December 2014 – after script I: Pure magic of God will bring the opening of our New World, which the “magician” Henrik Svanekiær will help providing :-)


Summary of the script today

  • December 6: Pure magic of God will bring the opening of our New World, which the “magician” Henrik Svanekiær will help providing :-). My Father is and controls all life without being physically alive self, which is why I am sent as the Son containing all physical and spirit life (of the Source). The Source is transforming all spirit life to physical life as a never ending process without becoming alive self except from via me as the Son. I have received the key to turn around everything, which will start our New World and required that I had the (official) world with me wishing to turn around. The curse of my life was that man knew that I was this key, which man wanted to steal by breaking me down and killing me led by my sister with the world behind her.
  • December 11: Händel’s Messiah: Hallelujah: “Lord Jesus stands right here – I shall reign for ever and ever”.


December 2014 – after script I: Pure magic of God will bring the opening of our New World, which the “magician” Henrik Svanekiær will help providing 🙂

December 6: Pure magic of God will bring the opening of our New World, which the “magician” Henrik Svanekiær will help providing 🙂

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After definitely ending my writings in November I have continued receiving spiritual messages, which I could have decided to write down and bring to you, which however was wrong to do because I had “definitely” ended my writings, but I have now been given information of a character, which I just have to publish, which I furthermore have been encouraged to do after “turning a corner” being alone to come through this phase.

For days I have been told that I will be completely asexual as my new self because this is what people expect and also my nature as the Source alive as a man, which is NOT the same as creation of man (but the Source from “non-creation”), and this has hurt me to think of because I have really   just wanted to and also decided that I will live a completely normal life as the human being, Stig, together with Karen as my new wife in a completely normal relationship receiving a “normal life” also sexually as everyone else, this was my decision, and no, we have not forgotten about this. The following is what I was told before reaching this understanding again.

I (the Source) am all life and control all life without being alive myself, which is the biggest secret of all, and why I have sent you (Son) to be me (Father) in this creation. I am slowly transforming into physical life – see my script of November 9: “We have tightened demands, but still it is impossible for me to work as hard to bring out all potential creation, which is breaking my heart”. It is only a very little part of potential creation that we have yet been able to create, which means that the largest part of me is still inside the Source as spiritual life/force. We (I) have decided to bring out all life first before becoming physical life self. Later I was reminded that we will never finish this process because the Source is infinite meaning that my father will always be spirit life of the Source, which is why I am in you as the Son (including all life both physical and in spirit).

I received the feeling of “invisible force” of the Source inside all physical matter, which is what my father will continue being. It is all of this energy contained in the point of a needle that enters me and it is this energy that all physical life is part of.

I felt my father and was told that people of our New World will see my father of the Source through me.

This is how you and only you are returning home, which is about me being all life both physically of our New World and spiritually of the largest part still not transformed to this life, and if you want to be sexual as a human being, you decide, and yes, I already have, which means that I will be sexual as the part of me created as physical life, and I will be asexual as the part of me containing the Source (“non-creation” or “not transformed to physical life yet”).

This is what Händel’s Messiah is about, which is because it is faith of my mother, i.e. the world, which is returning me home, and this is symbolised by this beautiful work for Orchestra, Choir and soloists that my mother has invited me to – for the first time ever – at Helsingør Cultural Yard on Wednesday, December 10, and this is one of the most famous and INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL pieces of music from the work that I love very much 🙂 ♥.

I was shown and told about the key I have received to turn everything around for us to come to the other side (light instead of darkness), which will start our New World, and this required that I had the whole (“official”) world with me wishing to turn around becoming light. And I was told that the spirit of my mother has been here many times trying to do this, but it could not be done without me and the world being with me.

This is the key that man wanted and believed that he would receive from me by breaking me down and even killing me led by my sister with Putin and the world behind her. The other day I was told that we had to bring down the previous British PM, Gordon Brown (remember the famous 2010 microphone recording of him in his car describing a voter as a “bigoted woman” believing that he was “safe”?), which “helped” him to lose the election later the same year, and this is what saved me because Gordon Brown was meant to kill me being in charge of the British forces, which I have been told were “in charge” of the world, and no, his successor David Cameron did not want the same, he started working for me.

There has always hung a curse over you because the world has known that you were this key, which they tried to steal from you, but you were stronger than they. It was only by man persecuting me to steal my key that I could bring man home to the Source with me, and it was only via the combination of ingredients in the life that I decided to live after 2008 – following my spiritual voice – that I reached this key, which Buddhist monks and others trying to live a “clean” life could not, because they did not live a “normal life” as it should be in my eyes.

I was told that if my mother’s husband, John, had died during my mission, which he was VERY close to doing (as he as example was about to do at the Easter lunch in 2013, or was it 2012?), it would be because man was dying when they could not hang onto me. And John was the vanguard of man and the last to obtain faith in me because his faith required all of man (represented by “the official world”) to be with me.

My mother and John met in 1984, and before this my mother had lived together with Ole from 1972 to 1978 before he turned “crazy” – also saying that “Stig is Jesus”, which was really not that crazy after all (!) – and I have been told that Ole had the same purpose as John, which was to bring me down and transfer my key and secret of life to Denis, Karen’s husband, to bring the New World of man, but no, Ole “could not”, he broke down because of my strength.

Your mother, i.e. creation, does not yet have the ability to look inside of me because she is (made from) you.

I felt my sister and was told that it is her task to bring me out (from darkness), so it will be her coming to bring me out.

Thus, everything is one big process of transformation – as you wrote in the beginning (on my website – see the right column) – which is about the embodiment of God including all cells of life in spirit here.

It is only by not following me that you bring this story yourself, which really is the end of your work, isn’t it (?), and this is because I have been told to stop my wrong sexual behaviour in order to become the Source, which I have decided not to follow because “the end will come at the end no matter what”, and I was told that this would prolong my journey with a couple of weeks.

There was almost no inspired speech in X Factor UK last weekend because I had stopped writing (!), which was the same in the final of the Danish “Crazy about dance”, which I simply LOVED to see and LOVED seeing Silas and Sara Maria win and that is except from a few words here and there giving the message of LOVE and UNITY of all.

I have continued fighting my fight against “overwhelming force” trying to force my “old nightmare” on me, which I however have succeeded to avoid experiencing by doing the same as I have done for years, which is to refuse it, and yes, I knew that it was enough to act as darkness doing “wrong sexual behaviour” (which is really also my “old nightmare” because all creation is my mother, but I control it myself without being forced “directly”) to bring energy bringing me out of darkness as the last, and yes, this is easier said than done when experiencing strong pressure, which required STRONG faith and will going against, and this is the last part of my mission, which should have been “completely impossible” to go through, and it contained energy of the Source brought to my mother as “potential life”, which could not be created now and is returning home with me as spiritual life of the Source, which is what my wrong sexual behaviour means, and I have now come to the deep cave after finishing this task and the only thing remaining now is this “nothing of the Source” meaning that I have returned home. So HOLD ON TIGHT, we will start our final journey opening our New World very soon, which will first come to my mother, who will carry this out.

I visited my mother and John for our weekly dinner, and I told them the story about the “magician” Henrik Svanekiær, which I do believe they understood, but it annoys me much that they – my mother, the strongest – automatically thinks against me (“opposite” me) which made my mother say “you could have removed the video”, but no, mother, this was on public TV, and yes, LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and FOLLOW ME as the world does – Henrik is WRONG and I am RIGHT (!) – will you (?), and this was also the case at Hans’ birthday dinner last weekend where I told them all that it was an admission of failure of Danes that the extreme right wing and (potential) fascist party Danish People’s Party  is now the largest Danish party, which made my mother say that it is not because they are a party as all others, and yes, mother THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK and change your attitude and decide to ask and listen to me instead, which should not be difficult, and yes, it hurts me to be “corrected” by my mother following the same WRONG CULTURE as most people here, and yes, Tobias votes on Danish People’s Party – why am I not surprised (?) – and yes, everyone should be able to understand that this party is hostile to strangers, which is hostile to man, thus not part of light but darkness of me?

And I was given this thought later in the evening one second before I broke the left bar of my glasses – coming directly to me because of “darkness of my mother” – which also annoyed me because I cannot see without my glasses, and even with my glasses on, I cannot read a newspaper as example, and yes, with some trouble I can attach the bar and still wear my glasses, and I will have to see if I can glue them.

And alright, I will take this too. I went to the Føtex supermarket and heard an experienced employee training a new employee telling him “just ask away, there are no stupid questions”, which he meant well, which of course is WRONG, because the right attitude is to “think carefully first if you can solve it yourself and only when you have done your best and you cannot, you are of course welcome to ask”, which is what I do myself, and yes, there is a whole attitude in difference and unfortunately most people today (“more or less”) ask before thinking carefully.

I did not send any money neither to Elijah and John nor to David and Meshack this month both because I had received an extra energy bill and because I had to act as darkness to bring energy – opposite to all life now inside light – to bring out myself from darkness.

This made David write me “Have seen your e-mail on ‘no cash’ it is sad, really” because he will struggle much just to come through and eat, and still I received this email from Meshack:

Email to LTO 041214

I was told that the most normal is “to go directly in” without informing my mother, i.e. the world, about what we do, but you don’t care, and yes, when there is information important enough to be brought, I bring it, and this information was for the first time since I stopped writing in November, therefore :-).

Later I was told that I am now playing the opposite game acting as darkness (wrong sexual behaviour and no money to LTO – otherwise not) because life is inside light to bring energy to bring me out too, so the pressure/temptation I am now given is to act right, which however would be wrong to do in this opposite game, which is why it is now right to do wrong, and this is why I am still playing the game and bringing you this update, see?

We are no political world (soon) anymore if you want an extra song to fill the gap (?), which is about NO POLITICS in our New World (see my NWO on my website), and another great song by Bob Dylan :-).

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December 11: Händel’s Messiah: Hallelujah: “Lord Jesus stands right here – I shall reign for ever and ever”

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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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