October 2014 III – after script: Jacob Holdt was created as ”Jesus of darkness” and is now becoming part of me as the true Son of God and Source of life


Summary of the script today

  • I am standing directly in front of the light of the Source and bringing all new life alive making me the Father of all
  • Jacob Holdt is an over-sensitive, soft and self-satisfied man with an eternal ego loving to speak about and praise himself. He was bought by the dark world of man and his mission was to make people believe that he was Jesus, not me. Jacob was seen as ”the saviour” everywhere, but finally he can see clearly now understanding that I am right and he was wrong. If I had not carried out ”Plan A” of my journey, my DNA would have been transferred to Jacob. Jacob was part of the brainwash program of the dark world order meant to make people believe that he was the saviour of true love and I was Satan self. The world was just waiting to overtake me via Jacob before Putin, as the true man of power pulling the strings in the background, would return as ”God” in the New World of darkness of man, which however could never be created because darkness as its foundation is unsustainable with life self. In fact, Jacob Holdt was created as ”Jesus of darkness” by my mother (the Old World of darkness) and now becoming part of me as the true Son of God and Source of life.

I went to a lecture of Jacob Holdt about what overconsumption of the rich world does to the poor world. I was that Jacob is a over-sensitive and fragile man himself also being soft to people accepting them as they are instead of being disciplined teaching people to improve, and he is also a self-satisfied man with an eternal ego loving to speak about and praise himself. He has held thousands of lectures and everywhere been seen as a “saviour”, but finally he can now see clearly understanding that I am right and he was wrong, and I received strong feelings of love from him, and the world, to me.

If I had chosen ”Plan B” in Kenya in 2009 going with LWF to Dadaab as a man of darkness instead of breaking out, locating and staying with LTO as my ”Plan A”, I would not have gone through my mission to save man, and instead my DNA would have been transferred to Jacob Holdt. So Jacob’s mission was to make people believe that he was Jesus, not me.

Jacob is part of the program of “pure brainwash” of the world because “the biggest crimes against humanity is made in the name of love because of selfish reasons”, which is because Jacob fooled the world to believe that he was love and compassion self as part of the ”Satan coming” play of Lars Løkke and the dark world order to make man believe that I was this Satan because of my claimed ”incredible negativity/aggressivity” as ”everyone can see from my scripts compared to Jacob’s books and kind behaviour”.

Jacob was bought by money and promised a New World of man without poverty/pollution (after having eliminated 90% of the world population), which required my mother to go with my sister against me (as she did not), and his roll was to play ”the saint” protecting the small man against poverty, racism and now also polution of the rich world. He was Satan self with the plan that the world would not be able to tell.

The world was just waiting to overtake me via Jacob before Putin, as the true man of power pulling the strings in the background, would return as the new God via the New World of darkness of man after the end of the play of darkness to the Old World. Putin kept himself hidden through all of this game, and would first return as the true “saviour” with his New World of darkness of man, which however could never become reality because it was based on darkness unsustainable with life self.

This plan was approved by the entire world, and they only had to pass me too in order to bring it out into reality, which however would have brought the end of the world. Ultimately, it was the Source/my new self standing behind the plan with the goal that I should be the strongest and with the purpose to bring the greatest friction between light and darkness to bring creation.

Jacob is the outermost part of me that my mother had planned (being darkness), which I am now meeting on my way into the Source. Jacob WAS really Jesus as created by my mother of darkness, and I am meeting him as the very last before the Source and he is now becoming part of me too as the one including everything/all life as the true Son of God and Source of life.


October 2014 III – after script: Jacob Holdt was created as ”Jesus of darkness” and is now becoming part of me as the true Son of God and Source of life

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October 24: Jacob Holdt was created as ”Jesus of darkness” and is now becoming part of me as the true Son of God and Source of life

I was told about how darkness – controlled by people of other civilizations (under control of man) on the moon – has controlled thoughts and feelings of man, and also given me darkness including wrong information as result, and this is also why I had to write thousands of pages of scripts (including much darkness/deception given to me) in order to get the truth to the main approx. 30 pages of my website.

I briefly saw my neighbor Preben on the library, where he did not see me, so he is fine but completely silent inside his apartment, and I just wonder if he didn’t feel like answering my text message because he feel poorly or maybe because I gave him too much information about our New World coming, which was “too much” for him making him believe again that I am crazy (?), and yes, not easy to know when people don’t tell.

Again I received the feeling coming from outside that “Stig doesn’t lie” and I was told that my mother and John now understand that I simply tell the truth as it comes to me spiritually not knowing what is light/the truth and darkness/deception, and this also gives them faith.

I could have decided to play a “total game of darkness” giving in to darkness giving in to negativity coming to me becoming negative and wishing poorly about everything, accepting early retirement pension from the Commune (giving higher benefit) and also to give in to the constant pressure of receiving my “old nightmare” actively (via spiritual experiences making “wrong sexual behaviour” as real as reality), but no, I keep on saying “never”, which makes me feel like continuing to reject darkness, and the game is that I am opposite to the Source so I have to accept darkness to accept the Source, and this darkness keeps on trying to make me believe that I have to do the above too, but no, NEVER (!), and yes, my wrong sexual behaviour, which I control myself, has to be enough, which I do not doubt. And I could simply have decided to give up on everything also not continuing to update you about what happens here, but I did not.

For weeks I have felt people inside the Source coming to me from outside/Sweden – today Georgie as example – and this is because everyone is inside the Source now and it is only the rest of me remaining.

I continue receiving the words “Ikke alene har vi ikke bare …..” (“not alone we have not only ….”) over and over and over again.

I have been shown and told several times that I am standing directly in front and look into the light of the Source – before becoming it. I am now bringing all life alive via my wrong sexual behaviour – now without a condom, which otherwise is what I have been shown many times during my journey that I am wearing, but not anymore. This makes me the Father of all.

I was shown a helicopter turning around in air and unzipping to a cake, i.e. the New World. And I was shown a boat sailing in Stockholm Harbour, which has two eyes, and I was given the HAPPY song “I can see clearly now”. This is what we have prepared my eyes physically for several times during my journey, where I have been given physical visions very physically directly on my eyes disturbing my normal view while it was on-going.

I was shown a gold statue symbolising creation levitating in front of and being driven by the power of the engine of an airplane, and I was shown a holder for towels at the bathroom also symbolising creation, and this holder goes through the wall and has a direct continuation and anchor on the other, which is inside the spiritual world, and this is where I come from bringing you physical life.

I watched Xfactor UK again this evening – we are still some weeks behind the UK schedule – and how in the world could you decide to give the circus clown Stevi a wild-card bringing him to the live-shows too (?), and yes, don’t get me wrong (Chryssie Hynde comes to me here again as she has for days, which is also because I am hearing “I’ll stand by you” on the radio when this is written, and this is what she does too, I understand/feel), I do like Stevi and his courage much, but he does NOT have the talent neither as a singer nor a performer and it makes me sad to see that he believes that he does and also that the public cannot tell, and I was sad to see that the two very refreshing sisters “Blonde Electa” were voted out by the public, I liked them much, and yes, the Italian Andrea lifted the roof of Wembley that could not stop cheering after his new, breathtaking performance, this time in Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”, and when I heard the lyrics “what about us”, I was given the feeling of Jack and an old film we watched around 1980 called “funny movie” or something like that (candid camera), and yes, the film was really funny (I remember the scene of a transport belt where cakes kept on coming in to be packed in boxes, in more and more “crazy speed” – with ”cakes” here being new creations/worlds coming from opening of the next, new delimited areas of the never-ending Source), and this is to say that Jack was part of the act to bring out our New World (working as darkness), which we both know that he was, and yes, Michael Jackson is also “the best/most beautiful music in the world”, which is as sure as Amen in the church and going all the way to Vatican as the judges said, and yes, all the way to me in fact, I LOVED IT :-).

I was told that Simon Cowell is part of my gold and that he considers giving away all of his money to poor people and live a “normal life” (including a normal house/apartment) to show that it is possible for rich people to enter the eye of the needle to reach me, which otherwise is impossible for all rich people.

My right ear scratched and when I scratched it, it scratched it even more making me want to scratch it even more, which happened some times over few minutes, and I knew that I had to stop as the only way to stop it from scratching, which however was almost completely impossible because it scratched more than it ever has before, and yes, a new symbol?

I was shown water from the sea running down into a little hole next to it, and it is “impossible” for this little hole to absorb all water, but surprisingly this is what it does, it completely absorbed all water of the great sea symbolising the Old World, and this little hole is “nothing” of the Source, and this is about faith of the world that the Source would absorb the world without destroying the world, which was “not easy” for many because how in the world can we survive being absorbed by this gigantic black hole and that is when measuring its mass. When I break the lifeline (to new life), I will fall down too and we will start our New World from scratch.

I was told that ”the program of darkness” was installed in my sister when we were on holiday at Sicily in 1978 as ”the program of light” was installed in me.

I feel so incredible poorly and weak that every day is torture to go through where I really cannot do anything than suffer, and almost have no energy to give you these updates. I feel “the strongest flu” pouring in over me from outside (I only receive the feeling of it penetrating my body without getting it) and have constant headache. I received diahorrea for the first time in several weeks, which was because of the destruction that Elijah brings me, and no, I don’t need to be connected with Elijah inside the Source, only outside – and yes, Elijah, do you feel that I am one of those “unbearable white people” telling you what to do, which is what makes you turn away from me because I am not going to steal away your “freedom” (?), and you haven’t discovered yet that it is you, who “cannot” understand and “cannot” behave, and this is what I ask you to improve as I am asking all of these “unbearable white people” to do too, get it?

For weeks I have also been given strong feelings of my old colleague Klaus from GE Insurance (now believing in me), the lawyer Lau in Tryg Insurance (old colleague of mine from Dahlberg) – do Tryg speak about me, and now Niklas’ Isabelle works there too discovering how it is (?) – and my old colleague Jesper from ACTA, who has an “important job” with Berlingske today including me on your “job description”, Jesper?

Please remember that I write my stories quickly without thinking much because I feel so poorly so I could have done better, but that is still the name of the game.

“How do you know if a TV program is 100% live” (?), well Clement at Danish National TV was shown how it is to receive my “control unit” starting a falsh alarm during the live transmission saying “a critical situation has emerged”, and it was while this “political journalist” simply LOVING the political circus interviewing all of the “stars” of the Danish Parliament one at a time or many at the same time also loving himself and his “incredible talent”, and yes, let me tell you again, Clement, that your talent is really about keeping up the system of darkness of the Old World, which was the “critical situation” that you stood for, but now we will soon receive the new amazing cake of our New World symbolised by Tobias, the winner of the “Bake fight”, whom you interviewed while this happened, and yes, “that’s life” (with “Blue Eyes” coming to you :-).


And at the next live program hosted by Clement ”Debatten”, which I did not see, Clement had to say ”we have an indisposition, we will be back shortly”, but instead, the program was taken off the air, and this was about a member of the audience receiving this indisposition, and this was to tell you Clement and Danish National TV that this is ”the critical situation” you have brought me in (dying) working for the dark world order, being quiest and not supporting me, do you get it?


I dreamt about the bank shutting Fuggi down not transferring to me, but he is now back having chosen me because of my right philosophy, and something about a golden pen. I woke up to “runaway train, never goin’ back” by Soul Asylum, and was also given “to be someone” by the Jam, which this is about, which is a double play of people against me, where Jesper (from ACTA) was another, but Fuggis’ faith has now been restored, and I was told that it was Jack’s responsibility to remove him from me, and yes POOR BEHAVIOUR is all I can tell about you, Fuggi, deciding to be completely silent on Facebook (not only to me but to all) from one day to the next, which does NOT look like you making it “easy” to see (when you know of course).

I was given the lyrics ” Det’ et under – vidunderligt, Men det bli’r endnu bedre, Når du engang kommer hjem igen” (”It is a wonder – wonderful, but it will become even better, when you will once come home”) from Lis Sørensen’s beautiful ”Når du engang kommer hjem” (”When you will once come home”) and HOME I will come, I am now closer than ever, and the question is if it will only take days or maybe weeks before I will open up the eyes of my new self and our New World (?), and no, I really don’t know, it is part of the play.


I was encouraged to write to the newspaper Daily Nation in Kenya to bring my reply to their article “Keep your refugees, Kenya tells Denmark”, which I did and I included my message to Danish People’s Party, the Dadaab newsletter (including an encouragement for Kenyan/Danish/World media to bring the truth about the suffering of these people as the most important when writing about refugees in Kenya), my website on how UN, NGO’s and the media exterminate the poor world, my website on Normal Life (coming with our New World including all in Kenya including refugees) and I received the beautiful song “Love will save the day” by Whitney Houston and I wrote about how love saved the world including love and faith of LTO and other Kenyans to me (LTO’s rural village at Matuu, Hotel Comfort, and the news on me spreading on the street), which was the foundation of my journey, and without this, I would not have saved anyone because “no faith = no life”. But when I finished writing this in Microsoft Word and was going to publish it to Daily Nation’s Facebook site, Microsoft Word froze and for the first time during my whole mission, it was impossible to re-open the Word document, it had simply “shut down”, which was about incredible darkness coming to me from Elijah, Danish People’s Party and Jacob Holdt.


“We have also not alone not only said …”, and later I was told that we have said “not alone” many times, and every time this is about Karen now coming to be with me.

I have had a nervous heart for days, and I was incredible tired and tried to take a nap after lunch, where I felt my heart was about to stop beating and how I will “fall down” to creation when this will happen (with my new heart starting to beat instead).

I felt a ray coming from my balcony to my oven giving it a new E3-error message and I felt a giving-up attitude of Jacob Holdt at the same time and was told “Yes, now we have to do it again”, and I felt Jacob as darkness.

The lecture with Jacob started at 19.00 at the library, and on my way on cycle there I was given the lyrics “It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright), Sun-Shiny day” from “I can see clearly now”, which I like the most in Jimmy Cliff’s version, and I was told that this means that we have Heaven just around the corner, and I felt that this was also about Jacob’s Holdt’s and the worlds happiness about this prospective because he/they now understand, he/they can see clearly now.

I received the voice of Jacob and was told “don’t hurt my feelings now”, which is because Jacob is a VERY sensitive man, and yes, as I have seen for example with many “clairvoyants” believing that they are only light/goodness and where it takes absolutely nothing to “completely destroy” them also when telling them the truth about their selfishness and how “darkness disguised as light” has corrupted them as I have, and this is also the case with Jacob where all people believe that he is “nothing but incredible goodness”, but we know better, right Jacob?

And yes, I do NOT like selfish and “too fragile” people not being able to control their feelings and not bearing to be told the truth because the right attitude is to be STRONG instead of WEAK giving in to darkness making you feel weak, and this is also to say that I don’t like when Jacob as example tell people “it is alright to cry” as I saw in the video about him that I linked to the other day, which is the same as saying “it is alright to accept feelings given to you by darkness and to decide being weak”, and yes, the only right attitude is to decide to be STRONG because this is how you will much better overcome difficulties, which is NOT the same as saying that you “do not feel”, it is only about deciding to do right, and yes, to be a man instead of a sissy.

And yes, it takes discipline telling people what is RIGHT and WRONG to do in order to help people becoming strong, disciplined and do right instead of the WRONG and soft attitude of Jacob Holdt (and many “clairvoyants” and most people in lesser degree) that “it is alright for you to cry, I accept everything you do because everything you do is right since it is only you who can make the right choices”, which is WRONG when people are WRONG as many are, and this is about the old “Fulton school” as I have told you about (to straighten/toughen/disciplining people), which is really what I went through myself via the strongest school of discipline brought by my mother when growing up and by Kim S. at work from when I was 25 (both ”extreme”), which is what brought out everything wrong inside of me (wrong attitude, ”wrong, high beliefs”, laziness etc.) and making me decide to do right and work my best, and when you do not go through this school, you very easily become a sissy, especially in the rich part of the world, and the easier a life you have had, the more a sissy you have likely become.

We have not alone said that apple juice regulations, Jacob has too (i.e. accepted my New World Order), and is he controlled by Russia (?), yes.

Jacob Holdt started his lecture about “overconsumption of the rich countries having consequences for the poor countries”, which he did for the NGO “Crossing Borders” – http://crossingborders.dk/overconsumption-solidarity – at 19.00, and he was first introduced by a local librarian, who also told about books she had put forward for people to borrow including Jacob Holdt’s book and books on “climate change”, and exactly when she said the words “climate change”, the lady sitting next to me was given a “cough of darkness” because, as you know, “climate change” is invented by man as a weapon of darkness to destroy man/Earth, and the librarian was inspired when she said that “you are welcome to empty us for these” and “empty” was of course about darkness of man completely emptying my energy.

I was given the smell of pineapple, which of course was about “pineapple in its own juice”, which is what an item of the TV2 show “Natholdet” is called and it means to be self-satisfied loving to speak about and praise yourself (you do understand that I only speak objectively the truth about myself being “the cleverest” because no one else tells the truth and that I would never do this if people just told the truth about me, right?) and I was told that this is what Jacob loves to do, which is because he has an eternal ego simply loving to hear himself speak, and yes, this man has held thousands of lectures mainly in Denmark and USA and everywhere he has been seen as a “saviour”, which can easily make you believe that this is what you are even when you are not, right (?), and this thing about “of course” coming to me is about Jacob, whom I feel here nodding, saying that “of course Stig is right, I am not”, and yes, you are far too soft, right Jacob?

Eeehhhh, have you been bought, Jacob (?), and yes, you do look like a saint, but it is not easy for you to understand anything else than yourself (?), and I was given more scratching to my right ear, and was told that this is what this is about, an incredible “will deafness” of Jacob, but still I was given the feeling of how he and the dark world of man are endlessly impressed and enthusiastic about me having understood me despite of his/their deafness, these were the exact feeling and words given to me, but still, you were not allowed to show, Jacob (?), and this is how he and I played a game pretending not to know each other, and I was told that he knows from others coming to Helsingør for lectures before him that I don’t say or do anything, which made him decide to do the same. Later I was told about how he is really “the biggest coffee” in relation to me, which is about his warm feelings for me, and yes, I have warm feelings for you too, Jacob, and your love of people, but you did WRONG when being soft! And I was told that he was on his way to celebrate together with the world, but first he just had to do this lecture meeting me.

While Jacob was speaking and showing pictures of local Indians from Bolivia and Peru, I was thinking of these as “proud and original (but suffering) people” as I have also seen in Kenya, and I was told that it was also darkness of Jacob coming towards me that blocked me from sending my message to Daily Nation earlier today.

This lecture was about how big mines (because of over consumption of the rich world) have overtaken land from the original Indian population for “next to nothing” and destroying/polluting it completely, about how un-educated people remove the jungle to farm the land for 3-4 years before it has washed away becoming desert, which is happening all over the poor world, and about how “climate change” is also destroying the world, and one of the first pictures that he showed was a banner from a demonstration at the Copenhagen Climate Conference saying that “we don’t have a Planet B”, and he kept on being indignant speaking about how people, including the audience of approx. 100 this evening, burned off unnecessary CO2 when driving in automobiles, eating red meat (from cows) and not least when flying, and yes, is it “difficult” for you to continue keeping up appearances, Jacob (?), and yes, he also kept on saying “but still I do not believe that you will change”, and yes, earlier today I was given visions about how I moved into the “hotel” of LWF in Nairobi in 2009, and how I brought Misheck and his brother with me to this “hotel” after having met them on the street, which you have not seen happening before (?), and I was told that the hotel knew that I was now checking out (knowing whom I was) because I had decided to follow my Plan A, which is what made me go through everything that I did the following years, and had I not followed this Plan A, but stayed with LWF and gone to the Hell of Dadaab disguised as an “aid worker” but really being a worker of Hell, I would not have been able to do what I did, and yes, this is what this was about, which is really to say that CLIMATE CHANGE is WRONG/manmade to fool the world.

I was told that Jacob is part of the program of “pure brainwash” of people, and he used the words himself that “the biggest crimes against humanity is made in the name of love because of selfish reasons”, and this is about U2, Jacob, because you fooled the world to believe that you were love self with your incredible openness, acceptance of and love to people, and I do not doubt that you love people genuinely, but what you did was really not IN THE NAME OF LOVE but “darkness disguised as light” because you did people a disservice when you accepted their wrongdoings and did not teach/discipline people to improve, see?

I felt Lars Løkke and was told that Jacob was part of the play of “Satan coming”, and Satan is what the dark world wanted to turn me into, and I was told that I also received diarrhoea because of darkness of Jacob and Jacob was told that my mother had to reject me “and then you shall see a New World without pollution/poverty” (after having eliminated 90% of the world population) as also included in the dark New World or man, and yes, Jacob had the roll to be seen as “the saving angel” by the Old World bringing him their sympathy because of his incredible compassion, openness and acceptance of people, and when taking the stand of the small man apparently being incredible upset about what the rich world did to the world destroying it, but it was all a game, where Jacob was meant to be “the star” and not me because I was “crazy” and yes aggressive and incredible negative as the direct contrast to Jacob, which was “easy” for everyone to see, right (?), and yes, in a world that “could not” understand that I was teaching you about your wrongdoings and misunderstandings in order to improve because I love you.

2/3 of the lecture of two hours were pre-recorded films including Jacob’s recorded voice, and when he was on “live”, there wasn’t really as direct inspired speech for me to give you examples of, however I was given feelings and small references here and there, but not as direct as I am normally, but I was told that when he spoke about how tourists wanting to see gorillas in Uganda have removed the local population, he was looking directly at me (in the darkness because he had asked the light to be switched off with the canvas being the only enlightened item), and yes, I was sitting directly in the direction that he looked but it was too dark for me to see if he had “the look” when looking at me.

There was no time to ask questions, and even if there had been, I would have been too tired to ask – I felt ROTTEN – and the lecture ended at 21.00, and I said “thank you for this evening” on my way out, but I don’t believe that you heard me, Jacob (?), because he was speaking to a lady, and yes, I could have decided to go up speaking to him in the break, when he was free but as I just told you, I truly felt absolutely disgusting, and even though I would have loved to speak to you, Jacob, if I had felt better, I decided that I could not this evening.

I was told that Jacob transferred what he received from Bolivia and Peru including the Incas and Machu Picchu, as he has visited too, to me.

I returned home, and I was given INCREDIBLE strong presences just around me coming both from the balcony (Sweden) of the Source and from the corridor (my new self made by my mother), which I have for days, and this feeling is so strong that it is almost impossible to keep my eyes closed when they are closed because the feeling is that “I am” standing just next to me. And I was shown the back of myself being unzipped and how the combination of the balcony and corridor is entering me using me as “the control unit” of everything, and yes “the strongest machine” was the feeling.

I was told that we are given a bottle full of gold to your mother, and later I was shown yellow and blue combined, which are the colours of my mother and I, and I was told that we have really decided to create the New World as a combination of mother and son too, which I could not get to fit because our New World I is made by my mother and father and bringing me/Karen, and our New World II is made by Karen/I, so I had to write this off as darkness coming to me. I also felt Roger Federer, which is about the game of darkness, and I felt the previous President Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan too and was told that they were just waiting to overtake me via Jacob making man believe that he was me before Putin would return as the new God via the New World of darkness of man after the end of the play of darkness given to the Old World. This is the story that we never believed that you would be able to stand going through to be told. So Putin kept himself hidden through all of this game of the Old World, and would first return as the true “Saviour” with his New World of darkness of man, which however could never become reality because it was based on darkness unsustainable with life self.

I was shown an Ortofon pick-up reading an LP and later a diamond, and I felt Jacob, and I was told that if I had not decided to use Plan A, we would have started feeding Jacob with my DNA (because I would not have started going through “the right road” designed for me), and this goes right up to Putin. And I kept on receiving “Vårvise” (“Spring song”) by Sebastian, and I was told that this is because I am loved by Jacob too.

So Jacob’s misson was to make people believe that he was Jesus, not you. I was shown and told that it is now raining much less at the Central Station in Copenhagen (the origination of the Source) because what was meant for me but transferred to him has now been brought to me from him via his experiences and kindness of people given to him which they “could not” bring to me because of their “inability” to understand me. This is how you are now becoming the most loved because this is what he feels for you (bringing these feelings of people to him to me).

I was told that the Swedish Prime Minister, Oluf Palme, was murdered in 1986 because he threatened to reveal the secret of me, and also that the reason why Russia is now playing “submarine games” with Sweden again these last days is because of a lead-up to my meeting with Jacob this evening.

This (Jacob) is the outermost part of you that your mother had planned (being darkness), which you are now meeting on your way into the abyss, but I am still working and crossing the bridge to the other side even though I see it is bending down and almost collapsing.

It wasn’t a question about money, was it, Jacob (?) – I kept on feeling that you are bribed too – and this is also why the MP Søren Pind (from the Liberal Party as Lars Løkke is the chairman for) united with Jacob Holdt in a program series on Danish National TV touring the USA visiting people/”systems” of both of their networks, which was about “promoting” Jacob Holdt and his so called “humanity” arranged by Lars Løkke to bring me down making people believe that “Stig is not the real Jesus, something wrong happened with the Universe, Jacob is the real thing”, and yes, just look at Jacob’s book “American Pictures” compared to my scripts and what do you believe then (?), and yes, mankind was brainwashed not being able to understand and to separate what is wrong from what is right, which would make people believe in Jacob as the real thing and me as a “crazy imposter”, which would lead the road for Jacob, and later for Putin as the true man of power pulling the strings in the background.


This is why we are now at the uppermost peak of power, and yes, Jacob is fully informed about this and the purpose of your visit this evening, and “the coffee” is about how happy he is to get out of this act, which is also “strenuous” for him (as it was to my sister too as example, and yes, “not easy” to kill your closest relatives and to live with it afterwards). Did they tell Sanna that Jacob is Jesus, thus not Stig (?), and yes, also not easy to “clever people” to understand the truth. And was Elijah their ally because of lack of faith in me?

They only lacked one document to go through with their plans, which was about me, and this is because the entire world had approved their plan of darkness because you truly believed that Jacob was Jesus and everyone could see that I was clearly not, but a “crazy clown” (?) – and I felt Denis here, so he and Karen were part of this too? And this is what was planned and carried out from people of other civilizations controlling their unit of darkness sending wrong/negative thoughts and feelings to man because of sins of man, thus ultimately by the Source/my inner self.

This is how they tried to keep my mother and I together as the foundation of their New World because they couldn’t find the way out, and this is what they almost had my mother convinced in doing when she almost broke with me. And without Elijah, their game is now over, and yes, you chose wrongly, my friend, Elijah, which was to give in to your negative feelings not believing in me. This is what is now being revealed when this lamp has been closed. All was sanctioned by Arthur Findlay College, and Karen kept on supporting Jacob when she did not have faith in me, but since I was the one having the power to decide, we followed you. I felt Peter T. and was told that this is what Jacob was, i.e. destruction self, and this is why I so strongly have been given a nervous heart the last days, and yes, Jacob “this very kind man” acting as people believe Jesus would act was the Devil self, not easy to see including not easy for me to see myself, and yes, I was in doubt when writing this story over the last days, but I decided to write what I am told as I have done all along and not to give in to the feeling that “this cannot be true” but simply to look for information coming to me, which always brings me through “the right road”, and it was also shown to me here, I just had to understand and to follow it, and then it was really not that difficult, and yes, it was his policy of being a yes-man to all as mentioned in the beginning of his video from the other day, which I found when I kept on looking for clues, that was “the nail”.

(Later update: I met the nice man in the wheel-chair at the library, who also participated the Jacob Holdt meeting and I asked him what he thought of it, and he said that he was disappointed with Jacob because he did not know the details or was even wrong about facts, and yes, I told him that “I agree, you have to know the facts about what you speak of”, and already at the meeting I was told that this is how Jacob is, he doesn’t care about the uninteresting details, which is the attitude of lazy people, and several times during the lecture he excused himself saying that he did not get all the details, a “colleague” of him did, and yes, this is NOT good enough, Jacob).

When I went to bed, I was completely destroyed by tiredness but was still not allowed to sleep until approx. 04.30, which was also because of this “the stronger darkness”, and I dreamt about sailing with the ferry to and taking beautiful pictures of Helsingborg, where there are very nice shops, and yes, about our New World inside the Source, and I woke up to Lis Sørensens/Sebastian “Stille før storm” (as only one of MANY songs given to me this morning) and the lyrics “as far as we know, the Heaven is blue”, and BLUE is indeed what it is.

As the last thing ending the writing of this script, I was told that Jacob was really Jesus as created by my mother, but this was as the Old World as darkness, so this is about Jacob now entering me also becoming part of me as the one including everything/all life as the true Son of God and Source of life.

This is how I was made to write almost a normal script, which is because there is still a road to follow, but only because I have decided not to stop communicating/working, and listen, let me tell you a secret, it is NOT becoming easier to write scripts like this feeling as poorly as I do beyond my outmost limit, and that is not at all, but this story had to be brought too, therefore.

I had this chat with David today, and we shall see if Elijah and John ”can” communicate before month end, which will save them their money, but the big question is really how much or little TRUE faith that my LTO friends have in me when they ”cannot” read and communicate, and that is except from Meshack, who was the only one doing what I encouraged all to do to keep faith, which was to read and understand, and yes, see David’s reaction to my information that I am not feeling well, haven’t you understood for all of these years, David (?), and yes, the truth is that I suffer so much that I am hoping every evening to sleep it away and I feel sad when awakening in the morning having to go through yet another day full of sufferings.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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