February 2015 – after script IV: Sanna and I had the natural power of mind controlling the world with darkness and light via our thoughts and decisions – this was our true game


Summary of the script today

  • February 10: Sanna and I had the natural power of mind controlling the world with darkness and light via our thoughts and decisions – this was our true game. People obtained faith in me believing I was ”the most powerful in the Universe” when I escaped the whole system hunting me to bring me in. We had to go to the very end of John/everything to reach my mother’s understanding that I was  the weak side having the whole family, system and the world working against me – so instead of ”nothing” according to my mother, I am now the most precious. Sanna used ”mind control” to change our minds/behaviour and the world from light to darkness, which brought natural catastrophes, ”war against man” etc. This mind control tool was driven by Sanna’s ambitions to become King instead of me as King and leading to the end of the world. Sanna did not know about this natural power, which was built inside of her and divided her thoughts and decisions to the world. This was our mind game, my sister controlled darkness and I light in the same way as she on each side of the table playing against each other with creation as ante. We have downloaded everything and filled up the hole of negative energy and the final document has been written of Sanna and Putin. Everything was about equalising the initial advance that darkness/my sister received, which was included in the 1978-Sicily programme installed in us. At the end it required for John self at hospital to receive the message that ”Stig is God, you are not, you were abused by Putin” in order to lift (cough) me up. New chapter to website: My sister wanted to bring a wonderful New World to the elite replacing the Old World without knowing about Putin’s plan to overtake, control and enslave man.


February 2015 – after script IV: Sanna and I had the natural power of mind controlling the world with darkness and light via our thoughts and decisions – this was our true game

February 10: Sanna and I had the natural power of mind controlling the world with darkness and light via our thoughts and decisions – this was our true game

FB 100215 Stig 1

The only thing I really feared when publishing my scripts in 2010 was Lars prosecuting me because of my ”negative writings” on him (telling the truth of course) with all of his energy and will-power NEVER giving up because he can be VERY ”obsessed”, and I am told that Lars knew about my ”uncomfortable writings” on him, but he could never get a grip in himself and pull himself together to do the work required to prosecute me, and yes, the curse of Lars’ life of being INCREDIBLE SLOWLY so things just seem to run out of your hands Lars before finishing and many times even before starting them (?), so you only had THOUGHTS about this but never did anything (?), and yes, this is how I came by too.

There is a plan of the end of Denmark as state as there are for all states, and I feel Putin here but am told that it was a condition for John to become the Source to bring out this plan, and this is what is at stake these days with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande visiting Putin in Moscow for ”talks on ending the conflict in Ukraine” – with war as alternative – and Anders Fogh warning about Russia attacking the Baltic states, but does he have the courage doing this now when John is not going to become his “secret Source” (?), and no, only a play for the gallery.

Telegraph 080215

Telegraph Anders Fogh 050215


The plan was to have one New World Government with Putin as King – without Sanna, Hans, my mother and me, and also without John other than being the Source. The world knew about and had accepted this, but Sanna and Hans did not know.

Does Putin truly want war now (?), and I was reminded that he is directed by my new self, and yes, I am not told, but we will probably go right until the edge before I will awake as my new self.

I received the same warning from my two Facebook friends, Egil and Leah, about TISA, the new secret trade agreement, which seems to be part of the New World Order of darkness including privatisation of water, electricity and ”put data protection at risk”, and this may be to control vital supplies to the world for you to decide on who to receive (”survive”) and not?https://secure.avaaz.org/en/stop_tisa_en_uk_21/?dMyLOcb

Egil 080215


So everything looks as if it is going to Hell, but no, they are opening to the bag of goodies bringing my new self out via darkness given to the world until it is enough.

Yes, the dissolution of the Old World Order also follows my emails to the United Nations in 2013: https://www.scribd.com/doc/176891926/Email-for-the-UN-Dismissing-the-Old-World-and-announcing-the-New-World-and-my-appearance-as-God and https://www.scribd.com/doc/182307931/My-last-email-for-the-United-Nations-ending-my-mission.

I went for dinner with my mother and John, and John is indeed looking so extremely poorly having difficulties standing and still coughing much that he looks like being on his way to his grave, but still he hasn’t given up and asked for my help to adjust settings on his exercise cycle, and I was told that this is because he knows that I am bringing eternal youth.

My mother is afraid that John will die at any moment, and I offered her to call me around the clock if it happens. I may feel as poorly as John, it truly took out all to overcome my sufferings to cycle and stay there this evening, my whole body is screaming in pain/tiredness. My mother is doing alright except from having had a cold for days.

I told them the story about how the Commune until now has given in 2/3 in my favour and about their harassment not paying out for the last three years saying with big letters that they are RAVING MAD, and this is because John knows that they are controlled by Sanna and Hans, that they are indeed bastards for they way they have treated me and that I have to win this case to open to the New World of my mother. And yes, they have incredible confidence in me now and almost in everything that I say, what a change.

I continued receiving more sudden and big pain to my right side coming from outside – ”the Signe effect”.

We watched the Danish final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was a fine looking show on the surface, but the hosts were primitive/crude (as often experienced on DR P3 radio, yes ”superficial” and ”crude”) and most of the content was truly too poor quality as it also was last year, and I cannot understand why managers decide for a ”young music style” (= ”superficial pop music” as in most cases here) instead of representing the people and bringing true quality and variation, and while watching it, I kept on receiving the word ”mature” – is this act ”mature” or not – which was really about the Commune now being ”mature” to pay out my money or at least understanding where I come from. Here is the winner, Remee´s boyband ”Anti Social Media” with ”The way you are”, which I tipped myself as one of the favourites.

I continue missing a girlfriend, and I saw a Facebook update with Pernille V. as example and was told that she was meant to come to me when I had given in to darkness to ”give me comfort”, which is how darkness works, but NO THANK YOU – I want ”the real thing”.

It was about bringing your mother to the end of the motorway, which succeeded because she is still with you.

The 200 year old monk from my previous script was really about this monk pretending to be locked up in prison camp like me and first becoming free when I am about to come free, this is the right connection.

When you had sex, the idea for man was to read and copy the way to the Source.

They were inside of your apartment deciding on how to share your home content (because your mother had said ”take him”) as you did yourself in 2009 when travelling to Kenya, where they did not believe that you would return home, and this is because the order to Kenya was to ”hospitalise Stig”, but no, the authorities didn’t have the courage doing this because what if he really is God, which is why I had scripts printed out for Gerald at the Immigration Office to read and I am told that he also received strong dreams about me.

Your mother told her friend Käte about this making Käte think that ”Stig is the most powerful in the Universe” because nobody can get out of everything having the whole system hunting him, and see now (my correspondence with the Commune) how he is beating them up for all to see.

This is in itself so strong to make people obtain faith in you, and it really only required for me to do my best work to keep the system away by telling the world about what they did thus removing their confidence to carry out their orders to kidnap and lock me up.

Yes, it was ”impossible” for Stig to survive and go free of the system hunting me if I did not have God with me, which is what people finally started realising.

And the plan was for Benedikte to be installed as mayor after I had been locked up, which she knew and doesn’t want to say, but now this is out too.

This is how all are pleading you now.

Your mother is now understanding that you were truly the weak side having the whole family, system and the world working against you, and no, no one is strong enough to take on this pressure.

And we had to go to the very end of John/everything to reach this understanding by turning around people – and we have by far crossed everyone’s pain threshold only because you did it making them do it.

This is why my mother discovered that it wasn’t me wanting to kill her but everyone else, and no, it isn’t easy for her to nurse John knowing about this.

So instead of ”nothing” according to your mother, you are now the most precious.

I brought this comment to Stephen Fry judging me for creating ”cruelty”, and as usual I received no “likes” – with comments beneath mine receiving many, – but I received a warning of a man claiming that I am a false prophet, hmmm, why don’t you read and understand instead of automatically choosing the negative side (?) – and I was told later that this comment of mine brought faith of many new people (of the Secret Network) in me.

FB 080215 BBC

Think that my sister was in charge of a system doing wrong, cheating and lying and still you believed that you did right (!), and yes, you knew about and even planned that there would be ”nothing” for me after the death of my father and you could not even tell me when it happened in January 2013?

I have kept on being told that Sanna, Hans and John have known since our cruise to Amsterdam that this was coming your way, and still you decided to participate in my game knowing about ”the fall” coming?

”Wife protective” – inside of Karen meaning that they could not kill you because you were the one deciding over the world.

And yes, the Commune knew about people being inside your apartment – maybe you were here too – and now it is not easy for them seeing how you have received the overtake on your sister? And my mother was here too?

What did Sanna use to control everything? To control Karen’s reactions to me, and almost got your mother to work against you until the very end. What is the name of this mind control tool that Sanna also got access to? And this is what she apologises most for because how could I even dream about using this tool on my own family changing their mind and behaviour? This tool almost burning cattle with? Was it so that Sanna could change plus to minus and decided to change the world to the wrong side, from plus to minus including you, which is ultimately what brought you the worst sufferings, brought natural catastrophes, building up war against man etc. (?), and yes, because this was ”needed” according to a ”report” shown to you and Hans by ”the world” and what evidence did you base your decision on to support the world (?); which I feel here is ”way too little”, it was more a feeling like ”I want to become King instead of the King”, right Sanna (?), so it was her ambitions leading to the end of the world, and she had Hans and everyone else working for her to bring down your mother, i.e. creation, and no, she did not know that she had this power, and this power was built inside of her, which is how we divided her thoughts and decisions to the world as we also did with yours. She didn’t know this and this was the mind game of the world; your sister controlled darkness and you controlled light on each side of the table playing against each other with your mother, i.e. creation, in the middle deciding on its path of life, i.e. darkness of elimination or light of eternal life. Sanna is not at all the same as she was – but me. All spaceships of people of other civilisations where also controlled by Sanna’s and my thoughts. It is therefore not too much to say that you were managing a top job.

Diamonds are eternal energy of the Source, and diamonds are forever ♥.

I was searching for an old Facebook update of mine from 2009 and I found a comment to me from Jack’s old girlfriend Katten, and I decided to send her an invitation to become friends, and all that happened hereafter was that I felt her all evening, but she didn’t accept my invitation – why was that, Katten (?) – and I was encouraged to find her old comment again when writing this, but now it has ”disappeared”.

A man from Copenhagen called me after having found my website and telephone number on it because he recognised the same information on my website as on information coming to himself spiritually combined with different sources – bible texts, websites etc. – and he was speaking away without much coherence but it was about the second coming, pyramids, the Mayan Calendar and paintings by Leonardo da Vinci (”the last supper”) and Michelangelo, and I understood that there is a connection with this man, but I wasn’t told about which, and yes, he was speaking away and suffering from the syndrome ”I want to speak to be understood” instead of ”I want to listen to learn more” and after having listened to him for maybe 30 minutes without finding the red thread in his speaking, I told him to read and understand my website to lift him up to another level, and when he has this understanding, he is welcome to call back and we can talk together on a higher level, and yes, I saw him opening maybe 20 of my websites, but it seemed as if he also did not have the patience to truly read and understand them because he only stayed a few minutes on each site.

Dalai Lama

I continue receiving many dreams, which I have decided not to write down, but there was one dream I will make an exception of and that was about my removal from a high rise block looking like the one I am really living in, and I discover that all residents have received a piece of paper about me saying that ”Stig is dangerous” and it includes information about ”Stig is sick” and I can see my sister and other doctors having prescribed medicine for me and it also includes misunderstood/wrong stories about whom I may potentially be dangerous to including names of people that I don’t understand, and I am discovering this information because the residents trust me and bring me this information and more about me otherwise not supposed to come to my understanding where I can see that my apartment is also monitored, and yes, is it really so, Sanna and the Commune, that you decided to warn my neighbours about me (?), and yes, you couldn’t be so low and mean, could you (?), but maybe you could.

I still sleep incredible poorly and am awakened many times during a night, which includes a VERY dry mouth, and I am so tired that I cannot last a whole day every day, so I try to get a nap during the day, but still I am completely out and exhausted at around 20-21 suffering much.

You have now finished updates to your website – via my work for many weeks – and there are only some corrections remaining.

Christian E., did you arrive safely, then I will go – no, not yet, we will first say goodbye handing everything over.

I was encouraged to look at used Espresso machines for sale, finding a Bodum very cheaply including a grinder here in Helsingør, and there was no problem with the valve, which otherwise had broken down and is a general problem on these machines, and this is because it had been replaced by a home made aluminium valve, so no problems with keeping up pressure, and yes, it has the finest design and I am thinking that it is going to replace my old Italian espresso machine, which only caused problems and has been moved down to my basement again, and yes, it is too cheap not to buy it (600 DKK including the grinder) and has the finest design, and yes, I will collect it some hours after publishing this script – and then I do believe that my coffee collection, i.e. love of the Source to man, is ready :-).

If you stand on that list – i.e. being part of the Secret Network – they can make your debts disappear simply by snapping one’s fingers, and paying taxes is also ”no problem” because you have the mob to take care of this, is that how you have arranged yourselves (?), and yes, the top of the society and everyone knows except from the mob, and this is your well-guarded secret? And it is people from this network seeing how the Commune is treating/harassing me.

Lisbeth from the Commune made a note that she and I would meet again in December 2014 – the normal three months after our previous meeting in September 2014 – but no, I have still NOT received a new meeting invitation, and I have also not heard from the tax authorities that has not send me any inpayment forms to start my repayment of the agreed 500 DKK from January 1, and no, they also haven’t send me any reminders, and what is this about, is it the system that has decided to STOP all of their disgusting activities in relation to me finally knowing about who I am?

Jobnet 090215

So we have completely new enamel, which is what your teeth was, i.e. creation with the Source inside.

I cannot cheat you anymore, we have filled up the hole of negative energy – feeling Madonna and her new love song here.

I was shown the walls of a lorry being broken down, and there is a new lorry inside in the strongest material and colours imaginable.

I was told about how Elijah’s family wore their finest clothes when I visited them in 2009, and also that it is not only my family and I being on the outermost edge at the moment – yes, the last 5-6 weeks have truly been a PAIN going through – which the LTO team members and families also are.

I received the feeling of St. Tropez and my father and was told that we brought out most this way and the rest via Vorupbør because Jack opened this flank via his mother. This is why Christian E. (living in Monaco) and his faith also was decisive, and yes, maybe you did not have much time reading my Facebook updates, Christian, but this is how we brought most home. Christian was the sugar beet returning the Source to your mother via his faith. This is the part that we had temporarily left behind in Amsterdam – being cultivated by Karin and more – that we have collected.

Pernille V’s task is now to convince the elite of Helsingør city about the truth of me, this is her loyalty now. Does this mean that all who were against you in the beginning now are ready receiving you?

”Tucows”, two-cows to me, i.e. two New World’s coming, yes, everything is now downloaded and the final document has been written of Sanna and Putin. So the brass hornist is ready, and yes, I still wait on receiving an answer from the Commune to my last appeal and will they decide to pay out now – is Hans ready (?) – or still let it go through the Appeal Board, which may take many weeks (?) – as symbol of opening the Source when receiving this payment.

Everything was about equalising the initial advance that darkness/your sister received, and I here feel Bee Gees, which is to say that this is also included in the 1978-Sicily programme installed in us.

At the end it required for John self at hospital to receive the message that ”Stig is God, you are not, you were abused by Putin” in order to lift (cough) me up. Everything happened inside John’s head based on what he thought of you and your mother to transfer to you.

This is also what faith of the Youth School in me was about, i.e. to bring me up from darkness – also via Christian E.

Well, it is the hollow here – I am shown a hollow between two golden banks of Karen and I – that you are coming up from, and I am shown my new self as darkness lying on a stretcher coming up.

So it was your sister’s negative thoughts in relation to you that interfered with how Benedikte, the Commune and also Elijah received negative thoughts and feelings about you.

I had many dreams again, and one was about a horse being cut in half with the half still living, and about teenage boys being cut in halves too and stuck in sand to speak to and impress teenage girls just before they will die – it is a new Swedish owner that has taken over – and I woke up to Natalia Imbruglia’s ”Torn” and the lyrics ”There’s nothing where he used to lie, The conversation has run dry, That’s what’s going on, Nothing’s fine, I’m torn”, so there is nothing remaining. I also received ”the final countdown” again, and yes, I have been told the name of the singer Joey Tempest some times lately.

However, there is still more climbing to do. Remember that the worst storm is just around your new self. This is like cutting off your leg …, or have you come through, yes, it can be difficult to see from here. Is it possible to die having flowers on your grave? This is also connected to the sudden pain given to your right side lately.

Yes, as the Stig, I am bringing you the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci as a symbol of the “perfect new man” of our New World, read my page on this – and it seems that some of you at Top Gear have and this is your way showing it to the world, and that is “if you know” of course :-).

FB 090215 The Stig

I have had much difficulties finding energy to write the following new chapter to the front page of my website including my pages on the New World Order, but eventually I made it, and this is how it became like:

My sister wanted to bring a wonderful New World to the elite replacing the Old World without knowing about Putin’s plan to overtake, control and enslave man

My sister, Sanna, believed that she was saviour and creator of a New World – not me because the official story was that ”Stig is crazy, something went wrong with creation, I take over” as she informed the world about and received world support to do – which she would bring to man to replace the worn-out Old World.

Sanna also believed that she would become ”everything” of the Source including all life without knowing about Putin’s plans to steal her, our mother and me including the secret of life and the Source to become a new ”fake God” using my mother’s husband John as ”cover of life” as the Source without knowing it himself.

Sanna believed that she was controlled from the Vatican and working for God, and she and her husband, Hans (working as world leader), truly believed that their coming New World was wonderful including the https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/new-world-order/new-world-order-of-darkness-of-the-world-elite-part-iii/#Agenda%2021, which they told the Secret Network of the world (the chosen elite to survive the end of the world and be brought to their New World via the rapture of man) about not knowing about the evil plans of Putin.

But my sister and her husband could not describe her New World, which is why it could not be created, and when my sister gave into temptations of darkness bringing her power and money a long time ago, Putin stole her part of the Grail to become ”the eyes of evil” instead of her. Instead of my sister’s new dream world, man’s wish became Putin’s dark world, which however also could not be created because only light, not darkness, is sustainable with life receiving force from the Source, but the world did not know.

My sister was overtaken and working for darkness/Putin without knowing it, and Putin was deliberately not telling about his evil plans to control/enslave man, which was to become a ”surprise” to the world. Thus, Putin was trying to fool the Secret Network of the world to believe in my sister and the coming, wonderful New World, where he would come as a thief in the night to overtake, control and enslave man.

This is what world leaders figured out making many of them decide to work concealed for this  dark New World Order of Putin to ”help their career”, and they did not tell my sister about it.

My task was to convince both Sanna, Hans and the Secret Network about the cruelty of not only the end of the Old World but also about Putin’s planned control and enslavement of man of the New World – as you can read about from my pages of the New World Order of darkness of the World Elite  – which Sanna and Hans finally understood in 2013 when they turned around in favour of me as a growing number of people of the Secret Network also did when reading and now understanding me and rejoicing at the New World Order of joy and happiness that I bring them instead of my sister, and also instead of the dark world order of Putin as they were working for and ”could not” go up against, thus believing that this is what would become the inevitable result of their efforts.

The Secret Network of the world now understood that I bring them TRUE FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY of my New World Order to man, and not the totalitarian regime as they first believed that I represented because of my strong language ”telling man” the truth about his poor behaviour, communication and work moral (to help you understand in order to improve) making them WRONGLY believe that I am a dictator, and this was the true story because man believed that  they would receive a wonderful New World via my sister including freedom and responsibility, but in reality it included ”the official secret” of a totalitarian regime of Putin controlling and enslaving man, which is what they feared they would receive from me. So this is the story of a turned-around world that ”could not” understand the truth believing that I would bring them not only a dark New World Order but the end of the world when this in fact was what man would bring himself and used all resources to achieve – and what we needed to do in order to become as close to the end (”nothing”) that I could reconnect with the Source in 2010 and turn around all life bring with me to our New World.

Thus, Sanna and Hans accepted the war of the elite against man as described on these pages as a requirement to bring the Old World to an end, which they knew was it’s doom, simultaneously as creating their New World, and man believed that it would require energy of 90% of man to open and get access to all force of the Source, who would then be eliminated as part of their war plan, while the Secret Network would disappear in ”the rapture of man” leading them to their New World of joy and happiness as they believed they would achieve, but instead they discovered that there was really no way out of the Old World leading to a New World because they would receive no energy from the Source to a world of darkness (darkness is ”no life”, i.e. the end, so they would really receive what they worked for, i.e. ”nothing”), so man had been following a ROAD TO NOWHERE and at the end they understood that instead of creating their wonderful New World as they had been almost in ecstasy over, they had really been digging their own graves leading to the end of all if it was not for me bringing you your New World and saving you all.

This is how I brought the world with me. When Sanna and Hans received faith in me and lost faith in her, it made Putin’s dark world break down, but the Old World did not physically end because I decided to let it live until the very end when our New World is perfect and ready to be opened :-).

I brought this Facebook update on the Grammy’s and ELO.

FB 090215 Stig ELO

FB 090215 Stig ELO-2

FB 090214 Stig ELO-3


FB 100215 Stig 2

FB 100215 Stig 3



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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