December 2014 – after script III: My sister’s husband Hans was the golden key appointed by the world leading darkness against me until he obtained faith in me


Summary of the script today

  • December 30: My sister’s husband Hans was the golden key appointed by the world leading darkness against me until he obtained faith in me – I ask you to step down, Hans!
    • Hans was the golden key of the pencil of the Source appointed by the world (the Pope via the Danish Parliament) as the man standing behind my sister as the system of darkness working against me when turning my family, friends, business network and the system against me with the ultimate goal to bring out the secret of life from me and my mother, and he and my sister completely destroyed my life when bringing me darkness since 1978 when they decided to work for darkness against me, until he understood and obtained faith in me, which turned around my sister and the world now starting to work for me from 2013. This was the fight between my sister and I, both controlled by my inner and new self Jesus inside the Source, to win the favour of our mother, i.e. the world, and this is the fight that the world has been awaiting since before I was born. I ask you to step down, Hans, and with this golden key out, the pencil can write, which is to bring out our new creation. Hans’ orders from Vatican have now been changed to the opposite to be on my team and no longer against me because of his faith in me, which is what he and my sister had to find themselves, this was the golden key.
    • Previously I was told: ”Hans was leader of the world with the task to bring the world home to the Source via me and all setup of the world, and I felt my new self (Jesus) at the Source and I was told that my new self used Hans for this, which is why he was married to Sanna as the dark side of my inner self, who was necessary to keep me to the fire bringing darkness including all life to me to be cleansed.”


December 2014 – after script III: My sister’s husband Hans was the golden key appointed by the world leading darkness against me until he obtained faith in me

December 30: My sister’s husband Hans was the golden key appointed by the world to lead darkness against me until he obtained faith in me – I ask you to step down, Hans!

FB 301214 Stig 1

I also decided to write and bring you this update because it includes new and important enough information for me to write and bring.

I was told that the world continued drilling for oil to empty Earth from ressources, and I was told what I have been told several times before without writing it that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill of BP in 2010 – which was ”impossible” to stop, was the deathblow given by man to planet Earth because everything had been planned for the Elite to escape Earth in giant spaceships as the rapture of man leaving the approx. 90% of mankind to be eliminated on Earth, and yes, when this started, there was really no way back because it was impossible to stop this ”spill” – ”carefully planned” comes to me here – which is what man thought, but there was one power strong enough to hold us going, which was my will power to keep Earth intact and save man, so here you have this story too.

Creation is now part of the Source and not vice versa as it used to be where the Source was part of creation.

When you enter here, you are only energy – this is right at the diving line of the physical and spiritual world – and cannot be life, but your mother decided to accept your wish (to become life) also building a life for you. You will first enter here and be nothing for a short while before becoming your new self. You will not die completely because the only thing left of you is the Source, there is no more old self of me before I will get new clothes on as my new self.

I was told that Niklas has his ”special secret” from his father Hans’ similar ”special secret” and the ”special relation” between them, which I have written about Niklas before (often via the symbol ”candy” given to me about Niklas before it changed meaning in 2014 into ”the Source”), but this is the first time that the same is said to me about Hans, and this is what he has been terrified of being revealed via me, and also what (only) held the world together, and now when this emerges, it will bring Hans down only leaving me as the Source, smart right?

And yes, Hans, it has now come out ”into the great wide open”, which is a TRUE FAVOURITE of mine, so do you think that you can step down handing everything over to me? This is the condition for ”the vet” – as I was told, which is a symbol of Karen and about the vet located close to where I lived in Lyngby, which is where Karen looked upto me in secrecy as I was told (maybe just a symbol of her thinking of me) – to come forward to marry me for me to become one with the Source.

I was shown a golden key coming out from the hole in front of a pencil and was told that Hans is this key being the man standing behind the system of darkness working against me, and I felt and was told a couple of times today that the former mayor of Lyngby-Taarbæk, Søren P. Rasmussen, was the one giving Hans and the police etc. access to their systems because he and everyone clearly could see that I was crazy (!), and yes, this breaks all ”public laws”, but the system is allowed to do anything that it feels necessary when it comes to ”potential terrorists”, is this what you called me, Hans (?), and don’t you get a poor taste in your mouth for what you did to me believing that you did ”right” according to the plans of the world elite, and it was ”impossible” for you to understand that I was right and you and my sister simply were ”baits” of the system working against me?

I was encouraged to invite Søren to become Facebook friends, so I sent him this invitation saying that I have not forgotten about him, and also that I have no bad feelings to him because everyone can simply misunderstand if you don’t listen/read and understand carefully, and yes, I also said that I have been friends with Johannes and Benedikte (ex-mayor and mayor) from Helsingør and Sofia (mayor) from Lyngby for a long time, but maybe you simply ”cannot”, Søren, because when I published this script 24 hours after sending my Facebook request, which normally is enough time for people to react, I had heard nothing from him, so this is also how you play the game by rejecting me and being silent, Søren?

FB 291214 Søren P

Yes, Hans, is known to be such a kind and proper man controlling after education of High School teachers of Denmark, but this is just a cover of his true job and nature of darkness/evilness, which is (was) to control me via my sister, this is why he was born, and yes, you did a pretty good job, Hans, not knowing about the truth of me until recently, i.e. 1-2 years ago, because this is what you had to find out yourself, and yes, did it hurt you much when you discovered that I am indeed the one and made you think about all of the evilness you put against me for you with my sister to bring this golden key of life out of me (?), and yes, CRAZY is what they told you that I was and you had nothing to say against it because of course the system, which you also had blind faith in, had to be right, right (?), but no, it had not, and this is where I and my scripts and website came in, because you had to read some of it to understand what I wrote about my sister, the system etc. and this eventually meant that I came in under your skin making you realise about the mistake of your life, which is what turned you, my sister thus the whole system of darkness around to work for me, and yes, starting from 2013, do you remember?

It was Hans also controlling Karen, my family, friends, business network and the system to work against me, but it is not always that you can get people to work as ”ordered”, which is what led to the defeat of Hans and the system to me. So it was the system against me, via my own sister and her husband, and it started in my seventh grade as I am told, which was in 1978, which is the same year as we went to Sicily receiving the ”implants” of darkness in my sister and light of me, and it did not take long before Sanna and Hans, her teacher, met and became sweethearts at a High School tour to Saint Petersburg in 1979, I believe.

And yes, Hans is ten years older than my sister, born in 1949, and he has ”always” been active for the Danish Social Liberal Party for example as chairman for their Hørsholm department for 15 years until 2011, and this is the same party as the now previous Vice Prime Minister of Denmark, Margrethe Vestager, whom I met standing together with Hans in front of Hørsholm Shopping Centre campaigning for the 2005 elections, I believe, and yes, you know each other ”very well”, which is also about planning what to do about me (?), and yes, this is how the line is going right to the top of the Danish Parliament and from there to the top of the United Nations of the world, and all goes via my sister, who decided to take this path of life to let the world work against my mother and I to ”steal” life from us to their dark New World controlled by Putin, see?

And yes, how could my sister bear making the world and me cold (?), and that is because she, and Karen, were born with cold feelings, it just had to be done to ”get over it”, and I was told that everything of the two sides of darkness and light was controlled from outside here, i.e. my new self from inside the Source, to bring you home through impossible darkness of your mother.

So Hans controlled the system against me, but what will this end up with (?), and yes, for my sister to turn everything upside down including herself during the course via her new-found faith, and their force is so great that their turning around made the world turn around in favour of me.

They knew that to bring out the secret of life from me, they had to make my mother believe in them, ”Stig is crazy, extremely negative and potentially aggressive/dangerous”, which is the game that they played actively against me behind my back, and my mother ”of course” believed in them for a very long time, but this is what went wrong when she decided NOT to abandon me in the end, but to keep contact and eventually to obtain faith in me.

So my sister’s and Hans’ decision to work for darkness of the world against me is what completely destroyed my life as you can read from ”my sufferings” on my website and more from my scripts, and they just kept on waiting for me to break down in order for them to kidnap me and start their real work on me bringing out the secret of life.

And it was my task via my website and scripts to make the Secret Network and the world believe in me over my sister. This was the fight between my sister and I to win the favour of our mother, i.e. the world, and this is the fight that the world has been awaiting since before I was born, and I was given Nixon’s name and told about the 1940’s, which may be when he was told about his life task working against me too.

I am here given the vision of MANY FLOWERS, which is to say, as a matter of good sake, that my sister today has the greatest love to me now that she understands, and yes, she had cut off all contact to me in 2010, which is when the battle had to be brought out kidnapping and bringing out the secret of life from me, which you know about, Sanna, and yes, it had to include ”making love to women” because you knew that women were part of our mother containing the other part of the secret of life, but you did not tell me or any of us, and yes, the secret of your life, which you had to keep close.

I felt gold all around me and was told that I am now inside of this gold of the Source, which is also from where my sister worked (was controlled) from because my new self is both darkness and light (creating energy for creation), and everything was about turning around our mother.

This is why Hans and I had to go alone to Mahler’s famous Second Symphony – ”the Resurrection” – as we did in 2009 in order for Hans to see that I was not crazy, and yes, I had just been ”locked up” on Psychiatric Hospital in the end of 2008, also on your ”command”, Hans (?), and what did you see also at this concert (?), and yes, Stig is completely normal, right? And you could see that I also continued showing heartfelt feelings to my family, which was also part of it.

And this is also why you went alone with Hans to his derelict farm in Southern Sweden when you had returned home from Kenya (where I lived from May to September 2009) and had to go there to get furniture of mine stored there, and yes, again to make Hans realise that ”Stig is really not crazy at all as I have preached to everyone”.

It meant much to them to make my mother believe that I was gay as they have indoctrinated her (of course without telling me) – because Stig never has a girlfriend (!) – while they would ”feed me with love of women” when kidnapped because what my mother did not know about, would only benefit them.

You are not a culprit, are you (?), which is the only reason why your sister were against you because you would never accept to become part of darkness of the world.

And yes, I decided to write this chapter giving in to what I was told, which I otherwise have stopped doing (I still receive a pressure to write because of darkness coming against me, but normally ignore it because it is not important enough), and I only do it when I believe there is important information to give to the world or when I need to receive a better understanding myself, and in this case, it has to be both, this is why.

With this golden key out, the pencil can write, which is to bring out our new creation.

Yes, the Source is coming in together with Sanna led by Hans/the world, and I felt Sanna inside the Source still coming in to me from my balcony/Sweden, and besides from Sanna, Karen is also hidden inside here because we are one (as my new self, I am all masculine life, Karen is all feminine life and Sanna is all non-gender life).

The lump of my and my mother’s throat months ago was about my mother, i.e. the world, entering me as the Source, which has continued ever since, and for the last couple of weeks, I have had a pretty strong lump again, and right now I am given a strong ray of ”potential sickness” coming to me from the Source outside and it is directed at my throat making me feel that I am becoming sick, and we will see if it will break out, and yes, a direct result of my work on this script about Sanna and Hans.

Hans understood that by bringing darkness to Karen, she would not like me to become her boyfriend/husband, and no, darkness did not want us to become lovers as we did for a short period of time in 2003.

And you do understand and remember that I only write what is given to me still not knowing what is the truth of light and deceptions of darkness, right?

I also received the feeling of Sanna coming to me from the corridor, which is with my new self made by this world, and this is because Sanna was like a painted lady creating our mother and me.

Can Hans also smell the Champagne now (?), yes, which means that his orders from Vatican have now been changed to the opposite being on my team and no longer against me, and yes, because of his faith in me, which is what was decisive and what he and man had to find, which was the golden key.

You do understand, Sanna, that you were simply the dark side of my/our inner self feeding me with life contained in darkness to be developed via my light (via faith in me), and yes, despite of your craziness being unable to understand me, which is what is the funniest part of it all, which is that you convinced everyone for a long time that I was crazy where it really was you and all people, who could not listen to and understand me, who were crazy when you wrongly believed that I was, see?

And aren’t they about throwing up asking people to ”be careful about Stig” (?), yes.

I was told about Sanna meeting Karen already before I met her in 2003 (?), and how Karen and Jack were used as key people against me – with Jack, i.e. Armed forces, to “destroy the world” – but it was not clear to me if these were direct actions of Sanna or controlled by my inner self bringing these people in close connection with each other based on their wrong actions and feelings, and yes, I was told that Sanna knew that she was controlling the world, and as mentioned before, Sanna and Hans used all of my network behind my back and against me making you friends with people whom I believed where my (old) friends, which is pure evilness, and yes, Karen was holding on the wrong horse via my sister and not me, and this is how the Source was following my sister before following me when my sister and the world, thus my mother, turned around in favour of me.

I was encouraged to send Hans a new Facebook friend request as I also did in 2012, which he rejected back then saying that he uses Facebook rarely and only to follow network of his political party, and when I sent the new request today I also brought him a link to much exciting travel material including many videos in HD quality about European cities and areas, which he simply loves, which was to show him ”good friendship” and positive feelings, and I told him that it would look best to the world if he decided to accept my request this time, but no, Hans still ”cannot”, so you decided to continue playing the game with me, Hans, instead of giving in to me and doing what I believe is RIGHT to do, and yes, it is time for you to come out in the limelight, which this is about, and yes, Hans claimed that he only uses Facebook very little and restrictive and that he is also not friends with colleagues or others in the family except from Sanna, and yes, isn’t it COMPLETELY STRANGE (”insane”) to reject a kind request from family to become Facebook friends (?), and yes, I don’t believe you will find this elsewhere, but this is how Hans has decided to play the game, i.e. to show the world ”a completely wrong/”insane” behaviour”, which is the same kind of behaviour as Pia Christmas showed me when she also ”simply could not” accept me as Facebook friend even though the natural for everyone would be to accept me, but this is how it is inside this secret network that you are controlling via your and my sister’s decisions, Hans, and furthermore, it seems as if Hans is not actively looking up people to become friends with on Facebook since he only has 41 friends, but it also seems like he accepts friend requests coming to him from both family (it is NOT correct that only Sanna from the family is friend with him, Niklas and Isabelle are also, and if they are, there should be no problem accepting me), friends, colleagues and his world network.

Invitation from 2012:

FB 300312 Hans

New invitation:

FB 301214 Hans

FB 301214 Hans2

FB 301214 Hans3

I watched the biography of the late and GREAT comedian Dave Allen ”God’s own comedian” on BBC, and I was told that ”Hans was sent by the Pope then” (via the Danish Parliament) just before Dave Allen said that he hopes that God has a sense of humour, because if he doesn’t, he is in trouble. and then I was first given a VERY LONG break of 2-3 minutes to the direct stream to my computer (again I felt it coming as a ray of darkness from the Source outside – because of darkness of Hans), and no, it has NEVER been this long before, and a little later, it came again and even stopped the transmission completely before I had it up and running again, and yes, just a symbol of course.

And let me say as I have said before, which is that I simply LOVE Dave Allen, his class/style and his completely ”insane” and silly sketches and stories including his exhibition of the COMPLETELY CRAZY Catholic Church and all of its richness, man-made rules, wrong interpretations of my words, stiff attitude, which made me laugh much when seeing it as a boy on Danish TV in the 1970’s, and this was actually part of my upbringing not to take the Church and its doctrines seriously, and yes, from the programme below you can see that the church and ”blind followers” of the church simply could not take Dave Allen being shocked of what they saw and banning and even threatening to kill him, and no, I am NOT on the side of the church, but on Dave Allen’s, and yes, I really believed you were hilariously funny, Dave, and among the funniest of them all and for sure the comedian having had the biggest influence on my life, so there you have it :-).

Did I write that I was told that before becoming my new self, I will first shortly become ”nothing” of the Source, which has to be after the end of my life as my old self and before I will be awakened as my new self.

I was glad hearing from Meshack again, who was the only one from LTO who ”could” write me earlier in December, and now with another kind message again.

”Hi there, i trust that you are okay and doing good. Here we are all okay and very much alive having celebrated christmas and waiting for the new year. The rains have been good and we expect them to continue and we thank God for that. I just wanted to wish you a happy new year hoping that we shall enter the promised land in due course. May the Almighty God be with you as we wait to wellcome the new year.

Kind regards,

I sent an email to LTO on December 27 including my updates from the last week, and David could read about himself not writing to me when I am no longer sending money, which made him decide to write me this.

”Dear Stig, I wish you health during this week. I have been having limited access to computers this month. All is well with me and I thank God for a beautiful year. Wish you smooth crossing into next year. David”

And yes, of all people it also made Elijah write this, and no, you don’t want to look like forgetting to sending seasonal greetings to ”the one” self, and that is even though you did it AFTER ”the season”.

”Hi Stig,


Our warmest seasons greetings and a Happy New Year 2015.


But despite of the wrong order of doing this (except from Meshack), I was still glad hearing from them, and not least from Elijah, who has decided to speak to me again :-).


When I wrote the story about Sanna and Hans above, I was given my favourite song by Simple Minds, which is ”Hunter and the Hunted” from my favourite album of theirs ”New Gold Dream”, and I understand that this is my favourite song because Hans and Sanna were always hunting me when working for darkness with the ultimate goal to bring out the secret of life from me (and our mother) to bring the new creation of darkness of man (!), which really could not be created even if they succeeded because life cannot be based on darkness, only light (!!!), and this is also a symbol of my greatest love to you (symbolised by the logo heart of Simple Minds, see the beginning of one of the videos below), Sanna and Hans, which I am sure that you do understand, and you wouldn’t dream about breaking down just because I tell the truth about your lifelong deception together with our mother’s husband, John, as the most important key people in the world working against our mother and me for ”the elite” including themselves to survive and for us to be eliminated together with 90% of the world population?

And yes, this song by Simple Minds could also easily be selected as my favourite song of all songs, and yes, there are not many songs competing on this title, here they are (with ELO as usual on top of it all):

  • David Bowie – Heroes (the song I have chosen as my favourite song of all)
  • Simple Minds – Hunter and the Hunter
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees – Arabian Nights (or Israel)
  • Suede – The Wild Ones
  • The Cure – A Forest
  • The Jam – To be someone (or Start or Going Underground)


And yes, Simple Minds are part of my heart, which I showed when I wrote this comment to Jim Kerr’s New Year letter to his fans thanking him for his fine communication, which he saw, but ”could not” reply directly on, so what did he decide to do instead ”to show that you are there, Jim”, and yes, he replied to the comment below mine (my comment is on top of all as it normally is because of ”magic”, you know) speaking of tiredness, which he knows that I am and knows that I know that he is and ”Then in turn after sleep we wake revitalised”, which to me is after the opening of the Source and our New World, and yes, thank you for being there, Jim, and let me say that I do not believe you have been in a creative crisis for 10-20 years as many say, on the contrary, you have created MASTERPIECES in this period including Hypnotised, Cry, Home, Stranger and many others, which are among my favourites too :-).

FB 291214 SM1

FB 291214 SM2

FB 291214 SM3


I have been watching the two special Christmas and New Year editions of ”the great baking contest” on DR1 TV the last week, and once again, Tobias impressed me much with his skills and ”completely crazy” cakes using ingredients, which you simply do not normally use – but this is what developed the world, you see (?) – and in his last materpiece of these programs, he decided to create a fireworks battery including burned fireworks pipes (!) and smoked whisky and special Russian cheese never heard about here, and when the judges told Tobias that his cake is ”very smokey” indeed (symbolising the smoke of the fireworks), I better understood why I was motivated to have a ”very smokey” barbecue sauce (from ”Sweet Baby Ray’s”) for my dinner this evening for the first time in months, i.e. to bring the connection to Tobias’ cake and this wonderful battery, and to me, this battery is about all energy thus life of our New World that we have returned to the Source, and this is why I was later given this another COMPLETELY INCREDIBLE song by Siouxsie & the Banshees :-).

FB 281214 Tobias

FB 301214 Stig 2



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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