May 2015 – after script I: As the Source, I am consultant and create new life, man will receive FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to run the New World self


Summary of the script today

  • May 4: As the Source, I am consultant and create new life, man will receive FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to run the New World self. We said goodbye to the Old World already in 2012, the world knows about it, this is just an act to absorb negative energy before our New World opens. Everything of new life and the Source is now united inside me, we just have to organise it and switch it on via fuel of man. It is only if the world opens up all IT-systems and archives that we will open our New World without sufferings, otherwise man will bleed. The final stamp/original light comes to me from the Pope, which started creation, he controlled minds and actions of man based on darkness/light of man.


  • Lisbeth was in charge of the IT-system of the Secret Network at Helsingør Municipality and as big a liar as Pia Christmas-Møller because of her loyalty to the system. Lisbeth believed it would be easy to bring out everything of me, and she registered one story in the normal system and her (twisted) truth of me in the secret system. Lisbeth was the one tying it together for the system of Hell as the one having contact with me, and everybody could easily understand her reports just how ”cruel” that I am. This was confirmed by my sister when being nice to me, but telling the world of my ”divergent/crazy elements”, and Karen did the same! Everyone was convinced by this system that this was the right description of me; my scripts and website was to go up against this WRONG perception of the world in me. The same people had ”throw up” feelings when reading me ”knowing” that I was ”mental”, but this is what it took, to bring over the elite/Secret Network to understand the truth of me. A ”play” was made making me concerned about my mother lying sick/dead at home, which brought out the last energy of me, which I did not have.
  • Michael Sadler from SAGA is another part of my new self (Jesus), who helped creating all new life of our New World :-). At the new SAGA concert I received all ”new life made of love of my mother” from Michael Sadler and the band working together as a ”joint venture”. With the whole band being with me, it made it much easier finding all new life, which could have been difficult because we are not printed by the same press, Karen and I. We used Michael’s body inside Karen (the other side of me) to keep all new life because it was unthinkable that this ”man of darkness” would carry my new gift. Michael has felt this as a burden, which I now relieve him from by overtaking the ”big ball” from my mother, who created it as our gift of life to the world. This creation required Michael’s faith in me and it could only be done because Michael is part of my new self as Jesus. This new life was created in the middle of the front yard of the Devil, and I had to go through metres of thick walls to return to this foundation of all. This is where we came from, from the Source, and it is from here that we return with all of this new life and I, and hereafter there is nothing here. This corresponds to getting the ring on, and it took three SAGA concerts (from 2012-15) to do :-). I felt SAGA as my old friends coming home, they are a WORLD CLASS band making ”modern symphonies” and ”sacred music” to me with ”effortless brilliance”. All new life is now anchored inside of me as the Source, and we now only have to ignite it with the force of the Source. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MICHAEL & SAGA, FOR ”PLAYING THE GAME” BEING MAIN ACTORS AT THE CREATION OF OUR NEW WORLD :-).
  • We brought out all new life because I never gave up doing my work, which means that we will walk directly into the Source. We said goodbye to the Old World already in 2012, the world knows it, this is just an act to absorb negative energy before opening our New World. The process now is to make the babies of new life grow up, to become cultivated after having been used to be inside darkness. Had I not been able to collect new life from SAGA, Sanna and Hans would have collected it in Canada on holiday this summer. It is from England that development is coming from now, which puts on pressure on the Pope after my email the other day. I am inside the spaceship of the Source walking up the dark stairs going one floor up, which is where the eternal fire/force of the Source is located. It is via faith in me that Prince switches on this force of the Source, which is really in place, so what is keeping us (?), energy of the whole world wanting the same. Everything of new life and the Source is now united inside me, we just have to organise it and switch it on via fuel of man. The idea was for me first to convince the world elite about me and then the world elite to convince all of man. We are so close and yet so far away, which is why we need you to overturn the first piece, Francis, to get the world started doing ”right”.
  • The world will decide itself if it wants to open up all IT-systems and archives to open our New World or to go through ”the end of the world” (bringing sufferings to man). I have initiated it by letting the world do it themselves, this is the work we have given Hans to implement, he is one of the few, who will get access to the documents. This is about returning freedom and responsibility to man, I am now the lost raider to man who decides how to use me. This is the power that was unleashed with Michael Sadler, so I am just laying here on the bier until the world discovers me (to wake me/all of us up).
  • My sister/father/man wanted to stop me to become this man of everything, they could not see how it (new creation) could be made. This is why I was crazy, but they were watching, without saying anything to the world, when I performed one miracle after the other turning everything around. My mother was the drill between Karen and I locating and drilling out new life, which is what brought me my sufferings and negative voices. This was the voice doing everything wrong, where I had to do the opposite to develop all genes of life that my mother found here. We cut a tree into two halves, and climbed into each of them to bring out life, and now bring them together again. We allowed a war ship between Karen and I, and the amount of life that we brought out depended on how much sufferings I could take. My meeting with Karen was the greatest delivery of energies in history that emptied me and should have brought me down, but I decided to live as ”nothing”. I am becoming whole with Karen with my mother leaving me after finishing her job creating Karen’s and my children in-between us.
  • As the Source, I am consultant and create new life, man will receive FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to run the New World self. It is only if the world opens up all IT-systems and archives that we will open our New World without sufferings, otherwise man will bleed. Man decided for Helle Thorning-Schmidt as new World President after me, but I appoint Barack Obama for you until you overtake control again. It was my father, who laid out a big pool of water (my sufferings) when choosing my sister over me, which I avoided stepping into. This was my father’s life lie, he brought his new family against me and knew about his showdown coming with me. This was the mistake of my father’s life, which he first realised when dying including all of his wrongdoings. My father was brainwashed all of his life, so everything I later told him was unimportant, he had learned this in forehand. I was excessive ugly to my father in his world and my sister was the opposite as ”everything”. With my father on their side and my mother (in the end) not, I was the balance of power, which I have felt all of my life with incredible small margins either making me break or fail. It was a planned setup of my father and sister against me with the play being that they had fallen out for years too, but the purpose was to cut me off. The final stamp/original light comes to me from the Pope, which started creation, he controlled minds and actions of man based on darkness/light of man. This is what I had to go up against because I was the last man receiving the combined strength of man doing everything to direct me. When I did the opposite, I saved/created you, this was my role when they called on me as the last weapon to save life before the end of the world. The Pope had the final stamp, and I needed him officially over on my side making his public announcement to the world about me.


May 2015 – after script I: As the Source, I am consultant and create new life, man will receive FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to run the New World self

May 4: As the Source, I am consultant and create new life, man will receive FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to run the New World self

FB 040515 Stig 1

April 29
I woke up to ”Før eller siden” by Anne Dorte Michelsen – played by Jørgen Klubien at the concert and on ”Toppen af Poppen” – and the lyrics ”Før eller siden …. Så vil jeg gi’ dig alt, alt hvad jeg har” (”Before or later …. I will give you all that I have”), which again here is about giving me/us everything of the Source.

I felt so absolutely tired, exhausted and just ”terrible” this morning that it was truly impossible to go to the SAGA concert in Copenhagen this evening, but ”I have to”.

I was told that Klubien had songs celebrating me, but did not have the courage to play them right in front of me, Jørgen?

”7 times 7 = 49” as I told Karen years ago when meeting her in Hørsholm in 2008 and the last time we sat down having a drink together, and no, this was not about her age, when ”things will happen”, but my age, and there is a big difference (!), and yes, I will turn 49 on May 3, which Karen already did two years ago.

Lisbeth from the Commune is in charge of ”Amanda”, i.e. the IT-system of the Secret Network, at the Jobcentre in Helsingør. This is why it was ”impossible” for Lisbeth to turn around and believe in you, and them to be the power of darkness, because she was responsible for this system, and yes, she is as big a liar as Pia Christmas-Møller was, and do you know about her and her role in relation to me too, Lisbeth?

After the passing of your father, she also believed that it would be piece of cake bringing out everything of you. So she spoke with a double voice, because one thing is what she registered in the normal system, and the other thing is ”the direct truth” about me as she saw it in this secret system, and this is where you could tell the world and my sister about just how awful/terrible that I am (speaking behind my back as I was told you did at the end of our latest meeting), is this it, Lisbeth, and this is what you also fear now being revealed to the world, yes, because you do realise by now when reading me that it is me and not my sister, who is the one?

So Lisbeth was really the one tying it all together for the system of Hell, because she was the one having contact with me, and everybody could easily understand via her reports just how ”cruel” that I am, and it was confirmed by my sister showing her true self as the worst darkness to the world, to make the world follow her and not me as ”the worst darkness/Hitler”, and yes, you were really too easy to see through and open up, and just like a package for Christmas :-).

And this is what you did too, Sanna, after seeing me each time, which was to be friendly to me, and then to stab me directly in my back giving the opposite report to the system about what you had seen of ”divergent/crazy elements” in me, and no, it was not me, but you, who was crazy, when you simply could not understand that ”what you see is what you get”, there was no ”hidden truth/agenda” behind my eyes/what I said, it was only you working like this, This is what Sanna did to have me disappear and what she was rewarded for, and this is what my mother also fears coming out.

And I feel Karen here, who did the same reporting to the system after seeing me, which was ”a pain” for you to do, Karen, and you were glad to cut it short years ago, not realising why you have been missing me all of the years afterwards (?), and yes, this is called LOVE, this was your true heart opening to you, which you WRONGLY decided not to follow.

And Jack and ”everyone” read in this system being convinced that this was the right description of me, and this is what my scripts and website was about, which was to go up against this WRONG system/description/perception of the world in me, and it was via the same people who had ”throw up” feelings when reading me, because they simply knew that I was ”a mental case”, but this is what it took, to bring over these crazy people of the elite/Secret Network. And this included (my old class friend) Allan and ”all of your friends” as part of their strategy, to make them understand how you really are, because they ”knew” what was underneath ”the hood” of me, but no, they did NOT!

This is how the publish of my previous script looks like on Facebook, and yes, isn’t it as normal (?), no, because Facebook have decided to change the appearance of new posts to people where it was standard before that people could see the beginning of the first four comments, which I have used for a very long time bringing extra messages/headlines for “lazy people” to see and be influenced by, and now Facebook have changed this only showing the post itself and a little sign showing that there are also four comments, which people have to click actively themselves in order to see these, and yes, probably only few do this, thus making it more difficult to influence people from now on, and yes, these are the small things making me break or fail, and good that you first do this now, Facebook, but still, I am not happy about this “little change” of yours.

FB 290415 change do NOT show 4 comments standard


FB 300415 Stig 1

FB 300415 Stig 2

In the afternoon I was shown myself walking around a GIANT and OPEN flower, how do I come in (?), and I was shown the most beautiful keyboards, which belong to Jim Gilmour from SAGA, and this is what they will me doing this evening, bringing in all ”new life made of love of my mother”, and it is now not only Michael Sadler, but a joint venture of ALL of SAGA. It is all of the collected coins that we will release.

My mother had been kind to offer me borrowing her car to drive to the concert in Copenhagen, which I accepted this time, but when I called her three times from 10 to 15, she did not answer the telephone, which made me nervous because she knew that I would be calling, and why did she not pick up the telephone (?), and yes, she was feeling very poorly yesterday and could it be that she was lying at home sick, after a fall or maybe even dead without being able to answer the phone (?), or did she dislike my email of the day before yesterday so much that she had decided to ”cut me out” not answering the telephone or maybe even to go out with her friend Käte or to go home to Sanna to receive ”understanding” there (?), and at approx. 14.45 I decided to cycle down to her apartment to see myself fearing the worst, and I felt how this experience simply pulled out ”all energy/motivation”, which I have really nothing remaining of, and if something was the matter with her, it would surely make me so sad that I would not be able to do anything, and yes, this is the only thing that could stop my mission making it impossible for me to continue, and it was with this feeling/fear that I cycled to her, and still the only thing I was given spiritually was the lyrics ”cognakken gør at jeg føler mig elegant” (”only the cognac/jacket makes me feel elegant”) from ”En mærkelig hoste” (”A strange cough”) and later ”den sidder så tæt som en kapsel på en elefant” (”It sits so close as the capsule of an elephant”) with ”elephant” here being a beer and still the old symbol of the Source to me, and this was to tell me that my mother was out ”drinking” (?), and was this to remove her tears with alcohol (?), and then again this could also be a referral to ”all life” being coughed up.

When I arrived to my mother’s normal parking place, I was actually happy to see that her car was not parked there meaning that she was not home, and yes, if the car had been parked there, maybe she would be lying sick/dead inside the apartment, which I could not bear thinking of and going through, and I had also been thinking of myself going to hospital and cancelling the concert this evening as result, but now it just looked as if she was not at home, and yes, where was she?

I now changed my ”mental preparation” to be going to the concert by train, and yes, I had to leave earlier, because I was going to buy a used electric kettle in Copenhagen already at 16.45, but after I reached Helsingør city and took out money at the ATM, I realised that I had forgotten my train travel card at home (!), so I had to cycle home again, and no, I don’t have to tell you that I am ”incredible weak”, so cycling home – uphill again – was not what I really wanted to do in the situation, but this is what I had to do, and when I reached home, guess who called me (?), and yes, my mother, and no, nothing was wrong, on the contrary, she was happy because she had been out shopping this morning, and met her old good friend, Kirsten, whom she has not seen for some years, and they decided ”on the spot” to go out for lunch at Café Chaplin, where their old colleague from Coloplast, Annette H., is working, and yes, I could only tell her about my concern of her well-being, but that I was happy that she was doing fine and had met Kirsten again, and yes, I could now borrow her car again as originally agreed, and it was really like ”a gift” knowing that she was fine, and it made me feel relieved, and I was now given the original song ”what do you want to make those eyes at me for” by Emile Ford, which Shu-bi-dua turned into their ”En mærkelig hoste”, and yes, I would never have been able to find this original song if it was not because it was given to me, and here it was also to say that ”the eyes” of the Source including everything is with me, and rather inside of me :-).

Again, I was told that it is now not only Michael Sadler being with me, which has made it much easier finding the goal, i.e. all new life inside of him. And this is because we are not printed by the same press, Karen and I, making this transfer to me difficult.

I received the feeling of Michael Sadler and was told that you have already won, but we have not yet, which was about me already being the Source, but all new life not yet being part of me as the Source.

On my way to Copenhagen, I was told that we would have pretended ”ship engine trouble” (apparently making it ”impossible” to bring me all new life), if you did not come, but now all is fine, and I was told and felt that it is John leading me there.

I was told about how my mother’s old friend, Elly, is also part of the Secret Network and how she, as example, also told my that I am crazy – because of the system. And I was told that the Secret Network had to accept ”my old friend”, the informal leader of Brede Park (what was his name again?), to become part of the network via Rolf, the formal leader of the park, and that was to help him ”understand” me. And when you first are in this system, you cannot fight it, and how many of you have thought like this?

I bought the electric kettle at Nørrebro, Copenhagen, a fine Delonghi kettle ”just the way that I like it” at only DKK 200, and I had a pizza at my old favourite pizza restaurant ”Big Mama” in Lyngby, and yes, just sitting there, I felt ”absolutely awful”.

You’re talk of town with people knowing that I was going to the SAGA concert this evening, and I was told ”baby, I apologize”, which is about people of the Secret Network wanting to apologize to me of their misunderstandings, and the baby is about ”new life”, and I received the feeling/vision of a giant heart of light of ”new life” coming to my head.

I arrived at the concert venue, Amager Bio, in good time, and I was shown Michael as a dark body bending over a chair in the dressing room, and yes, he was this body, which we chose to keep all new life, which is also inside Karen, and this is because it was totally unthinkable that an unfaithful man and gay too, Michael (?), would carry my new gift, but there you are, and have you felt this too as a burden, Michael (?), well let me take off your burden, yes, this is the ”big ball” coming to me from my mother, who created it as our gift of life to the world. Thank you, Michael, for playing the game not telling anyone of yours and my little secret, yes, a new, little baby – or many really.

”Talk about an ambassador”, i.e. believer (Michael), and it was all done by following me on Facebook, where we have been friends, since November 2012 amazing right?

I was told that my old nightmare will stop after this transfer, because fertilization is now stopping. And this life goes into my right testicle.

I received the feeling of the eyes and face of ”extraterrestrial life” inside the skin of my own face, so you are now all of us too, which is all life of the whole New World (Universe).

”Chairman board meeting”, this life is what Hans was responsible of as darkness (all new life was made inside darkness), and I feel Lund Cathedral, Sweden, here, because it was this church appointing Hans as chairman of the board of the world, and the Pope then is above Lund Cathedral.

So it is in the middle of the front yard of the Devil that we meet, yes, this was the optimal place creating this new life. And I was told that it was already delivered to me this evening before SAGA started playing.

It is here that life started as you have gone through metres of thick walls to return to, i.e. the foundation of all, this is where we came from, from the Source, and it is from here that we return with you and all of this new life, and hereafter there is nothing here as there really was not before we came inventing everything by splitting this ”immense energy of nothing” into two parts. This corresponds to getting the ring on. And it took three SAGA concerts (from 2012-15) to do it :-).

After a Danish support band, Stereoattack, SAGA finally went on stage at 21.00, and their first song was the incredible beautiful ”Goodbye once upon a time” from their masterpiece album, Behaviour, and I simply loved hearing a song from this album live, and I felt it like ”old friends” of mine coming back on stage, coming home, and I instantly thought again that this is truly WORLD CLASS music and musicians, it is ”elegance” and ”good taste” at the highest possible level, this is simply a favourite band of mine, this is why they are in my Top 10, and yes, they are all INCREDIBLE skilled musicians mastering their instruments, and they make music as ”modern symphonies” including dephts of sacred/solemn music to me, and yes, if their music was played by a symphony orchestra, I am sure that even my brother-in-law, Hans, would love it, and maybe you have been playing with this thought, Michael & Co., and that is as example to include a symphony orchestra on your next album?

SAGA played one of their most beloved songs ”You are not alone” and Michael dedicated the evening to John G., a Danish SAGA fan, who lost (sacrificed) his life last year, and asked the audience to sing out their loudest to ”You are not alone”, which we then did, so I am sure that John could hear it in Heaven :-).

I had really decided not to record any videos because of the time it takes to upload, and I am so weak that I thought that I had to save my energy, but when they started playing ”On the loose”, I simply could not stop recording this to share this moment with you from where I stood (making you feel how it was – even though you cannot get all of the live feeling through a clip like this), which was at the second row just in front of Michael Sadler and Jim Chricton, and yes, I noticed your ”looks”, and I simply loved the energy of this song and the reactions of the crowd singing along and Michael and the band being happy and lifted by this energy, and while they were playing the song, I was told that to Michael ”it is a shame that we do not play Tivoli this year”, and yes, Michael, your time will come again, you will play to ”all of the world” because you are one of the best bands around and on my Top 10, that is why, and I will love to see you playing in Tivoli as ”my main guests” as I am here told spiritually, and yes, after the song ended, you can hear that Michael was really thinking about this when he said something like ”it might as well have been in Tivoli”, is that what you said, is it what you really said (?), and yes, these lines come to me here together with ”Yours Truly” of Electric Light Orchestra, where the lyrics go ”Is that what you want – is it what you really want”, and yes, this is what Michael really wants, which is to play in Tivoli again as you did many years ago, and later I was told that Michael was thinking that ”this is not quite Electric Light Orchestra level” knowing that they are my favourite band, but ”close”, Michael, and that is ”very close”, because you have something completely unique as Jeff Lynne does not have, and vice versa, and I love you both very much :-).

I was thinking that when Michael spreads out his arms and brings his head back as he often does on stage, he reminds me of a Jesus figure, and yes, this is because we could not have created life inside of Karen without you, Michael, and I being ”the same egg” as ”the creator”/Jesus, and I will now take over everything including you, which is to make all life part of me.

Michael Sadler Jesus-figure 290415Michael Sadler showing himself as a Jesus-figure in “On the Loose”, which is because this is what he is as part of my new self, we could not have done creation without Michael, where we hid all new life inside (inside Karen)

When they played one of their old songs ”Time to go”, which I loved that they played, it is a true gem, I noticed the lyrics ”Sometimes he hear voices…, It’s that space in his head you say, Sometimes he hear voices…, Then they just seem to fade away”, and yes, I do understand how it is, and again I was thinking of the ”quiet passages” as ”sacred music” to me, and it was as if I could hear the Scottish/Welch roots/classical music/”atmosphere” of Jim Gilmour and Michael in the song. This was a highlight of the concert to me, and it only increased in strength when they played the next song, which was ”I’ll be” from their latest album, Sagacity, which is an incredible strong song and actually even better live, where it simply drilled its way inside my central nerve system and up to my head, this is how it works, and BEAUTIFUL is the right feeling because this is what it was (also including ”classical Scottish/Welch music” in the beginning?), and yes, ”Sometimes the voices are there just to tell us. What we want to hear”, which is ”I’ll be your man in the mirror” and ”I’ll be your constant companion”, this is how we are born to help man, Michael, and here is actually a clip of ”time to go” with Michael Sadler playing it together with ”ORSO – The Rock Symphony Orchestra” and a big choir, and yes, I had completely forgotten that I have seen Michael playing with this orchestra before on YouTube, and I guess that my vision of hearing these songs played by a symphony orchestra is the same as what came to Michael and what he has actually done, and yes, what do you think about SAGA now, Hans (?), and I can ask my mother the same, who think they are ”far too noisy”, but not when they change instruments, right, and yes, had I known about this concert, I would have done everything to come, but maybe you will do it again, Michael & Co. :-).

Here is more of Michael Sadler with ORSA, and yes, doesn’t the symphonic orchestra just make ”wonders” of SAGA’s music, this is TRULY MAGNIFICENT, right – this is ”the light” that I saw in you, Michael, and I feel here God coming to me and saying these words very rarely from behind, because this is what this orchestra playing ”wind him up” together with you singing does to me; you are made with love of God being the Source yourself as part of me, see?

I received the feeling of my old friend, Torben H., who is an electrician, and I was told that the electrician is now here again and this time you cannot run away with life (as Angela did), which is now anchored with me because of faith of SAGA and maybe some of your fans too?

Michael was then inspired to do ”as I have never done before” as he said, that was ”to do the same as you” and he then used his mobile phone to take a picture of the crowd, as Mike Thorne, the brilliant drummer then did too, and I was thinking if this was maybe also because of me being there, Michael?

SAGA 290415 Mike Thornes photoThe drummer Mike Thorne’s photo showing Michael Sadler do “what I never do”, which was to take a photo of the audience including me standing in 3rd row behind the tall man with the cap – can you find me (?), which is what SAGA also asked

I noticed how Michael was struggling with tiredness almost making him fall down, but he picked himself up all of the time as if the enthusiastic reception and energy of the audience lifted him up, and I was thinking that this concert was not so full of energy as their concert last year was, which was ”overkill”, really, as I am here told, but it didn’t really matter, because he and the band found as much energy as they could, and they showed happiness to play, and just to watch the happy face on and almost childish joy and enthusiasm of Ian Chricton as example when playing his ”perfect guitar” simply made me happy, and the same when Jim Gilmour was ”taking breath in” before doing the enormously difficult and energy requiring keyboard solo of ”Ice Nice”, which he also does brilliantly, and yes, with Jim Chrichton standing in ”majestic calm” as ”a solid rock” just there in front of me playing his bass and keyboard with such musicality and Mike playing a completely sovereign drum solo ending it with using one arm only, and still there were drums everywhere, and to hear Michael’s INCREDIBLE singing for example at ”I’m the flyer” where he brings out all of his breath and sing ”impossible high notes” and also the playful interaction between the band members on stage, this is what makes this band a complete joy to me as very few, and it is because they perform with such ”effortless brilliance”, they have musicality, harmonies, calm and perfectionism, which is on an even higher level than the best Danish bands I have seen, this is why they are among the best bands in the world, and yes, this is why ”another part of me” as Jesus is part of this band as you may understand, and the concert culminated to me when they performed ”in your wildest dreams”, which made me feel tears because of the IMMENSE BEAUTY of the song, and it is really even more beautiful than ”in your wildest dreams”, this is what this band means to me, and here is this song from SAGA’s show in Hamburg the day before Copenhagen :-).

I was reminded of how I always thought of the old SAGA cinema in Copenhagen as ”special” to me, and I don’t know why, but it was ”magical” to me when I saw it as a boy when I was out walking in the area around where my mother’s (adoptive) mother lived (this is before 1975), and I was encouraged ”why don’t you tell about this” (?), and this is because ”cinema” is a symbol of ”creation” to me and what would come later in my life here meeting with the band SAGA and their importance not only to me, but to all life of our New World, and I was told that you can say that Michael was pregnant inside Karen, and yes, you do remember that Karen is the other side of me, and united as one, we are the Source including all force and all life :-).

After 1 hour on 40 minutes on stage, it was time to say goodbye, once upon a time had gone, and all band members all came down in front of the stage thanking the audience, and I was happy to see that Jim Gilmour (also my Facebook friend since 2012) looked directly at me and waved at me (making me surprised, because I am really not used to people being nice to me (except from my family), normally I am treated as ”the worst darkness”, you know), which the others did not have the courage to do, thank you, and I really just wanted to shakes their hands saying ”thank you”, this was truly one of the best concerts of my life, and most of all, it was ”calm and relaxing” to me, and yes, I had been given strong pain to my arms and some to my legs before the concert (this is how it always is at concerts with darkness bringing me much pain before the concert to make me leave if possible), but the pain completely disappeared with the magic of this music coming to me – thank you, you did MARVELOUS all of you, SAGA, and that is not only in this show, but also in ”the act of the big play of the creation of our New World”, where you had main roles, :-).

SAGA 290415 KimmoSAGA on stage this evening in Amager Bio, Copenhagen, doing one of the best concerts I have seen – it was MAGNIFICENT and magical to me 🙂

When reading the setlist of the band from their tour in Germany in April before coming here, I believed that there were too many of their old hits in the setlist, which they always play, and I would like SAGA to bring ”something new” from their 21 albums because there is very much music to chose from, but when I experienced the setlist this evening, I was VERY HAPPY with the ”rare gems” that they brought, which truly made it for me, while they kept their biggest 7-8 hits, but to me personally, there are too many songs from the beginning of their career, and too few from their incredible albums from the last 15 years, which ”I would die for” (which is here about Prince’s ”I would die for you”, which is what I am, i.e. dying as my old self, and here also about Prince being the Sfinx bringing all force of my sister to life) hearing live, and this include some of their best work, and then I can only dream about the day where they will decide to play live incredible songs like ”Believe”, ”God knows”, ”Marathon”, ”Only human”, ”Marathon” and ”The one”, which are included in my ”favourite set list” of SAGA as you can see and listen to here (however, I see that three songs have been deleted from there, I wonder why).!/playlist/SAGA+Stig+s+Favourite+Set+List/79154293

The Danish music magazine Gaffa was also excited about the concert giving it 5 out of 6 stars saying that ”when SAGA visits Amager Bio, it is tradition of a good evening. This was also the case Wednesday where the grandiose Canadian keyboard-prog’s gave their adopted home audience a concert full of surprises for aficionados”.

It had truly been ”a magical evening” to me as you may understand, and after the concert, I was told that Michael is not a numerologist, but still he can count to one hundred, which is about not losing any life, we brought everything, which is because I never gave up on doing my work at any time during my mission, and now we ”just”have to plant this life at its origin in Mijas, Spain, and I felt how the egg of my mother is now dissolving.

Update May 23, 2015: Michael Sadler finally uploaded the picture he took from the stage as mentioned above – I stand just behind/to the right of the man with the cap in the bottom right corner, but I am almost invisible here because of the microphone stand.

Michael Sadler picture 230515Michael Sadler’s picture from stage, which he normally never does, but tonight, he did 🙂

Update May 23, 2015: This also inspired Dean Meehan, the sound man, to bring this picture from the concert.

Dean Meehan picture 230515SAGA after the show in Copenhagen this evening 🙂

And I was given the lyrics ”we’re gonna turn this mother out tonight” from Daddy Pop by Prince, and now, we just have to get ”the Partyman” ignite it, when the world will reveal everything about me and all ”secrets” of all IT-systems, archives, and that is up to the world to decide when this will be, and that is if you want to follow me to the joy of our New World rather than being stuck here?

So now we have a child in the bank (money is a symbol of energy, i.e. force of the Source, meaning that we have now brought all new life into the Source of me) and we just need go bring a fuse to it and light it.

It is new/other variants of us coming out from here (this cell of the endless Source), we never know in forehand how they look. We have the whole alphabet and all numbers, they are there all. This is what Hans has been looking after without knowing it.

We will then walk directly into the source without first having to create a New World on basis of what we brought and then to open to new life that I was not able to bring in order to open new parts of the source, as we were prepared to do, if necessary.

Lisbeth from the commune almost moved in here, the commune knew and participated actively in the plan to set me out.

30 April
This morning I listened to Holm & Simpson on radio P6 as usual and their guest, the charismatic writer etc. Knud Romer, who speaks like a waterfall as Simpson says, and yes, there is something about it, which I can say because I have seen him a little as a returning commentator on TV2 News speaking strongly with what he believes is the truth as it comes to him via thoughts, and
here he tells Charlotte Rørth, who met Jesus in 2009 in Spain (as I have written about before, but she ”cannot” recognise me as Stig), that she is completely mad because why should God let Jesus appear billions of years into creation (?), and yes, ”it is one hundred percent nonsense and crazy to say something like that in 2015” as he says, and yes, he is COMPLETELY convinced that he is right, and Charlotte is a maniac, who needs to see a psychiatrist, with the truth really being the opposite, because it is Knud Romer, who is a mad man and ”better-knowing ignorant”, who does not want to listen to and understand what he intellectually is not able to understand because of his own narrow-minded view, and here he was on the radio as this happy-go-lucky chatterbox, who is this strong character convincing people around him that he is right, and he spoke of everything and nothing including music, and he was completely crazy about Mark Hollis from Talk Talk and especially his last albums, which is a love that I share with him, so when they played ”Watershed” by Mark Hollis here, I simply wrote on P6’s Facebook post ”HOLLIS 🙂 ♥”, which Carsten Holm then said on the radio after the song, and some minutes after, they played ”Die like a dog” by Curve here, and Knud Romer said ”Britpop, long live the nineties, it was back then when the world was re-started”, and Simpson said ”let us here it”, and then he started the music, but I do believe that you ”forgot” to turn off the microphone, Mikael (?), and how can this be (?), so you said, believing that no one heard you on-air, ”do you know how to kill a dog by the way – by ripping its legs from each other” (?), and then you discovered that you were still on-air (?), and said ”maybe it is not good to say on-air” (?), but he continued and then said ”if it jumps up on you, take its front legs and pull them in each direction”, and yes, what a completely crazy thing to say, Mikael, if it was not because you were ”helped” by ”the man upstairs”, and then it was Knud Romer’s turn to be inspired by the same man upstairs, i.e. my inner self you know, and he then said that when he dreams about dogs, he walks on the opposite pavement, because he doesn’t want to be bitten and even that ”I grab the dog, bite up its throat and stick out its eyes, and almost pulls out its face from its mouth”, and Mikael replied ”wow, this is funny, I have the same, LOTS of it”, and yes, what in the world was this ”inspired” little talk really about (?), and yes, I decided to tell them in the same Facebook thread, which is that dogs are symbol of ”darkness of man”, so when you dream of this, you really dream about a coming world without darkness – and then I told them about my love of Talk Talk already from their first album (before they became ”big”), which I listened to MANY times together with Jack in 1982 – and I wonder if this was enough to make you believe in me too, Knud, and that is even though I must be the worst spastic of all when ”claiming” that I am the Son of God, and yes, you have heard about me, right (?), and that is because you know all of the world because of your ”incredible intelligence”, is this it (?), but no, you do not, and I can only say that it is ”atheists” like you that would have made the world ”face the music” with the end of the world coming ”tearing everything apart”, and this is really why I have come back, to ”re-start” everything, you see? This is the darkness of man that you helped removing yourselves, Carsten and Mikael, when spreading the news of me. But no, it is ”not easy” for you, Simpson & Holm, to explain Romer that ”Stig is Jesus”, but you tried? – By the way, I sent Carsten Holm a Facebook invitation the other day, which you have NOT accepted, Carsten, and can it really be that you are such a COMPLETE FOOL, which are the words coming to me, because this is the ”choir of voices” that you participated in once in DR (Denmark’s national radio and TV) when speaking about me, but now you know that I spoke the truth, and if others from DR can accept me, as some have, you can too, can’t you, your wimp? READ THE P6 POST AND MY COMMENT HERE:

FB 300415 P6Carsten Holm, Knud Romer and Mikael Simpson from P6 radio, who dream about “killing dogs”, i.e. to remove darkness of man – was this enough to convince a better-knowing ignorant like Knud Romer, DO YOU BELIEVE IN ME NOW, Knud?

I felt somewhat better today than yesterday, which was truly awful, but we are still in the range of feeling ”awful”, it is only about ”more or less”.

I wrote the script of the SAGA concert yesterday this morning, and I brought this update too to the SAGA Facebook group, and received approx. 25 likes and no negative comments, which I had asked not to receive.

FB 300415 to SAGA group

We have not just said goodbye to this world a long time ago, the most amazing part is that the world including Sanna, Hans and SAGA know about this, they can see that everything is you – and yes, we have only played a play since the SAGA concert in 2012 in order not to let out all energy of the Source on the world at once, which would terminate the Old World before the creation of our New World, and instead we have absorbed it gradually, placing the piano correctly.

The process now is to make the babies of new life grow up, to become cultivated after having been used to be inside darkness.

What if your mother is ”loaded with money” (coming from John’s part of ”the bribery scheme”, maybe?) and she wants to give me as much as possible and I keep on telling her ”you give too much”.

We solved your mothers need for a place to live.

I met my mother this afternoon and drove to the waste disposal place with her to empty the 7-8

refuse bags of old books etc. as she has cleaned up by now, which we did then, and afterwards she was kind to buy us a cup of coffee at ”Miss Coffee”, which is a café I like much, and yes, she never went on café together with John because he did not like it, and it cost too much!

She told me that she has decided first to clean everything up making her home ”perfect”, just like mine (!), before we will go on holiday to Malaga, which then may be postponed 2-4 weeks.

Isn’t this the life that Hans and Sanna were told to collect on our behalf in Canada this summer (?), yes, but only if you could not make it here (to the SAGA concert), which would mean that you would die from a heart stop, but I receive big smiles here because you are home and your mother and the world know it and then I cannot kill you by now, we have to continue until the end.

I heard Preben speaking through the wall again today after being spiritually overtaken, which made me sad to hear, but it was not for as long as last time, and no, Preben, you did not make your action plan?

I was given the feeling of Simon Cowell here, which is just to say that he has read your special review of the SAGA concert too and also ”the wry smile” of Hans etc., yes Stig, the world is reading you.

I felt Michael Sadler, and was told that his reaction is that it is fantastic for me to take over, ”I can then continue my life”, and I was shown a big hear and told that it is also love of Michael and the entire band to me.

I was happy to see that the constant light on the Swedish coast (right of Sofiero Castle), which started some months ago but was then removed several weeks ago, now returned today. And there was a new and STRONG light switched on for hours this evening on the beach of Hittarp (to the left of Sofiero).

SAGA, are they as great as I say, Simon (?), which you don’t think so because they are out of fashion and has been for many years, is that what you think (?), but no, you cannot discuss class and elegance, either you have it or you don’t, and Michael Sadler and SAGA have it, can’t you tell (?), and yes, is this about the gene that you are missing meaning that in reality you are very primitive thus promoting ”primitive/identical sounding pop music” to the world (?), which is how you were dragging it down as a Devil, because we need variation/quality to build life on.

They all expected first your father and since mother to be with them not expecting problems with my mother.

I felt first David Cameron, then Queen Elisabeth, and it is from England that development is coming from now? It is not as much from the Pope, but from the UK that puts pressure on him, and yes Francis knows that he is supposed to wait confirming/supporting me until new life is planted in Spain, and no, my mother and I are not busy going there – but then again, please make sure that the world will ACT instead of more talk, talk and talk.

I watched Prince as guest on the Arsenio Hall show, and I was happy seeing an interview with Prince for the first time ever, and I was then shown myself inside the ground floor of the spaceship of the Source with dark stairs going one floor up, which where we are headed.

It is via faith in me that Prince switches on force of the Source, which is really in place, so what is keeping us (?), and yes energy of the whole world wanting the same, so it is now up to the elite to sell me and our New World to the mainstream world including to show themselves as the worst darkness and ”eliminators”.

It is up here that we keep the eternal fire, as I am shown everywhere around me, and it is the dark train of Prince that brings us here.

I continued watching Prince on Arsenio Hall, and it was truly such a shame to see just how primitive TV this is including the very low level that questions of both Arsenio and the audience were on (not to speak of the embarrassing moment when a spectator wanted to sit on Prince’s knee – what in the world are people thinking of?), which is primitive/simple entertainment for primitive people, where Prince could have spoken about ”his view on the world today”, the music industry or other things close to his heart, which would be so much more interesting to hear about, and yes, shows like this are an insult to mankind, but this is how the media works (deliberately to keep down man), but Prince’s music on the show is great.

This is the orange ball of life that we bring out of your mother returning it to you as the Source. This is what still makes you feel darkness as an annoying feeling passing through my throat. So now everything is united inside you we just have to organise it and then one day the world will bring the rocket.

I was encouraged to see if my hairdresser, Taher, is still my Facebook friend, and no, he is not, and have you this time ”pulled the plug”, Taher, and that is because you don’t believe in me and also that Islam is not a religion of God, but the Devil, is this it, or is this ”another game” (?), and yes, we will see when I will visit you for a new hair-cut one of the next days. Later: I sent him a new request, and he accepted it!

So we have opened the rocket and the world self is the fuel. What will happen then if the world decides not to follow me (?), yes we need the energy so in this case let us say a big earth quake around the world ….

I was told about (planned) civil unrest in Baltimore, which has started (to bring a police state), and the financial world is very close to go ”completely under”, and this time for real as you can see here, so you, the world elite, will decide yourself how far you want to go this way.

I was told about how famous musicians have been afraid of sacrificing their lives (to darkness) as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston did as examples, and we thought that others may try the same, which is what we then brought to writers of the world (following the recent deaths of Klaus Rifbjerg and Günter Grass).

The Katmandu earth quake is very central in this to show the world that this is how it goes to you if you cannot find out giving in to me telling the world ”everything”, so what do you want to do, and do it now! It is these ancient secrets of Nepal that we have exploded to start spreading to the world.

So this is what it was all about the world elite, wanting to look nice and keeping the truth from the world including information on me. So the idea was for me first to convince the world elite and then the elite to convince all of man.

May 1
Ehhh didn’t we bring in all of this darkness of man without its knowledge, and ”10 seconds of slience” (by Lars Hug) before opening our New World, doesn’t it mean that we are really there with no need to fire off the rocket of the New World (?), yes, this is what sounds right to me, but I only write what you tell me, so we will see what you will add during the day.

Don’t I just have to turn around myself and then all energy is here and surely we don’t need a rocket now because we are home (?), yes, this sounds right.

On the other hand, in my email I asked the Pope and the world to open all systems and archives in order to open the New World, so is this what it takes to open all of the Source (?), we will see.

Today was John’s birthday and I had invited my mother for dinner to take her away from any possible sadness, but she said that Sanna and Hans had invited her with Niklas and Isabelle to their derelict farm in Sweden from tomorrow, Friday to Sunday, which she however was close to reject because it is after all my birthday on Sunday, but no, this is not how the piano plays her, get away with you mother, of course you have to go and also see the others as you see me, and yes, part of her ”pain” was that there was no room in the car because they would go in only one car.

It corresponds to coming to Sukkertoppen/Manitsoq on Greenland.

I saw the ship of the Source a couple of times in the beginning of the evening sailing from left and then from right with a red light on it, but at the same time the STRONGEST light of them all was switched on for approx. 15 seconds on the Swedish coast and this is because my mother/we are here (at the derelict farm), this light means faith.

One of my neighbours, the Austrian Manuella, was kind to bring me two pieces of cake today, which made me happy, and this comes after I gave her and Jan some coffee some time ago, however they told me later that they prefer ”instant coffee” (which I do NOT!), and I told her that when I get my new furniture – maybe in 1-2 months (?) – I will invite all here on coffee, and yes, I would really like doing it today, but I am SO tired and exhausted …..

I was encouraged to play a SAGA concert from my computer – maybe via my tablet – to my TV, but most of the wireless network between all of these unites were set ”out of force” this evening, where I could not collect videos from one unit and play to another, the ”options” doing this simply had vanished from the menu items on the units (!), and I was told that this is because our New World will not be opened without the world opening to old IT-systems and archives. And I received a deja vue about how the world has started going under around the world, but not right here in Denmark where I am (to protect me).

And then again, I was thinking that we have brought all new life over on the other side and we just need me and faith of my mother to switch me on, don’t we (?), or does it really take faith of all of the world to receive access to all of the Source because everything is inside the world population (?), we will see. I was told that we are so close and yet so far away (because the world population is the energy of the Source), and this is why we need you to overturn the first piece, Francis, to get the world started doing ”right”. And this is the work we have given Hans to implement, via the Pope via Lund Cathedral. So I have initiated it by letting the world do it themselves. This means that Hans is one of the few, who will get access to the documents, i.e. the Source, which is what I was told but doesn’t sound right, because I have decided to open up all of the Source to all life. In other words he will find out if I as the Source works.

I was told ”football pitch” and felt that this is about returning freedom and responsibility to man.

I was encouraged to tell the world that it is true that I do NOT like to hear or see ”explicit sexual details” about what people have done in our Old World, but I do expect that ”openness” include all information in IT-systems, archives etc. and of people self about infidelity and ”sexual orientation” including people who are gay, paedophile, voyeurs etc. – as I did myself telling you about myself (book no. 1).

I was given a physical sound to my new water kettle in the kitchen coming from the Source outside and I was told that this new water kettle is now installed, and later I was given a new sound and reminded to say that it is much stronger and quicker to boil water than the old one, so was this it my ”good, old man” (?) :-).

So you are now the lost raider to man who decides how to use you. This is the power that was unleashed with Michael Sadler, so I am just laying here on the bier, as I felt, until the world discovers me (to wake me/all of us up). So we have now become Jesus and all of man, while we are allowing man his freedom.

This is what they wanted to stop, your sister, father, system, all, which was for you to become this man of everything because they could not see how it could be made, which is why you were crazy according to your sister and acknowledged by your father and the entire system who just was watching without saying anything to the world while I performed one miracle after the other in front of you turning everything around. This is why I was terrible according to your sister and would destroy all.

May 2
One of several dreams was about working together with Bjarne O. and I will start doing a new project work, which is to build up a Swedish organization, and I have done project work before, but not this very type of work, but I am confident that I can do it, and Bjarne gives me copies from a similar project work that Codan Insurance once did. My old cohabitee Camilla and others are kind to me. And this is about ”organizing” our new life.

I felt SAGA and was told ”very well with your concert review, but how is your mother because it is not easy being her having you around” (?), and yes, thank you for asking, I am sure that it is ”very difficult” for my mother, and even more difficult when she ”cannot” speak to me about it, but ”you have to be strong” is what I have told her so many times that this is what she has started showing more and more often.

I received the feeling of the police and was told that they have asked Benedikte Kiær if she wants to bring me in for questioning at the police station (after my recent email) ….

I have had a couple of days with lower pace after having removed stress from finishing work to my email to the world and also having to find and book a holiday to Malaga, which had been postpone, and this was really ”killing” me for weeks because I did not have energy to do it. I also receive less negative voice and and less pressure on my heart, which simply gives me a feeling of relief, which is an amazing feeling to receive, and I hope that I can now prioritise cleaning up my apartment even though it is really just normal clean needed. And it comes with a desire to exercise again to get into good shape and look good – even though I cannot on this side as my old self anymore.

Michael Hardinger and his band sang Shu-Bi-Dua’s classic ”Den Røde Tråd”, and he acted ”very tired” at the end of the song, I know that feeling, and I asked him if he has ironed his fine new shirt (?), and yes, you got it, Michael – but ”no likes”?

FB 020515 Hardinger

It is incredible that I was not still-born and could live at all. There is a ”best before date” for you.

Barcelona completely crushed Cordoba by 8 to 0 today, and the Danish commentator said at the end of the match that after 35-40 minutes, where it still stood 0 to 0, he thought if this will be one of the days where Barcelona cannot ”break the code”, ”but they did with a bang, Messi & Co.”, and yes, we certainly did, and no, 14 to 0 in two matches in one week is not bad at all, so now you are over the ”magic 100 goals” also this season, and yes, ”almost impossible” to do, but you did it :-).

And I was told about Cordoba that ”they are completely ripped today”, and I was shown a flatfish being ripped with the fish being a symbol of my new self, and it was of course a reference to this man catching a 100 kilogram halibut also making ”the magic level”, and no, it is not every day that you catch a fish of this size, and that is not at all :-).


I was shown a ham of my mother (life) coming out on an assembly line there there is a salami sausage inside the hole of darkness as the assembly line comes from, and this is the next life about to come out and this is what we, i.e. the Source, are living for.

This is how a public park in Copenhagen looked like after a political 1st May meeting yesterday showing “collective irresponsibility” of people, who “cannot” clean up after themselves, which is simply tragic to see – what in the world do you think or not think of (?), how could you let it come this far being this “collective irresponsible” where everyone can see that what you do is wrong, but still you do not change/improve but do not care at all?

FB 020515 Dan R

On DR1 TV News at 18.55 today, the host of the sport TV news told the host of the TV news, Kåre, that the two boxers Floyd Mayweathe Jr. og Manny Pacquiao make ”one million per second”, which made Kåre say that ”it is complete madness”, and yes, everyone can CLEARLY see this, but no one changes it, and this was given because I told Allan (Grethe’s husband) at Tobias’ birtday exactly about this, which is about ”exorbitant pays” of sport-stars, and also CEO’s doing nothing else than ”talking, talking, talking” without truly working, which he understood was exactly this, which is ”completely crazy”, and yes, to bring him and Grethe (even more) over on my side :-).

I was shown a boulevard in ”the valley” of one tooth with Karen and I being on each side of this and my mother drilling in between, which is what brought me sufferings and also our new life here, which was placed inside Karen, now me, this is really how it was.

I was told again what I have been told before without writing it, and it is about hos GE Insurance in 2000 decided to remove the title ”General Manager” and to make me ”General Agent” of the Danish branch, which was because they could not ”promote” me to General Manager (without bringing me into the Secret Network), and they wanted to show me as ”the worst manager ever”, so this is the picture that you painted, and you did not focus on my results and ”popularity” with employees and clients with GE Insurance, Sweden (and even the Nordic Manager of all of General Electric, Per E.), where I was ”the complete opposite” compared to what you and ”incredible negative/aggressive employees” at the Danish office turned me into.

I was shown the orange ball of new life and I felt and was told that this is coming to me from Michael Sadler with much gratitude – it only makes me sad that he and no one can show me their support and appreciation, which still makes me feel completely alone.

I received the feeling of Helle Thorning-Schmidt as I have received the feeling of many other recipients of my email to the Pope and the world for several days before her, and yes, I am just a consultant, Helle, man will run the world and life self, this is my role and then to create new life.

This is how I step back letting you, the world, handle it and life yourselves because you are free and responsible.

Your meeting with Karen was the greatest delivery of energies in history and Hans knew about it, he only wondered why I did not break down because wasn’t I emptied by Karen (?), which was the plan, and yes, I was (!), but you decided to continue living as nothing inside this world, which was really not possible, but when you don’t know, you can do wonders.

So it is Dinesen (Karen Blixen’s pen name, and here for ”my Karen” too) we are now closing.

I was told that my meeting with Helle from South Africa (Dane living there) in the summer of 1992, I believe, is what brought my wind to South Africa leading the way to bring Mandela to power as President from 1994.

So I am becoming whole with Karen with my mother leaving me after finishing her job that let me bleed. So it is time to move on but I will always also be here as I am everywhere.

Not allowing the world to wash hands as Hans and Co. had put everything in on doing is what will stop the end of the world with ”a new bang”, and that is if the world wishes to follow my road opening up everything, which will awake you gently as your new selves, isn’t this what you prefer (?), well. you will decide.

The power of darkness, yes, your mother has always deep inside her known that this was your sister, not you.

Has Putin also been in Copenhagen to discuss all of the world situation as all of the media knows about without bringing the news to the world, and this is Helle Thorning-Schmidt as some kind of new World President, is this it (?), and yes man will decide yourself who you want as President of the new World Government when you are FREE and RESPONSIBLE, and until this moment comes, I have appointed Obama to take over from me, and when you are free and responsible, you may choose anyone you like, but for now it will become Obama, got it (?), and that goes for you too, Putin, and yes, I will accept no compromise candidate because you do not like Obama to take over (from you too ….).

And it was a World Congress where China also participated, which was about what do we do after the time of Stig? Yes, you have heard me, these are my guidelines for the world to follow until you will take control again and yes are you ready Obama (?), and no, you haven’t been sleeping in the school class, have you?

Jack, i.e. armed forces, were there too because it included all of the real power of the world – and again, I don’t know if this is the truth of light or deception of darkness.

I received the feeling of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, they knew they had to do this because they know that Karen loves you, and that it is only a matter of time before we will get together again.

Yes, this was this refrigerator we used fully.

It was this creation that made you ”disturbed” (according to darkness), i.e. bringing my sufferings/negative voices, but if you say that you are ready now, I (my negative voice) will leave then … .

This means that you are the only one without a manager, which is an old thought of mine, which is that all have a manager and how it is to be on the very top not having a manager, and yes, you have created a system where all will be their own manager and to focus on the best team work, which is how I wanted if for myself, this is why you get it.

This is because you keep on calling up Karen’s number and one day she will answer, yes, when the Pope sends out his message to the world, you are free to contact and come back to me, Karen :-).

”Telephone number” also means to stop communication the my voice and then just to be.

And it was your father laying out this big pool of water (of my sufferings when choosing my sister over me), which you avoided stepping into.

This was the voice doing everything wrong including to remove my desire to talk socially etc., which you had to do the opposite of to make all do the opposite when developing all genes of life that your mother found here, yes, we cannot explain this any better, and I feel like and see a tape recorder running inside darkness and I also feel ”the player/actor” self controlling it on top.

And I was shown the trunk of a tree being cut in two halves, and we have climbed into each of them (to bring out life), and now bring them together again.

This is why ”poor friends” in Snekkersten (around 1980) put out a cigarette on my right hand to accept me in their ”gang”, which was really not a gang, only ”poor friends” as I had a couple of years there. And yes, it was painful, but no, I didn’t scream out my pain as I also did not later when going through ”the worst sufferings in history”, this is what it was a symbol of.

Was this my father’s life lie (?), yes, this is why he had to meet Kirsten to pressure me flat but still he could not stop loving me.

Who has been counting ”1973-74 etc.” (one year at a time) all the way up and following me without my knowledge and almost being like a guardian angel to me knowing that now they send in their heavy arms at you with Karen etc., but still you made it, and yes, Mimi Jacobsen (previous chairman of the Centre Democrats and now Secretary General of the Danish part of the International Save the Children Alliance), and yes, you are almost like a child of mine as I am here told with her voice and tears of joy, and yes, you had to play the game appearing to be with ”everyone else” against me, but you were the opposite, part of my plan. This is why Mimi was bitten by a tick years ago (darkness hitting her), which partly disabled her ad about to stop her mission, but she decided to carry on because of me to help me. And I was told that my old school class friend, Kim Bodnia, was ”also a little helper” to me.

This was the mistake of my father’s life, which he first realised when dying including all of his wrongdoings, which he asked Kirsten to change, but she she could not because of the game trapping her against me, which is why we had to remove her too to get access to all light/gold as I am shown here.

They were sent home (when dying) to prepare for me arriving as the last including all gold, which I received while alive – and yes, John was part of this too.

This made the voice stronger here with every death also brining you even greater sufferings, yes, now I understand that I received even less energy after John’s death, which I did not think possible, and yes, I was out on the outermost level of ”no energy” as people cannot imagine – if it wasn’t for these scripts. Your sufferings also depended on (growing) faith of people in you, so it was a complicated equation.

I received a kiss from the Source and was shown two halves of a body being put together, Karen nd I, and we will feel so close, as being one, that one knows everything about the other because WE TWO ARE ONE.

It was right here between us that we allowed a war ship, as I am here shown shooting, and the amount of life that we brought out depended on how much sufferings you could take bringing everything from Karen over to you before we will join you together being who you both were originally but now with both sides being light, this is my invention as the original creator, i.e. the recipe to create life – first having everyone against me until they all understood that they were wrong and turned over to my side.

It is all this light my mother now too also beings to me. Sanna has the misfortune to be born as ”lazy and better-knowing ignorant” as darkness (not doing your work hard/good enough to save the world) attracting the world against me and yes I will look like the hero, but all are including my parents and Sanna, we could not make life without turning into these part squeezing the lemon to pressure out as much as possible from me.

This isn’t about a game where the US/Obama was loosing because it seemed as if you were losing/giving up the fight because you could not do the last email to the world asking it to ”open everything” (?); yes, this was Putin’s genius move trying to bring the diamond to himself, yes, never give up as I said, which he learned from, but no Putin, I will now bring it back to Obama and ehhh is this about Helle Thorning-Schmidt giving in to the dark world (?), no this was just done behind the curtain without her knowledge. This is what I am correcting now, it is not you, Helle, but Obama who is my man as new World President.

Even though you expect receiving only few birthday greetings tomorrow, you are already one of the most celebrated men in history, if not the most, which your sister and the world knows about, this is the secret they still sit on, ”don’t let it out yet”.

And they all know that it is not funny being me suffering, right Hardinger (?), and that I did not do what I did because of me, but because of all of you and this is what a woman cannot help falling in love with, Karen, and that is because now she knows that they were wrong, you were the only one and you were right.

This is why Manchester United was defeated today by West Bromwich, which was ”simply impossible” because everyone believed that they would win and they had to in order to reach the Champions League, but they ”could not”, and now you know why ….

It was because your father could see that your sister was all and you were only a fata morgana next to.

So we were not headed to Washington DC but to Copenhagen, which was also because of your power, everyone wanted to come here and help you.

So now you are in the middle of everything.

Obama was also under pressure from Belgium, i.e. EU, and you don’t know just happy he was reading your script (email) repeating that you want him as World President and why is that (?), and yes, Obama is part of the pyramid game bringing me and the entire world home, without him, we would also not have done it and that is if you had settled for Helle thinking that ”she is both clever and pretty”, but no, Helle, this was not your job, you were a decoy to take off pressure from me.

And love of Karen is what your mother and the world knows that you miss and this is being kept from you until all is done.

We did not have to bring Irene (from Aon) as sacrifice, she is one my sure stand points.

Karen is your Pocahontas now putting you mother into her purse.

One of the big thrillers was about whether Rikke would be dragged further into darkness of Bo from dahlberg and Lloyds or to be loyal to and obtain faith in me, which would include to reject ”all rewards” of Bo by going with him.

I was shown a baby buggi behind, so Karen’s and my children were created by my mother in-between us (used as my old nightmare bringing me sufferings to bring out this life).

Your father was brainwashed all of his life, so everything you later told him (from 2004-08) was unimportant, he had learned this in forehand. So I was excessive ugly to your father in his world and your sister was the opposite. And your father could not keep many secrets ….

With your father on their side and your mother (in the end) not, you were the balance of power, which is what I have felt all of my life with incredible small margins either making me break or fail.

I was told about how René P., my old friend, as example also was set up as a trap against me, but I used him as such the opposite way, and this is how it has been with everyone, and they all had to ”break down” in order for me to win.

Obama wants to be in on the last, is he the one keeping World War from becoming true (?), yes, when the world follows you accepting him as new World President.

I have been given feelings of the priests of Lyngby Church, whom my sister also ”preparated” in 2010/11, and yes, think that you/the church also were so stupid that you ”could not” understand me when I stood in front of you presenting myself.

Yes, suddenly a day with many new notes to show that I really cannot relax yet?

May 3
You don’t think it was just for fun that
Prince Charles visited Helsingør in 2012, no, he was going to be you, and yes, as Queen Elisabeth was going to be my mother, which was according to Putin’s plans as I understand it, and not my sisters.

It was my birthday today, and I was happy to receive approx. 30 greetings on Facebook, email and Linkedin, and many gave the impression of unspoken faith and love, for example this one. Most of the rest can be seen from my Facebook timeline.

FB 030515 Bianca

I brought this update:

FB 030515 Stig UFO

My mother had invited me to visit the amusement park Bakken and their new attraction ”Korsbæk”, which is the famous city of the TV-series Matador, and yes, I am not only thinking that this is a very good idea because Danes have been flocking to visit it, what an inspiration they received (!), but when my mother was supposed to come and collect me, she called because her car had ”given up” and could not start, it could be the battery as she said, and instead we met in Helsingør and had a ”100 points out of 100 pizza” at Tony’s, and I recommended my mother to scrap the old car (Toyota Corolla 2001) and lease a new Fiat 500, which she likes much, and yes, she was very motivated doing this, so we will see if she will actually do it and yes ”also a sun roof” as she said.

As usual,I felt so poorly that I could scream or cry out my pain at the restaurant but as usual I had to cover it as good as possible, but I am sure that my mother can see that I am suffering, only not just how much that I am suffering.

It was a planned setup of your father and sister against you with the play being for years that they had fallen out for years too, but the purpose was to cut me off.

Can you see that there we are going from Spain to Italy – car, pizza etc. – and yes this is the transition from pain to the land of joy and happiness.

I noticed the ship of the Source at 21:57 coming from left including it ”much more light on it than normal ships” and also one green light.

This is a four room (four-divided world) reduced to a two room and finally a one room.

We could also have turned it around and I am here shown myself inside a very white spaceship of the Source flying inside total darkness (of our new cell of the Source) where I cannot see anything, this was my role finding and turning around life inside here.

The final stamp/original light comes to me from the Pope, which is what started creation.

It isn’t that difficult to let people, whom we like to meet, to meet, and I was given the example of meeting a beautiful lady on Park Café in the beginning of the 1990’s, where we discovered that she had responded to a contact ad of mine, which my friend Kirsten had placed without my knowledge, and this is about control of minds and actions of people, which the Pope is controlling on basis of what man wants, i.e. brings of light and darkness.

This also included my mother who decided to NOT follow up on my agreement with her old friend Lis and I to have coffee together because she followed John’s negative thoughts, and this is really what brought me the biggest sufferings.

This is what I had to go up against because I was the last man receiving the combined strength of man doing everything to direct me, but when I did the opposite, I saved/created you, this is what the Pope with the Universe understood, this was my role when they called on me as the last weapon to save life before the end of the world.

I received the feeling of Jeremy Clarkson and was shown the cliffs of Dover, and I see him standing on top of these cliffs in victory, and it also required him to come home crossing darkness and temptations to do wrong that was sent to him, which eventually got him fired, which also should/could have sent me out in the cold, and this was controlled by the Pope via darkness/light of man. Later I was told that Jeremy Clarkson was a ”shadow minister” for me in the British Parliament.

Top Gear Dover celebration e-type 50

I was reminded about a watch I had in the 1990’s by the little, Danish brand ”Olsen” and then I was told about the ”perfect Jens Olsen’s world clock” on Copenhagen Town Hall, which I remember visiting with my school class many years ago, and the feeling is that this is showing the end of time of our Old World and is it so that it has stopped working by now (and you don’t tell), is this it?

The ship of the Source returned at 00:18 coming from left with MUCH (blue) light including on the backside of it making this part look like a lighthouse in the see, and then a long row of lights on the long side of it too.

Mette’s husband, Jesper, is working for the Police in Copenhagen, and he was brought in to help convincing my mother that I was wrong, ehhh how did you abuse your access s to police computers bringing confidential information about me to my mother, which is otherwise impossible for all others to receive, and yes, showing the old verdict from around 2005 on me saying that I am a ”sexual maniac”.

So the Pope was the one having the final stamp, and we officially needed him over on my side and have you already given the order, Francis (?), and yes, please remember that it has to be public.

They were responsible for bringing my father against me using their resources the best way. It was my father dragging Kirsten, my cousin Jan and others on their side down (against me) knowing that he had the showdown with me coming.

Morten J. (from GE Insurance) isn’t as good as they get (?), ”the best employee/leader” sent from the other side against me, and yes, this is what many believe, but you and I know that this isn’t true, right Morten, and that is simply because you do not do your work careful enough as ”everyone else”, and yes, Morten was ”nothing”, an amateur and spoiled, egocentric anarchist stabbing me in the back (but still I like you as you do understand, right Morten?), and yes, I had to be better than him too, and no, I had no problems being ”better” than him because of the schooling that Kim S. gave me years before, that was the difference.

FB 040515 Stig 2


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