May 2014 – XIII: I am inside the most beautiful palace of all that creates everything, which however is “the certain death” when not yet being turned around



  • May 28: I am inside the most beautiful palace of all that creates everything, which however is “the certain death” when not yet being turned around.
    • It is the moral ending of Snow White that we are now coming to where “light” – “the most beautiful and clean of the Source” – miraculously survive attacks to be killed by “darkness” and now darkness is dying.
    • I published the information about the Bilderberg group that will dissolve at the meeting in Copenhagen to three Facebook groups of “activists against the elite”, and it included the story about how one of them, Morten W., had shown me negative reluctance, ridiculed me and showed me the worst blasphemy I have met, and how he behaved as a dictator of the elite self by deleting my posts to his group, deleting me as friend and threatening to report me (wrongly) to the Police, and the result was that all three Facebook groups showed the same negative reluctance to read and understand me as Morten W. and kicked me out (!), and this is how these people who use all of their power to fight the world elite and their dark New World Order without understanding or wanting to understand that it is exactly this kind of negative behaviour that they show me, which is what is bringing this dark New World Order – they really should be protesting against themselves and their WRONG behaviour, but they “cannot” and will not understand. This was required to do to let talk about me spread – “is Stig crazy or the one” (?) – when they will start their protests with the Bilderberg meeting starting May 29. These people sent me an incredible amount of negative/destructive energy because of my “complete unfair” writings about Morten W., which is just the truth!
    • I continue spinning on a daily basis at the moment and continue working full days, which is what is required using “the old system” to turn everything around from the dark to the light side. I both feel “good” and “bad” inside of me because I come in better form, but still receive some tiredness and sufferings from the old system. If I cannot continue, we will play the act of losing all layers of life, but it will only be an act. We would have said that the stamp was broken, and then we would still enter. And instead of letting your mother collect all broken pieces of the refrigerator, this is what we will avoid. I have really hit the wall – “Sauron” – but if I keep on exercising, I will also be able to handle this. It was impossible to take on this challenge (to bring in the last incredible heavy parts of the Source – by turning around everything), but since I have now done it (increasing exercise to my maximum), we will continue the game, and this approval to continue is given both by the Source and the old Universal Council. I am continuing to play football like FC Barcelona even though I should not be able to play at all inside this darkness, which means that I am inside “the sure death” now, which is the area from where my child will be given birth. It is about time to transfer HUGE SUMS (of money, i.e. force of the Source) with or without your mother’s help, and we are still doing this work which would be unthinkable to do until 14 days ago where we did not know how you would react going through the transition face – after my meeting with the Commune. Faith in me has spread enough for me now to be inside the most beautiful palace of them all, which is where everything is created.


May 2014 – XIII: I am inside the most beautiful palace of all that creates everything, which however is “the sure death” when not yet being turned around

FB 280514 Stig 1

FB 280514 Stig 2

May 28: I am inside the most beautiful palace of all that creates everything, which however is “the sure death” when not yet being turned around

I dreamt about opening the till of a bank, which I however cannot because I have forgotten my key at home, and the bank manager exposes/ridicules me to the press.

I am together with Sanna, Hans and others, and we are all packing a BIG packing case to bring when we will go to a cottage house, and when arriving there, I hear about a secret of Tobias and later outside on the terrace, I hear Sanna telling Hans that “now we have to tell Stig before he finds out himself”, and there is mud hole out there which I believe that I can pass, but I cannot, I fall in and Tobias pulls me out. Hans has used MUCH money on luxury including on an advanced new stereo equipment and speakers with four bases bringing sound all over the house. And I wonder what this secret is about (?), I can only guess, does Tobias have another father than Hans or is he also receiving spiritual experiences, which are kept hidden to me because they believed he was “crazy” too (?), and no, I don’t know, but please tell me, Sanna/Hans/Tobias.

And I dreamt about entering Gitte’s (former colleague and claims manager with Fair, now with Aon) office, where I am about to give her my big key bundle, but then again, I decide to keep two keys, which I still need.

I woke up to Suede’s ”just give me, give me the power” from my 2nd favourite album of all, and no, this is not about making anyone bleed as they continue singing about, but about obtaining the force of the Source, and this is what I hope to receive more of every single day when continuing to exercise.

I was told that Janet Parker has been shown that it is not only you but also Janet who would burn up because of the power of darkness.

I was also given “Our love will last forever” by Donna Summer, which it will with eternal life of our New World, and yes, there is NO DOUBT that Donna Summer together with Giorgio Moroder made MUSIC HISTORY with their albums in the late 1970’s, which to me still is among the best ever made, and this is also coming because New Order used the beat from this song to their Blue Monday, so we are really going back to find the “original” here of the biggest dance song ever, and yes, TRULY GREAT “Our love” is 🙂 ♥.

When I woke up, it was to a body still feeling moist all over because of lack of energy, and yes, I have “more energy” now, but still “lack of energy”, and it feels as if my battery is only loaded by maybe 25% and it is VERY DIFFICULT to decide to do my best everyday including both writings and exercise, which truly feels “impossible” to do every morning, and still I start feeling the effect of my exercise inside of me, so I both feel “bad” and “good” at the same time, which is really two different worlds, you know.

I was reminded when my mother suggested me to move into a “home” in 2009 – giving me the name of it without saying what it was, I had to discover myself making me feel VERY SAD – and yes, this is what Sanna & Co. had her convinced was the best for me, and how BIG an apology do you think is on its way from both my mother and sister?

Again I wrote at home in the morning – I still start writing as the first in the morning after having checked for new Facebook messages, emails etc. – and went to the library in the afternoon, but on my way there, I went down to the beach here in Højstrup north of Helsingør bringing my binoculars to check the precise location and “signs” around the house in Hittarp, Helsingborg, (approx. 6 houses to the right of the row houses, four houses to the left of the “modern glass house”, approx. row four-five from the beach and the house to the left of it also has a red roof, this were “the signs”) on the coast on the other side 3-4 kilometres from here, and this was because I wanted to find this house on Google Earth and also on a street view picture if possible – even though Google Maps don’t have street view on the small streets of this city – to bring with my script of yesterday together with the pictures that I took with my mobile phone of the city with and without the light of the Source, and when I sat there on the bench looking through the binoculars, a man came in a hurry setting up a tripod for his camera with a LONG telephoto lens, taking a few pictures and then he was off again shortly thereafter maybe after 1-2 minutes only, and he drove away in his car, and I thought that this was a pretty strange behaviour, but didn’t pay more attention to it until later when I was told that it is difficult for the media to take pictures of this house on the Swedish side without causing attention, so this is what this what about, and why the hurry to disappear so quickly, my friend (?), and was that because you discovered that I was sitting on the bench approx. 20-30 metres from you?

I went to the library where I finished my script and used quite some time finding the house on Google Earth, and also on Swedish maps, and at I succeeded finding a street view of the house up close, which is what you can see from my script of yesterday.

When I was doing this work finding and publishing the EXACT location of the light of the Source, I was told that this is leading directly to Shangri-La of our New World, and yes, this is one of the FINEST songs of Electric Light Orchestra of course from their FABULOUS “A New World Record”, and as you know, this music is “in a league of itself” to me.

After this I “just” had to decide how to publish my “conversation” with Morten W., and no, I really did NOT want to do this because I was tired and sad of his behaviour, and really didn’t want more of the same kind of negative reactions, but I decided to do “the best”, which is here to go directly after the throat of the Devil so this is what I did when publishing this text to Morten W’s own “Bilderberg 2014 Maj, Danmark/Denmark” event, where I still could comment (which I could not anymore in his Facebook group “Information for the Danish People) and also to the “ADHD invented by Big Pharma” Facebook group and another group called “NWA New World Activist”, and finally also to my own Facebook timeline.

FB 260514 Stig om Morten W 1

FB 260514 Stig om Morten W 2

FB 260514 Stig om Morten W 3

Only seconds after publishing to Morten W.’s Bilderberg event, I received this message from him saying that “if you have a problem with me, take it with me”, and yes, this is about the worst, concentrated darkness that doesn’t want to be exposed publicly for wrong behaviour and being named as a dictator behaving like the worst elite self.

har du et problem med mig, så tag det med mig. hvis du laver splid, er det jo blot som jeg siger, at du er der for eliten. de elsker kaos og uorden.

I tried to send this reply telling him again that I only mean WELL and again I encourage him to read and understand what I REALLY write, but it was too late, he had now blocked me making it impossible for the message to come through (!), and yes, a COMPLETELY DEAF young man with incredible poor behaviour, and yes, this is what also he hides under his “nice cover” as all do (“more or less”).

Morten, Jeg mener det KUN VENLIGT! Prøv venligst at læse og forstå, hvad jeg VIRKELIG skriver, som jeg har bedt dig om at gøre hele tiden. Jeg har ikke tid til at skrive med dig nu, jeg er på vej ud, men du skal vide, at vores mail dialog er nu delt vidt og bredt overalt i verden i virkeligheden, og kan ikke kaldes tilbage.” Message cannot be sent based on either the receivers’ privacy settings or yours.

FB 260514 Message cannot be delivered MORTEN

It was now 17.45 and I had been working all day to finish and publish this script, which was not one of the easiest to do, and from here I went to spinning – the 3rd day in a row out of my goal of 6 – and I was told that it was a condition for me to spread this story about the agenda of the Bilderberg group to dissolve itself to make some people believe in me and to bring activists to talk about me when meeting in front of Hotel Marriot May 29, and if I will come (?), and no, I have no plans doing this, why should I, I have NOT been invited on coffee neither by the meeting participants nor by the activists protesting against them, and they are now going to dissolve themselves, and of course you are welcome to come to Helsingør for a cup of coffee my dear world leaders, and that is if you dare and can, can you?

And yes, this is also the story again about the opposite world where you see activists doing almost everything they can to protest and warn about “the elite” to the world – almost without being heard because of the media being silent – and they has incredible STRONG and negative emotions against the elite believing that they are the Devil self without understanding or even wanting to understand that this Devil is themselves (i.e. sins and WRONG behaviour of man), and this is what is causing what they protest so strong about, and yes, if only you knew, you would be able to improve your behaviour, communication and work in order to survive, wouldn’t you (?), but when you are too lazy and better-knowing ignorant to understand, you continue your WRONG and selfish behaviour, which truly is SUCH A SHAME, and yes, this is coming to me because the TALK TALK about me has already started in these circles, and yes “is Stig crazy or can it really be that he is the one”?

While spinning I was told that it requires my strength to turn around and open up to the Source from the other side because darkness of the world will NOT help me – as you saw demonstrated from this lot of “crazy people” of activists, and this is how we are using the old system of my mother via my sufferings/energy doing this.

When there was 20 minutes remaining of the spinning, I felt diarrhoea coming, which was darkness/destruction because of the incredible negativity that I met, and no, I did NOT want to stop exercising, so I said that I want to use this exercise to keep this diarrhoea in chess, which it then did, and I only finished the exercise and the bath afterwards binding my shoes as the last and in this exact second I had to RUSH to the toilet, this is how long it was kept back because I told it to, and yes, the worst concentrated darkness from these activists, who “cannot” listen to anything else than their own wrong voice, incredible right?

Nikoline was the instructor again today, and she did her “mad” tempo shifts and rapid “stand up” and “sit down” again, which was almost killing me the other day, but today it went better because I am getting into a better form, and I ended the hour having used 647 calories, but this was actually my best and hardest exercise so far, and I would have used approx. 700 calories if her hour was not approx. 3-5 minutes shorter than Steen’s.

Finally, at 20.00 I was home again after a long day, and I met Manuella, the Austrian lady, on the hallway, and I decided trying to speak with her to see if she was in a mood to speak to me again instead of just saying “hi” and quickly disappearing as she has done so often, and I was happy that she did, and she opened up when I spoke about how Jan is because I haven’t seen him for a while here, and she said that he is at a “home” in Dronningmølle for the next three months, and I told her to tell him that I would like to go there and visit him if he likes my visit, and yes, “not easy” for Jan to decide to change his life from the worst to the better by changing his attitude and way of life, which shouldn’t be that difficult if only you decide to do RIGHT.

When I checked Facebook, I had received several comments to my posts to the three Facebook groups, but when I tried to open them, I could not, because my post to all three groups had been deleted (!), and I had been thrown out now also from Charlotte’s ADHD Facebook group, and yes, she is one of the other main arrangers of the protest meeting against Bilderberg and friend with Morten W., and I invited her to become my Facebook friend maybe one year ago, which she was only a few weeks before she had had enough of me leaving me again, so this is how she decided to be loyal to his friend and to delete my “incredible negative/unfair post” about Morten W., which he has not deserved (?), and yes, you are still watching the old system of the opposite world in action, who “cannot” read/listen and understand, and yes, she was also inspired by negative responses to me, which I however cannot bring now, and I thought that I would receive an email of these to bring, but I did not because I had chosen no notifications from these groups, and yes all of these people decided to act as the worst darkness blindly following the misunderstandings of “the hurt Morten W.” without realising and understanding that I simply told them the truth both about Morten and Bilberberg, and yes NEGATIVE and WILL DEAF they are.

FB 260514 post deleted by Charlotte

I received a sound to my kitchen of a table tennis ball being loosened and coming out, and do you want to believe that we have been hidden here (?), yes sure – I just write what you give me, and this might be about what was hidden in my sister.

Yes, people of these Facebook groups only had a couple of hours to read my post and visit my website and Facebook profile, but this is what it took to make them talk about me also at the coming Bilderberg meeting.

I was a little nervous about what the unbalanced Morten W. together with Charlotte and others could decide to do to remove my “unpleasant” writings on Morten from my website because these people are capable to do “everything” and when their misunderstandings and negative temper thrive, maybe Morten/they could decide to try asking my web-provider to remove it or maybe remove all of my website (!), but I decided to run this risk deciding to keep my old priority that protecting my public writings from being removed is the first priority of all meaning that this is where you have to use energy if required to change negative thoughts of people to “give up” doing this, and yes, this is how it works.

The light of the Source was back in Hittarp, Sweden, this evening for three minutes at 21.30 and three more minutes from 21.34, and now it is CONSTANT without pulsating.

I was shown a typically Russian town and was told that my exact location of the light of the Source in Hittarp – using my binoculars, which was not that easy – is creating faith in otherwise slow-witted Russian leaders.

I was shown two matches on fire being blown out, and I was told to remember that these experiences with almost hostile activists against me is a preparation for the Bilderberg meeting to make people talk about me, and they are helping to set up “bunches of bank notes” as I am shown, i.e. energy of the Source, which I am shown turning into CD’s as a symbol of love of the Source.

I felt my new self coming from the hallway to me again – up very close – and this is where “he” is coming from because we have been all the way around opening the entrance from here, which used to be where my dark self via Karen was.

I was shown Karl Lagerfeld, which is about “the absolutely finest clothes of all”, i.e. life of the Source entering.

Extreme right party movements all over Europe won the election for the European Parliament with very clear mandates, and this is really about the attitude of people ”You are not welcome here because we protect our people and lifestyle from yours”, which is an expression of self-satisfaction and selfishness of people only thinking of themselves, and yes, this is about darkness that don’t want to open to light, and as you can see from this election, it wouldn’t have taken much for these parties to receive government control and showing themselves as TRUE Nazi’s bringing out World War III against the Muslim World if I had NOT been strong enough to absorb darkness but had lost it and turned into Anti-Christ, which would have awakened these people and this movement and showed their TRUE inner and horrifying darkness, which they are born with, and yes, Morten Messerschmidt from Danish People’s Party as example received approx. one out of every four votes here breaking all voting records, and this is the same man, who was caught in Tivoli in 2007 celebrating Hitler by singing a Nazi song and giving the Heil greeting, and it should be obvious to everyone that Morten & Co. deep inside of them is hiding “the most concentrated darkness” of all, which is what the public was “willing” to let lose because of their self-sufficiency wanting to “protect” their life style instead of opening up to, inviting and helping fellow human beings all over the world sharing the wealth of the world equally.

Huffington post 260514

BT 270407

I was told about the Bilderberg meeting being “the Board meeting”, which the world/Universe has held without me for “ages”, and they now feel that I am participating again helping them to form their agenda.

I was VERY SAD as example to see how two old friends, Paul and Lisbeth, sent their birthday greetings to our old CEO from Fair Insurance, Peter A., which they were “not able” to do to me recently even though they and I were MUCH closer than what they are to Peter, and yes, this kind of hiding/abandoning of my old friends truly make me sad to see, they are the biggest cowards/chickens leaving me instead of supporting me.

Peter tillykke 260514

I woke up to “Ka du ha det rigtig godt” (something like “please feel fine”) by Sirius and the lyrics “når jeg nu siger farvel” and “Ka du ha det rigtig godt” (”when I now say goodbye” and “please feel fine”), which is about me feeling better and better when my sufferings now are gradually reducing when “my old self” (the old system of the Old World bringing me darkness because of sins of man) is leaving (strings of darkness continue being removed from me) and I am becoming more and more my new self (only light without darkness/sufferings), and this fine song is made by my old music teacher from Roholm’s School in Albertslund (where I went from 1972-76), Mogens H.-A. and his old band, Sirius, and this is also to say that I have been happy having Mogens as my Facebook friend the last couple of years and for him to treat me completely normal when we have chatted a little on Facebook during this time, and if you do have some faith in me, Mogens, this is also to say that you herewith is helping to reduce my sufferings :-).

I am the manager of GE Insurance, Morten J. has been abroad buying duty-free Prince Light cigarettes for me, Morten is leaving and Steen wants to take over his car. We are having a HUGE office, which mostly feel like an open landscape outside, and my desk is located in the beginning of this, where I would like to be at the back of it where all employees of the Customer Service department sit. I ask some of them to clean up in the archive, which it needs, but only a little, because it actually looks pretty well. We go to a giant Christmas Lunch including my many GE Insurance colleagues and there are also family and friends of mine there including Fuggi – and other old colleagues including Tom from GE Capital Bank – and my family asks everyone to clap of me because of what I have done, which makes me somewhat embarrassed also because it is not everyone who is very enthusiastic to clap, and it ends with my family moving into a adjoining room where they set up new dinner table and chairs. And this will have to be about me overtaking the management of this place, which is “the worst darkness”, i.e. the Source self, and I am only in the beginning of this still having much to turn around, and the Christmas lunch is about people having faith in me “more or less”.

I woke up to “these are the days of our lives” by Queen, and it was followed by Soul Love by David Bowie from my favourite album of all – listen to it and you should be able to hear the genius of this masterpiece of music – and I was given the lyrics “Stone love – she kneels before the grave, A brave son – who gave his life” and the chorus including the lyrics “inspirations I have none” etc., and yes, this is about “Stone love” of the Source and the “lost Son”, who gave his life 2,000 years ago and who is now resurrecting as my new self.

I continued dreaming and now about my mother being a bus driver in Copenhagen, which she has hidden from me, and I only discover it because I am now riding on the bus, and I discover that the bus is driving me in the wrong direction, but somehow it drives around and through a big harbour area, which brings me to the right place after all, and I come to the Meat City, which includes many separate stores in one big warehouse, where it is possible to get all kind of food which cannot be bought anywhere else, and I am surprised to discover that I can buy there as a private and non-professional person, and it is also not expensive, but quite cheap in fact, and after picking the two pieces of meet etc. that I want to buy and I am on my way to the desk to pay for it, suddenly the goods simply vanish, and I tell the assistant that “you saw the goods in my hands, didn’t you” (?), which he confirms that he did, but then he sees a couple of goods, where approx. half of it has been eaten and he believes that I have done this in the store, and he is almost charging me for this, but does not. I leave the store and starts looking at another, but then the assistant calls me back because he has discovered that my goods now stand on top of his shelves, and this is truly “magic”, and now a beautiful female assistant is preparing the goods for me, and she also includes fine bottles of wine saying that I am going to have this too, but I tell her that I am not (!) because this becomes too expensive and over my limit, and I see that it brings problems with the Credit Card provider that now tells her that my card really should be closed – and I constantly feel sexual approaches from this beautiful lady to me. And yes, this is about the difficulties to turn around and open the Source bringing out everything, and again, it is about money, i.e. energy that I provide, and about sexual torments of darkness of the old system trying to stop me.

The Liberal Party suffered a defeat at the European Parliament election, and Lars Løkke decided to take on full responsibility hereof because of the media WRITING about his new voucher cases – and NOT because of the WRONG ethics and moral of you and the party leadership (?) – and he now says that it is “natural” for the party to discuss the pros and cons of having him or another as the chairman of the Liberal Party when they will meet on June 3, and even though he says that he offers to continue as chairman, he also looks like a COMPLETELY BEATEN BLUE AND BLACK MAN – this man is suffering, and as you know, it is sufferings that are bringing us to and opening our New World, which is also therefore I speak out the truth about you DIRECTLY, Lars – who has already lost and knows what this is bringing, Lars (?), and the criticism of Lars from his own party is now stronger than ever with more and more encouraging him to resign as these media items show (see this script on my website), and yes, Lars Løkke has to resign to open darkness for me to bring me all of the Source, so this is inevitable, but whom do you want to take over from Lars, and surely you cannot be serious thinking about appointing the vice chairman Kristian Jensen (?), and this is not so much because he doesn’t have the charisma as Lars Løkke but because he is also smeared into all of the darkness and wrong-doings of this party hiding the truth about their lies and attempts to bring down Helle Thorning-Schmidt and cover up from their own mistakes to avoid impeachment etc., and yes, I wonder if you have any CLEAN candidates at all to chose from?

FB 270514 BT om Løkke

FB 270514 EB forside om Løkke

Berlingske 270414

I experienced today that Microsoft Word completely “froze” and also that Facebook “did not want to open” for some time, and this is darkness of Morten W. & Co. coming to me, and yes, they should really have showed incredible happiness, so why are they doing the opposite?

Yes, I feel that I am coming into the same feeling as I last felt from 1986-88 when I lived on the Northern Beach Road in Helsingør and was in my best form ever at the same time as I still receive feelings of tiredness/dizziness wanting or almost “demanding” that I do nothing, and yes, more of the first and less of the last should become the result over the coming weeks.

And if I cannot continue doing what I do and “lose it”, I was told that we will play the act of losing all layers of life, but it will only be an act.

I was shown a bar in Nairobi, which I only visited once, and “we avoided a catastrophe then”, and I was told that this is about local people, who were paid to kill me. It wasn’t people who wanted to knock you out, but kill you, we saw it ourselves, and I am shown how they are paid, and this is what we also had to stop (using energy on this). Later I was told that it required others to intervene because I was not to be touched.

I was given the feeling (“under my skin”) of both Lars Løkke and the Bilberberg meeting, and first you will meet world leaders in this secret meeting, Lars, and then it is time for you to have a “grave beer” afterwards when you will resign or be asked to resign, is this it?

My new self came to me from the hallway and put a key into the handcuffs on my back, which is about me still being imprisoned by the old system of my mother, i.e. the Old World, and I was told that I, i.e. my new self/Jesus, was forced into the Nile and it is first now that I can return, and this was an answer to the meaning of Nile given to me many times as a symbol, which therefore is “termination”.

We would have said that the stamp was broken, and then we would still enter. And instead of letting your mother collect all broken pieces of the refrigerator, this is what we will avoid.

I really liked shopping there before, but now I love it much more, and I received a big kiss and received the feeling of Janet Parker, which is about her faith.

Your mother is also made from lots of Mauri people.

During the afternoon I thought that it would be impossible to go to spinning today because of strong tiredness coming to me, but it lifted somewhat so I decided to go trying to make six days in a row, which I have never done before, and today was no. four.

We were only five participants at spinning today, and today it was the third of three instructors, Klaus, who was running the show, and he was inspired when deciding to offer us a “technique hour”, which he then did, and it was about how to sit and stand physically on the bicycle, how to tread/pull the pedals etc., and I was surprised to learn that this alone could improve my exercise much putting more strain on me, and I was taken to new extreme limits of what I can do, which I could not do much today, but to me this is the same as reaching new goals, and this brought valuable insight to how to exercise to the fullest, and I really think that this should be mandatory to all, to receive knowledge about what you do before you do it to make you do your best, and while I was doing it, and hitting new extreme levels, which hurt when meeting them the first time, I was also given the feeling of Lars Løkke because of the pain that he goes through now, and I received the incredible strong feeling to say to Lars with BIG LETTER: RESIGN NOW, LARS (!), your time has come, and instead of playing your fake game, TELL THE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT YOU REALLY DID, put all cards on the table and your lies and false pride aside, and say that you have learned a lesson and will step aside for now, and yes you will receive a come back in our New World because I don’t want to harm you, which you do understand, right?

When I do my best/hardest, I still meet and absorb more darkness at a deeper level that literally makes my mouth shiver, and today was a combination of speech and exercising, and when exercising I reached new levels where I have never been before – using new technique – and I used almost the same amount of calories as normal, which was 620, but I only cycled a distance of 14 kilometres, which is approx. 10 kilometres less than normal (!), and afterwards, I had a good and long talk with Klaus, and he recommended me also to do cross-training – a team exercise too training my muscles on the upper part of my body, which will lead to increased burning, which I really need to lose weight – and he had also taught us about the use of the cycle computers including RPM/Rounds Per Minute and Watt, and my maximum level today is 110-115 RPM with maximum watt of 280 (where Klaus has a maximum of 400!).

I was told that I have really hit the wall – “Sauron” – but if I keep on exercising, I will also be able to handle this.

I received the lyrics “VI KALDER PÅ DIG” (“We call you”) – coming from the outermost of the Source – from Rasmus Seebach’s “Natteravn” (“Night raven”), and I was told that the first outdoor concert in front of the Cultural Yard in Helsingør with Rasmus Seebach, August 29, 2014, will be our OPENING PARTY, this is just what we are saying, and here, Rasmus is playing this great song in the BEAUTIFUL Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

No, you are not unemployed, and you don’t speak while working (i.e. at IKU job search course as mentioned in my latest memo to them, see my Scribd page), and this is about the official system being on “hard work” not knowing what to do with me, Lisbeth?

I received the feeling of Michael Hardinger in relation to Shu-bi-dua’s album “the 78th”, and now I received the lyrics “Jeg kender indianer – der er flere end du aner” (“I know an Indian – there are more than you know”), which is about “original life” inside the Source now coming as they sing about, and now we are back to Shu-bi-dua 3 (the 78th is of course from 1978 and no. 5 in the row).

I was told that it was impossible to take on this challenge (to bring in the last incredible heavy parts of the Source – by turning around everything), but since I have now done it (increasing exercise to my maximum), we will continue the game.

I watched the political commentators and former spin doctors for two different Prime Ministers, Michael Kristiansen and Peter Mogensen, on TV2 News this evening, and Peter Mogensen said at 20:28 something like “Bigwig’s are sitting up in the sky judging Lars Løkke”, which is exactly what is happening when my inner self is now bringing this Devil down (because of my decision), and the host was also inspired when asking “who has the golden weight” (?), and yes, isn’t the answer obvious (?), I do (!), and at 20.29, Peter said “the hand on the heart”, which may sound innocent, but here it is about what I mostly in Kenya in 2009 did all of the time when my inner self directly moved my hand to my heart to show the LTO team that “God is with you”, and this was just to show you that we can also speak through you, Peter, and just an example of course, and I wonder just how innocent the two of you are too after having been to the most inner circle of Danish politics and “power”, and who wants to start by putting all of your cards on the table telling what you know about “dirty tricks” to bring down your “enemy” etc.?

At 20:36 Peter also said that Lars Løkke is now telling his executive board that “do you know what, bandit’s, now you have one and only one chance to throw me out”, and he was here using the word “bandit” with inspiration because this is what I have told darkness attacking me all along during my journey “Come on your bandits and show me the best you got”, and here, this darkness is concentrated inside of Lars, and yes, ARE YOU DEAF LARS (?), I ASK YOU TO STEP DOWN AND PUT ALL CARDS ON THE TABLE, do you get it?

Morten Løkkegaard is a previous anchor of DR1 TV News and for the last five years Member of the European Parliament for the Liberal Party, and he had done a fine campaign to make sure that he would be re-elected this time because the Liberal Party had three mandates, and no one could imagine in their wildest dreams that the Liberal Party would lose one mandate bringing the party in “crisis” as Lars Løkke claims that the party is – it is NOT the party, but you and the management of it that is in crisis, Lars (!) – and this is how Morten came in as no. 3 of the Liberal Party without being elected despite of a high number of personal votes on him, and yes, this was “completely unthinkable” just a couple of weeks ago, but this is how quickly things can change “when something gets in the way”, and a sledge is what came in the way as Morten wrote on Facebook today, where he told about his campaign and how much he and his skilled employees were looking forward to the work the next five years in the European Parliament, and yes, Morten had nothing to do with not being elected, this was entirely because of Lars Løkke’s lack of moral and this “sledge” that came in the way, and I told him that it was really my Christmas Sledge that came in the way, and he shouldn’t be sad because very soon we will receive something much better than this System of Hell that he left and love so much.

FB 270514 Morten 1

FB 270514 Morten 2

You have never tried what it means to go bankrupt, i.e. completely lose energy, which is what terminates life.

I felt that this approval to continue is given both by the Source and the old Universal Council.

I also watched Prince Henrik, Queen Margrethe’s husband, in the kitchen and vegetable garden of Fredensborg Castle together with the chef cooking, and I loved to see him, his good mood and warm personality, and how they worked together creating fine food, and I was thinking that the chef was really skilful both in professional and human terms submitting to the wishes of Henrik.

Which importance do the three Fitness World spinning instructors have (?), whom I here felt, and yes, they speak about you – including the story I have told them about losing weight – which may also be because I speak well with them all, and yes “completely normal” of course.

No, I wasn’t tempted to chose Helena over Karen, which has the meaning that we are now working inside the smallest parts of a print card as I was shown, i.e. cells of the Source. Yes, this is what Helena meant to me; she would have become my wife working as Anti-Christ if I had given in to darkness including its sexual temptations – like “everyone else”.

I received a new Shu-bi-dua song with the lyrics “Up in Sweden, they have lots of spruces” from “A. Tomsen”, which both makes me think of my father’s mother (Adela Thomsen) and about the lyrics of the song with atomic power exploding and bringing the end of the world, and this is just another inspired song of theirs – from Shu-bi-dua 6 (no. 4-7 were their finest albums) – saying that darkness of the Source (because it was turned around) and my father’s mother, who had the role of darkness too in real life towards me and also in my scripts, would and should have led to the end of the world.

I was told that I am continuing to play football like FC Barcelona even though I should not be able to play at all inside this darkness, which means that I am inside “the sure death” now, which is the area from where my child will be given birth.

I continued receiving some sounds to my balcony and kitchen, and to one of the sounds to my balcony, and I also felt and was told about Lisa T. and I received the feeling of a record store in Malmö symbolising “warm feelings”, which may be because I sent her my latest memos of “my sufferings – background” and “the system of hell” to her as well as other priests mainly in Lyngby and Helsingør.

I was given the name Tollund, which also was “Tolv Lund” (“Twelve Lund”) and about the Cathedral of Lund, Southern Sweden, which also has a leading role together with the Vatican Church in relation to me, and I was told that this (about Lisa T.) is spreading directly to this church in Lund, and they had also been following me with excitement, for example when the police was about to bring me in with force to psychiatric hospital in 2012?

We have found a way to bring in the new found faith of the spinning instructors, whom I was given the feeling of.

It is the moral ending of Snow White that we are now coming to, which Disney has always known would come one way or another, and yes, I cannot remember having seen the full film of Snow White ever, and it is first now that I read the plot of the story and first now that I understand that it is originally written by the Brothers Grimm, and it should be easy to see that Show White is the most beautiful and clean, which is, and she manages almost miraculously to survive three attacks to kill her by the evil queen, her step-mother, and in the end, it is the evil step-mother, who dies, which is then what we are reaching, and yes, the most beautiful and clean of the Source with the end of all darkness, and yes, this is also an example that if I don’t know what I am writing about, I may be cheated too writing false stories, and here I didn’t know that it was Grimm and not Walt Disney, who wrote this story, so I guess that it was the Brothers Grimm who were more inspired than Walt Disney.

Sometimes I still experience that the low sound and “clicks”, when I key in notes on my mobile phone, disappears, and it becomes “slow” to use, and then I know every single time that it is only a matter of questions before it will shut down and start up again, which is what has happened MANY times here, and every single time it is “spiritual darkness” coming from outside – because of negative feelings of people towards me – making this happen, and this happened again this evening which is still darkness of these “activists” reaching me, and yes, the same way as this darkness also penetrates and try to destruct me, there is NO difference – and again, this is what is reducing.

The fourth of four wall lamps on the right wall of my living room has not been working for most of the time while I have lived here (since 2011), but a few times, it has been switched on for a little time and then off again, and I have believed that it was the transformer not working, but the last couple of days, this lamp has now been working most of the time, and this was confirmed when I received a beam – I feel it in my body and really feel the beam/ray self – coming from the Source of Sweden to my lamp switching it off, and after a few minutes, the same power switched it back on, so there you have it.

It is about time to transfer HUGE SUMS (of money, i.e. force of the Source) with or without your mother’s help, and we are still doing this work which would be unthinkable to do until 14 days ago where we did not know how you would react going through the transition face – after my meeting with the Commune.

Faith in you has spread enough for you now to be inside the most beautiful palace of them all, which is where everything is created.

I was told that the Fatwa that was issued against me, was issued from Egypt.

FB 280514 Stig 3

FB 280514 Stig 4

FB 280514 Stig 5



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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