January 2015 – after script I: I am no longer part of my sister as darkness, she is part of me as light, the Source is now not part of creation, creation is part of the Source


Summary of the script today

  • January 4: I am no longer part of my sister as darkness, she is part of me as light, the Source is now not part of creation, creation is part of the Source :-). Man was disappointed when discovering that the Source is ”nothing” that would bring no energy to their New World of darkness, which is why man had to give in to me. My mother has completely changed attitude to me knowing that I am the one and not crazy as my family otherwise consciously tried to convince her for years.


January 2015 – after script I: I am no longer part of my sister as darkness, she is part of me as light, the Source is now not part of creation, creation is part of the Source

January 4: I am no longer part of my sister as darkness, she is part of me as light, the Source is now not part of creation, creation is part of the Source

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The worst for man was to discover that the Source is ”nothing” especially because they did not bring any money, i.e. energy, and yes, it is a condition to show good behaviour, which is to be light and not darkness to receive light/energy, this is our condition, and when they saw that they would receive no energy they understood that there was no other way out than to support me, and this is what Hans was leading. Man was also first disappointed seeing that the Source is nothing until fully understanding that creation can bring out anything from the Source, which is what the gold is about.

They let me do all the hard work while they did nothing to get all of the source out of Karen at the end as she agreed to, but no, it could not be done without me. ”Let him burn up”, this is what they tried to do without knowing it. It was first when they realised that they were forced to do it, when they understood that they would not be able to survive without me, that they turned around. They believed that when they had killed my father, it would be impossible for me to continue also taking on his sufferings and to transfer his gift to me, which came via Kirsten and Inge, and when I would break down as result, they were waiting to hospitalise me to start bringing out the secret of life from me, which is what you know by now was ”incredible close” to be done also because you had prepared the entire system to bring me in and remove me permanently from my apartment and from life as such.

And when they would have hospitalised me (beginning of 2013 was ”hot”), they would also start their plans to truly destroy the world, and I was told about Jack’s, i.e. Armed forces, role doing this, which you have been looking forward to do all of your lives, ”my brave men”, i.e. WIMPS for not supporting me.

I was told that Jacob Holdt was supposed to be Jesus fooling people after I had been kidnapped/hospitalised while man was killed/eliminated by the elite.

You would first die when you were out of energy, which is where man would start their New World (of darkness), which however is what would end the world, but as you all know now, the energy that I would not have brought via my work/sufferings, is what the world would have brought when going under in the designed plan of elimination of man, which was the higher meaning of their plan, which only the very top of the elite knew with most of the elite working with them but without knowing, just accepting darkness including elimination of 90% of man including my mother and I, and yes, my mother would not join them without me, so she chose me, which is also why we are still here without this plan having been put out in life so to say. This is why they had to return to the Frankenstein, which is how they saw me, in order to stayin’ alive, and yes, the opening scene of ”Saturday Night Live” with John Travolta and his ”perfect hair” and dancing setting new fashion at the time is truly EPIC, I LOVE IT, and yes, you should have lived back then experiencing it to truly feel, I still got it under my skin, and it was at Sicily in 1978 I experienced this the strongest of all when Bee Gees were played on the outdoor disco every night and everyone wanted to look and dance like John Travolta :-).

The first days after publishing my previous script on December 30 was ”COMPLETE HELL” to go through because I receive all negative reactions of people, which has to include Sanna/Hans and ”the entire family” almost breaking apart (including Niklas and Tobias as I was told specifically) because of the nature of my script, which among others meant that my sleep was removed even though I was INCREDIBLE tired and dying from tiredness – only getting a little, light sleep here and there – and I received high frequencies as rays coming to me from the Source outside including the strong feeling of ”illness” given to my entire body and specifically my throat and on top of this continued negative voices and sexual torments/temptations, which meant that I felt absolutely awful, which is ”the worst” imaginable (had I known about this degree of sufferings in forehand, maybe I would not have published the script, but then again, it was right to do …., and yes, I would have liked to completely avoid writing what I did about my family both now and all the way through really, but it is right to do the right thing no matter how much it may hurt my family and coming back to me like a recoil), and no, my sister and her husband and the whole family did not like me speaking the truth about you and specifically Hans to the world (?) because this is what darkness wants to keep quiet with for ”any sake”, but that is not good enough for me. And yes, my mother has not read my scripts for a long time, but I saw that she read my December 2014 script II again and now also my script III, which she continued doing the next day, and no, it is not nice at all to have your family exposed to the world, mother (?), but the difference is that now my mother is on my side understanding that this is the truth and hopefully also that I have to be responsible bringing this to the world instead of being a wimp not speaking as everyone, including my family, does around me. And yes, my mother decided to continue speaking to and also inviting me for dinner (January 3), where she would have broken our connection if I had done the same for example 1-2-3 years ago, and no, I have heard nothing from Sanna and Hans (!), but I was told that my revelation of them made them believe that they will not be included in my New World (!) – what in the world made you wrongly believe this (?), and yes, ”compulsory WRONG thoughts”, right (?) – and to my surprise the former Lyngby Mayor, Søren P. Rasmussen, decided to accept my Facebook invitation after some days, and yes, ”Stig is not dumb, thus not crazy” also reached your ears, Søren?

My new computer also received even stronger darkness than what it normally does (making new Internet pages, I open, appear to be ”off-line” half of the times until I reload it and other ”incidents” losing wireless connection to my TV etc.), and here my browser twice right after each other was hit by ”orange” removing all text making me have to close down and start again. And I was told that three deaths in Denmark on New Year’s evening – because of chrysanthemum bombs – were symbols of this incredible darkness coming to me because of my script, and no, people here normally don’t die New Year’s evening, but this year they did. http://politiken.dk/indland/ECE2498579/kraftige-krysantemumbomber-draeber-tre-personer/

I am no longer part of Sanna as darkness, she is part of me as light, and ”suddenly” from ”out of the blue”, I was given a new and even brighter and stronger constant for hours WHITE LIGHT on the Swedish coast right in front of my apartment, and I was told that this is pure light of my new self.

It too five days since my previous script to come over the worst sufferings/darkness coming to me, and when this is written, I now sleep a little better, but not good at all, and the high frequency ray of ”illness” and worst negative voices have disappeared.

I was told about ”free tv” that should be accessible, which I have not found yet – other than finding and getting access to most quality TV of Scandinavia, Britain, Germany and some of USA directly via directly via website of providers and Hola Unblocker – and this led me to the free open source Media Player called XBMC/Kodi including hundreds of add-on programs giving you free access to many thousands of radio, tv and video streams, and yes, I like that very much, and this is both about our New World Order including free culture to all and about opening the whole wide world to me and us all as symbol, and yes, I am not done yet.

After being ”completely down” since after Christmas, which is how both my mother and I have been feeling, it was time to get out again (January 3), which we did when my mother and John invited me on dinner at the new Chinese restaurant in the Prøvesten Shopping Centre – to save preparing dinner self – and this impressed me very much because this is the biggest Chinese restaurant in the Nordic countries and there are already three other Chinese restaurants in town (and many other not Chinese of course), which is much for a city of 50,000 people, but still maybe 300-400 people had found their way to this new Chinese restaurant 3-4 kilometres outside town this evening, which surprised me much, and except from having to wait a long time for drinks, we had a very good time there with good food, which I appreciated much, and I was told that this is a symbol of our New World FULL OF LIFE ALL OVER, which is really also why the Lidl Supermarket on the other side of this new restaurant decided to expand and open their new even bigger supermarket in December, and I do believe that I read that this is also the biggest Lidl Supermarket in the Nordic, and yes, in ”little Helsingør” – and yes, it is not only Italian but also Chinese food as example that I love (but why can’t you make decent deserts???) and CHINESE has come to me strongly on several occasions, and this is from where Buddha had his origin, you know.

I was told that my mother thinks more than anything else about her lack of courage to tell me that she was wrong not believing in me, but believing that I was crazy (because of John and Sanna/Hans influencing her negatively/consciously), but I can tell that her attitude has completely changed about me when I for example told them the story about how I am expecting to receive a larger amount from the Commune, and yes, instead of automatically thinking that ”Stig is a parasite”, she now does realise that I only received cash help because no one wanted to support my writings and also that I worked full time without ever being unemployed, and yes, she is now on my side automatically in her mind and as she told John ”Stig always asks about how you are doing, and your visits to hospitals”, and yes, John knows that I was right, but he kept silent about it when he also influenced my mother negatively about me.

It is this thought of being part of you that your sister cannot bear. This is your greatest success of all, for your sister to give up and give in to your mother (who chose me via her faith in me and not my sister). What is the difference between Sanna and I, which the Soviet Union could not see? Well, she is “negative” and I am “positive” or “minus” and “plus”, this is it, which should not be difficult for you to see if you truly cared looking?

I felt my old colleague Diana from DanskeBank-Pension this evening, which I understand was about her also knowing about me, and later, when I returned home, and listened to Madonna’s new songs for the first time, I was inspired to look up Madonna’s recent Facebook posts including this picture of Lady Diana, whom I feel here, and yes, the story of Madonna (and me too as part of my scripts) is that Lady Diana was a ”Rebel heart” fighting for freedom as many other famous people as Madonna has named on her Facebook site including herself (and me too), but this is a message not easy to understand for people when looking at some of their comments to Madonna on Facebook.

FB 030114 Madonna


I keep being told about Karen now afraid that I don’t want her (?), and yes, opposite roles after years of acting when she did not want me and disliked/disgusted my letters/emails to her, but I have also been told that she has only played this game for the last 1½ years or so now, is this how it is (?), knowing that she will be mine, but she cannot contact me as long as my mother cannot support me publicly, this is how it is connected.

For periods of minutes at the time I have had incredible big pain to my right testicle, and I felt it this evening again when I was speaking with my mother and John about the prospect of receiving a larger sum of money from the Commune.

Yes, there was some ”lose talk about this and that” in this update, which I otherwise have stopped doing, but I believed that it was still important enough to inform you about, and no, I have no plans to continue writing, but I am not going to be surprised if the game will continue playing for weeks including some updates until I get the amount from the Commune including new furniture to TRULY make my new apartment ”perfect” as a symbol of our perfect New World inside the Source, this is the connection, mother :-).

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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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