October 2014 IV – after script: Crossing the gate from darkness into light, leaving creation and entering “non-creation” being both


Summary of the script today

  • October 26: I am about to cross the circle gate from darkness into light of the space capsule, i.e. the Source with our New World. People (re-) discovering that ”Stig is completely normal, outgoing, positive and special” and not the directly opposite as people WRONGLY believed/feared.
  • October 29: It is five minutes past 12: I am coming up from the black hole, leaving creation and entering “non-creation” of the Source being both as the only one. Elijah lost faith, treated me as dirt, was disloyal, not communicating and saw me as a cash-cow. I have to disconnect from him (and John) to get FREE from darkness.
  • October 31: Cutting off Elijah was like cutting off all power supply making our “rocket” explode, but you still live because life is transferred to our New World. I am in the very middle as the only place without a “telephone” (“voice of life”) because everything comes from here. Prince sings in Danish on his new album (!!!) as a reference to me as ”the new King in town”: ”Open the cage” (of our New World) and ”free people”.


October 2014 IV – after script: Crossing the gate from darkness into light, leaving creation and entering “non-creation” being both

FB 261014 Stig

October 26: I am about to cross the circle gate from darkness into light of the space capsule, i.e. the Source with our New World

I met with my mother and sister at the eating house of the Cultural Yard where we had an exquisite buffet and a nice time together followed by a fine concert by Caroline Henderson, which took me by surprise because I had not read about the concert in forehand, and I believed that she would bring a small jazz-band singing jazz-classics, but there was not set up for a jazz band on stage, but a DJ and then it showed out that she had done a fine, “virtuel cabaret” including a wall of sound, pictures and (laser) light in a fine symsymbiosis based on Kurt Weill’s songs in a modern lounge-music style setting – http://carolinehenderson.dk/in-the-house-en-virtuel-cabaret/- which however was “too much” for my mother, who could not control herself saying out loud ten times in the start that this was absolutely nothing for her, and no, I do NOT like when people cannot decide to be stronger than their negative feelings, but I loved it and believed that this was “art” and I thought back on the first Gasolin musical from 1994, I believe, which gave me the same experience as this, and also that I love this kind of music fitting very well to Caroline, and I was thinking back on her GREAT Cinematic album from 1995, and the show was about being “lord of your own house”.

I was told that Caroline did indeed remember that my mother and I – and also my sister – would come this evening, and she brought us through her considerations and fear of life, how quickly it goes, and death, and to me, the musical highlights came with “Ballad of the soldiers wife” and especially with “The train to Heaven”, where Caroline sang nothing less than breathtakingly beautiful with her high voice filling the entire room, which was truly a magical experience to me, and I was thinking that this is the train that has now brought us home to “the House of the Lord” – “Here comes the train to Heaven, gotta move fast to get on board, the train is headed to our Lord” – removing all sufferings, fear and death too. I was very happy with the show as I told my mother and sister afterwards, but my mother only liked 3-4 songs (classics like “Mack the Knife” and “September Song”), which made me sad to hear, but as I told her, now she has experienced this, which will help her open the eyes to the next time.


I did not watch the first part of “Crazy about dance” this Friday evening because of the Caroline Henderson concert, but I returned home to follow the second part of their show this special evening where Danish TV2 did a collection show for cancer, which is moving everyone here except me, which it disgusts because cancer is one big scam of darkness killing man (as the climate crisis and “no free energy” as examples are too), and because of the occasion, the judges had been asked to produce a special dance each, and Britt Bendixen asked two dancers of her dance showing hand signs “what are you doing”, and yes, they showed “B & B”, which came to me as “Big Brother is watching” you as a symbol that I am following the show as they know, and I liked Britt’s dance as well as the other judges Jens Werner and Nikolaj Hübbe (his ballet piece “the dying swan” was INCREDIBLE beautiful, see it at the link below), but I was completely “swept away” by Anne Laxholm not only doing a fine dance with two children but also including herself dancing with her husband Hans Henrik in public for the first time in 25 years, and this is the couple that won several World and European Championships in Standard Dances in the end of the 1970’s and 1980’s, and it moved me INCREDIBLE to see because I remember seeing them on TV as teenager/young and they are the ones having impressed me the most of all dance couples, and here I recognised their unique style and beautiful dance immediately making me very happy and moved to see, and I could tell from the reactions of the audience and the public in general that I was not the only one feeling like this, Anne and Hans Henrik received storming applause and happiness of “moved people” remembering their very fine dance as me.



We have come out here where we are crossing your old self with your new self.

I went to the “10 year together anniversary” lunch that Annette and Cyril had been so kind to invite me to – as one of 18 including my mother/John, Tommy/Inge and others of their family and friends – and on my way there, I was told that Tommy would not tell about how he was welcomed by me on the other side, when he was “this close” to dying after his brain haemorrhage last year, which he did not and yes, he and Inge (my friend, Kirsten’s mother, who still loves me and believes that I am good looking as she has always done – and who still almost doesn’t see Kirsten, no surprise) were sitting next to me to my right, and no, he did not reveal this and not even when I asked into his sickness. Annette is a VERY good cook, and she had made “one thousand dishes” coming in to the table gradually over the next hours – I was thinking that this is how it is to be in the rich world being “rich on money, but poor on humanity”.

I spoke very well to Steffen, who sat on my left, and yes, he was leader of Danske Bank’s architect office when I was also in Danske Bank, and as example, he mentioned that he knows Johannes H.-N., the previous mayor, and this is how information about me easily goes from one to the next, and here my mother and people noticed how well Steffen and I spoke together, but I also spoke to the nice Swedish couple, Barbara (from Snekkersten) and Filip (a rich previous dentist from Lund!) on the other side of the table, and this included “alternative treatment” as example where we tried to motivate the INCREDIBLE STIFF and negative/rejecting John to visit my mother’s acupuncturists to “test it” before he knows if it works or not, and I had to use a loud voice to cut through saying that “you have to know, not believe, what you speak of”, and yes, I had the power of speech and penetration this afternoon being strong (no one could see that I am still feeling rotten and dying, I played the game again) , and this – together with the subjects that I spoke of (“not normal” for men to speak of) – made Barbara give me “the look” and she said that she already saw me as “special” when she met me at Annette’s and Cyril’s allotment a couple of months ago, and this is an example of how I normally act and how people normally should react to me because this is what I bring you, which is only positiveness and a “strong character”, and this is what people discovered (some “rediscovered”) this afternoon (as I ONLY tell you to make you understand, because I do NOT have a need to tell this myself, “to brag”, which no one believed in for a long time).

And so much that they asked me about my work, and when I answered this question with everyone listening to me, I was immediately given strong nervousness coming to me from outside making my heart beat uncontrollable and making it difficult to speak, which was because of my mother fearing exactly this moment, and yes, because she decided to tell these people about how incredible negative and crazy I am based on my writings, which she, the family and everyone “could not” understand, but when I now explained this (after first having told about my banking and insurance background) telling them about how I moved to and worked together with locals in Kenya in 2009, how they are “rich on humanity and poor on money” on contrary to people here using the example where I met the many school children at Elijah’s and Meshack’s rural village comparing their love, warmth, genuine behaviour to selfish Danish and Swedish children not caring about people, but focusing on their Ipods/Ipads, and how this was an eye opener for me to start my writings of my 12,000 pages, which essentially is about improving life, work and community, I do believe that people were able to understand this positively as it has always been meant to, and yes, “the problem” was not me when people turned their back against me being INCREDIBLE negative fearing the worst, it was fear itself of misunderstanding people with my mother leading it “supported” by my sister and John confirming her wrong belief.

And yes, after this, my strong voice/presence returned, this was only darkness of my mother trying to stop me, because she HATES me speaking about this, but otherwise she is starting to be proud of me again because people can see and feel that I am “special”, and yes, mother you will also be as proud of my work as only one mother can be when you will discover the full and true meaing of it, and that is instead of being the complete opposite based on “unnecessary fear” and “misunderstandings” treating me as dirt and bringing me my sufferings, and this is because I have made the most difficult and most important work ever, so there was really no need to hide me away as you did (and almost did for good accepting the system to “kidnap” me 1½-2 years ago). So this meeting was really about “eliminating misunderstandings” and the worst prejudices of people, and my mother/John and Annette/Cyril were given some inspired speech confirming to me that they indeed know about me and that this is “B.C.” – “before Christ” will be born as my new self – and I received the strong feeling that they, i.e. my mother, hope that this will happen before they will die, which came to me together with “She” by Charles Aznavour (in Jeff Lynne’s version below) and the lyrics “That I’ll remember ’til, The day I die”, and I was reminded that this turn around started when Sanna and Hans turned around from not believing to believing in me, and I was also told about how this process was “painful” to people – realising that I really am.

And I was told that Cyril (now also being finished with his new alloment hut) brought me all the way back (to the Source) now also based on everything coming to me lately, based on John, and also that my family, friends etc. have started discovering that they truly treated me disgusting bringing me the worst sufferings at all, which they “could not” understand when they only understood their own misunderstood, hurt feelings because of my writings making them completely blind and deaf, which was the play that my sister played on to our mother, and she was an “easy target” for a long time, but eventually people understood that “Stig is completely normal” as they saw again here today as they also did as example at the workman’s cave months ago where John and I had dried cod, and I was told that this is why the result became “To be or not to be that’s the question but not to me” as the lyrics go in the old classic by Leo Mathisen as I was given.

I was shown myself about to cross the circle gate from darkness leading into the light of a space capsule, and I am shown a man standing inside the circle edge of the gate carrying a fire extinguisher with the feeling that this is to make sure that nothing happens to me when entering, and I was told that I could not do this if Karen had not accepted me to return home to her also in real life, and yes ”Stig never accepted that we are through”.

I was told that A.T. Kearney, the global management consulting firm, did not only plan the monetary unon, but everything, and I understood that this is about the construction of “the financial crisis” that should have led to financial collapse of the world that should have led to the end of the Old World and rapture of the chosen 10% of the World Elite. And Danske Bank, where I used to work, had a main role in this too.

I continue receiving songs by Lis Sørensen and Sebastian, and as example, I was again given “Fuld af nattens stjerner” about being at the end of the rainbow carrying the chest full of gold in my hands.

A little about dreams these days: In one dream I had become manager of GE Insurance wanting to continue work, but Morten J. and everyone else have resigned, and there is nothing I can do (no more darkness to go through). In another dream I was attacked by North Korean soldiers, but I shot them down, they had no chance, and I come to a BIG CROWD of people dressed as Superheroes (Batman, Spiderman etc.) all pressuring on to enter a theatre room, and when I enter the room, I fly around in it as high as I want to, but it makes simple minded people say that man is not meant to fly and I ask them “as you also used to say about a Jumbo Jet” (?), and this was because I spoke to Steffen at the lunch yesterday about how to make super-structures from scratc like a Jumbo Jet, the Sydney Opera, a new skyskraper design, the biggest ship in the world etc. with millions of small details, and how you will not know how long it really takes to do and that you will often develop/invent it while building it because your first “idea written down on a napkin” (as Utzon did with the Sydney Opera or as the first Apple Computer was “designed” to receiving “an idea from above”) do not include all of these millions of details, and I felt that this is how we were working when creating our New World, and I felt people now inside of it giving me the feeling that it is immensely beautiful. And I dreamt about my sister saying that she has spoken to “the Devil”, Henrik Qvortrup, the previous editor-in-chief of the worst gossip weekly magazine Se & Hør, who used all legal and illegal methods to bring “sensational stories and scandal of celebrities and royals that sell), and I am following him on bicycle and keep on asking him the same question, but he keeps on trying to cycle away from me not answering the question, and I tell people the truth about him, which is that he is “completely crazy”, so there you have it, Henrik, and yes, TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT YOU DID INSTEAD OF DISGRACING YOURSELF AND THE DARK ORDER THAT YOU BELONGED TO, WILL YOU?

I woke up to “Gloria” by Laura Branigan, which here was not about a lady, but about “Gloria in exelcis” (Latin for “Glory to God in the highest”).

All of this development called “creation” that has taken “almost an eternal line of universes like our now Old World” each taking billions of years to start, develop and finish has taken “the split of a second” at the Source, where there is no time …. :-).

I watched some of Swedish TV’s “The top of the pop” as they call “So much better” including some of the finest old and new Swedish pop singers, and this evening they sang one of the best of all, Orup’s songs, and I was very moved when I watched and heard Amanda Jenssen sing “When we dig for gold in the USA” in a very fine, personal, different to the original but beautiful interpretation (which you will be even more when you know and remember the old BIG hit of Orup & Co.), and no, I still do NOT like “rights” keep away songs from the public as Swedish TV4 and others “owners of rights” do here when the videos on Swedish TV4’s website are only available for people living in Sweden.

I did not watch Carola’s version of “Sing Hallejuja (and praise God)”, but here it is too with the usual shine of Carola, one of the biggest pop stars of Sweden having an incredible (high) voice and God close to her heart, as I am here told and also feel :-).

I watched an old film on TV from the true “golden age” of Danish film, which is “Styrmand Karlsen” (“Mate Karlsen”) from 1958 including a pearl string of the truly greatest Danish actors ever in my mind – I cannot name them all here – including Karl Stegger as a corrupt African Finance Minister in what has to be his glory role of all, which made me laugh much (look at his incredible facial expressions and sounds) because this is truly incredible funny as you can see from the clip below including the two big Danish stars Dirch Passer and Ove Sprogø, and yes, today this could easily been seen as “politically incorrect” and racial discrimination – as you have as example have seen people in Sweden condemning elements of the children stories of Astrid Lindgreen – and most often it is truly this movement of what is “political incorrect” that is darkness self because they put in other and wrong meanings to these “elements” than what they used to mean, and yes, when Astrid includes “wry Chinese eyes” as example, it is because Asians do have “wry eyes” as has “always” been included in the language, which is not about racism.

NB: It still takes out much pain bringing you these updates.

FB 261014 Stig 1

FB 261014 Stig 2

October 29: It is five minutes past 12: I am coming up from the black hole, leaving creation and entering “non-creation” of the Source being both as the only one

FB 291014 Stig 1

I was told what I have been told before and knows inside of me, which is that it is first at the very end that all elements will be put together making me and making everyone understand as no one does today.

I dreamt about following Mick Jagger and another in the London Underground having difficulties keeping on, and I notice how all lines lie extremely close to each other. And I dreamt about having taken butter from Queen Elisabeth, and I meet Søren H. who asks me to look out for no one stealing butter from me.

I was given a “radio report” about how the radio, i.e. my spiritual voice, will soon stop transmitting, which also will include the end of my sufferings.

I was shown a swimming pool and was told that John’s brother, Tommy, has now been cured once and for all after having met me at Cyril’s and Annette’s lunch the other day where he saw me as completely normal, and again, I was told that the man receiving Tommy when he almost died was “the same Stig”. I was reminded how my mother spoke to Filip about the names “Stig” and “Sanna” both being Swedish, and I was given the feeling that this is because man controlled the Source from Sweden.

I was told that Anders Fogh’s most important role as the now former General Secretary of NATO was to keep the world together for me, which he did as well that we are still here and yes due to his fames efficiency and credibility.

I have received the feeling of my father strongly the last week together with the feeling that “how could you die without having understood, excused and reconnected with your son” (?), and the feeling of Karen is now closer on me and stronger than ever (with father and Karen being the Source), and I was told that she bitterly regrets her wrong actions towards me. I was told that we kept Denis outside here creating life until you came, and he wasn’t as good as creating life as me, which is also why you will see drastic improvements in our New World.

I continue physically feeling totally and critically emptied from energy, and it is as if when awakening in the morning knowing that I have to last all day that I am going to run an electrical car on battery power standing on a level between 0.0 and 0.1%, which is “not easy” to do – and yes, bringing tremendous physical pain and disgust.

We are still sitting at the edge seeing Stig coming up from the black hole. I was shown myself in tuxedo stepping out from the egg bringing my book. I am the egg self in which creation (my mother) of the Old World was made.

I felt Karen and Sweden, which is where we are still going. I was shown complete blackness, which is “nothing” of “the black hole” and when turned around, it is complete light. I have felt the Trinity strongly the last week (for example being given “three lights on a table” and not the usual two – a fine song by Otto Brandenburg), and it is inside here that we are ONE sending out four quaters of new creations. I was told and shown that it is now five minutes past twelve because creation is ready while waiting to bring me out and into the Source, and it is also really “five minutes past loneliness”, and here thinking of my loneliness being abandoned by my old friends and “business network”.

I received the lyrics “you are my best friend” from “Den bedste tid” (“The best time”) by OneTwo and I felt my old friend René, who felt this way about me, and yes, I have also felt René for weeks, and did you have a “special role” too in Danske Bank’s Arbitrage Department?

I receive incredible hot flushes every evening because I am completely emptied from energy, and every second feels like going through torture. I am bored having nothing to do thus doing “nothing” than sitting in front of my TV or computer not having energy to do anything else, and just waiting to become my new self, and yes, my old friends and colleagues still have fear of contacting me, which still makes me sad. And I received “Pensionistvisen” (“the song of retired persons”) by Grethe Sønck and Volmer Sørensen, which is about people having “nothing” to do.

Elijah lost faith, treated me as dirt, was disloyal, not communicating and saw me as a cash-cow. I have to disconnect from him (and John) to get FREE from darkness:

I dreamt about travelling with a friend to Kenya for 12 days, and now everything goes so incredible slowly there that I have to completely turn down the speed inside of me to “the slowest”. Elijah is not home but at work and I see a locomotive producing milk at his place. Elijah comes home and I see how he steals the entire floor of his neighbour and he doesn’t want to admit it, which makes the pillars of his own house, thus the whole house, about to break down, and is this to say that you decided to exclude me Elijah “betting” all your money on your Dutch NGO connection, which you don’t want to admit to and instead you will lie to me?

The day after the dream, I received the email from Elijah below, and yes, it gives me VERY POOR TASTE in my mouth only hearing from him now when I had decided to throw him out, so what you see here is a man behaving poorly and only communicating in order to save money. It brings me INCREDIBLE disappointment only hearing from him when knowing that he will lose my money, so money is more important to you than being friends, Elijah, which is why he is really not my friend anymore, and after receiving his email, I first decided to continue sending him money because he and his family need it, but later I was given STRONG considerations about this being told that he did not mention with one word faith in me or his (disloyality to me in relation to his) Dutch connection and also not Facebook, where he has still not accepted my Facebook invitation, and I received the STRONGEST feeling of disbelief in myself for a few minutes – “I am not going to become my new self, I don’t believe it” – which is about Elijah having lost faith in me because of his impatience (“nothing is happening”) and laziness to read/understand me, and this is about faith from the most important man in the world, which my/our survival depended on, and this is what I asked you to do; to keep on reading me to keep your faith and to communicate with me remaining a “loyal friend”, but no, you “could not”, Elijah, you ended up treating me like dirt bringing me the worst sufferings of any man ever as the direct result of your laziness, negativity and wrong actions doing WRONG even though it was EASY to do RIGHT, and now you are treating me like a cash cow only, and the strong encouragement coming to me now is to stop my transfers to you (and John too also not communicating) even though I gave you one last chance, which I really should have not done, so this is how it is. I am going to stop my transfers to you because of your wrongdoings and exploitation of me, and this is even though it brings me pain doing this knowing that your and John’s family too need money, and the purpose is still to cut my old lifeline to new life for me to connect with the lifeline of created life and the Source. So maybe you will understand that this was not easy for me to do, and when I will now stop this help, you will believe that it was my fault and not your own?

Email Elijah 281014

So it is not only here in the rich world that people disappoints me incredible, people of the poor world do too and it is also here “completely unnecessary” to do and about people who “cannot” behave correctly doing wrong disappointing others instead of right. Elijas is one of those who sent me to State Prison, whom we are now removing to bring me free. His role was also really about bringing darkness to me (to clean to bring out life) and I am shown a pole almost penetrating my heart as result, and no, he never found out that this is what he did because he was too stupid, slow and lazy. It is because we are closing the door that we are doing this, and yes, to bring me in turning everything around where I have to do wrong to make this happen, and yes, it is right to help poor people, but here it is about helping my friends, and when you are not my friend, you will not receive my help, and yes, this goes for you too, John. WHY IN THE WORLD WAS IT “IMPOSSIBLE” FOR YOU TO DO RIGHT WHEN I TOLD YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN (?), and yes, EXTREME AND UNNECESSARY LAZINESS.

Elijah and John: Please understand that this will only be for a limited period of time until you will wake up as your new selves in our New World also receiving “Normal Life”, which would be easier for you to believe in and easier for you to receive peace of mind if only you had decided to follow my request for you to read me in order to keep faith – and yes, I will also now cancel you from my email list only keeping Meschack (as the only true and loyal friend of the four of you – he was the only one “being able” to read me and the only one of you truly having faith in me as result, and yes, Meschack was considered being “the lowest/least inteligent” of the four of you, but he was the smartest of all reading, thus knowing what he speaks of!) and David, because you decided to keep on communicating with me all along.

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October 31: Cutting off Elijah was like cutting off all power supply making our “rocket” explode, but you still live because life is transferred to our New World

FB 311014 Stig 1

I was told that the explosion of an Antares rocket from a NASA facility in Virginia, USA, was also a symbol of my decision to cut-off Elijah and my lifeline, which should have brought “the bomb of Nixon” as the Doomsday Weapon destroying all life but only if I had not transferred all life to our New World before, so nothing happened because of this, we are our New World only playing to be the Old World waiting for me to completely turn around opening up for everything of our breathtaking New World, and I feel Sting here because “Every breath you take, Every move you make, Every bond you break, Every step you take, I’ll be watching you” (I love the live version below giving this old song “new life and energy”), which is what Sting and the world do when following me as I here feel, but still all of you are silent making me both lonely and unhappy, which is not right, right?


My old colleague and friend, Lisbeth, had a “very unpleasant” experience giving her a sudden fear in life when her electricity closet burned off completely destroying all power supply in her home and threatening to burn down her house too if it was not because she discovered it before going to bed at 23.00 in the evening and the fire department came after 10 minutes to put out the fire, and I was told that this was also coming as result of cutting off Elijah as my lifeline, and yes, Lisbeth was one of those simple minded and very selfish people of my old friends who continued thinking of and using much money on herself making me feel disgusted to witness (instead of helping my LTO friends and I ”living on a stone”), and I was told that she has followed me since the beginning (2010) and decided to do absolutely nothing about it, what a “friend” she is, right (?), and yes, she is “the worst darkness” too and “special friend”, which is what this symbol is also about together with the Seest fireworks explosion in 2004 near to her – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7og0GP-74Q – and yes, Lisbeth wanted me but could not have me because she is not my type and it felt “not right”, and yes, you were even willing to be unfaithfull to be with me, Lisbeth (do you remember out ”exciting” tour in Nyhaven Copenhagen after a nice dinner?) – as you told me you were with another man giving you ”much excitement” in life, and maybe too much now? Link to Lisbeth’s Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/lisbeth.sonnichsen?fref=ts.


FB 291014 Lisbeth 1

FB 291014 Lisbeth 2

I have had a nervous heart for days because of Elijah, and I was given the feeling of Elijah and told that he was thinking of suicide after I have cut him off. Was Elijah incabable to feel sadness because of you (?), and yes, a man not asking me any questions at all (?) in his few emails since 2009, but thinking of himself – and also “unable” to remember and answer questions and even to communicate and update me on his life, he simply “did not get it”. So we have just carried out the slaughter – cutting him off – and still nothing happened with life. I was shown myself being driven away from prison. Elijah was the one being the reason why I often had strong doubts in myself during my mission (“am I really the one – will anything really happen, no right?”) and also had my memory removed as I had quite often having difficulties remembering words/events. The incredible is that after cutting off Elijah, he now feels “opposite”, which was all I was told or felt and I felt “affection” from him. He was the one having the key for my state prison, so he is the one that we finish with.

I was given strong feelings of Peter T. and was told that he doesn’t function (to destroy life) because all life has been transferred to our New World, so all people are really their new selves playing to be their old selves.

Later I was told that Elijah went to town the first Saturday every month spending my money on prostitutes, and yes, I have been told for years about Elijah’s weakness for prostitutes – instead of his wife, Tina – and also given ”hints” that this is how he was spending my transfers and that is because you have ”other income” from your own business and Holland too to ”support the family”, Elijah (?), and yes, you wouldn’t let me and the LTO team down like this would you (?), but yes a simple man without character, moral and conscience would, and there you have Elijah in a nutshell.

I have also been given strong feelings of my old class friend Christian G. and Henrik H., and I was told about Henrik also being part of the setup of the world order of darkness of man via his work as engineer. I also often feel Arthur Findlay College, and I have felt my mother’s old friend Lis several times too, and no, I don’t know if she is dead or alive. And I have felt my old friend Morten B. from Karenvej too, my old friend Martin (from Commercial Class, who did not want to go with me to SAGA concert in 2012, Martin?) and not least Tobias very STRONGLY for days feeling that “a message is about to come” regarding him. And yes, I have been given feelings of my old class teacher, Vera, too, and now also Sigurd (previously in Aon with me) and Mads (not knowing which Mads it is from my business network), and I feel that all of these feelings come to me because I am “always on their minds”.

I have also felt Danish badminton stars (from the last 30-40 years) strongly, and for weeks I have been given feelings and visions of locusts, which is about darkness of Michael Sadler and SAGA (symbolised by their mascot Harold the Locust) also thinking of me.

I was shown an old, modern and upright Danish telephone (from 1958, as I saw on TV the other day, my father had one of these) and I was shown and told that I am in the very middle of the dial of this telephone, i.e. the middle of everything, and this is the only place where there is no telephone (“voice of life”) because everything comes from here. Now you are this telephone yourself.

I was told that GE Frankona took a reference on me from GE Insurance in 2002 when I did the business plan on opening a branch of the French Insurance Company that they were investors in, in Denmark/Scandinavia, and I felt Ian Baker, my old HR-manager from France/UK, who flew in to Copenhagen with the only agenda to dismiss me because of WRONG presure against me from Morten, Jørgen and Klaus at the office, and yes, Ian made the WRONG decision letting me and not Morten go, and you gave a wrong and poor reference on me, Ian, without knowing me and only based on negative feedback on me – not knowing about or understanding “incredible positive” feedback from others including clients (?) – and yes, this was given to the new management of GE Frankona and they used this as basis to “let Stig go, because we cannot hire him as part of the GE family when another GE company decided to let him go”, and yes, this is how my spoiled and selfish colleagues preferring “anarchy” instead of “order”/”lift in quality” had their will kicking me out, which is then what GE really did – WRONGLY of course.

I have been given the feeling several times that I have become “a cult” among enthusiastic people.

For weeks I have been told about Kim S. and the network around me that they knew about me already in 1990’s, and I was shown a bamboo growing very quickly setting one new joint over the next, and I was told that it was Hans’ task to break out from all of the group when he received faith in me. And was it planned that Hans would bring out handbills for you when the right time came (?), yes. This network also includes Vera, my former class-teacher from Espergærde (5th to 9th grade). And as Stig, I am wondering if they truly knew about me or were “mind-controlled” by the World Elite/the Universal Council, and yes, this now comes to me clearly because at a certain point, the defence systems of darkness would break down, and their minds would be opened to finally understand me as the truth, which is what happened, so there you have it – important people around me who discovered the truth because I eliminated darkness, and Sanna was the most important of these and it would end up opening the mind of your mother as the ultimate.

And this is just to say that the voice – telephone – in the middle of everything is mine, yes, my new self. And I was given a sound to the kitchen and was told that it was me sitting in the kitche, my new self coming from the Source as foundation for all creation/life here. So I was this radio report, i.e. the entire world, creating this act as preparation for true creation of our New World of light only. And this is the voice that guided me through all of this act and darkness, and I felt and was told that it is from me that all life has come out of.

I spoke to my mother, and she said that John has now received Podagra to his other foot after having had it for some weeks to the other foot, which is painful and making it difficult for him to walk and do anything, so he will not come when my mother and sister comes by for coffee here on Saturday.

I received this kind email from “the gentleman” John making it difficult to keep my decision also to cut him off, but the truth is that John has not been working all of the time for many months, where I have not heard from him because he has had “time” to be on Facebook now and again but still being “unable” to communicate with me, so you are still off my transfer and email lists, John, and yes, you should NOT have been “eternally lazy” as I have shown to the world for years that you and Elijah are. And yes, at least John has an income, which is more than David and even more than Meshack, who suffer the most of the four of you (with these two still on my transfer list receiving money)? And yes, it will ”not take long” before we will open our New World leaving all sufferings behind us.

Email from John 301014

I was shown an ancient Egyptian jar being assembled, and this jar is “everything”, i.e. life/creation, which we had to make sure would not be destroyed, which was the message included in the “soul journey” (“sitting”) that Janet Parker gave me in 2006 at Arthur Findlay College, and I feel that she knows.

FB 311014 Stig 2

FB 311014 Stig 3

FB 311014 Stig 4


October 31: Prince sings in Danish on his new album (!!!) as a reference to me as ”the new King in town”: ”Open the cage” (of our New World) and ”free people”

FB 311014 Stig about Prince 1

FB 311014 Stig about Prince 2

FB 311014 Stig about Prince 3

FB 311014 Stig about Prince 4






About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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