March 2015 – after script V: The light of the Source is now sailing forwards and back on the Øresund Strait in front of me before I will be lifted onboard this spaceship of everything


Summary of the script today

  • March 14: The light of the Source is now sailing forwards and back on the Øresund strait in front of me before I will be lifted onboard this spaceship of everything. X Factor: My sufferings will stop after I have now landed the Source and done my best performance making me shine as my new self


March 2015 – after script V: The light of the Source is now sailing forwards and back on the Øresund Strait in front of me before I will be lifted onboard this spaceship of everything

March 14: The light of the Source is now sailing forwards and back on the Øresund Strait in front of me before I will be lifted onboard this spaceship of everything

FB 140315 Stig 1

Yesterday evening, I watched one of the bright lights of the Source on the Swedish coast (3 kilometres from me on the Danish coast) being switched on and off as a projector, and I saw how it was moved onto the sea (Øresund strait), and maybe one hour later I was surprised seeing a boat maybe 50 metres long having this STRONG and very bright light of the Source on both the front and rear end of it and it was now ”sailing” forwards and back for a distance of maybe only 100 metres close to the Danish coast directly in front of my apartment (it is rare that ”boats” do this, right?), which it did for maybe one hour after which it suddenly ”disappeared” again, and yes, this is the spaceship of everything that has landed right in front of my home for everyone to see and to take me on board to be installed in the seat controlling it, and I don’t know when it will happen but it may be ”one of these days” and what it will mean to me and my work other than I will be lifted up to become my new self and my sufferings will be removed – this is why I publish this story already now, and my best guess is that the ”boat” with the lights of the Source will return this evening – TRUST ME, THIS IS THE MOST UNIQUE SIGHT IN THE WORLD EVER! – and will the light self fly up and into my apartment to become one with me (?), and yes, I know that there is nothing to be afraid of, but still I become somewhat afraid of this, and I have to tell myself that this is a WRONG feeling.

My mother had invited me out for dinner, and also Bettina, but she was ”too tired” to go out, which may be similar to how I feel, but I still go out myself, and yes, we went to the third of four Chinese restaurants in Helsingør, which is ”Bamboo” at the end of Stengade with a view over the harbour, and we did it because they had a fine offer on dinner for only 69 DKK, which included a soup, deep-fried scrimps and three dishes with chicken, beef and cuttlefish, and except from the soup, we loved it all, it was truly very good and besides from this, it was the most authentic Chinese restaurant I have visited when it comes to the fine interiour and Chinese music, and yes, this restaurant has its origin from Hong Kong as the nice waitress told us, and the only thing I was sad to see was that we were only five in this restaurant, which can seat approx. 100, this Friday evening, and on our way out, I saw that there was full in the French Bistro on ground floor, and yes, it may be the other new and big Chinese restaurants that have opened, which makes it difficult for this one.

My mother said that it is now only a matter of days before John will die. His body reacted negatively to his dialysis treatment the other day, so this treatment has now also stopped and everyone is just waiting for him to die and that is unless something will happen now, and the only thing I can see in front of me is for me to stop writing these updates and finish the last corrections to my website, which I may do today, and to get on board the spaceship of everything.

There is now no limit to my mother offering to pay for my expenses to repair my amplifier and for us to go out eating on restaurant every Friday because ”I can afford it” as she says, and yes, also when John isn’t there to hold her back.

One of several dreams was about receiving a new copying machine, which I start printing many thousands of brochures for a company, which it does amazingly quickly and it even packs it in packages and no errors occur on the way, everything is perfect, and it surprises the company to see because this kind of operation has always brought errors in the past – and yes, this is about bringing out our New World.

The incredible strong sickness attacking me from outside for the last maybe 5-7 days – the worst I have ever been given making me unfit (which is really the opposite of the Source) – has now stopped.

And yes, I am still writing, and it is always right to keep on communicating/informing the world about my progress, which I will continue doing if I can – also after being seated in the spaceship of everything, but I really don’t know what will happen when I do, and I can only hope that this will not effect John now, which I don’t believe that it will because we have ended creation.

Alright, I will write the X Factor update here Saturday morning even though I have slept very poorly again, and do NOT feel up to it.

I watched X Factor together with my mother after we had returned home from the Chinese restaurant to my apartment to have coffee, and I brought my mother a cappuccino and had a strong espresso myself and told her again that it brings joy having variation of different kinds of coffee to offer, which she now better understands, and yes, a symbol of different creations.

The theme of the evening was to have the Big Band of DR TV playing all songs, and the host, Eva, asked Lina what it means to a singer when singing together with such a band, and Lina, who is still not my Facebook friend, said here that ”it is to be taken to another time, you are allowed to taste, which otherwise is denied to us in modern popular music”, and this was also about ”the taste” of our New World, and when Thomas here was asked to comment on the Big Band, his microphone made more and more noise/distortions, which to me was about our spiritual voice of the Old World coming to an end, and furthermore he spoke about ”… so the orchestra can get some food”, with ”food” being a symbol of life, and he spoke about all movements in the band that will still happen when the singer doesn’t sing and ”all the flowers over there” (in the orchestra), and these ”flowers” were the same flower that Annisette spoke about yesterday, which is the flower of life/hope and love too, and yes, Thomas may have had time to read my script including the Savage Rose concert this afternoon?

Lina gave here her feedback to the performance of Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann, whom both my mother and I liked much, and said that ”Finally, I have the courage now to speak the truth, at all of your other performances there was a little part of me that was bored, but I was (b….. – about to say ”bloody”, but corrected it to) jolly well not today”, and here, ”the truth” is also the truth about me, Lina, and about you not having the courage to accept me as Facebook friend (?), and yes, you grabbed yourself just before swearing because you know that I do NOT like you swearing, and she continued saying that ”you sounded better than ever, all pieces of the puzzle lay completely ready to be glued together and hung up on the wall”, which was also about the picture of our New World now being ready to come alive after Annisette helped me close creation yesterday :-).

Remee here introduced his next act, Baraa, and said, after Baraa was crying when singing last week because of ”immense pressure”, that ”he is extra nervous to live up to the extra chance he has been given”, and I felt that it was also ”extra nervous” because of me and my writings, and after the song, Thomas Blachman here heard a reference to ”Goldfinger” and ”James Bond”, which again was a reference to me, and he told Baraa and ”all Denmark” that ”it is important to understand that working this way goes beyond normal Danish self-understanding within education, you pressure yourself, you get pressured and if you really want something it is blood, sweat and tears, so let us stop talking about tears, it is just a natural part of it, it is those paving stones we walk on when we go through town if we want something”, and yes, this was about Baraa being pressured to his outermost limit and so it was about me being pressured to my outermost limit, and yes, my sufferings have only increased over the last months to become ”completely crazy” this last week, but now there will be no more tears when I will be seated in the spaceship of everything.

And Lina said here to Baraa that ”the raw material you are made of is one in a million”, and I received this special and direct feeling coming to me from the Source when Lina said ”raw material”, which here is also about the raw material that I am made of, and she continued saying that ”you have this gift, which does that you MUST do this, which you must never doubt inside of you even though you have received tremendous beatings the last weeks, truly you are a divine talent”, and yes, once again, Lina was also speaking about me and the sufferings I had to go through to bring us home, this was the role that we made Baraa play.

Citybois has become ”cult” among the Danish youth culture, and yes, I can see what it is about, it is a ”feeling” about these two young men and their ”presence” more than anything else, and they may win as a result even though they are NOT the best singers/performers, and after their otherwise fine performance this evening, Remee said here that ”my daughter offered DKK 500 to a newspaper for a bag of air with you” (!), and this is also about ”new air”, i.e. force of life, that I will bring as the Source to our New World, and when Blachman gave his feedback here about these young men being a ”youth phenomenon”, I felt that he made great efforts to speak a nice language WITHOUT swearing and I felt him as light, and I felt how my voice was given to him while speaking, which made him say ”I am completely with – what I say here”, which made people laugh, and he continued ”I really mean it from my heart”, and yes, this was my voice coming to him and he confirmed that ”I am completely with” and that was about NOT swearing, Thomas, and yes, up until this point, he had only sworn once without thinking as far as I have heard it.

And then it was Jógvan’s tour, and he did a phenomenal version of Radiohead’s ”Creep”, which is a song that I simply LOVE (except from the F-word in the song, and no, I do NOT know what the lyrics are about), a true 100 point song, and Remee later called it ”the best song in the world” and it is at least one of them, and I was glad that he chose a song by Radiohead, because this band is both ”the best band in the world” to me (and MANY others having them ranked in top of ”the best albums in the world” etc.), when it comes to theirs hits and many of their songs, but I still cannot take maybe half of their songs, which simply makes my inner scream in pain making it impossible for me to listen to, and yes, this is the only band in the world giving me this extreme pleasure and pain, but here it is, one of the best songs in the world and Jógvan completely nail it and so much that my mother said ”he has got to win it all”, and yes, she is coloured by me, but there is something about it, isn’t there? And this is also to say that it is really ”impossible” to control this voice, because it wants to come out as darkness because of darkness of man, which is what (Thomas and) I have fought for years to change to become the opposite!

Thomas gave his feedback to Jógvan here and after starting ”nice and soft” saying that ”you are a handsome guy”, ”you have a beautiful and natural voice” and more, but then suddenly his voice took him over, which Thomas allowed it to do, and it happened when he started saying ”… because here I have a little gift to the listener, where you say f… this is well thought” and then his attitude changed when he started saying ”the last three numbers, there may not be enough food for the big band ….., making it sound like a city orchestra” and ”it was well sung, but I simply cannot ….” (get it to work with a big band) and also ”there is a non spoken rule which is that you don’t repeat numbers that have been on the show” and he continued saying ”you cannot get the viewers something to eat which have already been eating” and to Jógvan ”this has b….. well nothing to do with you”, and yes, what was this really about (?), and first of all, it was about Thomas given in to his voice making him swear again, which you should be in control over, Thomas (!!!), and the food that has already been eaten is life of our New World that we have already created, and yes, I am doing these minutes of X Factor ”completely unnecessary” because Annisette helped me close creation yesterday, this is what it was really about (and I can only hope and believe that this will not further hurt John as the logical result), but still, DO NOT LOSE IT, THOMAS, which comes both with a 🙂 and with a!

Shortly before Remee here introduced Emilie, I was given the feeling of Annisette from Savage Rose, and then he said that ”don’t believe, because Emilie has no shoes on, that we are trying to do an Emmelie de Florist or whatever she is …, it is not (!)” and people laughed and Lina said ”de Forest” as Emmelie is really called, and then Remee explained that Emilie could not wear high healed shoes, which is why she did not have shoes on here, which is both what Emmelie is famous for not wearing when she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 and what Annisette is even more famous for never wearing during her entire career for almost 50 years, and yes, ”de Florist” was really a reference to ”the flower story” of Annisette yesterday, and did it ”move you” too, Remee (?), and yes, this is what is leading to the forest of the Source, so there you have it, this is also how it is to be ”inspired” and led by ”the voice above”, you know :-).

It made Thomas say here that ”stylistic we are playing with whom we are here and red lipstick, to me you are purity self, you are so pure, you are a birch forest, this is what you simply are and I believe that this choice of song for you; I see a forest full of stripping bars, I am sorry, I believe it is a vulgar choice of song, Remee, I really mean that, I know you have toned down the tempo, but the text, I really don’t believe it, I simply see you as pure and clean”, and it made a surprised Remee ask ”stripping bars” and ”you are not allowed to have lipstick on” (?), which made Thomas say ”yes, but Poker Face, the song, the song as such and everything including Lady Gaga, which I believe is so far from you because I simply cannot see it, because you are (to Emelie) the birch tree, the most beautiful in the forest”, and yes, personally I also had NO idea that the lyrics of Poker Face apparently are ”sexually obscene” and yes, I have brought the song before in my scripts and said that I love it, which I do, but I have also written in the right column of my website at the bottom of it that I have NOT read lyrics of the songs that I bring in general and that what they may as result include lyrics that I do NOT agree with or are inappropriate, and in this case, I can only say what I have written on my webpage about Behaviour & Work, which is to alter the text removing what is ”indecent” when it comes to removing all darkness and keep light from our Old World, and that is because the song itself and the beat of it is ”simply great”, so in essence, I really do agree with Thomas, but I had no idea myself before now, and this is really also to say that it was threats of my old nightmare – sexual torments/baits of darkness given to me for every second during my mission (from 2006 until now) – that was leading the way home to the forest of the Source, which is an old symbol, and we made it there because I did NOT give in to ”much stronger darkness than myself” wanting to bring me this, which was really man believing that to have me give in was necessary to survive, but this was a ”simple misunderstanding” that would have brought the end of the world, see?

Remee said here that ”I believe this was a brutal treatment, I really believe that you ….”, which made Blachman say ”it was really to you, it was no criticism, I have just said the young virtuoso”, and Remee decided completely to overhear and not comment this (and instead he praised Emilie for her performance) because ”it was not pleasant to you”, Remee (?), but here I completely agreed with Thomas because he had a point and then it is RIGHT to comment it instead of pretending that it has not happened because ”you don’t like it”, and it was not only Thomas that your silence annoyed, it also annoyed me, and it was my annoyance that was given directly to Thomas making him continue without giving up, and when Remee started telling Emilie ”unfortunately I believe that when you receive a smack here in the head, I believe that you …”, Thomas interrupted and said ”it is not you (Emelie) receiving this, it is you receiving it, Remee, you have to take on responsibility”, and yes, I completely agreed, and it made a pressured Remee say ”yes, I also take it on me” but also that ”I have in no way regretted this”, and I wonder if this is not only because it was unpleasant for you, Remee (?), but also that you did not know that the lyrics of the song are ”obscene” (?), as I also did not, and yes, then it is only a matter of communication, understanding and doing the right thing, and yes, Thomas was right here, thank you, Thomas.

BARAA WAS SPARED FROM CONTINUING IN ”THE GAME” TO SUFFER EVEN MORE AFTER HAVING LANDED AND DONE HIS BEST PERFORMANCE MAKING HIM SHINE – symbolising the end of my journey saving me from further sufferings when I will shine as my new self inside the spaceship of everything
The vote of the viewers appointed Baraa and Ivarsson, Bang and Neumann to compete on who to leave the competition this evening, and it made me somewhat surprised because I believed that there was a risk of Jógvan being sent out both because Remee and Thomas did not like the song in connection with the big band and because this could be a symbol saying that I will now leave the game (when entering the spaceship of everything), but no, this is not how it was supposed to be when Jógvan was saved here, which immediately made Lina manage to swear twice in a short sentence of only seven words expressing her happiness with this, which she did not believing that it would get on air, but it did, Lina, and it was NOT flattering to you, and this is really to say that I like people to ALWAYS AVOID SWEARING, which I am sure that you agree with me in, right (?), and shortly thereafter, Lina said here how happy she was for this, but also that ”now I know that the s… will lay on my table”, which made Remee say ”yuk, I have really just received a letter from a 5-year old girl, who writes X Factor judges, do not swear” and Lina said ”that is right, I have tried avoiding it all evening because I saw this letter too, but right here I spoke out of line”, and yes, why don’t you just tell the truth, which is that ”STIG HAS ASKED US TO SPEAK A NICE LANGUAGE WITHOUT SWEARING” (?), and yes, this would be much easier for all of you to say, right (?), and yes, Remee, you did much better than last week, but let me tell you (and also Carsten on P6 radio, who ”doesn’t get it” including the S.M.F. jingle by Prince, which he continues playing even after Mikael had stopped it because I do NOT like it!!!) that the word ”sgu” (”damned” is the closest in English) is also swearing (at least to me and many people despite of this), and this is part of your language and ”poor habit” and yes, swearing is only a ”poor habit”, which is difficult to get rid of because you are used to using it, and no, I NEVER USE IT and NEVER SWEAR, and I don’t ”miss” these words at all in my language because I am used to not using them, and that is NOT AT ALL!!!

When the judges had to vote on who to leave the competition, Thomas said here to Baraa that ”singing again – again, again and again and now without tears but great pride and superiority, you have a very special force, a driving force here, which we as music lovers cannot avoid being so fascinated of in such a young age because you then know what you have to do in your life”, which was also about my tears and driving force going through my mission and Thomas concluded that ”three times in the danger zone is hard, I don’t believe historically that anyone has continued after three times in the danger zone, which I can spare you for then, so I will send you home”, and yes, this was also about sparing me for going through more sufferings, which will happen when I will take the seat of the spaceship of everything as you know.

Remee gave his vote here, where he actually gave himself away when he said to Baraa that ”I just want the whole world …, all of Denmark because the show is not that big after all, for people in Denmark seeing the show to see just how much you are working for your things”, and this was really about X Factor Denmark being world famous because of my writings on you spreading the show and my messages to the world, and yes, Remee continued and told Baraa that ”you have landed now with your best performance, and there is one thing that people have not known, you are enduring a cyst on your vocal chord and things we have not been able to tell”, which again is about my landing too about to enter the spaceship of everything to end my sufferings, and ”I know that all have now seen you …, and of course I will not send my own man home, but it is fair enough, you have had a fantastic tour here”, and it was then up to Lina to decide whom to send home, and she concluded that ”lumps on your vocal chord is nothing to joke with”, which is why she sent Baraa home and yes ”to rest”, which is truly also what I need and that is at least until I will get new energy, because when I do, I will immediately start losing weight and doing all that I cannot do today including exercise etc., and yes, Remee ended the show here by telling Baraa that ”I am so happy for you to receive this ending, I believe it is so worthy and fine, you are shining!”, and again, this is about the ending of my old self because I am shining just beneath the darkness that is still covering me as my old self, and this is the shining of my new self, which is going to come out also to end my sufferings and yes I have had uncomfortable heartburn of darkness all morning when writing this.

FB 140315 Stig 2


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