January 2015 – after script III: My sister and old best friend Jack have known most of their lives what to do bringing my closest network against me to bring me down


Summary of the script today

  • January 12: My sister and old best friend Jack have known most of their lives what to do bringing my closest network against me to bring me down. My network was told that ”Stig is injurious to the State”, which they believed in making them the Devil working against me on my sister’s order. Jack brought the world to me, not vice versa, Sanna and my network would do everything to undo what they did, but you did what you were supposed to do, you all let me down. Everything was controlled by the Vatican and the Pope (bringing me life inside darkness to clean), and I am here shown golden threads from all over leading to them. First when people obtained faith in me, they were told the truth of me as the Source including all life – this is the resistance I had to overcome to bring all life home to the Source.


January 2015 – after script III: My sister and old best friend Jack have known most of their lives what to do bringing my closest network against me to bring me down

January 12: My sister and old best friend Jack have known most of their lives what to do bringing my closest network against me to bring me down

FB 120115 Stig 1

I was told that we cannot see into other life inside other unopened parts of me before we open them, and it brings us incredible joy seeing all new life and the creations this life creates.

I have continued being selfish buying a bottle of Pierre Ferrand Cognac privately in Helsingør, espresso glasses and also a new Siemens vacuum cleaner (on sale in Føtex) because the tube of my 20 year old Panasonic cleaner had broken already a couple of years ago.

Sanna has known since the end of her school in the end of the 1970’s (”tredje real” as I was told in Danish, i.e. 10th grade) what she was supposed to do with me having all of her life to prepare doing it, but still she ”could not” keep silence in relation to me after having stopped all contact in 2010, which is what made her game fall apart, and yes, when did we start seeing each other again, was it some time in 2011 (?), and yes, it was love of our mother to me, which ”made you” decide to see me again.

If my mother had ”broken down” when I was hospitalised in 2008 as she was very closed doing and stopped visiting me as result bringing my sister ”power of attorney” of the family doing this, I would have been transferred to Hans’ brother Lars to start ”operating” on me.

I had spoken to my mother about seeing the New Year concert at Vestervang Church on January 11 as we have done previous years, but she was out of energy being unable to go, which I was really also and so much that I felt ”dark tiredness” so deeply inside of me that I was dying, which came the day after my dialogue with Jette, see below – I FELT AWFUL AND COULD DO ”NOTHING”. John was hospitalised now 4-5 days ago with infection, but should be somewhat better by now.

I was told about Boye, the branch manager of Synoptik on Købmagergade, Copenhagen, in 1991, when I visited the store and spoke to all of his employees about a new pension scheme, and how he wanted to ”lift me up” because he saw potential in me, but no, ”Stig is an enemy of the state as his mother and others are too”, and they cannot be granted access, which is also what Sanna was told about you.

You are created with approx. 50% from your mother and 50% from your father, I feel Inge here, which is because he came to me via her, and yes, all faith of people going through my mother and aunt.

David (from LTO, Kenya) is not Judas, he is the first born of all helping to make everything shine (via his faith). He is one of the main reasons why we succeeded bringing the ton heavy equipment of the Source in because he wanted it to happen.

All of Jack’s life was about finding your weak spot, and he found out that it was women, which is then what he sent to you to gain control over you quite as we had expected and wanted it to bring out our new creation.

I felt the Bowlerhat discotheque in Vorupbør, where I was with Jack in 1982 as part of our holiday visiting his mother’s family in Jutland, and I was told that Jack knew since then, via my sister, that this was his assignment.

Jack has now, as my sister, given up the fight against me, which is what brings us all out. And I am here encouraged to think about who were the closest friends in my life – as I have felt coming to me for days – and here is the list:

  • Albertslund 1972-1976: (Lars and Kim from my neighbourhood), Niels, Peter and Bjarne from my class.
  • Espergærde/Helsingør from 1976: (Morten B. and Peter F. from Karenvej), Allan M.-H., Jack and Fuggi from my class.
  • Helsingør Commercial school from 1982: Martin I.
  • Danske Bank from 1984-91: Henning W., René P. and Lars G.
  • DFM from 1991: Kim S. and Preben B.
  • Fair from 2002: Paul H.

And I was told that all of these (don’t forget your main teacher, Vera, in Espergærde!) received chosen roles against me by my sister or was it by Hans (?) – to work against me, not least Karen, who topped them all being the Pyramid (the Source) self, the Queen above all, Cleopatra.

I also here feel Benta, my old colleague and ”tough aunt” from Danske Bank, Freeport (1986-88), and I was told that this is how all, who were close to you, were contacted to work for them against me because I was ”injurious to the State”, which all believed in.

All of these people, my closest network, were the Devil working against me on my sister’s order, and the people I had to be stronger than to overcome, and I here feel Helsingør Commune, which is because you have also infiltrated them against me, which also includes Lisbeth, of course.

I felt ”everything of the Source inside nothing” now directly in front of my face, and I was told that all life is now inside of here, and now we only lack you.

I felt Crown Princess Mary and was told that this (my closest network going against me) is why the royalty and all of the elite went against me too. This is what your sister ”cannot” write to you about and what was never meant to be revealed if it was up to them, and yes, ”the worst Devil” you know, and I was told that they both had the foundation of love to me/my mother but also cold feelings making them able to do this (almost all the way through), and yes, how many of you saw me as ”the worst scum” bringing your the worst, negative feelings?

I was told as example that they did not want me to pass my EFG-school (part of Commercial school) in 1981-82, but I did, and this is how I have been met with resistance of darkness all through my life ”everywhere”.

The order to ”don’t call Stig” from my sister/Hans was spread all over the world. I was shown Hotel Marina in Vedbæk where my mother and her cohabitee at the time, Ole, held Sanna’s confirmation (around 1973-74), and I was told that already back then, Ole knew that ”they will kill Stig”.

Everything was controlled by the Vatican and the Pope, and I am here shown golden threads from all over leading to them, and – as my voice tells me – I wonder if you would like to invite me for coffee now, Francis and Adolfo (?), i.e. the White and Black pope (see my NWO of darkness, part IV).

I am, as my new self, also inside the next New World on top of ours, the same way as Christian G. from the previous world before ours is inside our New World – to pass it on and bring balance.

Not one single golden book was destroyed during my journey (as part of the game) because I never gave up, and I am here shown how a layer of darkness is removed from all golden books of the library.

I wish you would be able to see the visions I am given these days, which include ”the most beautiful” ”films” including the brightest and strongest silver of the machinery of the Source producing new life/new Gods.

Jack brought all of the world to me, not vice versa, which was his secret mission. Sanna and ”all of them” would do everything possible to undo what they did, but you did what you were supposed to do, you all let me down, and yes, ”I’m taking a ride with my best friend / I hope he never lets me down again”, which is truly what I hope, and one of the very best songs of Depeche Mode, which places it right up there in the stratosphere (yes, Jack is involved in ”chemtrails” too) just below my absolute favourite songs as mentioned the other day, and yes, I love Depeche Mode overall as no. 5 on my top list, but I could not bring one of their songs to candidate as my favourite song even though I love them very much, this is how it is, but it is ”extremely close” when hearing this one as example, I SIMPLY LOVE IT, what an amazing performance and energy here in the live version – and yes, when I see the end of it where Dave makes ALL OF THE CROWD wave with their arms, it makes as deep an impression on me as I can see it makes on him and Martin, and when I hear the synthesizes play, I hear them as violins of an orchestra and I feel “pure light” inside of it because this is where this band comes from, which is pure light of God/my inner self, and yes, it brings tears to my eyes, this is how deep the love and beauty of it is and I think that this band is truly at the very top of my list too :-).

There is something which my sister and more haven’t told me, which is that they were told the truth of me after they had obtained faith in me, which they had to obtain first, and this truth is that I contain all life the same way as a Nespresso coffee capsule contains all life, where you can imagine one grain of coffee each being ”an eternal universe”.

This is all resistance that I had to remove to being able to move in with all life inside the Source, which meant that I had to bring them over on my side going against what they fought with their lives for. And this is despite of your name being engraved everywhere in nature. But they were told that ”Stig has not been created as he should be, he has come to destruct the world and it is only us who can save it”, which they believed in, and yes, how incredible DUMB can you be not reading and listening to me to understand the truth, and yes, it took you a very long time to figure out that I was really not ”crazy” as my sister had ”judged” me to be in order to bring all of the world against me and with them on their ”crazy agenda” leading directly to the end of the world, and yes, what a misunderstanding of people who believed they were ”the elite” and the cleverest of all!

And ”crazy” is what I was, which was easy for everyone to understand including my mother and also Jette as example here, where she first shows “Hamlet setting wings” as a symbol of the birth of my new self, and thereafter asks me ”to forgive and apologise to all people you have degraded and published on the Internet as if you knew everything”, and yes, I have already told her MANY times that I have nothing to apologise for when speaking the truth asking and helping people to improve, but it is people who are wrong when they misunderstand the truth as insults believing that I am negative/aggressive, and yes, ”the good old story” of darkness trying to bring me down, which is ”so easy” for all to believe in because this is how darkness works inside of them hating to be told the truth, which they simply cannot and will not understand, thus blaming me, and yes, my mother and Jette will be surprised to see just how much I was degraded by people I met on my way, and I am here given Falck as example. But I do believe that I have now finally broken through Jette’s armour of darkness (i.e. simplicity) making her understand this truth, as I have with my mother too, making them understand that I have only told you the truth, which is positive and NOT negative, see?

FB 100115 Jette 1

FB 100115 Jette 2

FB 100115 Jette 3

FB 110115 Jette 4

This is what they had to go up against, the story of the entire system against me, in order to obtain faith in me, and I am here thinking of Preben Elkjær and ABBA as some famous people taking the biggest risk going against the system to make other people believe in me, thank you, and yes, they had a dream, and what a beautiful dream and song this is 🙂 (I also remember when Arthur Findlay College/Janet played it as part of their ”services”) – and I may have Mauro Scocco as my no. 1 Nordic artist, but you do understand when I tell you that ABBA is the band of all that has made the deepest impact on me, right (?), and yes, I grew up with them in the 1970’s, and they share this honour together with Gasolin and Shu-bi-dua from the same era.

I believe in angels, Something good in everything I see, I believe in angels, When I know the time is right for me, I’ll cross the stream – I have a dream.

They knew that when my aunt Inge called me in June 2013, I believe, informing me about the death of my father in January 2013, which was meant to be kept secret to me and the world, that they had lost, because this is when Inge transferred my father’s part to me.

All of these people are filled with ”poor conscience” and ”potential apologies”, which they would give you if only they could – and yes, YOU CAN, if you decide to be STRONG, but apparently you have all decided to be WIMPS playing the game against me right until the end, and this is no matter how strongly I try to make you break it (?), and yes, MY DREAM is to make at least one of you ”break down” and give in to me publicly before I end being my old self, and I wonder if this is possible, we shall see.

These are the people having the standard comment about me ”I know nothing about it” even though you were the ones having your trunks the deepest inside of me.

I was surprised seeing that I could not get access to Helena’s profile on Facebook, which I have continued doing because her Facebook posts have been public even after she removed all of her followers including me, and now Facebook says that her page isn’t available, which is how a page normally looks like to me when people have blocked me, but when I try searching on her on Google – without being locked in – I should normally see her Facebook profile as Google result, but I do not, which tells me that she has completely deleted her profile, and I wonder why this has happened now, Helena, and if it is only about ”complicated relations to people at the Danish Parliament” (?) and if it also may include a connection to me?


Til Jørgen Mylius 100115-1

Til Jørgen Mylius 100115-2

Til Jørgen Mylius 100115-3

Til Jørgen Mylius 100115-4

Til Jørgen Mylius 100115-5


Kim Bildsøe, the anchor of the TV News on Danish National TV, brought a new drawing my Morgenthaler and said that he is still smiling because of it, and it is about ”Henriette from Østerbro (Copenhagen) succeeding to carry out what seemed to be a pretty confusing project” where she asks everyone to wear this t-shirt (as ”everybody” is wearing these days to express sympathy with the victims of the Paris terror the other day and to express support in freedom of speech – against Muslim extremists) and ”also you, Buddha” as she says, and as you can see, Jesus is already wearing it, but this is where you were wrong, Anders, because I have NO intention to wear this, which I told Kim the reason why, which is even though I of course support freedom of speech for all as a basic human right, but because I do NOT like the play of ”the free world” behind it to cheat the world population against Muslims as part of the war plan of ”the elite” against ”the proletariat” to eliminate 90% of mankind, but no, this is ”of course” completely impossible for Kim to say on live TV, or is it really, Kim, if you decide to ”not care about the system but show the world your support and symphathy for me”?


FB 120115 Kim B 1

FB 120115 Kim B 2

FB 120115 Stig 2

FB 120115 Stig 3



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