January 2015 – after script V: ”I AM CHARLIE” = ”I AM STIG” (the Source): Islam and ”terror” were a ”play” to bring out energy of man to bring my new self alive


Summary of the script today

  • January 17: ”I AM CHARLIE” = ”I AM STIG” (the Source): Islam and ”terror” were a ”play” to bring out energy of man to bring my new self alive. The falling oil prices force ”the Big Devil” of Russia in knees and when they will break down, my old self will break down (to open our New World). My sister gave into temptations of darkness making Putin steal her part of the Grail a long time ago to become ”the eyes of evil” instead of her. Sanna was sent as decoy to attract darkness via Putin, who included ”new life”, which Sanna had to send to me to clean. The game of the Vatican was to support me in secret and not Putin, and we defeated darkness because of fine work of the Vatican, thank you :-). Lars Løkke received the power of attorney to hospitalise, empty me from the secret of life and kill me using my sister to bring me in. However, I received the Code of Paradise or ”Code of Love” of Putin, i.e. Sanna’s part of the Grail, via my crucial meeting with Lars Løkke in 2010. Only the strongest power could attract the Source and I will become the Source because the world decided to chose me over Putin. This is why it was ”impossible” for the Source to find me from outside – because I had to be the strongest having world support to become ”the chosen one”. The elite of the world had to obtain faith in me, ”Stig is NOT dumb”, to overrule the story of darkness that ”creation went wrong, Stig is crazy”


January 2015 – after script V: ”I AM CHARLIE” = ”I AM STIG” (the Source): Islam and ”terror” were a ”play” to bring out energy of man to bring my new self alive

January 17: ”I AM CHARLIE” = ”I AM STIG” (the Source): Islam and ”terror” were a ”play” to bring out energy of man to bring my new self alive

FB 170115 Stig 1

It is impossible for darkness, i.e. my sister, to say ”thank you for good co-operation”, which would be to cross over to the other side, and if it happens, if I will be succesfull of letting someone break down and give in to me letting the tornado run big time that ”Stig is the one”, it will end my mission.

It is the right that they have, which is to delete what you cannot reach. And it is this the last piece that we will use to destruct you – to let the Source move in. Later however, I was told that it is the most unusual exit that we will use then, which is to go all the way through without this happening.

So it was just about opening the oyster – of this the next New World – as much that we, i.e. the Source, could get in, which is how we conquer one new world after another, and it is done via darkness and sufferings of you and your mother, i.e. the new creation self.

John is still hospitalised, the infection is better, but he ”completely loses breath” being unable to breath (lung infection), which suddenly made my mother worried for his well-being – will he make it through this time too? My mother is alright again after she had lost energy and also her appetite, and where I offered to help her on shopping, driving her to the hospital etc. even though I really don’t feel well myself (to say the least) and have trouble again being awake during nights and sleep during days, which is ”very annoying” and difficult to change because I am ”not allowed”.

I was told that the fall in oil prices of more than 50% over the last seven months, forcing Russia in knee (depending on oil/gas income), is a symbol of the defeat of the ”Big Devil” of Russia.

Putin is the only one who can give me ”the document” (I have been told about this ”document” for months not writing (much) about it), and the breakdown of Russia is also about the breakdown of my old self and when this happens, I will become my new self (I felt my new self coming to me from the corridor) and our New World will open.

Does this mean that the document has been completely opened (?), yes, and this is why I have been shown maybe 3-4 times the last days the old light of darkness at Hittarp, Sweden, for only very few seconds, i.e. almost no more energy of darkness, and I was here given the feeling of Putin ”under my skin” as usual. So it is this very last energy that you and all life is running on.

This is where part of the Grail is, which is not with Sanna anymore, because I was stolen a long time ago, and they just needed to bring me in too. Putin was given the eyes of evil instead of Sanna, in reality he is nothing.

I was told that I was only told this while also receiving the strongest/most disgusting sexual speech about my mother of a kind, which you do NOT like to receive, and yes, directly from this darkness of Putin, i.e. part of the Grail (reversed).

It is nothing less than this ”document” that brings world control, which Sanna gave up on because of her sweetness and willingness giving in to darkness against money/power. Putin has also lost control over this too, which went through the Vatican, which is ”nothing”.

This is the force he would use to eliminate all life (because he was disclosed to the world) simply by turning it off. But no, he could not erase everything because my name stands on everything and he needed me on his side to do this, which he didn’t have – I was the last that he needed to bring out his plans.

This was the game of the Vatican that supported me in secret and not Putin or Sanna before him, which however was what they had world parliaments and almost all convinced about, and it was only clever people like Mogens Glistrup who figured out the truth of me.

This was really why we won the game because they did fine work – and this has to be in association with the Universe and the Ashtar Galactic Command as I was told about the other day planning/leading this.

This is why the Vatican was my direct representative in my absence, and I was here given the feeling of the purest light of the Source, i.e. God, and now when I return as my new self, I will take over becoming everything. THANK YOU to the Universe and the Vatican including everyone working for ”the right plan” bringing all home to the Source.

There is no more theatre play all over the world, they are only waiting on you.

It wasn’t everything that Hans, i.e. Sanna, controlled, because Vatican had the last word being the guardians/keepers of the world until my new self is ready to resurrect.

So Sanna was sent as decoy to attract darkness via Putin, who included ”new life” of this cell, which Sanna had to send to me to clean.

I was told this while I had begun watching Mission Impossible III on TV2 Zulu, where Tom Cruise had to enter the Vatican and later to save a device that could eliminate the world, and yes, directly about what we did not letting Putin eliminate all life (when he had been disclosed).

It was ”impossible” to stop and bring down Berlusconi from power, which is what stopped the otherwise planned financial breakdown of the world, and Lars Løkke, who received the power of attorney to kill you, and I am here given the feeling of when we met, Lars, at Midsummer’s Evening at the Prime Minister’s representative home ”Marienborg”, which you had opened for the public this evening in 2010, I believe it was, and you do remember how close we stood, and what you didn’t know was that I was given your codes giving access to the document of Putin and not vice versa my codes of life.

So they used the former Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke, to bring out the secret of life from me, which required to had me hospitalised, and it was at this level that it came to, and Lars used my sister against me because this was his orders.

No, you were not Jesus, they were told that Sanna would become the Source, which is why they wanted to bring me in, in order for man to do right what God/”creation” did wrong, yes, this is how everyone worked, which is the elite of the world – also including you Steffen H. (in the medical industry), brother to Thomas H. and my old landlord from 1986-88, and no one doubts the system all the way down, and this is what I worked to turn around via my scripts and website to make people believe in me.

”All of this was too good to be true” for my sister, which is why she could not believe in me, and no, Sanna ”could not” believe that I was Jesus and the right owner of the Source because this would make her the opposite, which she certainly was not, right Sanna?

These were the people all accepting the New World Order of darkness of man, and no, you had not anticipated anyone to expose you because you were the elite, in control and in safety from ”the masses”?

So my rendezvous with Lars Løkke was crucial to turn around everything for me to receive the part of the Source from Putin. This is where the Code of Paradise or Code of Love was exchanged and where I received my true self, and yes, from Putin and not from my sister and it was brought via Lars Løkke, and yes, Fuggi, I do remember that ”Code of Love” was your favourite song from Spandau Ballet’s album ”True”, where my was ”Communication”, and you may understand the deeper meaning of both now (?), and yes, Spandau Ballet was a true favourite band of both Jack, Fuggi and I in the beginning of the 1980’s, which is the period where ”the best music in the world” was made if you ask me :-).

And I kept on feeling Sweden while being told this, which is from where man brought out the Source and where the church also had a vital role to play, and I was told about Northern Sweden in this connection too.

Sanna was told ”bring in Stig at any price” and our mother would follow after me because she would ”break down” too after me also receiving ”spiritual voices”, i.e. becoming ”crazy” in the game of the system, and yes, to open us both to bring life to the New World of darkness of man, which was their sin.

This is what all decided to believe in, as the Vatican had hoped for, and were they the only ones who knew the secret (?), yes, together with the Universe – and I am here thinking of the ”Universal Council”, which should include members from Earth from the level of Prime Ministers and up according to information given to me a LONG time ago, and also about all members of the Danish Parliament (all world parliaments really) as example of the elite having access to ”the secret network” including the truth of me and ”all information” including my ”energy barometer”, but maybe this information did not include the real truth of Vatican about me (?) – but the turned around story that ”something went wrong with creation, Stig is crazy, which is why man has to take over creating a sustainable new world) – and yes, we will see.

All worked blindly for fire/elimination believing that my mother’s and my codes would bring them ”true life”.

This is the end of the journey of ”the document”, which is right here in front of you, and it has entered you from Sweden, as everyone knows, which is why Sweden was neutral in this fight between darkness and light and whether the Source should remain in Sweden (under control of Putin) or come with me to Germany to bring our New World.

And it was the one who was the strongest power who attracted the Source, which was first Sanna, then Putin and then me at the end when the world decided to chose me. This is why I am God.

Again, all of this happened DESPITE OF my name being written all over in nature!

So Sanna and the whole world believed I was crazy, and this is even though Sanna really knew deep inside of her that I was not, and this feeling came to you, Sanna, from love of the Source, which is the foundation of darkness too because darkness is under our control too, and yes, Stig, you KNOOOW deep inside of you as a deja vue that this is right (about darkness), and this is the same feeling ”deep inside of Sanna” – she just knows that you are not crazy, but the one.

It was only by giving me deeper and deeper burns that they would be able to bring me out – if they could at all.

This is why it was ”impossible” for us to find you from outside – because I had to be the strongest having world support to become ”the chosen one” becoming the Source, which is why the world has decided to become part of me, and I now feel myself as the Source.

Since, Hans brought me out after first having the world work against me and at the end turning around when discovering his ”awful misunderstanding” about me, which my sister then did too, and yes, still none of you have decided to speak to me about this or to apologise for what you did to me, and don’t you believe that would be ”normal” and good behaviour to do?

So these were the people trying to turn Stig into the Devil.

And this is the file that we will be opening, the file containing everything, which Putin had but could not get any use of because of his attitude of darkness.

It is with this force that Putin tried to dig in to bring me over too, but no, he could not because he wasn’t light but darkness.

And now, they will endure until all of the sad remainings of you are collected.

Hans’ top job was about the Vatican deciding that his will should be followed.

For days I have ”almost” been told the story about how my old colleague from Fair and Dahlberg, Rikke H., helped bringing my new self alive via her faith, I was among other things told that she is the one helping to bring down the walls of the Pyramid (thus opening the Source including all life and our New World), and now I was told that for Rikke H. to be able to give birth, as she did a few months ago for her first child, is the direct/indirect reason why my new self can be born – she led the way so to speak. Because it was first when she knew her visiting time, i.e. received faith in me, that she could become pregnant, which was ”the curse” of her life. So Rikke’s birth of her new child is really a symbol, and required, in order to bring birth of my new self. And it happened via my Facebook updates – including inspired speech from crazy about dance etc. (which is why I have felt Erik Brandt, a dancer from the previous season the last days) – because no one had time or desire to read my ”very long scripts”, and this is what moved more of the prison of darkness to me.

I was given the name ”Susanne Neergaard”, whom I do NOT know, but I can see when looking up her name that she is a psychologist, and does this mean that the whole ”crazy psychiatric system” decided to label you as ”crazy”, i.e. schizophrenic, without really ”testing” and listening to you (?), and yes, the whole industry knows about your case and that they were wrong/”crazy”, which is why I was given Susanne’s name.

I was told ”Blågårds Plads” (a square in Copenhagen), which here is about the chairman of the Red-Green Party, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, so the idea was that everyone had to go through the same process from non-believers (sending darkness/sufferings) to me to believers. And yes, I still wonder how many or few knew the truth of me, was it really only the Vatican and the Universe excluding Earth, or did it include from Prime Ministers and up, and not according to this last information.

So all of the system – including Hans – judged you as a monster because they weren’t able to read and listen carefully in order to understand the truth. And this is why all felt uncomfortable when you ”attacked” them (writing the truth) because they were convinced that you were crazy and ”incapable” of understanding the truth of themselves, and yes, negative temper was the wall in front of your eyes blocking your view.

I continue being giving visions/feelings of Peter T., my old class friend, as a symbol of destruction (of the parts of this cell not becoming physical life, thus returning home to the Source), and yes, recently I have been given feelings of my old class friend Jens M. from Commercial School, who also ”did something about me” in Danske Bank recently (?), and yes, just guessing.

No, the elite could not shut your writings down, and how do you believe they looked like in their faces when they started realising that ”Stig may be the one” (?) and yes all because ”there is nothing wrong with his head” and that is because ”he is not dumb”, which is what made us come through.

My mother had invited me out on a new Italian restaurant in Helsingør, on the main square, which served a fine dinner and so fine that it made my mother conclude that this was the finest we have had together on a restaurant, which however is not true because ”Amici Miei” is finer (this was ”good” but not ”fine”, mother), and yes, my mother cannot always tell what is real quality, and after we had left the restaurant and went to my home to have coffee, my mother was inspired to say that it was strange that she did not have to sign when paying at the restaurant, and I asked her if she hadn’t keyed in her code at the servant’s transportable electronic payment device, and yes, she had and I told her that this was instead of signing and alright then, and what it was really about was THE CODE OF LOVE of my mother coming to our New World.

We had coffee together with tiramisu from the restaurant, which we had brought home because we ”could not” eat it there – we had had plenty and the desert was better ”later” together with coffee – and ”yes, mother OF COURSE you can ask the restaurant to bring home food you cannot eat at the restaurant – maybe for a small fee for the extra work by the restaurant”, and yes, most people feel like my mother as she said ”you cannot ask for this” (they feel ”embarrassed”), but my mother decided to follow me and the owner of the restaurant was kind packing it for us, and yes, I played the first 4-5 songs of a new YouTube playlist containing Danish music (cast from PC to TV), which I have made, and there were no limits to the joy of my mother when seeing Michael Falch singing ”the only one in the world” followed by Sanne Salomonsen’s ”abused and abandoned”, ”HOME” (the best new Danish song for years!) and ”I’M ALIVE”, which made me think that this is really all about me being the only one in the world (all life is part of me) being abused and abandoned by man to reach home to the Source, and yes, I’M ALIVE, you know :-), and my mother said that the coffee from my new Nespresso coffee machine was the best she has ever had (!), which was a symbol of the Code of Love of my mother to me and our New World and so much that she wants to buy a machine herself, and yes, we had it together with the fine tiramisu and a glass of my new Cognac (”eau de vie”, i.e. ”water of life”, i.e. a symbol of the Source) from Pierre Ferrand ”tasting like Cognac is supposed to taste” (I don’t like additions of caramel etc. to the Cognac made by many big producers, this is a small producer from the heart of Cognac making Cognac ”the old-fashioned way”, which is how I like Cognac the best), which brought us ”the best imaginable experience”, which is what my mother brought with her from here, and yes, she now better understands what I told her, which is that I have not been able to invite for dinner for years because I have had no money and also no energy, and yes, it is now easier to understand when hearing it directly from the Source and not from my sister and John influencing her negatively about me being a ”parasite” always receiving dinners and gifts from you without giving anything (but my love!) in return, and yes, this is how it was.

We watched the new season of the Danish X Factor, which started a couple of weeks ago, and when Sandra did her audition here (singing Rihanna), it made Blachman decide to tell her the truth straight out, which is the way I like it in order to make (”deaf”) people understand the truth, and first you can see Blachman being unable to control his big laughter simply escaping him, and I could tell that this is because of the joy of his spiritual voice coming to him VERY DIRECTLY and STRONGLY as it comes to me, it is the same ”Source” coming to us both you know, and then he said with this voice speaking through him that ”your Universe is completely and wildly pubertal” and to me this was about what our New World is, which is why Thomas was given so much joy visible for everyone to see, and he continued telling her that she was singing a ”banal childrens song”, which he didn’t fall for, and also that she had not done enough considerations, and when Sandra decided to be ”completely deaf” replying ”yes, I have”, it was only ”bringing wood on the fire” because Blachman does NOT give up (as I do not), which only made him continue even stronger and so much that Line told him ”Thomas, let it go”, but no, he did not thus telling Sandra that ”it is not the song, but the way that you sing” and then his voice said through through that ”there is a difference between a poor and good vacuum cleaner” ´while Sandra was walking out and she did it demonstratively singing out loud to show her disagreement with and disrespect of Blachman, and yes, this program was recorded ”a long time ago” and I just bought a new vacuum cleaner days ago, and this is the vacuum cleaner that Blachman was really referring to, so ”part of the plan” for me to buy one it was, and yes, I am myself surprised when I am still sometimes told about small things/words etc., which I then meet later showing me that this is ”the road of light” that was planned, which I had to go through, and yes, there is not a big difference to what we planned and what I/we brought out in real life as I have been told, and yes, we will see.

And yes, my mother and most people could have decided to think what they have done ”always”, which is that Blachman was ”way out of line” here behaving poorly and being disgusting to people (as they wrongly thought about me too speaking out the truth), and no, he was not, he just spoke the truth, and yes, he had to think and judge for himself what is right and wrong as a normal human being, which is then what his voice has amplified MANY times to cut through the armour of people exactly the same way as I, and yes, he looked tired too, the same way as I, which did not make it any easier to understand what is right and wrong, and this is why he was shortly a little bit confused when he said earlier ”or else this is the most heartfelt we have ever experienced, we just don’t get it, is this a young Kim Larsen standing in front of us” (?), which Line helped him to understand that it was not (I felt Remee through Blachman when he said this, which was because of ”lack of support” by Remee, who doesn’t like this ”behaviour” of Thomas at all but hides his face when Thomas starts speaking, thus bringing darkness to him making it even more difficult for Thomas to understand and carry out what he has decided to do, which requires ”enormous self disciplin and confidence”), and this was also to show you that I did a couple of mistakes this week when I was too tired to understand the full truth of a Facebook posting by Natholdet (see the previous script) and I also had another experience, which I had to correct but did not write down, and yes, everything is based on our understanding as normal human beings being ”handicapped” compared to others because of tiredness etc. making it difficult for us to understand, but still it is our understanding that we have to get through to deaf people in order for them to understand, and I told my mother that it is NOT Blachman who is wrong, but Sandra because she has decided to be deaf not listening to the truth and I told her that Blahcmann speaks with the same spiritual voice as I do and he does the same as I did in my scipts writing the truth about DEAF people in order to make them understand, and yes, my mother understands better and better that it was WRONG to blame me and follow my ”aggrieved” sister (playing a play to our mother for years!).

FB 160115 X Factor“There is difference to a good and poor vacuum cleaner, sorry for saying it”, which is about Thomas Blachman speaking of my new vacuum cleaner even though I first had it the other day “a long time” after the recording of this X Factor show

This is how it is when God speaks out the truth directly for ”deaf” people to listen to and understand as I have done all along, can you see it (?), and yes, even Remee now also understands and supports ”the case” because he was interviewed afterwards about this experience and he said that ”it is truly amazing sometimes how little self-knowledge people have, and then I believe it is fine for Thomas to start with his vacuum cleaner metaphor etc.”, and yes, the program again this evening was full of simple-minded amateurs believing they sing fine and showing this ”lack of self-knowledge” attitude (they should know and not show up!), which we do NOT like to see at all, and have you noticed all of the times when Blachman meats people showing the right attitude and performing great, which makes him smile, give natural compliments and show all of his love (?), and yes, I do believe that you also saw this on me when I met the same, and no, Thomas is not rude when cutting through deaf ears, he is the opposite, which is HELPING PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH as I did too.

See some of this audition here http://www.dr.dk/event/xfactor/video-x-factor-i-aften-blachman-afklapser-ung-mormor and here http://www.dr.dk/event/xfactor/her-er-ugens-bedste-dommercitater-0, and all of it here http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/x-factor/x-factor-42#!/11:07.

My mother told me that she had been speaking to Sanna, who told her that she likes much that we went out for dinner this evening, and yes, just to say that I have not lost contact to my sister because of my recent writings because ”everything is a game” as she knows as well as I by now, and ”my game” and not hers, of course.

My mother also told me about how her brother is now having liver cancer again – after they removed 1/3 of the liver the last time – and also about how her sister, Jette, whom she does not see, is hospitalised with diabetes out of control and another serious condition, which I cannot remember what is, and yes, the family says that she weighs only 30 kilos and is dying, so this is about people close to me who have all been ”out over the edge” surviving when they really should have died – as my mother and John (and myself) experienced too.

I have been given the words ”I AM” the last couple of days, which is both what I am as the Source and it was also a reference to the album of the same title by Earth, Wind & Fire, and then I was told that this is the connection to the now famous saying ”Je suis Charlie” (”I AM CHARLIE”) – ”slogan adopted by supporters of free speech and freedom of expression after the 7 January 2015 massacre in which 12 people were killed at the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris” – and I was told that ”you may say that I was inside Charlie”, which is about all of this play with Muhammad and Islam being a play of darkness for centuries to bring energy (via sufferings of man) helping to bring my new self alive, and I felt that it is connected to Sanne Salomonsen’s song ”Jeg i live” (”I’M ALIVE”) as I heard with my mother this evening, and this saying should really be ”I AM STIG” and yes, I will wear a t-shirt with this because this is the truth without any darkness influencing it, so there you have it :-).

So this is the deeper reason for the Paris ”terror” attack helping to bring the last energy to bring my new self alive, and this was also done via my writings about it including the truth of the Vatican standing behind it all and about how there are NO LIMITATIONS to the truth, which I made a comment about below to the Guardian, which should be obvious for all to understand (?), and yes, you have to ALWAYS COMMUNICATE and UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH, which includes to LISTEN to people and control your own negative emotions, which goes out to both sides of this story both to Muslims and Christians, and yes, you were only part of a game carried out by world leaders as part of my Master Plan, which included Muhammad all along to bring my new self alive, see?

FB 150115 Guardian 1

FB 150115 Guardian 2

Let me also say that it has been difficult for me ”just” to forgive and accept my sister, Karen, Hans and the whole system of darkness working against me to eliminate my mother and I including 90% of the world population because I have truly also had ”throw up” feelings because of their evilness, which they decided on via ”free will”, but every time I think of the option of not forgiving them and not including them in our New World, I know that it is WRONG and I can only reach one conclusion, which is of course to do what is RIGHT to do, and yes, when thinking of your good sides, I am in no doubt of doing the right thing, but let me say that your WRONGDOINGS towards me, my mother and the world is a TRUE ”turn-off”, Karen, and yes, this is how I felt about you too sexually and as strongly as you with the only difference being that I decided to accept you because it was right to do, which you simply ”could not” so you continued your ”hunt” for ”gorgeous men” thus letting me be the hunted when bringing darkness to me, see – but still the true game was really turned around, so I was the hunter hunting you, see see?

I was also told what I have been told many times before without writing it, which is that ”the system” also decided to falsify the results of the MR-scan that I went through in the beginning of 2009 (on ”recommendation” from the Psychiatric Hospital in Hillerød/Helsingør) telling the world that Stig has a brain damage, and to make my mother believe in them, but you never told me, only that there was nothing to see on it, i.e. ”completely normal”, right?

And I was ”crazy” because my sister had turned around the story saying that she had the right father and I had the wrong, which is why you also had to kill my father (?) and to hide to the world what our mother has told us all along, which is that her father was violent and hit her, which is why she left him.

The local Conservative candidate for the Parliament, Pernille V., brought this update about coming home late and how she was sad but cheered up by ”the best burger-man in town” bringing her ”deep and heartfelt joy”, which made me decide to tell her about her meeting with this burger-man being a symbol of the Source – ”spaceship of everything” and yes, you can see a burger as a UFO, can’t you (?) – and how it was inspired (because of faith) as I was also myself inspired to visit a burger-bar the other day myself (for the first time in years not being able to afford it before now), which made me go to the local ”Madonna burger” (of course) and have a ”Monster bacon” on their recommendation with ”bacon” still being another symbol of the Source, and yes, do you get it by now, Pernille (?), and no, I have NOT heard from her at all on my kind invitation for her and her good friend Benedikte, the mayor, to come by for a cup of coffee to speak about how to bring TRUE FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to all, and yes, ”it is better then to be silent”, isn’t it Pernille (and Benedikte) (?), and NO, IT IS NOT – YOU ARE SINNING!!!

FB 150115 Pernille V 1

FB 150115 Pernille V 2

I did NOT believe that I would be able to bring you this script today because of just how poorly without energy that I am feeling, but I crossed it again, and yes, I try to tell myself ”don’t get started writing normal scripts again” and to decide doing nothing, but I could not because this information is ”too important” so I have to bring it.

FB 170115 Stig 2



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