May 2014 – XIV: After turning around: Transferring all life of our New World and all (eternal) previous layers of life to my new self inside our New World



  • May 30: After turning around: Transferring all life of our New World and all (eternal) previous layers of life to my new self inside our New World .
    • The Bilderberg group is thinking about a public unveiling of me, which will bring everything out of the Source with the world knowing about me. The Universal Council and the system working for it including the Bilderberg group, have planned and carried out all events of my life including my mother, other family, friends, work, the system etc., and they made a development scenario for all countries to follow, which was changed via my actions that ultimately changed the outcome from termination to survival.
    • A bigger pipe to the Source is being connected to me, which will expand what can be transferred. This is still about two surfaces meeting, i.e. the Old World and the Source, and it is now other layers of life that were hidden/invisible inside our creation that are being united with their counterparts of the Source, and we are using this Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen these days for “something big”, which is because there is built up enough sympathy for me on both sides of the fence – of the Bilderberg group and activists protesting against them – that we can start the real transfer of everything, which we have not really started yet, except from you. This meeting is about beginning the travel home for everyone via energy on both sides working for me bringing everything to me and this is the famous stamp (bringing alive all inside of the Source) as I am here shown too that we did not remove after all because we are breaking right through this, which was otherwise hermetic closed because of my much exercise opening it, and again, all of it is driven by faith of my mother. This is what will transfer EVERYTHING to me and what will set me free from my sufferings of the old system.
    • The diamond of my third eye is now this light of the Source as seen in Helsingborg North and vice versa, i.e. this light is everything of both the Source and creation. No one has ever polished this diamond (of me), it is completely new. And this is just the diamond that we are now polishing, and then we will be ready. I am down into the thinnest layer of the Source as any man ever has been.
    • THERE IS NOTHING REMAINING OF MY MOTHER’S OR MY OLD SELVES, i.e. there is NOTHING remaining of all old selves!
    • I received many sounds to my balcony because we were just about being ready for the big transfer, and these sounds are still about “breaking”, i.e. entering layers of the Source to be transferred. And a little later I was told that there is a new fortune, i.e. energy/force, waiting on us tomorrow, and yes, we have now started the transfer, and this is not only all of our New World of the light side but all layers of life that will be transferred to my mother, i.e. our New World, which contains everything. I felt incredible happiness of a large group of people inside that we are now opening to, and when we have entered, we will be the light, and yes, we started the journey as darkness, and we just had to be turned around from the dark to the light side for me to receive everything as light. So now it is just like fuelling up the car. Inside of me, I was shown my new heart as a plume turning around, and this is what brings life for everything now.


May 2014 – XIV: After turning around: Transferring all life of our New World and all (eternal) previous layers of life to my new self inside our New World

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May 30: After turning around: Transferring all life of our New World and all (eternal) previous layers of life to my new self inside our New World

The Union of High Schools is inviting on a classical concert at their main office on my recommendation. They believe it is very beautiful music, and they have bought the CD of the artist, and they now want to check if it is legal to be performed publicly – they are VERY careful/formal, and when I praise them, I receive no reaction. They also have a proposal box, but only one brings in one idea, and I have at least 50 that I can contribute with. At the end of the dream, I see the performer warming up on piano, because when the piece of music starts, it starts very sudden, and it will go directly from his warming up to the start of the music. And this is about the support I receive from VERY CAREFUL and SILENT people (I like people to be the opposite) of Hans – my sister’s husband – and his work, which is what made it possible for me to play the piano of the Source, which we will start doing “suddenly”, which is really about suddenly receiving all force including the (Billy) Ocean (symbolising creation) inside of the Source, which is how it will be when we will start the engine (in “some months” from now), and yes, Billy almost look like “the old man” today, doesn’t he (?), and we know, this is truly a very beautiful song about LOVE with the message that suddenly life will have new meaning to you :-).

I am entering the train together with Lene (old class friend from Espergærde), and we enter the same compartment as where Lone G. and Tine (also from my old class in Espergærde) sit together with two other class friends, and we are going to the finest class party. They speak about how I was offered a job as a chef in 2005, which I turned down, and it was first the year after that I was offered the job without the requirement of training – as chef at Rungsted Harbour – but I refused it. And this is about my old class friends speaking about me and my “spirituality”?

I woke up to “the Visitors” by ABBA – another GREAT song of theirs – and the lyrics “I’m crackin’ up” and “now I hear you moving”, which is about these voices of darkness inside of my head that have tormented me every second since 2006 that are CRACKIN’ UP – and yes, the cure was NOT to take medicine “prescribed” by CRAZY DOCTORS but to believe in myself and absorb/remove all darkness of the world, which NO DOCTORS could have understood/”prescribed”, but there you have it, as easy as that, my sufferings are still decreasing and about to be completely removed together with the last darkness (of my family, friends etc., thus the world) removing now that we are turning around to the light :-).

And I also received “Phil & Delhia” from Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “Now it is another Duke that we care about, who screams in his box, Spector on the rocks” and “in one hundred years, we will let out a little tear, because then it will be someone else, who plays rock”, and this Duke and “someone else” is yours truly, my friends :-).

And I also dreamt about working the second day of two as a trial at the head office of Danske Bank, where I have written a memo about a proposal for the bank to develop a “total budget account”, which includes “everything” and is very innovative compared to what the bank already offers, and I am VERY HAPPY working together with two employees of the bank, who “takes care” of me, and these employees are Poul Erik Skammelsen and Natasja Crone (who are really news anchors on Danish TV2), and the reason is that they are both kind and work seriously/professionally on a high level with Poul-Erik as example actually reading, understanding and commenting my memo, and he simply LOVES and supports my idea, which I will present for Jens-Ove P. (my old manager from DanskeBank-Pension) at his office, and when I enter there, I notice many green plants at his office, but I also feel lack of commitment/passion and don’t expect to receive Jens-Ove’s support and furthermore it requires sign-off from MANY head office departments for my proposal to be approved. I visit the regional and much smaller Østjyllands Bank for a job interview at the main office in Århus, where I also notice the female HR-manager of Danske Bank coming for her own personal job interview and she brings my memo, and she is sad of having been revealed because she cannot hide the memo in her hands. I meet a “technician” of this bank, whom I am going to work together with if they will offer me a job and I will accept it, and he works with business development, but is a true “technician” loving everything with “systems/details” and not having an outgoing and customer-oriented attitude, and he asks me of what kind of person I am, and I tell him that I am both of these types, and I cannot live only using only the first and not the other attitude professionally. This bank has a completely different culture than Danske Bank, it is MUCH easier to realise an idea because they don’t require sign-off’s from “many departments”, and I see how employees meet and speak together without anyone knowing what they do or interfere with what they do. I return to Danske Bank and Poul-Erik and Natasja bring me to the annual meeting of the bank (for employees only), which is reserved only for “the privileged”, and we enter a lift that will bring us to the top floor, and there are two uneven levels of the lift making my right and left foot a little uneven, and it is only me experiencing this. When we enter the meeting, I noticed that the CEO Peter Straarup is speaking passionately about bills of exchange and securities, which I do NOT like hearing, and there is an almost euphoric mood of maybe a couple of hundred employees in the room listening to him. There was also something about walking up the stairs with my visit going all the way and cleaning empty chairs.

And yes, this dream is about Danske Bank as darkness, i.e. the part of the Source which is still turned around, and how the media is helping me to open it via their work reading, understanding and supporting me (in relation to the secret network, but silent to me), and it is also to say that I prefer people to be working like Poul Erik and Natasja doing their best work and seeing opportunities instead of Jens-Ove being lazy not working much, but speaking much and showing a negative attitude to others ideas, and also to say that I do like the combination of ALL people on all levels to work like Poul Erik and Natasja and also to make QUALITY CONTROL by all departments/”stakeholders” to be involved and “sign off” when they have been heard, and no, I do NOT like the attitude of ANARCHY of the example with Østjyllands Bank, where people are “hiding”, and also not for people to be “narrow-minded” but to develop and use a wide range of skills – and yes, WORK WITH COMMITMENT doing your best and involve all stakeholders doing their best too working together as a team when developing your business.

And I woke up to “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston and the lyrics “I don’t want to hurt anymore, stay in my arms if you dare”, and this is from a time where Whitney’s gift shone through to the world stronger than any other female pop singer ever; she was simply singing the absolutely most beautiful ever, and yes, this is also about my sufferings decreasing/removing :-).

Do you know who are now nervous to meet you (?), and yes, participants of the Bilderberg meeting, and no, I have no plans to come and see you walk in and out of cars, I have work and exercise to do, which is more important, but please give me a call if you would like to be my VISITORS here for a cup of coffee or guided tour of the Cultural Yard and Kronborg Castle, and wouldn’t you like to see this? And here is the long list of participants of world leaders of this meeting including “the good old” Henry Kissinger, but not you Bill Clinton (?), and also the official agenda and Infowars’ guess or “rumours” about what is the real agenda, but you heard the real agenda first here with me, remember?

Later I was told that all of these world leaders are now coming to Copenhagen because of you, and you don’t want to come and visit them (?), and yes, I am receiving encouragements to go, and the only thing that should motivate me to go is if there is “energy” included in this “gang of leaders” that would be good for me to receive, but then again, all of my family, friends etc. and all of Denmark are representing the whole world, so what may they have that I don’t already have (?), and NO is my answer, I have work/exercise to do, and that is unless my inner voice succeeds to convince me into anything else, and if this is the case, it can first be on May 30 where I receive my cash help that I will be able to afford paying the train ticket to Copenhagen, but ONLY if my inner voice is stronger than my physical self, we will see.

I was told that the diamond of my third eye now is this light of the Source as seen in Helsingborg North and vice versa, i.e. this light is everything of both the Source and creation.

Anders Ladefoged, the General Secretary of the Danish Red Cross, who simply LOVES his “fine job” helping the poorest people of the world and enjoys MANY privileges at the same time including access to politicians, celebrities and royals including “gold and glitter” on top of the society – while the poor people continue screaming and suffering, wrote this update showing that he has received the FINE Danish order “The Knight Cross” from the Royal family, and now he better understands why he was invited for a private audience with Prince Henrik, and yes, to receive this fine order, and why did he receive this (?), and yes, because Anders is “acknowledged” for the “fine job” that he is doing on top of “his” Red Cross organisation, and yes, this is the official acknowledgement from the Danish society to recognise “fine work” for years, but you may remember that he is also a “star” to me too on my webpage “The United Nations, NGO’s and media execute the poor!”, but that is because of the plan to execute a large part of the poor people of the world, whom we “cannot afford” to feed and has to get rid of as part of the plan to terminate 90% of the world population, and no, Anders is NO TRUE STAR in my book, not at all, because he is a man of the Devil working for the dark New World Order, and I do NOT appreciate that at all, and I told him that the word “GOD” has to be removed from the Knight Cross because I do NOT like servants of the Devil to be decorated, and I do NOT like decorations of this kind alone which are only given to people on top of the society.

FB 280514 Anders L

And this is his post from yesterday where he shows and tells about the letter to meet Prince Henrik in audience, and the reason why I asked him to give my regards to Henrik was because I first read the time of the audience at 18.00 (after my comment above), but it was already at 10.00 (before my comment above).

FB 270514 Anders L

I did my budget today, and I saw that I have received both the expected extra heating bill on more than DKK 2,300 as well as an electricity bill of almost DKK 1,500, and I had to stop payment of the latter until next month to being able to afford coming through this month, which I will now do with a net amount left of approx. DKK 1,300, where I will also try to afford a pay of new running shoes, and yes, I am sad not being able to send money to LTO this month, and only being able to send a reduced amount next month, which will make it extra tough for them.

Bo Ø., a professional writer and also spiritually interested man, who has succeeded uniting the spiritual environment in Denmark via his work and a Facebook group, wrote that in his ”book of existence” to learn all and understand the meaning of life, there are only 8 simple sentences, which includes no. 2 “Everything is exactly as it has to be” and 3) “Always listen to your first impulse, stomach feeling, intuition. This is where you will find the right answer. Always! All further thinking is made by the calculator”, and it made me tell him that these two advices are not true in the real ”book of life”, but to a great extent darkness/deception, and you ALWAYS have to do your best to understand the world and other people – “intuition” is very often deception of darkness (disguised as light) that makes it incredible difficult/impossible for spiritual interested people to understand because they don’t want to/can understand because they believe in intuition, that deceives them because they don’t don their best to understand, do you understand (?), and yes, here again you have the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING of spiritually interested people that “everything is as it should/has to be”, which is NOT the case because of darkness/sins of the world, which they simply exist as non-existing or “we don’t have to do anything about it, it is there for a reason”, which is what is making these people passive and live in their own dream-world enjoying the light that they receive via meditations and deceptive spiritual experiences, which they cannot get enough of – and as you could expect, Bo did NOT want to listen to me because he “knows better” so he told me that “they are 100% correct in MY book” and also that “I don’t believe in prophets”, and no, he “cannot” read and understand me, which is really necessary in order to have faith in me, so he also sent me sexual torments as I am here told.

FB 280514 Bo 1

FB 280514 Bo 2

Two days ago, I received a comment from the old “Devil’s Advocate”, Jiro, who said that I am taking my time, which was the same as saying that “nothing happens – I told you, I don’t believe in you”, and I was told that this is a symbol of what Karen and others think about me, which is that I am taking my time and “Stig hasn’t cheated me, has he”, and no, I have not and I am here shown my self driving through the city gate of Stege on the Danish island of Møn, where “something is going on too”.

I was tired again this afternoon when going to the library to finish work, but expected that I would feel better after a couple of hours, which I did.

Stig is really not that terrible, but the opposite” came to me over and over again, which is because of what people are thinking.

Don’t you believe that a public unveiling of you will bring everything out of the Source – with the world knowing about me – and I was feeling the Bilderberg meeting, and they will speak about this too, and I was told “thank you for never giving up”, and I felt both the Source and Bilderberg.

Late in the afternoon, again I went to spinning and I was told that this high-speed train is a drive through train and we are about to being turned around with record speed because of this.

Nikoline was the instructor today, and she used the same music now for the third time in a row where there is NO integration between the music and exercise, and it seems as if she is using the same two different programs, and if she continues doing this, I will soon become tired of attending her hours, which I may replaced with something else, we will see.

When exercising, I received the words “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”, and I was told that this is what my mother is thinking about me constantly.

This was the 5th day in a row that I went to spinning, and I felt my hole body being physically tired as result – not least after yesterday – and I really did not have enough energy to do spinning again today, and the only way that I could come through was not to drive as fast and not with as much resistance as I would have liked to do, and at one point, I felt that I was close to fainting and literally felt how more energy was given to me, which “opened” the inside of my head.

The truth is that I really need 1-2 days for restoration, and yes, my goal was to do 6 days in a row, but I will settle for 5 and not go tomorrow, I simply cannot, and yes, I started from scratch, so this was “very ambitious” to do. At the end of the hour, I still had used 699 calories, a new record despite of holding back (!), and cycled the normal 25 kilometres, and I heard a young and fit man say that he had used 560 calories, which was more than the other young and fit man next to him, and they don’t suffer as I still do, and I was told that if only Nikoline knew what my exercise today means, she would be surprised.

I was told that “they”, i.e. the Universal Council and the system working for it, are the reason why Clive Cowdery, the previous CEO of GE Insurance, Europe, visited Morten J. and I to go for a meeting with Topdanmark Insurance in 2001, I believe, and no, it was NOT normal for Clive to do this, and this is only an example of events being planned and carried out by this council or “the elite” if you will all of my life including events with my mother, other family and friends, work, the system etc.

I was told that when tabloid newspapers decided to show the behind of Duchess Kate visiting Australia as mentioned here, it was a symbol of darkness sending me sexual torments/”temptations”, which I still receive.

The more I was sexually tempted and the more “wrong behaviour” I did also on the Internet, the more of the world would burn off, and the less time I would receive to save life from darkness, but we succeeded to save all without having burned everything off.

I was shown cigarettes and pills coming out of the handlebars of a bicycle and I was told that there are still forces at the Commune wanting to give me pills, but they have become less.

Will “they”, i.e. the elite/Bilderberg group, also decide to put full pressure on the Source (?), and no, as Stig, I have to say that this is darkness trying to make me believe that they still have an active roll controlling the Source, but they do not, because we have overtaken it months ago.

You are down into the thinnest layer of the Source as any man ever has been.

I was shown a bigger pipe to the Source being connected to me, which will expand what can be transferred.

I was shown two surfaces meeting, and was told that this is still about these surfaces meeting and integrating perfectly.

THERE IS NOTHING REMAINING OF MY MOTHER’S OR MY OLD SELVES, i.e. there is NOTHING remaining of all old selves!

I felt Karen and was shown a thinner and thinner axle driving around the wheels of a car, i.e. the Source driving around life, and I am coming deeper and deeper into the Source, and I was given praises.

It also required energy to make Karen not beg you to stop writing. This is how we reduced her rage, otherwise it would have gone wrong and she would have taking legal actions against me, and yes, she received thoughts remembering the good sides of you and “then it doesn’t matter”, and this was also to avoid her from suicide, and this not only applied to Karen, but also to my mother and in a certain degree also my sister.

No one has ever polished this diamond (of me), it is completely new. And this is just the diamond that we are now polishing, and then we will be ready.

I was told that if I cannot continue my work/exercise, we will still have to carry out my “old nightmare”.

For dinner I prepared fish with vegetables wrapped up inside foil, but after 25 minutes in a 200 degree hot oven – it was HOT (!) – not even the butter inside the foil had melted (!), and the fish was still completely raw (!!!), and no, this has NEVER happened to me, and yes, the over was HOT (!!!), so this was one of those things saying that the fish of my new self is not ready yet, and yes, I had to prepare it on a pan instead, and no, there is NOTHING wrong with my oven, I use it frequently, and yes, I have made fish this way MANY times, also recently, without any problems, so “one of those things”.

I watched some of the football match between Denmark and Sweden, and it looked as if it should be a boring match without goals, where Denmark played the best without being able to score, but in the injury time, first Denmark scored, but the goal was wrongly not recognised by the referee, and then Denmark received a penalty and finally in the third of four injury minutes, they scored to the final result 1 to 0, and I was told that this was a symbol of me first winning over darkness of Sweden/the Source at the very end.

I felt relieved not receiving much negative speech this evening, and also none of the pressure of darkness as before, and yes, it makes a BIG difference, but still it is not entirely over.

Some activists have just been looking into your dark New World Order websites – even though I deterred them for whom I am – making some understand that there is no better coherent information about the dark New World Order on the Internet to be found, and it is this kind of information, because of quality of my work, which makes people think “is Stig really the one”, and I was given the feeling that we are using this Bilderberg meeting for “something big”, and if you don’t go yourself, which I plan not to do also because I have now seen that they have built a “temporary fort” blocking access to the Hotel Marriot, we will do it for you, and this is because there is built up enough sympathy for you on both sides of the fence – of the Bilderberg group and activists protesting against them – that we can start the real transfer of everything, which we have not really started yet, except from you.

Yes, this meeting is about beginning the travel home for everyone via energy on both sides working for me bringing everything to me. And then we will start transferring everything, which is also you, which will say to you, and all of this was also encoded at Sicily in 1978, which was not alone about “staying alive” but also TO LOVE SOMEBODY as you will receive MUCH stronger feelings of in our New World, and this is the famous stamp (bringing alive all inside of the Source) as I am here shown too that we did not remove after all, and yes, here is another of the 100 point songs of the famous three brothers :-).

This is also what the story about locating the light of the Source precisely in Helsingborg, the story of Morten Messerschmidt etc. the last days were about; to prepare this transfer by bringing more faith. And all of it is driven by faith of your mother, and we are breaking right through this, which was otherwise hermetic closed because of my much exercise opening it, and again, this is only possible because I crossed Mallorca thin back in 2007 etc., and had I not done this, we would have had to start killing people close to you, and I here feel Lis as example.

We haven’t started rattling empty collecting boxes, have we (?), and this is about Anders Ladekarl knowing that the game is about to being over and knowing about “starring” on my website on NGO’s etc. executing the poor, and yes, are you ready to see what he has done too with one arm in plaster because it goes against what he really feels, and yes, why is Stig the only one who has been able to write the truth about NGO’s and it is not because you are dumb, brainwashed and believe in authorities that you cannot understand why the poor still suffer and die (?), and yes, you can still see and hear, can’t you (?), and what do you see (?), and yes, a world with one billion people in deep misery (“more or less”), and WHY IS THAT (?), and yes, the answer to this is not very difficult, is it?

I received a sound to my kitchen and was told that it is really all of us that were hidden here in the kitchen, i.e. the Old World, where no one could see us, and it is also us here outside on the balcony of the Source too, and it is still these two sides that we are bringing together as one.

I was told about Libya and the 1988 Lockerbie bombing as example to say that there has been made a development scenario of all countries of the world, which was just a script that we followed, which was adjusted with my actions for or against, which changed the outcome of the entire story that should have led to the end of the world, and these archives are also being prepared for publish, and I feel Putin here, whom is also part of it, and Berlusconi too, and many others.

This means that we have baked a cake including a file to bring you out of prison, and the idea is then that the transfer will happen quickly as I was told – but still remembering “some months”.

I dreamt about Preben moving to Køge because he can get a fine house there including all white goods etc., and I woke up to “heroine” by Suede, and Køge is about darkness to me, which here has to be about my old friend, Preben, who “cannot” get himself to read and understand me, thus obtain faith in me.

I drive Helle Aa. home to Slagelse, and I tell her that Karen will move into my apartment next week and I am excited to see how it will go after we have had tensions. Helle, Preben and I have been working, and Preben is now working with security at the store Rio Flowers in Espergærde, and something about receiving consultation by his wife, and I tell him that when I was working as a delivery man/boy there, it marked me to do the work that I do today. And something about Preben misunderstanding a customer, he cannot see cancelled customers sending out the wrong man, where Peter N. (from PFA) sends out the right man to give the customer the right cover for his special pension scheme, which Preben cannot see. And this is about transferring Karen to me, i.e. content of the Source, and about Preben not having faith in me – also because of his wife Lone, whom I really should have invited as a Facebook friend already a long time ago to influence her, thus also Preben, but I never did.

And I dreamt of a colleague who has asked me to write a good-looking colleague telling how to get out the bassplayer from PowerPoint slides that I have made, and the answer is that I have gone through a difficult insurance education, and I am now driving to bring this answer, and I come to a GIANT house/palace with a fine garden too placed on Kgs. Nytorv (“the King’s New Square”) in Copenhagen, and I enter this house, and have some difficulties to find around it, and outside of it, I see a fine stone including the inscription of “Stockbroker Bond” and two others who own this house. And this house has to be the palace of the Source, which I am opening to bring out the bassplayer, i.e. love/warm feelings, and Bond is an old symbol of me, and stockbroker/bills is essentially about money, i.e. energy/force of the Source.

I was told about my father’s citar, and this is about his widow, Kirsten, who still thinks about giving me this citar, which however may not be the worst for you, Kirsten, because how in the world will you be able to bear seeing me again, which has to be the worst of all to you?

I received many sounds to my balcony because we are just about being ready for the big transfer. And these sounds are still about “breaking”, i.e. entering layers of the Source to be transferred.

It is a bit like going into a shoe store where you have never – but I have – been before.

And there are not many of these “striking sounds” to my balcony remaining, which I here receive again.

I was shown first a motorcycle and then a car arriving at the Central Station in Copenhagen both of them carrying luggage, which is brought inside the station, and then I am shown that we will now let out one mean crocodile after the other, i.e. creation of all layers of life, and they are coming in as darkness.

I was also told about how Google is guessing which words you write if you spell wrongly, and most times, Google guesses right, but not always, and this is about small differences/errors of these layers of life on each side that we will also correct.

I was given stronger scratching to the bottom of my head again, and this time so strong that it was difficult to avoid keep on scratching, and this is about sufferings of LTO because I have sent no money for June – I received my cash help already yesterday – and if I had kept too much money for myself making them suffer too much, this would have made my head scratch so much that it would be impossible for me to stop scratching it, which would make it bleed, and the same would have happened to the area of my private parts if I had done WRONG, because I am quite often given scratch to here too, and I remember as a teenager in 1982 almost scratching this area to bleeding – as a warning of what could have come.

Is this what will pump up everything?

This morning I had big problems with my computer at home because the computer “claims” that there is no room on my C-hard disk, which made Microsoft Word say something like “save your work, the work file is full”, and then it froze completely and would not save or would not save under the same file name, which almost made me lose work, but only almost, and later in the day, these “problems” stopped again.

There is a new fortune, i.e. energy/force, waiting on us tomorrow, and yes, we have now started the transfer. Your mother is the mustang that everything is transferred to.

I had more time this afternoon/evening without work, and was less tired, but still somewhat tired, and I felt in better shape, which almost made it impossible to keep sitting down in the sofa, so I started cleaning above cupboards etc.

We just had to remove the unpleasant membrane around us before we could start this, which we prepared via your exercise etc. And your sister and mother have worked perfectly as washing machine.

I felt incredible happiness of a large group of people inside that we are now opening to, and when we have entered, we will be the light, and yes, we started the journey as darkness, and we just had to be turned around for me to receive everything as light from my balcony. It is still me inside the back side of your right lower leg, just turned around.

My old colleague Jesper (from ACTA) isn’t reading me in breathless excitement for me to reach here, is he?

I felt my father and he told me that the opening of Kirsten to me is also important for all of this.

And the city gate to Stege just symbolises our arrival.

Mølleporten StegeThe City Gate of Stege, Møn (Denmark), which I am going
through as a symbol of the arrival of “everything”

Yes, we had washed and transferred all life from the dark to the light side and turned around and I am now receiving all of this life from the light side, and yes, did your mother, i.e. the world, scream when you were born (?), and a little, right? So it is first now that you are a trunk animal, i.e. an elephant as a symbol of God, who is everything. And yes, let us play the good old “Minus to Plus” by Shu-bi-dua to symbolise this transferral and turn around from darkness to light.

I spoke to my mother and she is out of energy again also having a lump in her throat, and the logics is that she will first really receive new energy via our new transferral, and it was my exercise that helped her come through as easy as possible, and she was VERY happy when I told her that I have been exercising five days in a row except from today. I was told that this time it doesn’t sit as far down in her throat now that we are bringing it up.

I noticed my sister visiting my website after having searched on her own name and also Camilla (see pictures of this from this script on my website) – my old cohabitee – and I wonder why she has an “interest” to search for Camilla, which should mean nothing to her.

WordPress - Sanna søge camilla 290514

GC visit Sanna 290514

I felt Margrethe Vestager and “poor conscience”, and I know nothing and my mother even less, and how do you think that your mother feels knowing nothing (?), and yes, not nice.

Dragholm is not whistling the game off, which is also why we continue playing.

Yes, this is all of Karen that is being transferred to you, and yes, the light side of her, and this is what enters you first as iron (before becoming gold of the Source), do you feel it (?), and yes, I felt iron inside of my face.

So now it is just like fuelling up the car, and has your mother convinced John about who you are – and no longer vice versa?

Inside of me, I was shown my new heart as a plume turning around, and this is what brings life for everything now.

This is what the song “give me the power” by Suede was about; to receive everything/all life, and I do believe that both my mother and I will receive more energy when this happens.

So it is dark, negative voices entering me, which becomes the opposite meaning that my voices/sufferings continue decreasing and my energy and quality of life will continue improving.

I remembered that I was told the other day that Blue whales are intelligent and know/feel that I have arrived too.

I have felt McDonalds for days, and are they even worse than Coca Cola (?), and yes, their food include incredible small “micro chips”, which were also designed to be activated inside people to kill them with.

So everything has now been made as life inside the Source, and the next will be to install axles on your new bicycle.

I was told that the importance of Kaiser Chief’s and Leeds United, which has always been my favourite English football team since I was a boy, will first come with our New World after COMING HOME you know :-).

When more and more life will enter, the easier it will be for my mother and the world to understand me, and the less sickness etc. – and this is what I was told but I was thinking that we will not open to our New World before everything is transferred, so ….

Is it possible to see on blood samples that I had taken that I had diabetes (?), and yes, it was, but not if this wasn’t what they were looking for.

You are not strong now, are you (?), yes, the strongest man in the world. So it is all of the Source now entering including not only our New World but all layers of life, which you are – inside my mother of our New World – and I felt how the Source from Sweden was put over me.

Lars G. is the heart of our New World, and this is how there is one of these of every creation, and you are the patchwork quilt of all.

I felt Sicily, and eeehhh this is us, and that is the program of light.

So you have just been inside of and exposed to negative force of the next cell/creation that rejected me and brought me all of its negative force to make me reject the Source too – “You are not welcome” including all negative voices/feelings every single second since 2004/06, which I had to go against.

Don’t you believe that Morten W. one day will be proud to have participated in this process of transition (?), and I felt him and also the Hotel Marriott, where he probably is now shouting out his incredible negative and MISUNDERSTOOD feelings towards the elite, which he hates more than anything, and yes, I saw some of these on TV today, and no, they do NOT look very bright, but as brainwashed people knowing all negative words in the book.

And he was part of it as Sanne Salomonsen was before him too, and I was given many names including Lars G. and not least Michael Sadler who stands above everyone else.

A long time ago I told you about the story of when the former mayor of Farum, Peter Brixtofte, was brought down and how people ONLY wanted to remove him, and how I said that it would have been better to teach Brixtofte discipline and to keep his visions/bright ideas to develop the city, which could be a role model in certain ways for other cities, and now I have told you to bring down Lars Løkke as chairman of the Liberal Party, and how does this connect (?), and yes, I do believe that Lars Løkke needs the same “medicine” as Brixtofte, which is to show discipline/responsibility before he again can be given responsibility, so there is really not a big difference, both have to LEARN RESPONSIBILITY including good behaviour and moral, and when you can, you can also have your freedom and responsibility back and contribute with your good skills until then.

I was told that when Hotel Marienlyst opposite my mother received new owners some months ago, and when they now launch “intimate concerts” with some of the best artists of Denmark including Medina, this is also a symbol of me, and yes, Holger Danske/Ogier the Dane was removed from the hotel in 2012, and the Bodil hurricane flooded the hotel, which almost “terminated” it as a sign of how close I was/we were to losing it, but now it is going well again.

It was my mother’s and my visit to Sofiero Castle that opened for the transferral of everything inside the light side of the Source.

I received some small heart attacks also this evening, and it was your mother bringing you these because she didn’t want to follow you, and yes, she will give you an incredible big apology for all of the sufferings that her negative thoughts and lack of faith in me brought me.

I felt Greenland, and was told that right after me, i.e. Sweden, follows Greenland, and as you remember, Greenland is the real home of the Source.

Isn’t it funny if Inger Støjberg from the Liberal Party is commenting my writings on Lars Løkke also to the secret network where her messages are different than what she tells the normal media?

I was given the song “A. Tomsen” by Shu-bi-dua again, and the lyrics “Up in Sweden, they have lots of spruces, and they make matches of these” and later “it is not as bad, as long as we are together”, and I was told that all of the force/life now entering me is the power that makes us big, i.e. expands what would have become matches to “much bigger”.

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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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