November 2014 II – after script: Prince is the energy of the Source deciding to TURN IT ON AGAIN as the Spaceship of Everything (the Source) passing my window told me


Summary of the script today

  • November 5: Prince is the energy of the Source deciding to TURN IT ON AGAIN as the Spaceship of Everything (the Source) passing my window told me after Prince has now created contact with me via his brilliant two new albums. My father was hidden with his sister after his death, and it is the combination of Prince and my aunt bringing the Source to me. My mother’s husband John was “the false Source” with the hidden agenda to empty my mother and me from the secret of life. The LTO team “cannot” understand and communicate bringing them unnecessary difficulties, and Elijah’s misunderstood negative reactions are killing my old self.

Entering ”the skull of Prince” as energy of the Source placed with him inside darkness. His most important task is now to stop the bleeding from my mother against me. It is up to Prince to decide when to release the energy, which is when he believes that you have finished your work, and it is his two new albums creating contact with me. It is Prince who says that I am welcome in here at the Source, and now I am ready, and the Spaceship of Everything of the Source passed my window and I was told that Prince has now accepted to “turn it on again”, i.e. the energy of the Source after connecting with me via his new albums. This is the gate to the Source that I am passing.

After my father died in 2013, he was “hidden” with his sister and my aunt, Inge, because of her faith in me, and I have now contacted her again in relation to the mysterious pictures of my father’s father and his father, and this is the combination – together with Prince – that brings home the last part of the Source to TURN IT ON AGAIN :-).

My mother’s husband was “the false Source” that Putin and the world of darkness planned to use with my “secret of life” to build their New World, and it was first when the world started understanding me that they understood that this was “the end of the tunnel” that would lead to the end of the world, because John is NOT the Source, which we made them believe while I tranferred all life from darkness to my real New World. I showed John’s true loyalty to his daughters over my mother the other day – this was his hidden agenda, to empty my mother and me to bring himself and his family eternal life in the false New World of darkness of man. This false New World of man is now coming to an end, and I am right below the thinnest imaginable transparent membrane to Christ as my new self, and this thin membrane is what remains of my old self, which is “practically nothing”.


November 2014 II – after script: Prince is the energy of the Source deciding to TURN IT ON AGAIN as the Spaceship of Everything (the Source) passing my window told me

November 5: Prince is the energy of the Source deciding to TURN IT ON AGAIN as the Spaceship of Everything (the Source) passing my window told me

FB 051114 Stig 1

For days I have been attracted to look at beautiful black women on the Internet, and I was told that it is in there at the very deepest that the skull of Prince is behaving sexually wrongly in relation to “beautiful black women”, and this is also why I was encouraged to listen to Prince’s second new album, which I did not do the other day, and after hearing it twice, my first reaction is that this is truly a GREAT album with incredible music, and yes, I need to listen to this and the other album more to know for sure, but he has really done it again, creating “the best music” without the world discovering it, and yes “much new music”, which the world cannot cope and this is why it isn’t played on the radio and doesn’t produce hits, and just like I wrote many pages that people “could not” read and understand when we were both working as “slaves” to keep darkness down.

As the Sphinx, Prince is the energy of the Source and I felt both Prince and my mother to say that this is energy for creation of my mother, which we have placed with Prince. His most important task is now to stop the bleeding from my mother against me.

Creation was created opposite to the Source – as part of the equatation to “make it” home to the Source as you can read from my website – which is why Prince was allowed to behave sexually wrong both in real life and in many of his obscene lyrics, and this is why there is no reason to apologise, I felt Prince, and that is because this was decided by your mother, and yes, this is true and this is the case if Prince consciously knew what he was doing all along, but if you did not, Prince, you have to repent your sins as I have done too (see my book 2) repenting sins (until 2009 when I became clean) that I did “given to me by my mother”, which I did not know about.

It is up to Prince to decide when to release the energy, which is when he believes that you have finished your work, and it is his two new albums creating contact with me, and if I love Prince and his music (?), and yes, it is simply genius :-).

This is when my new self from my corridor will enter me. So it is Prince who says that you are welcome in here at the Source, and now you are ready, you think? Yes.

This is in combination with you contacting Inge – my father’s sister – to ask her about the “mysterious new pictures” of my father’s father and his father, which I will only do (tomorrow) because my mother and sister “cannot” listen, understand and believe me when I tell them that I did NOT insert these pictures myself in my picture album, but they came from “Out of the Blue”, and how difficult is this really to understand when you know about “magicians performing magic of God as actors”?

And this is because Inge included the secret of my father’s death in January 2013 until she finally rang and told me in June 2013 herewith crossing orders from my father’s crazy widow Kirsten. Was it here that your father disappeared into Inge because she was the only one having contact to you (via Facebook) from his side of the family, and this will be given to you together with Prince’s and your mother’s approval?

“Because I had to go somewhere to survive”, as my father here says, and it required faith in you not only from your mother but also from your father to make this Old World survive, which came via Inge – with my father placed with her – which is why Inge was created because she could listen as my father (and Kirsten) could not.

So important people around me – John, (Cyril), Tommy and here Inge as examples – were close to dying, which is how I limited the clothes as much as possible. And John was “the false Source” which they hoped that my mother would turn to believing (Sanna and) him over me, but no, she chose me, thus the true Source going through this long way around via my aunt, Inge. (It seems as if the Source is coming to me from several places according to my scripts for months, but I only write what I am told).

This is the combination required to bring in the last part of the Source to me, and it also requires to show John as the fool that he truly is, which does NOT mean that I don’t care for him, which I do much, which is easy to understand when you decide to understand me objectively instead of misunderstand me negatively, right?

This is where the Source ended to Putin – in a blind tunnel of John – which he had put together with your mother to overtake everything, which is what he believed in, and it is us waiting outside here – I felt the balcony/Sweden again – because we could not enter as such so we had to wait on you.

When sitting in my sofa watching TV in the evening, I was happy to see the spaceship of everything passing my window outside, and it had one constant white light in front and one blinking red and one white light in back, and then it switched on another constant white light in front, which is about our New World II of our (“rainbow”) children also coming now, and I felt this album no. 2 by Prince as I listened to the first time today, and I was told that Prince has said OK (to turn on the energy of the Source) after creating connection to you (via his new albums). I was shown a thick white ring into a space capsule, and I was told that this is the gate to the Source that I am passing.

This requires that John thinks of you as damned, which he apparently did behind his facade saying ”nothing is wrong, everything is fine”, and yes, I clapped his shoulder after the dinner the other day asking him ”is everything alright” (?) to see if I had hurt him for going directly and deeply against him, and yes, ”everything is fine” as he said.

I was shown two half fish balls being united as one, which is how they believed that they could do creation, and we let them stay in this belief, which is about Putin’s belief that this is what my mother and John together (including my secret of life) would bring, but John is NOT the Source, we only let them believe that he was.

I felt and was given TURN IT ON AGAIN by Genesis, which is about Prince’s decision to turn on the Source, and later I was given a love song by Phil Collins and told that he is also ”in love” with me.

And it was John conflict of loyalty between my mother and his daughters that was the head on the nail when I brought him up in the red field showing his true loyalty to his daugthers and not my mother, and I was told about how John made Søren and all of his family go against me because ”Stig is crazy”.

So his true loyalty was not towards my mother, thus me, but his children, and I had to pressure him the outmost to bring this forward, which he now regrets having shown. This was his hidden agenda going against my mother and me to ”empty” us for life, and had John been allowed to bring his daugthers and their partners to the New World (of darkness of man) as his ”reward” (?), and yes, this is what he is afraid to come out.

It is all of the setting up of this fake creation that is coming to an end, and it was this fake setup that the entire world including my sister believed in to replace my father and me with John because man believed to have the invention of life from me, and yes, to enter this into John and eehhhh my mother …..

And yes, here the voice and story temporarily ended not giving me the entire truth because my mother still lacks acknowledging me, which is why I am only given parts of it.

This is the fake world that Jack, i.e. Armed Forces of the world, and everyone supported until the world started understanding me that this creation cannot be done and would lead to the end of the world.

There aren’t gifts hidden in the two new albums by Prince for you to find, is there (?), and yes, they open to the Source when you understand them, and yes, there was another song with ”interesting lyrics” that I noticed when hearing the second album when working earlier today, and let us see if I can find this and the meaning of it again …. (I did not have energy doing this – I was thinking of finding lyrics for ” Aintturninround” and ” Stopthistrain”).

Prince has decided to move into your empty house, and I was given the taste of cinnamon and then I received ”Cinnamon Girl” by Prince, and I received the feeling of happiness of Prince and ”then it is New Year”, which is about ”Cinnamon girl opens the book, she knows will settle all the scores, Then she prays after the war that there will not be anymore” coming after ”war drums of Babylon” including ”mass illussion” of man including 9/11 as you can read from the fine lyrics of this GREAT song, which also had the potential to be a big hit as many others of his songs :-).

I was reminded what my mother told me yesterday about her threat of divorcing John, which she said was also because John never wants to do anything with her, he mainly reads newspapers, books and watches TV behind closed doors, and yes, he does not have the same interests as my mother, which is very apparent when my mother and I watch music, dance in general and talkshows and visits to homes of and interviews with celebrities on TV2-Charlie as example, which John does not care about at all (his ”social gene” is ”broken”), but he is the first to get out of the door when visiting Cyril to help him build the allotment shed and when playing billiards and badminton with his brothers/friends twice a week, and yes, he is giving my mother a very dull/sad life, so he is ”far from perfect” as you may understand (?), and was this a conscious instruction given to John or just ”implemented” inside of him by darkness while waiting for me to give up and die in order to start their New World?

Did John sacrifice his life – living a dull life himself – and in return he was promised eternal life hereafter (?), yes, for sure.

They – Sanna, Hans and John – had to play the game that you were a write they did not like, which was not difficult for them to do because Sanna hated you for your writings on her and the family (even though I wrote the truth).

So John’s task was to bring my mother’s part of creation to Putin. You don’t come any closer than this, and I am shown myself beneath the thinnest imaginable transpararent ”floor” as I am shown Christ, my new self, walking upon above, and this is the ”floor” or ”membrane” left that I am crossing, and this thin membrane is what remains of my old self, which is “practically nothing”.

This is how we let them believe in a false creation while you transferred everything from them (darkness) to the real New World via me.

There are no limits to the damages that John did to you while waiting on me to give up – as Karen also did as I am here told and also feel.

This is the system that Ankara loved so highly that they were willing to give up on anything else as henchmen of Putin.

And yes, they wanted to replace one of my samples with a new, thus their New World without me and also without my mother.

I dreamt about people sleeping together in a dormitory, and for some reason Michael Sadler and I cannot get different duvets, but have to sleep with the same – faced against each other with legs against legs – and he tells me that he has to bring this duvet to SAGA, and I see myself playing cards (whist) with others to get a new duvet, I am out late doing this play and I just make it to go through my cards and put down what matches before time goes out. I leave the house with Sadler and others, and the house is so small that there are places I cannot walk around (in the kitchen) and I have to go another way. I speak with Sadler, and he understands that I am completely normal speaking to.

I woke up to a well-known song including lyrics something like ”It’s only love, stand by me” (or ”stand by love”), but I cannot find it, and I was told that Michael Sadler was the most important card of Putin (turned around as darkness) to bring me down, and yes, this was about the HOUSE OF CARDS, Michael, my new favourite album of SAGA (after ”Behaviour”) so why not play ”God knows” here (?), and yes, now you know too as ”Only human”, which are both among the best songs of SAGA with ”Only human” being a true favourite of mine including these ”wonderful harmonies” that only Michael can do, and yes, it is exceptionally beautiful :-).

”Tommy’s on a mission, He’s out to bend the rules” – ”God knows where Tommy’s gone, ‘Cause in his world it’s all gone wrong”

”Wake up! Here comes the sun, To offer us a new beginning” :-).

I woke up to the lyrics ”Everybody go: Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn” from ”Rapper’s delight” by Sugar Hill Gang, and ”hotel” is the old waiting place of ”special friends” of mine until we will open up our New World for all.

I was told that gaining weight again is also helping to destruct my old self because my mother does NOT like it at all, and yes, I was given a dream about this the other day too, which I did not bring.

There will be no G-force of our New World because there will be no gravity, and yes, much will be different.

Yes, I keep on listening to Prince’s new albums – mainly no. 2 ”PLECTRUMELECTRUM” where there are many GREAT tracks on, but the one getting the first direct access to my heart is the incredible beautiful ballad ”TICTACTOE”, which is as beautiful as for example ”The most beautiful girl in the world”, which made it to no. 1 in 1994, but this ”Tictactoe” will get ”no where” because people ”cannot” cope with so much music of Prince, so it is not about Prince having ”lost his ability to create no. 1 hits”, it is the world that ”cannot cope”.

I have been thinking over and over again if I really received these two pictures of my father’s father and his father from my aunt, Inge, and if my memory has been “completely erased” and yes, this sometimes happens when I cannot remember anything of an event, but normally it is about some older events, and I do believe that I would remember all details of our recents meetings, and yes, this is the email from June 14, 2011 that Inge sent me including five pictures that she had found and wanted to share with me (see the email in the script of my website), but I have NO memory at all about her sharing the two physical pictures of my father’s father and his father with me when we met twice in 2011 and 2010, I believe, and where should she have these pictures from (?), and yes, not after my father because he was still living in 2011, so maybe from hers and my father’s mother, who died around year 2000 (?), and can it really be that Inge has given me these two pictures only a few years ago and that I have completely forgotten about this (?), and I now understand why it is possible for the police to make people admit to crimes that they have not committed because if you say with strenght many times that I have done it, maybe I really have and I just have no memory of it, but no, I do NOT believe that this is the case because I remember my two visits with Inge, what we spoke of, had for dinner etc. and I cannot remember her giving me these two photos, and if she had, I would have remembered them and also the stories of them as she would have given me, but I am “completely blank”, which only can be because they came from Out of the Blue as I told you.

Inge email 140611

Inge email 140611-2

I haven’t seen my father since 2008 and I only saw him rarely and have no memory of him giving me any pictures after 2006 (when I received my photo album) – or before that matter – and again, these two pictures are inserted inbetween pictures that I received from my mother and inserted myself 2-3 (or maybe even 4-5) years ago (after coming home from Kenya in 2009), and this is why it was made like this as I am told, to show myself and the world that they were inserted “magically”.

And if I should have received these pictures from my father before 2008, they should have “survived” when I packed down and threw MANY things out in 2009 when I moved to Kenya and also “survived” when I returned home later the same year, unpacked everything throwing even more out – and still I have NO MEMORY of seeing these pictures – and yes, this is also NOT the case.

This is the email that I decided to send to Inge today to ask her if she knows about the two pictures of my father’s father and his father, and yes, we will see if she remembers anything and if it is so that I am “completely blank” having had my memory of this erased or if it really is as I told you that these pictures magically came from Out of the Blue as my new self also magically will come from Out of the Blue.

When I prepared the email, I was told that this is how we get them to believe in “God’s magic” and that you are truly “the one”, which will bring my father and the Source to me. When I sent the email, I was told that this is the same as putting yourself in the mail box.

Email til Inge 041114

Email til Inge 041114-2

“God’s magic” via David Copperfield as mentioned in my email above – like “God’s magic” bringing the pictures of my father’s father from “Out of the Blue”.

More examples of “God’s magic” via “magicians” as actors:

Sanna and John kept on saying that “look at Stig, he is completely broken down, now it will happen” – bringing the New World of man – and I was told that this is what Karen also expected and she had to bring the sacrifice giving up the true love of her life, which eeehhhh was me, right Karen?

So it is Prince who have been watching out what to bring in here (to the Source) only bringing in “the truth”.

Yes, Sanna also played the game the other day when she again encouraged me to go on permanent disability pension because the benefit is higher than the cash help that I receive, but no, Sanna “money is not the motivator” as I told her, and yes, she keeps on playing when putting pressure on me via our mother.

I also received “Daddy Pop” by Prince here meaning “Daddy” as the Source to “pop open” and I also received lyrics “tear it apart” and “you’re having a party”.

Later feeling Inge having received my email: It is just before you have popped the big question to Inge “Do you want to join me”, which is “father” and yes, sure she believes in “God’s magic” bringing the pictures of my father’s father and his father, thus also the opening of our New World when you say it, and this is how we are coming home, and yes, the Source from Sweden was because this is here that man decided to open to the Source, but this is my father coming to me (the Source is everywhere) which is something completely different.

I have been told now twice that all of this setup was planned by Arthur Findlay College – feeling Paul Jacobs – and I was thinking that this is because they are part of the Universal Council and also that they received wrong messages from the Source because of their wrong lifestyle, but this is what I was told nevertheless.

The light of the Source of darkness in Hittarp was switched on shortly again this evening and I was told that we really did not plan doing this, but you brought us here.

“There can be only one” – so we have united all who could potentially become you in you.

This is how we are slowly turning off the light in you. I was shown an electric plug being given to me from Sweden and was told that we are now plugging you in as the last of all, which will turn everything on.

I dreamt about sailing in an archipelago in Southern Sweden full of hundreds of small islands, my mother, John and I have no energy and have poor lunch. I had dreams about working first with Helle Aa and Kim S optimizing work and Helle doesn’t have any cleaning water for my eyes, Kim is happy with my work, and then about Preben and how he wrongly did everything to promote his career putting himself in a good light with Kim and how he was flirting with customers. And I dreamt about a film about Karen and me in love being recorded in the jungle with Karen and me playing the parts ourselves.

I woke up to “look at me – you can take it all” by Gerri Halliwell (no, there wasn’t any songs from UK Xfactor from yesterday that moved me enough to bring them here).

Later I woke up to “Staring at the sun” by U2 and the lyrics “I’m not the only one starin’ at the sun, Afraid of what you’d find if you took a look inside, Not just deaf and dumb i’m staring at the sun, Not the only one who’s happy to go blind”, which is about the sun being the energy of the Source, and I will be “happy to go blind”. And yes, I have heard the new U2 album but only once so I don’t really know it yet, and if I like your “apple-stunt” sharing your album automatically with everyone (?), no, this is only what the Devil could dream like doing, Bono & Co., I do NOT like this way at all.

This universe is connected to the next, which is how Eldorado is born.

My computer is feeling “worse” and for days my USB-plug has “decided” to stop working claiming that it is full even though it is not – so I cannot save anything on it – which is exactly the same as my C-harddisk has worked for many months (but not my external G-harddisk), but the disk of my phone can still be connected and works, and yes, I need this when writing at home and transporting this to the library to publish new scripts etc. – and furthermore my computer has “decided” to give LOUD MAGNETIC SOUNDS starting some days ago, which is unbearable to listen to and sometimes I can “unload” it by removing inserted USB plugs (making work harder because I use these as disks), moving the computer physically, touching the computer with another item or by turning it off and on, and yes, DARKNESS OF ELIJAH, MY FAMILY ETC.

I felt my father receiving me at the Source and I was told that all life is me including all sexuality and it was me that you were going to marry.

I was told just how much my mother hates my public writings revealing the most dark secrets of her and the family to the world, and yes, it doesn’t get any worse for your mother than this, this is part of her sufferings and what she wanted to everything she could to remove – via Sanna and not understanding the purpose of all of this because she could and did not want to.

I was surprised seeing the Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, who was prosecuting me (to bring me into a “house for insane people” and OUT of the Commune), has retired with immediate effect because of poor health, and yes, I wonder what you have gone through absorbing darkness for me too, and yes, you couldn’t take the pressure from the “big responsibility” on your shoulders for being the one very close to locking away Stig (Jesus), which would have killed him and all of us, is that how you feel, Bjarne?

HD 051114 Bjarne stopper

When preparing to publish this script I was told that I get a big kiss from Prince doing it, and yes, one of the new songs, which this is also about, includes lyrics of “kiss” but I don’t have energy finding it now ….

I received this email from Meshack.

Email Meshack 041114

And I decided to send this email 4 to all four of the LTO-team, which are Elijah, John, David and Meshack with the headline: “I ask Elijah and John to return the money that they WRONGLY received by Meshack going against my instructions”.

Email til LTO 041114

Email til LTO 041114-2

It did not take long for Elijah to decide reacting to my “negative email” – is this how you “feel” it is without understanding the content of it, Elijah (?) – “condeming you even more on your actions and inability to control yourself”, yes, this is what he wrote (!!!) still not understanding that we have opposite roles and that he “cannot” understand the truth because of his simple minded stupidiness, laziness to read/understand and better-knowing ignorance and yes the difference between us is as usual that I know and he does not but he is “stupid-stubborn” feeling totally convinced that he is right, and yes this is the worst/deepest darkness of all as you see here because I managed to bring him up “in the red field” too because of his feelings and laziness betraying him, and yes I have asked him politely VERY MANY times to write me over the past five years, which he has totally ignore as he has also totally ignored thanking me to continue helping him and the team out sending 2/3 of my net cash help to them and now he suffers so much – as I am told because this is a desperate man who has given up who is writing – that he directly threatens me to send me “his share” before Friday or “forget about me completely” and yes Elijah refuses to return the money that Meschack sent him by error, and we know, “opposite roles” is the name of the game, and you also see directly that this man is “completely crazy” when saying that “you will never get to see the new world if also don’t listen to me”, and yes, we knoooowwww, Elijah simply cannot hear, he is completely will-deaf as so many are here too and he is now pretending to be vital for me to “see the New World”, but no, Elijah, you have been written out of the script, you are not needed anymore, I managed to come through via your decreasing faith over time and not to give in to my sufferings as result.

Elijah email 041114

And I was told that it is the apple machine murder that Elijah carries out here, which is to kill my old self, and that is because he cannot do the basics as what human beings are supposed to do, which is to UNDERSTAND and COMMUNICATE, and yes, completely stupid as a door he is, and yes, all of this comes from my inner self because I as Stig decide to write it.

The reactions of Elijah and the LTO team is the reason why my website “decided” to exhange the blue background colour with black – because they are the worst darkness too when they cannot understand and communicate.

031114 Visible darkness appearing on my website

FB 051114 Stig 2

FB 051114 Stig 3

FB 051114 Stig 4

FB 051114 Stig 5


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