November 2014 III – after script: Everyone could have found and opened the Source, but only I took on the most EXTREME work and sufferings to do this making me “the one”


Summary of the script today

  • November 7: Everyone could have found and opened the Source, but only I took on the most EXTREME work and sufferings to do this making me “the one”. Man only waited for me to break down to bring their (impossible) New World knowing that it was “completely impossible” for me to go through Hell, but I did, thus saving all. As the Source, I am really nothing else than being ordered to create life by all cells of the Source pointing at me, so this is what I do “controlling everything” :-). Prince is the spark of energy as the driving power of me that will ignite everything of our New World.


November 2014 III – after script: Everyone could have found and opened the Source, but only I took on the most EXTREME work and sufferings to do this making me “the one”

November 7: Everyone could have found and opened the Source, but only I took on the most EXTREME work and sufferings to do this making me “the one”

FB 071114 Stig 1

I was told that Karen has been thinking of not living with strangers, but ehhh to leave Denis and live with me, but how was she to say it, and before this I was told that she has been thinking thousands of times to send me a text message, but no, she “could not”. Especially when she was told that I am not crazy, it received a last turn around.

I watched some of Obama’s direct speech on TV today, and received the feeling of him and I being “connected” again, and he spoke of “patience”, which was really about patience waiting for the opening of our New World, and yes, he looked tired as I, and I was told his feeling that no one else than I – via John – could bring us home, and I was shown a BIG cannonball (darkness) and a train (including all life) driving right through it, and yes, this is about “STOP THE TRAIN” because we are home.

I had one long dream all night long that I woke up from maybe 4-5 times, which was about Naser Khader working as a Danish agent inside the Arabic world secretly writing for Denmark to influence them about me, and he is stationed in Egypt and comes to Denmark 3 days every three weeks. I meet him on a Danish ship belonging to the Intelligence Service where I am trained up to become a secret agent too stationed in Egypt, which is not without danger, and this ship is the Royal Ship of Denmark. “When you buy my house, you never buy the cat in the sack” was a sentence of the dream, and it seems as if Naser is working as a double agent not only influencing the world about the danger of the Arabic world to prepare a World War of the agenda of darkness, but also that he influences the Arabic world about me to prepare my arrival. I woke up to George Michael’s “Father Figure” and the lyrics “I will be the one who loves you – Until the end of time”.

Elijah decided to send me this email still “furious” with me, but I was told that behind his facade he still has devotion for me knowing what he decided to go up against, i.e. “me”, but no, Elijah, I cannot and will not send you any money, I have now spent “your share” on myself.

Eljiah email 061114

I was shown and told about my mother as a sink in a bathroom feeling that this is creation, and I was shown LONG pipes going far down from the bottom of the sink to where no one can see me and this is inside the Source of unopened cells and from where we will switch on the energy, and I was shown a last very thin thread in my mother being cut over, which makes the mouth open widely and I am shown my teeth and told that if these contain creation, my body is the Source of unopened cells (creations), which there are far the most of.

I was shown a big stamp and told that I am really nothing else than being ordered to create life (by all cells of the Source pointing at me), so this is what I do. This is the eye, it is inside here that we look into the diamond as I am shown and it is incredible beautiful. And your sister is this diamond even though this may be difficult to understand.

I felt Lama Yönten – – and was told that everything ends and starts with him because we have been built up as our new selves based on his values, which is why I visited him in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, every week for a period in 2010.

It was also to confuse Jack, i.e. Armed Forces of the world, that the energy of the Source was not in you, but with Prince. So Prince is where we split the cell, or “the atom”, as I was told to create energy, and it was only there that we could replace your cross with the Love Symbol.

So Karen was everything – now transferred to me, i.e. us – and yes Prince is the spark to ignite all of this. This is where Peer, my father, keeps looking in and give (as energy) to my mother, i.e. creation, and this gift is now transferred to me as Stig and all the way down from me. It is Prince being the drive power as part of me, and I was shown two giant flywheels turning around inside the machine of the Source.

I still feel completely awful every day, but decided to go out, and I visited a new BIG candy store in Helsingør, and yes, a symbol of the Source too.

You are not a seismologist now (?), yes, I am destroying my old self without destroying the world (that I saved before destroying myself).

We went to the extreme where Sanna as example one Christmas believed that this would be the last Christmas she spent with my mother and I, which was also because of Knesset (Parliament of Israel) and their stunt (silence) in relation to the Jerusalem UFO in February 2011 because no one would believe in me telling the world about the authenticy of this (see my Signs IV page) when everyone had written this off as a hoax, but no, you were wrong, I did. And I was told that Jack would raise a memorial in their New World for my mother and me!

When I returned home from the mini-cruise to Amsterdam in September and was meant to do nothing hereafter to destruct my old self, I was also encouraged to bring up my old and fine Saeco Talea Ring Italian espresso/coffee machine from the basement, where it has stood for years, and yes, I bought it being darkness as my old self – maybe around 2007 – and it worked fine until I started changing into my new self when it started receiving “problems” to bring the water through the machine and to brew and eventually it “decided” to stop working, and when I went to Kenya in 2009, Sanna and Hans had it where it worked fine (because they are darkness), and when I returned home from Kenya, it again had “the attitude” that “I really don’t like to work”, which it then did not (the water “did not want” to go through) and yes I bought it as darkness (luxury item) so it did not work at all (after it had worked for months without problems with Sanna and Hans, this is how it is here) and this was one of my electronic machines being set out of function by darkness attacking not only me but also my appliances and electric light, and yes, when I now picked it up from the basement five years after in September, it started working fine without problems (!), which however only lasted until I decided by myself that the only right thing to do is not to completely break down (give in to darkness) to destruct my old self but to continue informing you about progress here, and the more I did this, the more difficulties this machine now had to work again until it completely stopped working (no wather coming through and now even more “problems” with “rinsing” continuing over and over again without stopping until it gives an error saying that it has to go to service) , and yes, I have not used it for several weeks now, and when I went to the market in Hornbæk the other day with my mother, I bought a cheap Bosch T55 Tassimo espresso/coffee machine of only 75 DKK, and this was a symbol of “love” coming to me from the world (as coffee symbolises), and I had in mind to use cheap coffee pads from Aldi for this without knowing that it only works with special Tassimo including barcodes and the kilo price of these are approx. 4 times more than ordinary coffee (!), which I don’t want to pay, and yes, now I saw in the free weekly paper “Nordsjælland” that Superbrugsen in Hornbæk had an offer on a Philips Senseo UP (espresso) coffee machine, which you could get for free if buying 20 bags of Senseo coffee pads of DKK 25 each, and yes, I decided doing this using more than I had imagined of the rest of my extra money this money, so I now have three coffee machines (plus my regular Bodum coffee press, which is my regular preferred “coffee machine”), which is about “far too much love” coming to me from the world (feeling Sanna here) because I saved you, and yes, the best taste is from my temporarily out-of-order Saleo machine (taking all kind of coffee) followed by the Tassimo and the Senseo, and yes, the Tassimo system is “completely crazy” where you buy a cheap machine in order to pay MUCH MORE for the coffee fitting for it than you should in order to make huge profits for the producer, which is as wrong as it gets, and yes, the same system as printers, which is totally madness!

We consciously collect and publish wrong information about Stig coming in through the wrong way, which is possible according to Putin (via John) – to create the New depopulated World of man – but no, this was “closed land” and “no access” for you, which you first discovered too later. And Sanna was the key to John as darkness as she is now the key to me because of her faith in me, and it required faith of Hans discovering the truth of me to turn her around.

Eeeehhhhh, Stig, you succeeded to find the entrance here as no one else could because no one could work as hard as you in combination with receiving darkness bringing me the worst sufferings of any man in history and to show right (sexual) behaviour without sinning, which is what opened to you here, and isn’t it funny that we would have done this to everyone that could do this, but there was only one who could do it and did it, which is me as “the one”. This is why you now have a bulletproof heart.

You will be the one closing your own light without disturbing anyone.

They only meant to “wave Karen in front of me” as the right one for me, whom I could not get, which is because they knew that they had to empty her (as the Source) through me but they did not have the imagination that I would empty her including everything of darkness because everyone knew that my tour through Hell would be completely impossible to do, and when I would give up, they knew that they would win, or so they thought because as you know by now, this would have let to the end of the world, so this is how you save the world, by not giving up emptying, transforming and transferring darkness to light of our New World.

This is why man did everything NOT to help me out – not supporting me, not giving me money etc. – and this is what man has continued doing now understanding that it was required to finish my work emptying darkness while they had red ears understanding just how wrong they were now being saved by me. So many of my own network were not careless but loyal to the system of darkness betraying me, which was the system that they could not bring my mother into when she decided to give me another change as most of you didn’t do because it was “proved” that “Stig is crazy” and yes my sister as “the expert” said it herself, and yes, completely crazy people who “could not” read and understand me to understand the truth of me. It is the same people who are now rejoicing happy, I feel Jack here, and instead several started working secretly for me.

It is little me controlling everything and I feel and see Yoda sitting inside the small space capsule of the Source.

I was shown a dagger and told that they – “the elite” – were willing to kill me and almost everyone (90% of the world population) and to froth the cream themselves, where I saved everyone including the elite, and does this give you “poor conscience” (?), and yes, this was part of the powder to bring everyone home to the Source.

I made it so extremely difficult for you to return home to bring the best possible creation, and there was only one who could go through this as a “normal human being” and that was you, i.e. me, as God living as a normal man.

In the end (after the Amsterdam cruise) you were supposed simply to give up to come home, but you continued refusing giving in to darkness (my negative voices including wrong attitude and behaviour, except from starting wrong sexual behaviour and partly stopping my cash help to my LTO friends in Kenya, becasue this was “right” to do to destruct me).

They – the elite – lost the battle because they could not keep their mouths closed about me even though they were supposed to and because I worked faster and better than all of you, thus not being caught and killed by darkness, which was all of you going against me and not having faith in me.

This is why Karen (with Denis) had a miscarriage around 2006-07, which was to show the world that your creation does not work, but you did not understand it.

Yes, this is the last time that I repeat this story to you, and it only comes here because of preasure of negative feelings/anger coming to me wrongly from Elijah, and no, I will NOT send you any money, Elijah, and do you believe you have earned yourself a right to receive my money as “my friend” or are you really a disloyal and lying African willing to do anything to cheat me to receive my money (?), and yes, this is what I have shown, and do you know how much this hurts me (?), and yes, much more than you can ever imagine, and no, I didn’t ask much of you, did I (?), and still you “could not” do this reading me to keep faith and to communicate with me as my loyal friend, and yes, you were taking over by darkness (negative thoughts and wrong behaviour) as I had warned you against, and you “cannot” even see it.

I was told that my old class friend Henrik H. – who has come to me with feelings and dreams lately – did the invention for me to even come through to the Source, which otherwise could not be done, but he did not do it for me, but for darkness. Otherwise it would be impossible to break up “solid ice” with a hammer drill, as I am shown here (it is unbreakable), and what did he do (?), did he remove the atsmosphere/gravity/density of matter and did he receive the idea of how to do this because I did well, and not really to help out darkness but for me as light to return to the Source (?), and yes, this is why he was also decisive to the saving of man. Henrik is an engineer –

Yes, FC Copenhagen played equal matches away against Torino and Club Brugge recently, and this evening they met Club Brugge on home soil and the team, coach and fans believed in their chance to win the match making qualification for the next round possible, but instead, my old favourite team FC Copenhagen completely “lost it” when they “could not” help losing 0 to 4, and yes, what a disgrace (!), and do you know what was the reason why you “could not” (?), and yes, because of my decision to “destruct myself” acting as darkness myself.

FB 071114 Stig 2

FB 071114 Stig 3

FB 071114 Stig 4



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