March 2015 – after script VII: X Factor: ”Strong sickness” that killed John also almost killed me, but my outmost discipline made me come through doing ”crazy work”


Summary of the script today

  • March 24: X Factor: ”Strong sickness” that killed John also almost killed me, but my outmost discipline made me come through doing ”crazy work”.  It was Putin sending me this ”strong sickness” almost killing me in his efforts trying to save his ”life works” before John died!


March 2015 – after script VII: X Factor: ”Strong sickness” that killed John also almost killed me, but my outmost discipline made me come through doing ”crazy work”

March 24: X Factor: ”Strong sickness” that killed John also almost killed me, but my outmost discipline made me come through doing ”crazy work”

FB 240315 Stig 1

Yes, it is now Tuesday morning and this is the latest time ever that I will write my minutes of last Friday’s X Factor show and that is if I can because I am incredible tired, but we will give it a ”shot”, and yes, feeling Bruce Springsteen here, which is about an ”American Shot” and about a planned nuclear war with Denmark in the centre of it, and yes, ”a nice view”, right (?), but no, we will not allow Putin to ”completely lose it” and that is when I continue doing my work, for example this, which is still the importance of it to take sufferings of man on me, and yes, just so you know of course.

I had invited my mother for ”a little dinner” here – little because she doesn’t eat much – and to watch the show together again, and I was taken by great surprise when I heard Lina repeat the same ”not flattering” swearing as she did last week when she was surprised that Jógvan passed (despite of Blachman and Remee critisizing the song choice much), and not only did DR TV replay the sequence from last week here, but Lina now said the exact same words in front of the camera one minute later here and laughed afterwards, and eehhhh, didn’t you get that I do NOT like people swearing and especially not on TV and Radio because they infect the whole population as WRONG ”role models”?

And this is where my experience with my sister two days ago comes in, and yes, I wrote this in my script two days ago:

”At one stage I was given the feeling of Sanna together with Blachman speaking from the same Source not turned around as light as me, and first Sanna came with a very unusual swearing to her, followed by my mother swearing once equally as unusual, and this was really to say that this is why Blachman is still swearing much, because it is “very difficult for you to be stronger than the poor habit of your spiritual voice”, Thomas?”

And I was told that this is part of the game to provoke me, i.e. to bring me the last darkness, which they are also aware of at the X Factor program.

Remee started speaking here about how it was to have the viewers select a song for his last candidate without having influence himself, and he spoke about the 10,000 song suggestions that came in and then he said ”I don’t know if it is Jan Lundme who has counted them, but it must have been a reasonable crazy work to have been sitting with this, but I believe that it is a good discipline”, and this was also about me and my ”crazy work” doing what seems ”impossible” for everyone to continue doing (while feeling more dead than alive), and ”discipline” is the word telling you how I did it, and that is to continue working everything I can without becoming tempted to only relax.

Thomas Blachman spoke here about his considerations selecting the other song (of two for each candidate this evening) and he said that ”there lies a whole life of love to music” behind it and to ”combine one love with another” of artists ”to develop something we haven’t seen before” and we have ”learned to tighten our senses”, and this was also about the love of the Source and my mother to develop our new creation, which will also ”tighten our senses” when opening the library and wisdom of God to all 🙂 – and after speaking about how complicated this really is and how many hours per week it takes for him to do for two acts remaining in the competition, he ended by saying ”but I don’t pity myself, we don’t do that here”, which is also about what I don’t do because no one wants to speak and listen to my experiences, which is also why I write them down for everyone to read and understand, and no, I do NOT write everything down including my sufferings to pity myself, but to make you understand the full picture objectively.

Lina spoke here about what was on her mind without speaking inspired about how viewers have a fine foundation to vote on and that was until the very end, where the fine – and always very elegant and beautiful – host, Eva, said ”so you can lean back and enjoy” making Lina smile and say ”yes”, and this was really the first inspired words from Eva because I felt Steffen Brandt from the band TV2 and his song ”please lean forward”, which is to say that Steffen is still with me.

Emilie did her first performance and Lina here gave Emilie the feedback about how ”stone-sure” she now is, ”so much calm, so much surplus, such an ease even on the most difficult elements, you are so dynamic without one feeling that you are forcing the car around in its gears, it is from the deepest to the lightest, from the softest to the strongest that you convince, which makes so so safe”, which was not only about Emilie but also about the Source here as ”the stone” making it easy to drive the car of creation.

Remee here told Emilie how inspiring it is to work with her because of her discipline and ”crazy work ethics” ”standing in the studio at 00.30 recording vocals for the 10th hour in row, and you ”just do it””, and this is again about ”discipline” coming here and is also about me because this is what it required for me to go through difficult times with John’s death, to be there for my mother and also to write my appeal for the Appeal Board and then my previous script, which both were ”impossible” to do because of how much that it took from me (also among the most difficult time of all without breaking down/giving up), which I did not have, and now to continue showing this discipline writing these notes too without having motivation to do it, but using the old ”just do it” discipline to get it done.

Eva continued showing some inspiration when she here introduced the next act Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann and then shook her head with a VERY BIG smile, which made me think of Fozzie the bear from Muppet Show 🙂 – and also that Steffen BRANDT’s sir name means ”burned” and ”bear” is an old symbol of darkness, so I thought I would give this to you too, Eva as my voice here tells me – and this beautiful three-piece band then did an incredible beautiful (vocal harmonies) performance of the beautiful song ”The Balcony”, which both my mother and I loved much, and yes, who had seen it coming that this group would be a serious contestant to win X Factor this year, but this is how they have developed, they are truly unique and nothing like what you see on the Danish scene at least today, and yes, they remind me of some of the ”good, old” trios for example Peter, Paul and Mary, whom I loved too :-). Together with Jógvan, they are now my mother’s and my favourites to win.

It made Remee here say that it was ”super charming, a very good bow in relation to your very first performance”, and here the bow is also the bow of the gift of our New World about to be opened, and Blachman was very happy with their performance saying that ”when you open your mother here I think ”come on” (not the word you said, Thomas!) this sounds incredible good, it is ONE sound but I can clearly hear you Matthias, I can hear you all three together, it gives the ingredients to the food, which explodes in each other’s presence but you can still enjoy each of you on your own”, which was really about the Trinity as ONE and still three individuals (my father of the Source, mother of creation and I containing both) creating ”food” of life, thank you Thomas for doing a FANTASTIC job helping to develop the best of this trio, ”da da da” :-).

And Thomas continued saying now to Remee that ”I could also have made a group out of your three acts but it would never have been as pure as this, this is smelling clean, I am completely blown away”, and here Thomas was really speaking of the purity of the Source and ”blown away” was here Jeff Lynne’s incredible beautiful song, which was really to say that this music that Thomas is helping this trio to make is ”made in Heaven” (because this is what I was told that Electric Light Orchestra/Jeff Lynne’s music is the other day) with the help of the Queen of my mother, you know, and I also understood that I am and was very near to be ”blown away” as my old self receiving ”strong sickness” and ”hard work” up to and after John’s death.

And then it was Jógvan’s turn – bringing ”love, peace and harmony” as his tattoo on his arm says 🙂 – to play ”Use somebody” by Kings of Leon, which was a big hit in 2008, and I told my mother that I remember this song the best because Vivian, whom I had briefly contact with then, loved it, and I also said that I do believe that  Jógvan sings this better than the original, and yes, he truly has a unique voice, and again my mother loved it – mainly because of my influence ”infecting” her :-), and when Blachman afterwards here spoke about ”coffee and wiener schitzel” it was really about ”warm feelings” of my neighbour Manuella from Austria because I have promised her some fine coffee, Segafredo Espresso coffee, whole beans, which I have five bags of 500 grams of, but I don’t like it, and maybe she and her cohabitee Jan do, and yes he also spoke about Jogván’s fine voice and how it brings him great pleasure ”and then I am finished, it is great”, which was really about being satisfied with his and my job being finished, and yes, ”I am here to say my meaning” as he said – because Lina has disliked his form criticizing her for some of her song choices, but this may also be a play for the gallery (?) – but this is indeed why Blachman and I are here, to say our meaning (based on our best work/understanding), but how I wish that you could decide to FOLLOW ME and STOP SWEARING, THOMAS!!!

Eva introduced the next act, Citybois, here and said that ”one has been in an accident during the week, but both are very good as luck is and ready to go on stage”, and yes, this was really about Thor, one of the two young men, who has been in an accident when driving a go-cart where a scarf  came into the wheel making him drive into a barrier, and according to Blachman here, this was an accident that could have killed him, and this was a symbol about just how close I have been to dying ”when I followed John to the grave” receiving the ”strong sickness” for 5-7 days before he eventually passed away, and yes, I have been told that my heart is ”very weak” as John’s was too, so I am ”only just living”, and they here play the song ”Kongens Have” (”King’s garden”), and now I better understand that I was given the name of ”Kongens Have” days ago without understanding why, it was connected to this story.

MX 210315

It made Remee give Citybois fine feedback here, and when he was swearing once, he immediately heard that ”this is wrong” and he reacted by saying ”I am sorry for my swearing, now I will receive a letter from from Mathilde”, and yes, from me too, Remee, but I am actually the happiest with you of the three, who has almost stopped swearing, which makes me happy to hear :-), and he told Citybois that ”you are Danish superstars, it is completely crazy to experience what happens here in DR-city, there are screaming girls everywhere” and ”I do believe that even if you sang backwards, you would still win this show”, which made Eva say ”we just have to get the viewers on the track”, but no, Remee was in no doubt ”no, no, there is no doubt about this, it is impossible to go up against this, you are a force of nature”, and yes, these boys have become teen idols here as never seen before in X Factor history here, and there is NO DOUBT in Remee that of course they will quality for the next round, which by the way is the final, and when he said ”force of nature”, it was to say that these boys have been lifted up not because of their star qualities in themselves but by ”the force” of the Source making them ”much more than what they are” and a youth generation love them, and yes, this ”indescribable force”, which is ”just there”, you know.

Lina gave her feedback here saying that ”there is no reason to threshing long straw (= ”ride to death” in English!) on what is apparent, you have so much charm and surplus, and my guess is, Thor, that for two minutes you forgot all of the trouble you have just been through and stand here present and in reality, it is the greatest gift to do what you are about to go out and do and what I have done too for many years, which is that time stands still when you stand exactly there and it only does this if you are born to do it”, and yes, straw (hay) is another old symbol of the Source and there is only one that can stop time, because there is no time (unless I invent it for you), and that is me as the Source, which I have been born to become, so you may understand from this that this is another way of saying that Thor’s accident almost being killed last week was because I was almost killed because of ”incredible strong sickness” and ”hard work” given to me last week?

When Remee later gave a fantastic singing Emilie feedback here I was told that Remee has been truly an ambassador to us helping to spread faith in me around the world, thank you, ”my friend”, and then I heard him saying ”you are far too modest yourself to come out of that barn to make us see you, you have to be discovered, you have to be helped with the best people around you because this is such a pure talent and your way to work with it, it is a true joy, I am very grateful”, and yes, this was really about helping me to ”get out of the barn” for the world to discover me, which I could not have done myself but needed ”the best people around me”, and you were one of these, Remee, and this is even though it was ”not allowed” for you to do :-).

I was given the name of Birthe, John’s sister, and about how she explained to me that John died and also that she has now seen me again for the first time in years and seen me as ”completely normal” not believing in the wrong and negative story about me that Sanna gave you (?), and the second thereafter I am hearing Lina saying here when introducing Jógvan that ”finally, finally, an opportunity has come to bring Jógvan home to whom he is as artist, the one he has been all along, the one who entered the door that everything that he should and everything that he should sound like, how to look and everything, and I am truly so happy that we have reached here, and if what we just saw (with Ivarsson, Bang and Neumann giving their second performance as ”beauty to noise” according to Blachman, which was ”empty room” by Arcade Fire, which is really what our olf room is, i.e. empty) was to step out of the box, Jógvan is truly stepping into the box where he feels the best”, and this was just to say that Birthe also knows about who I am helping to bring me the key via her own brother’s death, and then Jogván sang this fine song with very much compassion and beauty showing his best to the world :-).

It made Remee here give Jógvan much praise telling him that he is a potential winner of all and he ended by saying ”here you really grew 15-20 metres in my view”, and this was really to say that as our new selves, we will received ”growing powder” making us all MUCH BIGGER than we are today as I have written about several times before. And Thomas continued saying here that ”this was only a hint of just how incredible music you can create”, which was to say that ”the Source includes much more than you can dream about and also about just how fantastic he was singing and ”the feeling” of it and then ”this is the feeling that you have to have all of the time” and ”the feeling that you are, this is how you have to have it, to feel good when you sing, which will make the rest of us feel the same”, and yes, just to say that I share my feeling of ”being” with everyone else to make you feel the same, and Lina said here that ”yes, it has been really fantastic that we reached here, because, yes, it has been difficult bringing this feeling here forward with uptempo demands and what do I know”, and yes, this ”feeling” is really about bringing forward the Source behind all darkness of creation, which was ”difficult” to do, but now we are here :-).

FB 200315 Jogvan

Citybois did their second performance with ”Belong to the world”, which made Lina here burst out with enthusiasm that ”it is the wildest visual arrangement I have ever heard, this was completely genius, well, it is difficult not to speak about the elephant in the room, because there are some problems with your vocal performance, but you have everything else, and you have time in front of you and what you lack, you will learn, because you have so much will, and I love that you give it your maximum, all of the gesture and down in your knees and you believe in it, which makes me believe in it”, and here the elephant is me too as my voice says with tiredness because as Stig I am incredible tired still writing this and this was really to say that the GREAT CONFIDENCE of Citybois including their ”force of nature” is about my decision to show GREAT CONFIDENCE all along my mission – to be strong instead of the opposite – which is what brought faith of the world in me, this was the decisive power of all, and it was my father giving it to me (where my mother brought me the opposite weakness of darkness, which was just as strong, but I chose my father’s road).

In the decision it was completely up to the viewers which three out of four acts to be voted to the final, without a re-singing, and I had told my mother that it would be completely out of the question that Citybois would not make it, and I was sure that Emilie would make it too, thus believing that it would be Jógvan or Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann, who would be sent out, but to my and everyone’s BIG surprise, when Jogván and Citybois remained as the last two acts, where the other two had gone to final, Jógvan had received most votes and made it to the final (look at Remee’s facial expression of surprise because he was ”absolutely sure” that they would go through) , and ”the impossible” had been done, which was to defeat Citybois, which everyone simply knew would go through and everyone was shouting at (and had many more viewers on YouTube and followers on social media than Jógvan and the others), and I am here feeling that this is to say that this is truly how difficult it was for me to keep up the steam (I feel Peter Gabriel here) going through the recent ”strong sickness” and ”hard work” without being sent out, but I did it (!), and yes, quality work defeated ”hysteria” of people.

When writing this, I received the feeling of Oleg Tinkoff (who suspended Bjarne Riis), which made me think of a ”completely crazy Putin” having Tinkoff go ”again Denmark”, i.e. me, and who do you believe sent this ”strong sickness” to you almost killing you (?), and yes, Putin did in his efforts trying to save his ”life works” before John died!

FB 240315 Stig 2


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