May 2014 – X: The whole system of Lars Løkke and the Danish Parliament led by the Conservative Party bringing me darkness of man is about to fall



  • May 22: Lars Løkke abuses funds for private consumption, and covers up – Lars was darkness destroying me and Helle Thorning-Schmidt light saving me.
  • The whole system of Lars Løkke and the Danish Parliament led by the Conservative Party bringing me darkness of man is about to fall.
    • The strong light of the spaceship of everything, i.e. the Source, is now shining much longer on the Swedish coast visible to me, which is because I have started exercising again. This is the opening to the Source, which was placed in Sweden and not meant for me to pull in before later AFTER the creation of our New World (with more faith coming), but this is what we do now making everything perfect. We have gone through the first small greenhouses and I see the elephant waiting on me at the end. It is us out here with the big camera flash (creating life). Karen is no longer darkness, she and I are ONE, which will bring the end of my sexual torments too.
    • My sufferings are still on a lower level than before – however today was not good with more darkness coming to me – which is how to cure myself, which not one single doctor in the world could have helped me with. Today I weigh 125 kilos with my normal weight being 87-88 kilos – let the diet begin (!) and that is if I continue having energy to do the amount of exercise, which is required for me to lose weight. Can I lose 35 kilos in 3-4 months (?), we will see.
    • Lars Løkke suffers from the same “disease” that brought down the former Farum-mayor Peter Brixtofte, which is abuse of power not being able to control his expenditure of public funds for private consumption, which is once again close to bringing Lars Løkke to his fall, but today Lars has received unanimous support from his Liberal Party that decided not to be critical asking him to document his lies/cover up (about clothes and holiday paid by the Party) because their attitude is that it is either Løkke or chaos when there is no natural successor to Lars Løkke. These loyal party soldiers/wimps prioritized the chance for the party to return to government and for themselves to receive “good positions” instead of asking for and bringing the full truth/documentation to the world, which would have brought down Lars Løkke as chairman because when you CAREFULLY listen to what is said and not said in-between the lines and see the poor conscience of people on their faces when they continue evading to answer questions, it is clear that Lars Løkke did NOT pay the clothes himself when he received it 3-4 years ago – otherwise he would have said it clearly when asked instead of rejecting to answer – and he has also not paid taxes of it, which he should have done as a gift already at the income year when receiving it, which it really was as everyone can see. This is a “completely insane” story about a chairman who cannot understand what is yours and mine, and who continues to cover up, and it is embarrassing to see all of his party unanimously supporting him/the Devil, this continuing to work against me still blocking (deeper) access to the Source, but this is Lars’ dying twitches before he will be revealed, leave and open to me and my arrival. At the same time, this is also “me”, i.e. darkness of the Source, playing through Lars as part of the act closing access to the Source because of darkness of man, and this is just what the two main political leaders of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Lars Løkke, are about, which is for Helle Thorning-Schmidt to help me working for light to open the Source and for Lars Løkke to work for darkness closing it for me and to work for the end of the world. It is a VERY, VERY MAD WORLD because of people like Lars Løkke, who cannot control himself doing WRONG when is it easy to do RIGHT.
    • When Lars Løkke was speaking, I was given the feeling of Lisbeth from the Commune, which is because he, the system and his people have influenced Lisbeth against me as part of the fight of the system against you (because of darkness of man). The Conservative Party of Denmark placed Lars G. with me as my old friend – Lars G was/is/had always been a loyal party soldier of the Conservative with deep roots to MP’s of the Parliament – and this story will come out too about how the Parliament led by the Conservative Party worked against me for example preparing the job for my sister at the Social Board including doctors/hospitals pointing their canons against me, and being the only and highest authority of Denmark being able to allow control of minds and feelings of both my family, friends etc. – my sister, mother, Karen etc. – against me, as well as doing it to me too (via “HAARP”, see my dark NWO part II). They have followed me all the way through the system, and it is all of this system, which is about to fall, and it includes the script about how to break down me even though everyone wanted the opposite (but had to comply with darkness of man and the Universal rule). Lars G. is “the pin” that makes it possible for us now entering the Source even deeper after we have turned around enough making this possible.
    • Negative thoughts, misunderstandings of me and lack of faith of Elijah made him silent in relation to me, which almost brought the end of the world making it “impossible” for me to enter the Source, but it was faith of his wife which was the only reason why I received his gold allowing me to enter.


May 2014 – X: The whole system of Lars Løkke and the Danish Parliament led by the Conservative Party bringing me darkness of man is about to fall

FB 220514 Stig 1

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May 22: The whole system of Lars Løkke and the Danish Parliament led by the Conservative Party bringing me darkness of man is about to fall

I dreamt about visiting a hotel with many others for a weekend, where we are doing a joint work. Just to get there was a huge challenge. We are in incredible time pressure to finish two main chapters of a big report, and it is now the second day and afternoon, and we have completed the first chapter, and are working to complete the second chapter too with different people working on different parts of the chapter. Henriette is one of the people. The hotel owner used to work against us, which we believe that he still does, but he shows us how the printer is working if we need it, but we don’t. And yes, this is about finishing the second part of our New World, which includes the birth of Karen’s and my child, and we don’t need to do any more marketing, i.e. printing, to receive more faith, because we have all that we need. I woke up and was shown myself as Jeff Lynne and I was told that in the beginning, I did almost all work, but now other people do most of it, and I only play the rare instruments myself.

I also dreamt about being with Jack and being followed by the military in town. I have succeeded getting their most precious unit against their will, which they do everything the can to get back, but they cannot, and I have received their special jacket no. 28, which normally includes a recipe to take headache pills to wear, but I tell them that I have lifted this requirement, and can move freely, and this will have to be about having the Source returned to me, which I can now “wear” without being “completely destroyed” with headache and dizziness as I have used to have, which has now disappeared.

The first feeling when awakening – today at 08.00 after 8 hours of sleep – is that I am still TIRED, which is still not nice, but as mentioned before it is much LESS than being “completely destroyed” without any energy at all and with dizziness and headache, and also without the physical pressure of darkness coming towards and penetrating me making me feel “awful” inside of me, which is a BIG difference.

I woke up to America’s fine song “A horse with no name”, which is about my unborn child so far without a name, and he is going to take over after me as the new “white horse”, which is a symbol of “everything”, and yes, it is not many years ago I was surprised to learn that this is NOT Neil Young singing because it really sounds much like one of his big classics.

The former TV host and actor Ole Stephensen was funny in this post writing that a gossip magazine will reveal that Lars Løkke does not stand alone because he admits to having received clothes from the nationwide union, and I recommended him to pay for it when he puts it into his closet as Løkke (probably) always do because it is simple logic to pay for your gifts instead of remembering to pay taxes from them, isn’t it …. (?), and yes, just to say that the story alone of Lars Løkke that he has paid for the clothes that his party paid and gave him sounds COMPLETELY MAD, LARS!!!

FB 200514 Ole S

The famous pop singer Nanna writes here about a new song of hers called ”Our Lord on privy”, and I told her that she is directly inspired from the “Lord” that she sings about because “privy” is a symbol of destruction because she/everyone has just gone through the last times (without destruction coming all the way to Earth) before “the Lord” very soon will open to our New World.

FB 200514 Nanna

I was encouraged to write that my mother’s John’s kidneys and blood level show very low numbers, but he got through without a dialysis when checked the other day, but he received iron, which was also a symbol about me becoming strong receiving life of my new self. And my mother says that she received no information from her private doctor – whom she is VERY UNSATISFIED with – when to stop taking medicine against her stomach ulcer, and it was first when she decided to stop taking it herself that the lump of her throat removed.

I was told about how my family, friends etc., thus the world, did not support me because this cell of the Source that we are now turning around could not turn around itself, and as example Denis doesn’t mind to give room to you (in relation to Karen), but he doesn’t do it himself.

It seems as if my small heart attacks have stopped again.

At lunch I was “very tired” – on a lower level – but still I decided to go to the library to publish my script and later I planned to go to spinning too “because I can”, and I do hope that I will soon be able to feel more life/energy coming to me bringing me even less tiredness and that is because I am still using my will power and not only desire to do this work/exercise.

Yes, this is how to cure yourself; to remove my sufferings which not one single doctor in the world could have helped with.

We are using energy to unbind shoes, which we will never bind again, and I feel old shoes and time that makes me think of my mother’s mother.

I was given the name and feelings of many people now feeling embarrassed when knowing that I speak the truth about me.

After some hours at the library, I went to Fitness World only to discover that they had cancelled spinning today (!), and I discovered a weight there, and I weighed myself for the first time in a few years, and it said 125 kilos (!!!), and yes, my best weight is around 87-88 kilos, so I have more than 35 kilos to lose, and it really takes “much more exercise” and less cakes to start losing weight, which I hope that I will be able to do including a plan on how to do it – as I have done several times in the past, and I received a déjà vue that the world will follow my fight to lose weight, and also that this is necessary to break through to the Source.

I was shown Lincoln together with the logo of His Master’s Voice, and I was told that Lincoln is a symbol of me (as “the Master”).

I have felt Conservative MP’s for days and now Per Stig Møller, the former Foreign Minister, and they know that I am coming to reveal their role working against me.

I was given the feeling of Ivar Hansen, the late chairman of the Danish Parliament, who died in 2003 in the apartment of the Minister of Food, Mariann Fischer Boel, after they had had an affair for years, as I understand it, and I do believe that this is about the poor sexual moral of members of the government and Parliament.

I was told that Queen Margrethe also didn’t believe in me, and who really knew about me when I visited Amsterdam in 2006 together with Fair Insurance and the world was about to go under?

I was shown that we have gone through the first small greenhouses and I see the elephant waiting on me at the end. It is us out here with the big camera flash (creating life).

I was told that the reason why no. 9 has always been my lucky number is because of the number 3-3-3, which is the opposite to the number 6-6-6, i.e. light.

I was told that Keith Richards and Paul McCartney as examples are with me, and there has been a fight too about believing/not believing in me among musicians. And these games were also decisive to our survival, and yes, would there be enough believing in me?

I was told that we scored a GIANT ice hockey goal when I sent my old class friend Christian G. the links to my last memos some weeks ago, and yes, before he was easy to find contact information on as director of Roland Denmark, but I gather that he and his family has sold their shares because neither Christian nor his brother is working in this business anymore, which his father had started up together with Roland “many years ago”, which was already when we were class friends up to 1980, and yes, the only way I could find him was via his Google Plus account, where I could send him a “call out”, isn’t this what they call it?

At 21.13 I was surprised to see the strong light of the spaceship of everything, i.e. the Source, being switched on in Helsingborg North, and to keep being on for a long time, however with a little blinking and several times, where it was shortly switched off and on again, and yes, it was still light, thus the first and only light being switched on, and I was encouraged to look at the light via my binoculars, which I did, and then I saw how it was switched on for a long time, and blinking and shortly switched off/on, to the left of a yellow family house with a red sloping tile roof and a yellow bay in the roof, and yes, this house is located in the third of four row of houses from the beach (behind is forest/fields), and no, there are no special marks other than houses around it and approx. 150-200 metres to the left of it, there are some row houses, and we will see if I can find a photo of this via Google Earth when I return to the library.

And yes, this light kept on mostly being switched on for the next 17 minutes, which is longer than ever before, and it seems as if my exercise is what is doing this, which is how to open for all of the force of the Source, and this is “the meeting place” of it, and I felt and was told when it was being switched on once that “I can almost not do it”, which however was wrong because I now have more power opening for it, and when it was switched off, I was told that we will soon become happy, and yes, I now know where the light of the Source is, which is what this means, and “did you see the light – is what you can ask” as I was told.

Update: I have now been searching for this place/house on Google Earth, and it is located in the city of Hittarp right after Sofiero Castle, and this approx. 150-200 metres before the row houses, which I can find, but I have not yet found this particular house, and when/if I do, I will show you – but maybe you can find it and the light to the left of it, which looks like a tree, and yes, the houses lie close together here.

I received “You’re simply the best” by Tina Turner when seeing this light, and this is because this was the song that I dedicated to my voice, i.e. God/the Source, when I first received it in 2006 and before it turned dark, and yes, it feels like being discovered.

At 21.44 I received the light once again, and I was shown and told that I am soon completely erect, but I still felt a little intoxication because of darkness, so it is me being the shining diamond, and yes, just like the rays from the North Pole of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, why don’t you write this (?) – because you haven’t told me before now (!) – and yes, these rays have been visible for months.

FB 190514 Jette

And it continued being switched on/off until approx. 22.00 when other city lights first started being switched on, and at 22.15, I saw that the light of the spaceship of everything had now moved down shortly to the first row of houses/other lights, and yes, this light is much stronger than the other lights, and haven’t you seen it yet (?), and no, I cannot take photos of it with my poor mobile phone camera.

So we have now thrown the tennis ball to you – I felt it from Sweden – and now we are pulling Denmark to us in Sweden (as a picture) making everything become ONE, and this is where we sharpen the pencil and where time is “zero”/not existing.

I was shown dark people in front of a gate, and this is about bringing down Lars Løkke to remove him and his followers of darkness blocking my access to this gate, and this is about the continuing farce of Lars Løkke because he simply cannot speak out the truth about his own wrong-doings, which then continued today when first all MP’s of the Liberal Party in the Parliament gave him their unanimous support and so strongly that Lars Løkke was “very touched” by their declaration of faith (!), and later this evening when he was meeting the executive committee of the Liberal Party for Lars and the Party Secretary to give a statement about what happened when Lars Løkke received clothes, holiday etc. paid by the party, they also all gave him their unanimous declaration of faith – instead of asking for the full truth that would bring him down – and why is this (?), and yes, it is NOT difficult to understand the truth said in-between the lines of Lars Løkke and the party if you decide to listen carefully:

All “secrecy”, mismatch of stories between leading party members (I am here given a strong out of this world pain to my right ankle because of reactions of these people to my writings on this, i.e. mainly Claus Hjort Frederiksen) and reluctance to answer questions including “negative body-language” of Lars Løkke and other leaders of the party show that “something is ROTTEN in the State of Denmark” including Lars Løkke’s “private affairs” – did you get this one, Lars (?) – and I am here given the feeling of Peter Brixtofte, the former Liberal mayor of Farum, who was celebrated/supported by everyone until he was revealed not being able to control his expenditure of public funds for private consumption (expensive red wine etc.), which brought his fall, and I am told that Lars Løkke suffers from the same, which is how the Devil is working with people in power leading them in temptation, and this is what Lars Løkke is still trying to cover up even though he has now been caught several times with vouchers showing his lack of moral and responsibility for example when he previously was Regional Mayor using an incredible amount on taxi tours for his own private convenience, which had nothing to do with his work, and yes, this is just a man, who has been “growing” – like a dark cancer tumour – and brought his old poor habits with him all the way through the system to the top, and when nobody went against him, he had it his way with the system “obeying orders” knowing that if they did not, they would not have a long career in the system!

Late this evening when the meeting of the executive committee ended, three members of the committee had been appointed to meet the press as the first to show their unanimous support to Lars Løkke (!), and it seems as if all of these people decided to believe in the “constructed truth to cover up” of Lars Løkke and the Party without receiving documentation showing what really had happened, which would have been the easiest thing in the world to do if you really had clean flower in the bag as we say here, which would have removed this “unpleasant story” immediately, but when you cannot, you will not, right (?), and when Lars Løkke then declares that “I have paid clothes I have taken out myself for private use” and “I have paid the taxes that I am obliged to pay”, ALL OF THE PARTY LEADERSHIP decided to say that “we trust Lars and the Party, this is good enough for us”, and what is the true story behind this (?), and is this that you have lost your critical sense because there is no natural successor to Lars, who is the best Liberal politician and also the man who looks best in the media “selling tickets” to the public – if the vice chairman Kristian Jensen would become new chairman, he does NOT have the same charisma as Lars, which would potentially be a catastrophe for the Liberal Party maybe losing more than half of the votes (?) – so this is still a game for power with people wanting the Liberal Party to return to government and for the “loyal party soldiers” to receive good posts of this government and chairman, and yes, this is what it is really about, and it makes me SAD to see how all of you EMBARRASS yourself on public TV and now to all of the world forever and ever via my scripts, and yes, how in the world could you all decide to do so WRONG when it is easy to do what is RIGHT???

The newspaper Information is just one example of the media reporting from this meeting here saying that “the Liberal Party has difficulties recognizing the picture drawn of chairman Lars Løkke” and that Lars received full support from the committee after having given a “thorough statement”.

Information 200514

Yes, these three loyal party members of the committee said that the Liberal Party had NOT reported the payment of the Mallorca holiday for Lars Løkke’s family to the tax authorities, which I do believe otherwise is NORMAL PRACTISE to do, isn’t it (?) – staff goods such as free telephone, car etc. ALWAYS have to be reported (according to present rules), which normally include all kinds of payments of an employer for an employee – and when Lars later came out and answered questions, he was asked “have you paid taxes of this holiday” (?), which made him give the same general answer as before “I have paid the taxes that I am obliged to, and this is a private matter between me, my wife and the tax authorities”, and no, Lars “could not” give the same answer as Margrethe Vestager so clearly did the other day, which was that “I have paid taxes of the clothes that I have received”, and this is simply because you haven’t paid taxes of this, right Lars (?) – otherwise the right answer would be to answer like Margrethe Vestager – because “what they don’t know about, they cannot tax”, is this how the culture was (?), and yes, Claus Hjorth Frederiksen – the big and “not very wise” party soldier/leader – now said something like “Lars Løkke doesn’t have to pay taxes for clothes because Lars has paid for the clothes himself”, and yes, now you also understand “the official story”, Claus (?), which you didn’t do the other day when you said that it was a private matter for Lars Løkke to pay taxes for the clothes, and was this before you understood the construction that this clothes was no longer a “gift” for Lars to look fine, because Lars “had to” pay the clothes himself because it didn’t look good when he had received a gift that he had not paid taxes of already three years ago (?) – because the Party had NOT reported this as income to the Tax authorities the same way as they had NOT reported the holiday as income, what were you thinking, were you COMPLETELY INSANE (?) – and yes, in your mind, there was NO DOUBT that it was a gift from the party to Lars “to look good as a statesman”, and why should the Party first buy this clothes and hang it in a wardrobe at the Parliament with the limitation “can only be used at work” meaning that Lars had to change clothes before he went home (in a taxi paid by the party?) maybe late in the evening (?), and no, this is “impossible to believe in”, so this is why you “had to” make up the story that you paid for the clothes yourself, Lars (?), but then again, who would be so incredible stupid to pay for this clothes when taking it out for private use when it was a gift that you could and should have paid a lower income tax on (?), and according to Lars, he has taken out “much but not all clothes for private use”, which means that there still hangs clothes in the wardrobe at the Parliament, which can only be used there (???), and no, I don’t believe in it – it is too far out in the country as some of us say here – and when Lars was asked if there are more bills on clothes that the Party have paid for, Lars gave the cryptic answer that “it is not the party but me paying for clothes” (!), so there is (?), and eehhhh, maybe you would like to tell me then why the invoice was sent to and paid by the party in the first place if you pay for it yourself, Lars (?), and yes, when he was asked “when did you make this payment – at the time of delivery” (?), Lars did not want to/could not answer, so he decided only to say that “it HAS been paid”, thus clearly showing that it was NOT paid when he received it 3-4 years ago, and I wonder if this is part of the “rescue plan” done late in the evening recently when you and the Party decided to figure out how to “solve this unpleasant crisis” (?), and then you paid an amount to the Party approx. three years late, is this how it is (?), and yes, if he had paid when receiving this clothes in 2010-11, it would be easy for him to say and also to document, but he couldn’t because this is not what happened, which is why he gave these cryptic answers, and no, it isn’t difficult to understand, is it (?), you can see it radiating out of Lars and these people, and yes, what about trying to speak the TRUTH directly for a change, Lars and to become a man who can be trusted?

And when Lars said that his taxes are a private matter between him and the tax authorities, he was also given the words “I stand on goal for this”, and “standing on goal” is an old symbol I have often been given for darkness standing on goal trying to block me from scoring, and I was told that it is “me”, i.e. darkness of the Source, playing through Lars as part of the act closing access to the Source because of darkness of man, and this is just what the two main political leaders of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Lars Løkke, are about, which is for Helle Thorning-Schmidt to help me working for light to open the Source and for Lars Løkke to work for darkness closing it for me and to work for the end of the world, and isn’t it incredible to see all the LAZY and DUMB “party soldiers” still supporting Lars (?), and yes, you should be wise enough to do what is RIGHT, and how can it be that all of you are WIMPS wagging your tales following the leader, and yes, it would be nice to have just one of you to say out LOUD that Lars Løkke is both WRONG and a WIMP, who cannot tell the truth because he cannot live with his wrongdoings being revealed, and what about you, Uffe Ellemann (previous chairman and “father” of the party enormously respected), don’t you believe that this could be a role for you to play because you like to speak out the truth directly for everyone to hear and you are not a WIMP yourself, right, or are you?

These are the last dying twitches of Lars Løkke before everything will be revealed and he will be removed with my coming, and yes, he was thinking himself to go because of this case, and why didn’t you, Lars (?), and yes, DO IT AND SPEAK THE FULL TRUTH also about me if you like, and that is because nothing negative can happen as consequence now, and yes, I give you this permission overriding what you have been told by “the system above”, which I am the only one who can do, but still you “cannot” speak the truth because you are one of the biggest wimps of all, right (?), and yes Bjarne P., the director of Helsingør, is only a little fish compared to you, who “could not” carry out your order to kidnap/hospitalise me.

When Lars Løkke was speaking, I was given the feeling of Lisbeth from the Commune, and it isn’t possible to imagine that he and the system, his people, have influenced Lisbeth against you as part of the fight of the system against you (because of darkness of man), is it?

Yes, the Conservative Party of Denmark placed Lars G. with you as your friend – Lars G was/is/had always been a loyal party soldier of the Conservative with deep roots to MP’s of the Parliament – and this story will come out too, and I was here watching Hans Engell, the former STRONG chairman of the Conservative party in the 1990’s, who was commenting on Lars Løkke in the studio of TV2-News, and I was told that he is also not without responsibility in relation to me, and I was given the feeling of Espergærde, which is to say that we lived/worked there at the same time in the 1980’s, Hans, where I had a good impression on you, but you are also one of those who cannot/will not speak out the truth of what you did to me because “you had to”?

I received the beautiful song “Mad World” – in Gary Jules’ version – and the lyrics “all around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces”, and yes “when people run in circle’s, it’s a very, very, mad world, mad world”, and running in circles is indeed what you do, Lars, and the world has become MAD because of people like you, who cannot speak the truth and separate what is yours and mine – keep private and business interests apart, which becomes “impossible” to many after having “misused” business credit cards for years for dinners and “private pleasures” too, Lars (?) – and doesn’t it make you embarrassed to keep on fighting me via your lies and WRONG behaviour (?), and yes, a broken man is what he is as I am told behind all of this also including “thank you for the play” because Lars knows that this is about receiving access to the Source going through his darkness as his role, and the press knows that this new story about Lars has only emerged to the surface because I am winning everything, so WHY DON’T YOU TELL THE PEOPLE THE FULL TRUTH (?), and yes, you have my permission, nothing negative can happen now and one has to be the first, so why don’t you do it, WIMPS!

I was told that the Conservative Party also prepared the job for my sister at the Social Board including doctors/hospitals pointing their canons against me. Yes, it is all of “my good friends” of the Conservative Party at the Parliament also including Pia Christmas and the people of Waterfront, and yes, it still makes me sad to learn that my friendship with Lars G. was build on a lie – even though he became my closest friend from 1991-2005, I believe. And they have followed you all the way through the system, and that is the Danish Parliament lead by the Conservative Party, and it is all of this system, which is about to fall, and it includes the script about how to break down Stig even though everyone wanted the opposite, and it includes plan of how to use my sister, mother, Karen and other family, friends and they system against me, and all of this is coming directly from the Source as I felt from Sweden again.

So everything about Lars Løkke looks irresponsible but is carefully planned being part of the game against me. And it was only the Parliament as the highest authority in Denmark that could approve mind control of thoughts/feelings of my family, friends etc. against me (via HAARP, see my dark NWO II) and of myself, which was to reflect man, this is really how simple it is. And this is why my aunt, Inge, was more open to me than most, which is because of light of man given to her, and no, there were not many as her.

I dreamt about lifting something heavy to look for gold to be placed in my teeth, and later about being with people in Kenya, who are going to play different plays, and I have been asked to play the main role in the last play “the big fire”. There is a short break, and we are close to where Elijah lives, and I decide to go there to say hello and to give them 2,000 Shillings as I can spare, but it is only his wife there, who is kind to me, and there was no trouble to get up the road to her, but when I want to leave, I see that the neighbour ground has been taken over by brutal slave owners whipping and working as dictators forcing slave workers, and I try to run with Elijah’s wife next to me trying to come through the road, but they have seen me, and they are now plenty giving me electrical shocks via small devices, and it seems as if I cannot escape them.

When I woke from the dream, I was told – half asleep – that Elijah decided to be silent in relation to me to show his dissatisfaction with what he also believed was my “anger”, which you know is just my direct speech telling Elijah (and others) about their wrongdoings, which was COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for the slow thinking Elijah also having WRONG self-concept, and I was shown that because of this, he lost faith in me/did not support me, which really made it impossible to come through this road with all of these dark people attacking me and that is without deciding not to save them all, and I was told that Elijah is the reason why the computer, i.e. the world, many times were about catching fire, and yes, a big part of the darkness that stopped my access to the Source. But you are now Mr. Clean after having come through his darkness too via your sufferings as the only way to enter. I was also told that for Elijah it was not good enough supporting me because he wanted to be the sheriff himself.

But still we came through via my sufferings without breaking down, and yes, using faith of people including Eljah’s wife as I was also told, and she is the only reason why I received Elijah’s gold, which this dream is about, otherwise we would not have been able to connect with the Source as we do now. This is Elijah’s importance, and no, he never realised this and that his silence/much negativity (in long periods) to me had this meaning, and yes, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand that when you don’t support me or have lost faith in me because of your WRONG negative thoughts, this is what should have made our survival impossible, right Elijah (?), and yes, this is how it was for “long periods”, remember? I was also told that Elijah would like to reject my money transfers again.

And I dreamt about Karen working in a toy store, my mother is there too, I tell Karen that I am light and she was darkness, and enemies have now given up, so we are now one, she is no longer darkness, and I see a spider, which I kill – and the store has to be about faith of Karen, and the end of the spider is to say that she will no longer bring me sexual torments..

I also dreamt about my Formula 1 car being punctured, and then I am suddenly in Helsingør one kilometre from the cross I am supposed to be. I come to an area around the Prøvesten Shopping Centre, which here is empty and looks like a desert. Everything is sand, and there is a slope down, where I build stairs made by stone, and I see how the stream also runs down there. On the other side of the sand/”desert”, I see three people to my surprise taking a GIANT jump of hundreds of metres to a building in the middle of nothing where they once a year hold a party, which attracts many people. They have a restaurant and a supermarket there with fine bread etc., they also have a brothel with three not very good looking ladies and one black man, and I count my last coins believing that I am almost out of money, and to my surprise, I discover that I have approx. 1,200 DKK, which enables me to do some shopping, and since this was at the end, they meet me afterwards in a Netto supermarket bringing their special and fine products, and I have difficulties keeping my balance there. And yes, sand used to be about sufferings, and here I come to a place that is difficult to reach to bring out special products, i.e. special life.

I slept incredible poorly this night having big difficulties falling asleep and could not sleep longer than to 06.00, where I decided to stand up and write this pretty long script of yesterday and today to this point even though I really could not, and I wonder if this is because of Lars Løkke and my writings of him and the party, and yes, you are sending me much darkness for not giving up, and can it be that you only do this by now to “help” me with opposite sign?

And if I don’t get a proper nap today, I will not be able to go to spinning later. We will see.

I used the morning to write the script, and then took a nap, which was uneven for approx. three hours, but I still felt “completely wrong” afterwards and I decided not to do the spinning and also not to wash my floors, which I will do when I can. It is still tough having days like this being more tired again and not being able to do what I planned to do, and I felt that the alternative is to give up and to be warmly welcomed by the light, but no, this would be wrong to do.

I was told that Elijah’s brother Mischeck, who was the first man I met in Nairobi in 2009 leading me to Elijah/LTO, could have been used instead of Elijah, and later I had the choice to invite in Mischeck to the LTO work and “family”, but I decided not to do this to save money (I paid for lunches and gave the team money) and because we really didn’t need his help, so this is what this was about, and yes, it would have been right to do the opposite of what I did, but still we came through.

I was given a strong feeling when I was seeing and scrolling through this information (see this script on my website) about SAGA having had to cancel their show this evening, and I knew that this strong feeling given to me meant that I had to bring it here because this is related to their opposition to my email to them the other day.

I received the lyrics “take me to the magic of the moment, on a glory night, where the children of tomorrow dream away, in the wind of change”, and yes, this historic song by Scorpions had to come, and here it was.

I continue receiving MANY dark striking sounds to my balcony, which is coming from the Source but not reaching me yet because of darkness of man still coming against me, and yes “the old system” you know.

No, I haven’t heard from my mother about Lis, whom we talked about inviting today or tomorrow.

For some days I have been given the “nice taste” of blood – this is how it tasted, I almost felt like a little “vampire” – of the meat I have eaten a long time after having eaten it, and I wonder if this is about more destructions of life/the Universe.

I was told that Lars G. is also of importance in relation to the closure in relation to the Source.

I now received MANY small heart attacks again both when taking a nap and for hours afterwards, which came on so strongly that I feared that it would kill me.

I watched the last part of the football match between Horsens and Lyngby from the second best Danish league, and did you notice how a player in the defence suddenly had four opponents right around him, and without knowing what he did, he “magically” succeeded to cheat them all, and the commentator said that he really didn’t realise just how dangerous this was – they could have easily scored if he had lost the ball – and yes, this was a symbol of me playing against the “four back chain” of darkness, i.e. the four-divided world, and Horsens won by 1 to 0, which made the commentator say at the end of the match that “Horsens is coming out of the coffin”, and yes, what a “strange thing” to say, right (?), if it was not because the coffin is from where I am symbolically coming out as my new self as I have been shown and told about so often, and yes, Lyngby is darkness you know ….

I also received some of the old pain to my stomach and spinal column this evening making it impossible to drink coffee, so negative feelings of people reaching me again.

I was shown a traditional Peruvian lady wearing a shawl in ALL colours, so we are ready, but ….

I was told that when I went with Lars G. on a holiday in the 1990’s to his cottage house in Søndervig, it was to get to know him better and it was really about what we will now go through, this is how far we have reached turning around that we are now ready to enter deeper into the system, and I am shown Lars as a small metal pin that will bring us there. It is ready and done and not an easy access to the Source there.

This is what all of these striking sounds to my balcony are about, and I have received MANY of these, these days.

The light of the Source was switched on next to the same house as yesterday on the Swedish coast at 21.12 this evening, and no, I decided not to follow it as I did yesterday.

Are all sufferings I was given today about Lis not coming, and what happened (?), and yes, I will speak to my mother tomorrow, but I don’t plan to follow up on this anymore. It will happen if it will happen, and if it does not, it does not – yes, I have followed on “enough” on this.

When I went to bed, I was told that only because I am nothing, I can create (everything).

We could not bring in all energy of the Soviet Union without the opening/liberalisation of the Baltic States, which I was also told the other day without writing it.

I received ABBA’s “Rock me” and the lyrics “wanna be wanna be in my baby’s arms”, which of course is about Karen waiting for me, and it was directly replaced by ABBA’s “One man, One woman”, which is about “two friend and two true lovers”, and I was also given the special lyrics “one heart”, which is about Karen and I being one as “One man, One woman”, and our heart is the heart of the world/everyone :-).

I was shown and told that at the end we will lift down “the (blue) Opera Tube” of all layers of life on top of me as the motor.

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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. Jette Uhlott, photographer says:

    yes – well those light at the North Pole is very instabil..I do not always know to say – and are often tired .. it is much work to me, too ❤ .. linked as usual

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