November 2014 – after script: Pictures of my father’s father and his father magically appeared from ”Out of the Blue” because I will be ”Steppin’ out” as my New Self from ”Out of the Blue”


Summary of the script today

  • November 3: Pictures of my father’s father and his father magically appeared from ”Out of the Blue” because I will be ”Steppin’ out” as my New Self from ”Out of the Blue”. Buying the bed patwork quilt symbolising the creation of our combined New World. Removing Elijah as the last thin ring of darkness from my key to open the Source giving him feelings to commit suicide symbolised by a suicide at my apartment block! The “game” of my mission was repeated when my family misunderstood me and “could not” control their negative feelings when I strongly spoke out the truth of wrongdoings of people. If you are soft/a coward as most people are and do nothing, nothing will change; you need to be strong addressing wrong behaviour for people to improve as I did all along.


November 2014 – after script: Pictures of my father’s father and his father magically appeared from ”Out of the Blue” because I will be ”Steppin’ out” as my New Self from ”Out of the Blue”

November 3: Pictures of my father’s father and his father magically appeared from ”Out of the Blue” because I will be ”Steppin’ out” as my New Self from ”Out of the Blue”

FB 031114 Stig 1

When waking up at 08.00 after only four hours of sleep, I was first “completely dead meat” as usual surprised that I had work to do for a full day on my new update, the new Prince albums update and an update to my Signs III webpage with the “Sirius” film, and I had decided to go to Ikea close to Copenhagen to buy a new bed cover as I had received encouragement to do – if I could (because of tiredness) – but first I “just” had to transfer money to David and Meshack, which was half of what I normally send (1,400 DKK gross), and I went to the Western Union agent at the Thai store in Helsingør as usual, and was thinking of getting the train to Copenhagen at 16.40 or maybe 17.00 without knowing that the IT-system to transfer money would decide to be “incredible slow” today making it “almost impossible” to send any money, and yes, my “gold card” did not work for the first time and she had to key in all information of my address etc. manually, and this was because of darkness of Elijah blocking, and I was told that this was despite of “an overlap of IT-systems” of Western Union to avoid this experience, and this is how it took one hour – far longer than ever before – to do before it finally accepted it, and yes, it was now so late that I could first catch the train at 17.40 and it would take one hour to go by two trains (via Hellerup and Gentofte Stations) and one bus to reach Ikea, which however did not drive at this late hour so I had to walk the last approx. 1½ kilometres, and then maybe one hour there and one hour back, and no, I really did not have energy at all to do this, but still this is what I decided to do, and yes, I could now afford buying a little for myself because of the money I saved by not transferring money to Elijah and John this month.

Finally, I arrived and walked around the big furnitue warehouse finding the bed cover I had seen on their website (DKK 499), two pillows and then also a palm (DKK 79), and I was told that I am only buying this because I have continued doing excellent work instead of deciding to let me fall (into the abyss), and yes, this bed cover is really looking like a pathwork quilt, which is an old symbol of our New World as you know, and this is why I was encouraged to buy it, and yes, to replace the old one coloured bed cover that I had (black on one side and grey on the other), and this was because I wanted to have colours to look at :-).

I received a song that I cannot find now including lyrics like “going up up up – going down down down” (by Kiki Dee maybe?) and I was told that this is about my new self coming up and Elijah and John going down (after being cut off) – to help bringing me up.

I was told that the emerging story of Tobis is nothing else than a giant flower opening – as I was shown too – because he understands and loves me.

I had some trouble bringing home two big Ikea bags with the bed cover and pillows, and one paper bag with the palm – I also had a backpack (with coffee pot and cups from work at the library) – but eventually I managed, and yes, when entering the “Coast-way train” on Hellerup Station, I met the train ticket collector who smiled at me when looking at all of my bags and he asked about my palm “is this flesh-eating” (?), and I smiled back and said “yes, it eats ticket collectors” and he said “yes, I thought so”, and yes, I noticed that he was wearing a traditional Turkish hat – a “Fez” – which was “a funny thing” for a train collector to wear, but then again, this was “not a normal” train collector because after a little while, he said on the speaker system that “I will come walking through the train, but not to control tickets but to say goodbye because I am retiring in 2½ hours from now”, which made people smile, and yes, when he walked through the wagon I was sitting in, people clapped at him and when he saw me he said “oh, there we have the man with the flesh-eating plant”, and yes, this was symbolically about the ticket collector of darkness retiring, and this is the man that I have been shown in dreams and visions for years wanting to control my ticket, which I cannot afford paying – as I symbol of having no energy to go through my mission bringing everything home to the Source with me – and yes, I had clipped three times on my yellow 10-clip card at 17:40 (stamped with “18:00”) meaning that I had to reach the train home from Hellerup not later than two hours (three clips works for two hours), but I first reached the train at approx. 20.35, so this was to say that darkness is not controlling my ticket, darkness has “retired”, and yes, darkness was my family, friends etc., thus the world, “controlling” me (for example my mother controlling me and my home, and the system of darkness – the Commune – controlling me as “unemployed” watching every move and every step that I took), and after his walk through the train, the train collector said that people had been kind asking him what he and his wife will do as retired, but “I have no wife because even though women are beautiful to look at like an elephant, I don’t want one, I have no wife and no family”, which made people smile, and this was also symbolic to say that the world did not want me as the elephant (symbol of God), but still I made you to bring you home to the Source. And yes, already the other day I was shown the now previous President of Turkey, Abdullah Gül, and was told that he was “the worst darkness” and here in the train, I was shown Erdoğan (the previous Prime Minister and new President of Turkey), and this is what the Fez on the head of the train collector was about, i.e. “the worst darkness” of all now retiring. Finally, I returned home at 21.40 and continued working setting up the new things until 22.30, and as a result I did not watch “crazy about dance” today.

My bed and livingroomMy bed including the new Ikea Pathwork Quit symbolising the creation of our New World and my living room also including the little new Chinese table and my photo album in the window (see later in this script)

I was given the feeling of ABBA in relation to Prince singing in Danish on his new album, and I was told that ABBA has new music on the way too also as a celebration to me.

I was told that the explosion of Richard Branson’s spaceship “Virgin Galactic” was another symbol of “the spaceship” of my old self exploding, i.e. dissolving, because of my decision to cut-off Elijah, and no, you don’t believe that this was a “co-incidence” following the explosion of the Antares rocket the other day as another “co-incidence”, do you?

Daily Mail 311014 Virgin Galactic explosion

I continued having “non-important dreams” for example about my old class friend Henrik H. (with a BIG smile) and Søren D. N. (keeping in the background) having collected a big bag of candy including what they remember that our old class friends liked of candy, which impresses me that they remember – with “candy” now being a symbol of the Source too – and I woke up to the lyrics “Sometimes you get lost, Sometimes you get found, In a state of mind” by ELO, which is about getting lost as my old self to be found as my new self. And I was given ELO’s “Latitude 88 north” again and again during the morning – about “the iceman coming” where “it’s so cold, cold as hell” – and I was told that this is because of darkness brought to me by my mother because of her silence in relation to me, and also that “she’s falling” because of her knowledge of me and who I am, at the same time that this is also about my big love of this song, and yes, why don’t you play this and maybe 2-3 other “new songs” at your coming concerts, Jeff?

I was shown the last very thin ring being removed from the key, which is about Elijah, who was the shadow of darkness that removed my sight into the Source, and I am shown a door divided in two opening.

Tommy was the last of the three brothers (including John and Cyril) who was meant as protection of darkness, but he had to give in too seeing me as normal at the lunch last week, and this came after I had been given feelings of how John, and later Cyril, had told him that “Stig is completely normal to speak to”.

I received two different songs including lyrics like “got to remember”, but I could not remember what songs they were (!), and this is about the memory of the Source that will come to me.

I have been told several times that “you are the biggest actor yourself”, which is because I don’t tell about myself when meeting with my family and others, but continue playing the game, which everyone else does too when they decide to act as if “nothing” had happened speaking of everything else than my story, me and my sufferings.

My mother and sister came to visit me for coffee this afternoon (Hans was on his way to Malta to one of the countless “OECD conferences” that he attends), and yesterday, the weather forecast had said that there would be fog this morning, but it would lift and reveal “the most beautiful November day” with sunshine and maybe a heat record (up to 18 degrees), and we had agreed to go for a walk around the cliff in front of me and around the LO-school and golf lane on the way back, but the fog did not lift here making it impossible even to see the sea from my apartment, which was a symbol to say that I/we cannot see the Source and our New World yet, but it is coming, and as result, we did not go for this walk but agreed to do it later.

We had a cup of coffee and they were kind saying that they liked my new bed cover, palm and “everything that you have fits together” as they said, and yes, my home is a symbol of our New World being “perfect”.

They asked me if I had heard the news about what has happened in this high apartment building that I am living in (?), and no, I had not, and then my mother told the story included in the article of Helsingør Dagblad (from October 31) below about how a 46 years old man had rang the door to a 80 years old lady on 8th floor (I live on 4th floor myself) and walked in and right through her apartment, opening the door to the balcony and the window of the balcony and then he jumped out and killed himself (!), and no, I had not seen or heard about this, and yes, this has had to happened on October 30, so either I was not at home or else it happened on the other side of the house, which I cannot see or hear people from, and after being told this, I was told that this is a symbol of Elijah, who was thinking of comitting suicide after I decided to cut him off, and I also received feelings of devotion again, which is about Elijah feeling embarassed for having let me down.

Helsingør Dagblad 311014 Suicide

We had a nice talk during the afternoon and at one moment my sister suddenly received an idea and said “shouldn’t we look at your picture album” (as they gave me on my 40th birthday in 2006) as she had noticed standing on my shelves, so this is what we did and I told them that this may be the best gift they have ever given me, and yes, we turned one page after the other seing pictures of me from baby, boy, teenager and grown up – together with the family too of course – and then we turned another page and saw one big picture of a man in uniform looking as if it was taking around the time of World War II filling the page, which came as a total surprise to us all, and I could only say “I have never seen this before” (!), and no, neither had my mother and sister, and my sister turned another page, and on the next page was another picture of the same size of another man looking as if this was going back another generation to maybe the 1910’s, and yes, I have received some additional pictures from my mother maybe 2-3 years ago, which I have put into the picture album myself (starting on the first empty page after the pictures that Hans and Sanna had entered), and I told them that I was thinking when Sanna turned the pages of the album that I had put in pictures myself at the end of the album, but I have not inserted the old pictures of the two gentlemen (!), and when looking at the first picture of the man in the uniform again, I said that “I may have seen this before with my father”, but I have NEVER seen the other picture, and I remembered that my father had found his real father late in life after not having known him throughout his entire life and how he told me that he visited him in his cottage and was disapointed with him being a chauvinist, if I remember correctly, and I looked at the picture again and said “isn’t he wearing a police uniform (?), and I do believe that my father told me that his father used to be a policeman – and when you look at his face, I do believe that you can see characteristics that could also been seen in my father’s face”, and yes, my mother and sister agreed, but they kept on saying that “you have to have inserted these pictures yourself”, and I kept on saying that “I have not – “something funny” keeps on going on in this home” and I told them about my wall lamp no. 2 as example “having its own life” and yes, it was switched off this afternoon – as they saw because I had switched on the wall lamps when looking at the picture album, and the other three of four lamps worked (but later in the evening and the day after, this lamp “decided” to work again most, but not all, of the time, Sanna!)- as it has been switched off for many weeks by now, and I told them about “the light show” that it has given me before, and yes, my sister and mother KNOWS about “funny things” happening including lifts not working or driving up and down by itself and more, but still “you have to have inserted this yourself but have forgotten about it, haven’t you received these pictures from Inge” (?) – my father’s sister – and “NO, I HAVE NOT” (!), and yes, I have visited Inge twice within the last 5-6 years, and I remember our meetings clearly, what we spoke of including how I taught Inge how to burn CD’s with music from the Internet (the 1st meeting) and “their song”, which Ove sang out loud when hearing it on the speakers etc., and yes, I have not seen Inge since my father died, and if I had, maybe Inge could have said “maybe you would like to have these two pictures connected to your father” and then she would have given me a story about the pictures, which I would have remembered, but I saw her before he died (in 2013), and she did NOT give me anything (!), and yes, “you saw my reaction when seeing the pictures where I was truly as surprised as you never having seen them before, which was a genuine reaction”, but still “you have to have done this yourself” (!), but I have not, so I told them that “I will send the pictures to Inge and ask her if she knows about them” and then we will know, and yes, this seems to be the only way to confirm to my mother and sister that I did not insert these pictures myself, and yes, it should have been good enough for you when I told you that I DID NOT INSERT THESE PICTURES MYSELF, right (?) – these two pictures are inserted INBETWEEN pictures that I inserted from my mother 2-3 years ago as you can see from the pictures below (on my website), and yes, PLEASE READ, THINK AND UNDERSTAND: How in the world should I start inserting pictures on one page 2-3 years ago and then insert these two pictures before inserting other pictures from my mother (?) – and what you saw here was “magic” like a “magician” does “magic” conjuring away and bringing out items from “out of nothing” as you see Criss Angel and other “magicians” do on TV, and later I was told that these pictures were inserted from OUT OF THE BLUE to make my mother and sister believe that “something magical” will indeed happen when we will start our New World, and that will be when I will be STEPPIN’ OUT as my new self you know, and yes, of course I had played Jeff Lynne’s ELO concert from Hyde Park telling them that “this is the greatest musical experience of my life”, and yes, they were kind also saying that it truly looked and sounded very good. And yes, these pictures are also to say that my father’s father and his ancestors are with me.

My fathers father and his fatherMy father’s father and his father, I believe, magically coming from ”Out of the Blue” and into my photo album today when watching it with my mother and sister 🙂

Stigs photo album - last page of Hans This is the last page of the photo album as it was given to me as gift in 2006 including Hans’ careful labeling of all pictures on all pages

Stigs photo album - first page of Stig including new picture of my fathers fatherThis is the first page following Hans’ last page of the photo album where I have inserted the pictures (given by my mother) to the left maybe 2-3 years ago, but I have NOT inserted the picture of my father’s father to the right. Notice that there is NO LABELING on these pages

Stigs photo album - second page of Stig including new picture of my fathers fathers fatherThis is the second page following Hans’ last page of the photo album where I have inserted the pictures (given by my mother) to the right maybe 2-3 years ago, but I have NOT inserted the picture of my father’s father’s father, I believe, to the left. Noticed that there is NO LABELING on these pages. And isn’t it ”Strange magic” that the pictures of my father’s father and his father are inserted IN BETWEEN the pictures that I inserted 2-3 years ago (?) – if I had inserted these pictures, I would have inserted them before or after my mother’s pictures, you see?

And yes, later I checked pictures on my computer and discovered that I did indeed receive some pictures via email from Inge when I met her the last time in June 2011, which were five pictures from our family from my childhood, which had NOTHING to do with these two old pictures, and NO, Inge did NOT give me two physical pictures when I met her, and yes, you just have to trust me on this one, and again I am TIRED of not being believed in – why don’t you just listen and understand instead of automatically not believing in me?

We had agreed to go to my mother to have dinner together with John, who did not feel well enough, John, to come and visit me (but maybe you did and “the problem” was that you did not bother visiting me because of your laziness doing nothing one day after another (?), and I tried to motivate John to go to my mother’s acupuncturist to let him heal his podegra saying that it is clear to everyone that she becomes better and better – you can see “life” in her eyes and much more energy radiating from her, which her acupuncturist also tells her and I told her that this is about ENERGY that she lacked and ENERGY that she has received via this “treatment”, which the doctors “could not” tell her about despite of their “medical checks” of my mother, and yes, my mother knows more and more through this acupuncturist and also that he has a “gift” and yes he has told her about “spiritual healers operating people” as if it was physical operation, and yes, she belives more than ever because of him and because of me – but no, John is the most STUPID-STUBBORN of them all (= “CRAZY”) because he has decided that he does not want to go and only keeps saying that the acupuncturist has found a “gold mine” in my mother when treating her twice a week continuing to “invent” new diseases for him to heal, and yes, it made us “shake our heads” because this is truly what he is not understanding that it is good as everyone can see on my mother but wrongly believes that it is wrong (but he can go to the doctors without problems pumping him with “medicine” killing him), the most stupid and stubborn of them all and not even I can change his mind (he was inspired when he kept on calling the acupuncturist for “goldfinger”, which was about me as James Bond defeating darkness, so just maybe there is a crack for the light to get in behind his stubborn facade), and when I was about to pour wine to my mother, I was about to pour it in the wrong of two glasses, which was “a feeling” given to me, and when my mother complained about this, Sanna took her empty glass to drink from instead of the full glas because of “the same feeling” and I told her with a smile that “this is how it works”, and yes, she knew what I meant – this is our inner self controlling us, and later she said in other connection “yes, we know”, which was meant for me and to confirm that she indeed knows about me but says nothing while continuing to play the act as darkness on the surface, which she as example did when she asked me about my spinning training, and I could only tell the truth that “I have not trained for a long time, which is not because I don’t want to but because I cannot”, and the only reaction this gave was my mother saying that “we better stop the subscription to Fitness World then”!

And we had an EMOTIONAL discussion about Mette and Jesper, who almost did not participate in our gatherings on the cruise ship to Amsterdam and have not called after coming home to say thank you for the tour, and this is about Jesper, who appararently prefers to keep to himself and about their daugther Sofia, who gets her will and is “difficult” and “selfish”, which makes the parents put her before everything, and my mother was very sad experiencing this (as they have seen before) and it was witnessed by everyone else and has been debatted before, and John truly doesn’t like debatting it because he prefers everything to be “smooth” on the surface without digging into it making him do whatever he likes to do, so my mother brought this subject up again during dinner and said that now she had decided not to see Jesper again, and as usual, my mother keeps on repeating the same message over and over and over again, which challenges John’s patience and it ended up with John turning it into my mother’s problem saying that it is her fault, which she has to clear out together with the acupuncturist, and yes, he said it with much conviction and I was both surprised and appalled hearing this, did he really believe in this (?), and yes, he did, and there was no way out than I had to take on the strongest and loudest voice that I have to cut through and I told him that this is NOT my mother’s problem because she is right in her criticism, but wrong when saying that she does not want to see Jesper again (which is because of “uncontrollable negative temper” and “negative focus”, because Jesper is also a nice man speaking to if you focus on his positive sides) and then I said YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY AS FATHER TO SPEAK TO YOUR DAUGHTER (and son-in-law) saying it as it is “why did you decide to keep away from us at the cruise, we were all sorry about that”, which could be the way to “open” Mette for her to speak about her/their challenges (the best if Jesper could join) because the truth may be that she is actually suffering because she cannot control her husband and daughter, and this is about COMMUNICATION to improve a situation in the family where everyone can see that it is wrong, and IF YOU DO NOTHING, NOTHING WILL CHANGE (!), and yes, this was strong enough to get their attention and really to end this LONG dialogue, but no, John will do nothing because he is a WIMP and “too soft” because he does not dare to speak directly to people to help out a situation, which he also did not to help out Mette’s son Kristoffer in the situation with the expensive Champagne some months ago (and to help Kristoffer from falling apart apparently using his nights to play games on his computers, having no work and now also no girlfriend), which again is the same when he does not dare speaking against my mother when she cannot control her negative temper and is unfair to him, which makes her abuse the situation developing this bad habit, and yes, if I had lived with them, I would have stopped it long ago but telling my mother strongly over again I DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR NEGATIVE TEMPER/FEELINGS, GET BETTER, CONTROL IT and let me see your positive/objective side only, and yes “if you do nothing, nothing will change”, and yes, this makes logics to cage hense, John, and this is what they understood, and yes, this is is the way of the world and how Jacob Holdt “loves” all people, thus not helping them to improve, and this is how Elijah (and Kenya much more than Denmark as example) also works because they “cannot” speak out the truth to people to help them improve also because they fear negative reactions of people, and yes, my mother said this about Mette and Jesper so strongly that this is what John as a SIMPLE MINDED man reacted to because he does not want his wife to criticise his children (always emphasizing Sanna and I and critisizing Mette and Bettina), so instead of listening to and understanding what my mother really said, he could not help but turning his anger against my mother as the messenger, which you know is VERY WRONG and yes where have you seen this before (?), and yes, from John self and my mother and sister and family and friends and the system and the whole world doing the same to me when I told you the truth about your wrong behaviour, communication and work, which you could not help feeling so negatively about that your turned your wrong emotions against me instead of opening up, understanding and doing something about it – but still this is about the crack where the light gets in, and yes, this is what it did to John and everyone else despite of their completely closed minds!

During this discussion, my sister also “lost it” at one point when I had spoken out the truth of Mette and Jesper strongly – that they are far too soft with Sofia giving in to her all the time making the child get her way, which brings her “wrong habits”, and it takes “the Fulton method”, i.e. discipline, to bring this out of the child and to replace it with good and sound behaviour (as our mother did with us two as children not always letting us come in front of the grownups when speaking, which however is not how my sister did it with her two sons giving in to them all of the time driving them, giving them expensive gifts and being a “hen mother” to them turning them into the most selfish people too!) – and yes, the same syndrome as with John making her turn against me saying that “you are not to judge them, they will do what they decide to do” and also that “there is also something wrong about that child, I am the psychologist and KNOW about this” (being VERY stubborn/”selfish” not wanting to go swimming at swimming class as example, which “all other children” does), and yes, it was VERY visible to see all negative feelings inside my sister on her face because she was boiling over with being incredible negative with me (for saying the truth only!), she could not control and hide it, and this made it easy for me to use my strong voice again to cut through telling her directly “you may be psychologist by name but not by gain, this discussion is NOT about us becoming angry with each other, you can clearly not control your negative feelings (and I saw her trying to “bite” her negative feelings inside of her not to let them out – knowing that you would lose our “fight” again if you did, Sanna (?) and also because of “consideration” to mother and John?), you may be right about the child that something is “special” with her, this is not about either/or, it may be both/and, and yes, when people cannot do right, I will tell the truth straight out to improve”, and yes, this was also strong enough for them to understand that I am indeed the Judge telling you about what you do wrong and what you need to improve, remember Sanna (?), and yes, this is how I brought down “the expert” again, which is not easy because Sanna “always” gets her way with her soft husband and sons, and also as “the director controlling everything” at work, but this is NOT how it works with me, Sanna, because I am the strongest and has the ability to cut through to make people understand – when it is needed – and this is what you saw again here, and yes, you may not agree with me and why is that (?), and yes, because you could not control your negative feelings about my strong voice telling you, not about the content of what I said, because this is simple logic for cage hence to understand, and do you think that you can understand too when you put away your negative feelings (?), and yes, to me this was “only a game” where I decided to “look at it from outside and in” where it was clear that Sanna, John and my mother did not have this ability because they were “prisoner of their feelings”, and this is what separated us, because I could control much stronger negative feelings coming to me, which should have made it easy for you to do the same if only you wanted to do right, right?

And yes, I also told them that it is WRONG speaking like this behind Mette’s and Jesper’s backs, and we should have invited them speaking like this when they are present, but no, people “cannot” do this, and this is exactly how Sanna/Hans and my mother/John spoke hours behind my back not being able to control your negative feelings, Sanna – and the others too – which brought the others with you because you are “the expert”, right (?), and this is what made you decide to accept the system to put me behind bars at psyciatric hospital (and what is worse under “the new system” kidnapping me and throwing me out of my apartment), and yes, uncontrollable feelings of misunderstanding people doing WRONG instead of right, and when I was together with them, they did not dare speaking to me what they spoke about behind my backs, and yes, you were all IDIOTS (!), and no, this is NOT because I am negative, this is truly what you were, and you could not help it – too bad! Thus, this discussion was a repetition of all of the game of the family, thus the world, going against me, and Sanna and John – together with my mother and “everyone else” (including my father’s family and Karen/Denis etc.) – used ALL OF THEIR FORCE going against me, which is truly EVERYTHING NEGATIVE that they could find inside of them, where they have never been before (!), and it was TOUGH going through receiving all of this and to be stronger than you telling you that you were all wrong, but this is what I did, and yes making completely deaf people understand that there were wrong.

Yes, also happening during the dinner: I was given STRONG “direct feelings” of Sanna and John feeling embarassed sitting here with my mother and John because you were riding “the wrong horse” that should have eliminated my mother and us – together with 90% of the world population – according to the New World Order of darkness of man (if I had not defeated all darkness), and I was given maybe five memories of what I have included of stories in recent scripts, and I was told that my sister has read all, so there you are, Sanna :-).

When I returned home, I received the lyrics “(Rock me) again and again and again” by Human League and at the same time also the lyrics “Han gør det igen og igen og igen og igen” (“he does it again and again and again and again”) from “Dallas” by Shu-bi-dua (with the TV-series ”Dallas” as this is about being an old symbol of darkness coming against me given to me for years, also the other day, ”Jenna Wade”!), which was about me doing it “again and again and again” when I told you about your WRONG attitude to cut through to make deaf people understand – this is what I needed my strong voice for, get it?

And yes, it is not only my wall lamp no. 2, which has received “new life” this evening starting to shine again, it is also my right lamp on my balcony, which “automatically” swithes on all of the time as it has done for days now.

I was told that Queen Margrethe knew about my wrong sexual behaviour before 2009, and also that she knew that this was because I worked as a rocket bringing home creation to the Source by burning it off, which made her happy. And I have been told about how Putin dreamt that he would never get access to me (to the Source), and I have again been told how the world elite used the Source to bring wrong “sexual experiences” about everyone that you liked to “experience” sexually because the Source had everything “on file”, and how Putin “could not get enough of me”, is this how it is, Putin?

I went to the yearly flea market in Hornbæk this morning together with my mother, which was because “my friend” from the Saturday market in Helsingør (now closed weeks ago for the season) had told me that she would be there, and my mother and I had a nice talk with her, and I bought a few items from her (a little chinese table with fine carvings and a fine “golden” plate as top also with carvings), and there was a wagon seeling cheese and sausages, and my mother tasted a sausage, which I could clearly see on her that she did not like, and instead of saying that “I don’t like it” she said “we will come back after the market”, and yes, this is truly what she said – making it clear to me just how crazy/wrong people are when they dare not speak the truth to each other), and I was given the feeling of my mother and told that “you are not allowed to see what she/they have said about you”, which I understand has been brought by media to the “secret network”, and yes, have you brought all of your misunderstandings and negative temper about me as “the truth” as you saw it (without informing me) (?), and Fuggi, you have also told “the elite” how we stole bicycles (mainly one night) together as teenagers (one of my sins as my old self)?

I spoke to my mother about our discussion yesterday and told her again that I had to defend her using my strongest voice because John “could not” listen and understand what she said, and I told her that this is the same when he did not have the courage to speak to Kristoffer and also not to go against my mother when she has a negative temper “you would NEVER do this to me, because I would have stopped you” as I told her, and yes, she gets it, and this made her say that “this is also why I have told John that I may decide to leave you” (!) and she said that his reaction was that “if this is what you want, this is how it will be”, and yes, not everything is “sheer happiness” between the two of you, mother, as you would like to make me and the world believe?

I was asked why Real Madrid is playing “dream football” at the moment scoring as many goals as you have never done before (?) – 37 goals in ten matches making you score 141 goals for the whole season of 38 matches if you continue the same average, where you did 104 goals last season as the most scoring team and 121 in the 2011-12 season, which is Spanish record), and I was shown and told that they are like “being shot out of a rocket”, and I was shown the inner bullet of this rocket that we have now sent on to the next delimited area of the Source above us to locate and bring new life there too (using darkness as tool, you know), and yes, I am cutting over this lifeline via my wrong sexual behaviour and cutting out Elijah and John from my “support”, and this is the darkness that feeds Real Madrid and Ronaldo.

It was not only Cyril that we hid what was saved with John, but also Tommy – because of their close connection.

Yes, I decided to bring you a longer script this time, which I don’t expect that I will do the next week where I don’t expect something “new” to happen here. And I was told that ELO songs came to me with this script because people know and react to my love to ELO also making people like them too, and I felt my nephew, Tobias, as example on this having noticed my updates on the ELO Hyde Park concert :-).

I received this email from David on November 1 while he was waiting to receive his share of my transfer to Meshack:.

David email 011114

And I received this kind email from Meshack on November 2 and apparently he has not read and understood my previous emails, so I had to send him what became a short reply in the evening (from my telephon because the email program from my computer had ”decided” not to work, as one of many errors) to make sure that he would not follow hiw wrong ”conscious”, and yes, being tired and streesed with much work, and yes, ”not easy”.

Meshack email 021114

On November 3, I received this update from David, and yes, READ and UNDERSTAND goes for everyone including Meshack.

David 031114

David 031114-2

David 031114-3

David 031114-4

It makes me sad seeing people having to starve/suffer while I have “plenty”, but this is how it is – and how the selfish rich world continues doing BIG TIME not thinking or caring at all about it.

FB 031114 Stig 2

FB 031114 Stig 3



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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