January 2015 – after script VI: Man planned to eliminate me until they realized that Putin was not strong enough to carry the Source as only I can do


Summary of the script today

  • January 20: Man planned to eliminate me until they realized that Putin was not strong enough to carry the Source as only I can do. Hans planned world events including ”the game of Islam” and who is allowed to look into the gold of the Source – the Source went through Hans to enter Stig. Hans prepared the strategy to bring out the secret of life from my mother and I including ”misunderstood” reports from my work, friends etc. to make me look ”weird”/crazy. Hans made me a ”Zombie” more dead than alive via this while the world longed much for their depopulated and ”much better” New World. The world knew that both my sister and I included the Source but still it did not want to ask for my alternative New World, which was really the worst of all! This is why I described my alternative NWO including the truth of their dark NWO, which made people come over to me in bigger and bigger numbers. Hans and Sanna always had to be very nice to my mother and I not to cause alarm, but now Sanna is the happiest of all for not losing my mother and I forever. Germany vs. Denmark in Handball was a symbol of the fight between Karen and I with unreasonable judges against me where I fought blindly against darkness – it ended with a draw because Karen and I are one. Helsingør Commune brought me a new game: They have completely lost their mind rejecting to pay out the special home aid they owe me, thus blocking the Source to me, but they are WRONG and I will fight back to make them give in!


January 2014 – after script VI: Man planned to eliminate me until they realized that Putin was not strong enough to carry the Source as only I can do

January 20: Man planned to eliminate me until they realized that Putin was not strong enough to carry the Source as only I can do

FB 200115 Stig 1

I was told that Hans is above Mogens Lykketoft (also) planning world events including ”the game of Islam”, and no, it is not normal for a man like Hans being employed by a union of High Schools in Denmark to ”constantly” travel around the world including many ”exotic” places. And he will also be the first to come and congratulate you, not Sanna, for your ”fine work”. He decides who is allowed to look into the gold of the Source. It was more from Brussels than from Copenhagen that Hans received his power, and Brussels was working directly under Vatican as other great powers like USA and Russia were too.

I watched the last minutes of the World Cup handball match between Germany and Russia and saw Germany scoring to 27 against 24 with three minutes remaining, which should make it ”almost impossible” for Russia to come back, and yes, here Germany is a symbol of my New Kingdom and Russia about the old kingdom of evilness, and what happened (?), and yes, Russia reduced Germany’s lead to two and one goal and suddenly the Swedish referees had a ”decisive role” in the last minute discussing a verdict, and here Sweden is ”the Source”, and yes, Russia had the ball in the last attack giving them the chance to equalize the score, and I was then given the feeling of Putin ”under my skin” and was told that he is happy that I won now understanding that he was crazy, and then ”Russia’s biggest star”, as they called him on Danish TV, decided to take matters into his own arms and then he threw the ball far off the goal when trying to score, and yes, as Putin did when trying to kill me at the end because he did not want the world to get to know the secret of me and his game trying to become a ”fake God” of evilness.

I was told that it is not nice from my LTO friends in Kenya to read from my scripts that I have become selfish as everyone else here spending money on myself and no longer sending tem any while they continue suffering, and this brings me resistance too, and I was told that otherwise the darkness coming against me strongly is because of my mother’s difficulties accepting the thought of who I am.

Hans made all of the planning of how to get the watch out of you and your mother – planning much when you were in Sweden at your derelict farm, Hans? And it included receiving and reviewing reports from my work colleagues over the years, I was here told about Henning W. and also Bjarne O. from Danske Bank reporting on me, and these reports landed on your desk for ”review”? I was given a loud noise coming from the corridor (my new self), and it was through this and through Hans we had to go to enter you.

This was the role given from the world community to Hans – to bring out the secret code of life from your mother and you – and he was given ”all resources needed” including your sister and her part of the Source. This is how it has been since the 1980’s when Hans set this up from where everyone including your colleagues/managers, the system and your sister as examples have reported on you and your ”weird behaviour”, which is what you were mostly interested in, Hans (?), because you knew that you had to set me up making me look like a fool to the world. This is what Hans used most of his work-time to do, and this is then what the world believed that Hans and your sister were capable of doing.

With this Hans was promised gold and green forests via your sister, ”never ending”, but he had to break the code via you. So he was the one responsible for all of your sleepless nights and zombie-condition for years because they all – including your sister – so much longed for a new and much better life than what they had.

So already back then – I am shown myself working at DanskeBank-Pension around 1990 – they (I feel Hans and Sanna, thus the world) were working on their ”improved New World” including the road to get there as you can read from my NWO of darkness of man sites. And yes, they were so excited about what it would mean to start all over with a reduced population etc., and so much that none wanted to go to you asking of your alternative to your sister – everyone should know that you and your sister were both build with this ”clock” inside of you – which is why I let you describe your alternative to the world to attract it to you instead of your sister, thus the old world, and yes, our strategy, not Hans’, worked, so there you have it for ”all of your fine skills”, Hans.

What did Bjarne O. as example write about me, did he give an objective view on me, or was his view coloured also because he was ”bribed” by Hans, thus influencing his view on me unconsciously (?), and yes, this whole game is about understanding and misunderstanding, and what do you believe that most of your family also did (?), yes, they kept on misunderstanding you, thus making the world misunderstand you – exactly as they wanted to make the portrait ”Stig cannot be trusted, we have to make our own New World self, which is why you should follow us and not him”, but no, this was WRONG!

And of course they did it without giving my mother or I a chance to comment on all of these wrong/false reports on us, which was part of their game. So all reporting to this system about me – and also about my mother because I feel her here – believed in this system over us. And this is really the worst, which is that the Earth did not want to listen and pay attention to what your mother and you had to ”offer” them. And this is what started the end of the world. This is why they were running directly into the abyss – without looking around.

Again, this is also what was required in order to make the wine of our true New World taste as good as possible, and I am here given the taste of fine Burgundy wine.

When people started understanding what the NWO of darkness of man was really about, via my description of it, as they had never understood the cruelty about before, they started coming over to me in bigger and bigger numbers (also understanding the truth of ”UFO’s” from my sites as you had not told the secret network) , and yes, something went wrong in your plan, Hans (?), and it was because of LACK OF COMMUNICATION keeping people in the dark about your plans, which is NEVER the way to do it, and yes, more and more people started liking my openness and straight forward process.

So it was really Hans who was responsible of bringing the load of dirt into your’s and also your mother’s faces because it would also bring her down, which he and your sister very well knew (she would break down because of ”Stig being crazy/violent” etc. as they wanted her to believe in) – but it was required according to their ”high risk” plan because ”Stig is not supposed to know because what will he do if he does”? And this required Hans and Sanna to always be very nice to you and your mother not to cause any alarm, this was their thinking/strategy.

Henning W., as example, didn’t know what his reports would be used for, he more believed that it was kind of a user-survey. This is how personal friends also reported on you, and René P. is top-scorer in this category.

”We have a real sad message to bring you, your mother has died”, which was theoretically impossible, but this is what they planned to do, to let your mother die before you. Karen was told to run away from you. And did they fear being revealed (?), yes, you bet.

This happened with one after another until they turned around, and I am here given the feeling of Jesper from ACTA as ”a perfect example”. And again, they turned around because ”you are no fool” – including ”reports from sport games” etc., and I am here given FC Barcelona as example deciding to believe in me becuase of this?

Not least Bettina was sad about what she had to do to you (her email some months ago going strongly and wrongly against me). Who do you believe is the happiest of all that you are your game and not your sister’s (?), and yes, your sister because it means that she will keep her mother and brother, whom she loves so much, and yes, this was the true pain in Sanna’s life, having to say goodbye forever and ever to the people whom she loves mostly in the world – and she had to be cold doing it. And when turned around – all life inside the Source now – they/Karen now love you all. This is how we end, you are loved by ”all”, but they don’t have the courage to show, and I here feel my mother again.

So it was an impossible task for them to make me dumb/unbalanced. How many managers/employees didn’t feel dumb compared to me – if you decide NOT to lie?

I was given the feeling of being all life in the oceans too, I felt myself swimming as whales, and this was at the same time a deja vue, because I remember having had this feeling when I was sleeping or maybe half sleeping as a boy.

I felt Jack’s parents and was told that they have known since ”back then” when we were best friends, which is about ”Stig out, they in”.

But no, not Anni (my father’s cohabitee in the 1970’s before Kirsten), they forgot her.

I was told some times that they would keep having me committed/”unconscious” tapping blood on me until they would find another way to maintain life, which I did not understand because wouldn’t you just let me die after having tapped the secret of life from me (?), and no, we needed to have a donor and when we had none, we had had to use you, and yes, still you tried to kill me, which is what would have ended the world, see? Because the document doesn’t say what is required to stay alive, it was all about faith, and yes, WRONG faith of the world.

It was first at the end that they discovered that they didn’t have anyone strong enough to carry the Source, which only ”the one” made for it can do, and yes, then it would have been too late because you had planned to kill me before this thinking that Putin, not my sister, was strong enough, but you weren’t because the truth is that you were a sissy having people doing the dirty work for you where I had to work alone to become ”the one” defeating you all, see?

This is why Glistrup is the most important of all (to disclose the secret of you) followed by Ole, my mother’s cohabitee in the 1970’s.

It was also Hans who built the defense in here (right in front of the Source) to make sure that you would never enter here, but still we meet here, and why is that, Hans (?), and is that because I work better than you (?), and no, ”impossible” you say because you are ”the most gifted of all” (?), but no, WRONG, you have met your over man.

For years when I have read Facebook updates I have received a strong urge to comment very many posts with ideas of what to comment coming with my spiritual voice (often ”one-liners”), and had I given in to it, you would have seen maybe ten times more comments than what I did, but I decided (almost) not to give in giving short comments here, there and everywhere because, as Stig the human, I decided that I did not want my comments to be ”inflated” but to be taken seriously when I decided to write.

Now it will not feel like an ice-bucket to people because we will walk right in to the Source and our New World, and yes, come on and WALK RIGHT IN, Noller will you (?), and yes, I have seen you often at my site (the sign has been given via your Facebook page being recommended to me very often).

Germany vs. Denmark in Handball was a symbol of the fight between Karen and I with unreasonable judges against me where I fought blindly against darkness – it ended with a draw because Karen and I are one:

I watched the World Cup handball match Germany and Denmark thinking that Germany is our New Kingdom and Denmark the Source so who would win (?), and when the match started, I was told that this will become a symbol of the fight between Karen and I, and also that the Danish TV-commentator Bent Nyegaard ”will say something at the end of the match”.

When Germany scored to 14 to 13 in the first half the Danish commentators said that ”Denmark feels cheated” because the referees could obviously not see the same error of the Germans when scoring as the commentators did and ”feeling cheated” was a general feeling of the Danes this evening.

FB 200115 TV2

There was the start of inspired speech here and there, but I decided that I would NOT write it down, I have had enough of this from many ”minutes” of matches for years, so this will only be the headlines.

Germany played incredible well, so did the Danes, and this was a match at the absolutely WORLD CLASS, it is rare to see such an incredible high level and energy as this.

Germany was ahead most of the second half and Denmark struggling and giving everything they had to keep up, and when Germany was ahead by 24 against 21 there wasn’t many believing that Denmark would be able to get anything out of this match, but then Germany was given first one and then a second suspension that was ”very rough” because this is how Karen decided to play the game against me completely shutting me off, and this gave Denmark the chance to come up, and I was told that Karen knows that both eyes (of the Source with the New World) are looking at us two, but she doesn’t know yet how you are, and then the Danish player René Toft was ”knocked out” by a German player in the 50th minute making him ”completely groggy”, which is how I feel on the level of passing out/dying all of the time (more or less), you know.

When Germany was ahead by 27 to 26, I was told that ”at the end we will decide the match when the arm is up”, and ”arm up” is what the referee does when he is just about to decide ”passive game” and stop the attack to give the opponent the ball.

There was some inspired speech when Mikkel Hansen (being the symbol of me) decided to take matters into his own arms and equalise to 29 to 29 in the 57th minute, but I cannot read my notes on it, but it was something about ”a blind angle” as a symbol of how I played against Karen as ”darkness of the Source” where darkness could see everything I did and I could see nothing of what darkness did when playing against me – this is how my mission was all along – and I do believe that this was a comment from Bent Nyegaard as predicted would come in the beginning of the match, and yes it was ”poor work” here writing unclear and poor notes that made me miss this one, but I do believe you will still get it?

Later I succeeded reading my notes and it did say that it was Bent Nyegaard saying “Hansen lightens from a blind angle”, I believe, and I do remember my instant feeling/understanding that this indeed was as mentioned above about how I played against darkness without being able to see it where it saw everything of me.

I had noticed how Mikkel earlier had caught a difficult passing with only one hand, and it made me think of how Peter Schmeichel did his most famous save in his entire career when he caught/saved the ball with his absolutely outermost using one hand only in the final of the European Championship in 1992 against Germany, where Denmark become CHAMPIONS

At the end of the match, when it the score was 30 to 30, Germany had one player sent off and were attacking where everyone was simply waiting for the ball to be given to the Danes, and yes, ”under normal conditions” there should be enough time left to give Denmark the chance to attack and score the last goal maybe within the last 30 or at least 15 seconds, but then the referee did something special, which was to allow Germany to continue playing even when he had his ARM UP (!), and it made the commentators say ”they are allowed to play until the end of time, it is shocking and it will end with a draw”, and this is then what happened as predicted – ”the arm up” was decisive for the match – and I was told that this is what we decided, which is that there is no winner between Karen and you because you are one, and yes, we accepted the game to be extended – because I am still writing, you see.

After the match, the commentators spoke about whether it was right or wrong for the referee to allowing Germany to keep the ball until the end of time, and they agreed that it was alright (but unusual), and René Toft spoke to the commentators about his strong feeling of being ”persecuted by the referees”, which is how darkness treated me, you know.

Helsingør Commune brought me a new game: They have completely lost their mind rejecting to pay out the special home aid they owe me, thus blocking the Source to me, but they are WRONG and I will fight back to make them give in!

I was told that I was told before (see above) that Sanna loves my mother and I ”more than anything” also because this is what I believe myself that she does (?), and this came only two seconds before I received an email notification saying ”you have received new mail from Helsingør Commune”, and yes, is this ”the verdict” of how much money they will give me, and will they give me all that they ”owe”, or will they decide to continue fighting until the very end not giving me all?

You can read the letter here: https://stigdragholm.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/brev-fra-helsingc3b8r-kommune-200115-afvisning-og-nedsc3a6ttelse.pdf.

And no, it was not quite as expected because now they claim that I can only receive special home aid for the level of rent that I had in Lyngby, which was ”reasonable” and not the new and higher rent in Helsingør (from 2011) – ”When you move from an apartment with a lower rent to an apartment with a higher rent, the increased rent is not to be included in the calculation according to the rules in the announcement § 4, 3” as their verdict says (!) – and yes, my first thought is that the Commune has an obligation to see if a cheaper rent can be obtained before the aid is granted, which they did not in Helsingør, thus in practice accepting the level of my rent, but now they (want very much to) believe that a cheaper rent could be obtained because I did not have to move to Helsingør as they say and I had a cheaper rent in Lyngby as they now base their calculation on – which is COMPLETELY INSANE (!!!) if you ask me because this is a ”theoretical” rent and not the rent that I pay in real life, which is what you should accept, right (?) – and yes, I had no option to stay in my old apartment in Lyngby, I was forced out of it as the Commune (in Lyngby) also knew because they had a copy of my contract stating that I could only live there for two years, and yes, I tried everything I could to have it prolonged, but was rejected.

Instead I followed my mother’s recommendation to find an apartment in Helsingør, and I found a one-room apartment of 64 m2 at Hellebo Park at DKK 5,000 per month in rent, and is this ”unreasonable” according to the law (?), and yes, it seems that I have to fight even more to bring out this money, i.e. to bring out the Source, and yes, I will have to go through the act again and prepare my case before I will send my complain, and is this the result of ”external legal aid” (from a lawfirm or maybe from the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment as it is now called) trying to help the Commune against me (?), and yes, it must be easy for the system having all (also legal) resources to draw on when working against me compared to me, who is not a lawyer and cannot afford to pay a lawyer to receive ”legal aid”, and yes, the Commune doesn’t offer me ”legal aid” in this matter to make us ”equal” (?), so it looks as if I have to work alone once again going against ”the mighty system”, which I have done before, so nothing new in this.

And I wonder if this is ”politically decided” because the Commune ”cannot” bear losing this case because it would bring ”much noise” accross the country and also force you to pay out money that you don’t have (?), and yes, this is also about ”pride” not losing this case against me, which is (still) bringing me ”the worst resistance” of all, and is Hans standing behind this (?), which is why I received the feeling of my sister when receiving the email notification, and yes, I keep feeling Hans ”in the background” here.

After some time reading their ”verdict” and the act including the detailed announcement on ”special home aid” again, I found that the Commune referred to § 4, 3 in the announcement of the act, which was really §5, 3 (hmmmm, Jeanne!!!), and also that they could do what they have done if it was true that I left my old apartment in Lyngby ”on own initiative”, which I however did not because I had a limited lease of 2 years and even though I did EVERYTHING to remain in the apartment, I was FORCED OUT, and yes, I had to find another new apartment with a ”reasonable” lease, which is exactly what I did, so this does NOT change what is RIGHT in my case, which is for the Commune being obliged to pay out the money, which is what I will then ask them to do once again, and yes, they are both BLIND and DEAF doing what fits them the best instead of doing what is RIGHT to do, and yes, SWINDLERS!

I was given the feeling of the 1990’s and ”going out on town” in North Zealand (Rungsted/Vedbæk as I did) and was then told about Benedikte Kiær, the mayor here, knowing about me already back then, Benedikte, and how it was planned for you to become mayor in Helsingør ”at the end of times”, and yes, this is what I am told not knowing if it is true or false, but this is 100% the truth as it was given to me. And she hoped that she would be able to close ”the glass cave” around me as I am here told and shown. It was her idea to bring in Pernille V. as a last desperate try to make us sweethearts to turn it in your direction, Benedikte, because you were also not in favour of me, not the least, which you let people understand, and yes, I just received a LONG and NOT NORMAL break here when casting music videos from my PC to my TV, which is really to say ”no TV”, which is the same as ”no Source” and here ”no money” because you don’t like me to receive access to this amount that the Commune owes me, and I wonder if you have been in contact with Hans too (?), and yes, I keep feeling him ”vaguealy in the background” and so vaguely that this is the last resistance against me that we speak of, and yes, is this another play of yours to bring me darkness because this is what you feel or believe that I need to turn around (?), and let me tell you that it is not (!) – LET GO OF THE CRULLER (”klejne”) as we say here about money and yes you only have ”cruller” at Christmas time, which this is about.

This was another ”set-up” by the system of darkness working behind the gates against you, and I am here given a deja vue because I know deep inside of me of this final fight that will lead to the opening of the Source, and yes, I feel it, I have experienced this before ”inside of me”, which is the same as ”I have seen it coming” :-).

Later, I felt and was told over again that Benedikte Kiær and the city council know about me, and this is really ”part of the game” against me. This is the same kind of game as when Hans decided that he would not accept me as Facebook friend because ”this is darkness that Stig needs now”, but no, my friends, the game has ended, I want you on my team all of you now, get it?

I have felt my own class friend, the actor Kim Bodnia, some times now, and I am here shown an ice cream cone (symbolising sufferings) and told that we have now come far enough reaching him.

At the end there is only one who can open to the light (of the Source), which is yourself.

FB 200115 Stig 2

FB 190115 Stig 1

FB 190115 Stig 2

FB 200115 Stig 3





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