April 2015 – after script II: The Source is a plate looking as if we are eternity, when I will enter it deeper I will see that we have transformed all of nothing into eternity


Summary of the script today

  • April 8: The Source is a plate looking as if we are eternity, when I will enter it deeper I will see that we have transformed all of nothing into eternity. Hans received power of attorney from Sanna and Karen to lead board meetings of the world, and he was appointed by the Pope, who knew about ”the game” and the truth of me. Arthur Findlay College has send out ”information of the Source” for many years including wrong information about me, which the world believed in and was run after.


The Source is a plate looking as if we are eternity, when I will enter it deeper I will see that we have transformed all of nothing into eternity. We are not only energy of life, which the world has not yet discovered – with the feeling that there is much to look forward to discover/experience. Being very thirsty during nights is simply because of lack of water, i.e. force of the Source, and water on my lips means that I an now my own water plant. Karen and man knew more than 10 years ago that I wanted to enter her inner, but had no chance – or so they thought, so Karen was an actor to please Sanna. My mother had invited the family on Easter lunch, where Sanna and Hans continued playing the game as ”loyal actors” to me, and here in relation to John’s daughter and her son, who ”cannot” do what is right to do because of their poor/spoiled behaviour, and my mother’s painting includes a hidden KING WITH A CROWN symbolising me :-). Hans received power of attorney from Sanna and Karen to lead board meetings of the world, and he was appointed by the Pope, who knew about ”the game” and the truth of me. Arthur Findlay College played my game and lied to Sanna when they cut connection to me and spoke against me making her believe that everything was alright. The Source continues transmitting to Arthur Findlay College, which sends out news to the world including comments to my scripts of what they believe is the truth and not. This is based on spiritual information given to them from the Source that told the world that ”Stig is sick”, but now they praise Stig – following the mind of my sister. This information has been sent out for many years going in incredible detail including testimonials of Karen and others about me saying that ”Stig is certainly not the one”. This was ”the bad circle” impossible to break, which only could be done by bringing faith of my mother to me. This is what the world was run after believing in this information because all surveys on my sister had told the world that she was the truth and I was not. The world was blind, curious and impatient deciding to believe in my sister as ”the one” even though they had been told about my arrival.


April 2015 – after script II: The Source is a plate looking as if we are eternity, when I will enter it deeper I will see that we have transformed all of nothing into eternity

April 8: The Source is a plate looking as if we are eternity, when I will enter it deeper I will see that we have transformed all nothing into eternity

FB 080415 Stig 1

April 4
I had an absolutely terrible sleep making me feel absolutely terrible today, I cannot work and even less have my mother for dinner as I have told her, but still I pulled myself together overcoming some of the worst condition ever in order to write and publish my new script, and yes, it took approx. 3½ hours to do biting the pain in me.

I received STRONG dreams about how hospitals have forged examinations on me, which gave me strong diarrhoea meaning that this was destroying the world, and this is also for me to follow up on when asking the world around me to receive their true files on me, and I received Kliche’s ”Panorama” and this time I was given the true lyrics ”ahhh total war”, which is what we had to go through to bring the Source to me.

I was told that my old music and religion teacher, Holm, has known all of his life about me, and Sanna also tried to clip him, but she could not because he was a too strong believer in me.

We will wait turning around the document.

I received the feeling of my father as the ship, this is where I want to be with you as I have wanted all of my life, but not been able to do because of the game of your sister, which is why we had problems only seeing little of each other while he was alive.

It is really not a little bit of dribble given to me when sleeping, it is water coming out of my lips, which is love of Karen as I am told.

My mother was kind to invite me on restaurant this evening so I did not have to cook for her, which I was also not up to at all, and we went to the Bistro Francophile and had three good dishes, and again I could see the look of my mother that she knows and also that she knows more than she says, but she has decided not to tell me before I will discover myself, and yes, I could decide to ask ”aggressive questions” to my mother about what she knows and does not know as I plan to do with Lisbeth from the Commune, but no, this is my mother, I have accepted her ”game” knowing that this is what still brings me darkness to even being able to continue this game.

This evening it was only the two main Danish TV channels that the Source had decided that should not work, they were ”blocked”, and when I tried to watch the 60th celebrations show of the Eurovision Song Contest via BBC on my tablet, it was impossible to cast the picture up on my TV, which was also ”blocked”, and when I watched it via my computer and cast it to the TV, it was very poor quality and with so many stops on the way that I decided to stop watching it, and yes, it was again coming directly from darkness of the Source, here my mother because she doesn’t say what she knows and she was told about my father knowing too, but I liked very much what I watched including Emmelie de Forrest, Herreys, Loreen, Conchita Wurst, Johnny Logan etc. and not least the Danish Brother’s Olsen singing their 2000 winner song, which gave me goosebumps when the audience sang along ”fly on the wings of love” and there was a smell of fireworks, and yes, the show was recorded the other day as the brothers said on Facebook where I wished them good luck and asked them to bring my regards to the others. FANTASTIC SHOW, I LOVED IT, these are some of the warmest and most memorable songs to me – including the humour of the hosts :-).

FB 310315 Olsen

They believed that they had an unbreakable knot on you when Søren D. N. decided to go against you, and yes, this made it ”almost impossible” to go on and I only came through via great sufferings.

Your mother has worked like a drilling machine drilling out life – depending on her faith in you as light.

The ship of the Source sailed by at least a couple of times this evening when I was really too tired just to look for it.

You will see that we are just a plate, as I am here shown turn around. It just looks as if we are eternity when entering it more deeply. I was shown first solid ice and then solid diamond and told that it is first when I enter deeper here that you will see that we have transformed all nothing into eternity.

Martin S. O. brought this update including an article of his which was brought in Politiken, which is about  “the meaning of Easter” including “dying for the sins of the world” on a cross, and it shortly includes the story of his brother, Lasse, who decided to let himself crucify a few years ago “to get closer to God”, and I decided to comment it by saying that there are many lines of history here, and the last three lines include the interesting part here, which is “we will have to settle with the joy of the victory of the light over darkness, which is also what everything is about, I think”, and I said that this is truly what you can be happy about because we would not be here without it, and I asked him to say hello to his brother, and “no, there is none, who in modern times has suffered as much as the man they used to call Jesus, is there (?), and you don’t have the courage to write about him even though you almost have a personal knowledge of “him” (?), and yes, this is about about previous “meetings” on Facebook and at his exhibition in Helsingør a couple of years ago, and this was at a time where Martin did not believe in my task of transforming darkness to light, which you may do now, Martin, but not enough to comment my comment or even “like” it?

FB 040415 MSO

April 5
We are not only energy of life, which the world has not yet discovered – with the feeling that there is much to look forward to discover/experience.

I still feel awful and have had difficulties keeping my concentration and work morale the last days including to write the email to ”authorities” around the world asking them to open their files and also to go deeper into my new Sony Tablet making its ”one-touch” technology work, which may require a new and special remote control to my TV, and yes, this tablet is symbol of my control panel of the Source, this is what it means, but I do get the basics done including scripts and updates to my website.

This evening I noticed that the two strong lights at Sofiero Castle was only one light, which confirmed to me that these lights, which are 50-100 times stronger than normal street lights and always switched on some time before normal street lights and have been there since the first day I moved into my apartment here in 2011, are really also lights of the Source, and yes, I have suspected this for a very long time but not before now that it was confirmed, and yes, there has also come some other weaker lights around them which have not been there before.

I had decided to go to a free concert featuring one of the best guitar players in Denmark, Aske Jacoby, and three friends of his at Café Hornbæk Beach 10 kilometres from here, which is where I went with my mother too last year to see Michael Hardinger, and yes, I thought that it was no co-incidence that I received Aske’s name a few weeks ago and then seeing him coming here to play, and when I met my neighbour Preben, I asked him if he would like to join me, which he did, and yes, I had borrowed my mother’s car, so we went there and had a very nice evening, and I was told that Aske also helps to bring in the light and yes he knows EVERYONE of the Danish music industry and has played with ”half of them” including News, Danseorkestret, Sanne Salomonsen, Thomas Helmig and others and he has also made his own solo-albums including ”Chant” from last year and this beautiful song ” Sweet Louise”, which I caught with my Nokia phone, and ”caught” comes to me here because the love of the music industry that he brings me also helps to absorb my landing – making it softer to all. I was told that he had noticed me there and that it was an honour for him/them to play for me – as example I was told ”three imaginary boys”, which is the title of the first album by the Cure and also a symbol of the Trinity and then ”we cannot say it any clearer”.

FB 040415 Aske J

The bass player this evening, Morten Jakobsen, comes from the popular Danish band Big Fat Snake and he plays at the also popular ”Dirty Dancing” musical in Tivoli at the moment starrring Silas from ”Crazy about dance”, and yes, when I bring this story and upload, this is how the story of me spreads fast among people, get it?

I was happy that Preben was very happy and thankful for me to bring him there – it is probably a very long time ago that he has gone out with a friend like this, as it is for me too – and we had a good time together, but it made me sad that he wanted to leave only after the first song of the 2nd set, and yes, I brought him there and he wanted to leave before me and had I been alone, I would have stayed until the end, but this is how it is, and I decided to be ”large” and be happy about what we had seen. I had a good talk with a man there standing next to us about music and concerts in general, and he said that he was one of the people who started up the Vega concert hall in Copenhagen 20 years ago, he was administration manager there, and yes, today this is the most popular concert hall in Copenhagen. Later, at home, I felt Preben and was shown and told that it is an incredible amount of sun that shines in through him – because of our good contact, and yes, he is still as ”crazy” as always having compulsory thoughts about burlaries etc., but otherwise he is a very nice man.


Here Aske is together with Danseorkestret:

Søren Pind, don’t you think that it is ”completely hollow” when you celebrate Jesus at the same time as you have removed my freedom of speech from your Facebook profile (?), and yes, it makes me sad to see a nervous WIMP like Søren deciding to do what is WRONG to me instead of just doing what is RIGHT, which is to communicate and accept to let others look into his mirror too, and no, your ”celebrations” of Jesus and your words today that ”he is resurrected” (”he”, which many will read as ”Jesus”, but you do mean ”Stig”?) does not placate me because you have done the worst guilt to me when removing my freedom, but it doesn’t take much to make me happy if you simply remove this again and communicate, and yes, the only man you have to fear is the man you see in the mirror!

FB 050415 Pind

FB 050415 Søren P

I felt INCREDIBLE POORLY today completely without energy making it impossible for me to work, and yes, it is very rare that it is so serious as today, and is this because of reactions of Niklas to my previous script? And Real Madrid won by 9 to 1 today, which is when darkness is at its worst ….

I was told that Lars H. (manager at Danske Bank, Free Port, from 1987-88) was appointed to monitor you all of his awaken time, and yes, his name is often coming to me, and this is the second time I am told this but first time writing it.

It was first later we needed the shock of your mother seeing Hitler as your father’s father, which is why I was first told recently.

I was told that being very thirsty during nights is simply because of lack of water, i.e. force of the Source.

I was shown Karen as the forest playing the game with me trying to run away for fun but hoping that I will catch her, but instead I attract all of the forest, which becomes my body with different worlds located on different parts of my skin.

The water on my lips means that I an now my own water plant.

Did your mother have to have fiends telling her about me to believe in me (?), yes – and that was to make up for the negative influence of Sanna, Hans, John ”and Karen” as I am told here.

I was shown that I am the one of four parts of Karen that broke lose, so Jack, Lars, and Sanna are the others but what about my cousin Jan, and aren’t there two times four parts because we create our New World and New World II of our children now?

The greatest writer in Denmark within the last 50 years, without a doubt, Klaus Rifbjerg has died, and I felt him during the day, and this evening I was shown that the lid of the coffin could not be closed because Rifbjerg was lying in the coffin not wanting it to close, which is because he didn’t want to die as I was told, and ”I was a sacrifice too”, and yes, I remember going to exam in Danish at Commercial High School in 1984, I believe, in one of his short novels, where I received the grade 10 (on a 13 scale), if I don’t remember wrongly. And yes, Rifbjerg was also well known participating in the public debate always being ”provoking” when speaking out the truth as he saw it VERY directly, which is a gene of mine as you know, and yes, here is a traditional Danish song from 1967 with Daimi singing that ”I will set my hat as it pleases me” with the lyrics written by Rifbjerg, and yes, this is fine if you do RIGHT and act with responsibility, because then you have your freedom my friends :-).

I received the feeling of Skt. Petri Hotel in Copenhagen, where I once was more than 10 years ago at a party with Karen, and she/they knew back then you wanted to enter her inner but had no chance – or so they thought. So Karen was an actor to please Sanna.

I was told that Lisbeth Knudsen, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Berlingske, was placed there by me and that is because she knew that everything would turn around (going from lies of my sister/the world against me, to be for me) and she contributed doing it.

I brought this update:

FB 050415 Stig Dali

FB 050415 Dali 2

April 6
I felt better this morning being able to continue working.

I was shown a chesterfield sofa, which made me think of my father because he used to have one, i.e. the Source, and I was shown Sanna sitting down in it with the seating cushion being removed from her and I saw actors of the Source inside and being this chair (bringing force to create it), but they are ”loyal actors” so they would never remove the pillow, and just to say that this is what Sanna and Hans also are, which is ”loyal actors” to me, and this came to me because my mother had decided to be strong inviting the family including John’s children on Easter lunch today, but Niklas and Isabelle could not come because they are in Malaga and Bettina is too weak (making my mother very concerned), so she and Søren did not come too, and I wonder if she will make it until the end of the game?

I had expected that I would have a fine lunch and afternoon together with the family being strong verbally too, but I received much darkness from the family making it difficult for me to speak fluently, this is how it is, but I was happy to see that my sister and Hans played the game with especially my sister asking questions and speaking to Mette, Jesper and Kristoffer, and yes, Mette has had time off from teaching at school because of ”all loads” that she has gone through lately, which my sister truly understood the need of as she said, and Mette has filled in a declaration to the school saying that she will return tomorrow, but no, ”I really cannot, because it is so stressing/hard ”to be one” working the whole day” as teachers are now required to do here according to the new school reform ”so I may take another 2-3 weeks at home, which I feel that I need”, and yes, it was very nice to receive ”kindness” of my sister ”supporting” her, but if I had opened my mouth, I would have told her to ”pull yourself together and do what is RIGHT instead of being a DISGRACE (!), I have never heard such poor excuses, when you are at work, you are meant to work efficiently”, and yes, this is the worst SPOILED behaviour of people who have no mental strenght, who ”just cannot” and then give up, and the more they do wrong, the more they have difficulties doing right, and it makes me SAD to see!

And it only became worse when Mette and Jesper said that they had ordered holiday in Spain and when Kristoffer, who is 19, still living at home, ”cannot” finish what he starts (work/education), discovered this, which made him burst out ”am I not invited, what am I gonna do in my holiday then” (?), and ”I want to go to Bali then, my mother can pay”, and yes, this is what he really said, and the worst isn’t that he said it but that he believed it was right to say where everyone should be able to see that this is NOT how to behave, which is only what SPOILED people, who don’t know better does, it is a DISGRACE (!), and it made my mother shocked telling him that it was wrong, but no, it didn’t make him understand, and now he was disappointed and needed time alone (!), and yes, what do you give me (?), and when he was away, the whole family spoke about him behind his back without involving him (!), and Sanna understood his feelings and told Mette that the Jobcentre offers a ”mentor” who can help young people having difficulties getting things together, and yes, what was really required was to CHANGE THE ATTITUDE of this young man, which is really to TURN IT AROUND because he is possessed by darkness, which is how it goes when parents and others give children too much love without discipline, so what he really needs is STRONG PARENTS to discipline him, and when he does not have this, the right thing for him to do now would be to enter the military or a ”Fulton school” – or send him to me as his mentor until I have turned him around (!) – which could pull out his WRONG and SPOILED attitude, and yes, a young and lazy man doing nothing and possessed by darkness who believed that this is what I was; possessed by darkness.

And yes, Jesper told about their daughter Sophia, who may be four now (?), who is very shy having difficulties speaking to people, but at home is ”very noisy” fighting with her parents on power, and yes, this is how children are today, the more ”love” without discipline they receive, the more spoiled and impossible ”anarchists” they become, and this is also what is happening to her, and yes, it is truly a shame to witness, and yes, I really should have been strong saying this and cutting through so everyone would understand, but I don’t believe that I would be allowed by people, who would probably find me ”too provoking” and behaving ”too poorly” to tell the truth, which is uncomfortable, and this is what people ”cannot bear to hear”, so when I did not tell the truth and my sister ”won this” acting as ”darkness disguised as light”, as she know that the did, it had the consequence that my mother suddenly felt that she had to show the family that clock that she received from Coloplast for 25 years of faithful services, which I changed the time on last week with great difficulties because it is truly falling apart, and she told me that it was now damaged because of me and laughed out loud making the family laugh out loud making me the laughing stock, and yes, this is how darkness WRONGLY works because what my mother did not know, did not tell and had the greatest problems to understand when I told her when laughing was that the clock was already falling apart, but no, she had decided that I had broken it, and now she was humiliating me by asking Hans to put it together, which he apparently did – with my help telling him how to do it – making my mother praise him much, and yes, it was first after the guests had gone that I could show my mother that the clock was not ticking and tell her strongly (darkness had left my voice making me strong again) that I DO NOT WANT YOU TO MAKE ME A LAUGHING STOCK TO THE FAMILY (!), the right thing for you to do would have been to go to me first asking me to do better collecting the clock, and if I could not, you could decide, and tell me, that you would go to Hans or others to look at it, which would have been fine then, but DO NOT MAKE ME A LAUGHING STOCK (!), and yes, now my mother had poor conscience, because she was not thinking of what she had done, her ”impulses” had taken over, i.e. darkness of Sanna leading her, but now she could see it and she apologized and said that it was never her meaning to make fun of me, and yes, I told her about Mette and Kristoffer – what I should have said to all of the family including Kristoffer if I had had the voice to do it, which I now had when they had left (!) – and their spoiled, lazy and WRONG behaviour, and how John is really to blame for this because he NEVER told his daughters nor my mother when they were wrong and needed to improve their behaviour, and yes, now my mother could see it very clearly and agreed with me, and this is really also to say that being alone with my mother made it possible for me to influence her against darkness of Sanna, and yes, the story is also that the clock of the Old World is ruined and cannot be fixed, we bring you all a whole new clock, i.e. heart of your new selves.

Sanna and Hans told us about their weekend in Møgeltønder, Southern Jutland, where they went out into the marsh to witness ”Sort Sol” (”birds gather in large flocks and form huge formations in the sky”), and it made me think of ”collective life acting as one” and also about the Danish ”cult band” ”Sort Sol” because their guitarist Peter Peter was playing with Lars Hug in concert recently, and yes, I love your music too but I have never listened your albums through, which I really should have done, but here is a nice concert clip with them :-).

I noticed in my mother’s LARGE (new) painting over her sofa that it has a hidden pattern beneath the paint, and then I noticed up in the right corner that it has a little but clear, hidden picture of a man with beard and a crown, and yes, A KING as I showed everyone, and everyone could see it, and yes, we also had ”King wine” for lunch as I named it, which was a fine Barolo wine, and the fun part was that my mother and I hade Barbaresco wines on sale a week ago, and then my mother grabbed this Barolo too from the same producer, which obviously was placed wrongly, but just symbols of my new self of course.

My sister also decided to tell Mette and Jesper, with me listening, about how they at the Social Board of the Social Ministry are involved in ”secret activities” on high level, which they have to hide from their employees, which is why she cannot write ”PET” (”the Intelligence Service of the Police”) in her calendar when having meetings with them, and she said it twice to make sure that I heard it, and yes, I did and I suggested with a smile that you could write ”Kæledyr” (”Pet animal” in Danish) in your calendar instead, which made everyone smile, and yes, this was really ”a gift” from my sister confirming that PET was involved in the case against me (as ”potential terrorist”, right Jakob Scharf (?), now former director there) and encouraging me to include the Intelligence Service in my coming email asking ”authorities” to open their files on me (and everything else really) to me and the public, and yes, my sister was ”making fun of” the Danish red/green party requiring PET to open all of its files to the public, which ”of course is completely impossible”, and yes, they are crazy but not crazier than this is what will happen to let the world see the plans and motives of the Old World for you NEVER to repeat (!), this is what it is really about.

Later in the day when thinking of this, I was shown an album cover by TALKING HEADS, which was to say that the world is talking about my coming email asking you to open your files, and yes, this will be ONCE IN A LIFE TIME experience, and even later I saw that the front man of Talking Heads, David Byrne, will come to Helsingør Culture Yard in May 2015 doing a lecture on art, and yes, I would like to come and see you, David, we will see if I can make it (not being on holiday).

My mother did a fine lunch deciding to be strong, and I decided to help her by cleaning up the table and kitchen afterwards as she has never allowed me to do, but this time I refused to listen to her rejecting my offer and I just did it, which then made her very happy, and yes, my mother has had pain to her right leg for days and now to her loin, and when I stood there cleaning up the kitchen, I was given a very strong pain to my loin as I usually never had, and I told my mother that ”now when I am working in your kitchen, I am given your pain in the loin”, and yes, it was very painful and I understand why it makes it ”impossible” for my mother to keep on working without sitting down, which is also how I felt, but I decided to keep on working.

I told her that now she just needs to finish the work after John’s funeral, which is to handle the probate court first and then to start cleaning up John’s office/TV room, and yes, when my mother opens the door to John’s room, she really cannot take it seeing his things in there, and I told her that this is why I told her to decide cleaning this up (removing most things) immediately because ”the longer you decide to let it be, the longer you will be in pain”, and yes, it is as easy as that, and that is to JUST DO IT because ”I know how it is, the decision is the worst part, when you have first started, it is not difficult”, and yes, my mother knows, but still it is ”difficult” to do everything right, right mother?

And then I asked my mother for a favour, which was to help me buy a new Bodum Columbia 1 litre French coffee brewer/thermos in steel as I have been looking after for a long time, and here it was at half price, and another Bodum thermos was at 1/4 of the normal price, which was a total of DKK 450, and yes, it required the Danish ”Dankort” (debit card) to buy, which I don’t have, and yes, I would give my mother cash instead and had taken the cash out of my wallet, but my mother insisted that she wanted to give me this in birthday present, and only because she insisted MANY times, I gave in accepting at the end, and yes, this is the opposite behaviour of what Kristoffer and many here show.

I was told that the only reason that Sanna and Hans’ friend Flemming decided to support me was that he did not believe in all of that of my sister, but me, and yes, I gave him a good impression of me at Sanna’s 50th birthday in 2009, which may be part of it, and so much that he asked me then the open question ”who/what is God” (?), and yes, this is the answer that I am given you here on my website, Flemming :-).

Did Hans receive power of attorney both from Sanna and Karen to lead board meetings (?), i.e. the world. And I was told that it was the Pope appointing him (knowing about ”the game” and the truth of me).

I have been given the name and feeling of Boris Yeltsin MANY times without writing it and ”almost the true story” of him in relation to me and Putin, and what is the truth of this, was he a hero or part of the game against me (?), and here I was told that it is something about him knowing of my arrival but he was silenced.

They were also known as Beckenbauer’s ”magic men”, which was the World Cup team of Germany of 1974.

I was told about the Pastors of Gachie, where Elijah lives, and about my influence of them being important too, and this was in a criminal place, where Sanna and Hans did not have courage to go.

Yesterday, I was surprised seeing an update from the non-believer Helena saying ”I have discovered that I do believe in God – the difference on my and your God is that my is self-reliant”, and I wonder if this is connected to Søren Pind also showing a sign to the world about his faith in me (?), and today she brought part of chapter 13 of this letter: ”Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, [love] is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”, and I decided to ”like” this post, which is the first post in a VERY LONG time of hers that I like.

FB 050415 Helena

FB 060415 Helena

Naser brought a story about Naser and the Easter in Ekstra-Bladet quoting him to say that Danes know nothing about Christianity and don’t connect Easter to it, but to garden work, and it made me ask him to guess who “the gardener” in the clip below symbolically is, and also that there is only One God, One People and One Philosophy (mine). Religions and “talk, talk and talk” of this (with a reference to Danes these day discussing if Christianity is “better” than other religions as many believe that it is) are made of man. Don’t make difference on people, and people should not make difference to people, who are all equal to each other and God, anything else is a distorted human view (with a reference to Søren Pind too to make it clear).

FB 060415 Naser 1

FB 060415 Naser 2

April 7
Today, Søren Pind ”excelled” when showing himself as a ”true believer” when kneeling and praying to God saying that Danes lack an understanding of faith, which is true, but his own behaviour showing himself as a ”righteous Christian” is as HOLLOW as it gets and PATHETIC Søren when you cannot let me in in your true life because ”it wouldn’t look good to the public”, and if there is something I do NOT like, it is FALSE people pretending to be ”clean” when they are ”dirty”, just like Rolf Sørensen, and yes, Pind also told Politiken today about the Government being ”darkness”, i.e. that he and the liberal party is the opposite, and yes, it makes me SICK watching when you are the worst darkness of all (!), and no, Søren, ”IT’S NO GAME, this is my true and new self telling you to STOP this game of lies and join me to show your TRUE FAITH in me and my New Order of the world, do you think you can do this (?), and yes, these favourite songs given to me here when writing this shows the true warm feelings of Søren underneath this game, and let me say that kneeling and praying to God is also NOT how you will show your faith in our New World, where no one will bow to me but show natural respect to all including me and to understand ”the truth”. This may also be Søren’s way of showing total submission to me (?), but no, this is not how it works, Søren, I want to see you as a MAN showing yourself as honest and strong and not a WIMP showing yourself as a liar and weak.

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The ”gentlemen” Holm & Simpson on DR P6 radio could be much more ”inspired” than they are if I decided to write more from their morning shows, which I almost do not anymore, but here at 10:35 today, their guest Gertrud H., spoke about an album by the band ”Minds of 99”, which she loves much, and she said that this album ”fits well to the season”, and I felt that ”the season” was here about C. V. Jørgensen and his ”Sæsonen er slut” (”The season has ended”), which is about ”and then never again” as C. V. sings (going through the sufferings as we did to create life), and I was thinking of the ”99” in the name of the band as ”1999” with Prince, which is ”the ultimate party music” to celebrate when the season has ended, you know, and a little bit later monsiueur Holm asked Gertrud ”you have also been conferencier at the Roskilde Festival, couldn’t this be fantastic great for you to be allowed to present the Minds of 99 on Orange Scene and declare Roskilde for open, here are the Minds of 99” (?) to which Gertrud replied ”yes, of course, ”Alle har en drøm” (”everyone has a dream”) Orange Scene, it is this iconic scene in Denmark”, and here ”Alle har en drøm” was about the song of C. V. Jørgensen and Kaspar Winding of the same name, which came to Gertrud here because I have uploaded this song to YouTube when it was covered by Mads Langer on TV in 2012 and because I entered it yesterday reading comments of people to it, and yes, this song is about ””Alle har en drøm om engang at bli’ fri af lasterne, der lænker os til nuets tyranni, selvbedrag og natteroderi” (”everyone has a dream to once become free of the burdens that tie us to the tyranny of now, self-deception and night-muddle”), and this is what will happen when we will open this ”iconic stage”, the Orange Scene of the Roskilde Festival here symbolising the opening of our New World as ”Roskilde Festival” has symbolised for years, which will create ”hysteria” of the good kind because ”I’m breaking out” as you can see in the clip with Muse below, and yes, Gertrud continued saying about the Minds of 99 that ”and there is something very special when Danish bands play on Roskilde, not least for a band like Minds of 99, which doesn’t have many years on its back, and where you think, alright you have just been shot out of the canon”, and yes ”shot out the canon” was given to her too to say that this is what we will become with the opening of our New World, this is how it works :-).

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I was shown Sanna and Hans swimming under water trying to bring out ”my secret”, but how and what is it (?), and yes, it is ”nothing” and ”my will”, which is what I decided to hold on to not giving in to your darkness.

And why is my mother so strong at the moment (?), and yes, because of her faith in me, this is how she is supporting me, to be strong and not to break down, and yes, it is really only a matter of deciding to be STRONG, Mette – instead of ”mentally weak” as you decide to be.

I went to town to do some shopping and I also bought a ticket for Jørgen Klubien’s concert in Helsingør on April 25 (together with Morten Remar), and I was thinking of bringing a video and I was told that we would like you to play ”Satellite” then because I am your satellite” as Jørgen sings, i.e. spaceship of everything.

I was told that Arthur Findlay College played my game and lied to Sanna when they cut connection to me (Paul and Janet) and spoke against me making her believe that everything was alright, and how many played a game like this, which was only few, who were ”part of stamp street”.

I have been ”told” and felt many times that my father’s widow Kirsten has also passed on (?), and this came to me strongly this evening too, and I was told that some people will die as a condition for me to become my new self, and yes, my father, John and Kirsten too are examples of this, and I can only hope the best when it comes to other family and people close to me for the time to come.

And the idea is is for you go go with them all the way down without dying yourself, and I felt Kirsten and was told that I have been here all the time too.

It is because of you (continuing work) that we are still transmitting, and I felt Arthur Findlay College here and also Karen because she receives news from them too, which includes comments to my scripts about what they believe is true and not according to their sources, i.e. spiritual information given to them from ”the Source”? And this is what my mother was invited to receive too. And most of these said that ”Stig is sick” because this was the story of Satan of my inner self via Sanna, and yes, Karen received these pieces of news too. Buy now they praise Stig to the sky because this is what Sanna does. These were sent out to Lars H. and everyone to confirm the view of the Source on you.

”Caracas”, this was also done when you were in Venezuela in 1996 (Isla Margarita), and they went in incredible detail because they also included testimonials of Karen about you as example telling the world that ”Stig is certainly not the one”. This is what is included in this white case that we bring down to you (the inner of the Source coming to me) and yes I wonder if John received these reports too and what we will find when my mother and I will be cleaning up his office and many ring binders, which we may start doing this week if my mother can overcome it mentally.

And this is what Denis based all of his resistance on, yes this was ”the bad circle” that was impossible to break, but someone had to do it, which only I could by bringing faith of my mother to me. This is what the world was run after and no it was impossible for this information to be wrong because all surveys on your sister had told the world that she was the truth and I was not but poor work mislead you, you fell for it bringing me darkness until I turned all of you gradually around with more and more faith of my mother in me.

When you are blind, want to find out and cannot wait to see the truth, this is how my sister became the one and yes also because everything was turned upside down making the world blind. It wasn’t just Indian papers they (the world) read in, no, they knew that you were coming but still they could not wait.

Holm was one of the only ones with you, everyone believed in Sanna and the world as the obvious truth. It required a reasonable big effort to save you, yes, much energy. And it required that I laid dead if it was not because I worked hard, which all of you could see and where does this come from (?), yes, it was simply Stig who had decided to never give up knowing that he was the last man standing to save the world, that is why.

Arthur Findlay College knew that we were going to turn around.

I was happy receiving this email via Facebook from Nancy from Kenya, who is not my Facebook friend, but friend of Stephen, whom I met once in Kenya (on the African Bar) in 2009 together with LTO, and it gave me a chance to tell her – and you – about the meaning of the “meaningless attack” on Garissa University killing 147 people.

FB 070415 Nancy

FB 070415 Flemming

April 8
I felt Lars G. and who is going to be you (God) then in their world (?), and yes, it would turn on shift, and that is between Lars, Jack and Sanna as I understand, but not Karen, and how is it again?

I spoke to my mother this morning, who was ”high” and happy about now having spoken to the Probate Court, which was not as difficult and ”terrible” as she had imagined as I had told her – ”just do it – don’t fear it – this will make you happy instead of sad” and yes the nice spring weather is now coming, holiday etc. forming a good instead of a bad circle.

If you did not support your mother making her go through everything connected with the funeral with strength, she would have ”beaten you to a pulp”.

I received a shock seeing this update from Søren Pind showing that he has received the Order of Dannebrog (”the Order of the Dannebrog is a means of honouring and rewarding the faithful servants of the modern Danish state for meritorious civil or military service, for a particular contribution to the arts, sciences or business life or for those working for Danish interests”), which which comes only shortly after he also received the Legion of Honour of France, and yes, what a man to celebrate, a crook and a liar celebrated as a hero, but he is nothing else than a WIMP as I have shown you over again, and no, there will be NO such ”honours” in our New World, and even if there was, you have done nothing to deserve this, Søren, and that is nothing at all with nothing being ”nothing” as we would have all been if it had been up to you and your dark New World Order ”stealing” my life and energy, which is what you worked with ”all of your heart” for, right?

FB 080415 Pind

A little later I felt both Søren Pind and Bertel Haarder and was told that they are laughing all the way to the bank, which is because of your ”hidden income” working to bring forward your dark New World Order.

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The ship and spaceship of the Source, Øresund Strait, Helsingør, Denmark, April 2015

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The light of the ship of the Source 050415 at 2239The Ship of the Source including the light of our New World as seen on Øresund Strait from my apartment on April 5 as you can see after 08:00 in the video below

CLIP 1: From 00:00 to 01:45, taken on April 3 at 18:04
I discovered that the video camera of my Nokia 630 mobile phone can zoom in more than the camera, and this is the first video clip of the ship of the Source that I have taken, it is sailing from left to right, and what you notice is that the ship is not long, has the colour blue/red, has a short ”mast” in front of it (with a light on it when it is dark) and it has a little bridge/tower house on the back of it.

This is the same ship that I have been seeing for a while now and brought pictures of in my previous script of April 3, 2015: https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/april-2015-after-script-i-the-ship-of-the-source-with-our-new-light-sails-in-front-of-my-apartment-i-have-the-golden-key-for-it-this-new-light-is-visible-all-over-the-world/

CLIP 2: From 01:45 to 05:17, taken on April 5 at 13:27
This was the next time that I saw the ship of the Source now sailing in the other direction from right to left, and even though my camera doesn’t bring the best pictures, you should be able to see that it is the same ship?

CLIP 3: From 05:17 to 07:13, taken on April 5 at 21:38
It is now evening and you see the ship sailing from right to left passing the STRONG light on the Swedish shore, which is ”the longest living” light of the Source at Sofiero Castle north of Helsingborg, Sweden, which has been visible since I moved here in 2011 (and normally there are two lights here, but these days it has changed to only one light). It is first at the end of this clip that you can actually see the strong lights on the ship, after it has come free of the trees on this side partly blocking my view, and I am sad that the recording is not as clear as seeing it in reality where it is possible to see each light on the ship including a weaker light on top of its tower house in back and another on top of its little mast in front, which makes it characteristic.

CLIP 4: From 07:13 to 09:07, taken on April 5 at 22:37
Here is the same ship sailing the same way from right to left again within one hour from the last sight of it, and it has changed its lights now having MANY lights in several rows on the back of it as if it is one big light, and there are also three strong lights on its front now, and no, it is ”not usual” for the same ship to return and sail the same way as it did one hour ago and now with much more light on it, and no, there are NO OTHER SHIPS here looking like this, this is a ”once in a lifetime” (song by Talking Heads telling me that the world is speaking of this) experience, and if you want to see it live, there is no other choice than to come here and watch it yourself :-).

CLIP 5: From 09:07 to 12:18, taken on April 5 at 22:52
I saw the same ship sailing in the same direction from right to left already five minutes after clip 4, but I did not film it because the lights were almost switched off, but it did not take longer than another ten minutes before the ship returned also sailing from right to left and it is really first at the end of this clip, when it is free of the trees in front of it, that you can see the lights of it appearing almost as ”one big light” on the back of it and one weaker on the front.

CLIP 6: From 12:18 to 15:27, taken on April 5 at 23:12
Now the ship sailed the other way from left to right and it is characteristic because it is of the same length having the same light on top of it at the back and in front as only this ship has and, and now it showed different lights on its back and still ”50 times stronger” than the normal street lights on the Swedish coast as some of the other lights on the Source of the coast do too. Again, I would have liked to have a better camera making it as clear for you to see as it is in reality, but ”the Secret Network” including the media may have MUCH better recordings of this out there including ”no one in the pilot house”?

There was one last clip at 23:25 this evening, which unfortunately did not make it onto here because when I recorded it, the camera went out of memory and did not save it, but now I was surprised because it was clearly the same ship with its characteristic lights on its side, but now it was ”the longest ship ever”, which may be ten times longer than all previous sigthings (!), and still the same ship, and yes, there was a long ”black part” without lights, which could be part of the ship, or could be nothing, I could not tell in the darkness, but it was followed by ”a part of the ship” at the back sailing with the same speed and clearly part of the whole, and it only had one light on it.

Later this evening, on April 5, I was shown a ship sailing right in front of me, and it wants to enter me, which is what it does at the moment.

I was shown a ring of water being made on the ship, and I will be the first to enter it – to our New World inside the Source, and I was told that we could sail the whole harbour, the whole world into you if we wanted to, but now we will let it be as is.

CLIP 7: From 15:27 to 19:57, taken on April 6 at 21:02
In the beginning of this clip, I point the camera up into the sky hoping to catch the light of the spaceship of everything or just the spaceship of the Source, which came out here together with the ship on sea, but my camera almost could not catch it in the beginning, and instead I point my camera at the ship sailing from left to right and it is here only showing a light in the back end and one in the front end, but finally at 19:14 and forwards, you can see the blinking light of the spaceship of the Source on the sky (not nearly as visible as it many times is), and yes, can you se it too, Queen Margrethe (?), who is speaking in the background on my TV, and why don’t you come by for a cup of coffee and a nice chat, and you can bring King Henri too, and no, I wouldn’t mind naming your husband for King when you are the ruling Queen (until the opening of our New World of course where all kingdoms but mine will cease to exist), but the Danish population simply cannot bear this thought even though this is most logical solution, don’t you think?

And yes, if I had professional camera equipment, it would be easier for all of you to see what I write in the above, but maybe it gave some of you a ”hunch” about what this is and that I only speak the truth to you?

CLIP 8: From 19:57 to 21:08, taken on April 6 at 21:45
The final clip now shows the light of this ship standing still on the sea (!) beneath the strong light on the coast of the Source at Sofiero Castle, and no, it is not usual for a light standing still like this, but this is how it is when it is ”the ship of the Source” or simply ”the light of the Source” waiting to open our New World via me :-).



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