November 2014 IV – after script: We have tightened demands, but still it is impossible for me to work as hard to bring out all potential creation, which is breaking my heart


Summary of the script today

  • November 9: We have tightened demands, but still it is impossible for me to work as hard to bring out all potential creation, which is breaking my heart. Asking the journalist of darkness Henrik Qvortrup and the media to act responsibly and to stop all indecency; “you are all crazy, the whole gang”. The music industry brings me love and their anticipation of happiness to meet my new self closes the eyes of my old self, who was only meant to bring man home to the Source.


November 2014 IV – after script: We have tightened demands, but still it is impossible for me to work as hard to bring out all potential creation, which is breaking my heart

November 9: We have tightened demands, but still it is impossible for me to work as hard to bring out all potential creation, which is breaking my heart

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I was told yesterday and now again that we were all kept at the Espergærde Youth School once when they had faith in me and others did not (at the time).

Henrik Qvortrup, the former editor-in-chief of the weekly gossip-magazine of the worst kind Se & Hør, has released a book and been everywhere in the media the last days trying to sell the story that “I only did what all media does – and “I’m a very good journalist”, but the other media puts a distance to him saying that what Henrik and the magzine did surveilling celebrities and royals via credit card information is both wrong and illegal as other media does not, which is also because they don’t want to get blackened, and in this post, the editor-in-chief Olav Skaaning Andersen writes about the wrong-doings of Henrik Qvortrup, which “of course” makes a willing-to-fight-to-survive-in-the-game Qvortrup try to go after Olav’s throat asking him if BT has ever used information from sources acting illegally, which is his argument (“I only did on Se & Hør what all other media also do”), and this made the “screen troll” Jes Dorph-Petersen (former host on the news of TV2, now sport host on TV3) say “don’t you believe that you should just admit to what you have done instead of trying to picke in all others into the not very glorius and hardly legal that you participated in on Se & Hør” (?), and it made me think that this thread is probably here for a reason since I had the dream about Henrik the other day, so I decided to use the opportunity while it was there, which was really to go directly after the throat of the Devil self in the figure of Henrik, so I said that “you are all crazy – the whole gang”, which is about the media having deceived the world not speaking the truth about the New World Order of darkness and their own roles in it, and I brought the dream I had with Henrik the other day saying that he is a crazy man and asking him to tell the truth instead of disgracing himself, and yes, I also included my encouragement asking the media to “act responsibly and to stop all indecency”, which should be easy for you to see and understand, right (?), and yes, they kept on bringing a few posts where Henrik tried to keep his story that “you only do what I did” where Olav clearly said that “yes, we have brougth stories where people have broken rules of confidentiality of their work places, but we have NOT paid a Source to bring illegal credit card information on celebrities”.

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And I felt Henrik coming to me the coming hours including darkness bringing me physical pain, and I didn’t push you way above your pain limit, did I, Henrik – as I did with Elijah as example too – and yes, the media is after you but no one shows the same power “hurting” you as mine (?), and yes, this is a man who can take “almost everything”, but you feel my “attack” on you (?), and I was told that he – as the worst Devil – is part of the darkness coming to me now, and yes, you don’t like that I spoke about you as a “crazy man” making it “impossible” for you to clear your own name and come back to take your “star role” as one of the sharpest journalists, which is (?), and yes, all very silent and ignored me as usual, but how many of you saw this and how many agreed in what I said? Yes, no one is happy to completely ignore you because you (Henrik, Olav and Jes) all know that this is going to be brought in my next script showing you as “complete idiots” to the world for doing WRONG instead of RIGHT by following me to tell the truth about the New World Order of darkness, but no, you “cannot” and instead you continue ignoring me making many better-knowing ignorants seeing my post believe that “Stig is crazy”.

This is the diamond then that everything is build from, which is how we look like when opening to our New World, and I was shown diamonds as part of creation and my mother all over, and shortly thereafter my mother called and told me that she has received a “diamond grinding” in her face today (to clean it), and yes, this is how it is here.

I was told that when my mother was hit with “aggressive cancer” in 2010, John knew that he had to prepare for her death leading to my death too, and yes, it is impossible to cure her aggresive cancer, which is what “they knew”, but yes, my healing and love of my mother removed it as it would also have cured my father if I had seen him, as I was told. So John does know that I am healing them via my presence and love, but “cannot” admit to it.

In periods, I am constantly given the feeling of Inge, which is because she is thinking of me and my email and does she have the courage to answer it (?), and this will include to go up against her son, my cousin, Jan, who has asked you to cancel all contact with me, Inge (?), and yes, who do you really believe in (?), and yes, she is now an old lady above 80 and she doesn’t reply to people on Facebook bringing her birthday greetings, so “can she” answer my email?

No, I am not sexual when being inside the Source – as I will be as my new self – which is also why we will never completely enter from Sweden, as I felt, because as the Source we will make everything work inside creation, but is not here but on the other side except from me who will be on both sides.

I watched ”So much better” – with Swedish music stars – on Swedish TV4, and I was much impressed by Ola Salo from the Ark singing ”Allt faller” (”Everything falls”) because of the beautiful song and his powerfull voice making me think that it is as strong as the front singer of Muse, and I was thinking that this is what is happening to my old self now, which is that ”everything falls”. Later I received the name of the actor Yul Brynner, which was because Orup had decided to play Kajsa’s “Brinner” and this was to say that he and they know too that it is “Yul”, i.e. “jul”, i.e. Christmas now :-).

I still receive “waves of darkness” coming against me and penetrating me from Sweden, it is all around me and touches me here, there and everywhere inside and outside my body (I feel the outside too), which brings me both physical sufferings and negative voices/feelings still wanting to take me over, and I still receive hot flushes for hours feeling very warm all over (believing that it is 5-10 degrees warmer in my livingroom than it is) because I am all out of energy and a nervous heart feeling as if it will stop at any moment now, and yes, this is still THE WORST TORTURE to go through so disgusting that it is a relief to sleep and I feel terrible in the mornings knowing that I have to go through yet another day of torture, and yes, it requires my outmost patience not to break down, cry out for mercy, but this is NOT how we work here – “it will take the time that it takes”.

I received the STRONG feeling of my new self made by this world coming to me from my corridor and I was told that it is me then who will overtake you because you have only been created temporarily to bring us home to the Source, and as your new self you will be something completely different as the Source.

I was told that I had to be with Camilla to be “the fertilizer” starting the creation of our New World, and also that Queen Elisabeth was desperate saying “Come and save us, God” (Stig) when she realised that everything was about to go completely wrong, which was part of the play too.

I dreamt something about coming out of rain weather with the key for the Spaceship of everything consisting of two halves – Karen and I, who were separated but now are on place as one.

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Later I was told that the parts of potential creation not becoming creation (for now) are now returning home to the Source as “unopened parts of cells” (including life as it is on the other side).

Even later I was told that you will be surprised to learn just how little of potential creation that we really create, and I was shown creation as the marked corner of a football field compared to potential creation being all of the field.…/63806cee6342494500af

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Watch D.A.D. and Lars H.U.G. here (scroll down):



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