December 2014 – after script II: ”You have now come home” – I felt Christ inside of me – ”I will now slowly become you”


Summary of the script today

  • December 15: ”You have now come home” – I felt Christ inside of me – ”I will now slowly become you”. The Centre Democrats of Denmark kept the secret of me as the key to the Source. It is first with the ending of the Russian Federation that we can enter the Source, which comes with Putin now also having faith in me. My sister ordered me to remove an old photo, which I will NEVER do because she is selfish giving in to WRONG and NEGATIVE feelings!
  • December 15: X Factor UK final: Mel B. was close to dying receiving Simon Cowell’s darkness symbolising the dying of my old self receiving darkness of my mother.
  • December 18: My final fight with darkness of man to receive all power of the Source symbolised by receiving ”special home aid” that Helsingør Municipality cheated me from for 3 years.
  • December 21: My mother and father are now at the Virgin of the Rock at Mijas, Spain, from where my mother will bring out our New World.
  • December 22: Anders Morgenthaler was “inspired” when he drew “God’s eyes”, Creation, my sufferings, my mother’s love of all life and all force of the Source. My ”library friend” Allan B. could not help saying too much revealing himself as an ”errand boy” of the Danish Parliament monitoring me.
  • December 24: MERRY CHRISTMAS – be nice to each other including to improve your behaviour and work, and to bring “Normal Life” to all.
  • December 24: Anders Morgenthaler also drew about the plan to kill Muslims, the DIY-market of the Source providing materials for creation and the x-ray of my teeth, which made the world see the Source inside of me.
  • December 27: I received the word “King, King”: Man has been inside the Source and approved me to become the King of the Source.
  • December 29: BBC’s Top Gear was attacked by ”the angry mob” at ”the end of the world” in Argentina to help bringing the birth of ”the Stig” as my new self.


December 2014 – after script II: ”You have now come home” – I felt Christ inside of me – ”I will now slowly become you”

December 15: ”You have now come home” – I felt Christ inside of me – ”I will now slowly become you”

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I had no plans to bring you any more updates, but I do believe that I have crossed the period where I needed to be alone and even though I have decided to stop my work, I have  decided to bring you this update after all because there was enough important information to bring you besides from much other information of a kind I have decided not to write anymore.

I was told that the members of the former political party Centre Democrats of Denmark – – kept the secret of me as the key to the Source, and they were the only politicians in Denmark on my side with everyone else on Putin’s side  against me.

You have now come home, and I felt Christ inside of me. I will now slowly become you, which is what was meant with ”I will live to go through my own funeral as my old self and birth of my new self” as I was told the other day up to the Messiah concert.

I have been told twice with days apart that Putin now believes in me too. And it is first with the ending of the Russian Federation that we can enter the Source, and yes, this is part of the script, which comes with faith of Putin no longer resisting me.

I have been told much about how Hans “controlled my life” accepting darkness to control/destroy and potentially kill me, right Hans, which I have decided not to write more about – other than what I have included on the front page of my website – and I was told that my father’s widow, Kirsten, was also part of the game of darkness against my father and me too, and yes, killing him, right Kirsten?

I went with my family – mother/John, Sanna/Hans, Niklas/Isabelle and Tobias with his friend Patrick – to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen following our tradition to watch the Crazy Christmas Cabaret, which this year was called “One-Eyed Willy – The quest for the big chest”.

I was tired and feeling poorly as usual but not as critically and completely destroyed as I am  most of the time making the day easier, but not easy, to come through compared to the other day with the Messiah concert.

Last year after my mother, John and I had had “apple slices” (Danish Christmas “doughnuts” baked on a special pan), which were “the best apple slices in the world”, I met Sanna and Hans together with Niklas/Tobias and their girlfriends having “standard” apple slices at another place, and I told them enthusiastically about these the best apple slices in the world and I suggested that we would all meet next year at this place, which however was “almost impossible” to do because my mother first did not want to speak to Sanna about it (!), and when I wrote Sanna and suggested to meet there at 14.00 – before the cabaret would start at 15.00 – she wrote that “the doors open half an hour before, so it may be too early”, and yes, what in the world was she talking about (?), because Tivoli’s doors open at 11.00 on Saturdays, and of course it was the best to have apple slices at 14.00 before the show and not at 17.45 after the show when we would be going home for dinner, it should be an easy call for everyone, so therefore I agreed with mother/John to be there at 14.00 and to tell Sanna that “we hope to see you there”, which made Sanna now say “I don’t know if all can make it on time”, and yes, what was the problem (?), I could see none because “the doors were open”, right?

Mother, John and I met Sanna and Hans at the Central Station opposite Tivoli shortly before 14.00 and walked to the “pancake house” as I call it – their real name is “Vaffelbageriet” (“The Waffle Bakery”) – where we had these apple slices together with Glögg (traditional Christmas Mulled Wine), however the apple slices were not completely baked and were also not as warm as they should be, and I was given the feeling that this was also because of darkness working against me, and yes, simply because of the “trouble” of Sanna’s family to make it here to “the worlds best apple slices” because first Niklas and Isabelle came 20 minutes late without saying anything and leaving against without having anything and Tobias and his friend didn’t come at all (!), and yes, this had NOTHING to do with open or closed doors but because of carelessness of Niklas and Tobias who “could not” understand that this was an agreement to meet with the family and believed that they could do as they pleased not caring about the family, and when I told Sanna/Hans and mother/John that “I appreciate this yearly tradition going to the Crazy Christmas Cabaret, and I am happy for us being here today and hope that Niklas and Tobias will also come next year as part of the tradition”, Sanna said that “they are busy on an everyday basis, have much to do and 14.00 is early” and yes, of course, if Tobias goes out partying the day before (it was Saturday today) and stays out all night long, maybe 14.00 is early, but come on, this was the worst excuse I have ever heard, this was meant for all of the family to do not as an order but because of what should come natural to you all, which was to spend a nice hour together with the family, and what this was about was simply CARELESSNESS of two incredible selfish boys in their twenties only thinking of themselves apparently not knowing what is right to do because this is how they have been “allowed” to do because of WRONG upbringing of their parents, which is simply the truth, and yes, is it still “incredible rude and negative” for me speaking the truth, Sanna, instead of you and your family deciding to act and behave correctly (?), no right?

The result was that I was very sad because of these boys, who also “could not” say anything when meeting us, which also may be because of how Sanna “put it” to them, which was not as an agreement but “if you can make it” (?), and no, Sanna, this is NOT how we work here, not at all – YOU WERE WRONG!!!

Furthermore,  when having apple slices, my sister told about how some of her colleagues had been teasing her with this photo from my website – – from my confirmation in 1980, where Sanna is wearing a pink suit, and she already spoke about this photo when we met the last time and she continued today speaking of just how uncomfortable this made her feel because she does not like this suit at all today, but in 1980 it was smart, and yes, the same can be said about my clothes, but all of us including my father and our mother looks good on the photo, which is the RIGHT feeling to have, Sanna (!), and yes, she simply ordered me to remove it because of her WRONG feeling that she gave in to, instead of following the RIGHT feeling as I have just told you, and I was thinking of just how selfish and completely out of proportions this was (compared to what I/we have gone through bringing the world on my side, what will come and also my sufferings, which everyone still completely ignores!) and I told her with a smile that “I will change the colour of your suit from pink to blue”, which of course had the deeper meaning that you will become part of me also understanding and forgetting about just how WRONG you also were here, Sanna, and yes, I could NOT dream about removing this photo because of her WRONG feeling knowing what is RIGHT to do, which is to keep this photo the same way as I have kept my writings telling the truth about how you are too, Sanna, which you “hates more than the plague”, which is also WRONG because instead of hating me for speaking the truth, the RIGHT behaviour would be to look in the mirror and CHANGE and thank me for helping you do do so, see?

1980-with-sanna-my-father-and-motherThis is the photo from 1980 that my sister “does not” like because of her pink suit, which was modern then, but not now it makes her feel “embarrassed”, which is a WRONG feeling. I WILL NEVER GIVE IN TO WRONG FEELINGS/PRESSURE OF DARKNESS, thus keeping and emphasizing the photo for ALL to see 🙂

Yes, this is my photo, which I decide what to do with, not her, and yes, a complete waste of time on a completely unimportant detail again because of “wrong feelings” of people as part of the name of the game of what I have done for years, can’t you see?

Three hours later, after the cabaret, when we said goodbye, Sanna said again as her last words today “remember to remove the photo”, which simply made me tell her that “there are more important things than this”, which she did not like at all, and yes, it is also easy for my mother to see that she is right and I am wrong, which is how you worked all the way through, Sanna, but the truth is that you are a snake biting me in my behind because of your uncontrollable, negative and WRONG feelings, where you should have read/listened to, understood and supported me making our mother do the same, see?

And yes, I felt Sanna and this negative feeling – and also completely unimportant and absurb feeling compared to my sufferings, which everyone (but Sanna) clearly should be able to see – all next day, because this is how important it is to her, and probably so important that it is almost blocking her view making her think about not inviting me for our Christmas evening, which she and Hans will hold this year for the family, because she “cannot control her negative feelings about me”, and yes, this is how darkness is still working against me, and no, Sanna, I really don’t care, you can decide to “block me” not inviting me for Christmas evening even though this is “unthinkable” here, I really don’t care thinking of just how WRONG you and your family behave, and again, the RIGHT behaviour is for you to simply conclude that the photo is a fine photo of all of us and also to APOLOGISE your wrong and poor behaviour to me (again) – you were once again fooled by WRONG and strong feelings, which you “could not” control even though this is easy to do, do you see the picture by now?

Afterwards, it made me think if this is done deliberately as part of the game of darkness that my sister has decided to continue playing or only because of her “uncontrollable feelings” or both, and in both situations it is making me sad because it is completely WRONG and unnecessary. This is also why the apple slices were made “not perfect” – because of a “loving family” that cannot behave correctly, and yes, just the truth.

So Sanna, do NOT mess with me, this will not bring you any good – but accept and follow me! And yes, my answer is NOT to be weak giving in to you working as darkness, but to be STRONG telling you that you are WRONG, which should be VERY EASY also for you to understand, right?

And yes, let me say that I should have been able to tell my sister directly about this and for er to objectively understand that she is wrong and I am right, and I thought about doing it but also decided that I would not because I was absolutely sure that she would “not be able to” listen to and understand me objectively because of negative feelings and her selfishness not being able to understand what is right and wrong, and this is why I had to bring this update, Sanna, and yes, I wish that it wasn’t necessary, but it was, and if this made me sad (?), yes, much, and as always when working with darkness: It was completely unnecessary.

This is the same kind of darkness that sent me to an exercise of distress meeting with the TAX authorities in Fredensborg one week ago threatening to remove my new TV and computer had they known about it, but they did not, and yes, they may understand that they have acted very unreasonable because the system has taken more from my cash help net than what they paid for 14 months to the tax authorities to pay off on my “debts” of what was approx. DKK 5,000, and also that it was WRONG to give me new burdens with new fees of approx. DKK 1.250, I believe, to do this “distress”, and why is it that the system stopped taking money from my cash help in June 2014 (?), and why is it that you have used some of this money to pay off train fines etc., which the same system had granted me  grace periods (?), and why is it that your system is “down” and you have not been able to answer my written questions about how much you have received from me and what you have used it for (?), and yes, “poor conscience” is what this employee of TAX received (?), and yes, also because I only had approx. DKK 1,200 per month for myself while you fired the canons of SKAT/TAX against me, see? The meeting ended with nothing being taken from me also because I accepted to repay 500 DKK per month from January 1, and yes, I also wrote an email to Helsingør Commune asking them to reimburse approx. DKK 1,500, which they have taken too much from my cash help over 14 months, and so far they cannot find out and fumble giving me a wrong reply, but I have told them to do this CAREFULLY not being careless.

I have continued commenting a few Facebook posts here and there – for example this one:

I had this Facebook chat with Christopher – a young man with Swedish roots living in Canada – about my previous “special Facebook friend” Anton, whom I have been thinking about for days, and now I know that it was because of this, and yes, it will not be easy for you to make ignorant people believe in you (believing in me) and the truth, right Christopher, and yes, he now better understands what I have been up against to make people read/listen, understand and have faith in me, which he succeeded doing as you can tell.

FB 151214 Christopher 1

FB 151214 Christopher 2

FB 151214 Christopher 3

FB 151214 Christopher 4

FB 151214 Christopher 5

FB 151214 Christopher 6

FB 151214 Christopher 7

Let me also say that this update was very close to not being brought to you because of extreme disgust writing it because of how poorly I feel, and no, I have NO plans to bring any more updates, and that is unless I will receive “important enough” information to bring  and I can write it, we will see.

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Update December 21 on the above: My mother and father are now at the Virgin of the Rock at Mijas, Spain, from where my mother will bring out our New World

I noticed that my mother read this very script days ago, which has to mean that my sister told her about the story bringing all of your negative emotions and misunderstandings out over our mother, Sanna (?), and yes, would my mother be able to understand this time that I am right and Sanna is wrong (?) and would this mean “no Christmas” for me because I would not be welcome on Christmas evening because of this (?), and yes, I decided to wait and see what would happen thinking that if I heard nothing from my mother and sister, this would be the result, and I really already had settled for this when John first tried calling me and then emailed me that my mother had become “ill” and now was on penicillin so we could not have our Friday dinner on December 19, and yes, this was the same as saying that my mother has read this site but still decided not to cut me off, which can only be because she knows about whom I really am, so there you are. Later, I spoke to John, and yes, my mother is now feeling better, which is today December 21, and no, they don’t know where the “infection” is located, if it is in her lungs or elsewhere, and yes, I can tell you that this is an attack of “the worst darkness” again, which also made my week terrible with very poor sleep and DEEP tiredness as result where I had to do my work to the Commune, see below, while feeling absolutely terrible, and this is how it is to do the last work, which included for my mother to reach home at the Source, and she is now at “The Shire of Our Lady the Virgin of the Rock” – or The Virgen de la Pena in Mijas, Costa del Sol in Spain from where she will bring out our New World using the force of the Source now with her. I have felt and been told for weeks that I will come out via Elvis – somehow, this is why he was “planted on Earth” .

Let me also say that I have been encouraged again to write a Christmas card or email to Karen, but no, I will NOT this time around because I really do NOT like her as darkness and will wait on her until she is light only. I am now playing “the reverse game” meaning that it is now up to Karen – and all of you – to come to me, and not vice versa, see?

As usual I receive no Christmas cards, which is how it has been most years of my life, but this year Annette and Cyril were VERY KIND sending me a a very nice card with very nice greetings – thank you 🙂 – and no, I have NOT received any greetings from LTO, which I also do not expect to receive because now you have lost your last “incentive” to keep contact with me when I no longer will send any of you money anymore as I told them in an email the other day, and this may mean that for the first time I will also not hear from you this month, David (?), and yes, was my money the main reason that you kept contact to me, and now you are suffering “too much” to keep contact with me (?), and yes, just wondering I am.

I am listening to music of and watching videos with Siouxsie & the Banshees, now that I have time not working anymore, and she and the whole band continue amazing me after all of these years, she/they are truly incredible BRILLIANT creating the most amazing music and her voice goes right through to my deepest inner, the most brilliant female voice that I know of – together with her mystic/exotic (feeling of “Egyptian”) nature, which also goes for the music (which is why they are no. 4 on my Top 100 list of artists even above The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Jam (!!!), and yes, I LOVE THE BASS OF SEVERIN AND DRUMMING OF BUDGIE TOO, which is “way over the hill” of others as I am told here seeing a hill behind the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and yes, not forgetting the BRILLIANT John McGeoch on guitar making magic and a certain “Mr. Smith” doing it “because he could” :-)) – and I watched this video receiving these incredible deep feelings, and I was thinking that this is about the end of my old self, and I felt my old friend Vivian while hearing it because you know too about me, Vivian, and that is via Peter (?), and yes, just guessing I am because I do NOT know :-).

So here you are, a short Christmas update, which I had not planned and not expected to bring you, and you only get it here, not on Facebook.

December 15: X Factor UK final: Mel B. was close to dying receiving Simon Cowell’s darkness symbolising the dying of my old self receiving darkness of my mother

FB 151214 Stig X Factor 1

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FB 151214 Stig X Factor 3

FB 151214 Stig X Factor 4 Star 151214-1

Daily Star 151214-2

Daily Express 151214 - Mel B could have died

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December 18: My final fight with darkness of man to receive all power of the Source symbolised by receiving ”special home aid” that Helsingør Municipality cheated me from for 3 years

FB Stig 181214-1

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In my email of December 17, 2014, I aks Helsingør Municipality to correct the special home aid, which I have received since 2011 because the Municipality has cheated me when not saying that my expenses for heating, electricity and installments on home deposit loans are included in the calculation of this special home aid, which means that I have received approx. 200$ less every month for the three years, which I have received the aid, than what I am entitled to according to section 34 in the act of active social policy. My estimated calcuation shows that the Municipality owes me approx. 7,600$ in total, which I therefore ask them to pay out.

To my surprise, however, the Municipality replied that the deadline for complaints has expired, and they chose to forward my request to the Appeal Board ”with the comment that the deadline for complaint has expired a long time ago”.

After having gone through the rules within the are, i.e. to do the work that the Municipality should have done by itself, I had to conclude that their decision was directly wrong. They have worked as ”lousy amateurs” as Egon Olsen in Olsen-Banden (famous Danish film series) tells lazy and indolent people, who do not do their work properly, and as result I asked the caseworker from the Municipality to pull herself together and do her work properly, because

  1. You have already received all imaginable documentation and I therefore ask you again to change my special home aid (from December 1, 2014) NOW!
  2. The fundamental decision of the Appeal Board gives a legal claim for 3 years, THEREFORE: PAY OUT THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE CHEATED ME FROM FOR THREE YEARS, NOW!!!
  3. New rules from June 1, 2014, means that there will be NO offset against back pay of special home aid!
  4. There is NO demand that only expenses for ”municpal deposit loans” are covered, but on contrary ”expenses related to loans in connnection to the home”, THEREFORE: INCLUDE MY DEPOSIT LOAN!
  5. Municipalities ”forget” to inform about special home aid, which is that they CONSCIOUSLY CHEAT!!!
  6. A whole world now knows about your gross work neglect and work level ”lower than kindergarten”.

What will the Municipality do now? They really have not other choice than to give up and to follow me paying out the amount, and in brackets, the money that I fight with ”the dark world order” about, here via the Municipality having cheated me, symbolise that I will be given al power of the Source as my new self. This is what I am standing right in front of as I am standing right in front of receiving the money, i.e. ”energy/power”, that darkness of man cheated me from.

To be updated including my buying of “the Egg” and “the Swan” etc. if you understand such a small one …… :-).

December 22: Anders Morgenthaler was “inspired” when he drew “God’s eyes”, Creation, my sufferings, my mother’s love of all life and all force of the Source

FB Stig 221214-1

FB Stig 221214-2

FB Stig 221214-3

FB Stig 221214-4

FB Stig 221214-5

FB Stig 221214-6

My ”library friend” Allan B. could not help saying too much revealing himself as an ”errand boy” of the Danish Parliament monitoring me:

For weeks, I have noticed new constant and even brighter lights of the Source to the right of Sofiero on the Swedish coast (closer to Helsingborg) and not the left at Hittarp where the old light was located, which I have not seen for weeks, and this afternoon I went to town and read the newspaper at the library in the twilight, and I was surprised to see approx. 15 constant lights of the Source shining on the Swedish coast (as I cannot see from home), and yes, no other street lights had been switched on yet and still I was not completely sure that these lights were from the Source, which however was confirmed to me when two ”UFO-like pulsating” lights on the coast were switched on a few minutes giving me ”the direct feeling” that these were coming from the Spaceship of everything, thus the Source, and yes, I took pictures of this the other evening for you to see, but now my telephone ”has decided” not to work anymore when I connect it to the computer making it impossible to bring the photo here, but I am sure that the media already have MANY pictures of these lights, which you have brought to the ”secret network” but not yet to the mainstream world?

Update to the paragraph above December 28: After some days, darkness let its grip of my mobile phone (!) bringing back connection to my computer so I could upload this picture from December 16 at 14:48 of the new constant lights, and that is constant for “a long time”, which may be for hours from when twilight sets in, but not all night long, and even though the picture is shaken, I do believe that you can see that the lights are now much stronger (?), and yes, there are now “many” of them, and for weeks I have wondered that maybe the two strong lights as I have noticed at Sofiero (through the trees in front of the view from my apartment) since moving in, which now have become 3-4 lights, really also are lights of the Source, but I am not sure of this now, but “much stronger” than all lights elsewhere, so it could be … I look forward to hopefully getting a new mobile phone including a much better camera to take better photos than this.

New lights of the Source over Helsingborg NorthThe new “constant for hours” lights of the Source at the Swedish coast at Helsingborg North from December 16 at 14:48

On my way out I was encouraged to walk around the top floor to see if there were people there whom I know, and that is because I have not been there for weeks now, and was there (?), and yes, I met ”him there the photographer from Copenhagen, who likes going to Berlin” and ”her there living at the same building as my mother, who is ”noise sensitive” complaining about my loud keyboard strokes” as she has done some times, and yes, they were speaking together in the hallway, and no, I simply could NOT remember either of their names even though they were right on the tongue, and this was a sign given of them knowing about me but not acknowledging and supporting me, and yes, I waited a little while to speak to Allan, as I had to look up a couple of hours later at home, while they continued speaking, and it made the lady look at me and tell Allan in a positive way that ”his mother lives in my apartment building” and then Allan could not help saying ”we already know”, and yes, Allan, this was the first time that you ”lost it” directly in front of me, and could you have bitten off your tongue because this is how you are used to speak to this ”lady-informer” and others about me behind my back when I am not present (?), and now you were ”caught” with this lady addressing you and in an “unguarded moment”, an old favourite song here, you could not help saying ”we already know”, which is that you do know that my mother and this lady, I still cannot remember her name, is it Karin or …. (?), and isn’t it funny that we have never spoken about this (?), and yes, it only confirms that Allan is part of the setup of the Danish authorities being an ”errand boy” of the Parliament and ”council” reponsible for me to ”manage your interests” and report back on ”how Stig really is” and also is looked upon by others (?), and yes, Allan, do you know what I think of people with hidden agendas, who ”cannot” speak out the truth directly (?), and we know, I THINK THEY ARE THE BIGGEST COWARDS (!), and I say this with a BIG SMILE coming to me spiritually because I was told that this was given to me as a sign saying that you cannot help speaking about me where you should not speak about me making more and more people know the truth about me, is that how it is (?), and yes, don’t you believe that it would be right for you to write me an email telling the truth about your hidden agenda and our meetings at the library and that is because you are not part of the big group of the BIGGEST WIMPS around, are you? Yes, Allan is “almost invisible” on the Internet, except from here, but you are part of the core of the Conservative Party too (having played a game of darkness against me with Pia Chrismas-Møller and Lars G., my old friend, as the most direct players besides you), right Allan?

I also met Anders K. at the library, whom I have helped once before exchanging pictures in a Word document, and he asked for my help to attach his online application and CV for a job as project manager at Copenhagen Airport, and when we started speaking and I gave him some advice – because employers don’t take time to carefully read and understand applications/CV’s – he became very positive towards me and wanted to write down my name and meet again speaking of this in a greater detail, and yes, we spoke together for maybe 15-20 minutes where I gave him more advice and he told me about being independent working as an architect, which has been difficult to him, and yes, he was a nice man apparently with fine qualifications and I told him ”if you look me up, you may be surprised by what you find, but don’t be”. And his sir name means ”clear forest” in Danish, which was a sign to say that everything is clear for me to enter and become this forest as a symbol of the Source, and the airport was to say that we have brought all life home.

I cycled to the Aldi supermarket, and shortly before arriving there, I physically felt the tube inside my back tire ”curl together” and becoming unstable/out of balance, which has NEVER happened to me before, so this came ”actively” to it by darkness, and I was told at the same time that I was balancing on the very outermost edge of darkness coming through my mission, and five seconds thereafter I felt the tube puncturing, and I had to stand off now pulling the bicycle the last way to Aldi and the 4 kilometres home, and of course, I had because of the drawing of Morgenthaler above, and I was told that it is also his darkness coming to me because ”you don’t like me” very much, is this how it is, Anders (?), and yes, I brought many of your inspired drawings in my scripts, but I hit the nail on the head when I commented a Facebook post of yours a couple of months ago where you told about ”hiring” an apprentice, which you did not want to pay, but ”to give the change to learn from working here” (!), which has become modern here and started by the Danish Parliament (!!!), and yes, I just told you the truth about how wrong and immoral this is, which you did not like at all when replying me (and a lady sharing my view), and no, I did not bring this in my scripts, but maybe some of the media out there caught it because I cannot find it now, and I wonder if this is because you ”deleted” me completely, Anders (?), and yes, how will you react to me in the radio tomorrow morning, will you be able to keep silent about me (or continue coming me ugly stories about Jesus as you did today after seeing my first comment), or make fun of me as you like doing too (?), and yes, will you speak without swearing and being focussed on sex (?), and yes, ”almost impossible” to you it is because both Michael and you are ill-manered kids, which you also don’t like hearing???

I spoke to my mother, who has REALLY been doing very poorly with an infection number of 200, which normally is 0 and is now on 100, which makes her feel better but not fine yet, and yes, I told you mother 10 days ago to continue receiving healing from your ”magic acupuncturist” in Helsingør as prevention, but you told me that you were feeling better than for many years and ”normal” again, and I here felt that when you did not, and I was hid by IMMENSE DARKNESS, it had to hid you like this as it did, but still we hope to be well enough to go to Christmas Evening at Sanna, and yes, my mother said that we will agree tomorrow on which time she and John will pick me up on the 24th, which only confirmed to me that Sanna – and Hans – were playing a game of darkness using the 1980-picture against me. And yes, I was told that Hans was leader of the world withthe task to bring the world home to the Source via me and all setup of the world, and I felt my new self (Jesus) at the Source and I was told that my new self used Hans for this, which is why he was married to Sanna as the dark side of my inner self, who was necessary to keep me to the fire bringing darkness including all life to me to be cleansed.

Finally, I had a visit by my neighbour Preben all evening, and he now feels better again, and he doesn’t know who the spiritual voice that he has received for 1½ years is, and I told him that I know and he should ask the next time, and yes, I told him about the story of light and darkness as tool for creation of life outside the Source and that we are now about to open our New World in a greater detail, and I told him more than before this time, which lifted him higher up, and I was told afterwards that this also brought me higher up.

I sent Anne Dorte Michelsen, the famous Danish singer, a Facebook invitation the other day, and she was ”kind” replying on this today saying that her personal side has almost reached its maximum and since we don’t know each other directly, she recommends me her professional site, and I thanked her for her kind feedback, but afterwards I was told directly that she is part of this ”secret network” of darkness too, and it wasn’t quite easy for you knowing what to do with my invitation, Anne Dorte, knowing that I love your music too, but instead of ignoring me as most of you do in the network, you decided for this compromise (?), and yes, I also sent an invitation to Ivan Pedersen, another famous Danish musician, the other day, but he decided to ignore me.

FB 221214 Anne Dorte M

FB 221214 Anne Dorte M 2

And no, this update was also NOT PLANNED, but this is how it is when I only had a few important things to tell you and when I write quickly with one word following the next, this is how it is.

December 24: MERRY CHRISTMAS – be nice to each other including to improve your behaviour and work, and to bring “Normal Life” to all

FB 241214 Stig 1

FB 241214 Stig 2

December 24: Anders Morgenthaler also drew about the plan to kill Muslims, the DIY-market of the Source providing materials for creation and the x-ray of my teeth, which made the world see the Source inside of me

This is in Danish only, but you may like to translate it into “any language necessary”?

FB 241214 Stig 3

FB 241214 Stig 4

FB 241214 Stig 5

FB 241214 Stig 6

FB 241214 Stig 7

FB 241214 Stig 8

FB 241214 Stig 9

FB 241214 Stig 10

FB 241214 Stig 11

December 27: I received the word “King, King”: Man has been inside the Source and approved me to become the King of the Source

FB 271214 Stig 1

FB 271214 Stig 2

FB 271214 Stig 3

FB 271214 Stig 4

FB 241214 Christopher

FB 271214 Stig 5

FB 271214 Stig 6

December 29: BBC’s Top Gear was attacked by ”the angry mob” at ”the end of the world” in Argentina to help bringing the birth of ”the Stig” as my new self

FB 291214 Stig 1

FB 291214 Stig 2

FB 291214 Stig 3

FB 291214 Stig 4

FB 291214 Stig 5

UPDATE: Watch the full Top Gear episodes here:



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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