February 2015 – after script VI: The terror attack in Copenhagen was released via reactions from the world government to my previous script seeing the end of their evil empire


Summary of the script today

  • February 15: The terror attack in Copenhagen was released via reactions from the world government to my previous script seeing the end of their evil empire

I was closer than ever being unable to write this script because of the ”explosion” of the uppermost top of the world to my previous script seeing the end of their evil empire. The terror attack in Copenhagen was about ”blowing up the powder barrel” because of reactions from the network of the uppermost world to my previous script. Putin’s network of the uppermost world is ”the world government”, i.e. the Bilderberg Network, not only including politicians, but ”the top of the world”. These were the people planning to control and enslave man in their New World including poisoning, drugging, mind controlling, martial law etc. This is why it was so important to have Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt elected not being part of this network helping them (too much) to bring about their plans. The Danish Conservative party including Pia Christmas, Lars G., Benedikte Kiær and also the ”prominent” Poul Schlütter, Hans Engell and others sold their souls to the Devil of Putin. Putin focused on bringing the Source out from my father not realising that I would receive it starting my life as ”nothing” to become ”everything”.

I am now made by energy of others believing I am here without being here, and when I am not here, it is the same as bringing their energy – the Old World – to the Source. I have now been taken in as one of the others, i.e. similar parts like me from previous creations, and you have to look carefully to discover them because they don’t look like me. It isn’t my new self created in this world that is now outside in the Source, it is my old self opening the door to my new self, this is how it works here. There is nothing and still everything inside the Source, it is a never-ending magical material without restrictions, no one has created it, it is just there. I am shown white plastic buckets including water of the Source all over placed in perfect order, and each bucket is a creation made individually according to their own specifications.

Michael Bundesen and Sanne Salomonsen saw the end coming and my arrival, which they shared with the music industry bringing faith in me to build our New World :-).

My mother’s negative energy including the remaining parts of me was stored inside Tobias’ girlfriend Mia, which is now coming to me via her faith. It is this negative energy/pain that we will build the rest of the game on, we could not bring out creation without this if it wasn’t because we already have turned around. This blood/pain is what we turn around as happiness of reunion and our new sun because Mia now understands the truth about me, which is stopping the pain. Darkness had placed a big part of negativity of my mother inside Mia making it impossible to create our New World if it was not because I turned it around myself. It is through Mia, the one I had least expected, that I will receive the gift as Thomas Blachman kept on seeing and talking about in X Factor. X FACTOR: MY FIGHT AGAINST THE MONSTER OF PUTIN, I WAS SUPERIOUR AND BRING YOU MY GIFT OF A NEW WORLD AS RESULT – ”WE ARE HERE”. I am overtaking my own spiritual voice now, and it was this voice that spoke through Thomas Blachman for the first time.


February 2015 – after script VI: The terror attack in Copenhagen was released via reactions from the world government to my previous script seeing the end of their evil empire

February 15: The terror attack in Copenhagen was released via reactions from the world government to my previous script seeing the end of their evil empire

FB 150215 Stig 1

This network of the uppermost world as mentioned in my previous script is the same as ”the world government” – I am thinking of Clinton here too, but not Obama – having passed laws, which old parliaments don’t even know about.

This network is Henrik D. – Lars G’s friend – also part of.  And what Jack ”voluntarily” decided to become part of too, and yes, this network includes ”the top of the world” not only within governments, but all over society.

And this is what Glistup intercepted including the news of me being overtaking by this network.

When Margrethe Vestager also understood that they could not bring forward a New World, she also put her tail in-between her legs reporting in under ”my regime” full-heartedly speaking for this now, Margrethe?

They did everything they could to ”follow my sister” to bring ”her New World” which also required the death of my father, but you already know.

This is why it was so important to have Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt elected not being part of this network helping them to bring about their plans, and yes, they ”had to comply” with certain things, but you should have seen what we rejected as I am here told with Obama’s voice.

And this brings me the answer to an old question of mine, which is that Putin’s network includes ”very few” of the uppermost top of the world, where ”the Secret Network” includes approx. 10% of mankind ”doomed” by man to survive, but this Secret Network was meant to be controlled and enslaved by Putin’s true elite on top, and yes, what do you say about that?

I am given the thought of the Bilderberg Network, which is this new world government, which also meant that it was actually working for Putin’s new horror regime and not me, which however is what the Vatican with the Universe in the Universal Council made it do by sending necessary darkness to me – without knowing it.

Did this network try to recruit David in Nairobi – via his University Professor friend, who was the man setting me up making the police and immigration authorities end up expelling me – but they couldn’t because David was loyal to me.

I was shown HELLman mayonnaise and told about ”food additives”, which was NOT meant to stop in their New World, and yes, everything about controlling man including poisoning, drugs, mind control, monitoring of every step you do, martial law etc. as included on my pages of the dark NWO was meant to continue in their New World with only the uppermost of the world being ”priveliged” to live a ”fat” lives on the cost of everyone else, who were doomed to live lives in misery as slaves without freedom.

And this is the network that you are part of too, Ulla Therkelsen, but you didn’t have the courage to tell me and the world about it, and why is that, are you afraid of dying too (?), and yes, ”it is better to wait on Stig’s arrival then” in order to protect your own skin, and no, I do NOT like this at all, but it was required that everyone did as you, otherwise it would have ended the game too early.

These were the people holding me in state prison.

You are now made by energy of others believing you are there but without being there. And when you are not there, it is the same as bringing their energy – the Old World – to the Source.

Gustav Thöni (old ski racer and symbol of darkness) – the only thing she was thinking of was me as dead, yes Margrethe Vestager.

No, it was not easy for them explaining that the world is going in the right direction when it was in fact going directly to Hell, and is this what the play of Putin, Merkel and Hollande these days are about (?), and yes, to bring the world ”a little hope”, Merkel, while preparing the very end of it, which at least was your plans but now you cannot because I am here ”disturbing you”. And yes, just a ”play for today” where I bring the Cure (my favourite song together with ”forest”). And yes, when I don’t give up to my ”old nightmare”, they can’t start their planned scenario bringing the end of the world.

Even though I am now outside, we continue the game as if we are inside, thus still bringing me my ”old nightmare” threats.

These were the people who included Kirsten in their plans to bring you down, not Sanna.

And it is the breakdown of this system that Benedikte giving in to me – also via Hans – is about.

So Putin went directly to my father to get ”the Third Reich”, which is really what they call ”the Source” for, this was the end goal.

Isn’t it so that Isabelle is working at Tryg Insurance now, where she has been the last approx. 5 months, to help people obtaining faith in me?

So now it is a little unusual yourself sitting out here reaching in – as I am here given a feeling via a ray from the Source outside/at Sweden. I am sitting outside here to get you out using the system of the Old World, which is to try bringing you your ”old nightmare”.

Weren’t you disappointed entering here? No one saw you, which is the first feeling you get. I felt my father and was told that he is now my co-operation partner out here. And from here you really can see everything.

Now it gets a little complicated. Had they listened to ”Peer Dragholm” as the Source not believing that you would be (?), other than having deciding power of the Source, but this is how we decided it to be. And he was not nearly as dangerous to them as you, who is a formidable opponent because you ”never give up”, which they knew because they could see this in you, but why did they decide to bring Stig and not his father this characteristic, they asked themselves, well now you know – because I was meant to overtake and become everything, and yes, the empty shell coming as nothing to become everything, and no, the world ”could not” understand this so Putin was focusing on how to bring out your father as he did, but he had not expected to be fighting with me at the end, and this became ”too much” also a shock to him because ”isn’t there anyone who can stop him” – directed to the Commune and my sister too – and no, now you see that there was no one and ”now you see” is my father showing it to me at the Source.

I was told that my sister is jealous that it is not her bringing this New World of joy and happiness – well it is, Sanna, and it goes via your input of darkness sent to me because you ”could not” understand.

I received the fantastic ”We came to dance” by Ultravox because the main man Midge Ure was also connected to Visage as co-writer of ”Fade to Grey”, and I here feel Michael Bundesen from Shu-bi-dua, who could be dead as Steve Strange after his stroke in 2011, but is now waiting to dance with the opening of our New World, and yes, I feel Michael here :-).

Tonight was the night when live-shows of the new season of the Danish X Factor started, and I was at home watching it alone – my mother asked me to postpone our Friday agreement to Sunday because John was going to the hospital this afternoon – and there was quite much inspired speech because ”I decided to let it happen” believing that just maybe I would also decide to write about it here as I do now feeling ”completely exploded” having no energy to write with, but still here we go, and yes, another new season, who would have thought that.

Eva, the best host ever of this show, asked the judge, Lina, about how it is to be back, and Lina spoke about ”the crazy level this year”, which is truly what it is, and I was given the feeling that ”crazy” is both what she believes about the high level of X Factor and also about the horror regime of a dark New World Order of Putin that was waiting for mankind as she could see from my previous script and that is the few of you surviving his plan.

This is indeed the highest ever level of talent of any Danish X Factor competition, and I do believe that in sheer talent, it can compete with the US and UK versions of X Factor (and Idol) for the first time, and yes, what was to come this evening was a true joy in terms of quality.

And then it was time for Thomas Blachman to start his cavalcade, and yes, as usual he was guided by his ”spiritual voice” speaking through him – with Thomas deciding what to let out and what not depending on his own judgment – and he said here that ”music is this strange creature, you know nothing about what will happen in the last moment, so it is first when we will see them standing there with all of you; what did it become like, and this is incredible exciting, I have no expectations, I am just incredible excited”, and yes, this was both about X Factor and about the opening to the Source with our New World, which no one knows what will feel like, but Thomas is indeed excited as I believe many are out there?

Tannaz was the first competitor to sing and I could not help smiling because she and her judge/mentor Remee had picked a new song ”Take me to church”, which not only has become a big hit, but is also ”my kind of music” and played on my favourite radio channel DR P6 and furthermore the artist of this song, Hozier, played it at the recent Grammy’s having Annie Lennox as a guest, who played ”Put a spell on you”, and I have thought about bringing this song too, it made a very strong impression on me not least when they song ”Amen, amen, amen” together, so here it was again at X Factor, and yes, I love the song in its original and Tannaz also did a very fine performance of it here showing her big voice to the world :-).

Lina told Remee about Tannez afterwards that ”it is a crazy task you have given this girl, you are sick in your head, man” and then to Tannez ”you performed very good and I feel safe” and ”I love your deep sound, it is trustworthy and I do believe that the task was somewhat too big” and this was both about Tannez and inspired speech about how I did fighting this monster of darkness of Putin and his NWO.

And Blachman took over saying with his voice that ”when someone is very skilled, they are called a monster”, which is then what he called Tannez, and I am told that this is about me (my new self), because I was this monster as Putin working as darkness as my voice tells me, and this is the monster that I fought as Stig having the same ”monster” working inside of me but deciding to use it for good and not bad.

The next artist was the INCREDIBLE talented Jógvan, who simply HAS music all over the inside of him, and he did a fantastic version of Jeff Buckley’s ”Forget her”, and yes, I here speak of an INCREDIBLE HIGH ARTISTIC LEVEL, which is superiour to ”normal X Factor shows” of more or less superficial pop-music and I was thinking that he has what it takes to become a winner, and that is if Denmark has ”the ability” to listen, understand and appreciate his rare talent.

Blachman told Jógvan here that ”there has been Indie-wannabe artists in this show before, but you are FAR the best”, and this was also about ”Indie-Jesus” as I do believe Mikael Simpson calls me, and Blachman spoke about how Jógvan ”is on a completely different level on yourself and have delivered incredible good performances all the way through” and he concluded that ”I believe you are A BIG GIFT” and yes, he was not only speaking about Jógvan but also about me coming to this place called the Source from where I will deliver this GIFT OF MINE to you all, and this is what was coming to Blachman too when speaking of this ”gift”, which will make all HAPPY TOGETHER, you know :-).

Lina told Jógvan here with inspired voice that ”I love your empathy/insight when you play your guitar and do your things where you are completely in your own SPACE, and to me, you are a TRUE ARTIST” as she said with her eyes turning around and her fingers putting ”true artist” in quatation, and here ”guitar” is the old symbol of creation, ”space” is the Source from where I will launch my spaceship of everything and when Lina said ”true artist”, this was about David Bowie and his song ”Pablo Picasso”, which I brought with my previous script where I thought that this is as much ”ART” as the best of Bowie and I received the feeling that this song made a very big impression on not only Lina when seeing it but also the other judges, and yes, Bowie is furthermore a symbol of God, so Lina was really speaking about creation, the Source and me – and yes, earlier today I received Bowie’s ”The man who sold the world”, which is about ”I never lost control” and this is the man that ”you’re face to face” with, Lina, and yes, I sold the Old World in order to bring you your MUCH IMPROVED NEW WORLD :-).

When Blachman introduced his next act, Rie and Finn, he said here that ”when Rie came here and delivered what I will call very beautiful and heartfelt music and I had the opportunity to choose Finn, then it was natural to that here we both have her disappearing out of the spaceship out in space and him, who can bring her back”, and yes, what a silly thing to say, Thomas, if it was not because you know about me and my spaceship – symbolised by ELO’s spaceship as you have seen returning strongly – and here Rie was my mother bringing creation outside the Source and me returning creation to the Source, and yes, elementary right (?), and yes, TEARS FOR FEARS, which is also about WIMPS, and is this what you were about to become this evening thinking that ”now we have won, I don’t need to bring out all of me”, Thomas?

And then Rie and Finn – ”the old ones” above 50 singing better than any of their age in this program ever before (they had both impressed my mother and I when seeing their auditions) – played music and sang ”(That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace” with such a natural feeling and depth that it made me HAPPY AROUND MY HEART, which was only strengthened when I saw Thomas smile too when hearing it, and yes, this is how we love people who can and deliver their best – it is a true joy and delight and how life is supposed to be :-). And the judges loved them too and gave them much praise including Remee, who was inspired when concluding ”it made me all warm around my heart”, and this was because I had just been thinking about the same and really to say that you are part of my heart too, Remee, now that you decided to turn around supporting me instead of the opposite, and yes, I now received the feeling of myself coming from the Source to me and this was the first time that I was controlling the show myself from the Source after having overtaking my own spiritual voice, and yes, Remee, you do not any longer dislike that I sent you our memo on how it is living the worst lives in Hell at the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya (?), and is this 2-3 years ago now (?), and yes, since you have turned around becoming a believer/supporter (via Blachman), and still you are bringing me darkness because of your own ways of life including much luxury, which is why Lina a little before here was speaking about ”s… in one pants”, which is the symbol of destruction of darkness.

Remee presented Emilie saying that ”her voice is the most incredible Universe” and I felt Malaga, which again was because of the ”Pablo Picasso” video by Bowie, which also made a strong impression on you, Remee (?), then Emilie started singing ”We are young” and I was encouraged to notice the background decoration, and first I was thinking that DR TV had changed design from before and this was also very good, and then I noticed her singing ”We are young, So let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter, Than the sun” while the decoration behind her showed the world being set on fire, which here means to ”switch on the fire/energy of the Source to our New World”, and it made Lina say here afterwards that ”your talent is completely clear like the sun, you are a super star already here”, and yes, this is about setting on the fire of our new sun/”super star”, and Remee told Emilie that ”your voice is DIVINE” and divinity is indeed what we speak about here, this is the inspiration coming to you, Remee :-).

The group Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann did a fine and happy song, which I also enjoyed, and afterwards Lina said here to Blachman with very direct/sudden inspiration coming to her ”are you crazy, man, it is not only Remee who can send his young people on a task, ouch, hello, for the sake of the cat”, and yes, this was a reference to Jack’s old girlfriend Katten (”the cat”) and did it hurt when I sent you an invitation to connect on Facebook after all of these years (?), and yes, I have not spoken to her since she and Jack visited me in 2008 and we spoke on Skype when I was in Kenya in 2009, and no, you and Jack never got married, and do you believe that it is too late now (?), and yes, we were just reading our thoughts back in 2008 when she asked me only via thoughts if she and Jack will get married and I told her with my physical voice that they will.

I received the feeling of Thomas being nervous about being seen as ”too negative” if speaking out the truth, and I said ”give it all you got” and I was told that it is my old self now at the Source speaking through Thomas, which is also a new experience to you, Thomas, who could feel the change?

And this is then what he immediately did when speaking out the truth as he saw it VERY DIRECTLY to Lina and afterwards to the next artist, Nanni, and no, there was nothing holding him back because this was the input that I gave the spiritual voice of myself that gave it to Thomas, and yes, I understood his criticism of her, but still, she was not bad at all in my view.

Blachman here presented his next act, Citybois, including ”you have become human beings” and he ended up by saying that ”it is such a big gift to us all”, and this was again THE GIFT of our New World and everyone becoming new human beings for the first time ever being yourselves awakened to life, and Blachman pointed directly into the camera and I was told ”you”, which was me that he was speaking of bringing you this gift, and even though I was not thrilled about these two young men (showing themselves as immature manchildren singing pretty good pop music), Thomas was and he ended up saying here ”what can I say, I have not come to sell anything here, I am giving here, it was a gift, great” and I felt Michael Bundesen through Thomas because he knows about this gift coming too :-).

Among the many very fine performances of the evening, the one making the greatest impression on me was Sophia singing ”Ghost” with such a unique and beautiful voice coming together with a calm performance, good looks, fine clothes and a very fine camera lead/show making it a ”total experience” to me and making me think that this is so much higher level than ever before – and then in the first show (!) – and when writing this I am thinking that this is what we will experience inside our New World as part of ”the gift”, you know, and yes, this fine song is about ”going to the River” (of the Source) and ”I had to go through hell to prove I’m not insane, had to meet the devil just to know his name”, and it feels as if I know this one already – very beautiful :-).

Thomas said here with his direct voice ”we don’t sit here, three sour dogs, looking after each of our bones, we speak honest”, and to me ”sour dogs” are about selfishness of man (looking after each of your bones), which I do NOT like, and yes, this is honest speech you know :-), and again, I felt Michael Bundesen through Thomas, and yes, Bundesen was a factor of power hiding his secret all of his life, ”when will Stig arrive”, and no, Hardinger (from Shu-bi-dua) didn’t believe, but does now, and yes, I have also received the feeling of you lately, Hardinger, and we know, ”talent cannot be kept down, which is what you show yourself, Stig”, and yes, this is just myself as my new self speaking these words to me, and I only pass on what is given to me.

I received the feeling of the contestant Rie and was told that they already know the secret of me, ”all of them”, and yes, it is impossible keeping this a secret having Blachman on your team, and yes, this man was incredible important to our journey obtaining faith of man in me to reach home.

Finally, Baraa sang ”We are here” encouraging the world to end all wars and he sang ”We are here, We are here for all of us, We are here for all of us, It’s why we are here, why we are here, We are here”, and this is indeed what we are inside of the Source – ”I am, we are”, you know – and there will be NO WARS and NO SUFFERINGS in our New World when we will now say goodbye forever and ever to darkness as the tool of creation bringing us life. It made Thomas say that ”this is very touching, it was a moment, it was” and Lina said that ”this was not only a moment, it was a power demonstration, you are so calm and sure and you have a completely crazy voice and big presence, it is truly a very fine performance” and it made Remee say ”you are really a boss, you are a Grand Mufti (i.e. ”highest official of religious law in a Sunni or Ibadi Muslim country”, which was also ”a completely crazy” thing to say if it was not about me being ”the highest”), a crazy confidence so it is impossible to understand from where it comes”, and yes, these are the words to the man that you leave behind – because I am going to become my new self too – for bringing you all home where ”I AM – WE ARE”, see?

I was very surprised when I heard the result of the public vote deciding that Ninna and Jógvan had to sing again competing about who was going to leave the competition this evening, and yes, there had been NONE POOR performances, it was only ”more or less” good performances, but to me, it was COMPLETE MADNESS that the public did not vote on Jógvan to secure him and I here feel that he is a symbol about the end of my own self, who was also ”not understood”, and yes, Jógvan was about to be sent out and that is even though it should be clear to all that he is the one having the greatest musical talent of all of these, and this is at least how I saw it this evening, but this is how it is when simple minded people ”cannot” understand ”non-commercial music” and instead prefer ”superficial pop music” and yes, if it was up to me, I would have sent out Citybois and asked them to return when they have learned how to behave/matured, and it was ”totally impossible” for Lina to choose who to send out of Ninna and Jógvan – the judges had talked about both having the potential to go all the way – but when she told Nanni ”I know that you believe yourself that you are sold to stick liquorice” I knew before Lina self what she would decide, which was to send out Nanni because she was ”sold to stick liquorice” as a symbol of sending out darkness, and so it became, and this means that Jógvan survived this time because I am still with you as my old self leading the game until the very end.

I was shown a pyramid – containing everything of the Source and creation – and told about Remee that that he is also a big part of it because of the help he brought me when turning around.

I received the voice of Thomas and was told that he resisted the temptation to get access to my computer, which has been completely open for the Secret Network, which many could not resist the temptation to enter and have a curious look around, and yes, HOW COULD YOU BE SO MEAN DOING TO ME AS YOU WOULD HATE ME – and everyone else – DOING TO YOU?

So this was it, the first live show of the season and the finest ever in Denmark with quality singers, quality songs and a quality show/production all over – what more can you ask for (?), nothing! Thank you Blachman and everyone else for not making this another sweet soup of superficial pop and empty speak as for example often on Danish radio P3 and the recent Danish final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I enjoyed it much and it made me smile all the way through, which is VERY RARE.

I have now been taken in as one of the others, i.e. similar parts like me from previous creations, and you have to look carefully to discover them because they don’t look like me.

We are now in the unusual situation that it is myself giving me homework.

I felt Sanne Salomonsen too also being a big part of it. Yes, Sanne and Bundesen survived to tell the story about what really happened inside of you when you were dying, when you saw the end coming and my arrival, which is what is now being fulfilled.

It is this knowledge that as example kept Lars Hug going when he received inspiration to create a new album and look you up because ”all hope is not out” and faith, which was the message of Sanne and Bundesen, two of my biggest idols ever, and yes, darkness could easily have killed them and it required big ressources of me to keep you going. This message was spread among Danish musicians to the whole world, which is how we build a New World because without you, the music world, on my side, it would never have worked out.

I received the name of Tobias girlfriend, Mia, and then received a very great and constant pain to my left foot, which I understood was about Mia being cheeky about me.

It is this pain that we are also working with here because your mother have decided that when Mia is diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder – a cluster-B personality disorder, the essential feature of which is a pattern of marked impulsivity and instability of affects, interpersonal relationships and self image – she doesn’t trust her believing that she cannot work and do anything, which is why she is dismissed by employers, but this isn’t how it has to be, and she also did NOT like Mia returning as Tobias’ girlfriend after they had split, because of the same, and yes, often speaking negatively about her behind her back based on what she ”believes” without knowing.

This is how you destruct people, which is also how my mother did to me running with groundless gossip about me, which is what is sent as negative energy to people making them ”crazy” if they give in.

And this is despite of Mia having the biggest heart and showing the biggest attention for example to my mother and John and their well-being, which just doesn’t really come through with my mother because she has a negative view as foundation as impulse, which she always starts by giving in to instead of deciding for the opposite, so this is the pain that she brings me very directly.

This is how Mia has branded me, which we first see out here and this is because of my mother’s wrong/negative view on her creating the basis for darkness in Mia and her wrong/negative view on me. This is how your mother also indirectly causes you pain.

Isn’t it so that she is opening Tobias’ eyes to me because she – via our talks when meeting with family – have seen my heart as clearly as I have seen hers?

It is this pain that we will build the rest of the game on, and this is what now gives me the taste of blood in my mouth meaning that we could not bring out creation if it wasn’t because we already have turned around.

This blood/pain is what we turn around as happiness of reunion as I feel here together with my mother, and this is because Mia now understands the truth about me – via Hans as I feel here – which is stopping the pain. It is this blood, I taste it again here, which has become our new sun as I am here shown.

Mia isn’t as important as Rikke H., is she (?), no, she is even more important and we now see how darkness had placed a big part of negativity of your mother in her making it impossible to create our New World if it was not because you had turned it around yourself despite of this, and this power is strong enough to bring us all up here on the uppermost step to congratulate you.

This is the part of your mother, which is really yourself (non-created life), which we were not meant to reach, but still here we are. We would not be alive today without this blood, and this is what Mia has decided to bring us at the very end via faith, which was impossible for her to obtain because she became part of the family around 2010/11 when everyone was attacking me and speaking negatively/wrongly about me behind my back and because Tobias didn’t read and understand me, did he?

And also because I am not Facebook friend with her (influencing her via my updates), which Hans understood and corrected. It is hypocritical funny, we are at this outermost. This is Sanna’s play to help you.

So we came from Mia (and Tobias) ridiculing you behind your back because of negative influence from your mother, yes, ”it is true that Stig has a big heart”, and it only requires for people to decide understanding objectively instead of misunderstanding negatively.

Yes, she came into the family when everyone was against you believing you were negative/wrong and should apologise, which is why it wasn’t strange that she did the same and was meant to become one big inflammation, which has now returned to your mother and John in recent weeks because this is the very last darkness we have been emptying. Mia was a symbol of how you were ridiculed by family, friends, ex-collegues and the system.

It is through Mia, the one you had least expected yourself, that you will receive the gift as Thomas Blachman kept on seeing and talking about in X Factor.

I received a sudden acid throw-up and was told that this is how bad it is you telling your mother somewhat about your sufferings, which I have done a little over the last months saying that I have ”no energy”, and yes, wrong according to the game, but still she doesn’t know just how terrible I am suffering.

Pia Christmas was part of Putin’s network too.

I received ”Stemmen i mit liv” (”The voice in my life”) by Kølig Kaj and I am overtaking my own spiritual voice now.

Henning W. and all of your old friends were told to never see you again – by your sister.

All the times Lars G. went out with you on town (almost every Friday for years in the 1990’s) it was to make you meet a woman to make love to.

It isn’t my new self created in this world that is now outside in the Source (?), no, it is my old self opening the door to my new self, this is how it works here.

Again today, I felt completely terrible and today I was closer than ever not to write the script including the long chapter of X Factor, which was easily the most ”completely impossible” script ever to write, and I thought about just giving up, but then I decided to break it down in chapters taking one at the time and a break in between, and yes, I received so much to write and an even greater pressure to receive and write even more, which is because of the ”explosion” of Margrethe Vestager and the uppermost top of the world to my previous script seeing their house of cards falling and coming towards me as darkness/work pressure to absorb.

For weeks I have felt that if I should break down as Stig, i.e. give in to darkness simply giving up, we are in control here at the Source and I will receive support and ”told the truth”, but if I do not, I will not, and the latter is the right way to play.

It is when Helsingør and Helsingborg becomes one that we reach eternity.

I was told by my old self the experience of coming to the Source, which is that here is nothing and still everything, and we just have to turn around one side of us first to reach it. It is a magical material without restrictions and I am shown an orange becoming slices of bacon, i.e. the Source, and when we need more, it is there automatically, no one has created it, it is just there.

And it is creation self forming creation, so there is no heart here, which is invented by creation. This is why it looks as nothing when coming here, but don’t be cheated, it is just hidden until you receive glasses to see, and I am shown white plastic buckets including water of the Source all over placed in perfect order, and each bucket is a creation made individually according to their own specifications. This is where we belong as ”nothing”, this is where we are just a crystal as all other, and this is how we have decided to look.

I watched one of the Swedish parts of their Eurovision Song Contest shows, which is on a MUCH HIGHER level than the Danish meaning that it is both an impressive show to look at and good songs and not least style and true humour compared to the crude Danish show. Sanne Salomonsen was part of the show singing a song together with the Swedish Marie Bergman, and when they were on my TV-screen, I received ”outputs” to the sound of my TV, I could not remember what they were called, and I was told that this is about darkness trying to hit Sanne, and I was shown Sanne bearing big buckets of flowers for me, which is about her big love to me ♥.

Later, during the announcement of the results I was told ”you mean dropouts” and yes to the sound and also ”drop out” to Sanne and Marie shortly thereafter because they really did not have the best song to work with and the Swedish people voted on the young artists instead. Even later I was shown very big Mon Chéri chocolates of Sanne on each side of the stair to the top of everything that I am walking and these chocolates came together with the strong feeling of love of Sanne but also ”selfishness”, Sanne (?), because this is what chocolate symbolises, and yes, in terms of money and a luxury life?

I was given the feeling of the now previous Danish Commissioner in EU, Connie Hedegaard, and yes, she know about the secret too also being part of Putin’s network, and I was given the thoughts of the Danish Conservative party in general – including Pia Christmas, Lars G., Benedikte Kiær and yes also the ”prominent” Poul Schlütter, Hans Engell and others – having sold your souls to the Devil of Putin.

This system believed that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to come through the pressure of the system on me – Brede Park etc. – and also impossible to empty you from money, but can Benedikte and the Commune bear the pressure of being called ”braindead idiots” as I call them in my latest appeal, which is public to the world (?); and yes, this is the game and this is what my sister knows too – can the system bear having their dirty laundry exposed in public to the world?

Did Lars G. and Sanna meet randomly (?) where I received the feeling that they did not, and yes, Lars G. had the responsibility on behalf of EU to ”maintain relations” to Sanna and Stig not letting them know about his/their own plans.

There was a ”terror attack” in Copenhagen today where a couple of men first tried to hit the Swedish drawer Lars Vilks (famous for his drawing of Muhammad as a dog) together with the French ambassador and others at a meeting at ”Krudttønden” (”the powder barrel”), but they did not, but they killed a civilian and later a Jew in front of the Synagogue was killed (if they had received access to Krudttønden and the Synagogue, it could have become an ”execution” of many people as in Paris) and what they believe is one of the perpetrators at the Nørrebro train station, and the media and all Danes bursted completely into self oscillation mode speaking about ”We are Danes” a al ”We are Charlie”, showing the Danish flag all over and once again protecting freedom of speech etc. and yes quite as expected because this is how you create the most negative feelings against Muslims in order to blow up the powder barrel, which is not only about the war plans against Muslims, but here also about reactions from this network of the uppermost world to my previous script that caused this ”explosion” of terror in Copenhagen as I was told.

TV2 130215

TV2 News og JP 150215

There is only one thing, which is that Magrethe Vestager didn’t know that Putin’s end document included ”death all over” if he/they failed, but now you do, Margrethe, you were working for a coward who doesn’t know how to bear responsibility for his actions already killing MANY THOUSANDS of people on his way towards the goal, and all he did on the way was to smile because the more deaths, the more laughs he had, this is how he/I was build as my voice here tells me.

I was sad seeing this update about Louis Clark – the conductor of the orchestra and choir to back Electric Light Orchestra’s sound – thinking that this is also the works of darkness, and I hope that he will make it through.

FB 140215 Louis Clark

FB 150215 Stig 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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