Ukraine today, and heard two different results from the pro-Russians on one side and the Western World on the other, and all I can say is that there seem to have been so many irregularities of this referendum and disagreement of the result of it that it can hardly be called for a referendum representing the will of all of the area, so the conclusion can only be to DO YOUR WORK PROPERLY, and when you have a clear result, it is right to follow the majority, but until this moment, I cannot see that the status of Eastern Ukraine has to change. In my view it is still part of Eastern Ukraine, and you have to do better preparing and carrying out a referendum before it is valid, and yes, when you are not sure about the true result of it – in contrast to Crimea.

I received the feeling of Kissinger standing in front of the chorus that wants to apologise to me, and I felt Lisbeth from the Commune and was told that the World Elite do know about her role as the spearhead of their Hell, and do they have influence on this rehabilitation committee that will now decide on my final verdict (?), and yes, because it will reflect the verdict of my family, friends etc., thus the world over me. But they cannot declare you disabled can they because people know that you are not sick, right?

I received a sound to the kitchen and was told that everything is controlled by faith of my mother, and is it the combination of my mother, Karen and everyone’s view on me – including Inge’s Jan against you, everyone – that makes you feel so poorly now that you are almost disabled (?), yes.

It is these last shots that Bettina and Søren have been allowed to fire against you. Has Bettina implemented the smallest cherry that we know (?) – as I am shown with a microscope – which we just had to bring over to you.

Lars G. is not without importance, and he has been part of it too on the sidelines.

So we are inside of this money safe after having opened very many money safe’s as I am shown in order to get here, and these safe’s are about faith of people. Have we now come in to the most inner of everything (?), yes, via Bettina at the very end and your influence on her because can it be that Stig is right?

I was shown bringing my mother in wedding dress, and I was told that she was designed to be given to me to “kill, kill”, but I am here shown her running away crying, which is because I rejected her with the result that everything is alive (here), and we have now reached the end, and yes, it is the combination of all smaller or bigger holes to people that we have opened that has brought us here.

So they did everything they could to stop me without knowing that they carried the key of all life inside of them, which is where I had hidden, and the key was faith in you, which was impossible to obtain because of bad-will of people to me.

It was the last faith of Lisbeth that we had to bring out today to reach this top that makes it possible to open the gate in here, so this is what brought the weight all the way to the top, which is to say that we have now finally absorbed all negative energy.

This is the only other way to enter than your “old nightmare”, which would have burned off this negative energy/life. This is what the world knows about, the energy metre now shows 100 percent meaning that we have transferred everything to the other side of our New World, which is what it took to land the Source.

You will become shocked to see how the system worked against you including to bring people against you without communicating with you – because of your mother’s resistance to you.

So you have said no to the most beautiful women – via my “old nightmare” – which was the only thing that you really wanted.

I was shown the globe divided in four and it is in the middle of this that we are.

So Søren and Bettina had the most concentrated resistance to you, and yes, who should have known that they carried on this secret/negativity, these nice people on the surface also to me, which was not true and incredible negative.

No, we are not going to cut away anything here, which otherwise would have taken place via the explosion going from our Old World to our New World, so now we can just switch off and on.

Yes, this is why I had the top job of the world deciding on how this transition would become via my actions, and the world would bring out what I would not bring via nuclear war etc.

Darkness was slowly killing you/everyone, which could only be avoided by you working in an up-tempo all of the time to absorb this darkness until the very end.

Did people, my family, friends etc., forget on the way how I was feeling receiving their darkness and focussed on their own misunderstood hurt feelings?

It is first here that we will break the Jesus and Mary chain, which was given to bring out the most energy of me, when I gave everything I had to avoid my “old nightmare” with my mother in disguise as the most beautiful women giving me sexual pleasure.

We had to break all money safe’s, i.e. to destruct the Universe, to enter here, which is why I was “as everyone else here” until 2009, where I stopped sinning. I did as everyone else until this moment – thinking of myself – and then I turned around to receive sufferings from sins of everyone else to save everything at the inner that created everything, which was the plan that the Universal Council knew about/planned, but didn’t know from where I was going to get strength to do this.

Had you given in to darkness, we would have started destructing Karen directly, which is where the Source was hidden, but instead you have now returned hundred percent of everything that was hidden inside negative energy.

I was given the feeling of Lars Liebst, who is the CEO of Tivoli, and yes, they have brought some of your favourite bands lately – Suede last year and Simple Minds coming this year – and I was told that they have the biggest surprise for me because it is of course here that “the super concert” celebrating our New World will be held – which I like very much forward to, Lars & Co. :-).

Yes, what will Lisbeth do now (?) knowing that I will call her for crazy in my scripts if she and the system give me the verdict of being disabled, and that is the question.

And yes, I was inspired when I copied in Bettina in my answer to Søren, and she gave me her inner cherry when she bit on and came out of the closet writing to me.

The most unique is that Karen still is alive.

You cannot get spare parts of her (the Source) inside of here, so she is the most valuable that we first brought out at the end.

I would only receive small signs of the Universe and the Source being destructed – via my teeth breaking – when Karen including the rest of the Source that we live from would be killed.

And this would be visible on the head of my new self – that I would not be completely in order, yes incomplete, which would wake interest of the New World to find and receive the last.

This means that everything in you is new and nothing old is reused, which would be visible to everyone, and yes a little here and there around the body would be reused, which we will now avoid.

Why don’t you bring “Goodbye once upon a time” by SAGA too (?), which is because this FINE song by SAGA was played by a 10 year old girl and brought to the SAGA Facebook group, which made Michael Sadler very happy to hear and say that it is one of his favourite intros of all that he has written, and yes, it is from “Behaviour”, which is my old favourite album with them, which it was for 30 years, and still is the album by the band having the deepest impact on me, and yes BEHAVIOUR is to tell the world to IMPROVE YOUR BEHAVIOUR including your work and communication as I have written to you on my website, and this GREAT song is coming to me now to say “Goodbye once upon a time, no more living in the past” of our Old World because we are now going to become our New World :-). Link:

It was negative influence of John, who received it from Sanna, that turned Bettina and Søren far away from me, and that is until we opened them at the end.

I was told about the Skanderborg Festival that I visited in 2008 being the only connection to Helena, and the importance of this cannot be overestimated.

This is what is making us perfect, which is symbolised by my apartment becoming “perfect” these days.

You will feel it when we will simply stop bringing you sufferings, which I still receive.

My father’s widow Kirsten is also the reason why you can drive longer on the litre.

It is me out here – the Source on the balcony – who is the spaceman as I am here shown, which is a reference to the spaceman of David Bowie.

I felt the BIG store of Metro and was told that we have been here to buy 100% percent new parts, and no, you didn’t know about this before now.

And because no one of all people having faith in me supported me, it was possible to receive the negative energy of Søren and Bettina via my sufferings, which were necessary. And we did this without having to start the dark New World Order and all of its pain to man seriously, which would have happened if I had said “no, you are not welcome” to the Source coming in, which was easy to do because of my sufferings, but I didn’t.

This means that the spaceship of everything is still floating around me as I was shown instead of being lost with the last part of the Source and parts of our new selves too.

Yes, we would also have let cancer hit Karen, I feel her ovaries, but as you say, this wasn’t necessary. And it was Karen self issuing her own death sentence when she was not attracted to you thus rejecting you, which was to reject her control system, and without this, she would die, which is also why your contact and love/attracting was decisive – to keep her attraction to me alive – which was done via my letters/emails to her and because I kept on thinking intimately about her, which was sent to her too as feelings. This is how you saved Karen, thus the world.

I was given the feeling of Margrethe Vestager, and was told that she was responsible not only for Denmark but internationally in relation to me. Yes, your sister kept on tightening the yarn around you, and who controlled here (?), was this Margrethe Vestager too, yes.

I was shown Camilla’s father, John, in his cottage house in Rørvig, and he was meant to stop my reading of the record because it would be impossible for him to believe in you – telling off “professional headhunters” working poorly – because he believes himself that he is “the best” (as one of the Senior headhunters of Denmark), but no, John was nothing special, he was just good to speak, and yes, I remember when he used PA Consulting’s old “wheel” to tell me about my profile after having answered a questionnaire, which was not convincing to me.

This would mean no loyalty of your mother to your father, which would destruct Karen and all life.

I kept on feeling Søren and Bettina and was given words of my emails to them, which apparently make them think – “take my words as face value – don’t twist them” – and yes, think about how poor behaviour they showed speaking about their misunderstandings and negative feelings of me behind my back without communicating with me, which is what all my family, friends etc. did, which is why the system worked behind my back too without communicating with me to hospitalise me, this is the direct connection.

At the end it was your mother’s poor behaviour also allowing John’s negative influence that was about to destruct us, which was exactly as programmed, and this is what you had to stop, which here at the end included the program to pass your mother going directly to the part of the Source hidden inside Bettina to open her enough via direct communication to bring this last part to me, this is how this game worked.

This was the last black part of me hidden in your world, and “all of this don’t interfere, Stig” was about to cost the life of the knight as I am shown here, i.e. my new self, because this is what they wanted when they rejected you when you acted as I would do as the only one in the world, which you were programmed to do, which therefore is what attracted me, and this is what Lisbeth helped to install in you, this last unite, because of her temporary faith in you.

I have received the feeling of Eberhard Hitzler – the director of the Luteran World Federation – twice today, and I was told that when I met him in Geneva in 2009, he knew about who I am, and this was decisive for me to have installed this last program in me (making me receive the last unit of the Source today).

Eeehhh, are your mother and John afraid that your emails to Bettina and Søren and your publish of these will create “trouble” between you that will endanger their cruise in September (?), and yes, I am of course the “troublemaker” for speaking the truth, not them, who “cannot” understand the truth because of laziness and better-knowing ignorance (?), and yes, it would of course be a “catastrophe” to cancel this cruise, or to go without Bettina and Søren if they reject to go because of me (?), and yes, talk about priorities compared to the importance of my work (!), and yes, I would much rather prefer that my mother and John decided to give this money, which may be around 50,000 DKK (?), to poor people, for example to my LTO friends and their families and the orphans of the village, which would make EVERYONE much happier, but no, they “cannot”, they are brainwashed by WRONG culture thinking of themselves as everyone else does here too.

And I was told that my mother’s negative attitude to me now is the reason why work poured in over me this evening with many notes, which I have now written here “tomorrow morning”.

I was shown “the VERY vivid eye” of God, and was told that we are inside of this – together with everything else, i.e. all layers of life and (unopened) cells of the Source – without really existing, and this is what we will switch off and replace with our New World, and I was also shown ourselves as the Old World inside a closed glass jar where we have to shoot off the lid of this to XSCAPE, and yes, this is also about the new album by Michael Jackson, which has now been released, and yes, it is fantastic to hear “new GREAT songs” of Michael (as great as his old recordings) including his “WONDERFUL special touch” almost coming directly from his grave :-).

Today was also the day when the story broke that Lars (U)Løkke had his Liberal Party use 152,000 DKK on shoes and clothes for him in 2010-11, which is what everyone else pay themselves, Lars, and no, you are NOT a worthy statesman, you are a man of the Devil lying and cheating, playing games to win power and also to receive as much luxury yourself paid by anyone else than yourself. Yes, you are a “pity”, and the only thing that is a shame is that you have not already confessed to ALL of your wrongdoings speaking out the truth 100% and yes including what you did to me, and to resign – when do you believe that you will do this (?), and ohh, first with the birth of my new self, is that really so?

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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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