February 2015 – after script I: Putin WAS my new self acting as a MAD MAN and psychopath to send me darkness to be cleansed to bring creation home to the Source


Summary of the script today

  • February 2: Putin WAS my new self acting as a MAD MAN and psychopath to send me darkness to be cleansed to bring creation home to the Source. John was the GPS to find the Source, which he did via faith in me and his hospitalisation in January coughing out the deepest of my new self. My new self was located inside the deepest darkness of all inside of John, which is from where Putin would overtake my sister, mother and me. Instead of transferring me to John, doctors have performed a ”turned around operation” on John bringing the last of my new self to me. My new self was inside the camp of the enemy bringing darkness to the world and me to bring out energy to bring home creation to the Source. I was shown myself as the Source from outside looking in through a hole of the eye of my mother;  I am floating over creation as the Source now. This means that my new self is first now leaving the Old World coming outside to me as the Source, which is what happened when John was hospitalised. This is like having my head put on as I am shown done on a Buddha figure in clay. We are now tape recorder, which is an old symbol of the Source. The whole world ”could not understand” and were wimps working for the horror regime of Putin not daring to go against it. The world was surprised that I fought with all of the world because ”no one can win this”, but I did because we are ”one for all all for one”. Putin/Russia have seen how they gradually lost grip in and power of me, but they did not tell the world. Putin believed that he was in control of the Vatican, but Vatican played a game because they were the ones directing Putin to send darkness to me to be cleansed. The system is preparing to speak ”confidentially” with me, which however will instantly stop the game of my mission not bringing the last with me. The whole world, helped by my sister, ”could not” understand me believing that I was negative and better-knowing without understanding that this is what they were. The world/my sister did everything they could to turn me around being convinced that they were right, and they accused me wrongly for being everything they were. I was the truth which no one could take seriously because no one was as stupid as I as everyone clearly could see.

Putin boasted of calling himself ”king” making him look like THE BIGGEST FOOL IN THE WORLD. This is the works of a MAD MAN overtaken by darkness of my new self bringing him spiritual visions/voices so strong that he could not reject them. Putin was simply a psychopath being convinced that his spiritual voices told him the truth being unable himself to decide on what is right and wrong to do, thus giving in to his deepest and most wrong desires as a dictator wanting to become King of the world and a child molestor too. In reality, Putin is a deranged and weak man like Hitler, who also could not control the same spiritual darkness as I was given too and we all received it because of Sanna and her will. There was only one man in the world being able to defeat this ”incredible power of darkness”, and it was me. Putin WAS my new self, as Hitler was too, acting as darkness sent to me to be cleansed/saved. Putin was completely extreme and a COMPLETE IDIOT being convinced that Sanna spoke the truth and I did not; I simply could not be Jesus (”Stig is crazy, something went wrong with creation”) – convinced by his spiritual darkness.


February 2015 – after script I: Putin WAS my new self acting as a MAD MAN and psychopath to send me darkness to be cleansed to bring creation home to the Source

February 2: Putin WAS my new self acting as a MAD MAN and psychopath to send me darkness to be cleansed to bring creation home to the Source

FB 020215 Stig 1

I watched the second half of Denmark against Slovenia in Handball and saw the Danish player Lasse Svan being ”here, there and everywhere” as ”mr. 100%” as the Danish commentator named him, and yes, he was completely outstanding scoring on every single chance that he received, without exception, and after maybe 10 minutes of second half he had scored 13 goals on 13 chances, and they said that it was a surprise seeing in a match like this and spoke about the chance of Lasse setting a new all time high scoring record for the Danish national team (present record is 15 goals), but when Denmark was ahead by 8 goals after these approx. 10 minutes of the second half, suddenly they ”lost” concentration and luck and simply ”could not” score anymore, and I believe that Denmark hereafter had 7-8 attacks in a row without scoring, which is quite remarkable because until this moment of time they had almost scores as they pleased against a not very strong team from Slovenia, and I was told that this was another way of showing darkness of my mother influencing this game, and yes, players who were ”incredible gifted” suddenly ”lost it” and ”could not” score, and this is how I control you if I want to as I am here told, and Denmark lost its 8 goal lead, which had scrunk into 3, and no, you didn’t know what happened, ”it just happened”, right?

During this period, the Danish speaker also spoke about how the speaker in the sports hall in the break had spoken with such a loud voice that people had become annoyed wanting to put a sock into his throat to silence him, and I felt my sister at the same time, which was to say that you do not like at all being corrected by me and told in public when you could not understand and communicate, Sanna (?), and yes, this was part of the darkness coming at me now, thus the Danish team.

Now, Lasse Svan suddenly did not receive the ball and ”could not” score anymore as result meaning that he did not score the last approx. 20 minutes of the match, which is also ”quite unusual” considering that he scored as he pleased the first 40 minutes.

The match ended with Denmark only winning with three goals, where they should have won by ten, and yes, ”what happened”, my boys (?), and now you know. Later I was told that this was Lasse Svan’s day because ”Svan” is here about ”svane”, i.e. swan, and this is what I am becoming as my new self after starting my career in town as an ugly duckling in the eyes of misunderstanding people.

I also watched France winning over Spain in the semi finals and approx. 10 minutes before time, there came an ”error” to the signal because it showed another picture including words like ”video signal alarm”, and I do believe that it was not only on my monitor, but all over for the world to see (?), and I was told that this is because we almost cannot keep up the act of the Old World, and this came because I was feeling completely down today still struggling with tiredness, negative voices and darkness still wanting to bring me my ”old nightmare” so I almost could not keep it going but was almost giving in today, and I am here given the taste of blood in my mouth and told that this means the same.

(I did not watch Denmark’s last match later against Croatia a couple of days later, which Denmark also won, thus ending the World Cup as a respectable no. 5, but no, ”not good enough”, when Denmark could have won it all if it was not for these ”incredible small margins” this time going against us, and you know why).

I was told about how Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the Vatican as examples play a double-game speaking with one tongue when speaking of me and thinking with another – not really being against, but with me.

I continued receiving words like ”be silent”, ”I speak to you in confidence” etc., which I understand is about ”the system” preparing to speak ”confidentially” maybe telling me that you are sorry about the game of darkness you played against me and you are about to being mature enough to meet me (?), and a heart was drawn to me and I understand that this is because of love/warm feelings of people of the system to me and yes you even feel sorry about my sufferings, and I was given the name ”Benedikte”, so what will it be, ”mayor”?

Later I was given the feeling of a nervous chairman of the Conservative Party, Søren Pape Poulsen, and yes, is this about the Conservative Party – as Benedikte belongs to and the party being in front of the fight of the system of darkness against me (including Pia Christmas, Lars G. and more) – about to give in and declare their defeat to me putting ”the cards” on the table?

And should this happen that I will get in on land of the enemy so to say, it will instantly stop the game (my mission) not bringing the last because we cannot keep the world going then when the other side has given up and joined hans with me, i.e. there is no more game between light and darkness then, and this time it will be ”70 tons of my mother” that we will move then at once, which is ”the rest of me” (that did not become creation), and I was told convincingly that this will mean that my ”old nightmare” will be carried out and there is nothing I can do about it, and yes, right, come on and show me the best you got because it still requires my acceptance, and I know the game so well that you will NEVER get this! And I was told that should this happen – the system of darkness giving in to me – it will bring the world ”a sudden pain”, and yes, we will see what will happen.

Yes, I am not happy about writing this because I have worked hard to make this happen, the system giving in to me, but this is what I am told so this is what I decide to write.

I keep on being told about Karen and ”she knows about this” and ”wife acceptance factor”, which is about Karen accepting me, which is really because of my mother’s faith in me – and acceptance of her too.

I bought a ticket to Lars Hug’s concert in Helsingør on March 21, which I look much forward to, he was an idol of my youth in Kliché and he makes ”perfect” songs, and his new album is no exeption, it is truly beautiful and in ”Love yourself” he starts the song by singing ”Født og vokset her i Jesu del af verden, kryb til korset, tog min bid af smerten” (”Born and grown here in Jesu part of the world, crawled to the cross taking my piece of the pain”), and yes, sure, Lars recorded this excellent new album in the House of Music in Helsingør where I live :-). I will not see Michael Falch this time and could not buy a ticket for SAGA – I have to go to Hillerød doing this or use a credit card via the Internet, which I don’t have.


On my way out to visit my mother and John this evening, I was told that John believes in you, which was impossible for him to do, Stig is the Source, no one knows how this is like, but the Source has been with you ”always”, so you know inside of you, and this comes after his hospitalisation when this was confirmed to him, we have now removed the smallest part of him, i.e. Putin’s part of the Source to you.

When I arrived at my mother’s and John’s home and welcomed home John, I was told about a ”GPS” and that it was John who had to find the Source, which came with his throwing up the deepest of all including my new self instead of giving me my ”old nightmare”, and when we had dinner where I asked ”one million questions” about how he was doing (I received none of how I am doing even though I am also very low, you know), I was given strong feelings 4-5 times that John knows about me but don’t dare saying it.

He really looked very weak and coughed so much that my mother fears ”for how long can he do this” (before dying), and yes, Bettina is also ”very ill” – something with her stomach – and my mother’s brother will go through a new 9 hour long operation to have some of his cancer infected liver removed (again), and yes, darkness has a deep grip on my family now.

I told them about status of my case with the Commune as John had not heard before, and how ”completely crazy” they are taking a wrong and illegal decision, and I told them about Thomas Blachman again speaking out the truth directly when people do wrong and when people do right, and yes, had the Commune done right and made me happy, I would also have told this story clearly for the world to understand, but they did not, and yes, I was inspired delivering this speech again and I was told that it was for John, who also could not stand me believing that I knew better and very negative/spoke down to people, and yes, to help lifting him up as believer you know, and to make him understand that neither my mother, nor my sister was right, but reacted wrongly, when they attacked me as they spoke so often about behind my back.

My mother told that she has finally succeeded taking off two rings, which she has had on for very many years where they have been sitting so tight that it has made her hand has been tingling and now that they are off, she understands that it was these rings bringing her pain all of these years, and yes, just a symbol of the end of our Old World of course.

My mother was kind to offer me another concert ticket, which I decided to be for Savage Rose coming to Helsingør on March 12, and yes, sadly it is standing and not seating places, which is why I will go alone, otherwise my mother would have come too, and yes, I told my mother that ”Annisette is as great a character as Sanne Salomonsen”, so I look forward to seeing you live for the first time, Annisette & Co. :-).

Denmark was almost drowning in self-satisfaction when it collected 100 million DKK equivalent to 15 million $ (for a population of 5 million with ”a large part” been given by businesses) while it used 95% of the time on entertainment and giving away prices to spoiled Danish including cars instead of using 95% on poor people and REALLY speak the FULL truth about how they are doing also in Kakuma, Louise, haven’t you read our memo on Dadaab (?), which should help you on what to focus on, and yes, it still makes me DISGUSTED to see all Danes being so happy about their ”true compassion” when helping out the people in the world without truly understand how their lives are and without truly understanding that they should do ”1,000 times more” to ”share what we have” and TRULY help remove poverty of the world to help bring a sustainable world, and yes, there was some inspired speech of Helle Thorning-Schmidt with the message that she doesn’t feel that she is doing enough to help me – I didn’t write down notes of this – but when a group of Danish politicians participated with a group song here, it sounded ”the worst I have ever heard” because most of these people could NOT sing at all, and I told my mother that if Blachman had seen this, this is what he would have said, i.e. ”the worst I have ever heard”, because it was the truth as Pernille V. also writes below as example saying that ”I have changed my mind. If this is the result of several years in the Parliament, I will pass”, which was also inspired to say that her heart is really with me, and not with the Parliament and this was also the deeper meaning of my reaction, which is that the Parliament sings POORLY because of its decisions working against me instead of supporting me, and yes, right after the song, the host Nikolaj Koppel said about their performance ”I know what Blachman would have said”, which made me tell my mother ”isn’t it funny that he should say that after what I just said” (?), and yes, it was indeed.

FB 310115 Pernille V

And yes, there was also ”a good story” as Nikolaj said here when he interviewed Sarah answering one of the telephones of the call centre where people could phone in contributions, and she said that the Dentists on Falkoner Allé in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, phoned in a contribution of DKK 15,000, and she said ”if you give 20,000, I will have to go up and beat the gong”, which the Dentists then accepted, and yes, this is about the gong finishing my mission, which was also symbolised back in 2008 at our summer party with dahlberg in Århus, Rikke, where we climbed up in the trees and had to beat the bell at the end, and yes, you were my ”special developer”.

FB 010215 Indsamling

The new constant light right above me on the Swedish coast was switched off again the last day, and on my way home this evening, I was shown it being switched on and told that this is what we will do, i.e. switch it on, when your mother will decide to support you, and yes, it was switched on the rest of the evening then.

I received the feeling of a former Danish Minister of Education, Ulla Tørnæs, who became famous years ago in a public speech speaking down NOT listening to and understanding people, which made people boo at her, and I was told that this is about the whole world, helped by my sister, which ”could not” understand you believing that I was negative and better-knowing to listen to.

It is me, i.e. my new self, all the way in here speaking from John, i.e. Putin and the Source coming to me from Sweden, as I felt. This gives a giant sound to my kitchen, as I was then given, the loudest ever, which is because this is also where I am stuck in the game as a symbol of inside my prison of the Old World.

This is like having your head put on as I am shown done on a Buddha figure in clay. We are now tape recorder – an old symbol of the Source – and I am shown both a tape recorder and a tape holder made from clear acrylic.

So the world/my sister did everything they could to turn me around being completely convinced that they were right and I was wrong, and they accused me wrongly for being everything they were – negative, better-knowing etc.

It is inside there that we were (inside John), which is where Putin had come to overtake my sister, mother and me too if he could and he only lacked me to make his collection complete to make him king through John, and yes, Putin controlled the advanced technology making this happen to play God for his own personal gain devoid of moral and conscience.

I was surprised receiving a series of out of this world pain to my right angle for approx. one minute.

I was shown a gold cornucopia and was told that this is what we are made of (as the Source) – there are no limitations.

I was shown Arche de la Défense in Paris (by the Danish architect Spreckelsen) and was told that this is not just a fine monument, but also has to do with my arrival, which is also why I was given the feeling wanting to go out and see it when I was in Paris one time with Camilla in the 1990’s, but I did not, we only saw it from a distance.

The world didn’t know which road you would take to come here; ”wait a minute, you don’t take up the fight with your sister, thus all of the world, because no one can win this, which is why I have reserved a corner for you where I believed that you, as I, would create our New World, because it is impossible to unite everything” and I felt Putin inside darkness, so it was a surprise to you that I took the long way and steepest road home, but this is how we did because our motto is ”one for all all for one”, everything else is unthinkable, this is why this was our ”strategy”, which is also why I received the toughest sufferings and had to never give up.

USA and no one knew this about John, except from me. Putin/Russia have been able to themselves follow how they gradually lost grip in and power of me, but did not tell the world because this is what Sanna does to them, which is what they had planned.

I was shown myself as the Source from outside looking in through a hole of the eye of my mother where I am shown Siouxsie and the Banshees playing, and I was told that this is because I am floating over creation now.

So I am no longer part of your teeth anymore, but free, and yes, this is what it meant for the Source to be inside your teeth, which was to be part of the creation of the Old World and now it is opposite with creation being part of the Source inside my eyes :-).

Do you believe that Hans was also looking inside there – where Russia looked seeing how they gradually lost power to me – to obtain faith? He had looked inside there much earlier without seeing anything, and I am here given the feeling of being in Stockholm in 2001, when I worked there, and where they also lost power to me.

Did the doctors treating John on hospital in January understand that they had to perform a ”turned around operation” on him (?), and yes, they knew about the original plan to transfer me to him, but they did not know why without my scripts telling you.

Was Jack one of the few who had to know (about the Source inside John controlled by Putin) in order to do is job?

So I am now changing over from John to you as my final basis, and yes, I was only with John because of their plans, and this corresponds to me walking across the bridge from Sweden to you.

This is how we had to overshadow you (from within darkness) because it is first now that ”I AM” with me in you.

They tried to steal the machinery, and it is this part that has now returned to me. And it was me being inside the camp of the enemy returning to its rightful owner. This is why it was decisive what John was thinking being with Sanna against me, and he took the longest time to discover that you were speaking the truth in order to keep the game going, and yes, I also now rather to be on your side like your mother is what John has decided.

This means that I am first now leaving your mother, i.e. the Old World, coming outside to you, and this is what happened when John was hospitalised.

It was the horror regime of Putin that all were working for with no one being able to stop it, and Putin believed so much in himself that he boasted of calling himself ”king” making him look like THE BIGGEST FOOL IN THE WORLD on pictures showing you as an action man, ”superhero” and ”caring father of the nation” to the world, and yes, this is the works of a MAD MAN, and Sanna did not understand him, and how many did (?), and yes, it was me – my new self speaking to me – making Putin crazy giving him these dream visions and telling him that ”no one can get you, including Stig – kill him” (!), and yes, Putin even used your neighbour Preben against you, which is why I spoke through him too. And it was me controlling your ”old nightmare” (pressuring me with the weight of the world against me) and Putin’s worst darkness ”loving children” far too much, right Putin?

Putin was so convinced that he would become “King of the world” that he showed himself as THE BIGGEST FOOL acting as a “superhero” – he WAS my new self acting as a MAD MAN and psychopath giving in to his deepest desires as dictator

So Putin was simply a psychopath being convinced that his spiritual voices told him the truth the same way as my neighbour Preben – being unable to do the simple task of deciding what is right and wrong to do, thus deciding to give in to the deepest and most wrong desires that a ”dictator” can do, which is the difference compared to me always deciding to do right, and yes, the world ruler in spe, who was simply a deranged and weak man like Hitler, who also could not control the same spiritual darkness as I was given and we all received it because of Sanna and her will, and yes, there was only one man in the world being able to defeat this ”incredible power of darkness” trying to overtake me, and it was me, which is what my whole life prepared me for including ”the tough raise” from my mother and tough work and life experiences in general making me ”tougher than the rest”.

Putin received the same uncontrollable temper as Hitler because my sister decided the way of the world believing she did right when she did wrong. So Putin WAS my new self, as Hitler was too, acting as darkness because this is what darkness of man required me to do, and this is what was required to bring energy of man to bring home creation to the Source saving all.

So it was me, my new self still speaking these words, giving all liquorice (darkness) to the world – I feel this coming as a very compact/narrow shell over my head – until you have now come to get me out.

I received the feeling of Holm, my old music- and religion teacher on Mørdrup school – as I have been given often without writing it, and I was told that people believing in me were impervious to Putin, and these were the people that we worked through to spread us without being found.

It is so unusual for you to still be alive, no one else than you can come here.

The whole world suffered from the disease that ”we cannot understand” and are wimps not daring to do anything going up against this system of darkness, but there was no one worse than Putin being completely extreme and a COMPLETE IDIOT, and it was also me, my new self, speaking through Preben, which we have stopped because of your influence (I told Preben the last time to ask his voice ”who are you” and I told him that ”I know”), and Putin is also not as sick anymore because he believes in you, and this was ”impossible” because he was convinced that Sanna is the truth, right Putin (?), which you tried to cheat, and no, I was the truth which no one could take seriously and you had already left me, yes, I was undervalued – and you did not believe that I could take this road as Stig because I gave in to the strong sexual temptations I was given until 2009 – and no one was as stupid as I, which everyone could see.

It required to make them believe that I am Jesus, which is what was the most difficult for Putin to believe in, and this is why I now receive more out of this world pain to my right angle.

And it was Karen that Putin wanted to turn around at the very end with my approval to become the whole world.

We took such a giant bite of him in Kenya via faith of LTO in me (in 2009), which Putin knew but still denied to believe in being misled by Sanna.

This is what Lars G. etc. knew about, i.e. the dark NWO of Putin, and do you think that he will let us live (?), and yes, it was not all of you feeling sure of this? This is also what Jack was willing to give you up for.

So your mother and you were the best chance of the world, and they knew that it was ”impossible” for us to do – somehow they knew through Sanna, and yes, because they had seen through her and still they continued working against me, and we know, the whole world were WIMPS (!), and no, they were not afraid of me, but to be killed by Putin if they were disloyal to him (with the risk of Putin dissolving the world via my new self as he had access to), and yes, Hans, this was the man that the Secret Network that you appointed, were working for. This is why the world was running away from you – not communicating with or supporting you.

I was told that Vatican had meetings with Putin and Putin believed that he was in control of them too, but they played a game, because they were the ones directing you to send darkness including life to me to be cleansed.

I had dreams of a man killing his own child and impossible to find, but I follow a teenage boy who has decided to find him, and finds out where this man lives and we see that his row house has been strengthened so much that it should be impossible to enter, but still we do, and the teenage boy comes through to the man admitting to what he has done killing his first son and about to kill his second, which the teenage boy makes him decide not to do after all, and I wonder if this is about Putin killing boys as part of his sexual obsession of darkness knowing that he has been revealed to the world.

I was told that Putin sent Irina to me in 2005 to exchange you via ”a very strong love”, but my inner self had her disarmed removing her sexual desire for me. And I was told that Putin, i.e. Russia, has followed and drawn from me since my birth knowing about my arrival.

Half awake I was told that Kim Larsen has always known that it would be about blood vengeance at the end – revenging killings with killings.

I sleep INCREDIBLE POORLY these days and feel INCREDIBLE POORLY and I was given so much notes to write that it should be impossible for me to do today, where I also had agreed with a private seller in Hillerød to buy his fine six bottle of wine for DKK 400 (which is sold for more than DKK 1,200 at Erik Sørensens Wine store, an old favourite store of mine) and to do this at 14.00 today coming to Hillerød, and yes, I told my mother about this yesterday, and she was kind to offer me to borrow their car ”the car is yours as much as ours” as she said, and I told her the truth that this is NOT why I told her because I would have taken the train and brought my bicycle because ”I don’t want to be like Tobias”, who always expects to borrow his parent’s car or be picked up around the clock whenever he needs it (as he did before his parents decided to pay for a new car for him last year!), but now that she offered it, I will accept it, and yes, it was almost impossible for this seller to answer my emails and to inform his address, but eventually I succeeded coming through and to go and get this wine and also a new coffee jug from Georg Jensen in a typical Danish design, which I like much.

I was told that Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, is one who was able to read and obtain faith in me deciding to support me going up against the system of darkness.

John was told that this is the end, there is no world outside here, and also that this is a game, don’t say anything yet, Stig received sufferings because of his mother’s wrong actions – and yours.

I returned home with the car in the afternoon and my mother invited me in for a cup of coffee because Sanna and Hans had decided to come by for a visit, and I was really FAR TOO TIRED to sit down being social, but we had a nice hour together, and I was told that my appeal to the Commune landed on Hans’ table, and he has now released my case to the Commune, which is also why the Conservative party is about to give up the game to me, and I was told that it was Hans who sent my libary friend, Allan, against me – I have been told for days about how Allan sent ”distorted reports/observations” about me.

Sanna and Hans were really unusual kind to me, and I could see on their eyes again that ”they know” and Hans’ eyes looked sad, which is because you are ”broken down”, Hans (?), when you ”could not” take my apple juice reporting about you to the world speaking the truth as you did about me behind my back bringing lies on me (?), and no, it is not easy continuing the game knowing what you did ”failing” the world and brought me my life’s sufferings, but I was told from my new self that ”he” praises them for deciding to continue the game without breaking down. And yes, they could have decided to turn their backs on me because of my writings the last weeks, but they have not, and this is because I have a grip on the long end of the rope.

Later, I was told about informers against me all of my life including Camilla’s father’s brother Kenn, and my old cohabittee Camilla, who was also planted by darkness with me, and yes, I was given several examples of friends and old colleagues reporting about me to the Devil with Henning W. having a coordinating role, and not least Karen as the most important of all bringing the most poisonous (and misunderstood) reports on me. Many took the lead including Lars G., and I received ”Drop dead beautiful” by Six was nine and the lyrics ”We committed no crime” and ”Oh I don’t wanna take my best friend’s baby, But she’s drop dead beautiful”. This is how they all put wood on my fire prepared by my sister burning me down, and yes, ”collective brainwash”, you know.

No one knew that there was access here through Lis, my mother’s old friend, which I am told came via her faith in me coming because of ”talk on town” about me.

They could not know that the road to eternal life goes through bringing Karen and I together, and not my mother and I, and solely because of this, they could not receive eternal life via Queen Elisabeth.

Newspapers have written the story of how a Danish lady met Jesus for days, and here I told Information the story that I decided to invite this lady to become my Facebook friend some days ago, but no, she ”could not”, so this is as close as she came in reality to me. http://www.information.dk/522906.

FB 010215 Information

FB 020215 Stig 2

FB 020215 Stig 3



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