January 2015 – after script IV: My sister expected to become the Source instead of me not knowing that Putin would also cheat her to become a fake God himself


Summary of the script today

  • January 14: My sister expected to become the Source instead of me not knowing that Putin would also cheat her to become a fake God himself. This was the fight between two kings, my sister and I, and we cannot have two kings, which is why my sister will become part of me. Anders Samuelsen was blasphemous when Crown Prince Frederik crossed ”bridge over troubled water” otherwise closed by darkness of ”lousy amateurs” of Helsingør Commune and my sister!


January 2014 – after script IV: My sister expected to become the Source instead of me not knowing that Putin would also cheat her to become a fake God himself

January 14: My sister expected to become the Source instead of me not knowing that Putin would also cheat her to become a fake God himself

FB 140115 Stig 1

My sister would put herself in as chairman of the board overtaking all power from me being the one feeding Putin and the New World of darkness of man, and what would she receive for this (?), diamonds until the end of time, is this it (?), and yes, everything that Stig was supposed to have will be brought to you becoming the new ”secret God” working behind Putin, is that it (?), no, because Putin’s idea was to use your sister to bring out everything from you and her to give himself, this is what I am told here, and ”cheating Sanna” too as it comes to me, so there you see, Sanna, you could not even control the lice on you own corridor. And this is when he would become very disappointed because the bag would be empty, yes, no energy/diamonds for you, Putin, which you know now, and yes, it was because you were crazy that you ”saw” all of this in front of you, it was not real, and it was your own thirst for power and evilness that betrayed you – this is NOT how God is working, which you do realise and understand by now, but not back then when you hired Sanna – and yes, this has to be people before you from the Russian empire, and has this ”gift” of yours been inherited and yes to the man in power at any time in Russia, thus the New World of yours, is that how you saw it?

We gave in to Sanna’s wish to receive ”sexual pressure” on Stig by making a video tape, which has been in the possession of the police since I was caught in 2005, and with this, she could destroy/control the world – depending on how you see it – but she never did, and no, it would have required no contact with your mother and was to be used as one last means to get rid of Stig forever and ever, this is how it was thought of.

This was the fight between two kings – my sister and I – and we cannot have two kings, which is why you will become part of me, Sanna, which is what I granted you on contrary to what you and the system would have granted me if you had won.

So Sanna was told that she would become ”me” receiving all energy of the Source – becoming ”God” – but she wasn’t told that she would be cheated in the end because Putin had made arrangements to transfer everything to himself as was promised to her, and yes, this is what you didn’t understand, Sanna (?) – and I am still just writing what ”the voice” tells me not knowing if this is the truth of light or deception of darkness, but you do know, right?

I was told that ”I WILL NOW BECOME A GREENLANDER” again and again with ”Greenlander” being the Source.

I have NOT heard from Helsingør Commune on my email to them from December 18 to receive the special home aid that they have cheated me from for three years, so I wrote a reminder, which I sent to the social worker, her manager, Lisbeth, the Jobcentre manager Mette, the new director of the Commune Stine and of course also to Benedikte, the mayor, asking them if they really can give GOOD and RIGHT SERVICE, and I received the reply that I will receive answer in week 5, which is before the end of January. https://www.scribd.com/doc/250502729/Helsing%C3%B8r-Municipality-cheated-me-for-special-home-aid-forcing-me-to-live-on-a-stone

Til kommunen 130115-1

Til kommunen 130115-2

The newspaper Berlingske brought the drawing of Muhammed with a tear in his eye saying ”I am Charlie” on the front page on the new edition of Charlie Hebdo, which many world newspapers ”could not” do (not all having ”courage”), and the editor-in-chief, Lisbeth Knudsen, said that they decided to bring it as ”important journalistic documentation”, which made me say in a comment that ”it is good that we can trust in you and Berlingske, or can we??? Don’t you think that you should tell the whole truth to the world and not only run with gossip (also about me), as you do too?”, and yes, as you can read from here: https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/new-world-order/new-world-order-of-darkness-of-the-world-elite-part-i/.

FB 130115 Berlingske 1

FB 130115 Berlingske 2

The leader of the Danish party Liberal Alliance, Anders Samuelsen, also brought the drawing of Muhammed from Charlie Hebdo (https://www.facebook.com/AndersSamuelsenLA/photos/a.10152785249592366.1073741826.44833802365/10153658752992366/?type=1&comment_id=10153660049432366&notif_t=photo_reply), and he linked it together with a proposal to remove the Danish act on blasphemy – obviously to bring freedom of speech about religion – and what he had not anticipated was that I was following him from the side line and linked it together with a Facebook post of his from the day before where I was thinking that what he wrote was ”blasphemy”, which was in connection with a point of view of the Red-Green Alliance in connection to ”the very big story” here when Crown Prince Frederik passed the otherwise closed Great Belt Bridge, which he strongly disagreed with, and so strongly that he used my name as term of abuse showing his negative feelings when saying ”Vorherre bevares os og Gud bevare Danmark. Som Dronningen sikkert hvisker til sig selv.” (”Good Lord and God protect Denmark. As the Queen probably whispers to herself”), and it made me tell him that it is simply about THINKING and acting RESPONSIBLY as condition for having FREEDOM, which you don’t need any laws for, and I asked him if he believes that his own statement above is an expression of responsible and mature behaviour, ”lack of respect towards God” (i.e. blasphemy) or if he simply doesn’t think carefully before he speaks, and yes, it made me tell him and everyone to think responsibly also when mentioning God, and no, I do not mind the new Muhammad drawing, but you may take into consideration that Muhammad was not sent by God but the Devil (via Vatican because of darkness of man, which has only increased, thus bringing stronger and stronger wars, ”terror”, natural disasters etc.) because everything has to balance in order to maintain life self.

I received a couple of comments from people saying that they have tried to read my comment several times, but it is ”black”, which made me say that the question is really about who is able to understand and who is not, which is the same as ”to be or not to be”, and if you do bot do a proper attempt seeking the Source self, you will not be able to understand, and no, it was ”not easy” to understand that Anders was guilty of blasphemy himself while proposing to lift the act of blasphemy (!) and maybe also not that Muhammad was made by ”the free world” because of darkness of man and this is even though this is clearly what the text says which I do believe that everyone should be able to understand if you only do a ”proper attempt”?

FB 130115 Anders S 1

FB 130115 Anders S 2

FB 130115 Anders S 3

At the same time, this ”innocent” story also included a reference to the Crown Prince Frederik crossing the otherwise closed (18 kilometres long) Great Belt Bridge during the STRONG storm named ”Egon” here, while all other people had to wait several hours before the bridge was reopened, and yes, this became a VERY BIG story here because he was jeopardizing the support to the Royal House of the Danish people, who do not like people including the Crown Prince to receive ”special privileges” just because of who they are, and Frederiks had to apologise and say that this will not be repeated, and yes, ”Egon” is here also about Egon from the Olsen Gang because I quoted Egon in my email (mentioned above) to Helsingør Commune telling them that they are ”lousy amateurs, miserable fools etc.” because of their laziness, wrong attitude and poor work moral, and this blasphemy of Anders Samuelsen symbolised the ”lack of respect” (and more) of the Commune towards me (as they have showed for years) and this strong storm was created because of darkness of the Commune towards me and my email to them, and I here feel my sister and am told that it is also because of Sanna ”controlling” the Commune behind my back, which I let them know in my email that I know about, which they ”do not like at all”, and no, it is ”not nice” being revealed while having your your fingers in the ”preservation jaw”, which I am here told because this is what my sister (or is it Hans as my voice says) asked you to do (?), i.e. to ”preserve” or ”shelve” my case for a long time, and no, it should NOT take that long for you to do such little ”to help me out”, right (?), and yes, finally this is also about the Crown Prince being a symbol of me crossing the ”Bridge over troubled waters”, and the Commune with my sister and her husband and system above the Commune ”influencing” them negatively/wrongly about me is this Bridge of darkness that I have crossed, get it?

FB 110514 Leif og EgonEgon from the Olsen Gang (to the right) with Yvonne telling him “much have you brought us, Egon, but don’t come storming this way”, which was about the “Egon Storm” bringing STRONG winds over Denmark (caused by darkness of the “lousy amateurs” of Helsingør Commune and my sister against me)

Finally, let me say that some of the ”heated debate” here about this action of the Crown Prince was ”completely off the track”, and I am here thinking of Søren Pind, who was ”disgusted” by the people criticizing the Crown Prince for what he did and could not control his temper when he said that of course the Crown Prince (and royals) is allowed to do what others are not because this is how the system is (because it would be ”unthinkable” that the Crown Prince had to wait in line with everyone else – because of ”security reasons” etc. – and ”unthinkable” comes to me here because Søren Pind does NOT think carefully before speaking), and he even told people ”yuk” to express his disgust with ”equality hipos” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIPO_Corps) simply wanting the Crown Prince to show ”good behaviour” of course accepting the closure of the bridge as everyone else, and yes, these ”equality hipos” include me, Søren, because I don’t have to tell you that it goes without saying that you shall not bring your own or other people’s life in danger when exploiting ”special privileges” – it was potentially life dangerous crossing the bridge during this storm (even though the police WRONGLY allowed Frederik to cross) – and this goes with ”special privileges” in general, which I do NOT like because all people are equal and also equal to God, and it includes that I will NOT myself receive any special privileges even though I am your creator, GOT IT? http://www.bt.dk/politik/soeren-pind-patetisk-og-latterligt-at-pet-og-frederik-skal-undskylde

Poul Erik Skammelsen – the anchor of late news on Danish national TV2 – brought this update saying that the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Janukovitj, is now wanted by Interpol because of ”economic swindle”, which made me tell him that Interpol can put all leaders of the world on this list and the world will be surprised to learn of the ”special privileges” that the elite gave itself, and this also includes you, Poul Erik, or do you claim to be as ”clean” as Rolf Sørensen claimed to be for years before he started thinking carefully and admitting to his sins doping himself (professional cycling)?

FB 120114 Skammelsen

No, my new Chromecast is not working perfectly everywhere. It is from websites having developed apps working directly with Chromecast (YouTube etc.) where I can cast videos in 1080p quality to my TV so it is a joy, but it is not from all other (almost all) websites where I can only cast videos in 480p quality without the picture starting to hack, which happens in 720p and more qualities, and yes, in this case the video is first transferred wirelessly to the website and thereafter from the website to my TV, which may be more than what my internet speed, which I have just measured to 12.32 Mbps, or what my router can handle (?), and yes, the solution to bringing everything perfectly up on my TV screen – symbolising our New World – may be first to receive the money from the Commune (week 5) and then not only to buy new furniture but also a new Sony smartphone and Tablet fitting with my Sony TV if the money is enough and to use their ”one touch mirroring technology” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IsF0dl76wU) to bring everything up on my TV without any hacking etc., we will see.

Hans is the only one who can take the decision to open the Source to me on behalf of the world, and has he already done it (?), yes, and this is how he is connected to Benedikte Kiær, whom I have felt all afternoon several hourse after sending the reminder above) asking them to finish my case and to pay out what they owe me because this is what symbolises the opening of the Source.

So this is where the money symbolising the Source was hidden, which was in Helsingør Commune cheating me when working as darkness, and yes, just a symbol of course.

I was told ”Elisabeth” and felt the Source in Sweden and was told that only one human being was allowed in there, which was Queen Elisabeth, where she has been all of her life because ”everything was mixed up”.

Hans is merely an administrator/civil servant – it is those ruling the world – and he has now released us, and in other words, he is the one deciding on this bringing out the elephant of me, and I am here given the feeling of an ENORMOUS elephant coming into my living room from my corridor filling “everything”.

I was surprised seeing that Helena’s Facebook profile returned today after it was ”completely deleted” to me the other day, which was carried out also via Google ”hiding her” from me, and yes, just a way to say that you had completely vanished (Jesus) before you will come out from no where. And it is also to say that ”darkness of Sanna” made the road here ”impossible to penetrate”, but not when following my road.

It is incredible, both your mother and you are about to faint, which is about how both of us are feeling completely awful without energy these days.

Please remember that it was my mother agreeing to give my sister ”power of attorney” in relation to me (towards the system, i.e. the Commune and hospital including to kidnap/lock me up, and throw me out of my apartment with the ”blessing” of the Commune) and to have faith in her over me that made it possible for Sanna to control the Commune against me to bring me down, and yes, this is what my mother, i.e. creation, decided for and Sanna was Anti-Christ designed to make this happen, and vice versa if my mother, thus creation, decided to have faith in me, which you eventually did, but only at the very end with only the thinnest possible lifeline remaining.

NB- UPDATE: I was so incredible tired that I did not get this right before it was published believing that “pure magic” of God brought Natholdet’s Facebook update on both their and radio P6’s Facebook profile, and as usual “my spiritual voice” brings me stories about what I understand, which is what brought this story, which I have decided to keep here to show you one of my (probably many) mistakes, and also because I don’t have the energy to change it:

On January 14, I was motivated to open the radio channel P6’s Facebook profile to check recent posts I had not seen on my timeline, and I was surprised to see a post not belonging there (!), which was a post from yesterday by TV2’s ”Natholdet” showing the host Anders Breinholdt together with his guest of the show yesterday evening, the news anchor on TV2, Natasja Crone, and no, this post does NOT belong there but on ”Natholdet’s” Facebook profile page as you may be able to understand (?), and it made me write the comment to the picture on ”Natholdet’s” page that this picture is NOT manipulated, so maybe you believe in ”a little bit of magic” from above?

I was told that this ”magic” picture shows that the media is following other media and I was given the thought of my email to the radio dj Jørgen Mylius the other day, which the media in general obviously received, and this is also to say that the media’s unspoken/silent interest and faith in me, is also what makes it possible to bring ”magic” opening our New World directly in front of your eyes from ”out of the blue”, you know, and yes, Henrik Svanekiær, are you still there and ”ready for the big show”?

Link to Natholdet’s ”magic” update on P6’s Facebook profile:


FB 140115 P6 eller Natholdet

Link to Natholdet’s true update on Natholdet’s own ‘s Facebook profile:


FB 140115 her på TV2s Natholdet

Here is George Mikael Simpson from P6 together with Anja (replacing Carsten today) making their morning show this morning (January 14), and when listening to their program later in the day via the Internet, I decided to tell Mikael that he does the best radio in Denmark normally together with Carsten Holm, who I appreciate as highly, and also today with Anja, who is truly also a big radio talent, and it made Mikael thank me, which made me decide to follow-up by saying that I wish they would get to know Siouxsie, who they play way too little here, and this is because she and the Banshees make ”the best music in the world” and she has the biggest and most beautiful rock-voice (this ”price” of mine goes to Siouxsie and not Kate Bush, Björk, Linda Ronstadt, Annisette or other great voices), and yes, I love an old quote from Siouxsie, which I found, which is “I hate being called the best female singer, because I am better than any male singer as well”, and this is because it is the truth, isn’t it (?), and I encouraged Mikael to listen to a new playlist I have made with Siouxsie and to say hello to all of the P6 radio (playing my type of music, showing passion and ”doing their best work” not being superficial, which I do NOT like at all) and tell them that they are ”God’s gift to the people” as they truly are – I LOVE YOU 🙂 ♥.

FB 140115 P6

FB 140115 P6-2

And yes, Michael is not only a natural talented radio dj, but also a very skilled and acknowledged musician as you can here, and I wonder if you ”wish to be another place”, Mikael (?), and yes, shall we say that this place is a New World without any sufferings and only joy and happiness for all, and yes, I can hear a sampling of Depeche Mode – one of your favourite bands too – in your song here, and if I am not wrong, it is actually (the bassline) from PERSONAL JESUS, isn’t it (?), and yes, just to say that I am indeed your PERSONAL JESUS (or “Indie Jesus” as you like to say because of my musical taste) and also that faith came in creeping on you as you had never expected, Mikael (?), which is helping to bring out my new self, and no, you don’t speak out loud about this but keep it hidden (as in your song) because this is what ”may be best for you” when you don’t have the courage to stand up against the whole system asking you to be quiet and also not communicate with me, but maybe you do have the courage to speak out about the truth of me on live radio and this ”inspired story” given to me from above (my inner voice/inside presence of the Source 24/7) for example when presenting PERSONAL JESUS to the people, and yes, do you have the courage, which you normally show in many other situations, Mikael (?), and no, no one can stop you if you decide to bring this story on air, and yes, I do believe that Depeche Mode’s concert in Barcelona in 2010 is among my favourite concerts of all not only because of the magnificent playing and performance of the band but also the incredible reactions of the audience and not least the also magnificent visual backgrounds, which is ART in itself – for example here showing the band lifting up their arms to make all of the audience sing ”reach out and touch faith”, which still brings me goosebumps when seeing it – I SIMPLY LOVE IT, THE SONG, THE FEELING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, IT IS BEAUTIFUL :-).

I was encouraged to send Jack an email inviting him on coffee ”for the sake of good old friendship”, but when I searched for his email address in old messages on my Google Mail account (we wrote the last email together after I returned home from Kenya in 2009 as far as I remember, which is where he decided to tell me that he did not want to see me anymore, and yes, the game had gone into a ”critical phase” is that why, Jack?), I received this error message from Google, which is because of this famous ”ray of the Source” coming from outside and stopping access to my emails and yes because of the strongest darkness of Jack, and all I wanted was to invite you to come and tell me the truth of your true work and what you did to me (together with my sister) because the strength of our old friendship should be stronger than the darkness you pulled on me (?), but maybe you are simply a WIMP like my sister and everyone else too, Jack – or can you come (?), and if you can, I should be happy welcoming you, just send me an email or call me, will you (?), and yes, you do remember how close we were as friends when we were teenagers, right (?), and this is why CALL ME with Blondie is coming to me here because Blondie was also part of the musical love we had together back then, and this is about ”warm feelings” that are stronger than your and the system’s darkness against me, isn’t it?

Google fejl 140115

And no, I really don’t have the energy to write and bring you this update, but still I decided to do it because I wanted to share this information with you :-).

FB 140115 Stig 2

FB 140115 Stig 3



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