November 2014 – after script V: I was created as Messiah (“everything”) of this world first becoming Jesus including all life/energy before us when I now return home to the Source


Summary of the script today

  • November 11: I was created as Messiah (“everything”) of this world first becoming Jesus including all life/energy before us when I now return home to the Source. I was sent as light of the Source to let this world create itself including my new self as “everything” and return home to the Source itself. I went through darkness turning everything into creation, and it was creation self finding and returning home to the Source. The whole world was one big rocket or drilling machine bringing me/us home to the Source. It wasn’t me controlling the world, it was the world controlling me, being me, to return home to the Source. John was both darkness to destruct me and light to find and bring us home to the Source, I followed him and he followed the light of me. It is all life turned around and transferred to the Source that is now turning around and bringing me out of darkness of the Old World as the last.


November 2014 V – after script: I was created as Messiah (“everything”) of this world first becoming Jesus including all life/energy before us when I now return home to the Source

November 11: I was created as Messiah (“everything”) of this world first becoming Jesus including all life/energy before us when I now return home to the Source

FB 111114 Stig 1

I had a completely terrible day today only publishing my script earlier from the library because I decided that “I can do it”, which I then could, and it was with the same attitude that I went to dinner with my mother and John – because of extreme tiredness – and again I was given the feeling of John’s “poor conscience” because of his “secret of life” having to survive my mother and me, and I was told that he has been told that he would be liberated from his sickness in the New World of man.

My mother served an “Oscar duck” – duck is my favourite – and I told her with my voice that this came from from Hollywood and she could have received an Oscar for this meal, which was really about the act of my mother not standing by me supporting me because she knows the truth about me, but she does not “like” to speak of and admit to it knowing that it will be public (which brings me MUCH sufferings, mother!).

My mother and John said that they had something to share because they have been in “good Christmas mood”, and yes, they were proud when they said that they will give all children – Bettina, Mette, Sanna and I – 5,000 DKK each because they have so much money self that they don’t have time to spend while they still live “we want to make you happy”, and yes, this was truly “the worst darkness” coming because this is how it is here with money and “what can I buy of new things that I really don’t need” being the sickness that everyone suffers from (“more or less”) and yes, this has nothing to do with TRUE Christmas gifts, which to me is about human love and happiness based on human understanding and communication, and this is what my family and everyone here still suffers from, and yes, incredible that they cannot see, and this is how darkness works because I am almost out of money this month and here comes money falling down on me because I am now working as darkness, and what can I get with all of this nice money (?), and yes, a new computer replacing the old that truly is on its absolutely outmost with “hundreds of “technical” faults”, i.e. “spiritual darkness” attacking and destroying it, and yes, to repair my amplifier and get wireless connection from my new computer via WIMP’s HI-FI streamless music service – replacing the POOR QUALITY of Spotify’s MP3-sound quality – and maybe even a new and cheap TV, which will then be my first flatscreen, we will see. And yes, this is also to say that it is now darkness bringing me a new computer that will remove my need to go to the library as I have been almost daily for is it the last 1-2 years (?) and yes because my mother and John “could not” agree to finance a new computer for me when I really needed it, and yes, now I don’t need it anymore having finished my writings, but this is how darkness is and John was part of the worst as part of the setup to bring my mother and I down.

Yes, “money” to “help” and make the family happy (?), and yes, “the worst darkness” because what about LTO in Kenya, thus the poor world, and what about not giving to those of my family not needing anything and maybe more to me (?), and yes, just asking – but of course the poor world needs help before me, I am just caught up in darkness now.

I was shown a rocket lying down with the top of it open and then the whole rocket like a drilling machine and I was told that the whole world was one big drilling machine bringing you/us into the Source. And I was shown the Source including everything as “a little grain”, and it was the diamond of creation self finding me because, as Stig, I went through darkness all the way through as the spearhead turning everything into diamonds asking life to find the way home to the Source itself, which it did via John and me following John. And I was told that Belgium, i.e. the EU, was heading the way to find and bring us home to this “grain” – acting as the worst darkness.

I dreamt about being with Søren H. in Stockholm to set up a new Income Protection Insurance business, but the old investors don’t want to invest because of high unemployment and deficiency last year as result, and a new investor is also reluctant, and instead Søren wants to go visiting ambassadors to help bring him and his family income, and yes, the end of my mission inside darkness with ambassadors being an old symbol of “people having faith in me”.

My two upper front teeth have hurt so much the last couple of days as if they were falling out – because I play darkness losing potential creation – but they do not.

I kept on feeling Inge and was thinking that it is “poor style” not answering my email and I was told that she also does not like being part of my scripts, and NO, I do NOT like behaviour like this at all.

For days I have been told this story that I only include because I was told “we would really like to include this”, so here it is. When I said “No, I do NOT want to be monitored” by man using the Source for this purpose – sometime in 2013, I believe – it was the same as saying no to receiving the Source containing this feauture, which is why we used your top rule “make everything perfect no matter what”, but still I said no, because I do NOT want to be monitored by darkness and I said this when overtaking the Source from man, and this was my rule, I will NOT accept monitoring like this. Later, I was told that we could not have winded up the machine without this, they have a wire in you and if not, everything would have been lost, so we used your rule “I simply don’t care, everything has to be perfect”, so man is still using the Source to monitor me (?), and yes, I do NOT want this, if this is what you have done, it will STOP here, I do NOT want it at all and this goes for everyone without exceptions!

So John was put out against you, but it was also him that we needed to reach home, so the man designed by darkness to destroy me was also designed by light to bring home and save everyone. This is why he is also my best friend – and not (only) the opposite. I felt John from Sweden and this is now me outside including everyone in the Source (being transferred there) bringing you out from darkness as the last one remaining, and I felt my new self from the corridor and was told that is is therefore only me remaining here too.

And I was given a feeling of “someone” all over the inside of me from the Universe, and who is this that has followed you in everything, when speaking, sleeping and everything (?), and I felt that it is the Universe inside of me with Queen Elisabeth in the lead waiting on me to come through.

The only way to bring you out from darkness was for you to change side by giving up and becoming darkness, but no, NEVER (!), I don’t care about “new rules”, and yes, all life has been transferred from darkness to light and I have to be the opposite to bring energy, and I don’t care, I will NOT give in to negative feelings of darkness starting to behave negatively thinking and wishing the worst for people – even though nothing will happen to them now because they do no longer exist as their old selves (only a cover of their new selves) – and yes, I have decided to behave sexually wrongly and to start becoming more selfish keeping money from my LTO friends, which has to be “enough darkness” to bring energy to transfer me, this has been my decision from day one when this game decided even though I have received incredible strong feelings to give in to darkness/negativity “completely losing it”, but no, I refuse, I cannot change my old habits of goodness to become bad from one day to the other, I will NOT do it (!). I felt Denis – having treated me as the worst dirt too – and he is also really on the other side helping to pull me out from my living room and to the Source in Sweden. So it is the saved ship of creation now saving its saviour.

Again I felt Queen Elisabeth now sitting inside the Source very well knowing what I have been part of and that everything of our New World will be started when I have been saved as the last, and yes, it wasn’t me at all controlling the world, it was the world controlling me, being me, to return home to the Source, yes, you are our new Messiah whom we have created and bring home as the product of everything of this world (which is my natural role with all cells pointing at me) to become everything of the Source outside this world. So I am not yet Jesus as some believe I am because he is waiting on me outside (at the Source).

But, weren’t you sent as light of the Source inside here to bring creation? Yes, I was, with the purpose for creation to create itself including my new self and for creation to find its way home to the Source itself, which is why I as light am nothing without creation.

So you were created by the world, and it is first when you enter here that you will become everything as your new self including everything before us. This is why we have created ourselves using friction between darkness and light as you brought – so you are not Jesus yet. You are the light that John followed and you followed him to return home.

Fortunately, the power of wrong sexual behaviour is so strong that this brings me out. John decided that he rather wanted to be a “chicken” (being silent) than to give in to me. And John has received Gout (Podagra) because you are coming in – fighting against it when not wanting to be overtaken by darkness – and yes, we are using John to enter.

I will now buy a new computer one of the next days and maybe a TV too – before I will repair my amplifier and buy a new mobile phone (when I can) – and I was told that this is just a symbol of “normal life” coming.

I dreamt of visiting Inge and she comes with me knocking on my mother’s door, I tell Inge that she will believe that my mother looks like Sicily (which is about our holiday in 1978 where I had the program of light and Sanna had the program of darkness installed), and when my mother with some resistance opens, our old dogs Cas and Don run out, and yes, these dogs are about darkness and I received the feeling of my mother that “there is nothing wrong with my son”. I woke up to “Hey Mr. Tamborine Man” by Bob Dylan, which has to be about “Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin’ ship” and “I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m ready for to fade, Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way”, and yes, I have really played too little Bob Dylan in my scripts, and yes, if I had listened even more to Bob, I would have received even more songs of him.

Finally, I was HAPPY to receive a very kind email from Inge, who pulled herself together sending me a reply because this was “right to do” knowing that I – and not her son Jan and my father’s entire family, who were against me – was right all along, and yes, she understood “God’s magic” bringing the two pictures of my father’s father and his father from “out of the blue” the same way as magicians conjure things from “out of the blue”, thus confirming that I have spoken the truth and confirming what my father’s widow Kirsten has told her (about what my father told her about me being “the one” as he was told at his death bed), and what did she write then (?), and yes, besides from saying that she is cured from cancer and her husband Ove is suffering from Altheimer’s Disease for three years now, she said that she does NOT know these two pictures of my father’s father and his father – which my mother and sister were “absolutely sure” that she did, or this as their “automatic reaction” because they did not want to believe that these came with “God’s magic” from “out of the blue” – but she recognizes my fathers’ real father, Keld, who she confirms was a police officer and she said that she was on holiday with him and her mother (my father and Inge shares the same mother, but not father) just before my father was born when she was seven years old, and she says that my father had not seen him since he was 14, and also that he was not a kind man who did not want to see his son, which was also the impression that my father received when he found him again late in life, and no, I have never seen my father’s father myself. And Inge says that “you are probably right that the other picture has to be Keld’s father, I have never seen this family”, so there you have it, my sister and mother was WRONG when they “could not” believe in me and my genuine reactions that I have NOT placed these photos in my photo album, they were placed there after coming from “out of the blue”, which is really to bring them BIG WHEELS turning again, you know :-).

Read the story from November 3 about “Pictures of my father’s father and his father magically appeared from ”Out of the Blue” because I will be ”Steppin’ out” as my New Self from ”Out of the Blue”.

Email fra Ingen 111114

I decided to forward Inge’s email to my mother and sister telling them that this is indeed “God’s magic”, which will also be the magic bringing our New World from “out of the blue”, and I was told that we are now about being there because no, “Stig doesn’t lie, he only speaks the truth” (of what is coming to me), and well yes, I am really God, this is the identify of my voice coming to me (now) from the Source (no longer the Universe as it did before reconnecting with the Source), which will overtake me.

Email til mor og Sanna 111114-1

Email til mor og Sanna 111114-2

Email til mor og Sanna 111114-3

I simply feel so incredible terrible that I should not be able to write and publish this script (from the library) and to do anything else than “nothing” just waiting to die as my old self to become my new self, but still this story was too good to keep from you, therefore.

FB 111114 Stig 2

FB 111114 Stig 3

FB 111114 Stig 4

FB 111114 Stig 4B

FB 111114 Stig 5



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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