March 2015 – after script IX: X Factor final: I am the answer as my new self bringing the miracle of life as the perfect creation of my mother and father


Summary of the script today

  • March 27: X Factor final: I am the answer as my new self bringing the miracle of life as the perfect creation of my mother and father


March 2015 – after script IX: X Factor final: I am the answer as my new self bringing the miracle of life as the perfect creation of my mother and father

March 27: X Factor final: I am the answer as my new self bringing the miracle of life as the perfect creation of my mother and father

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I had invited my mother on dinner this evening before watching the final of X Factor together, and we had agreed that she would bring the meat and I would provide the rest, and I had made mixed vegetables and potatoes on the pan, and she came with steaks and béarnaise sauce, and we agreed that this was ”a perfect mix” as a symbol of the creation of my new self, the Son, as the creation of my mother and father, i.e. everything.

In the introduction to the X Factor show, Remee said here that ”now comes the ultimate final of the ultimate X Factor season” followed by Thomas Blachman ”let now the doors open and let me receive the love that I have given this country so many years in a row in its purest, most beautiful and simple form”, and this was really about reaching the very end before I will arise from the dirt as my new self opening our New World, and yes, you do remember that Thomas speaks with my voice, right?

The show started with the three contestants singing a fine song together ”break free”, which is about ”This is the part when I break free, ‘Cause I can’t resist it no more”, and it seems as if you had chosen this to let me bring this message to the world that this is what I will do, to break free from darkness to become my new self because I cannot resist it no more, and yes, sure it is :-).

Lina was asked about how the tour leading to the final has been, and she replied here that ”I believe that all weeks up to to this week have been really, really hard and turbulent also emotionally, but this week has been strangely calm”, and this pretty much described my tour up to the death of John, which was truly tough including very poor sleep, which has now improved somewhat making things more calm for me the last week, and when Thomas was asked here what he will remember X Factor 2015 for, I was first given the question via his/my voice ”can you take it Stig” (?), i.e. write minutes of this, which was about whether or not he should give what he has in him or if it should be ”without inspiration”, and I told him clearly ”give everything you have, Thomas, I will make it”, and he ended by saying how ”insanely touching” it has been to work together with his young artists including Citybois as ”the most touching moment”, which made Remee tell Thomas that ”I have never seen you burn as much for a project as with these two boys” and here ”burn” was about the fire of the Source also burning inside Thomas, and Remee continued saying that ”the greatest wish dream we can have for this is to bring something out on the other side and now they have actually succeeded to come out with a single on the day of the final that goes no. 1, it is fantastic”, and besides from Citybois, this was also about the dream of bringing out life on the other side in our New World, so there you (almost) have it, Remee, you were part of the process yourself to bring it via this show and the other judges also making you a ”hero” :-).

Lina then introduced Jógvan here, where she said that ”We didn’t believe that we would come this far, but the God’s ought to know that I believe that the man has deserved it, and he sings a song, which, if possible, may be even more right to him than when he sang Josephine last week”, and I felt that this was not only about Lina speaking about Jógvan but also to look me in the eyes when she looked into the camera speaking to me saying that ”you have deserved it”, and then Jógvan completely nailed it – here also given to me because of my extreme sufferings, which is what Lina is also thinking of – when he delivered ”Yellow” by Coldplay, and yes, a ”cold play” receiving darkness/sufferings all through my mission is what this is about, and this song was one of the highlights of this season of X Factor, thus of them all, it was truly incredible beautiful both the song, which is one of the finest of Coldplay, Jógvan’s beautiful voice making him capable of singing everything/all notes, the set design and the sole dancer, and my mother and I agreed that this was ”magnificent” again repeating to each other that he was our favourite to win, and I was thinking of ”yellow” as the colour of my mother, and everything was yellow in the set design and ”we were all yellow” :-).

It made Thomas say here that it was the best performance ever by Jógvan and ”it is the whole secret when you have an orchestra inside your mouth ….”, which was because I had played a few minutes of SAGA’s 2012 concert for my mother before the show making her hear this Canadian band for the first time ever (I am warming up to their concert on April 29), and I told her to ”forget the instruments and imagine if it was a symphony orchestra playing it, and they can play loud too as in Beethoven’s 5th, this is how I hear them play, as a ”modern orchestra”” and ”orchestra” also came to Thomas because it is an old symbol of the Source too, and he continued by saying ”in the combination of the co-operation between you two, here I could an element of Lina and you, things you couldn’t do yourself, and it is here that it goes up into a higher unit” and ”so many fine things you did together, this is sparring and pairing between the mentor and mentee”, and this was really about the same as when my mother and I made dinner together bringing different elements of it ourselves making a ”perfect result” and it is a symbol of the creation of my new self as the Son including everything.

And when Lina took over here saying about her and Jógvan that ”it has really been a strange meeting between us two, but fortunately I had something to give you and you have also clearly given me really, really much including big musical experiences”, I was given the feeling of Karen speaking through Lina because this is about ”sparring and pairing” and when Lina said ”you have also clearly given me really, really much including big musical experiences”, I was told that this is about ”a pure declaration of love” by Karen to me, and Lina continued saying ”of course you have to write your own things, it it turns out so well that you are among the two and will sing your winner song, you have written 2/3 of it yourself, and I was allowed to help writing the chorus, and what couldn’t happen if you were allowed to spar with someone like Redone” (a famous producer waiting as prize for the winner to work with) and ”I believe you have done fantastic, I am very proud and very touched”, and this was about Karen waiting to see if I was going to go all the way before she can declare her love to me.

Hereafter Ivarsson, Bang and Neumann did another brilliant performance in ”the High Road”, and they sung ”Come on and get the minimum before you open up your eyes” while rays of light were shining all around them making me think of ”spreading the light” of the Source to all when opening our New World, and yes, it was truly spectacular, a great song and a great show :-). And it made Lina say here ”Josephine, you have taken a giant spring forward in your vocal, there are more high notes, a greater openness, a greater security, wauw, something has really happened over the last 1-1½ weeks, it is as if there are pieces that have fallen on place, I feel completely safe when you open your mouth and become very, very excited”, and I felt Karen at the end of this and it came together with the feeling that she is again sexually attracted to me because of my openness, security and calm. And Lina ended by saying what everyone could see ”she just shone very much”, and Remee agreed when saying ”I also really believe that Josephine here shines completely insanely through”, which was really also about the shine of our new light coming 🙂 – and Thomas said here that ”… you can do what the time is calling upon, a youth look out over a society, which lies in continuation of this and is better”, which was also a speech about what he knows is coming because ”it will happen, I want it to happen”, which simply is our New World.

X Factor Ivarsson Band and Neumann shinesRays of light were shining all around Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann making me think of ”spreading the light” of the Source to all when opening our New World 🙂

Remee presented his artist, Emilie, here and said that he almost overlooked her because of her modesty to start with, but especially within the last three weeks, her development has ”exploded”, which is what I will do too spreading the light of my new self to all, and she then sung Beyonce’s ”If I were a boy”, and when I heard the first jazzy notes of the song and Emilie’s incredible voice, ”it blew me away” as it did to my mother too, we simply loved it, and I said that this was the best X Factor season ever and they even managed to lift the level for the final making this the best final in history also surpassing the English and American versions of the show, and yes, this is how I felt, and for the first time, I was also given deep feelings by Emilie, whom I have been able to hear has a ”crystal clear” voice all of the time, but she has not given me the same sensation as some of the others before now. And when the song continued playing, it came to another chapter, where it ”really started”, and this is where Remee’s genius shone through, because this wasn’t just Beyonce’s ”If I were a boy”, one of Beyonce’s finest songs, it was also the Verve’s beautiful ”Bittersweet symphony” being played in over it, and yes, two songs made into one, which was another symbol of the creation of my mother and father of my new self as the Son (being both as one), and yes, it was a spectacular performance sung by Emilie and made by an ”inspired” Remee :-).

(The day after, I saw from this update from Remee that it was actually a mash-up of three songs :-)).

FB 280315 Remee

And Blachman was completely overwhelmed by the song and performance here as I was too when he said ”it couldn’t have gone better, RESPECT, Remee, completely awesome” and ”it sounded I N S A N E L Y  good” and then ”it is exciting to see what the message is here too, because we need a message”, and no, you really did not understand what this is about at this stage, which is how it is to you often until you read the hidden messages of your inspired speech and show as I bring to the world, and here it was simply about Remee lifting up the level making a ”completely awesome” song symbolising the creation of my father and mother of me as my new self as the son, so there you are, Thomas :-), and yes, Thomas then received ”inspiration” himself from his voice before ending his speech so he also said that ”the message is perfection and aesthetic and the completely unapproachable over-human”, which was his way to describe my new self.

Lina agreed here saying ”this was completely magical, which is also why I stood up” and ”right now we just have to enjoy how completely divine you sing, it is the wildest I have ever heard in this program”, and yes, divine inspiration given to do this as a symbol of the creation of my new self, and Remee continued to say here that ”after we have been able to concentrate our energy on you the last couple of weeks, has kick-started a development, when we sat at the rehearsals yesterday, I was completely speechless over you, one thing is what you recorded last Tuesday or Wednesday, now you have just lifted it 60% since, I have never seen anything like this”, and yes, this was exactly my thought that the level has been lifted even more here in the final, and much of it was because of your ”energy” and ”inspiration”, Remee – and besides from being an inspired artist/song-writer/producer himself, I also like his thoughtful and sweet attitude much for example when he continued saying ”if we set up the right team around you, look after you, give you international forces to work with, there are no limits to how far you can go”, and yes, thank you for doing your best, and yes, for doing a GREAT JOB :-).

Eva here presented the next song when saying that ”we have invited some of Denmark’s most skilled artists to sing together with our three finalists, and the first we welcome are one of the cool bands of the time which are about to blow new life into Danish languaged rock”, and then the band ”Ulige numre” (”uneven numbers”) went on stage to play a part of their song ”Halvnøgen” (”Half naked”) followed by a duet with Jógvan singing their fine song ”København” (”Copenhagen”), and yes, this was a new artistic highlight to me because I like this new Danish band very much and especially their song about Copenhagen, and again, it made me think that this is really about lifting the bar here in the final, I completely loved it, it was wonderful and I believed in Jógvan’s winning chances after this, and so did my mother. Yes, it was a perfect match both for Jógvan and also for me watching it, again Jógvan sang even better than the original Carl Emil as you could hear directly, and it is as the lyrics go ”din øjne lyser mig hjem når jeg får nok” (”your eyes will light me home when I have enough”). And when Carl Emil afterwards was asked how it was to be singing together with Jógvan, he was given and said the very words ”it was big” as I had just said to my mother, who liked it too.

And Lina said here that ”there is so much talent and musicality” and more when giving praise to their performance, and then she gave a direct message when she said ”of course it seems a little bit silly to say ”Copenhagen, I am your last son” because you are not from Copenhagen, but still I believe that the tonality was very right and the sound in you, this very grounded and organic, it fits you, you shone, it was lovely”, and yes, this was really about bringing me HOME as the Son of Copenhagen and Copenhagen – thank you for your kind words, Lina, I am sure that we will become  ”true friends”, you know – because the lyrics go:

”København, Jeg er din sidste søn, Når dine tusinde øjne lukker i, Og mørket maler dig uendelig, Og dine døtre de vil mig intet godt, Og dine øjne lyser mig hjem når jeg får nok” (”Copenhagen, I am your last son, when your thousand eyes close, and darkness paint you eternal, and your daughters they don’t want me good, and your eyes shine me home when I have enough”).

And I felt incredible TOUCHED by the work and references to me that came with this show also because otherwise I receive absolutely NO FEEDBACK from people, my situation is still that it is almost only my mother I see, I have lost contact to all old friends etc., no one likes or comments my Facebook posts and yes, I am still working completely alone, and it is only via X Factor and live concerts that I feel some of the love of man coming towards me, which makes me VERY TOUCHED, and this was why the judges used the word ”touched” several times this evening, it was my feeling coming through because of your love :-).

Hereafter it was time for Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann to sing together with the Danish electronic band Julias Moon, which I did not know of in forehand, but I liked them very much and was thinking of them as ”modern disco” music and I told my mother that ”you can almost hear Bee Gees in them”, which she agreed in, and yes, they did a great performance and Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann are also truly great, but in my mind, they drowned completely and lost their identity in this act, Thomas, and I told my mother that I believed they would be voted out as result.

Emelie then sung together with Stine Bramsen from Alphabeat, which was truly also a perfect match both in personalities and voices, and my mother and I liked Stine and their performance together very much, and I told my mother that ”this may bring Emelie the victory” because it was ”perfect pop-music” on a very high level that has ”mass appeal”, I loved it, it was truly a GREAT show and so much better than the Danish final of the Eurovision Song Contest some weeks ago, which was ”lowest denominator” where this was ”highest denominator” as I told my mother :-), and when I write this I am giving INCREDIBLE STRONG LOVE including tears wanting to come out, which is when Remee here speaks to Stine about how he met her first when she was 16-17 years old and how she with Alphabeat later made ”monster-hits” in England, and this feeling comes to me both from Remee and Stine, who also knows about me and my love of music and sufferings, and I am here thinking of my latest concert experiences and ”reviews” with Savage Rose and Lars Hug, which I understand that you know about in the music industry, and yes, I also put Alphabeat with Stine among an exclusive group of few Danish acts having ”world class”, she is brilliant :-).

At the end of the 1st part of the show this evening, they showed here some of ”the entertaining” but embarrassing auditions of the season of people who simply could not sing even though they believed that they could – except from the last young man in the wheel chair – and all of these came on stage singing ”I am born this way” by Lady Gaga, which made me think that this is what X Factor Denmark helped me to become via the faith that it spread in me :-).

And yes, most of the people singing in this song are ”offendingly poor”, which is really the same as I have told you about in my scripts of people I have met in ”the system of hell” believing they were very skilled, but were truly very poor showing a WRONG attitude, misunderstandings and doing poor work, and it made me say to my mother ”some of these people are typical pub-primitive people, which is what most Danes are (more or less), think if all people were on the same high level as the finalists”, and yes, this is ”something to think about” as my Facebook friend Jerry would have said, and this is what comes with our New World when everyone will be lifted up to ”the consciousness of God” because all life is divine :-).

I simply did not have energy to complete the work on the minutes of X Factor yesterday, which was the day after the show, so it is now Sunday morning and I will try to write minutes of the verdict too, and what you cannot see is that I am completely beaten black and blue, tired and very dizzy really not feeling up at all to do this but just wanting to do nothing, but let us see if I will be able to finish this too, and yes, it would be nice to get these messages of the show out there, so here we go.

It was now time for the decision, but first it was time for the closest runner-ups and later also the three finalists to sing a nice song together, which was then ”Vi er hjelte” (”We are HEROES”), which of course was a reference to my favourite song of all, ”Heroes” by David Bowie, and also the song with the same title that won the Swedish final of the Eurovision Song Contest last week, and yes, this was about being HEROES saving the world, which is what you at the Danish part of X Factor did when absorbing darkness from people watching the show who ”could not” and ”would not” understand the ”direct/loving honesty” of first of all via Thomas Blachmann but also the other judges (also from previous years), and when I wrote my minutes of your inspired speech and shows for years – how many did I write minutes of, is it around 30 or so (?) – and this simply helped to bring faith in me from people to turn everything around in favour of me to save us all and create our New World, and this was really the purpose and reason why Thomas Blachman received his spiritual voice and why he was on the show, and yes, you did great, Thomas, and so did Remee, Lina and all people of the show making this ”the finest X Factor in the world” on a high, artistic level instead of the opposite, and yes, this was because of Thomas and of course supported by the other very skilled judges/artists of the show, thank you all for making this happen, I am proud of what you did :-).

It was now time to reduce the three finalists to two, and first Emelie went through, and then it was between Jógvan and Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann on who to pass and who to leave now and while waiting for the decision, I received STRONG threats of my old nightmare, you know, which was the force between light and darkness of my father and mother being sent to me, and then Eva announced that it was Jógvan who went through too and as result Jógvan smiled and unfolded his arms while I was giving the feeling of my new self as Messiah because this is the one that Jógvan was here showing the world opening my arms as to say ”I received the worst darkness/sufferings from my father and mother, I passed it as ”a piece of cake” and now I am here with you” :-).

Jógvan as Messiah 270315Jógvan unfolding his arms having my new self as Messiah inside of him
showing the creation of my new self to the world 🙂 ♥

When it was Thomas’ tour to say goodbye to Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann here, I still had the feeling of my new self as Messiah now speaking through Thomas also unfolding his arms and simply being grateful.

Hereafter, Emilie sang her winner song ”undiscovered”, which is a new song written by Remee, and it completely ”blew me away” because of its very beautiful arrangement, background choir (INCREDIBLE beautiful) and singing by Emilie, and I thought that this is truly a potential big hit and again ”perfect pop music” when it is the best, I loved it and thought that this is what makes a winner, Emiliehad been lifted up by Remee, now I felt my new mother through Emilie and it was about ”all my fears have gone, feels like I’m touching the sun, undiscovered, nothing is impossible, even if it burns it doesn’t hurt at all”, and Emilie said here afterwards that the song to her is about her journey through X Factor doing the impossible, and this makes two of us :-), and Eva then looked at Remee and said ”Remee is radiating like a sun”, which is really what it is about – ”I’m touching the sun”, you know – and Remee said that ”we have now done this for eight seasons, and suddenly it feels like the answer is coming, it is the fruit of all of our work, everything that has been put into it, all the talents that have been, suddenly one like you comes, who has really dreamt about it for many years, has made it perfect, and has the courage to take the giant step and participate, your modest self, it is really unthinkable that you end by standing here – and the song is also about this because it is true as the others say, you haven’t experienced a billion things, but all of us can hear that your voice has so much soul, it is as if it has lived for 1,000 life times and still it is so fresh, and the song is about experiencing the miracle of life for the first time, the song is about being completely undiscovered and now you have been discovered. If we have ever had the opportunity to make something out of this show, after this show, you are the answer, and I hope that people agree so we can give you all the best we have because wauw, you deserve it in all ways”, and again, this wasn’t only about Emilie but also a about my new ”unthinkable” self and the miracle of life because it is not easy creating all new life as part of me, and yes, I have been undiscovered by the mainstream world and am about to being discovered and when Remee said ”you are the answer”, I was shown the first drop of water from the Source creating life and being the sum of everything, and yes, thank you very much Remee for your fine, kind and thoughtful work and of course Emilie too for a fine performance ”lifting everything up” as you did here in the final :-).

It was now Jógvan’s turn to sing his winner song, which he has written himself assisted by Lina, and would it reach the same high level as Emilie’s song (?), and no, in my ears, it did not, it is a happy song and not poor at all, but the ”handcraft” doesn’t sound ”as perfect” as Remee’s, and I was thinking that this will make it difficult for Jógvan to win, he needed to ring the bell at 100 points, and he only reached maybe 80 or 85. And yes, ”best kept secret” is the title of the song, which lies fine together with ”undiscovered” by Remee, so in this respect, this is what I still am to the mainstream world, but not to the world elite. And when Lina gave her feedback here, again I felt my new mother, i.e. our New World including all life, inside of her, and it is my mother’s love that Jógvan is showing the world, and Lina said that ”your voice sounds better than ever, I do know that you are not the obvious X Factor answer, but still somehow you are because what we always look for is a man coming in with the answer in himself, and you have had the answer all of the time”, and yes, this was again not only about Jógvan but also me ”having the answer in me”  🙂 ♥.

Finally, it was here time for the decision of this ultimate show of all, and during the usual ”very exciting and LONG waiting period”, I was told that the world believes that it is incredible that I am still here taking part of the game and do you remember the one with ”hair combed to cover bald spots” (?), which was about an experience I had in Kenya, I believe, where I was thinking back then that if I write this down in my script, it will show that I am ”sovereign”, and yes, I believe the result became that ”I can easily do it”, but I don’t believe that I ever did, but here it was used as symbol to say that I did ”my best”, which brought me a sovereign victory, this is what this ultimate show was about, and then Eva announced the winner, which was …. EMILIE, and Remee said that ”a star is born”, which also almost goes for my new self – CONGRATULATIONS to you Emilie and of course to Remee too and I do believe that if it was not not for Remee doing his finest work, Emilie would not have won, and this may be a symbol to say that Remee was also important to me spreading the news of and faith in me around the world and at least it is to say that he is also a Dane having world class but no longer as performer himself but as song writer and producer – ”you did the impossible, my friend” and I feel Remee when writing these words, which is as much a message from him to me as from me to him :-). And I received the feeling of ”the gran nestor” of radio here, Jørgen Mylius, and was told that he also spread faith in me, it was ”music” that brought the fish of my new self ashore, and finally, I was told that even though Jógvan was my favourite, if doesn’t mean anything to us who wins.

Thank you very much to DR TV and all people of the X Factor show making ”a wonderful show on the highest level – the best in the world”, my mother and I loved it :-).

FB 290315 Stig2



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