November 2014 – after script VII: I have always been surrounded by family, friends and managers working together as actors for darkness of man against me


Summary of the script today

November 19: I have always been surrounded by family, friends and managers working together as actors for darkness of man against me. My mother only wants to make me (and the family) happy and she gives gifts as another Santa Claus to show in this wrong culture. Hans did not want me to discover his network at High School controlling my life as part of the plan of darkness to bring out the secret of life from me. Man tried to transfer me to Denis, Karen’s husband, to become me receiving access to the Source bringing new life – because I would NEVER get on their side of darkness. The secret network of the elite knew about ”war against man” but was still horrified learning about its cruelty via my website – they are now all with me, your nightmare is ending. The secret network believed that the world would end when I would lose a game to darkness, but I did not, I only let you believe it to bring energy to bring us home. Instead of giving in to darkness of man, I received the darkness and emptied/cleaned/transferred life of it to our New World of light only.


November 2014 – after script VII: I have always been surrounded by family, friends and managers working together as actors for darkness of man against me

November 19: I have always been surrounded by family, friends and managers working together as actors for darkness of man against me

FB 191114 Stig 1

We are still extracting you from your mother, and I was shown myself as the inner valve of a tyre, which is the Old World, i.e. my mother, and on my way out.

I had dreams about SAGA and how the members are split.

I dreamt about having a little and beautiful house with Camilla only containing what we need, and it goes directly down to the water of the beach. A man comes because an article in a newspaper says that I have received a house and he shows me a password, which he has tried to deliver to my mother, which was almost impossible (because of my mother). I am in a room with Camilla and I am given an envelope from an unknown family member from Ikast, and it contains keys and a copy of a letter that Sanna sent in 2012 about me to public authorities, which is top secret and it is about hospitalising me, and it includes information about blood samples of mine, and my first reaction when receiving it is that I will publish it for everyone to know. And this is about receiving this house, i.e. our New World, via the “password”, i.e. faith, of my mother, and Sanna knows that her role trying to bring me behind bars – removing me to bring forward the New World of man – will be published because this is what I have decided to do.

I enjoyed very much listening to a new 6-hour marathon radio broadcast on DR P6, this time about Pink Floyd, and it made me send this Facebook email to Steen (see my website), my old spinning instructor, because Pink Floyd is his favourite band and yes I LOVE YOUR “NEW” ENDLESS RIVER ALBUM, and only wish that David and Roger would agree to agree to play together again, and Steen was kind to send me a short reply, but he “could not” accept the invitation to become Facebook friends as I also had sent him, thus making me sad, and I was told that this is because of the same “syndrome” as Leif told me last week on the library with a smile, which was “do I dare go to the library to meet you again”, and yes, I am “normal”, but still “too much” for you to become friends with, Steen? And I lost another four Facebook friends (now having 255 and 30 “followers” – only!) – don’t know who – because of my X Factor UK update (the most lost at one time!), which apparently was “too much” for them, and yes, instead of just reading, understanding, supporting and sending me positive instead of negative vibrations, and yes, I am feeling BEACH BOYS again as I have for days, and yes, I love you too :-). To me ”the endless river” is about the endless stream of the Source, and yes, it is truly beautiful :-).

Til Steen 161114-1

Til Steen 161114-2

I have decided what TV to get – a Sony KDL-32W706B Full HD including smart TV and all kinds of wireless technologies and the best design with a silver frame – and it costs DKK 3,000, which together with the DKK 2,800 for the computer, makes a total of DKK 5,800 where my mother and John had only given me DKK 5,000, but my mother told me the other day that she would accept DKK 500 more, but she decided to accept this Sony TV because “you don’t have much, and we only want to make you happy”, and this is the TRUE feeling of my mother, she only wants to make me happy, and it is only because of wrong culture that she does this via gifts instead of via understanding, communication and acknowledgement of me, which is still what is much more important than everything else and would make me much happier than receiving a new computer and TV. I will get the TV in some days from now when my mother feels better – she has a flu now.

Inge – John’s brother Tommy’s wife, and my old friend Kirsten’s mother – was kind sending me this email including a miniature picture from our lunch some weeks ago with (from left) Tommy, me, Cyril and Steffen (the architect), and yes, she does this because she loves me, which is “the right feeling”, and no, she does not know much about computers including how to send a picture like this, so this is only a miniature, I will not ask her to send it again, because she doesn’t know how.

Email fra Inge 161114

The other day, my mother gave me some meat and what turned out to be the best salad I have ever had – a finished mixed salad from Kvickly – and for weeks I have been told about “insalatas” and this is also a symbol of everything new being perfect, and yes, for years at family dinners I was made to put salad wrongly on my main plate and not the special salad bowl, which I have made fun of since making the family laugh, and yes, just another symbol to say that we were not perfect back then.

I was hit by a new incredible annoying adware completely polluting my Firefox browser with ad’s and with pop-up windows including other ads, and no matter what I did this time, I simply could not make this go away, and yes, I downloaded three different adware programs and one registry cleaner and let them all scan and clean my system – removing for example twelve programs and approx. 270 “infected” files etc. – and for a moment of time, I thought that “this is it, it doesn’t want to start up again”, but it did, but it did not get rid of this adware now making me even closer to give up because this took out hours of completely unnecessary work and I have nothing to give – being as close to perfection (also of the computer, i.e. New World) as ever – and then I decided to reset my Firefox browser to factory settings, which finally got rid of it, and yes, it seemed as if one of the add-ons I had installed for Firefox opened for this adware, and yes, afterwards, everything works perfectly which is a total joy, but eehhhh, yes there are some other programs that the system has deleted/removed over the last days (“spiritual darkness”!) – for example the “Pokki Start menu” as the computer was born with – as I have to relocated or reinstall to get to work again.

Ads everywhere

For days I have received a stronger and stronger feeling – and some words – about Hans, who did not want me to go to High School in 1981 as my mother and the rest of the family wanted me to do, but I wanted to go to Commercial High School, so there was no reason to worry about a thing, Hans, and I was told that this was because Hans, as a High School teacher, worried that I would discover your network at High School and what you do to influence the world wrongly about me?

So Hans set up and led a whole network at High School with the ultimate purpose to limit, i.e. stop, access for Stig. And it was just there that they wrote about my future life including “no girlfriends” etc., and Hans’ task was to influence my sister to never give in to Stig, and yes, he was especially selected by the Danish government, and he really received the responsibility to “bring me out from here”, i.e. to bring the force of the Source out from me, and we used him too to reconnect us to the Source turning darkness into our advantage. Yes, they know that I am coming and they are “losing”.

I felt Pernille S. from when we had a party at Dragsholm Castle with DFM in the beginning of the 1990’s, and I was told that she knew about me then as Lars G. also did when I worked for DanskeBank-Pension (1988-91), so I have been surrounded by “actors” in my life.

Man tried to turn Denis – Karen’s husband – into me, and I am shown him as a tooth in the mouth with roots going into the jaw, i.e. the Source.

This was John’s only purpose, which was via my mother to transfer me to Denis, and this is because man knew that I would never get on their side (of darkness), but still we also used Denis actively from our side of light.

And Hans worked together with Jack, so the whole network was working together around me.

All of this was Nixon, and yes, I have felt Nixon for days.

I was shown a key and lots of coffee, and was told about the Köln Cathedral also being a key player.

So Sanna and Hans have secretly had important posts influencing the New World as they believed in without knowing – until the very end – that all of what you have done will NOT be used because we will use my New World Order of light for all people and not your order of darkness for only the elite, this was the difference, see? And Sanna’s final remark is “if only I had known” and yes, then you would never have done as you did but supported me all the way because it is EASY for you to see what is RIGHT to do, right (?), but still all of you decided to do what was WRONG when going with darkness and yes all controlled by my inner self.

I dreamt about asking Michella out – telling her that I am attracted to her but also that another feeling has kept me back – and we eat at a restaurant, but I forget to order wine and I have also forgotten my purse, so I ask her to pay, which makes her angry with me, and leaves. But later we are back together, and I am attracted and close to her, and I return with her to the same restaurant and meet my mother, Hans and Niklas there. And yes, I was told weeks ago that if I had attended the Fair reunion party, we would have brought Michella to you (for me to make love to) as part of the recipe of darkness to bring me out of here.

I dreamt about having followed Dan Rachlin on his bus tour around Vapnagård in Helsingør, he is good entertainment. I ask people to stop complaining about the candy and say that it is part of the act, and I give everyone candy and water. Something about cleaning up on Facebook, Dan has directed ”Medina TV” and he feels and says that ”it is happening now”, which is the opening of our New World as I feel too because it is happening. And yes, this is about the bus tour of Vapnagård, which symbolically means ”wrong sexual behaviour of darkness, is this something that you recognise, Dan (?), and this is also the bus bringing you home to the Source, and the Medina TV and opening of our New World is to say that Dan – as a famous DJ and TV- and radio music host here knowing everyone – was important to spread the news about me to the music industry.

We built a light cage up around you, which simply is what people reacted to ”feeling” me as no one else.

I was told that several of my friends have already tried flying with a UFO – including you, Jack?

So Sanna and Hans did all they could to keep you out of ”the good company” all along – but everything to bring in your own children to your New World of the elite as ”your reward” too (?), and yes, I was the dispensable element of the family, but the one bringing you everything.

And have you been paid well to do these services to ”the state” and I feel John too, and is this from where the main part of your ”fortune” comes from, John (?), but also Hans, isn’t it right, Sanna?

And they were told all along that ”Stig is sick” – until you discovered that I was not.

So Hans made sure that all of the fishing equipment was in place, i.e. to bring me out. I felt Karen and was told that they know that there is a war against man (to bring the elite ”salvation”). And it was just part of this plan that Hans – via Sanna – brought out against me. And yes, this is what Arthur Findlay College and everybody are part of, my Master Plan. But still they can get surprised over the cruelty of the plan for example the Star wars Project, and yes, this was part of the plans of man to destruct 90% of all life. The world put all of their faith in Hans – with Sanna – to ”bring you down”, and yes, including to bring you in on psychiatric hospital for ”doctors” to ”completely empty” you for ”the secret of life”. No they did not know that you would bring in all gold of the Source to the world because this was your decision going against their plans and enormous pressure. And now they are all part of the ringing bell of the bicycle as I am shown here, yes, waiting for the ring signal of my new self arriving, and working to bring me forward and not against me – because they now understand. And the meaning was for them to bring my mother with them, but she would not let go on me because of her big love, which is what changed everything around. And it isn’t so that your sister now loves you for what you do – after believing that you were ”too much” and yes bragging and so on when you just spoke the truth about yourself doing right and all others doing wrong (”more or less”). This is the network that Kim S. and your other previous managers – and others too – belong to. And since for how long have you been member too, Karen – I feel a question being asked for her – and knowing that some day a ”fool” would come to you asking you for your hand (as I did), which you had to refuse because this was included in the script, and I here feel Hans. And this is what all have known (of this network), but not my mother because they knew that it was her favour that we were fighting for. So Sanna knows most of my network and you have met/spoken together but so far without me, including my business network, which was Hans task? Yes, the world did not care about me – ”die” – so we can live.

And this is not what is the most unique to Sanna, Hans and this network that you overrule and erase everything that they have prepared for a very long time (?), and yes, I do because you were brainwashed by the system of darkness, this is NOT how we work here.

For days I have received so strong darkness from the Source that it has been very close to overtaking my physical movements again – as it did all of the time in 2006/07 – and I was told that it is still because of my mother not supporting and acknowledging me, and yes, I feel the energy of darkness coming to me as a ray from the balcony, i.e. the Source of Sweden, and it penetrates me and circulates all over the inside of my body feeling physically almost like an electrical impulse and so strongly that it is very close to start moving my head, arms and legs, and it does if I allow it, this is how it is.

I was shown the old concert hall of the Danish National Radio and was told that you have no idea just how far they went to shut all of your exits, and this is about what Sanna and the system did contacting ”everyone imaginable” to influence them wrongly and negatively about me, and this is about Ida, whom I went out with some times in 2005, I believe, and one time, we went to a beautiful concert in the Radio Concert Hall, do you remember, Ida (?), and yes, also our ”fantastic talk”, and yes, she fell completely for me, but still there was another energy removing you from me, remember (?), and yes, I was not supposed to be with her, so this was light protecting me from you, Ida – to save the world basically. And I was told that Ole’s sons, Niels and Thomas, were also on this list, and I have felt them many times also lately.

Did I write what I have been told for weeks now, which is that John was briefed in Scotland about the game of his life when he was stationed there for one year in 1989.

And in the end they believed that the airport would blew up, i.e. the world would end , and yes, my sister, it would end because of what you did and how many of you from ”the stupid elite” believed the same without reading and understanding me (?), and yes, part of the power bringing us home too. This is what we used the score 5-1 for to make the world elite believe in the risk of the world ending, but it ended up up 6-0 so I did not lose one single game to darkness, but you believed in the risk that I would.

And it is my father speaking through Karen, I feel him and her here, and a little of your mother too. It is now all of us over here, I feel them inside the Source from Sweden, now pulling you out.

I was to be taken away from Karen in order to avoid creating, but this is what I used Denis for until I am now returning home bringing real creation to all.

Now John’s nightmare – and all people of this network – is over with, because it was also a nightmare for you to go through knowing that you had to eliminate all of us, and to continue living with this pain for you ”forever”?

Yes, this is what I was told 100% accurately as usual, but if this story is 100% the truth I cannot tell you because it may be a mix of the truth of light and deception of darkness given to me as it has always been, and you do realise this by now, right?

I continue setting up my new computer now without Microsoft Office but with the free Apache Open Office, which basically can do the same, and yes, I very much like the thought of ”free and open source” for everyone to work on contributing to ”one perfect system” constantly improving. I re-installed the Pokki Start Menu again, but it took less than one day before it was removed automatically again, and no, I don’t get it.

I also watched Top Gear on BBC3 this evening, which is the first time for several years that I watch this fantastic TV programme, and yes, it feels like coming home, my friends, I have missed you, and yes, I have not had access to a TV channel here sending your programmes, and this show included Richard Hammond speaking of a ”Helsinki-syndrome”, which Jeremy teased him much about because it is of course a ”Stockholm-syndrome” (liking your kidnapper), and this is why I was earlier given the word ”syndrome” – also to say that they know about me, and yes, I am the true ”the Stig” :-).

So they were about to cut me completely off – Sanna, Hans and John – when stopping completely to see me in 2010, and yes, you did not expect to ever see me again, John?

So John was a kind of a judge in relation to me, yes the tool to bring Stig down and your mother away with darkness.

Yes, John, Sanna and everyone could see that it was right that Stig was negative and potentially aggressive, because they could read this, so I had lost it and was crazy right (?), but no WRONG.

What will your mother and John now be fighting about (not me anymore).

This morning I went with my mother to the Prøvesten Shopping Centre to buy the new Sony TV at the Expert store there, which I only did with the utmost of my will, because I am continuing to have less and less energy now being able to do even less, which is close to being unable to do anything physically – just walking and just being is ”impossible”, this is how extreme it is to have ”no energy” – it seems as if this is how I will end my life as my old self, as a completely emptied man, who can do absolutely nothing having no more energy. And instead of man using my energy to create their monster of a New World, I decided to use it for our New World of light only.

And now I have this new script to end and publish – as I have accepted to write, giving in to information given to me – and to set-up the new TV and also a completely new TV channel package from Telia, which I am changing these days too, and yes, the TV looks nice, but I have to drill new holes in my shelves and to move things around to make it ”perfect”, and no, I have NO ENERGY at all to do this, so we will see when I will have made it …. :-).

My mother was kind to invite me to Händels ”Messiah”, which is coming to Helsingør Cultural Yard on December 10, I believe, and yes, why is this (?), because my mother knows who this Messiah is, and no, I don’t know if I will have energy to go, we will see.

FB 191114 Stig 2

FB 191114 Stig 3

FB 191114 Stig 4

FB 191114 Stig 5



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