November 2014 – after script IX: X Factor UK: Stevi only miraculously survived because I continued working, he is now finally eliminated because I have stopped working – THE END


Summary of the script today

November 24: X Factor UK: Stevi only miraculously survived because I continued working, he is now finally eliminated because I have stopped working – THE END. X Factor know me, I am credible when telling the truth straight out. The Source/I will always love you, I took a risk continuing my work. Mel B. wants to join me, there is nobody like me bringing you alive.The Source is nothing without creation, Mel B. is honoured working with me. As the Source, I am every man and every woman. I am becoming the Golden King, Mel B. feels unhappy about being darkness and Simon believed I was crazy but we will soon “remember the time”. It was impossible for me to do all of my work but “I did it”. I have now stopped writing/working and Stevi was consequently eliminated when three judges did the right thing, which Simon however “could not” do.


November 2014 – after script IX: X Factor UK: Stevi only miraculously survived because I continued working, he is now finally eliminated because I have stopped working – THE END

November 24: X Factor UK: Stevi only miraculously survived because I continued working, he is now finally eliminated because I have stopped working – THE END

FB 241114 Stig 1

I was hoping not to receive too much inspired speech from the UK X Factor this evening because I really do not have energy to write long minutes as I did last week, and yes, this is what came to me.

I was very happy with Lauren’s song and performance all the way through. First, it started off slowly and I thought that now it has to increase in tempo, which it then did and yes, it was PERFECT in my mind with Lauren’s fine singing and the stage show including life, colour and dance, I loved it, and I felt Whitney Houston from the Source when I heard and wrote this.

I have received feelings of Mel B. several times during the past week in form of speech of “spices” and more, and here Mel B. received inspired speech when she said that “You were enjoying yourself, you gave us your personality like I really feel like I now know you – I LOVED IT”, and when she said this, I received the clear direct feeling that this was also about Mel knowing me now, right Mel?

Simon told Lauren that she is “a credible recording artist, you look comfortable”, and again I was given the direct feeling that this is because I am credible, which is because I tell the truth straight out, Simon, and yes, this “direct feeling” still comes to me inside a very clear ray coming to me from my balcony, i.e. the Source of Sweden, and enters me very physically when you said this, this is how I will know :-).

When Ben started singing Whitney Houston’s “I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU” – one of the main symbol songs of my love to man – I was shown and felt SUN coming in to me from the source, which was our response, and yes, only love and happiness, you know. Ben sang it beautifully as a man, which was the first time I heard a man singing this song, but still I like Paul and Jay as singers even more than Ben.

Louis said that  “You took a risk and it paid off,  everybody tells me your the nicest guy in the house”, which again was also really about me.

Cheryl said that “I think that at this point of the competition to take a risk like that is kind of crazy”, which was about the risk that I took continuing the game after the Amsterdam cruise not stopping my work and mission at that point, but I kept on going because this is what I am all about, to work my best and hardest.

Simon said that “I know what is at stake for you personally, Ben, how much this means to you”, which was also about my personal costs completely turning out the wrong side of me showing everything about myself to the world where I really just wanted to be Stig without becoming famous.

I do much like the young and innocent charm of this group, but this week, their version of the song was a little bit too poppy for me, but it’s alright, there is also room for this.

Mel said that “this is why we all love you, guys, you are young, you are fun, your vocals are always on point, I WANNA JOIN THEIR GROUP”, and again it came with this “direct feeling” that you want to join my group and our New World, Mel?

Cheryl said that “there is a niche for you because there is nobody out there like you”, which was also to say that there is only one out there like me who could go through my mission through darkness bringing you all to the Source.
Simon said that “I think the last three weeks you have just come alive”, which is about my new self with all new life coming alive, and “don’t take yourselves to seriously”, which came because I noticed such a quote that I read during the past week, which is an attitude that I like.

Louis also said (not in the clip below) that “It is Christmas”, which here is about my new self coming alive, you know, Louis :-).

I loved watching Andrea doing another FLAWLESS performance this week, and just before the very end of the song, I was told to notice the ending, and then Andrea song INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL “I have nothing, if I don’t have you”, which was truly very unique and beautiful, and I understood this as the Source being nothing without me as the Son and creation here.

Cheryl said that “this is when a theme fits an artist perfectly” and I received the feeling that this was connected to the ending that Andrea had just sung, which is about creation that I am bringing home that fits perfectly inside the Source.

Simon said that “Andrea, you must have thought that Christmas had come early when we said it was Christmas week”, and I was given the taste of the typical Italian cake, Panettone, which I love much, which is because I love Andrea much and cake is a symbol of creation, and yes, I have felt Andrea as one of the most clear people from UK X Factor for weeks, which is because I am also your “favourite”?

Simon continued saying “it wasn’t perfect ….”, which made the audience boo and Louis stand up saying “it was perfect”, which it also was in my book, Simon, and he continued “there is something very sweet and innocent about you”, and I felt Simon nervous when he said this because you are afraid of me and my comments taking a place in my book too, Simon (?), and yes, he ended up by saying “there is no way that you are leaving this week after that performance”, and was that what you really, really believed, Simon (?), or were you saying it only to please me because you are a WIMP too?

Mel said that “I am just shaking, you do something to people when you sing, its so memorable and so touching and I am so honoured to be working with you every week”, which was about Mel’s feeling of being honoured having me there with you, Mel (?), and I wonder how you feel like receiving 1 million £ pound for being in this show doing nothing else than talking and giving a little advise here and there while Andrea, whom you “work” together with, who is the one really working hard, receive practically nothing?

Andrea said that “I wanna sing my heart out”, which was about bringing out my new heart 🙂 ♥.

During the previous week, I was told something about Fleur also awaiting to receive my “comments” to her performance this week because she was the only one not receiving “inspired speech” last week.

Fleur did a FINE performance of “I’M EVERY WOMAN” by Whitney Houston, which is and has always been one of my favourite songs by Whitney – it has such a fantastic rhythm and feeling to it – and no, I do not believe that Fleur has the biggest or most beautiful voice, it is not as great as her performance/dance and as the voices of some of the other competitors, for example Lauren, and it would therefore be wrong if she wins, but still she is a great performer, whom I love seeing.

Mel said that “you got everything, talent, the voice, the vocals, the performance, the body, the delivery, YOU ARE EVERY WOMAN, girl”, and Cheryl confirmed that “you are every woman”, which was about me being EVERY MAN and WOMAN, which is how I am designed with all life being part of me as ONE.

This “too big group” actually did great and sounded really good, but they are still too many for me in a band.

Simon said “you know what, YOU JUST DID IT”, and I received the direct feeling again that this was about what I did when I did work that I truly could not do where I sometimes have ended my work by writing “I did it”, and this is what I did, and once again, this is what I did when writing the minutes of this X Factor show, and when writing all of my scripts, which this is about: I DID IT.

I was amazed when seeing the first seconds of Stevi singing Elton John’s “I’m still standing” being carried as an Egyptian Pharaoh sitting in a golden King’s chair, and yes, can you say and show it any clearer than this, which is about my spirit being over this programme that decided to take it up to another level (?), and yes, the pyramids of Egypt include “everything” of the Source and all life including our New World, and as the ONE, I am “the ruler” except from the fact that everyone has full freedom and responsibility. This was truly an amazingly good looking show, thank you :-).

I was thinking that this up-tempo song  will reveal Stevi’s poor singing to the public, and will he make it through once again against all odds (?), and I was also thinking that I am truly still standing as Stig when still working, but I have just decided today to stop writing/working – except from this update being my last work – because I really cannot no more, and this may also mean that Stevi will not be able to make it through one more week, so just maybe my decision to keep on working until now was linked together with Stevi’s “incredible ability to survive” week after week, and now I will stop working, which may mean that Stevi will not make it this week (?), we will see.

Louis “didn’t get the Egyptian theme, what was that all about” (?), and yes, do you get it now, Louis?

Mel said that “now, there is problems in the house” and I received the feeling of the Ghost House in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen as a symbol of darkness inside the Garden of Eden, as Tivoli is to me, and this is about Mel’s own darkness just before our opening of this garden to everyone, and this is because you are not happy about your own role overtaken by darkness and the “amazing sum of money” you get from sitting there and speaking nothing else than “your opinion”, Mel?

Simon could not help laughing when it was his turn and he said “look Stevi, it was a little bit nutty, I don’t know what Bryan was thinking”, which was about the Egyptian them, which Simon said “I had nothing to do with the staging of this” and he continued saying to Stevi “you do make an effort, you are going to be REMEMBERED for that performance, it is without question the craziest thing I have ever seen”, and yes, Simon, is this what you kept on saying about me as this King being the “the NUTTY professor” and the craziest that you have ever seen (?), and yes, just wondering I am, and when you said “REMEMBERING”, I was given the feeling of Michael Jackson and his amazing song “REMEMBER THE TIME”, which is because this is the same golden theme that Michael had in his amazing video, do you REMEMBER (?), and “remember” is here about your/our memory of “the past” before these lives that we are living now, which will soon be brought to us so you will understand that this was really not crazy at all but all part of my MASTER PLAN, which you are part of here at the very ending.

Stevi was asked “how far do you think you can go” (?) and he said “I have always said, I am never going to win, right, and I mean that from the button of my heart”, and I felt the button of my heart, which is the Source, and I felt darkness at this button because this is where we are just before our New World of light only inside the Source will open.

With this stage show, you might be able to see that I have arrived in the X Factor, and yes, I am “the gold” as the force of creation.


Two acts would be eliminated this weekend with the first already this evening and the second tomorrow evening, and in the process, it was Stevi, Fleur and “Only the Young” that remained and one of them was going to be eliminated now, and I thought that that now it is your time, Stevi, but no, he was saved by the bell again, and again, I was thinking that this is about the most unlikely and even impossible success of Stevi passing through as the underdog, and yes, Stevi you should not really be here as I also should not because I really should have stopped working after the Amsterdam cruise in September – but will you make it through tomorrow evening too, that is the question.

I received the feeling of Simon one hour after the show still talking about me?

I watched the follow-up show this evening and was thinking again that it is logical for Stevi to be eliminated this evening because of my decision to stop working now.

Simon was told something like “Simon, you said something last night in the corridor, you do want someone to go”, and I understood “the corridor” as “my new self”, which is where my new creation comes from, and this was to say that it is not nice for you, Simon, to have me in YOUR show?

I was surprised seeing that it was Stevi together with Andrea receiving the least votes bringing them in the sing-off, and no, Andrea has nothing to do here, are you completely DEAF, all of you English viewers (?), and I was thinking that certainly Andrea will take Stevi out, right?

Stevi actually did his finest performance ever in my mind when singing this evening with the most clarity I have heard from him, but can he take out Andrea, which would be so wrong, right Mel?

And when the judges were to take their decision, Mel said that “You both sung your hearts out, who knew you could sing like that, Stevi”, which I agreed in, “but Andrea you sing with such passion, to me you are miles apart”, which I also agreed in, which should be EASY for everyone to understand?

Cheryl said “Andrea, you are one of the most perfect singers ever in the contest”, and she also did the right thing sending home Stevi.

And now came the moment of truth for Simon, would he also be able to do the right thing as I am sure that everyone could see what was, but no, Simon “could not” – “the expert” could not understand and not do the right thing – when he decided to say “Stevie, you are the one showing the most passion, I was given you as a wild card, you have been so much fun to work with, never complains, you realised you weren’t the best singer, but a great entertainer, people have fallen in love with you. I am gonna stand by my Stevi and send home Andrea”, and yes, this is what he really said (!!!) – HAVE YOU COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MIND, SIMON – WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING OF (?) – and no, you “could not” go against one of your own because “you simply don’t do this” according to the “format” of the show, but you do, Simon, this is how it is to follow the road of truth deciding to do the right thing instead of the WRONG, see?

And then it was up to Louis to help doing the right thing, which he did when he said “I loved Andrea even more now, the act I am sending home now is Stevi”, and yes, this made sense also because I am going out now when stopping my writings, it is my time, therefore, and this is how Simon ended up as the Devil who “could not” speak out the truth and do the right thing, which was really about being “unable” to face/meet me at the end, which you may regret doing, Simon?

Thank you to Mel, Cheryl and Louis for DOING THE RIGHT THING, which Simon “could not” because of your “conflicts of interests”, i.e. your selfish needs and ego being impressible for you to beat in order to meet me, which is what it was also about, the worst darkness.

FB 241114 Stig 2

FB 241114 Stig 3

John was “kind” to send me an email explaining me about the importance of the cash help that I have sent him for five year and that his family suffers because of my decision to stop, and all I can say is that it is about UNDERSTANDING because the extra sufferings given to you, your family and Elijah and his family, John, is helping to bring out my new self, which is what this is REALLY about – and no, you have NOTHING to blame Meshack and David about, they receive the same amounts as they have always received, they do NOT receive your shares, I keep them myself, and the only reason why I decided to cut you off was because of your decision NOT to communicate with me, which is what I have encouraged you to do all along, which you could easily have done also despite of your work, John. My decision will NOT be changed, you are helping forward my new self via your sufferings and you only have yourselves to blame, do you think you can accept and live with this?

John email 241114

I had this chat with David, and my expected money transfer still depends on receiving Meshack’s confirmation on dividing the money in two halves with David, which I have not received (yet) ….

David chat 241114

Elijah will get the last word of my scripts, and yes, it is easier for him to ask for help than to thank for it when receiving it, and still it is “impossible” for my old friend to “understand” as you can tell.

Elijjah email 241114



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