November 2014 – after script VIII – Man has been inside the spaceship of everything of the Source seeing infinity without darkness, which I will spread and share with you


Summary of the script today

  • November 23: Man has been inside the spaceship of everything of the Source seeing infinity without darkness, which I will spread and share with you. My new computer and TV symbolise our New World and darkness and ”no energy” made it difficult to get it to work because it should be impossible to bring me out. I have brought all life home to the Source and am now dying because my life/energy is with all life, so I will now lay down to die (as my old self to become my new self). I have been so EXTREMELY down on energy that I have considered informing everyone that ”my candle is burning out”, but I will try to carry on until Christmas.


November 2014 – after script VII: I have always been surrounded by family, friends and managers working together as actors for darkness of man against me

November 23: Man has been inside the spaceship of everything of the Source seeing infinity without darkness, which I will spread and share with you

FB 231114 Stig 1

I had absolutely NO ENERGY to set up my new TV after lunch and I was “this close” to doing nothing because this is really how little energy I have, but still I ended up using a long time on this, which today included to re-design my shelves to include it, and to install a new Internet router from Telia, and yes, it looked “completely impossible” to do, but I did this today, and yes, the new Internet works, but the new TV-package does not.

This is the symbol of us stopping to play prison camp. We had to go to the utmost where my mother believed that her final hour had come, which was because of Karen when she did not want me, which again was because my mother did not want me to have Karen because she was “no good” for me.

I told my mother on the telephone how good the TV looks in my shelves and again she says “it must make you happy”, and yes, mother I am always happy when things work (perfectly), but this cannot replace true human relations including understanding and support when you need it.
I felt Flemming several times and was then told that it isn’t all of this that Flemming has had access to and known would be coming one day?

It required a complete turn around of John – to receive faith in me – to being able to do what we do now.

I did the last changes to the physical set up of my TV and shelves, connected and switched on my TV for the first time, and yes, all of the Smart TV functions work including connection to the Internet, Danish DR TV, YouTube and many others apps, and it works and produces an outstanding picture compared to what I am used to, but my new TV package still doesn’t work, I receive an error code 711 from my TV box saying that the content will not download, but according to the technical support at Telia, I just have to wait until it will be connected. When I first tried calling Telia, the phone simply shut off and I was told that this and my TV problems are because of darkness of my mother, and I had to connect my phone to electrical power to make it work.

Shelves with new TV 231114 - taken with the OLD and POOR camera of my HP telephoneMy shelves with my new TV (gift from my mother and John) taken with the old and POOR camera from my HP telephone (about to being replaced too)

The Miracast screen mirroring from my computer to my TV does not work, the TV simply shows a black screen, when it should work, there is connection, and my TV also does not want to show media files from my computer via its media player and my local network.

Isn’t it endless in here inside the spaceship of everything (?), yes, and this is what friends have been inside to see. And there are no drawing pins, i.e. darkness/sufferings, in this infinite space, which I will spread and share with you because it is open for everyone.

Nixon would never let me go, I feel my mother here because he was darkness of creation, which is why he was designed to destruct the world via me.

I had a dream about Niklas bringing STRONG ENERGY of the Source to me, but when I wrote it down on my phone, the phone was shut off by darkness before I saved it (symbolising that I am out of energy), and I was too tired to find a piece of paper and write it down, so I lost the details.

I dreamt about moving together with Karen overcoming all of her excuses not to and accepting that she also has two other men in her life. We include her few CD’s among my many CD’s and I insist that they will be put in alphabetically as all mine are, and one of her men says something like her system corresponds to four. I woke up to a song including lyrics something like “Get her perfect body next to mine”, which is to bring Karen with me, but I cannot remember or find the song.

I continued working on setting up and getting to know my new TV including all new features as I did not have on my old TV, and still I had the incredible strong desire to do nothing, to give up now, but still I am also very directly “controlled” from the Source outside giving me the strong desire to go on no matter what, which are two opposite feelings and in the end, it is my decision as Stig deciding.

I have now tried on all ways to make the Miracast screen mirroring to work, but the TV still gives a black screen even though there is connection, and no, I will not give up on this because my plan is to stream music from my computer to the TV where there is a digital sound output, which I can connect to my D/A converter, which is connected to my amplifier, which is the next step on the rocket to have this repaired after the 1st also to receive “perfect sound”. And the media player playing files from my computer still does not work, however it worked once, which was confirmation to me that there is really nothing wrong, so it will work when the Source will open up to me, which is how it is here. The new TV package still doesn’t work, and I decided not to call Telia again today remembering that I was told the other day that it will take 1-3 days to work, but if it doesn’t work tomorrow, I will call.

My oven was given a new “E3” error ray from the Source and it came together with the very direct feeling given to me “I have no more energy to keep going” and this is because it shouldn’t be possible to bring me out, which is what my computer and TV problems are also about, and yes, setting up new electronic equipment, getting it to work and to communicate together is something that will take time for people to understand and do – many will never get this far – and to me, it is “impossible” because my system works against me and because I am COMPLETELY out of energy, and yes, these days critically and more than ever, and yes, this script/update was also very close to not being written.

I was told that Sanna feared that I would meet and make love to Karen because this is what started creation. I was given the lyrics “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” by Janis Joplin, and was told that the reason why I decided to get a new Mercedes in 2008 was because Karen was “in love” with men having a fine Mercedes, so this was darkness trying to attract Karen, which would have been wrong at the time because she was darkness and all I had to do was to start creation, not to continue being with her because she would have emptied all of me before time and this is why I was told at the time not to show her my key when I met her a few times back then.

I have considered sending an email to my family and to bring a Facebook update saying that “my candle is burning out” and to tell people that I now can do nothing, but I will see if I can get the next days and maybe even weeks over with without saying anything – except from what is included here – and maybe I can even get through arrangements in December including Christmas, we will see.

I was told that this is room 1408 of the Hotel that I am getting out of (the waiting hall of darkness), and yes, no one survives this room, but I do, and I felt my new self from the corridor coming to me, and for the first time I was given the feeling of my new self being VERY TALL, which felt like “10 metres or more”, which is how we are in our New World, and I felt my new self laying down next to me on my sofa and I was told that “I am now coming in soon”.

I dreamt about returning home to my mother and John, where everyone else is too, and I am COMPLETELY out of energy and I tell them that I have used all of my energy to bring everyone home alive and when you are now home, I am now dying because my new life/energy is in you, so I will now lay down to die. And yes, I had to stand up and write down this dream on paper because my mobile phone still switches off, which is still about my old self being all out of energy, and when I also will get a new telephone soon, it will be a symbol of my new self.

I also dreamt about going with Fuggi and Jack to a poor discotheque in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen), the Police wants to give Fuggi a fine, but he has paid 140 DKK to park, so he goes free, and we meet young people inside this disco and some of them wants to fight us, and I tell them not to be only negative, but to be positive, which does not help and they are very close to start fighting us.

I received this email from Meshack, who has NOT answered my question to him some time ago, where I told him that I will only send him and David money if he does not share it with Elijah and John, and that is at least not to share David’s half because he can do with his own half what he wants to, but if he gives Elijah and John, he gives them (what was) my money, which I would not do myself. And yes, he can still need my help as you can see so that it is not only my scripts, which are his daily meal as he says, but the question is if you can accept my decision that half will go to you and half to David – still sending LTO half of what I used to since cutting out Elijah and John.

Email Meshack 221114

I dreamt something about how I was my own worst enemy when opening for my inner self, and I had to decide swallowing all of my self, I felt it as “opposite”, in order not to eliminate myself.

I was told that until I went to the dentist in the beginning of 2013, if I remember correctly, the former mayor of Lyngby, Søren P. Rasmussen, as example was only a marionette of darkness, but the x-rays from the dentist brought proof to the world that I do include the Source (with all life), which is what truly created faith and has since spread like a steppe fire since for example to my old class friend, Allan M-H, as I here feel.

John called and postponed our dinner agreement today until tomorrow because my mother now has stomach pain – after her flu including coughing – and I was told that this pain is connected to me too.

Later, I was given coughing and was told that this is why my mother has been sick with coughing as she has much for days and also why Cheryl Cole from X Factor is also coughing as I read on Facebook today and that is to help bring me over on the other side as the last.

It is first now that I have succeeded to remove the last of the malware infection from the other day (using “Autoruns” to find and delete annoying “SysMenu.dll” pop up messages “The specified module could not be found” as I kept on receiving several times a day), which went directly into the deepest core of the system.

I called Telia to ask them about my new TV package, which still does not work, and no, the order has not been put through despite of what the same technical service told me the day before yesterday (“just wait, it will come” as they told me), and no, I do NOT like people not checking carefully thus giving WRONG information, and yes, I ordered the new package and received order confirmation 4 days ago, and today I was told that there are no people from Customer Support on work this weekend (it is Saturday today) and this is a matter for them, which the technical support cannot solve, so I will have to wait until Monday to solve this, and no, I do NOT like this at all when it should have been “easy” to do in the first place, but this is how it is still playing with darkness as I also did with the computer and TV set-up.

Later, the nice man from Telia technical support called back saying that he had now unchecked some boxes from my order in their system, as he said, and the system has now generated an order, which should make it possible for me to see TV via the Internet later today, but still I have to wait until Monday to get picture on my TV via my TV box, and yes, I then received a “welcome letter” to the new Telia TV, and when I tried to get access to Telia TV on the Internet, it would not allow me, and I felt darkness from my mother from the Source coming to me at the same time as I received an “error code” not granting me access, and yes, after playing with the system back and forth and changing setup settings, finally I was given access. I can now see the new TV channels online, which you know symbolises our New World.

Right after the opening of the TV package, I managed to see the last 10 minutes of the repeat of “Crazy about dance” from yesterday, and I could not start the programme from the beginning on the Internet as I can on my TV so I did not hear any inspired speech this time around, my friends, it will have to wait until the final next time. I also watched the repeat of “the decision”, where there was no inspired speech, but I was happy to see the two best couples ever of “Crazy about dance”, Sara Maria and Silas, Claudia and Johannes – here thinking that it symbolises our perfect not only one but two New Worlds (ours and our children) – qualifying for the final, and I am sorry that I could not be with you this time, and yes, very special this must be to Silas and Johannes, who are a private couple :-), so who do you believe will win in the final (?), and no, we cannot end with a draw even though this is how I feel about you two dance couples, and yes, “it will absolutely be the best final ever in Crazy about dance” as Claus, the host, ended saying in “the decision”, and it sure will.

And yes, even though I still have no energy, I seem to get one thing after the next done making more and more of my new self work as this symbolises, which continued the rest of the afternoon where I solved one IT-problem after the other on my to-do list.

One of them was a “disaster” as I had noticed a couple of weeks ago when Google Maps had decided to change their system (making it much poorer than it was without HTML-code as I had used to truly individualise my maps) of individually made maps – as mine showing where my mother and I live in Helsingør and my map of the Jerusalem UFO (see the right column of my website and Signs IV) – which simply had “destroyed” my “perfect maps”, which they were, and yes, I used VERY MANY hours when making these maps approx. 3 years ago, which I had to do to make them “perfect” and now they look as if a bomb has exploded, and no, Google, I do NOT like when you decide to deteriorate systems and just do it without warning people using them (giving time to take a back-up of the HTML code, and yes, I would have used this if I knew of another service doing it better, but I don’t, and that is except from Google Earth, which I however cannot link to from my WordPress website, so I could only try to improve what you had destroyed, and no, I do NOT like to redo work I have already made perfect once because of wrong decisions of others!

Yes, they now have a new map and have kept the “old” map, which however is without the flexibility and HTML-code from before making the resolution of pictures included in my descriptions and everything much poorer than it was, and it makes me VERY SAD seeing this, and yes, Google, please do something about it restoring “the perfect maps” that I had created, will you (?), and yes, how many had done as I using the features of the old system (?), and the answer is probably “almost none” because people were too lazy to learn, and this is why you decided to remove it to make it “easy” and simple for people to understand (?), so this is how laziness and lack of understanding of man is also hitting me, but no, this is NOT good enough!!!

Yes, it is easy for people to get stress having “many unsolved IT tasks”, which they don’t know how to solve before looking at them, and in my case, it also included most of my documents from my old external hard disk, where the rights to open files “mysteriously” had been removed making all files invisible, and this also happened to me approx. 2-3 years ago, which I solved back then going into the computer system set-up before the start-up of Windows, and what was the solution again that I used back then (?), and yes, I cannot remember, so I will have to search for it again, and see if I can find this “needle in a haystack”, and no, I discovered that did not have to do this, I could change the “rights” from inside Windows overtaking the rights to all files of this folder (learning something new, I have never done this before), which made the files visible again, but when I tried to open them, they still would not open because now the system claimed that I did not have administrator rights (!), which I do because I am the user/owner of this computer (!) and my log-on should automatically give me administrator rights, so I decided to re-start the computer thinking that it was darkness that had made it “forget” these rights, which was right because finally I received access to all of these files, and yes, they include backups of all videos that I link to on my website, which is how I can replace deleted videos on YouTube etc., which I link to, and no, I don’t like when videos stop working as I see on most sites that I visit, so I decided that on my main webpages, this will not happen (except from text links to videos on my Signs III page, which I did not take back-ups of, which annoys me), but I cannot and will not control videos to my thousands of pages of scripts, so there you will find non-working video links.

I received the feeling of Benedikte Kiær and was told that the quick exit of Bjarne, the now former director of Helsingør Commune, was done as a try to protect him too because everyone will know – with the arrival of my new self – what he and the system including the Commune did being extremely close to lock me up, throw me out of my apartment and Helsingør and hide me away on a psychiatric hospital, which would have killed us all and yes because of a “misunderstanding” of COMPLETELY WILL-DEAF people, which is what Bjarne was when he did not want to and “could not” read, listen to and understand that I simply told the truth, because he believed in the system lying about me, so this was a stunt made up by you to remove Bjarne from a visible and “embarrassing” post because of me.

Now almost everything works on my computer and TV – even though the Miracast screen imaging also did not work today – and I have installed my computer and Internet browser etc. as I like the best, which is making me more calm and less “worried” about the equipment breaking down and not working, and yes, it is a true JOY when things work, which they first start doing now at the very end, and yes, it would have been easier if I had had good tools to use during my mission, but this was not part of the play and plan of darkness hitting me.

I woke up during the night with the great song “Memories fade” by Tears for Fears and the lyrics “memories fade – goodbye my friend”, which is about the departure of my old self.

I dreamt about being in a big meeting with the leading economic professionals of the world (from Central Banks etc.) and Hilary Clinton speaks and proposes my new way to “avoid depression”, which everyone now can see and agree to, and I tell them that man could not handle receiving 360 degree freedom, which I will remove to make sure that man will avoid depression, and an economist tells me that this only became the result because Obama and I did not give in to their oppression, but continued without giving up, which “forced” them with us.

I woke up to the lyrics “my friend” from “Cities in dust” by Siouxsie and the Banshees, and yes, I LOVE IT :-), and still it is about saying goodbye as my old self.

Yesterday evening I was thinking that I will do my best to go to spinning (with Steen) one last time as my old self tomorrow morning, but this morning I can just say – as all other mornings for weeks – that I cannot, which still annoys me.

FB 231114 Stig 2

FB 231114 Stig 3

FB 231114 Stig 4

FB 231114 Stig 5



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