March 2015 – after script III: Sanna and Karen had ganged up against me, but Karen fell in love with me, which is what makes us now home at Karen’s garden (of Paradise)


Summary of the script today

  • March 9: Sanna and Karen had ganged up against me, but Karen fell in love with me, which is what makes us now home at Karen’s garden (of Paradise). I did a shopping tour to Helsingborg, Sweden, as a symbol of getting access to all life inside of the Source via my connection to Karen. I did not have decision power over the Source, but I made the world believe that I had – it is the first reaching the white stone of the Source who has. Sanna is standing in here (at the Source) with flowers after having waited for our mother, i.e. creation, to enter. I took the ”solo-nolo way” (no tricks in Whist), which is the opposite way what Sanna and Hans and everyone else decided to do who wanted all, which makes ”no son of mine”. Karen was hiding together with Sanna and Hans to build their New World, but only if she didn’t make love to me as we did. Karen did not want me believing that I was crazy and she was thirsting for revenge because of my ”ugly writings” on her, which almost burned down the world. Karen had received a warning that we were heading for Hell, but she enjoyed her road going there with sex and money so much that she couldn’t stop. Sanna and Karen had ganged up against me, but Karen had not expected to fall in love with me, and my making love to Karen was the decisive factor of all. Karen wanted a ”simple life” without prostitution as I offered her, but she ”could not” follow her true feelings because of darkness influencing her. Jack’s destiny as my old best friend was to kill me, but his and his mother’s warm feelings is what really saved us all :-). All of this is what makes us now home at Karen’s garden. And then it is soon time for Shrovetide (to become our new selves). Karen is now close to being ready to marry me for real because she now knows that I am not crazy but ”the real one” brought to her. Karen has understood that she is where the gold is, how could this be when she was the worst darkness and a prostitute (?), because this is what the world/Sanna turned her into. All life is made inside darkness of Karen and it is this life that we now turn around as light, and I am shown a giant space rocket ready for launch. Making Karen believe in me as the Son of God was the most important of all, otherwise she would not have opened to me/us all. We are inside the Pyramid of the Source, all is gold here, we just cannot see it yet – we are busy mixing all new life with this gold of the Source. John is in a stage between life and dead receiving strong spiritual experiences; how will I be able to continue the game until receiving money from the Commune ending it all?


March 2015 – after script II: Sanna and Karen had ganged up against me, but Karen fell in love with me, which is what makes us now home at Karen’s garden (of Paradise)

March 9: Sanna and Karen had ganged up against me, but Karen fell in love with me, which is what makes us now home at Karen’s garden (of Paradise)

FB 090315 Stig 1

I was told that the word on my shopping tour to Helsingborg is spreading, Sweden is expecting me. Yesterday, I spoke with my mother who would have liked to go too believing that it was possible to get a ferry ticket including the car with us too for approx. 150 DKK, but it was not and furthermore she had to see John’s doctor at the hospital today, and yes, yesterday John also asked me if I will look after his computer, i.e. if he dies, and especially a folder called ”ABL”, which includes everything about their cooperative apartment association at Lappen 35, and I was given the feeling that it may also include ”something else”, John, for me to get access to (via my mother as I am here told).

After publishing my new script, I left home for Sweden at 11.30 and I was told that this is about getting access to all life inside of the Source of Karen and to receive A-post, i.e. being able to create life myself when being united with Karen.

It corresponds to going up the altar with my mother. This is all of the state prison giving up – they didn’t mean bad (when choosing the Devil bringing me sufferings).

When I will get new Sony mobile phone and tablet (after receiving the money that the Commune owes me) connecting them to my Sony TV and mirror all content, this will symbolise switching on the power of the Source.

It was me and my work that ”disturbed” Sanna’s balance nerve, which could have killed her if I had not started for her to stayin’ alive.

I took the Sundbusserne little ferry from Helsingør to Helsingborg and I was smiling when I saw the big equestrian statue next to their Town Hall being dressed out including a long spear in the head making me think that this is truly the Unicorn (of everything) :-), and I started cycling to the furthest away store on my list to visit today, which was Öob next to the big Väla Shopping Centre, which is 7.5 kilometres from Helsingborg harbour.

On my tour there I was told that we cheated when we told the world that you had the power of decision over the Source because the one coming first kissing the white stone (receiving access to the Source) would receive this power, and it required ”ice in the stomach” (being very brave) to do, and yes, it was me (because of my work, behaviour, communication and the result of my New World – on contrary to Sanna) – but the world believed me when I said that I had this power deciding over the Source and they followed me.

I started my shopping at the GIANT stores out here (Öob and Coop Extra only on my list) having a much bigger supply of goods than at home, which was like an ELDORADO to chose from, and in this way, it was good, but it was still too much industrially made products in far too big stores, and too little hand made to my taste (as it is almost everywhere here), and I bought 9 packages of cheap but INCREDIBLE GOOD Zoega’s coffee in all kinds of variants at Coop Extra (symbolising love of the Source, and I had also been told on my way here that my sister has listened to the music of Electric Light Orchestra, for example ”Eldorado”, to hear after ”hidden messages”, and yes, knowing that I love them and the feeling was that ”maybe Stig is the one, and not I”, do you remember this feeling, Sanna (?), and yes, let us here play ”Mister Kingdom” from this AMAZING album (leading us to the gold of the Source at ”the rainbow’s end”, which this tour was a symbol of too).

I also had a burger at Max burger restaurant, which is a Swedish chain and I have looked forward to meeting this restaurant since they opened a branch in Copenhagen a few years ago showing pictures of and speaking of their incredible good burgers, but the one I received today was INCREDIBLE ”FLAT”/DULL and had not taste and nothing to do with ”food” to me – such a shame, and yes, they were talking of me as I am here told, and I was also told on my way that no Danes take their bicycles over and do a shopping tour like I did today, which is also why Helsingborg – I felt the City Council – loves me.

When I cycled from there, I was told that John is feeling me ”going through” him, and yes, the tree is planted in him.

I was already completely exhausted when I cycled to ICA Maxi, which is another giant supermarket, but I did not buy anything there, and I continued to the next M.A.T. giant supermarket, which is new and so different and ”safe” that I almost could not find what I wanted to buy and almost could not pay with cash and get out of their ”control-systems”, but eventually I did, and yes, then I only had Netto and Hemköp left on my list, and I could do Netto, but had no more energy also visiting Hemköp also because I now had a heavy rucksack and three bags to carry (coffee, meat and much cheap chocolate etc.), so I went towards the ferry, which was the last of this company sailing home at 18.00.

Still in Helsingborg I was told that the Pope could not help lying to Sanna and Hans saying that ”I am on your side”, but he was not.

And then I was told that Sanna is standing in here with flowers, and she has waited for our mother, i.e. creation, to enter, and yes, it is from here that she has been sending out darkness against me – going via our mother believing in her for a long time.

And then there is all of the information that I receive, which I don’t write down, and yes, the voice keeps on speaking about this and that, and I only include here what I believe is important enough to include, and some of the content of this voice was about how Sanna and Hans have had visit by Kim and Pernille S. to their derelict farm in Sweden as ”good friends”, how Bo (dahlberg) and others have attended ”parties” and how Sanna and Karen are ”best friends”!

I was told that ”you took the solo-nolo way” (of Whist), which is the opposite way of normal going for no tricks instead of all (my ”modest life” going through darkness), and yes, Sanna and Hans else decided on the other way of ”all tricks” based on their attitude that ”we want all”, which is the same as saying that ”you are no son of mine”, and this is what ”everyone” did.

I was given the name ”Hermes” and the figure of 8 (eternity) and was told that we (Sanna and Hans with the world) know that we are not infinite without you.

And when Karen was hiding together with Sanna and Hans, it was to build their New World, but only if she didn’t make love to me as we did, which Sanna didn’t know that I would be able to do with her, and this was the decisive factor of all.

Hans had figured out that Karen would not go with me because he would make sure that I was made ”crazy” in the eyes of the world, thus also hers, and this would crack open to the light (as I am shown an axe here doing), and no, they didn’t want to kill me, just only (when emptying eveything of me as John is now being emptied of everything), but Putin would. So they tried everything to break you, and I am here shown my sword bending much.

”Don’t make love to him”, no, you just don’t say these kind of things (from Sanna to Karen about me), so this was a ”simple misunderstanding”.

And it was me not giving in to my old nightmare that saved the world and not the opposite as the world believed.

The story of Hans is that he had kept the key first releasing it now – after I had broken free myself.

Karen was thirsting for revenge (because of my ”ugly writings” on her revealing to the world that she is a prostitute and more), I feel Denis here because he stirred her up, and this was with the support of Hans via Sanna and her fight against me and also because my mother did not want Karen and I together. So Karen had her behind placed directly in the range of programmes, and this is also a reference to TV2’s song ”Kom lad os brokke os” (”Come let us grumble about”) and their lyrics ”Rikke Solberg sætter sig på hele sendefladen” (”Rikke Solberg sits on all of the range of programmes”), and this is both to say that Karen was grumbling much about me because of her negative feelings and misunderstandings and also that Steffen Brandt from TV2 is with me, and yes, you come to me like this sometimes, Steffen, and yes ”Brandt” is ”burned” and this is about how Karen was burning the world because of her wrong attitude/misunderstandings led by Hans and the world :-).

Karen was one of those receiving ”double warnings”. Wasn’t it her that we had to warn if we were all heading for Hell (?), yes, but she enjoyed her road so much including sex and bonus money ”earned” for her work against me, given to her by Sanna, that she could afford new travels with Denis and not with me and this is because she had to accept living with him instead of a ”simple life” with me, which is what I offered her and what she told me herself that she was longing so much for deeply inside her, and yes, just a ”simple life”.

I received the feeling of Jack and Vorupør, and yes, we went through his mother to fill up Karen, which was the most dangerous road to go, and this is because he could not help revealing your real name, Jesus, to his mother when he understood the truth, and yes, isn’t it funny that your old best friend with the destiny to kill you really saved us all via this (?), and yes, because of his and his mother’s warm feelings to me, and yes, Evy, you did ”udmærket” = ”fine”, and yes, ”she knows” :-).

Had Sanna and Karen ganged up against you (?), and yes, this is how it looks like, but Karen had not expected that she would truly fall in love with you – she has a strong desire to stop all of the prostitution and just live a ”simple life”, which is what she could have had with me – but no, she ”couldn’t” because of darkness of Sanna influencing her and my mother too.

I watched DR1 TV news and was told that they were surprised that all life was inside John and not Sanna, which is because Sanna is ”non-life”.

I was shown the arms of a crab having reached me, which is the spirit of Karen, which is why I can now create life too.

I felt a black mask of John being put on my face, which is because John was chosen by Putin to be the carrier of everything/life.

Karen, does this mean that you rejected to live with Stig (?), and yes, she was brainwashed not following her true feelings to me.

Yes, Turkey’s leaders wanted the fundamental version of Islam too.

All of this is what makes us now home at Karen’s garden. And then it is soon time for Shrovetide (to become our new selves).

Jack and everybody believed that ”the greatest intercourse ever” was needed to break through to the light on the other side, which is why the threat of your old nightmare came against you over and over and over again.

Savage Rose brought this update thanking people for wishes for their upcoming tour, and they will now start rehearsing before I will see them in Helsingør on March 12, and I decided to tell Annisette & Co. that we are waiting on all here in Helsingør with flowers (i.e. love of our New World), because “where have all the flowers gone” of the world today (?), which was then the song I wished to hear on their tour if they feel inspired, and yes, this is nothing less than INCREDIBLE (“insanely”) BEAUTIFUL from their “Black Angels” album bringing me the deepest feelings, and yes, the world has learned now that I am not crazy :-).

FB 050315 Savage 1

I continue dreaming but have decided not to write down the dreams, because of lack of energy, and this night included a dream inside a book store, where an Asian assistant, who turns into Robert Redford, snaps his fingers in my mother’s face and she does the same with him, and it makes him snap my mother so hard that she falls over and I fear that she may die, which makes me hit him ”half bad”, as we say here, because NO ONE hits my mother, and yes, just to say that my mother is also on her outmost limit after first going through Hell looking after John at home constantly fearing that he would die and now realising that she is alone, because he will not come home again.

Let the sun shine down on you – but we decided to follow you leading the world to us.

Does this mean that Karen is close to being ready to marry you for real (?), yes, because she now knows that you are not crazy but ”the real one” as I brought for her.

This is as close to home as we can get, there isn’t anything more to do. No, she didn’t chose me because she knew that she was not going to be faithful.

Unfortunately, she also knew that I was going to be thrown out of my apartment, and yes ”everyone knew” (of the Secret Network) but me, and yes, Karen has just played an act to you waiting for you to end your mission returning home to her.

Look what Sanna did to me – look at me (Karen), I am Sandra Dee, and no, this is NOT how you wanted to be, which was ”a cheap whore”, right Karen (?) – but the opposite as Sandy (from Grease), which was ”elegant and sophisticated”, which is how only I saw and felt you (the song is from Grease: ”The original is sung by Rizzo at Frency’s slumber part as she mocks Sandy for her innocent, goody-two-shoes nature”).

Yes, Steen M. from Danske Bank, Espergærde, (1984-86) was influenced by Sanna and Hans against you, which is when they tried to find out their system before launching it fully in the end of the 1980’s.

And yes, Karen has understood that she is where the gold is, which is the most amazing part, and yes, how could this be with her being the worst darkness and prostitute (?), and yes, because this is what the world/Sanna turned her into, that is why, not as I will do to you releasing you from your pain, Karen – and Sanna, and everyone else as consequence.

So there you are, she asked me to ”go to Hell, I don’t want you” even though she did if she had listened to her true emotions underneath her darkness, and I now return from the end of the world where she – and my mother and everyone else – sent me as consequence, and no, this is not difficult to figure out, is it (?), and yes, also for you Paul McCartney, who will becoming to play in Denmark at the Roskilde Festival this summer, and yes, for always that is, and we know, the figure of eight :-).

I felt Robbie Williams flying in a spaceship inside my mouth, which is ”eternal space”, and yes, he knows that this is where he was really flying when he was ”out there” flying in a spaceship.

Yes, all life is made inside darkness of Karen including the body of my new self from the corridor here coming to me again, and it is this life that we now turn around as light, and I am shown a giant space rocket ready for launch.

Even your mother has understood that your road of sufferings without pleasure was the right way to go (on contrary to my sister).

Karen felt the opposite when you did not sent her Christmas card last year, has he left me now (?), and now I feel her as light.

No one is such a coward that they don’t support you, are they (?), well, this is what she was told was right to do.

Not alone have we said it, we have also made faith in me as the Son of God at the most important place, which is with Karen, otherwise she would not have opened to me/us all – this is what the meaning of ”opening her heart” means :-).

I felt terrible again today and even though I slept maybe 8 hours during the night, I just needed a nap in the afternoon, which then became 4 hours to my surprise, but I was still ”completely knocked out”, this is how I felt it and about to faint, but still I had to go to my mother first for dinner and then for the Signe Svendsen concert, so I went because of consideration to my mother, and she was also feeling poorly with a new flu beginning, so she probably did not cancel because of consideration to me.

We had a nice dinner, and my mother told me about the meeting with the doctor at the hospital, which she had together with Cyril, Mette, Bettina and also Birthe, John’s sister, and they decided that the hospital will not resuscitate John if he receives a heart attack or carry out more examinations on him because he is too weak, and according to my mother, John heard what they said, and yes, it was good of my mother to bring John’s closest family not making them believe that she was taking control over the situation without them – and yes, my mother says that John cannot remember visits one day the next day.

After dinner we arrived at the small and intimate music venue of the House of Music in Murergade, and I instantly liked the feeling there with the gallery (Franz Beckerlee’s paintings still hang there), sofa’s and tables in the gallery together with a bar and at the music venue in the next room was a very little stage and then chairs and tables for approx. 80 people, and yes, I liked the feeling there and felt at home.

Signe arrived at 20.00 and played solo on guitar (and piano one song) for two hours with half an hour of break, and she ”spiced” up her concert with all kind of stories/anecdotes very inspired from her touring with the Danish folk singer Niels Hausgaard, who is very famous here for his music and his almost standup-shows of stories in-between the music, and I liked much her voice where she sang out with all her power and also her guitar-playing too, and I felt gold floating in over me and was told that this is because of love of Signe and the Danish music industry coming to me this way with their love – on contrary to what it used to be – and yes, they know that I love them and their music too.

Signe was truly inspired when she suddenly decided to play a song that was not on her programme, ”Dansen”, and she said that it was because she normally plays it live with her band and she has not been practising this song for this concert, but still ”she felt” like playing it, and yes, this is how inspiration works, Signe – and then she told a story about how we should pretend being at a nightclub ”just before the light is switched on”, and this is what your inspiration was about because we are at the stage ”just before the light is switched on” and that is of our New World, you know, and this is what will makes everyone DANCE, DANCE and DANCE :-).

FB 080315 Murergade

My mother loved seeing Signe this evening and she laughed out loud on several occasions because of Signe’s stories, and I was given Kim Larsen’s ”Pianomand” as a symbol of the Source and was told about how Signe believes that it is incredible that the light of God is in me and I was told that she had seen both my mother and I there, and yes, you were calm as you said with us, Signe (after a nervous beginning) and had no need to push ”the panic button” when playing the piano for the first time ever live for one completely new song (as she said that she feared), and yes, this is what it was about, you don’t have to fear me as ”the pianoman”, I am just Stig :-).

I was truly so completely down today fearing that I may not have energy to update my website unless I receive more energy, and is this because I am transferring energy that I don’t have to John (?), and yes, I was told that John used to have nightmares about ”I cannot make the machine work”.


FB 060315 Stig X1

I decided to watch X Factor when I came home at 22.30, and yes, it wasn’t live by now, and would it still include ”inspired speech” (?), and yes, I was so completely ”knocked out” that I had difficulties paying attention, but I did not hear much inspired speech, however there was little, so I will now listen to it again when writing this the next morning.

I was told that the judges could speak freely knowing that I wasn’t there.

When Remee spoke the first time I was shown the figure of 7 and told that they look at me as the figure of 7. When Remee here introduced Emilie, he said that ”suddenly I awoke, and I am simply in Heaven and it was as if an Angel stood there singing to me, and I thought, what is this song, and then I looked it up, and then I discovered that it was a Danish artist, I didn’t know that this was a Broken Twin number, but immediately I thought of Emilie and called her, and she sang it back to me on the phone, and even though very few people know it, it had to be this”, and yes, this is even closer to you than just ”inspiration” when you speak ”inspired” on X Factor according to me, Remee (?), and yes, helping on your ”faith” removing that last doubt, Remee (?), and yes, this is how this beautiful song, ”Glimpse of a time” was given, and I might ask ”Did you look for the light? And did you feel the fire?” :-). Later in the show when Remee was speaking I was told that he sees me as ”Klondike”, i.e. Gold of the Source, because of his final recognition of me. Thank you for having the courage telling this story on live TV, Remee, and yes, people may see him as ”crazy”, and yes, for ”seeing an angel”, which not many people believe in, but then again, Remee only spoke out the truth as it came to him making him reliable, which is exactly the same as I did – this was ”the key” too to make people believe in me.

I was listening and also feeling after ”inspired speech” and hardly found any, but I felt it coming when Lina here told Remee that ”I have been much affected that you managed to change the theme of this live show, because I had just cracked the nut of it and then I was sent totally to counting” and she continued now telling Emilie that ”now you arrived, this is the first time I have had the experience of you being in the room with me”, and yes, what on Earth was this about, Lina (?) – did you feel it this way too (?) – and yes, the other day I sent you an invitation to become Facebook friends, which you have NOT accepted, which may be because ”you don’t have the courage to show the world a direct connection with me” (?), and already yesterday when I cycled in Helsingborg, Sweden, I was told that we will make Lina speak about this, and this is what came here because ”cracking the nut” is really the same as ”opening the Source”, which here is to know and understand me, and being sent to counting is what you did when you saw my Facebook invitation not knowing what to do and what leg to stand on (?), and yes, I have arrived and this was the first time you felt me in the same room as you, and what did you decide to do about it (?), and yes, NOTHING, and that is SUCH A SHAME, Lina, but ”talk talk” about it, you could (?), and I am here given Electric Light Orchestra’s funny early outtake ”Baby, I apologise”, beause this is how you feel and would like to do to me ”when you can”, Lina?

When Lina presented Jógvan, she said here that ”the theme was completely turned upside-down because first we had to chose giant hits, and change them totally, which we had done, and when everything was changed, we looked each other deeply in the eyes, and thought what do we do now”, and then Jógvan sang ”When time goes backwards”, and then he sang (in Danish) ”it was you, who made the heart beat, until time stopped” and he had digital clocks all over surrounding him counting down time to zero coming with the end of the song itself, and yes, this is about the count down to reach the end of all time for me to become ”nothing” of the Source stopping the beat of my own heart (as the Source I will receive something even better, which is just ”to be”, and I have felt my heart close to stopping for a long time now), but still standing behind the new time/beating heart of our New World because this is part of the specifications of our new creation too, see? And yes, it was about ”counting” for you this evening, see Lina?

Tannaz sang H. C. Andersen’s ”I Danmark er jeg født” (”In Denmark, I am born, this is my home, this is my root, this is from where my world goes”), which may have come as an ”inspired idea” to her mentor Remee too because I have a ”special relation” with H. C. Andersen, and Denmark is indeed my home :-). Sadly, this was not appreciated by the viewers and Tannaz had to leave the competition today.

I was shown wires being connected to speakers and was told that they know that I am connecting all new life to the Source now, I was shown myself as a frog lying on a plate with first Remee and then everyone else stepping me down and completely crushing me and I was told that they know that they are doing this to me too because of their wrong lifestyle, and I was shown Blachman completely emptying a see-through plastic packing of golden (chocolate) eggs from Ferrero Rocher, which is about emptying his selfishness prioritising himself and his ”good life” and he is on his way of becoming ”nothing” too.

I did not hear/feel any more inspired speech this evening – other than I could tell that Blachman still receives ”direct help” from his spiritual voice, but it wasn’t connected to my story, and yes, I am sad to hear swearing included in both Blachman’s and Remee’s language, and it should be easy for you to remove this completely, Thomas – shouldn’t it and I feel the ”dumb, dark spiritual voice” working inside of him, which is working on basis of what Thomas decides to do, and you shouldn’t need me to tell you that what you do is WRONG including words like ”damn/devil” and sadly also the F-word in your language when you would also like to be seen as ”true light/love”, right? It makes me both SAD and DISAPPOINTED hearing this from you, and yes IMMATURE BEHAVIOUR of yours, Thomas!

FB 060315 Stig X2

So we are now inside the Pyramid, I felt Egypt, and I was shown a flashlight lighten up the walls of the pyramid and they are all made of gold, but you just cannot see it. We are busy mixing all new life with the gold that you bring, there is infinite metal inside of here, as I was shown.

This was the machine that John returned to you in Amsterdam, where you had lost it earlier.

It isn’t so that the Sheiks including Turkey would have used Islam everywhere as part of their New World to control people as their rulers, and yes, opposite to what it was invented to do according to the Vatican (leading to the end of the world to lead to me and the opposite including FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY).

I was told that the Jerusalem UFO was really a ”mean operation” bringing the Source to Sanna because she couldn’t enter a Muslim holy place on the Temple Mount.

Is Paul McKenna (TV famous hypnotist performing ”magic of God”) feeling sad that it is now almost going to be over ”cheating the world”?

Warnings were sent to Karen through your mother.

And then it is time for SUNRISE :-).

I have received the feeling of Fanny the last days and also that she was also contacted by Sanna and Hans to work against me – she disconnected as Facebook friend – but instead she worked for me as ”counter agent” because she had sunk in so deeply with me that she simply knew the truth of me.

My mother called and said that John may be even weaker, and yes, he is in a stage between life and dead, and HE told her that he saw ”someone” next to her (a spiritual vision) and also ”but I know this isn’t right”, and I could only tell her that it is his logic fooling him because his visions and spiritual experiences, here in the borderland, are true, and yes, my mother finally got it.

I told her that I am impressed for her to keep a close contact to John’s family involving and communicating with them as she does, and when she started crying on the phone, I told her again ”you have to be strong, you know that”, and yes, she does, but it is tough losing your husband for the last 30 years and this is what everyone believes is happening now, and will he really be taken from us despite of what I am told (?), and it surely looks like it. I was told that it is my continuous work making him weaker and weaker. And don’t you feel sad, Stig (?), and yes, of course I do, but the difference is that I have decided to be STRONG and because I know that this is ”only a game” and not over with this regardless of what happens.

I received ”Sultans of swing” yesterday, and yes, ”an old favourite of my inner self” (and me too as Stig), and here I was shown a GIANT GUITAR and I felt Mark Knofler above it, and was given this beautiful song again, and somehow it is related to me, and I cannot find signs in the lyrics, so it may simply be about Mark Knofler playing the guitar (symbolising creation) so beautifully and as all know ”Knofler is the only thing rhyming on kartofler (potatoes)” as Anders from Linje 3 once said, and yes, potatoes are also symbol of the Source.

And then your mother will be free from darkness of John that wanted to include us all. John was brought to the world to explode all as the Hindenburg disaster as I am here shown.

I watched ”Ørkenens Sønner” (”Sons of the Desert”), a famous Danish comedy group, on TV, and was thinking ”what a shame it is to see them act so crude/vulgar when they have world class comedy talent”, which is what they truly have, they are some of the very best that I know of, but you do it WRONGLY focusing on sex almost all of the time because of a WRONG culture, and at 21.00 I felt Loreen (thinking of me?), who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, and yes, she had just sung this song at the Swedish semi-finals of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (not part of the competition), and as it says, ”We’re born to be higher, Higher, We’re born to be higher, We’re paperlight” and this is what we will be born as with the opening of our New World :-).

I have felt Per E. (previous Nordic Manager of General Electric) some times, and I was told that I was really also not welcome there, which was at the General Electric house in Stockholm, where I worked two days per weeks in 2001 only a few metres from Per meeting and speaking to him daily, and you had contact with the Swedish King, Per (?), and yes, bringing his ”energy” to me, which is also how the Source works.

We went directly after power of the financial world via the top of Danske Bank, which is why I was employed there, and I am here shown me on banking school in 1985 and later Lars H. from Freeport Branch (1987-88) harassing me to prevent me from getting a career in the bank, and yes, it should have been impossible too to come through you and to DanskeBank-Pension at the headoffice, but I did, and yes, as usual I received ”the most difficult area of work” to become ”expert” in because when I started working at the bank in 1984, I simply did not understand ”the very difficult pension products including tax rules and insurance cover for death and disability”, but later I did, and yes, I worked at the bank in order to prevent the world from receiving a financial meltdown later followed by the end of the world :-).

Yes, it looks at if it will be impossible to continue the game if it is a condition that John will be alive, and I am wondering about how long it will take to receive the money from the Commune and to buy new furniture ending my mission and if I am to write in this period too (?), and yes, right now I feel ”completely empty” and ready to stop writing again because I simply cannot no more, so we will see how we will wrap this up :-).

Birte, John’s sister, also sends me infinite thanks for not letting the world go down. So it was about hitting bull’s eye of John emptying him completely, and then to turn around.

As Promised, Abdul (a Danish Iman, or should I call you REINO as you were born?),  you are now part of my script too, when I gave a comment to your link to BT and their article “The Muhammad drawings correspond to pictures of your mother being raped”, where I told you and the world “isn’t it funny that so many Muslims cannot control their feelings and react as the headline of BT says, and that God says “it is alright” (when the drawings are of Muhammad, but it would be wrong is they as example showed a a Muslim family man without relations to terror with a bomb), and yes, did anyone call this for COLLECTIVE BRAINWASH of Muslims, and tell me what “program” you are part of, Abdul (?), if you have the courage to speak the truth here in public (?), and yes, welcome to my new script”, and no, Abdul did not have the courage to reply to my comment being a BIG WIMP like everyone else, and what about issuing a FATWA against me as “Stig the dog”, and yes, SATAN HAS HIM (!), or was it really you and the Muslims that SATAN had (?), (more of less extreme you know), and yes, this is just what the drawings show, and of course they were “planted” as Islam was too to bring darkness to the world, and this isn’t difficult to understand, is it (?), and it shouldn’t make people “boil over” losing their control, and we are almost saying “losing their religion”, which is what all mankind now will with the coming of “One God, One People” via my philosophy, and yes, this was a main reason why I was made a Zombie, more dead than alive.

FB 070315 Abdul 1

FB 070315 Abdul 2

FB 050815 Jerry

Did Christian G. have the time to engrave your name here before he left again (?), and yes, back to the previous world before ours, as I am also in the next to do the same, as I understand. I felt myself at school and was told that this means that we have rung the bell.

Have you seen that FC Barcelona now leads and have scored more goals than Real Madrid, which is what I wished for and was ”impossible to do” considering how darkness was winning some months ago, remember.

I still feel emptied even more from energy thus having to overcome the strongest throw-up feelings and headache updating my website with ”to do” tasks from the last couple of weeks, and yes, this is out over my outermost edge, but I hope that I can continue doing it until I finalise it in a few days. Yes, I am desperately out of energy, my whole body is crying and at the same time I feel pureness of the Source because I am nothing as I had to become to come here.

I was VERY CLOSE to cancelling my agreement with my mother to meet at 17.15 and first visit John at Hillerød Hospital and then go to dinner with Sanna and Hans, I felt as terrible today as when I went with my mother to Väla Shopping Center in Helsingborg some months ago, but still I decided to go, and when we entered the hospital, my mother was almost in shock when John shouted ”Lona, Lona” from the TV-room almost appearing as his old self, and yes, she had expected to find him death-sick in a bed, and yes, he is very weak, but he was speaking almost normal and watched TV.

And we had a nice dinner with Sanna, Hans, their sons and their girlfriends, and yes, we all continued playing the game not saying anything other than ”keeping up appearances”.

My sister was persuaded to accept that they searched my father, which killed him, and then me.

The sensation is that I have as little energy as John, and everyone feels sorry for him and everyone still believes that I am ”fine” because I can cycle 15-20 kilometres in Sweden ….

In other words, they believed I was Satan and they were the opposite. So Sanna did not believe that she crossed the line influencing the system against me when I was ”sick” because ”everyone knew”, and yes, she didn’t understand that it was herself that had been brainwashed.

Will this be my last script (?), and yes, if I don’t become better, it may well be.

FB 090315 Stig 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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