April 2015 – after script IV: Everyone knows about Karen and I and look forward to our unification, which will unite all new life inside of Karen with the force of the Source of me


Summary of the script today

  • April 19: Everyone knows about Karen and I and look forward to our unification, which will unite all new life inside of Karen with the force of the Source of me. The world knows that it has lived without access to the Source, which is what World War II and ”everything” was about; to bring out the Source. I felt gold all over the inside of me almost breaking through to the surface coming together with incredible happiness and tears of joy. I am entering the pillar of life of my mother, which she otherwise had closed to us because she decided to shut down saying nothing. The Source shows itself as a GIANT SHIP on the Øresund strait and now also as STRONG blinking red and green lights on the Swedish coast and ships.


Helsingør Municipality lied to me not admitting to have been working behind my back and still playing the game of darkness! The spaceship and the light of the Source is almost not showing itself to the world because of my mother’s silence in relation to me. We are still bringing out the Old World from my mother replacing it with the New World – this is the part inside Queen Elisabeth. I receive the golden medal from Queen Margrethe because we let everything go through her too as a back up to my mother. My brand value via my sister is almost the strongest in the world and I am among the most searched for online of the world (”the Secret Network”). I am entering the pillar of life of my mother, which she otherwise had closed to us because she decided to shut down saying nothing. This is why I feel extremely poorly including strong heart pain; the most likely had been that my mother’s darkness would have killed the Source including me and the world. John went on ”business travels” to Hamburg for years including conferences on ”how to attack Stig” including Jack and armed forces.

The Source shows itself as a GIANT SHIP on the Øresund strait and now also as STRONG blinking red and green lights on the Swedish coast and ships. I felt gold all over the inside of me almost breaking through to the surface coming together with incredible happiness and tears of joy. My mother keeps up her ”card house” not saying what she did working behind my back, which still holds up the game of the world also not telling – this will fall as domino pieces. I was shown myself playing trumpet while walking through the diamond of our new creation splitting all new life into two parts of one life. This is all of the diamond that my mother brings to me and it is these ”marionette puppets” that the world elite is thinking of and waiting for to happen – they wait for me to find gold. The elite know that they have ruled the world being only one half with the other half coming from me. World War II was really about getting me as the other half of creation, man knew that they could not live without this, so this is what the world fought for to stay alive. Jack trained all of his life to fight me because they knew that I was born with one purpose, which was to bring them down. Jack was the connection officer to me for the rest of the world because he knew me the best, or so it was thought. I discovered several ”links” uniting Preben and I including Jeanne d’Arc, Time Manager, Prince Romanov and his painting ”creation is a gift of love of God”.

Hans received access to the Source via Jack, i.e. armed forces, but not any more, access has been closed. Hans’ job was to look after me and take care of my network, which is what made him ”world leader” because of my importance. Everyone knows about Karen and I and look forward to our unification, which will unite all new life inside of Karen (this cell of the Source as darkness) with the force of the Source of me. When sleeping, my mother and I were sexually abused by man trying to extract the Source from me and life from my mother to create their new life. The Source allowed man to experiment distributing energy of life, which is what completely emptied me from energy.


April 2015 – after script IV: Everyone knows about Karen and I and look forward to our unification, which will unite all new life inside of Karen with the force of the Source of me

April 19: Everyone knows about Karen and I and look forward to our unification, which will unite all new life inside of Karen with the force of the Source of me

FB 190415 Stig 1

April 14
This morning I had no motivation at all to use energy to cycle the four kilometres to the Commune to meet with Lisbeth and all of the resistance of the system to me on one hand, but I was looking forward to meeting the good sides of her as a person because we have not met now for seven months since September 2014 even though she is obliged to see me every quarter or four times a year (which only became three times in 2014 – on February 14, May 12 and September 4).

FB 150415 Stig summary

I had decided to record our meeting for the first time because I now have better equipment with my new mobile phone, and no, you don’t have to tell that you record a meeting and publish it on the Internet, it is perfectly legal, but I would normally like to say because this is right to do, but if I had told Lisbeth, I would not have ”caught her as she is” to show the world because she would then have painted a too rosy picture of her – as my sister does as example.

Listen to the sound file here:

So now you can hear our ”short” meeting of only 45 minutes this time here – I did not have as much to say as normal, where our meetings normally lasted one hour or more, and the first 50 seconds is ”noise of people in the reception” followed by Lisbeth and I meeting each other and ”small talking” on our way up to her office on the first floor, where the sound is not that clear (but you can hear it), and we arrive at her office at 01:37 from where the sound improves (my mobile phone was located in an outside ”open pocket” on my rucksack, which I placed just behind my chair).

I have decided that I am not going to play back all of the meeting for me to write these minutes from, which I will do using my memory of the meeting and what is ”important enough” to bring here, and then you can compare again Lisbeth’s and my ”notes” to see who was able to understand and write down the meaning of the meeting for others to understand objectively?

This is how all of our meetings have been with subjects and ”view points” from previous meetings being repeated here including how Lisbeth maybe half way into the meeting suddenly was attacked by a negative stream making her lose her temper, mind and ability to listen, because it was simply ”too much” for her to hear my criticism for years about how poorly she works, cannot understand etc., which I really had not told her about at this meeting, but told about in general terms, and yes, she is still totally convinced that is not the case, which is that she is clever, listens, understands and does a fine work, as was the case with my sister and so many others too, and yes, there is really no limits to your stupidity, Lisbeth, which you will find out ”sooner or later”.

As you can hear from the recording, I tell Lisbeth that ”the game is over” and I will not continue to explain my spiritual experiences to her trying to make her believe in me instead of being brainwashed by the entire system as she and everyone was including my mother, family and old colleagues and friends – until more and more started receiving faith in me.

Not that long into the meeting, I start asking Lisbeth ”key questions” about what she knows and what she did, which is not included in the official journals, which Sanna or Hans prepared you to answer, Lisbeth, because ”the system protects you”, so when you know what is coming your way, this is how it works, right (?), and yes, I asked her if she had ever spoken to my mother or sister (or work colleagues or others as she said herself) since 2011, which she claimed that she has not because this would be a violation of her professional secrecy and would bring her up to 4 years in prison, and yes, this sounded convincing, and I asked her if she has reported from our meetings and her view on me to ”the system” above her, which is not included in the official journals (as I can get access to too), and no, she said that she has not and also that she did not receive ”good advice” or ”orders” about ”the desired outcome of meetings with me”, which included from early on to stop my cash help in order to ”push my out of my apartment” and for my mother to completely lose faith in me, and no, she claimed that this is also not the case – and yes, my readers you may remember my meeting with Lisbeth on December 13, 2011, where she threatened to remove my cash help because ”you deliberately write applications in such a way that you will not get a job”, thus saying that I only have myself to blame that I am ”unemployed” (!), and yes, my sister did ”her best” to make sure that I would be kicked out both of the system and my apartment – to be locked up behind bars of mental hospital with the approval of our mother – and yes, she also claims today as she has done too at previous meetings that she never planned to remove my cash help, so there you have it, this lady is very good at lying even though she claims that this is the truth ”with her hand on her heart”, which was the same as ”I swear to God”.

But to my surprise, she acknowledged that she had reported me as ”a potential Breivik” to Helsingør Police after our first meeting because ”I was concerned” and again here I am told ”part of a carefully planned process of Sanna”, and but no, when I asked her if she met with the police or has spoken to or heard from them since, she said that she has not (!), which did not sound ”very convincing”, which you could hear yourself when saying it, Lisbeth (?), because this is not how it normally works – it should be ”normal” for the police to meet with the Commune, IKU (the job centre course that reported these ”wrong/negative thoughts” on me to the Commune – also on ”advice from my sister” as I feel here again) and receive information from everyone of my network to ”draw a picture of who Stig really is” (as you all really did without telling me, right?) – and yes, Lisbeth knows that I know that this is how it is.

I was careful AGAIN to explain to Lisbeth that she is the only one that I have explained about my spiritual experiences – which made her glad to hear on behalf of everyone else, because it has truly been ”tough” for you to go through this experience meeting me and been ”publically humiliated” to the world, because this is not how you are, Lisbeth (?), and yes, she feels ”sorry for herself” having had to go through this not understanding the mountain of darkness you shoveled over to me – and that I never speak about this with others, who meet me as a completely normal man, where we speak about completely normal subjects as everyone else do too, and these people will say that I am completely normal because this is what everyone easily can see and hear (!), and when it comes to my family including John’s family (siblings), they were also ”very concerned” (brainwashed) as everyone else 2, 3, 4 years ago, but now my scripts mean less and less to them in this respect because they can all see that I am ”the same Stig as I have always been”.

Despite of this, Lisbeth again said what she has also said at the last meetings, which is that ”I consider transferring you to permanent disability pension”, which is both because ”you cannot stay on cash help forever, which is only a temporary benefit” and ”you may be physically fit to work, but when I look into your papers, psychiatric declaration and your long emails, you are not mentally capable to work”, and yes, this came just after my speech above telling her about how everyone can easily see that I am normal, so I do believe that this is where I told her that ”you are brainwashed” and yes ”completely insane” because she ”cannot” listen/read AND understand objectively, which is also because she is not working as carefully as she should in order to simply understand the truth coming from me, and not from the system above, which she sadly is still loyal too, and I feel Hans here when writing this.

And yes, I encouraged her once again to put me back to group 1 (normal working capacity) because everyone can see that this is the case, and yes, I still work (but have no life support, because people decided not to donate to me to support my work!), and then I would follow ”the crazy rules” of the system in this case, but no, I am ”insane” according to Lisbeth, so this is what she is still ”planning”, and I could only tell her that if she will do this, it will be without my consent, and I will then appeal to the Appeal Board and go to court if necessary, which may made you think that ”our proof may not be strong enough to resist Stig” if he goes to court (?), and yes, he is ”completely normal and have full work capacity” and how many times have I told you this over the last 3½ years, Lisbeth (?), but still you ”refuse” to give in because all of the system tells you differently about me?

And still, she ”blames” me for not taking a work and encourages me to find a job (to get me out of this system), which made me tell her that ”you speak with two tongues” because how can she keep me as ”not capable to work” at the same time as she encourages me to find a work (?), and yes, it would also be easier for her to get rid of me if I find a job myself in her mind or to be put on disability pension because then you would get rid of meeting me and these ”awful writings” on you on the Internet, and how much did this influence your viewpoint/decisions on me (?), and no, you are not meant to act because of personal reasons, but this is what you did instead of doing ”the best” for me, right (?), and yes, I DO HAVE A WORK and DO NOT BLAME ME THAT I DON’T HAVE LIFE SUPPORT, BLAME ”ALL PEOPLE” WHO COULD NOT UNDERSTAND ME, OTHERWISE ALL WOULD HAVE GLADLY LIKED TO DONATE TO ME!

And yes, Lisbeth also said something about ”you speak and write fluently”, yes, there is not much darkness coming towards me when having these meetings, where ”energy” protects me to get my message out, what you hear is how I am, and I was told that this was also to show Lisbeth’s feelings of being inferior to me.

I told Lisbeth that when I meet people in private, I don’t speak all of the time, but ask questions, which made me think that I really don’t ask as many questions as I would like to ask people because I feel ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE all of the time making it difficult for me to mobilise strength and not least because it is very difficult to find ”motivation” to ask people of darkness (!) questions, when it is about ”making money”, ”using money on luxury” and ”lazy/wrong attitude of people”, which makes me feel sick.

Lisbeth ”lost it” again and ”could not” remember how I have told her over and over again at our previous meetings that ”I understand you”, so this is what she ”made up inside her head” when saying that ”you NEVER agree” with me, which is how darkness works inside of people giving them WRONG/NEGATIVE THOUGHTS as it has also done MANY times via my mother, and this is how it is when they feel that I don’t listen to and understand them, but as I have told you and written many times, Lisbeth, I do understand you completely, it is the other way around, which is the problem, and apparently your memory only makes you remember what you want to remember, and I had to tell you again that we agree that we don’t agree, and since you have your freedom to decide as a normal human being, I can only respect what you believe if you will do the same to me, and the question is then what is really right (?), and yes, this is when she was ”upset”, which also turned her into a hairsplitter wanting to fight me on this too.

And I decided to end the meeting by telling her what I was really encouraged to tell her on my way cycling to the meeting, which was about how my sister (and clairvoyants in general receiving spiritual information) receives ”darkness disguised as light” because the world is turned around compared to the Source, which Lisbeth remembers that I have explained her before, and the more the poorer behaviour, work (for example wanting power and ”dictatorship” as my sister did) and communication of these people, the more ”darkness disguised as light” they received, and on the other hand, I did my best to live a ”simple life” behaving correctly, which is why I received the opposite as ”light disguised as darkness”, which is really ”pure light of the Source” receiving darkness of my sister and man in general as my sufferings, the worst sufferings of any man in history, and this is how they feared that I would destruct the world, where it was really the opposite, and yes, this should be easy to understand compared to the official explanation of the system and my sister about me, right Lisbeth (?), so once again I pulled you over on my side as has been the game all the way.

At the very end I told her that I could easily write traditional (”non-spiritual”) applications and get a job, but I have decided to include (some) spiritual information in my applications, which then makes it ”impossible” for people to understand and to decide employing me and this is even though I do my best and only speak the truth (!), and yes, Lisbeth ”grabbed” this with ”much eagerness” and said ”this is very interesting, I will write this in my journal” and this was because this was exactly the plot that you tried to play against me in 2011/12 to remove my cash help, but if/when you now go back to the system asking to remove my cash help because of this ”admission”, you will be told that ”we don’t wish this now”, and yes, because my sister doesn’t want my cash help to be removed from me now, where she is only playing a game really being on my side, which is the difference to 2011/12, where she was ”deadly serious” playing this game against me having the system on her side, and yes, isn’t it ”strange” how ”negative/wrong thoughts” can run away with you, because this was instantly what Lisbeth was thinking of instead of doing the right thing to understand me because the truth is that it is NOT my problem that employers don’t want to employ me when speaking out the truth including ”I am the best” and what was included in my DSB application as example (see 2011/12), and yes, if these employers had simple decided to do their best to read/listen and UNDERSTAND me, they would all have been happy to employ me, and this is why you are NOT to blame me, Lisbeth, but EVERYONE ELSE (!), and yes, it would be wrong to remove my cash help giving me ”motives” that I do NOT have, which is that I do this deliberately to not receive a ”normal job” so I can continue being ”a parasite” living on public welfare, and no, I just speak out the truth, which she be obvious to everyone (?), and yes, the system cannot force me to change what I write in applications, can it?

And yes, Lisbeth was looking good when I met her, but looked ”sad/hurt” at the end of the meeting, which made me tell her what I have told her so MANY times before, which is that ”when people understand each other, it brings happiness, and when people do not, it brings sadness”, and yes, you only have yourself and ”the system of Hell” to blame, Lisbeth, and how difficult can it be to understand the truth, and obviously ”impossible” to you, and no, this cannot be ”only acting” from her, who really knows about who I am, and yes, I am here feeling that this is why I also told her in the meeting that she is ”an actor” in the game between my sister and me, which is the game between darkness and light to bringing friction/energy, which is what it was all about, and yes, you acted ”brilliantly”, Lisbeth, which is why I do not blame you for being deaf, blind and crazy, but I will not continue burden you with my long explanations, and this is why I was given the word ”blame” (”bebrejde”) in the beginning of the meeting where I really wanted to say ”burden”, see?

I also told her during the meeting that I also still see my sister – we both know that we are playing this game with each other – and this is because ”love shines above all” as I believe I said, but I wanted to say ”love overcomes all” (”kærligheden overvinder alt”), and I said it having the TV2 song with the same title in mind, which is also because of the name of the singer, Steffen Brandt, which is still ”burned” to me, so ”darkness” is what this system of my sister and also Lisbeth and the Commune is about, but underneath this play ”love overcomes all”, because this is the foundation of the play itself.

After the meeting, I did some shopping and was told that ”Lisbeth has seen that you are a ”black viewer” too in their secret system” (I don’t pay my license fees directly to DR TV, but via Tax!), and yes, Sanna convinced her and the system that this will never be discovered, which is why you decided to LIE TO ME WHILE SWEARING TO GOD THAT YOU WERE SPEAKING THE TRUTH, which is not ”right to do”, right?

I was told that Lisbeth is still loyal to the system because they have not received the order to stop the game against me, and a little later I received a deja vue – from deep inside of me – which is that I know/remember that this system of Hell that Lisbeth is the direct voice of in relation to me is really going all the way up to Putin, and not my sister and Hans, on top of it – this is the man and his evil rule you were working for, Lisbeth, including the plan to eliminate most of mankind including me, which you would not like to see if this had happened, right, because isn’t the truth that you deep down likes me too and would not mind going out for a beer or glass of wine with me?

I was told yesterday that my mother was sent to speak to the Austrian lady, one of my neighbours, about me being crazy and later I received the feeling of Allan M-H’s father and was told that my mother spoke to him too?

I felt when Lars G. and I used to go out all night long in the 1990’s, and he wanted to bring me ladies (to open me to receive my key to the Source), and eehhh why did they bring Karen to me (?), and yes only to completely empty you, they did not know who Karen was and that I used the opportunity to open her to me and our New World.

My HD TV channels still ”do not work” properly, and I also could not cast music without distortions to the sound of the kind that comes when the band width is not wide enough to bring all information, but it is, this is also ”only a game” until everything is set up properly.

Yes, NEW TECHNOLOGY (camera/video/audio recorder) would have made it easier for me to convince people about UFO’S, my experiences with ”the system” etc., but John kept it from me not wanting to give me money.

I was told today that ”the poor jokes” of the host, Klaus Bundgaard, of DR1 TV News at 18.30 yesterday about ”GRASS” here and here in connection with FC Brøndby and their terrible football turf, which they will now exchange because it was ”impossible to play football on”, which made Klaus tell the sport host that we may ”run completely amuck” (”amuck” is ”Grassat” in Danish, i.e. close to ”grass”) and later when he gave the word to the sport host again, he said ”now you get the opportunity for you to roll out”, which was this ”poor joke” about the turf of Brøndby Stadion, and I was told that it is this darkness that the TV news is to me – for knowing about my secret and saving of the world but not telling it to the public – which hos now killed the famous and beloved German writer Günter Grass, and yes, one of the most famous German writers has now also sacrificed his life as the famous Danish writer Klaus Rifbjerg did the other day – and this story also including FC Brøndby makes it possible for me to tell you that the other day, I was given the feeling of Anders Agger, the DR TV host, twice and later the same day, Daniel AGGER from FC Brøndby gave an opponent ”a violent elbow”, which he received a quarantine to do, and this was another symbol of just how strong the darkness coming to me now is.

NY Times 130415

I was told that it is incredible that no one has called you after writing about what is right and wrong to do, which all comes back to the quality of your work, i.e. bringing energy to play the game correctly keeping people (of the elite) from contacting me, which would end the house of games. I felt Pernille S. as example and was told about ”an incredible desire to see me again”, but you have to play the game, so this will have to wait until I will open the eyes of my new self and that is unless you dare to contact me already now?

My coming email to ”authorities of tw” includes examples only of important people because I don’t know ”the secret leaders” (as Sanna and Hans) of the secret world. And I was then told about the Danish ambassador in Thailand who has been working hard in my favour.

When seeing this picture of the two brothers Modéus, who are both Bishops in Sweden, and their ”silly dresses”, I could not help asking ”are you on your way to a carnival in those clothes” (?), and I feel smiles here, because they do realise that ”it is completely insane what we wear” and out of touch with ”the normal world/clothes of today”, so why don’t you put your clothes on museum and tell the world that this belongs to another time, but NOT TODAY and not in my church :-).

FB 140415 Modeus

FB 140415 Modeus2

FB 130415 Modeus

April 15
I worked on my script of yesterday this morning, and took a nap this afternoon of approx. 1½-2 hours as I almost do daily, which is needed if I have to have a chance to get to do a little more work later in the day.

This evening I was shown the spaceship of everything flying by, but only for a few seconds before it was out of sight, and I was told that it is almost not showing itself, and ”the light”, to the world because of your mother who has decided to be silent about her previous actions and nervous of being discovered. But of course my mother doesn’t know about this, otherwise she would never act wrongly like this, but this is how she is born being ”incredible nervous” and often withdrawing instead of doing the right thing.

I was shown myself both as a conductor and in the spotlight on stage of a theatre and my mother is sitting in the audience where I am shown and told that we are still bringing out the old world from her replacing it with the New World. This is the part, which is now inside Queen Elisabeth.

I was given the feeling of Mimi Jacobsen, the previous party chairman of the Centre Democrats in Denmark, and told that ”she is the one”, and she is also bringing this to you but she is not allowed to speak. And I was shown the inside of a big vertical pillar, and this is the pillar of light, which we are entering.

Helge brought this picture of an old bicycle store at the harbour in Espergærde, and I told him that several times a week I used to cycle through the narrow passage to enter the back entrance of ”Rio Flowers”, where I worked as an bicycle errand boy as teenager around 1980, and I told him about Agnete, as I believe the lady in the store was called, who was of ”the old school” teaching me how to work (as my mother did not) and also behave (supplement to my mother), and how she taught me good discipline and behaviour in an early age, and many never go through this school not receiving the same discipline/behaviour, which they however cannot see themselves because they don’t know better.

FB 150415 Op og ned langs kysten

I watched the official dinner at the Danish Parliament this evening celebrating the 75th birthday of Queen Margrethe including royals from all over Europe and the top of the Danish society of the Parliament, church etc. but excluding the business life, and NOTHING was saved here, it was as if they are living in ancient times, and then suddenly I became very dizzy almost fainting and my hearing on my left ear was removed for some seconds and replaced by a big buzz sound, and this is because this is the Danish elite gathered here sending me darkness because of their wrongdoings and silence.

I was told that the Swedish King, who was also here, knows that he is a ”lovefool”, but he is also a man of love. I was then shown doors to this very fine great hall being broken in by a combined elephant and rhino running it down with full speed, which is me, and they all know here that I am coming and will have to give up their power to me.

What you don’t know is that you receive the golden medal from the Queen as I am shown here because we let everything go through her too as a back up to your mother. She knows that you are showing the world darkness of our system, which otherwise is invisible to people to see, and that is via my writings of the system of hell including my recording of the meeting with Lisbeth, which you will be listening to too, Margrethe? She knows that you are taking the bull by the horns and speak out the truth directly to make people understand.

I was shown Shirley Temple as a child, which is how the Queen feels like, which is a child star who has always been in the spotlight which was also to remove attention from me to make it possible for me to work, and yes, did Margrethe know the secret of me together with the Vatican and Arthur Findlay College (?) and maybe you will tell yourself?

They would all prefer to come out being my marionette puppets as I am here shown on line on one side with their counterparts on another line on the other side of the, and yes, are you curious to see who is your opposite self (partner) as ”two people as one” in our New World?

And then I was shown a few seconds of the new incredible STRONG light of the Source on the Swedish coast as I recorded the other day, which was to say that the Queen has seen this and yes, this light is close to Sofiero Castle and the lights of the Source also shining there, and this place is special to the Queen because of her mother, who spent a long time here.

I received the Queen’s voice and was told that ”I had no need to knock on the table”, and I was given the feeling of my library friend, Allan, and was told that ”they were all sent by me, working for me”, which is about the official Denmark planning my arrival for years and ”receiving me” as they did with Queen Margrethe being on top of the Danish society.

I was told that your brand value via your sister is almost the strongest in the world, as I have been told several times that I am among the most searched for online of the world (”the Secret Network”), if not the most – and can this really be?

This is my mother’s darkness we are entering, which she otherwise had closed to us, ”he will never come here to rescue me”. It is not because she is mad at you but simply because she decided to shut down saying nothing. This is why your Tivoli stocks have been pretty low lately, i.e. I am feeling poorly, and I received some strong heart pain this evening, which again is because my mother does not want me to enter. And I am thinking that this still has to be to bring out the rest of me that did not become life as I was told weeks ago, and yes, our new life is not inside my mother, but with Michael Sadler inside Karen, and this is what we will have to match over the coming time.

I received the feeling of Malmö, Sweden, where I lived together with Camilla from 1994-96, and I was told that Camilla wasn’t their most important source of intelligence in relation to you, was she? They have been all around you trying to break in.

April 16
What did John really do in Hamburg (?) is covered in those papers on his office – and yes, John travelled to Hamburg several times over the last ten years for
a business partner to replace an oil filter of some kind on ships, and isn’t this all that he did in Hamburg (?), and according to this, it was not.

It isn’t so that your class teacher, Vera (from Mørdrupskolen), is the most afraid too of having her actions against you being revealed to the world?

Is it so that darkness of your mother could have killed the Source including you, yes, this was the most likely outcome, which would have eliminated the world. And it was only by doing completely insane work while feeling dead (”heavy head” without energy) like a Zombie that we could come through.

This morning I went to buy new Zwilling knives, which is of course a symbol of the ”best knives” to prepare dinner, i.e. life of our New World. I have been looking for knives for months without taking the first, the best as many people are tempted to do when seeing an offer in a big supermarket as example without looking at other alternatives to make sure that you buy they best for you.

Inspiration 160415

Yes, ”the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord” is if I should give in letting man take sufferings of the world collapsing in front of your eyes until the New World would appear on the other side.

But they agreed on this floor that I am not crazy – after speaking to my mother.

I have done approx. 10 more recordings of the ship of the Source since April 8, but it is difficult seeing what is really on the recordings, so I have decided not to upload them, but it includes the ship on April 12 at 22.00 as a GIANT SHIP of the size of a HUGE carrier ship or really a floating spaceship of HUGE size etc. You will have to wait seeing this until ”better recordings” will come your way or reality self.

I had to take a nap again today of 1½-2 hours after lunch, and I have started thinking of myself as John, who slept his day away having no energy, which I also do not have and I can hardly do anything, which is about dying you know.

Today was the big day of Queen Margrethe becoming 75, and I watched it on TV (I especially enjoyed the incredible beautiful music and dance at Copenhagen Town Hall – and the children choir and orchestra, which was VERY BEAUTIFUL) and was told that Margrethe was most worried about whether I had hurt my left testicle, yes the Source when packing everything of it into our small size.

I felt gold all over the inside of me almost breaking through to the surface coming together with incredible happiness and tears of joy.

I felt my mother coming in and asking ”so you don’t want me to stop your heart” (?), no, I am in control, let it beat until everything is done.

Yes, it was around the time when I told you about Knud, one of my neighbours, speaking poorly of you, i.e. when my mother spoke to the Austrian Lady.

All this is the card house that your mother is afraid will collapse and with this, she still holds up the Old World and their house of cards.

We only await for all authorities of the Old World to fall one after another like domino pieces.

When watching the new dinner of the Queen this evening on TV, I was given the feeling of ”Ingrid og Lillebror” followed by the feeling of the late Queen Ingrid, Margrethe’s mother, and I was told that Margrethe is the now soon to be ”former Keeper of the Public Records”.

I was shown myself playing trumpet while walking through the diamond of our new creation, i.e. our new cell of the Source, which splits all new life into two parts exactly as we wanted to, and this is in relation to the ”marionette puppets” that the world elite is thinking of and waiting for to happen. This is all of the diamond (of this cell) that your mother brings to you. But no, you really cannot separate this into two, which is why all pairs of two are one and all part of me.

I was shown people jumping down into a hole to bring me up, and there is a car crusher down there including a metal plate because this is what The source really is.

It was Lars Hug bringing me all of this; I have felt Lars all day. And prince and all the others united here including Helle Thorning-Schmidt … So this is what the elite is really thinking of what will happen when dividing all original life in two as one.

I was shown a Swiss Army Knife inside a canon and I see how the knife is really a computer including my programme.

In other words they wait for me to find gold.

Because they know that they have ruled the world being only one half and the other half came from you.

Jack trained all of his life to fight me because they knew that I was born with one purpose, which was to bring them down. He was the connection officer to you for the rest of the world because he knew you the best, or so it was thought.

No, it wasn’t normal business that John went on there in Hamburg, it was in this connection too (with Jack), which ehh was a big conference on how to attack Stig via Jack, so this is where you laid your plans and this is where I went with John, Sanna etc. last September to pick up everything that you ever did to me originally coming from here – including Jesper W. from Danica and ”how go keep me down at work”, and no, you weren’t allowed to employ me as leader in Danica even though I was persistent?

This is what they were nervous that you were going to find out. Was it this that your mother was told about too? So your main opponent was jack. It was also because of this ”big conference” that John was very quick to sell my racer bike, which I liked very much, when I moved to Kenya in 2009 because ”he wouldn’t come back”, and yes, you had plans to share/sell all of my contents because I was going to ”disappear”, right?

So the whole World War II was really about getting you – the other half of creation. They knew that they could not live without this, so this is what the world fought for to stay alive.

April 17
Bent from Elsinore was kind to reveal the secret of the coming Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2015, and again he and his maker Vivienne McKee have been very inspired, because this time the play is located in Egypt with the purpose to ”unwrap the mummy”, and you may remember that the Pyramid includes everything of the Source including all life and that my new self is the mummy at the inner waiting to be released from all bandages, i.e. darkness of man of the Old World, and when this happens, I will awake as my new self, ”walk like an Egyptian” and open our New World, this is what this Christmas Cabaret is really about :-).

FB 170415 CCC

CCC 2015

I went to dinner with my mother this evening – despite of having no energy as usual and fighting to do it – and after a couple of good hours together I went home, where my neighbough shortly there after rang the door asking for a cup of coffee, which I really did not have energy for but I thought of his experience the other day and decided to let him in. He was kind bringing some special coffee and cakes.

He told my about the experience where he simply spoke for hours guided by his spiritual voice, which he tells me shows himself as a teenager, and still continues giving him the worst sexual temptations at the same time as he is completely drained for energy!

Again, I told him about darkness and light, and how he has been opened spiritually receiving some of the darkness aimed in my direction, as the whole floor here receives/absorbs, and also about how he has to be STRONG not giving in to temptations that he is given (which he does today including sexual temptations), but confront his voice saying ”I am in charge here deciding what is right and wrong to do” and even to ask his voice to drop the acting and show who is really behind – ”Stig says so” – because it is really God as light and ”his cousin the Devil” as darkness, it is as easy as this, and this is how you are receiving puzzles of life self as I told him. And I told him details of how this voice tries to use his weaknesses of life (love, money, interests etc.) to get nails into him to overtake him, and he said ”this is exactly how it is” and how I have been in control of other people’s voices when meeting them (”what was his name again” from the meditation group and Fanny), and this is what it is about, and no, Preben, you cannot deny it to come to you, the power is too strong for this – but if you are not STRONG and decide to get in control of your life CLEANING UP YOUR APARTMENT etc. and using an action plan to keep your promises to yourself and others, you risk losing the fight to this darkness and end up at a psychiatric hospital.

So this is how Preben has developed since our first meeting when he did not believe in ”clairvoyance” as he call spiritual experiences for and also did not believe in God, and we can now talk openly about both.

He told me a story about how his sister was killed as a nine year old girl only, and how his brother of four at the time survived, when the French Jeanne d’Arc school in Copenhagen was bombed by Royal Air Force in March 1945 when they by mistake believed that the French School was the Shell building (because of a crashed plane in fire landing there!), which was used as the Danish Gestapo head office, and this is how more than 100 people ”by mistake” was killed, and he told me that his parents has told him that it was his sister and brother (Preben is born after the war – approx. in the beginning of the 1950’s, I believe) included in the memorial monument at the school.

Monument of the Jeanne darc school CopenhagenMonument of the Jeanne d’Arc School in Copenhagen with Preben’s sister and brother

This story made me show Preben the picture of Jeanne D’arch as ”my guide”, which Pia from Hørsholm drew in 2006, and I explained him about the sword being my weapon (againt darkness), which is the symbol of ”communication” via my scripts telling the world about what is right and wrong to do (”as I tell you about too, Preben”) and how the white horse symbolises the whole world, and again I told him that what he really is doing is to help me absorb this darkness, and when this is over, we will open to our New World without sufferings, and yes, he did not say anything, but I am moving him more and more over to my side, and I told him that I felt that this was also about how we have lived separate lives and now meet here with this story uniting us.

He then told me a story about how this brother of his (now dead, he has another brother alive) was part of Time Manager International when they started selling a new, smart calendar concept in the beginning of the 1980’s, which made me tell him about how I first met Time Manager at a big conference in Helsingør Sport Hall in 1983 or 84 together with my Commercial School Class and many others witnessing a presentation of the director and owner of Time Manager and how I much later, when starting to write my scripts as ”the mission of my life”, was told that this experience of mine was linked to my encouragement to all people to use an action plan to control their private and business lives and fullfil promises to themselves and other people, and again I encouraged him to do exactly this and to use his new tablet as he showed me and its ”task function” in its calendar. (And yes, he keeps his tablet in a see through plastic bag because he doesn’t want to get greasy fingers on its screen (!), and I told him to ”remove this, it is ”completely crazy” and also that he can probably get a protective film for the screen or simply clean it daily, and yes, this is how he is, ”extremely careful”, and this is the same ”sickness” that Lars G. is born with (in other respects). I also told him that this was the second time this evening that we were linked together, and this is how it works when ”inspiration”, i.e. the spiritual world, works.

He then asked me to put on TV from the celebrations of the Queen’s 75th birthday the last days, which I did, and I showed him the highlight of this, which to me, without a doubt, was the half an hour show at the Town Hall with INCREDIBLE music and dance including orchestras and choirs of children and young people, which is some of the very best and most impressive ”TRUE ART/culture on a high level” that I have seen for a long time, and at the first dance number to impressive music by Efterklang, I told him about the young lady looking after the ball in her arms, and how it is stolen when she is sleeping and how she chases it when awakening, and I told him that this probably has a symbolic meaning, which was the key word that Preben needed to think about presenting another painting of his to me, which was the most beautiful of his yet, which was done on a warm, yellow background and included a ”modern expression” of a combined guitar/piano together with a number of triangles in many colours, and no, he didn’t want me to take a picture of it, he is EXTREME CAUTIOUS, just like Lars G. is – yes, a ”sickness” (”spiritual darkness”) it is – but I told him that I have written about these symbols for years and that ”guitar” is symbol of creation, piano a symbol of the Source/God and the triangles about the trinity (of the Source) and these instruments create music, which is about warm feelings/love, so in other words, this painting, as Preben did approx. 15 years ago, is really about ”creation is a gift of love of God”, and yes, it did make sense to him. And yes, this was the third thing linking us this evening.


We then watched another clip of when the Queen was driving in state couch in Copenhagen, and I mentioned the lifeguards on the sides of it, which made Preben speak about the assanation of a Russian Tsar (Alexander II) and this made me speak of Prince Dimitri Romanov, who is a great-great grandson of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia, who was also a guest of the Queen 75th birthday dinner, and I told him about how a colleague at Danske Bank’s canteen at the head quater in 1988, when I started working there, told me about this Russian Prince ”close to the tsars”, and somehow this is also connected to my ”bringing up” receiving gold of the tsars via him. And yes, Preben then told me that this Prince Romanov was married to his late cousin (!), so this was our fouth link this evening, which was ”so strong” that ”it cannot be a coincidence”, and yes, I do believe that Preben is becoming a believer in me, which was ”totally impossible” to do.

I was happy this evening also seeing that Sony sent out an update to the Google Android operating system on my tablet from version 4.4 to 5.0, and it has now become even better casting the screen of it to my TV, and I can now freely chose from mirroring via ”throw”, ”NFC”, ”mirror cast” and ”chrome cast”, and yes, it was ”NFC”, which was my goal to use this, but I do believe that it requires that I buy a new remote control for my TV, which I do believe that I will do because somehow I believe – without knowing it – that this is the best of the four technologies, but this is really to say that ”we are getting there”, because I am now fully up to date in technology to cast all video and audio as I wish to my TV (and later from there to my DAC, amplifier and speakers), I just have to get to know all technologies, as a symbol of controlling energy of the Source to our New World.

Late this evening, I was shown the ”normal” ship of the Source sailing from right to left with its normal lights/characteristics, and at the same time, I was shown a VERY BIG ship sailing from right to left, which was maybe 10-20 times bigger, and this had ”unusual” white, red and green lights on it, which told me that this is ALSO a ship of the Source and I could tell because earlier in the evening when I cycled home via the Beach road from my mother, I saw for the first time ever lights of the Source on the Swedish cost not blinking in strong red and another in strong green – as it has NEVER done before now.

April 18
It was with Yeltsin that your sister was almost throwing your out over the edge, because he ”could not” stay in power, but handed it over to Putin and the other vultures of the Soviet Union.

My sister had invited the family including Lars/Kirsten and Grethe/Allan on fine dinner (at lunch time) to celebrate Tobias 25th birthday and before going I felt that it was really impossible going because I had no energy, but I ”had to”, and I also felt awful being fat when dressing and not as I want to be like – fit, full of energy, good looking, outgoing and showing good mood and interest in people. Hans almost invited Karen because ”she is part of the family”.

We had a nice dinner together (perfect food and arrangement as usual), and even though I felt terrible and was about to fall asleep, Grethe said twice that she was happy to see that I was happy (!), and Lars and Kirsten have been kind suggesting the family to spend Christmas together at a castle 70 kilometres south of Rostock, Germany, and I was surprised to see just how much this meant to Kirsten and how happy she became when my mother and I told her that we look forward going.

I was told that Hans received access to the Source via Jack, i.e. armed forces, but not any more, access has been closed even though Angela did not go home.

I was told that Hans’ job was to look after me and take care of my network, which is what made him ”world leader” because of my importance.

I received the lyrics ”Karen, when will the day come, where I have the courage to take you hand, and we will run away together” from the Danish classic ”Kender du det” (”Do you know this”), and I was told that ”they know all of them”, which was about all people at this lunch knowing about Karen and I being made for each other, and they all look forward to you and Karen uniting, which is about uniting all life inside of Karen (this cell of the Source as darkness) connected with me as the Source bringing force to all. And I was shown myself entering an totem pole, which is Karen including all life.

I was told that I was sexually abused when sleeping, which was about man trying to extract the Source from me and bring it to Norway to create new life of man.

When we left and my mother and I passed Karen’s apartment on our way to the beach road, my mother could not help asking what is on there minds, and that was ”how do you feel like seeing Karen’s apartment” (?) – knowing that I’m alone without the one meant for me – and I just told her that ”everything will fall on place when the time is right”, and yes, my mother knows.

So the world has desperately tried to open you to receive force of the Source, which I turned down all the way first opening for it after saving all.

When I returned home, I was given the lyrics ”Hello, you fool, I love you, C’mon join the joyride”, which came with ”the look” in the eye between sweethearts, and yes, Karen, your love fool, c’mon join the joyride, will you?

And I was told that Karen said about you that you were a heathen, and I felt Bowie, which is because of his great album ”heathen” making me think of ”Slow burn” including my favourite guitar play of all, which is about ”perfect creation” :-).

It was the same force that they exposed my mother too during nights, and then they tried to pair us to bring the miracle of life, which they never did because life of mother and son cannot and is not meant to survive.

This is what completely emptied me from energy.

Yes, I allowed man to experiment a little with life, distributing energy, to create new life and how in the world could you believe that you could (?), and I here feel ”poor work” bringing all life and the world itself at stake.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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