February 2015 – after script VIII: The Copenhagen Synagogue is the true ”terror nest” of the world and also ”my people” chosen to follow me as my birth helpers


Summary of the script today

  • February 22: The Copenhagen Synagogue is the true ”terror nest” of the world and also ”my people” chosen to follow me as my birth helpers. Sanna was spiritual writing her script and receiving world support to save the elite before I took over turning everything around to save all. My family and the system knew about ”my special sister” making it ”completely impossible” for them to follow me because ”Stig is bad/crazy”. I am the one making the decisions because this is what the world and the Source want me to do, this is why I am everything because all have chosen me. I am preparing to launch our New World, all old life will technically die, but we really change the energy making all feel as if you have always lived.
  • Danish X Factor: My calmness saved the world from going under because of the misunderstanding of man believing that man was saving the world when man was really eliminating it .


There isn’t any watch or heart in the Source, but I will bring it as just one of many tools we are bringing to meet your requirements. Sanna first received spiritual communication and wrote her script to the world, which was much simpler than mine and based on ”follow my orders, otherwise it will go very wrong”. Sanna and Hans succeeded and received world support, which was a condition to be able to deliver to me. Sanna was ”not crazy”, but she was when giving in to power and money of darkness and when believing that ”only the elite can survive, the poor/weak cannot”. It was first about making the world follow Sanna and Hans to bring everything to the end and then to turn it around to save all life via me.

Sanna’s script included ”bring Stig out”, ”he is going to poison it with his positive messages”, ”make him look the opposite of what he is”. This was Arthur Findlay College’s plan, they first influenced my sister and Hans to prepare my arrival to turn everything around. Sanna knew that she had to win our mother’s heart, which was not easy because she knew instinctively that I had the advantage of our mother’s heart. Everyone supported Sanna because of her ”overwhelming proof”, which I am given with a strong feeling of irony, and these people are now with me, but silent. My story against Sanna’s was decisive, ”everyone knows” that she is the cleverest and ”Stig is unemployed”, but still I won via the best communication, behaviour and (hard) work.

Karen is all life, Sanna is all non-life, I am the one making the decisions based on Hans’ decision to transfer all power to me and Putin’s decision to give up. I decide because this is what the world and the Source want me to do, this is why I am everything because all support and have chosen me. My new self of the Source will close my eyes for always and awake me as my new self where I will remember everything good of my old life and forget everything else. I am on my way up in the rocket that is going to launch our real New World; we will say goodbye to all life here, but you are not going to be sorry for this. When we switch off the Old World you will technically die, but we really change the energy of you making you feel as if you have always lived including all positive memories.

Sanna always enjoyed finding something on me and to tell our mother – driven by her spiritual voice/impulses against me. My mother always knew this about Sanna making her ”special”, this secret fooled my mother all the way making her believe that it was the Devil who later overtook me. My father knew about my ”special sister” making it ”completely impossible” for my family (and system) to follow me later because ”Stig is bad/crazy”. Everything was based on many years of wrong habits and thinking, but they knew that I possesed the key to open everything and had to bring me over on their side. They were waiting on ”the happy day” for me to give in to them bringing them their New World, which however would have brought the end.

My family – Sanna, Hans, my mother – and the system have performed an act to me for more than one year now only waiting on me to finish. I have written the password in the reports of the Cash Help committee 30 years ago located at the Royal Library for me to get to open the Commune, thus the Source.

The world followed when I was about to become nothing, and no one believed that I would do the biggest work of my life when I should be gasping for breath being close to death. Man controlled and gradually switched off my energy to overtake me when I would give in, but despite of having NO ENERGY, I still had my will intact, NEVER! Man also poured darkness/poor characteritics on me to bring my mother and the world against me.

I went to the Royal Library in Copenhagen receiving confirmation that I am right in my case against the Commune – this is ”the diamond” including the library of the Source. My tour to Copenhagen was about bringing forward the new train/rocket of our New World from the dark tunnel, which is already inside of you.

The Copenhagen Synagogue is the true ”terror nest” planning world terror together with the World Elite with the ultimate goal of this leading to the opening of the Source. They had ordered not to be hit themselves, but my opposite force hit them via the terror attack the other day that ”was not meant to be”! They now have poor conscience: ”How can you excuse what we have done” (?) and I received ”many excuses” coming to me spiritually. I passed the security check and visited a service of the Synagogue sitting on ”the women’s seats” very visible to the whole congregation. I received many eyes on me and I felt strong darkness coming to me making me shiver during the dull service of the Kohen singing and chanting. The Chief Rabbies Bent Lexner and Jair Melchior showed INTENSE NERVOUSNESS because of my presence speaking together and often looking backwards in my direction. People of the congregation nodded at me, said ”shalom” and Jair Melchior gave me a firm handshake to let me know that ”we know who you are, we accept you”. Bent Lexner ”could not” do the same, this was not about transferring words but to transfer his energy of gold, the most dangerous gene of my new self, to me. This Synagogue believed that I was dishonest and completely sickening to read, and that they were working on God’s side when planning and carrying out the killing people! The Synagogue was also responsible for setting Sharon out of the game, the terror regime of Syria etc. when participating in the elite’s designed world development. Bent Lexner is part of a top committee about me: ”How do we bring out God using the Source as we please” (?) –  they were completely careless about what happened to me. The Synagogue was also not loyal to my sister, they received briberies and had sold their souls to the Devil self, Putin. In reality, these are ”my people” as I saw at the end as Jesus and meet as the first as Stig;  they were chosen at birth to follow me as my birth helpers.


February 2015 – after script VIII: The Copenhagen Synagogue is the true ”terror nest” of the world and also ”my people” chosen to follow me as my birth helpers

February 22: The Copenhagen Synagogue is the true ”terror nest” of the world and also ”my people” chosen to follow me as my birth helpers

FB 220215 Stig 1

I was told about how my father when I was a boy was working against me too also killing me.

I ordered the books at the Royal Library and should be able going there after two days, which it will take to bring them to the reading room. I received confirmation after one day that the material is now ready, which means that I will go there February 20, and no, there are no meetings in the Parliament this day, so I will not visit you, but I will go to the Synagogue at their afternoon service.

I was shown a giant library of the Source including large silver discs (eternal creations) about to being unpacked from their cover, this is what my coming visit there means. It will first be on Monday the 23rd February that I will go because the last book will first come tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

I sent this email to the Appeal Board asking them to decide quickly in my case using ”two minutes” instead of the averagely 5 months as I can see on their website that it takes to decide on cases they receive, which is because my case is SUN CLEAR and very easy to decide on. And I felt Hans when sending it and that ”the Appeal Board already know about your case” and yes, will you give in to my pressure or have you also received an order from Hans about ”take your time before answering Stig” (?), and yes, we will see what you will do now that the world knows about this too – can you handle the pressure?

Later, I was told that this question has now landed on Hans’ table, and yes, ”you do not go through this channel, you cannot”, but yes, Hans, I can, and what will it be now?

Isn’t it funny that Hans could not find the ”Milk Island” container belonging to my old Saeco espresso machine after he had borrowed it in 2009 when I was in Kenya, and he never did, and yes, because this is what Sanna is, ”the milk” as a symbol of energy of life.

I was told about how I turned around my mother from her INCREDIBLE faith in authorities to believing in me instead, and yes, Stig is NOT crazy as the crazy psychiatrist Alex declared, supported by Sanna, Hans and John, and no, Stig is right, the Job Centre/system is not, they harass him, pills are not (always at least in my mother’s mind now) good – you have to live a ”healthy” life, politicians are not to be trusted (the Bjarne Corydon story from when I met him) etc., and yes, let me just repeat that my mother had INCREDIBLE faith in authorities, and so much that it was ”scary” and making her blind and deaf.

I felt my father and was told that everything was about getting creation to drill as deeply as possible to reach me.

Things were partly destroyed because I did not speak to Angela in Tivoli last year, which is why it has taken so long. Yes, only the combination of your mother and Angela opening up to you showing her happiness for you being alive etc. would give us what we needed back then, but it has been covered since via sufferings.

I felt Billy Cook and was told that it was NOT easy for Arthur Findlay College not to say anything, but they didn’t want to throw around documents.

So there isn’t any watch or heart here in the Source, which is something that only you want, which I will give you then, this is just one of many tools we are bringing to meet your requirements.

Was Sanna the first to receive spiritual communication and starting to write her script to the world, which was much simpler than mine and based on ”follow my orders, otherwise it will go very wrong”, and yes, this is what Sanna (with help from Hans) first succeeded with apparently receiving world support, which was a condition to be able to deliver to me, thank you Sanna, you did well, but far from as good as I as my voice tells me, and this is because you are a dictator and not an inspirator, this is the difference.

And she did not tell the family anything about this because ”you are not crazy, right Sanna” (?), and yes, you were, you also lost the battle to the superiour power of darkness that overtook you because of your own weakness giving in to power and money, which you were told was the only way forward and yes ”only the elite has what it takes to survive, the poor/weak cannot”, which is what I told you, and you bought it.

Yes, it was first about making the world follow Sanna and Hans to bring everything to the end and then turn it around including the saving of all life via me, simple right?

And my script, i.e. Sanna’s script also coming to her from Arthur Findlay College, said ”bring Stig out of the world for any price, he is going to poison it with his positive messages”, yes this is what it said, ”make him look the opposite of what he is”, but no this was not enough to make my mother and the world believe in it because my love eventually shone through making people understand.

This was Arthur Findlay College’s plan, they first had your sister and Hans to influence them to prepare your arrival to turn everything around, and yes, it went well, right Janet, Paul and Billy (?), whom were the people you naturally selected from the college as your helpers (over other teachers), and this is how it became.

Your mother in the middle (between my sister and I) knew nothing, but Sanna knew that she had to win your mother’s heart, which was not easy because you knew instinctively that I had the advantage of our mother’s heart, right (?), but no, you wouldn’t give up because you were absolutely sure that you were right and you were self-satisfied.

They discovered that you are the one controlling the world by reading you. I felt Pernille S. and was told that she and everyone supported Sanna because of her ”overwhelming proof”, which I am given with a strong feeling of irony, and these people are now with me, but silent.

This is where your mother decided to support you, which is what she felt the best to do.

I still have a strong feeling at my right ankle of everything coming out from there and it has been so strong for weeks that it is almost making me unfit to work.

”Svinsk behandling” (”Filthy treatment”), well it isn’t the whole system you are now challenging including ”the cleverest” of all at the Appeal Board of the Social Ministry, the people having written the law, and eehhh, did you do your work good enough (?), or is it a common misunderstanding everywhere that Communes only include communal home deposit loans in their calculations of special home aid (?), and is this because this is what ”the superiour power” of this board tell you (?), and has this been done to tighten up via a new interpretation, which is not only that but also a violation of valid law and yes because of ”wrong interests”, and yes, in order to save money and to build a pressure on ”eaters, who cannot support themselves”, which are part of the people that my sister and the elite wanted to eliminate because they were not strong enough to survive.

Well, if Karen is all life and Sanna is all non-life, what am I (?), and yes, I am the one making the decisions of where to go seeking new life etc., which I also did via my choices of my mission here based on my feeling. And it is me then deciding over everything entering here – as I feel – who was the one that Hans believed that he had been appointed to be by my sister, but no, he is not because of his softness and misunderstandings. It is Hans’ decision to transfer all power to me and Putin’s decision to give up that brings me forward.

It is my task to close your eyes for always and to awake you as your new self and yes you will remember everything good of your old life and forget everything else, which can only be read here.

So in reality, it was my story against Sanna’s that was decisive, and yes, everyone knows that Sanna is the cleverest/most skilled of all receiving the highest grades on her ”very fine management education” and she is highly regarded and respected as leader, and Stig does not have further education and is ”unemployed”, so it really gives itself who is the smartest, right (?), no wrong, because this has nothing to do compared to showing the best communication, behaviour and (hard) work as I did, which is what was decisive.

It was decisive that Sanna at the end chose to bring me love and not the opposite, which is what decides that I decide because this is what the world and the Source want me to do, this is why I am everything because they support and have chosen me, thus also here.

And was the ”mouse injury” that you received not many year ago, Sanna, really about showing the world that you ”could not” write everything that you were supposed to (?), and yes, a cover only.

So it is me who is nothing at the innermost of all of this – and I felt my physical self and the moist all over my skin, as I constantly have because I am still a Zombie closer to death than alive and this is how it is to be nothing coming to me at the innermost.

I was encouraged to watch ”Natholdet” on TV2 this evening, which was because Anders Breinholdt had the news anchor man Poul Erik Skammelsen as guest, and when Anders without blinking used the F-word it made me think again ”STOP DOING THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL, ANDERS (including your disgusting and primitive entertainment when focusing on sex influencing the population wrongly) – HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS WRONG AND TO DO RIGHT” (?), and also about the weak attitude of the management of TV2 and the society that you accept this kind of UGLY LANGUAGE especially from role models, which makes it spread as it has, and yes, besides speaking about a new ”Missionary Man” in God’s own home Gudhjem (”God home”) on Bornholm, i.e. me, there was nothing special over this show, but I was shown Poul Erik as chocolate with coloured granules on top lifting up a carpet to bring out tanks, and yes, you are part of the World Government too, Poul Erik, who has decided on this little game to pretend that you are seeking peace between Russia and Ukraine but in reality you have the opposite agenda (the ceasefire agreed upon the other day of course did not last, there has been strong fightings), which is then what you ”loyal” and ”objective” report about to the public (?), and yes, YOU MAKE ME SICK – ”Don’t mess with a Missionary Man – Stop what you’re doing, I’ve got a message for you that you better believe” (!) – and don’t you make yourself sick (?), just wondering. I was shown the button switching on and off the sound in the studio, and was told that Poul Erik is well known because of what he says (about me) when this button is off. And yes, Eurythmics really did make ”the best music in the world” in the 1980’s and don’t you miss ”the special touch” that they and other superbands had back then, which none seem to have today (?), well I do – even though I also like and follow new music, mainly via the Danish P6 radio channel almost every day.

I was shown and told that I am now on my way up in the rocket that is going to launch our real New World, which means that we will say goodbye to all life here, but you are not going to be sorry for this.

So Sanna and I were only my game to coming here. And I was told that the reason why I was shown flying badminton balls when visiting Arthur Findlay College in 2005 was because they knew about my sister’s and my game and my task to save the world turning everything around at the end.

Well, what will happen when we switch off the light of the Old World, don’t we all die (?), and yes, technically you do, but in reality we only change the energy of you, which will make you feel as if you have always been alive but you will first have memory from when I woke you up including good memories from your old lives, which is what I will give you and will be included in our new game for all future.

I was given ”Not fade away” by Rolling Stones, which is about our old lives, which will now fade away, but our new lives are as Mick sings in one of the finest songs by ”the Stones”:

”I wanna tell you how it’s gonna be, You’re gonna give your love to me, Love that lasts more than one day, Well love is love and not fade away, Well love is love and not fade away, Well love is love and not fade away, Well love is love and not fade away, Not fade away, Not fade away”

At the same time I was also given the lyrics “Anywhere you go, you know I’ll still be waiting” from “All the things she said” by Simple Minds, and no, “Don’t you look back on a big lost world, Crying out tomorrow”.

It will be a true pleasure removing this dark curtain.

I received a ”receipt letter” from the Appeal Board telling me that they expect to settle my case within 8 months (!!!), and yes, didn’t they READ and UNDERSTAND my email telling them that it takes TWO MINUTES to settle my case (?), and didn’t they understand that I would like their help to receive an instruction to and announcement to the law from 1984/87 (?), and yes, this is what they can help Communes doing when fighting someone like me, but when I – ”the weak party” – asks the big system to receive the same help, there is no help to get (?), and yes SHAME ON YOU – I will have to ask the Royal Library is they can ”do magic” finding it then, and yes, they know about the magic coming to bring our New World, and are also ”playing the game”, which is the song I received this morning by Queen, so there you have it.

This is also what almost cost Sanna to lose her balance, and yes, do you remember the virus to your balance nerve is it 10-15 years ago you had it because you tried to turn everything around to your side. When she tried to enter the spaceship the wrong way.

Yes, they – Sanna, Karen and more – know that you know just how INCREDIBLE FILTHY they treated you making your life the worst, and still you accept to see them where they decided not to see you for doing ”nothing” to them.

So Sanna knows your goal of going all the way on the highest level, which is what she ”could not” do herself despite of knowing just how important it was, Sanna (?), and yes, I had to invent the unfortunate ”mouse injury” to help saving you – and I am here told that Sanna received spiritual information from since she was a girl, and I am shown her here at the age of maybe 7-8 years old.

This is why Sanna has always enjoyed finding something on you for example when you started smoking as teenager, which she could not help telling your mother, and yes, driven by her spiritual voice/impulses, and is it so that your mother has always known this about Sanna because a mother knows these things, and this is what made Sanna ”special” and not me?

I was shown gold in my eyes and told that my sister can see this gold, and no, it is not a very nice discovering that you were darkness after having been prepared all of your life to your important task, and yes, received spiritual information agreeing totally with you as ”your best friend”, and yes, giving in to your weaknesses/desires as ”darkness disguised as light”, and you should have known better that darkness brings power, money etc. and light brings you sufferings when you are ”very smart”, right?

And is this secret what fooled your mother all the way (?), and I feel Ole here too and yes he did what he could to make her know that it was me and not Sanna who were ”special”. Yes, we will not get any much deeper than this because in your eyes it was not you but Sanna who was always ”special”.

Yes, Sanna’s story was allowed to develop and mature during many years on contrary to yours, which was ”here and now”.

Has Sanna been able to see how you were suffering all along – I am here feeling our family holiday to Bornholm in the end of the 1980’s – yes, but this was ”right”.

”Say the name say the name, mother – who did you think had overtaken me” (?), and yes, the Devil, because this matched so fine Sanna’s story all of her life that she was good and ”Stig is bad”, right?

And such things spread to your father, so there you have the case about your ”special sister”, which no one ever told you about because you were not meant to find out.

This is why it was ”completely impossible” for your family to follow you when you told the world that you are Jesus, because Sanna had told them that ”Stig is bad”. This is also why they hardly bothered reading you.

And this is also what made it more than difficult for the communes to read/listen and understand you, and I feel Princess Mary here because this is what went all the way up in the system because everyone knew in forehand that ”Stig is bad”, i.e. darkness claiming to be the opposite because ”he is crazy”.

This is the real reason why Karen decided not to want to make love to you and become yours, which was because you were ”crazy”.

Now all of them hope that the verdict from the Appeal Board will go your way even though they work for the opposite, and yes, it looks discouraging right now with an average waiting period of 5 months to receive answer unless my email to them made them curious about what in the world has Helsingør Commune done to him and deciding to work on it faster because it is an ”easy case”.

So everything was based on many years of wrong habits and thinking. How do you believe Karen reacted when she was told that you are normal? But they knew through the years that you possessed one thing that they needed, which is the key to open everything and they could only get it by bringing me over on their side, which is why you were heavily drugged on psychiatric hospital in 2008, but no, impossible. This is how all was based on darkness.

Yes, we can visit everything through all times, but as invisible.

But no one said that it would lead to the death of your father with your mother being the next planned.

This is why your mother unconsciously was always with Sanna without knowing how much this made me hurt. Your mother was told that she can start looking forward to a new life including Stig and Karen together.

So it was with your mother’s approval that Sanna was monitoring you, and I am given the vision of my self on Commercial school 1981-84.

Have they – Sanna, Hans, your mother – performed an act to you for more than one year now only waiting on you to finish? Including Benedikte and everyone else involved. And by not saying anything, your mother has kept on bringing you more pain.

I received the song ”Precious” from the Jam’s album ”The Gift” including the lyrics ”Your precious love that means so much” and it came with the feeling that it is my new self – the revived Jesus as the Source including all life – who is this precious gift of love coming to all with the opening of our New World.

They all agreed on placing the Source in Stockholm, I feel Hans here, until I started collecting it (working for GE Insurance in Stockholm in 2001 and via René working and living there for more than 10 years).

So your father and also your mother, if she thinks carefully (receiving it originally from Ole), were waiting on ”the happy day” for you to give in to them bringing them their New World, which however would have brought the end.

Isn’t it funny that I have written the password in those reports of the Cash Help committee 30 years ago (?), which I am now going to find myself tomorrow at the Royal Library to enter and yes via the opening of the Commune, and I here receive a deja vue remembering/knowing inside of me about these old reports that I have to go through and the meaning of them.

Karen also played an act holding back not contacting you and in reality she is also deeply admiring you.

The world were able to follow that you were about to lose approaching nothing, and no one believed that I would ”run amock” doing the biggest work of my life when I should be gasping for breath being close to death.

Hans was in the board of Arthur Findlay College and it was already overturned and controlled by darkness when I arrived, so they knew that I was there and they tied up the hands and feet on the teachers there to say nothing, which is exactly how I wanted it to be.

Your mother knew that ”some changes” was going to happen but it is not before now that she understands that it is a show New World coming – via her understanding of me.

They controlled your energy gradually switching you off, and this was overtaken by Putin, who would one day overtake you when overtaking your will, which is the only way doing it, but no, even though I had NO ENERGY, I still had my will intact, this isn’t connected, which we knew. And they also poured darkness/poor characteristics on you to bring your mother and the world against you.

I brought this comment to the chef Thomas still swearing (!) when he said that he did a TV-recording in a Hindu temple, where he was blessed, and he managed to include the words ”damned” and ”dammit” (or ”devilish”), and no, you are NOT going to be blessed by me with your UGLY LANGUAGE, Thomas, and this is even though you are both a nice and very skilled man as one of the best chefs in Denmark, but how in the world can you continue having such incredible ugly language (?), and yes, because of WRONG CULTURE including wrong influence of the media (including Anders Breinholdt!) deliberately ”helping to make people primitive/stupid”, and NO, I will NOT accept such poor behaviour!

FB 180215 Thomas H

Today’s programme was to visit the Royal Library and the Synagogue in Copenhagen, and as usual I was more than exhausted when standing up and when I was cycling to the train at 10.00, I only did it with difficulties thinking that this was going to be a long and hard day ….

It took the normal 45 minutes by train going the 45 kilometres to Copenhagen and I was told on the way that this is why the new building (from 1999) of the Royal Library is called the (black) diamond (it has to be one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, if not the most beautiful), and yes, this is a symbol of the library of everything inside the diamond of the Source, which is coming to me now, and I was told that we have already decided this, so has the board, we are just awaiting Hans to give his sign off, and I was shown Ogier the Dane awakening to deed when sitting in one of many new airplane seats, where the plastic cover is now being removed.

I was thinking of the many well-known stores in Copenhagen, which I have not visited for several years because of my concentrated work and poor health, and I was shown Illums’s Bolighus (modern design and furniture), which may the most iconic of them all, and I was shown an eternal LIFELINE being hung up including flowers all over on the line, and yes, I simply love this song by Spandau Ballet, and ONCE MORE they have received a revival here after I have seen that they will now start a world tour (not coming to Denmark) and not least after I downloaded and watched a new fantastic and honest documentary called ”Soul Boys of the Western World”.

I was told that whales are what keep the world going, which is also why they are apparently ”grounded without a reason”, hundreds in New Zealand the other day, i.e. because of the end of the world.

This tour today is about bringing forward the new train/rocket of our New World (I was shown both as one) from the dark tunnel, which is already inside of you, and I was shown that there are colours on the wall of the dark tunnel, which I cannot see now, and I was given one of these very sudden and incredible strong pains of much force to the backside of my lower left leg.

I was told that the Jews planning terror etc. have poor conscience, and they will lead me to the Source as I was shown as one vibrant and invisible cone, which made me think of it as ”only one life”.

When I arrived at the Royal Library at 11.00, I was told that this is only about making the steak even juicier, we were already inside.

It isn’t so that ”crazy Alex” (the ”doctor” from Psychiatric Centre, North Zealand, who declared me schizophrenic in 2012) and the whole system have reported you fit for duty to the world taking on the blame themselves ”we were influenced by your sister and did not see clear”. They had laid plans for me needing further psychiatric assistance following the recommendation of my sister/the community, and no, they didn’t know that they were brainwashed, they did ”their best”.

You have been through all of the democratic process and I am here shown a country meeting of the Conservative Party but feel that you first voted me down (?), and I also here feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

I was impressed as much by the inside than of the outside of the Royal Library, this was my first visit here (years ago I used the old, beautiful library at the University in Fiolstræde when I had ”special tasks” like this, which I am sad to see is now only opened to students), and the reading room on 1st floor offered me fine service, and finally my task was now to go through what became three reports (because of duplets) to find more information about the origination of ”Special home aid” including installments for home deposit loans, and I found many references, and soon I had received confirmation that it is as I say – I feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt again here, and no, you are NOT HAPPY with the service level of the public sector, and yes you can see it very clearly from my case just how ”broken” it is – which is that I AM RIGHT (!), and yes, it is ALL HOME EXPENSES including loans that are covered by the special home aid and not only communal loans for rented homes as Helsingør Commune – and probably many other communes – have ”assessed” is the case, and yes, the library had a fine service where I could scan relevant pages and send to my email-address so I found what I came for, and now just have to write a memo on this for the Commune and everyone to see, and I was told that this was about the principle of working deeply that I would like to share with the world, and I was told that this is about ”nothing can stop him” (darkness of the system).

Det Kongelige BibliotekThe Royal Library in Copenhagen, “the Black Diamond”, symbolising the library of the diamond of the Source with the tower of the Danish Parliament to the right and the tower of the Town Hall to the left

While working at the library I was given the taste of HAM, which is ”him” in Danish, and I was told that the library knows that I am there. After a couple of hours at the reading room – almost giving up doing concentrated work not feeling up to it at all – I visited ”the treasure room” of the library on the way out, which impressed me much both because of just how fantastic it looks and because of the true treasures they have including Bibles going back to the 13th century, world maps from the 15th century, original works by famous Danes such as H. C. Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and Grundtvig, and the most beautiful and LARGE books of birds of Europe/the world from the 19th century including the most fantastic colour drawings, and yes, the oldest text on paper in there is from the 7th century, and I was thinking of this as the core of the diamond as a symbol of my home of the Source.

Det Kongelige Bibliotek - skattekammeretThe Treasure Chamber of the Royal Library with books dating back to the 13th century and scripts back to the 7th century – symbolising the core of the Source to me

So I finished already after 2-2½ hours at the Royal Library and I had approx. 3½ hours to ”kill” before the daily service at the Synagogue at 17.10, which was a long time to keep it going when feeling very poorly, and I walked towards the Pedestrian through the nice park at Slotsholmen, and I looked at the front of the Jewish Museum there, but decided not to enter because it was not free, and maybe you noticed me ”looking around there” (?) – there was a policeman with machine gun in front of it.

I decided (of course) to go and take my lunch at Lars’ and my old favourite Shawarma bar on the Pedestrian Street ”Strøget” – ”Strøg Shawarma” – and no, there wasn’t any working there today that I knew from when Lars and I went there a couple of times every week for years in the 1990’s, but I asked one if it is still the same owner as back then, and yes, it was and when I told him that I knew him from back then, he decided to get him out from the back room, and yes, there he came, my old friend from Lebanon, and no, I cannot remember his name, which didn’t matter because it was all smiles when we saw and gave each other a hug, we haven’t seen each other for maybe 15 years, and we had a nice talk, no, he hasn’t seen Lars there for many years, and he was kind offering me a free drink and for days I have been thinking about crossing what is also wrong to do, which is to drink one of those ”poisonous Coca Cola’s”, which I haven’t done since 2009 (except a glass of Cola light in 2011 when I did not think of it), and yes, this is the worst darkness and I was thinking of terror of Muslims, but here I was among friends, and yes, this is the best food in Copenhagen if you ask me and I love the warmth of these people :-). I was very happy meeting the owner of the restaurant and receiving smiles, hug and a nice talk, which I otherwise NEVER do these days. When I was eating there – always on 1st floor – I was told that the Copenhagen Synagogue has also influenced Imams all over the world directly from the Synagogue.

Strøg ShawarmaMy favourite Shawarma Bar in Copenhagen, “Strøg Shawarma”, where I met my old friend, the owner, “the Lebanon” for the first time in 15 years 🙂

I decided to walk (with difficulties as a Zombie because of how I felt) to my old favourite café, Café Victor, to have a cup of cappuccino, which I did and even though I liked coming there again, I felt somewhat ackward because of being too fat, wearing cheap clothes (as I have done for years because I cannot fit my old clothes) and feeling exhausted/moist all over, but the coffee was great, and I thought about the MANY times I have been there mainly with Lars also in the 1990’s and also on Friday evenings partying to loud and good music :-).

I was given the words ”Je Suis Charlie” and was told that the Copenhagen Synagogue plans Muslim terror, and isn’t it funny that your own weapon hit yourselves via my ”opposite force”?

They aren’t connected to Gundelach, i.e. EU, and the Royal Family, I here felt Queen Margrethe, are they?

Yes, I wrote notes of this tour on paper because my mobile phone doesn’t work without power plugged into it – symbolising that I am completely out of energy as my old self.

I walked from Café Victor to the Main Libary in Krystalgade right opposite the Synagogue, and the first sight coming to me was the hundreds, if not thousands, of flowers laid in many rows in front of the Synagogue to show sympathy from Danes with these ”victims” of Muslim terror.

It was difficult killing time for the next 1½ hours at the library waiting on the service of the Synagogue when all I really wanted was to go home, and I felt pretty sure that they would not let me in because it is probably only members of the Jewish community they will allow in and they have probably tightened these rules even more the last days after the attack.

Copenhagen Synagogue with the sea of flowers February 2015The Copenhagen Synagogue with the sea of flowers in front of it
after the terror attack one week ago.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ari.zelenko/media_set?set=a.10205710969951198&type=1&l=fcd8febb2c&pnref=story

Finally, it became after 17.00 and I decided to walk over to the young Jewish guard standing in front of the entrance together with one of the two policemen with machine guns (which normally is a VERY RARE sight in Copenhagen), who have been placed there since the attack, and I asked him if the service of the Synagogue was open to all, and yes, he is probably not used to strangers coming and asking this question because how many non-Jews (Christians, Muslims etc.) want to enter a Jewish service (?), and he looked at me and decided to say that ”I don’t know you, normally I have to know you to let you in”, and I told him that it is because I have not been there before, or at least not since I was there with my school as boy. He then said that it would be better for me to return on Tuesday for a special service (memorial service?), and I told him that I come from Helsingør, so it was ”now or never”, and maybe you know ”someone from Helsingør, who would be coming to visit you one of these days” (?), and it made him ask for my picture ID, and I gave him my passport (!), which he looked carefully through including stamps and then asked me ”have you been to the Middle East” (?), and no, I have not (but if he knew that I had visited the Libanese Shawarma bar for lunch, he would probably not have let me in (?), and yes, they are crazy, these people), and then he asked me to my surprise ”what do you believe of the attack the other day” (?), and I told him that ”this is a political issue, there is only One God and One People, I am neither a Jew, Christian and Muslim (I could also have said that I am both a Jew, Christian and Muslim), I am all, and I just want to show my presence inside the Synagogue, and yes, I had difficulties saying the words because of darkness of the Synagogue meeting me and making it somewhat difficult to speak, but apparently this was good enough to open his mind also because you believed that I would show my sympathy with the attack the other day this way (?), but no, this was really not the reason why I came even though I am of course sorry about what happened, and yes, he asked me to ”go to your right and up the stairs”, so I was invited in and the policeman didn’t even search me, so I could have brought in a gun or even a machine gun into the Synagogue if I had wanted to!

So I walked through the entrance to the right and I could not see the stairs, so I asked a Jewish man inside – there were ONLY Jews inside – and he only spoke English (a relatively young man with full beard, glasses and somewhat big), and he was VERY kind welcoming me and introducing the Synagogue to me, he gave me a Kippah to wear, we had a nice conversation where I told about my visit there with my school class from Espergærde (at the end of the 1970’s), and yes, he knew about my classmate, the famous Danish actor Kim Bodnia, who is Jew and the reason why we visited the Synagogue, and he decided that I should not go upstairs, which is only for ladies (”they are placed there so we don’t become tempted when looking at them here”, and yes, it is VERY WRONG to have sexual segregation!), but inside at the ground floor, and he then invited me to sit at one of the four chairs at the back of the room, which was really also reserved for ladies, but it had the effect that I was now sitting right in the middle of the Synagogue at the end of the long aisle VERY VISIBLE to all of the congregation of approx. 60 people today including the new Chief Rabbi Jair Melchior and the old Bent Lexner.

denmarks-chief-rabbi-jair-melchiorThe new Chief Rabbi of Denmark from 2014, Jair Melchior

I had many eyes on me when sitting there and I felt strong darkness coming to me making me shiver somewhat for the next a little over one hour when sitting there, and furthermore there were two heating canons sending out heat directly towards the chairs where I was sitting, and I don’t have to tell you that this made it almost impossible for me to keep my eyes open because of my extreme tiredness (?), and furthermore, the service was incredible dull with the Kohen (Priest) standing with his back to the congregation most of the time singing and chanting what to me was completely impossible to understand, and we had to stand up for approx. half of the service, and no, this is not how you are going to ”worship”, i.e. keeping up your faith in our New World, where you will COMMUNICATE with each other instead of lecturing :-).

I was told that this is about delivering power from the Synagogue to me.

I felt Muslims shooting people, i.e. carrying out ”terror”, and was told ”how can you excuse what we have done”, which is about what this Jewish community have done, and I was shown Moshe Dayan, the previous Military leader, Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs, and was told that he (as symbol of the government of Israel) was controlled from here, and this Synagogue is the true terror nest.

I was told that they have ”many excuses and thank you for the loan of the book”. I was shown myself inside a little golden shrine, i.e. the Source, and was told that I have already received this.

I was surprised to see a VERY NERVOUS and INTENSE atmosphere during the service, which was especially around the 1st bench where Bent Lexner and Jair Melchior including ”other important people” stood, and they looked very often backwards in my direction, and left their bench maybe 12-15 times during the service walking outside to the corridor having short conversations before returning, and no, this is NOT normal behaviour inside a church and I don’t believe that this is normal behaviour inside your Synagogue too (?), and was it really because my visible presence made you very nervous not knowing what to do (?), and yes, to welcome me or to play the game pretending that I am not there or that you don’t know me (?), and yes, after some people of the congregation had nodded at me, said ”shalom” when passing me and one asking me ”why do you sit there, it is reserved for ladies”, finally Jair Melchior was ”courageous” when walking down the aisle towards me, and we looked each other in the eyes and he gave me a firm handshake letting me know that ”we know who you are, we accept you” (bringing me their passport to the Source), but he did not say anything, and no, Bent Lexner ”could not” do the same, and no, I had not come there to transfer words with you, Bent – but would have if you had come over welcoming me or invited me to your office, do you regret that you did not and did you have ”a speech” ready for me (?) – but to transfer your energy of gold to me (the most dangerous gene of my new self), see (?), and I am here given a STRONG heartburn because of the nature of his darkness leading this Synagogue through the decisive years as Rabbi since 1976 and Chief Rabbi from 1996-2014 – and I was told ”Altona (part of Hamburg), Bent was an eager reader of you already when you were in Hamburg” (September 2014).

Bent Lexner overrabbiner Krystalgade tilalleBent Lexner, Rabbi from 1976 and Chief Rabbi in Denmark from 1996-2014, here inside the Copenhagen Synagogue

This Synagogue was my ultimate state prison. They also believed that I was here by dishonest means, and that I was completely sickening to read, and that they were working on God’s side for the elite when planning and killing people, and yes, how in the world could you become so CRAZY believing this?

I felt Ariel Sharon and was told that they were also responsible for ”setting him out of the game” via his coma and later death because ”he came to close to discover the truth”.

”We have not even come to Assad (of Syria)”, and I was told that he is also controlled from here.

Finally, this long one hour came to an end, and when no one approached me, I took on my coat and walked out and I told the young guard still standing at the fence ”thank you, please say hello to the congregation from Stig” and he was nice thanking for my visit, and when I walked away from the Synagogue, I was given the lyrics ”Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here” from Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and yes, this Synagogue had a main role of man playing ”Scaramouche” bringing ”Thunderbolt and lightning” to end the world, Freddie & Co. but now this monster doesn’t exist anymore, and yes, I also received ”Heaven only knows” by Electric Light Orchestra right after :-).

Afterwards, I was told that ”Gimme, gimme, gimme money” was also the name of the game there and what made their dark world going, and also that none called ‘1448 (the phone number to the Police) to bring me out of the Synagogue.

I received the feeling of Helle from South Africa (who was close to become a girlfriend/affair of mine in the beginning of the 1990’s if I had known what do do!), and this is about sex as man wanted to bring me (to open me), and is Bent Lexner also part of a top committee about you – ”how do we bring out God using the Source as we please”?

Bent was not directly involved with sending Allan to the library to monitor and spy on me, but his reports ended with Bent at this top committee because they received everything they wanted.

”The fall of Margaret Thatcher”, they were not just involved in Judaism/Islam, they were involved in world development designed as they pleased.

I felt my mother and was shown the behind of a brown horse (= darkness) and the last tooth of a mouth being unplugged, this is what my visit to the Synagogue was about.

I was reminded of when I passed the Falck head quarter in the morning when I took the bus from the Central Station to the Royal Library, which made me think of how Falck completely abused me when using me as a coolie in 2011 (including as an ”errand boy” collecting packages from the head quarter), and I was now shown the yellow inside of a Falck ambulance driving away with me and told that they, i.e. the Synagogue, were completely careless about what happened to me, and yes, about the God that you are ”praying” to!

This is how I am leaving the black Bible.

Sanna knew about the Synagogue but not quite about the terror that they caused – what about showing the world the whole plan leading to your rapture without most of mankind, without me and also without my sister? Yes, the Synagogue was also bought by the Devil self, i.e. Putin.

Does your plan also include ”blacken Stig’s reputation” even more than what my sister did via Hans?

I was shown Iznogoud from the comics series of the same title, and this is about the man wanting to become Caliph instead of the Caliph, and this is what you wanted to become too, Bent, which was ”the religious head of the world” (?), and I am here shown many hearts coming to me from him and I see him landing in an air balloon, which is about Bent now realising that I am indeed the one saving you and not the opposite, and I did not understand the air balloon given to me here before later when I watched X Factor in the evening, see later in this script.

No one before me has ever returned to the inside of the Spaceship of the Source as darkness, and I see myself inside this golden spaceship as darkness opening the lid of it, and I see coloured lamps on the inside of this lid.

I was shown my handcuffs made of egg white and the very last of this egg white is now dissolving completely. This is the same as removing the carpet of the Old World.

”Did he come himself to bring out our golden nugget” (?), at the Synagogue, yes.

This is how I have used ”my people” in creation. Yes, these were the people I saw at the end as Jesus, which is why they are the first I meet again as Stig as the worst darkness of all being the closest to the Source, and yes, you do understand this, right?

No, they didn’t pass a voice test, they didn’t know that they were especially selected and chosen at birth to follow me as my ”turned around” birth helpers. This is how they were the football self, i.e. the salt of the egg.

These are the people being the closest to me, and I was shown a guitar, i.e. creation.

I was told about Agenda 21 and pro-Russian separatists of Ukraine, they were involved in everything all over the world.

I was shown Muslim women wearing black burka’s leaving the Synagogue together with my golden coffin and was told that Muslim terror had the ultimate goal of leading to the opening of me.

I was also shown German Nazi planes flying above Copenhagen during World War II and was told that they were ordered not to bomb the Synagogue.

If I had not ”missed” Angela in Tivoli, we had headed directly towards the Synagogue bach then.

I was told about having lost all of my friends also because it was forbidden for them to contact me, which Hans will now allow again.

Irene cannot call you and it is a pain for Fuggi that he also cannot, but soon they can again when the ban is lifted.

I felt Bent Lexner being nervous and was told that he also was when seeing me because he was part of the group deciding to kill my father. And yes, also nervous about what I am going to write about you Bent and the Jewish community to reveal you to the world?

I was given the taste of Flæskesteg (Roasted Pork) and was told that the Jews also helped deciding that Muslims are not allowed to eat pork.

I felt my mother and was told that it could have been dangerous for me to visit the Copenhagen Synagogue (?), but no, not now, there are no rabiads remaining wanting to break me, they are now with me.

When ending the writing of my chapter on my visit yesterday to the Synagogue, I am given strong heartburn but I am also shown Jimi Hendrix with his guitar (symbol of creation) as he was MASTER of playing, which is to say that these people are ”close friends” of mine being vital to creation, you see, right?

I sent Facebook invitations to Jair Melchior and Bent Lexner, and isn’t it exciting to see if you can accept me as Facebook friend letting the whole world show (?), and yes, the ban of me is not officially lifted yet, is it? I was happy seeing that Jair later accepted it. When publishing this script on Facebook, I will tag Jair in my publish making all of his Facebook friends including the Jewish Community in Denmark and some of Israel see it, which will probably be exciting to them ….

I was told that it made my father cry because ”why can’t Stig see that it is his sister, who is special” and no, he wasn’t allowed to tell me.

One of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, in Dubai, was on fire, which made me think of the film ”the Towering Inferno”, and yes, you do remember what I have written before, which is that the EXTREME RICHNESS of Dubai and ”crazy skyscrapers” up to 1 kilometre tall is the WORST DARKNESS and INSANITY of man to me, and it is this ”the worst darkness”, which is now on fire because everyone knows that we have reached the end of the old world including the end of darkness, and I was told that this goes right up to the top of the UN being on top of this skyscraper of an INSANE WORLD!

Guardian 210215

And this is because we are now very close to open the Source of infinite energy to our New World, and this was symbolised when a 47 year old lady from Helsingør, of all places (!), won the largest lotto-premium ever in Denmark, which was an astonishing 315 million DKK (48 million USD).

BT 210215-1

BT 210215-2

The newspaper Information brought this feature article with the headline ”God, couldn’t you get an account on Twitter and Instagram” and also ”God, couldn’t you tell all that we come from the same big family as Adam and Eva started many years ago” and ”can’t you make it clear that man is not alive to kill other people – especially not in your name”, and yes, since people were kind encouraging me to do this, I of course did it when I said that ”I am on Facebook, but not Twitter, which I don’t like because they only bring superficial messages. You are not allowed to kill, there is One God and One People, religion is not invented by God, but by man – was that good enough”, and yes, it is difficult to say because even though the writers of the article had made great efforts asking me this via their long article, I received no comments to my reply and that is even though people were ”busy” smiling and joking about this and bringing a link to ”God, Comedian” having more than 2 million likes, and yes, this is easier for you simple people to understand than me. http://www.information.dk/525076.

FB 210215 Information 1

FB 210215 Information 2

FB 210215 Information 3

Eventually, I had to work all day from morning to evening before leaving for my mother for dinner to write this script, and no, I have NOT written a full day for a VERY long time by now because I simply don’t have it in me anymore, but I decided that ”alright then, I will do it”, and so I did. And I decided to publish it when returning home at 21.45, but I could not, it is not too much to say that I had used so much of myself as I don’t have that I felt ”absolutely terrible”, so it will have to be published tomorrow morning.

John isn’t feeling better and is ”hallucinating” when going to sleep as my mother calls it, but when I spoke to John, he explained that it is visions on his eyeballs and voices coming to him too and ”I know it is not true” as he says (!), and he then tries to remove it by listening to music, and I could only tell him that he is now receiving spiritual experiences as I have for more than 10 years and to ”just be open to it and see what comes, it isn’t certain that you will be able to understand it” (if coming to him symbolic), but no, he will not, and he even said that ”if this is what you have had for years, I now understand how dreadful it is”, and when I later spoke to my mother alone about it and told her that John receives ”true spiritual experiences”, she claimed that it is indeed ”hallucinations” and ”a sickness”, so I had to tell her ”NO, MOTHER, IT IS NOT, I KNOW” (!), and yes, it is simply INCREDIBLE that they react as they do rejecting it instead of understanding, and later I was told that this is about John being told the truth about me because this is how close he is to dying, and I am the same.

When having dinner Bettina’s Søren arrived (from their apartment on ground floor, where my mother and John live on 1st floor) with a pot of potatoes to boil because their stove did not work, and we had a nice conversation with him about his recent tour to India, about how Bettina is feeling and about the people living in the apartment building (Bettina and their new neighbour Rebecca ”cannot communicate” and ”cannot understand” each other, which is ”difficult” because now they don’t even say hello when meeting, and I told Søren ”this is exactly the biggest challenge of man today making frictions between people, COMMUNICATE, UNDERSTAND and BECOME FRIENDS instead of the opposite”, which made Søren so happy to hear that he instinctively grabbed my hands), and first I was given the song ”Raoul and the Kings of Spain” by Tears for Fears, which is one of my absolute favourites by the band, and this was to say that Søren is a TRUE WIMP in relation to me, and I was told again that when he and Bettina decided to write emails against me approx. 1-1½ years ago, they did it as part of an act, because he knows about who I am and also about Karen being meant for me as I was told.

Søren told us about Bettina’s ”stomach pain” as she has had for the last year, and now – finally – the doctors have found a tumour, and they are going to take a biopsy now, and furthermore my mother says that Bettina has lost much weight becoming ”far too thin”, and I was told that this is part of the game that we are going through, to bring energy.

And yes, it was nice having this almost half and hour visit by Søren and I asked him questions and listened to him, but no, he did not ask me any questions, and if he had, I would have liked to tell him about my experience when visiting the Synagogue yesterday, but now you will have to do without, Søren.

My mother told me that she did not buy tickets for Signe Svendsen as she said that she would because she could not enter the system, and she also does not like leaving John, who may need her help at any moment, so we are now back to my mother wanting to buy me a ticket alone for Savage Rose, so it seems as if I will be seeing you anyway, Annisette & Co., and not Signe this time around, and that is if my mother decides to do as she says. And yes, Lis Sørensen in Hørsholm was sold out, so we have to see you another time, Lis :-).

I received some of the very strongest and ugliest sexual torments (visions and speech) involving my mother when she was sitting next to me, which could have overthrown a big bull, but I decided to say “come on, give me the best you got”, and I was told that this was darkness from the Synagogue following me and coming out this way.

I watched the next part of the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest on TV with my mother, and I had told her that it is much better than the Danish part having true class, style and humour not being primitive and crude and also having songs of higher format and variation, and she agreed completely when seeing it, and I told her about the host called the same as Sanna and how good a singer she is, and my mother said several times that ”She is truly beautiful”, which she indeed is.

We believed that all seven songs of the show today was of high standard, and when I told my mother about just how much I loved the unique atmosphere, the Sami culture of Northern Sweden, beautiful singing and show of the last song, ”Jag är fri” (”I am free”) by Jon Henrik Fjällgren and told her that it is variation instead of the same that creates quality of life, she agreed and she started as skeptical but ended up simply loving this song, and yes, because I did, and I told her that ”it almost sounds Greenlandic to me”, and she agreed – and for some reason, this song has not been uploaded to Youtube, but you can see it on http://www.svt.se/melodifestivalen/se-program/melodifestivalen-2015-deltavling-3-melodifestivalen-2015-deltavling-3 if you live in Sweden or use hola.org, and yes, it went directly to the final.

FB 210215 SVT

I have been told many times for many months about Ivan L., who was a business partner of mine working in PFA Pension when I worked for DFM and Aon in the 1990’s – he used to help sending me pension and insurance calculations according to my specifications, much more detailed than everyone else, right Ivan (?) – and I have been told that he is one of several ”last chances” I can put on the table as a kind of Joker removing all cards of darkness, but no, I did not need the sacrifice of Ivan L. or anyone else of his ”caliber”.

The Source was inside the Swedish King Carl Gustav before being removed to John and me at the end – what was inside of my father then? This is the spirit that was brought down to Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg and spread from there.

FB 220215 Stig 2

Danish X Factor: My calmness saved the world from going under because of the misunderstanding of man believing that man was saving the world when man was really eliminating it


FB 220115 Stig X1


Yes, it was a long day. I left home this morning at 09.45 and returned home at 19.40 – only 20 minutes before X Factor was starting, and yes, I had felt X Factor all afternoon because of their knowledge/talk about me.

And now, it is the next day, Saturday, at 14.55 and I have completed the script of my tour to Copenhagen yesterday, and now ”only” have to do a not as long as last week script on X Factor to complete this ”impossible to complete script today” because of much to write and no energy to do it, and yes, I will try to finish and also publish it today, and should I give up – I am on my outermost – it will first come tomorrow, but yes, the world is excited about hearing my story visiting the Synagogue?

The X Factor host Eva started by asking the judge Remee here ”how are your nerves” (?), and he was inspired saying that ”I feel awful because after such a gloomy week we have all had (because of the terror attacks), it was a very tough start trailer to make, we need love and a good atmosphere, I do believe that all have been incredible touched by what has happened, at the same time we have had this pressure with participants that we would like to appear as good as possible, and I never believe that I will become completely calm, it is truly a big pressure to work with, and it is giving and exciting, but you are incredible nervous on their behalf”, and yes, this was about NERVES and that is because of the NERVES OF THE SYNAGOGUE when they saw me sitting inside their Synagogue yesterday, and also about being ”completely calm” as the opposite, which may be what the Synagogue believed that I was (?), and yes, it was darkness shivering me, but I was not nervous being inside your ”terror nest”.

Last week, Sophia gave me the greatest impression of all, and she was the one starting the show this evening, and she did it once again this time when she was (of course!) singing one of ”my all time favourites” in terms of one of the songs coming the most often to me during my journey, which is ”American Pie”, and yes, again it moved me incredible, her fragile voice, soul and expression together with a beautiful set design, when she sung ”Did you write the book of love”, and yes, I did, and I thought that this is on top with the best I have ever seen on X Factor :-).

Remee commented here that ”it was very comfortable feeling the calm, and that it was never meant to go up and explode”, and again, this was about ”calm” on one side and here ”explosion of terror” of the Synagogue on the other, and it made Blachman follow up when saying ”great that it did not explode”, which was because this would have led to the explosion ending the world.

Thomas himself was very calm most of the show – symbolising my calmness as the Synagogue – and I was told that it is because he can hardly hear my voice (helping him to ”burst out” with his ”strong opinions”) and I was told that he was asking ”are you there” (?), and no, Thomas, I am not for very long anymore, I am becoming my new self, you know – and Lina both here and before Sophia came on spoke inspired words about not only how she is impressed by Sophia, but by me and my work and how happy she is that I have come through the rocks (saving the world without an explosion first bringing the end).

Afterwards, Remee introduced his next act, Emilie, and said that ”one of the things I appreciate the most by being allowed to do this program is to come out in all corners of Denmark with our maginifying glasses and sometimes you run into a rough diamond”, and yes, what a strange thing to say again, Remee, which this time was ”magnifying glasses”, and this came to you because I was surprised seeing an add from an Optician in the local paper the other day advertising for only magnifying glasses, and here it was also to say that this is what I needed to find the diamond of the Source because it is as little as ”nothing” and yes, you really cannot feel it but have to follow ”the road of God” to get there as I did throughout my mission, and yes, this is what you were really speaking of, and are you surprised (?), and no, not for much anymore, and yes, Emilie then sang the big hit ”Chandelier” making me think of the light that I will bring as my new self ”swinging from here”, and even though Emilie has a beautiful voice too, I did not believe that this song fitted her well.

It made Thomas tell Emilie here that ”when you have a race horse, which you really are, how many jumps do you have to make, how much do you have to be challenged” (?), and he was here talking about ”the brown horse of darkness” challenging me throughout my mission including the latest one with the Synagogue, and Lina spoke about ”nailing it” and telling Emilie that ”you are a devine singer”, which was also about nailing the Source through my head as I wrote about the other day, and Remee said that ”I feel like standing up clapping all of the time” and spoke more entusiastic words including that this is ”magical”, and I received the feeling that this is his true feeling because I managed to save the world from ending before the creation of our New World.

When Thomas hereafter presented his next act here, Finn & Rie, I felt that he was nervous because we have left him alone (without his voice speaking through him), and this nervousness was again because of the nervousness of the Synagogue in relation to me, and then he said ”To me, music is about calm and presence, just being, here is a sweet, little love song, please welcome eehhhh Fie, no, no Finn – I always call them Rie and fun …., now they are called Fie and Rie, no, I am sorry (with big smiles because he simply cannot pronounce their names correctly), FINN AND RIE of course”, and yes, this is what darkness has made me and my surroundings do MANY times, which is to forget names etc. when removing our memory or ability to speak, and this was again about darkness of the Synagogue because of their plans to not only bring out terror, but to end the world, but then Finn and Rie started playing one of the most beautiful love songs, which is, and that is Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, and what was floating in the air as part of the set design behind them (?), and yes, AN AIR BALLOON (!), which of course was a reference to my vision some hours before, where I was shown many hearts coming to me from Bent Lexner from the Synagogue and I was shown him landing in an air balloon, and this is to say that the worst darkness of all when turned around of course is the strongest love of all, and yes, from ”my people”, which was necessary to send out for me to absorb to save the world, you understand (?), and again, I was very happy to see Finn & Rie playing because of their talent and calmness too :-).

It made Lina here speak about Rie creating most magic, but she could not do it without the support of Finn ”when you are lost” (as last week this was about Rie being creation of my mother outside the Source and Finn about the Source of me bringing force of creation), and Thomas said that ”this is also a Jam-session”, which was really about ”the Gift” by the Jam as I brought last week and where I was told that Thomas knows about this Jam album, and yes, Thomas still still ”calm”.

When Remee here spoke about going through the worst pressure and ”then it is really good to have someone like this, Baraa, by the hand, because he is the most charismatic ”little maniac” I have met, you simply get in a very good mood being near him, everyone should have one of these at home, a very brave boy, which is why he is singing BRAVE, here is Baraa”, I was given the feeling of the Royal Library believing that this is what it was, i.e. good to have me around being brave enough to save the world, and yes, you will all receive me at home when I bring you our New World 🙂 – and yes, I do hear that Baraa sings fine and can easily see his great courage, but I would have preferred to see him a few years older in this show, which is what was confirmed to me when I saw Babou at the Danish final of the Eurovision Song Contest recently as a handsome and mature young man after he had also attended X Factor in 2011 as ”too young” – and yes, this is not to say that it is wrong do to, but I just prefer Babou singing in his present age and not as four years younger, and this is the same I expect will happen with Baraa.

It made Lina speak here of his ”power demonstration from last week is still printed into my soul, which I will forget late, and it isn’t so that you have taken this out and the new in”, which again was about Lina being happy about how I have exchanged my old self with my new self via my ”power demonstration” not giving in to darkness.

When Tannaz song her song of the evening ”I want to know what love is”, it blew me away (!) because of the incredible beautiful set design behind her of the butterfly making Tannas part of the butterfly too, and yes, butterfly is a symbol of creation, and this was to show the opening of our New World and what better song to bring than ”I want to know what love is”, which is an old favourite of mine from the 1980’s by Foreigner as well as to say that I have NEVER myself in this life known true love, and this is what I will bring you all as my new self 🙂 – and it made Thomas say that Tannaz’ verse was ”the most cool and calm” and Lina to give Tannaz the recipe of how to build the cake before putting on cream and Harlequin granules, which was really about first doing creation and then adding the cream/energy of the Source, which is exactly how we do it :-), and Remee said that he was so nervous that he could not sleep and had had to lie in a spa formed as an egg trying to sleep, which once again was a reference to the nervousness of the Synagogue.

When Lina presented Jógvan here, she said ”he has been all of the mill through, he was used to jam and charm himself through everything because of his crazy talent”, and this was about me going through the entire mill of darkness to bring out life, and yes, Lina also know about ”the gift” by the Jam (!), and when Jógvan, symbolising me, started singing ”Stay with me”, originally by Sam Smith, who is a GIANT talent with an incredible voice, it brought me the deepest feelings again, which was first because of Jógvan’s incredible voice/range and musicality, and then because of the completely simple and ”naked” expression of the song accompanied by only cello and piano making it INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL in my ears and giving me the feeling that ”this is TRUE ART”, and yes, Jógvan and Sophie again brought me the deepest feelings of all this week where I felt that some of the others had difficulties reaching the same very high level as they did last week.

It made Thomas say here that ”the music on radio is edited, mixed and completely precise and self-therapeutic perfectionised, in this program we do LIVE music”, which was really about me showing my simple self and ”naked face”, which is how you are going to see me, without make-up/facades hiding behind, and Remee also spoke of his happiness with this ”completely simple arrangement” and how Jógvan is an ”artist, artist” and ”one really wants you to make your own songs, which is really what you are put in the world to do”, and this was to say that instead of copying others, I am the original bringing you ALL OF MY LOVE, which is what ”music” is a symbol of and why I love music as much as I do, and Thomas said that ”it is great for you to come to this program showing us something different, it is a GIFT to the program”, and Lina repeated this about the gift when saying that ”it is a gift working together with you, a GIANT, GIANT GIFT”, and yes, this is what is coming your way all of you :-).

The other acts Ivarsson, Bang and Neumann, and Citybois, did fine performances, and even though I do not like the ”too self-confident and wrong attitude” of the two young men of Citybois, they did great in ”Maniac”, and no, it wasn’t written in the books as Remee said, which was both about Blachman (as a jazz-man) creating these pop-idols and also about me going all the way through reaching the Source without giving in, and yes, I had to be a ”maniac” (in the eyes of people) before coming through.

In the decision, it was between Finn and Rie or Tannaz, and Remee voted on Finn and Rie to be sent out, and when Blachman here had to say whom he wanted to send out, he misunderstood and said ”Finn and Rie”, and yes, he was convinced that he had to say the name of the act he wanted to stay, but it was really the opposite, my friend, and again, this was a reference to the Synagogue and the World Elite being convinced that they were saving the world when they infact were bringing it to an end, and yes, ”just a misunderstanding” of course. In the end, Lina decided that it was Finn and Rie who were going to leave, and so it became, and yes, thank you for bringing a wonderful light to the show, Rie, as my voice here says, and thank you for supporting her, Finn, and good luck with your new little band, and Blachman ended the show thanking Finn and Rie for meeting them because ”you go right in” (to his heart) and ”there has been so calm here with you” and yes ”so fine and calm, I can recommend this” and CALM is what you will all feel with the coming of the Source and our New World :-).

And no, I don’t believe that it became much shorter than last week after all, did it?

FB 220115 Stig X2

And if it was difficult writing these two scripts and publishing them in the morning of February 22 (?), and yes, “impossible” it was, but I decided not to give up but “just do it”, which is really the best approach to reach your goal, and I included 99.9% of what I wanted to include and I really only lacked a comment from Blachman in X Factor to Remee telling him about the “boring name” of his group Ivarsson, Bang and Neumann sounding like a publishing home, which made Blachman say “no, an accountant firm”, and yes, this “accountant firm” is an old symbol about calculating if we have brought all life with us equalising the negative energy we were given to start with, so now you also have this :-).


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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