November 2014 – after script VI: No one has yet seen me and knows how it is to be “everything” except from my new self from the Source, who knows


Summary of the script today

  • November 15: No one has yet seen me and knows how it is to be “everything” except from my new self from the Source, who knows. John only endured “the nightmare of my mother” knowing that he and his family one day would be set free when my mother and I would be “deported”. I received a new computer and the worst malware almost breaking it down as symbol of darkness of my mother almost bringing me down. My sister and John were actors of darkness to bring me down and keep me away from power controlled by the Danish Parliament.


November 2014 – after script VI: No one has yet seen me and knows how it is to be “everything” except from my new self from the Source, who knows

November 15: No one has yet seen me and knows how it is to be “everything” except from my new self from the Source, who knows

FB 151114 Stig 1

When I was employed by Danske Bank from 1984, I quickly felt how “the spirit of the CEO, Tage Andersen” could be “felt” all around the bank – because he was a strong leader influencing all – and I was now told that this is how my spirit if felt all around the world today.

I felt Inge and was told that we have now carried out the roll that we (she) were put on Earth to do, which is to have transferred the rest of the Source of my father to me via her faith. Then, we really brought out everything, and this was also because I forwarded the email I sent to my mother and sister to Inge to help her understand even more. I received a sound of a spark coming from my balcony, i.e. the Source of Sweden, and to my oven, and this is all that we have remaining to do, which is to bring the spark switching on our New World, and this is where Prince comes in.

No, I don’t want to buy a new Apple computer or mobile telephone, which is not because of the design, which is fantastic, but because they are too expensive and I don’t like their business concept (“profit” and “monopoly”), and when it comes to a new mobile telephone – if and when I will get one – I have decided that it has to be an Android again and I was thinking of getting a Windows based one to match the new computer, which I will buy tomorrow, but there are too few apps for windows and more, which makes an Android the best buy of me now, but I really look forward to the day where we will have ONE PERFECT SYSTEM instead of several non-perfect.

I was told the Queen Elisabeth is also chief of the British Intelligence Service and has access to everything except from controlling me as no one has because I am everything (of this world). No one has seen you yet, no one knows how it is to be everything, but I do, who is my new self, I have an overview of everything, which is “not the worst” as people will see when you will feel good about yourself – and yes, if you think that I “glance” now as my old self feeling the worst, just wait and see :-). So it is now creation photographing, i.e. creating, you as everything, as the last.

I have felt the DJ Dan Rachlin for days, and was told that he opened the music industry for me.

I dreamt of the LTO team where Meshack doesn’t know if he wants to have my nuts, which here is “money”, when it is a condition not to share with John and Elijah (but with David) as I asked of him in an email yesterday. John enters and asks demanding to “give me my nuts”, which I decline.

And I dreamt about having started to work for Bikuben, a previous Danish savings bank (now part of Danske Bank) where Ole worked, and Morten J. has also started working there too, and he is very surprised seeing that the whole insurance market have not updated car insurance wordings, which are all “copies of copies” of previous wordings, and he plans on starting to make new wordings. I meet Morten at lunch and ask him to go to a new cantina with even better and more varied lunch tomorrow, which he agrees on doing. I woke up to “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang.

I dreamt about having started working for Danske Bank – seems as if this is still about working inside darkness because I continue working – and I decide to walk around the very big head office to get to know it, and I go to the top floor of the secretary of the management, where I meet a man and woman working, and I ask them about where I can get help about doing sales campaigns for branches of the bank, and first the lady is cold and rejecting, which is “too fine” to speak to me, but I manage to get up “warm up” and she tells me to go to “Domestic department”, and on my way there, I see a very big production room where they produce posters and also CD’s, where I see a “mountain” of new CD’s with Eva Dahlgreen, which is about her “insanely beautiful” “The angel in the room”, and I am told about the capacity to produce CD’s – this place also feels like the Magasin department store – and that I can calculate on sales campaigns including CD’s produced by ourselves or by others out on town.

My mother was kind to collect me at 10.00 for us to go to Lyngby to buy my new computer – and for her to look for a present to Hans’s birthday later this month – and I felt so poorly that it was only with my outmost that I decided to “just do it”, and yes, I love my mother highly as you know and one side of her is the most loving and kind in the world, but the other part is the direct opposite being the most negative simply about everything when she cannot stop complaining or rebuking me, which comes “constantly” and often is completely unreasonable and every time I feel the actors speaking through her, which is how darkness comes out, so she is notoriously “the worst” and unbearably to be together with, and no, she “cannot” control it because softness of John has bringing her so strong a habit that she continues doing this and yes it comes together with her fear of everything, which makes driving with her, with me as chauffeur, also the absolutely worst because it takes absolutely nothing for her to fear and shout out about what is not dangerous, and even to drive into a parking house makes her completely freak out because it is “dangerous” and “why do you always take the most difficult solution” (?) as she for example said.

And when I experienced this – not what you want feeling “more dead than alive” – I was told that John has only accepted her doing this over the years because he has been waiting for this “nightmare” of his to stop when my mother – and I – would be “placed outside on a side track” as I am here told, and I was told that this is why he has really always NOT loved my mother (despite of what he has said over the years).

We walked around 1½ hours where I was also told that the world tried to shoot down the spaceship of everything too (!) – are you COMPLETELY INSANE believing you could do this (?) – and eventually we bought my new computer, an Acer ZC-606 as I had decided on (the cheapest at DKK 2,799 and the nicest design in white matching my black writing table and including most features), and yes, I keep looking at a new TV too, which I may buy later this month and that is within the limit of 5,000 DKK or 5,500 DKK as my mother offered me to go to today (to get something “proper”, and that is as “proper” as it can get when I still have much less than what most people here spend on computers and TV).

So we bought it and after a nice lunch in Lyngby – where I was also way too tired on my outmost limit of just hanging together (where my mother told me about how well she feels herself, which is a condition to have quality in life as she said, and no, she doesn’t realize just how poorly I feel and doesn’t ask) – we went home, and I could start setting up the new computer, which I also did NOT have energy to do (I had to suppress an enormous desire to sleep), and as always this takes many hours and days doing, and I used most of the time until 03.00 in the night doing this, and yes, I am not done yet, but I receive the feeling “oh, this is VERY nice to setup and receive a new, “perfect system””, which is how I like it the most – I really do NOT like when things don’t work – because of darkness sent to me via my sister and John through my mother who wrongly believed in them against me for such a long time, and no, it is “not nice” for you, John and Sanna, knowing that I know what you did to bring me/us down and that my mother will know too very soon?

And yes, to me this computer is the final symbol of getting away with the old world, i.e. my old and COMPLETELY WORN OUT and SLOW computer (without a working mouse and much more “not working”) and to receive our New World bringing access to everything, and yes, this makes it possible for me to stop going to the library, which was a PAIN to do for the last couple of years when having no energy and also not having to key in manually website addresses and passwords every single time, and yes, overcoming darkness that did everything to make it “difficult” for me to do my writings, and now I really don’t need it because I am done, but this is how there is so much as we say here …. :-). And it makes my home “perfect” now having removed the old desktop including all wires on the floor, and yes, I would have liked an even better computer including an even bigger screen (even though the 19.5 is better than my old 17 including improved resolution) and not least a touch-screen, but I cannot have all now, this is just a symbol of our new perfect world.

New Acer computer 141114My writing desk including my new Acer ZC-606 all-in-one computer
including one of the ELO-spaceships from here :-).

So John, Sanna, Jack and more of my network knew all of the time that I had to be hospitalised on psychiatric hospital and “thrown away” while they played their act as “good family/friends” to me, my mother and the world. And I was told that John was also promised to bring his siblings with him to the New World of man, which is what you were waiting for “all of the time”, and yes, I wonder for just how many years you knew without saying anything, John?

This is why John – and others – has poor conscience as I feel with him and my sister too.

No, I haven’t heard from THE BIGGEST WIMP OF THEM ALL, Søren Pind, which is how you present yourself to the world, Søren, when you still “cannot” contact me, and no, I will NOT bit your head off despite of what you did, and yes, you were one of the front men to introduce the New World of darkness of man to “the elite” and was actively taking part in the last plannings of it including how to bring me down using your old girlfriend Helena against me (?), and yes, Denmark was the “hotbed” of darkness and from here that the New World Order of darkness of man was centered (?), and this is because this is where I live.

I continued using much time to set up my new computer, and this evening I was encouraged to install an office package – including Word processing and spreadsheet – and I looked at free packages before I decided trying to find and install a free version of Microsoft Office, and I found a YouTube video and website called “Microsoft Toolkit”, which supposedly would register Microsoft Office and make it work, and it looked good to me, so I clicked the link installing their version 2.5.2, which I never should have done because it started installing I don’t know how many different programs and adware, which I could not regret before it was done, and the result was that all of my system including the system registry database was polluted with programs making the computer look and act “funny” with ads appearing everywhere, making it slow and also turning off the Internet connection, and this is what I did NOT need at all, so I started by uninstalling maybe 6-7 programs that had been installed, but this was not enough, and I downloaded and ran the first remove adware program, which removed some of the problem, but now it was completely impossible to connect to the Internet via Internet Explorer and Firefox – but not via Spotify as example (!) – which was because the network connection kept on returning to a “false” proxy setting, and every time I changed it, it changed back, and yes, the end of the evening became that I did not make it work and I was completely and utterly without energy feeling the worst, you know, and I was thinking that maybe this malicious software would break the neck on me for the first time ever making a computer of mine break down, which I could not make work myself, and I was thinking that maybe I had to go back to the Computer City store in Lyngby, where we bought it, asking them for a recovery CD, but I managed to download another remove adware program, which started a thorough scan of the entire computer, which did not end this evening but continued when I went to bed, and this is how I went to sleep not knowing if I would make this work with the attitude “very close to giving up” (because of how I felt), and yes, this was the most malicious attack I have ever experienced on a computer of mine, and I was told and felt from Sweden that it came to me because of lack of support of my mother not recognizing me, i.e. a wish of darkness to break me down, and also because of Karen still being silent and keeping away from me, and for the official world doing the same, which they do because my mother keeps silent, this is how it still is.

I dreamt about how I have learned to bring up the biggest crabs and reptiles even though they bite and hurt me, and in the beginning the pain was simply too strong to be able to bearing it, but I can now. Karen comes to me and gives me a half-heartedly handshake, instead of a warm hug, and says that “I fell back”, which is to a previous lover of hers, and I feel that she knows that she is supposed to be with me, and it makes me tell her “I think you should go now, Karen, I don’t want you here”, and yes, the crabs are about “making love” and reptiles about “the worst darkness”, which is about Karen knowing that she is supposed to be with me and that I don’t want her because she is with other men, which is bringing me incredible pain too, and has constantly since meeting her now 11 years ago and since knowing for 9 years that we are supposed to be together, but no, I do NOT want her as darkness, which she knows.

I woke up to “Mull of Kintire” by Paul McCartney, which is about “My desire is always to be here” and “Far have I traveled and much have I seen” to come here :-).

I checked my computer and noticed that the adware removal program had stopped working during the night because the computer had gone into “slumber mode”, and I had to resume it, and hereafter it continued scanning for hours, and I was still nervous that it would not fix the problem, and I was given Queen’s “Don’t stop me now” while this was ongoing.

Eventually at the end of the afternoon, it had scanned approx. 750,000 (mostly) system files and found 10 infected files that it cleaned, and what would be the outcome, would it work now (?), and yes, almost to my surprise, it had removed the virus and the “slowness” to the computer that it brought too, and I could now start using it again, and yes, this was almost 24 hours completely wasted not knowing if I would come through as a symbol of darkness of my mother all of the time, and still, working against me, but I came through it, and I was told that this is also why my mother irrationally decided NOT to visit an exhibitor from the Helsingør Flea Market whom we met some weeks ago and who sold my mother the best looking Christmas decorations, and yes, my mother would go there to buy some more for gifts etc., and I had asked her to by 1-2 for me too, this is how beautiful they were, but no, she decided that she “would not”, because “what if I don’t like them and am forced to buy against my wish” (?) as she told me, and yes, what a problem to have, and this was her feeling because she would visit her in private and I could only tell her to “speak the truth and say if you don’t like it”, but no, my mother “cannot” speak out the “uncomfortable truth” as a destiny of her life, and yes, just a symbol showing her resistance to making it Christmas here again. So this was just a symbol of my mother trying to stop me, and this is what brings me physical pain too these days, and yes, I am given some of the worst physical pain coming to me in periods – coming to me from outside, i.e. Sweden/the balcony, and yes, coming in “rays” that I feel coming and feel penetrating me with “high frequency” physical pain as result.

I have had diarrhoea yesterday and today because of darkness of my mother trying to break my computer, i.e. our New World, and I was told that all of this adware/malware that I installed was also a symbol about how “the official world” has implemented their spyware on my new computer and made it work enabling you – I felt Olav from BT – to continue following me (?), and yes, there is a “hole” in Microsoft Office too as I am told, which is why this program was used as example, and yes, this was why Microsoft was also “open” to replace my Microsoft Office package, when I was in Kenya in 2009?

And yes, when I had removed this malware, the obvious thing to do was of course to open and remove the “protection” of Windows Firewall, remove the adware/malware removal program and yes, I had of course removed the Mcafee virus program as one of the first things I did when opening the computer, and why is this (?), and that is because I am virus-protected by my inner self and my own work/energy/know-how to fight darkness, and part of my strategy is an open-policy, so there you have it, and yes, it is all about faith.

I was told that John could not feel God in me, and I felt him connected to the Danish Parliament and to Jane Heitmann, my “old friend” and MP of the Liberal Party (who decided to block me on Facebook weeks ago as part of the game because I came “too close” on your act in relation to me, Jane?), and I also felt and was told that Bertel Haarder and Søren Pind are involved in all of this setup.

I have felt Pernille S. for days, and Kim S. somewhat too, and I was told that there have been meetings of people I have met throughout my professional career and also meetings of “the system” (Parliament etc.), and yes, you have been speaking about me with the purpose to “bring me down”, i.e. to keep me out of “the good company” to keep me away from the elite and power, and this was also supported by the Pope (as part of the game of darkness against me).

I received “Do the right thing” by Simply Red, who are now returning 5 years after their farewell tour, and would this have something to do with me, Mick (?), and yes, I could give you a “huck” for this :-), and I was also given “Laugh and a half” by D-A-D: “‘Coz it’s so hard to meet the eyes that I see, When I try to open up my heart, There’s something inside me’n’i know it’s good, But understanding, it’s misunderstood, At the end of a smile, there’s a laugh n a half”.

I kept on receiving the feeling of Jane much of the day, and was told that she was the chosen one from the Parliament being in collusion with Jack and my sister against me. And she controlled people like John playing his act against my mother and me, and the official system including communes, and she took over from a long line of people before her preparing what to do with my arrival, and she was supported by all world parliaments – even McCain was placed under her – and had access to all files about me.

And I kept on feeling her, and was given “another one bites the dust” by Queen, which is a TRUE favourite of mine. This is what is now being installed inside of me and what is giving me physical pain when coming to me from outside, i.e. the Source from Sweden. And I felt Margrethe Vestager and was told that she was only a front of Jane, and yes, an old “almost friend” of mine via my old friend Kirsten.

I have noticed that I have not seen Facebook updates from Helena for weeks, and when I checked her profile, I saw that she has decided to remove all followers of hers now making it impossible to “follow” her, and why is that, Helena, do you feel that “someone” has taken advantage of you bringing information to the public that you don’t like (?), and yes, just guessing I am, but I feel that I have lost a friend, and I am sad that you “could not” accept me as your Facebook friend.

I went to dinner with my mother and John, who have decided not to speak about my email to Inge, which I forwarded to them, but I can tell that it has an impact on them too, and once again, John sent me this “look” of amazement that tells everything, which is something like “imagine that I am here speaking to Stig having the spirit of God in him being Jesus”.

My mother said that Niklas has now bought his new (very big) TV – let us guess that you used 20,000 DKK or more on this, Niklas (?) – and this came after I was told that they have bought a new sink too that includes a water tank bringing you still or sparkle water (!), and yes, this boy lives in a shameful luxury, but I have been told that Sanna has told him to “keep on doing what you do” knowing that this is part of the play of darkness being completely selfish and wrong so it screams.

My mother had “lung pain”, which her acupuncturist removed – she is still very happy with him – and John has received a blue arm after a nurse pricked him wrongly in his arm when he received a new dialysis, and yes, John looks “alright” at the moment, and I felt “messages from the Parliament” when seeing him, which is because he and Sanna were directly directed from the true evil empire of the Danish Parliament (because of darkness of man) as foreseen.

Has Bettina and all of the family something they would like to tell you (?), yes, which is about how they cheated me when acting on “orders”.

My mother and I watched “Crazy about dance” and once again there was much inspired speech, and let us see how much of it that I will write down bringing to you this time, here we go.

Anne-Margrethe Laxholm said that she would be the one “spoiling the fun”, which is “wormwood in the cup” as we say here with “wormwood” being “Malurt” in Danish, which is still the name of Michael Falch’s old band, and she said something about “I will be nice now”, which is what you will be too not longer being silent in relation to me, Michael?

After the dance of Johannes and Claudia, Johannes told the judges that he had received a black-out just before the dance when he was rehearsing the dance and suddenly had forgotten it – this is how “spiritual darkness” also works emptying your mind/memory – and it made him “jump up and down” as he was told by the judges that he is NOT to do in a Wiener Waltz, which made me smile because this is what we have teased John for many years after he on our skiing holiday to Austria in 1985 was jumping up and down on the dancefloor with my mother in a Wiener Walt, which was MUCH MORE than what you did here, Johannes.

My mother and I were happy seeing Sanne Salomonsen sing “Hjem” (“Home”) live to one of the dances, and my mother jumped from joy and said “it is truly good that she is here, turn up the volume”, and I believe that this was the dance with Astrid Krag, and I thought and told my mother that “this is very good TV”, and yes, the stage decoration was beautiful too, and we spoke about how incredible Astrid has developed through these weeks where she was almost voted out in the first shows, and now she is so much better and so much more fit, which is because she has decided to do her best, and yes, I love seeing people like that.

After the dance, the judge, Nicolaj Hübbe, said that they were inspired by the beautiful voice of Sanna, and “it made my little heart tick” because “I don’t spoil the fun” (“Malurt” again), which is about making the heart of my new self work, which may be about Michael Falch, as example, not being completely silent about me?

The judge Jens Werner told Atrid’s dancing partner Thomas that “you have an extra gear”, which was about overcoming resistance of my mother to me, and he continued speaking about drinking Champagne, and the dancers Thomas and Astrid almost had tears in their eyes because of the incredible positive feedback that they received, which was about happiness because of what I did coming through darkness to save you all.

Astrid and Thomas went to the backroom where the host Claus – who is a joy to follow on these shows – was suddenly inspired when receiving an extra last question for Astrid before she left, which was “what do you think about dance” (?), which made Astrid say that “I am so happy having brought dance inside of me”, and this was really about “I am so happy having brought God (Stig) inside of me”, i.e. receiving faith in me.

Jens told the dancers Ditte and Morten that “You have some kind of wave ….” and I felt “New Wave” and Simple Minds, which Jens showed then via a “simple minded expression” and I was told that his thoughts are that it is incredible that simple minded people “cannot” understand me, and yes, I have dreams about Simple Minds too that I don’t write down, which is to say that we still have a close connection, Jim.

Britt told Ditte that “I want more” and she looked at Jens and received second thoughts when saying “have I been too negative” (?), and it was first right here that I received the feeling that Britt is symbolising my mother and Jens me, and this is why they have disagreed often for weeks, which is about darkness/resistance of my mother to whom I really am, and yes, my mother was “too negative” when not understanding me.

Anne-Grethe Laxholm said something like “you are beautiful when you enter the floor – making magic” and I was given the CLEAR feeling of nervousness of my sister inside Anne-Grethe, which is about her nervousness of being revealed to our mother and the world what she did to us to kill us – like my father was killed – in order for her and John and their families to survive “the judgment of man” and not me.

Sara and Silas did a VERY beautiful Rumba where Silas had pushed Sara and her hips to her very outmost, and she told about how her hips have brought her “constant pain” and “it hurts all of the time, it is just not visible”, which is about my constant pain (“the worst”), which people just cannot see and not understand when they cannot read and understand me, and Claus told them that they did their very best and that Silas “pressed out all of the lemon”, and yes, “lemon” is an old symbol, which is what I did to bring you with me to our New World, and they then received maximum marks as result.

Claudia and Johannes did an incredible beautiful Argentine Tango, and I told my mother that this is truly the most beautiful dance that I know of, and it made Britt tell Claudia and Johannes that it was “art forming a synthesis going directly to my heart, completely fantastic”, which again is about my (our) new heart and happiness, and Jens was very inspired when saying something like “the beautiful don’t come without all of the package being beautiful” and he then thought and spoke of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the mirror” – which is a direct connection to Simon Cowell and the UK X factor – and he said that this song is about having doubts in yourself, but you have no reason to doubt in yourself at all, Johannes, as he said, which was about me doing right not having doubts in myself and – “You got to stand up, make that change, you know it”, Simon!

I felt my sister inside Anne-Grethe again when she said that “this was the best quarter final ever of Crazy about Dance”, which is about my sister’s happiness with the outcome of my work, and Britt was very happy about their Tango too and said “Don’t cry for me Argentina” because you don’t have anything to cry about (we made it!), which was directly related to my mother, sister and I recently speaking about going on a tour to London, where I told them that I would like to go and watch a musical at one of the famous London Theaters, and I told them that when I went to London with my Commercial School class in 1982, the class went to see Evita with “Don’t cry for Argentina”, which I did not in order to save money, which I have regretted ever since, and I am here told to play this in Madonna’s version, right (?), right!

Yes, I got most of it!

I watched the last half of the second half of the football match between Serbia and Denmark, and I was happy to see how Denmark played a fine match, and how Niklas Bendtner decided to take things into his own hands turning around the match from 1-0 for Serbia when he scored two goals bringing Denmark the victory by 3-1, and at the last goal, the Danish commentator said something about going through a completely open Serbian motorway, which is about my mother opening completely to me, and when the referee blew the whistle ending the match, I was given the smell of hair spray from Sweden – I remember this smell from my mother who always used it when I lived at home – and I was told that this was a sign about my mother who had given up all resistance to me. Denmark played great and won in fine style because I played great when sending my email to Inge, my mother and sister.

I was told that my mother’s previous man, Ole – from around 1972 to 1978 – became “crazy” because he knew about me (as “Jesus”) and said it (?), and yes, my mother and sister have told me nothing about this, but this might also help you to believe in me?

I would have liked to meet Erik Clausen and Per Stig Møller at events in Helsingør the last couple of days, but I simply had no energy to make it.

No, I was not sure that I would be able to bring you this script because of my computer and poor feeling, and yes, it is far longer than what I planned on – it just happened – but it was a true JOY being able to write and publish it from a well-working computer at home. And let me tell you that my head is exploding because of lack of energy when doing this work that I really cannot do but decide to do.

FB 151114 Stig 2

FB 151114 Stig 3

FB 151114 Stig 4

FB 151114 Stig 5

FB 151114 Stig 6


I watched the UK X Factor live on the Internet for the first time on November 15 and 16, which included “inspired speech” as I have also received it from God, my inner self, for years via Danish TV-shows like “Crazy about dance”, the Danish X Factor, “The evening show” etc. and daily via family, and it still works like this that I hear and very directly feel the inspired speech given to them by my inner self as “actor” making what they say include two meanings, which is first what they say directly and then my hidden meaning, and this is the first live TV show in English that I “seek” to bring you “live messages” via “inspired speech”, and as you can read from the following, the hidden message is to decide to be positive instead of negative, SMILE, speak out the truth directly for people to understand and do what you know is right instead of wrong, and yes, I LOVE IT :-).

FB 171114 Stig 1

FB 171114 Stig 2

FB 171114 Stig 3

FB 171114 Stig 4

FB 171114 Stig 5

FB 171114 Stig 6

B 171114 Stig 7

FB 171114 Stig 8

FB 171114 Stig 9

The following night: I dreamt about emptying my apartment and was looking directly into the eyes of a very unpleasant circus clown and the clown now changes appearance into a beautiful model, and I woke up with the feeling of Simon Cowell, and this is about the circus clown, Stevi, as I have named him, and as you know – or should know – “circus” is an old symbol of darkness in my scripts, and here this clown was as unpleasant as a clown from a horror movie and this is about darkness coming to me from you, Simon Cowell, and “beautiful models” is what you prefer, right? When I woke up from this dream and tried to write it down on my mobile phone, it was “completely impossible” because a power of darkness – coming as a ray from my balcony, i.e. the Source of Sweden – shut down the open window and turned it black every time I touched the phone, and instead I had to write it down on a piece of paper in order to remember and to write it here, and I was told that this is darkness, i.e. stubborness/better-knowing attitude, of Simon doing this. I was also told that a reason why Simon feels superior to and smarter than others is because of the wrong British culture/history as leaders of an empire, which is deeply rooted in their culture making the British feel “superior”, and yes, I have felt it myself when working together with British people when I worked at GE Insurance from 1998-2002.


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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