May 2015 – after script V: I will plant all new life at the Cave of the Virgin of the Peña in Mijas, Spain, which is the zero point and eternal light and lifeline of the Source


Summary of the script today

  • May 24, 2015: I will plant all new life at the Cave of the Virgin of the Peña in Mijas, Spain, which is the zero point and eternal light and lifeline of the Source. This is the direct connection to the Source, this is where we will switch on all light and from where all life comes out to be spread all over the New World. John was secretly pulling out God, he had to bring man to God at the same time as he brought nothing (of the Source) to me. Man was told about my coming birth on Ascension Day in 1965 and what to do to me, this is where the scheme of ”crazy Stig” was planned by man. This is what became my dark spinal column because man ”knew” that they had to transfer me to John to Putin to survive. Everything was based on John emptying me making man believe in their chance to survive in order for me to do the opposite emptying you all via John.


  • I will be going to Costa del Sol and the cave in Mijas with my mother from May 28 to June 5 to plant the seed of life here. All new life will become my children, which is Karen’s and mine created by the Source via my mother in-between us making me a ”proprietor”. I am taking everything to this ”prohibited place”, which is what the cave in Mijas was to the opposite world, but this is where I gave birth to you all, the densest darkness in the world. Life automatically goes through me bringing out required force and I don’t even know about it unless I adjust to it, yes, I promised you privacy, which you have. It is from Costa del Sol and Mijas that we create our rocket controlling and spreading life to the entire Universe here (this newly opened cell of the Source). This is where we have to do it, everything is in perfect balance here all perfectly matching the cylinder of the Source here. This is where we switch on all lights inside the spaceship of the Source, which is all new life inside our New World. It is here in Mijas that there is direct connection to nothing of the source, this is ”an opposite orange”, i.e. the Source turned around as darkness. This is where we created the world in darkness for life self to turn around and return to light. All previous universes are inside here of the spaceship of the Source, which is inside our New World and inside my body as Stig. This spaceship is the same ship that has been sailing for weeks in the Øresund Strait to make the world getting used to it. This is the eternal light of the Source that we place here, which is the same light inside all universes.
  • My father’s mother, Adela, organized everything of the network of people working for me including Helene. My father and mother knew about it, but my father did not attend himself because he did not believe that I could go up against the world. My network were separated into people for or against you, and they were representing the world having faith or no faith. I dreamt and was told about John’s secret life meeting with famous people, ”to serve God” and being seen as ”fantastic”, which he kept hidden from me. My mother knows and is very close to share the information with me after we have made a hole through John’s shelves. John was secretly pulling out God, he had to bring man to God at the same time as he brought nothing (of the Source) to me. It was not nice for John lying at the hospital bed knowing that he was becoming nothing and I everything knowing that he was a failure. This is how he saw himself when he could not handle my mother and I, which was the task of his life to do. John was really not supposed to be my mother’s husband, but this is how we arranged it (the light side), he was their secret weapon taking away my dynasty. Everything was based on John emptying me making man believe in their chance to survive in order for me to do the opposite emptying you all via John.
  • Man was told about my coming birth on Ascension Day in 1965 and what to do to me, this is where the scheme of ”crazy Stig” was planned by man. This is what became my dark spinal column because man ”knew” that they had to transfer me to John to Putin to survive. It was the USA working against me with Russia controlling them invisible in the background as no one could see. My mother may go as long to say that ”I knew about it, it was just so difficult to understand” – including the coming clash between my sister and I. I had dinner with my mother, Sanna and Hans at Tony’s restaurant, which had ”disorder in the kitchen” symbolising that we cannot bring out information without the world opening its IT-systems and archives; Hans has done nothing in this respect, but the Pope is in control? The entire ship of our New World is here, it is completely white, and really surrounded by frost, because it has not been used yet. The Cave of ”the Virgin of the Peña” in Mijas, Spain, holds the magic/beauty of everything, it is the zero point of Karen and I. It is from here all life comes out from, this is the beam of light or the eternal lifeline of the Source going through here. I will go there next week to be connected to Karen and to enter the spaceship of the Source, this is where we will switch on the light of our New World.


May 2015 – after script V: I will plant all new life at the Cave of the Virgin of the Peña in Mijas, Spain, which is the zero point and eternal light and lifeline of the Source

May 24, 2015: I will plant all new life at the Cave of the Virgin of the Peña in Mijas, Spain, which is the zero point and eternal light and lifeline of the Source

FB 240515 Stig 1

May 19
I went with my mother to the Toyota dealer to get her new car. We have received fine service and good instructions from the salesman, but also a strange behaviour when he criticizes competitors wrongly for driving poorer than the Toyota Aygo (VW Up), and how he ”cheats” the tax system by adding a security package but then withdrawing taxes worth more than this and ”don’t tell that I said” as he kept on telling us when telling us ”secrets”, and this may work with 9 out of 10 customers, but not us, it was VERY WRONG!

And yes, I remembered the story about how ”meticulous perfect” that Japanese businesses work from an old story from Panasonic, whom I had as pension scheme customers in the 1990’s, where a director told about when they did storage control and could not find three little items how the parole was to ”continue until you find them” and yes because everything has to be 100% perfect, which is what this new car symbolises in relation to our New World, and yes, my mother loves this new car as she will love our New World, and I was told that she only gets it because the Source water is the cleanest, which is.

Mother with her new car at the Toyota dealer 190515My mother with her new Toyota Aygo today at the Toyota dealer in Helsingør symbolising the gift of all new life of our New World 🙂

My mother was somewhat nervous to drive this new car, and I told her to ”take good time” and ”we will drive on the small roads back and forth first until you feel safe” and step on and let go on the clutch until you feel that ”it bites”, and yes, this is how my mother got to learn this new car and it did not take long because her anxiousness/fear was gone, and she could drive out on the bigger roads, and that was really quicker than I thought. I also tried the car, and it drives very easily, much better and more safe than the old car – also thinking of our New World compared to the Old World.

I was told that Bettina is hid by cancer as John, my mother and father were too, which is the same darkness that should have given me the same, but it did not hid me because I worked against it using all of my energy on my work, as they did not.

We went to the Chinese restaurant in the Prøvesten Centre, which has been closed for one week after the story of ”their attack on the 15 year old girl”, who asked to receive pay, and the question is really about who is right, the girl or the restaurant (?), and the story is that the restaurant physically attacked the girl giving her marks on her face, which is what everyone automatically believes in, but the restaurant says that the girl made this up herself including the scratches in her face, and yes, I don’t know what is right, all I can say is that the restaurant was immediately ”attacked” by all of the local crowd here in Helsingør, who were all ”appalled” because of the ”wrong behaviour” of the restaurant without knowing what really happened, and I was thinking that just maybe this is a story supporting mine saying that this is what everyone did in relation to me, and as this could have closed the restaurant, this could also have broken me, thus the world, down, and yes, all I can say is that the Chinese waiters we met at the restaurant all showed ”amazingly politeness”, almost self-effacing, and the food was very good and fresh.

The rest of the evening, I simply felt poorly without receiving notes to write down.

May 20
I noticed first time yesterday evening that the right column of my website was ”split up” after I had done some additions to it some days ago, which did not cause problems before now (!), but I know how to correct it, which is by removing all bullet-points to the right column, which is what easily causes ”unforeseen problems”.

Website 200515-1

Later: Yes, I corrected it and as I had hoped and believed, it solved the problem, and made me relieved too because I am never certain about these things (working with the right column has notoriously been ”difficult” and impossible to foresee how it would react to changes done to one place leading to ”unforeseen consequences” at other places). And I was told that this was just a symbol showing that there is no more gas on the plane, i.e. I am out of energy.

I was given ”7” by Prince and the following lyrics, and I was told that this phenomenal song comes to me because Prince is ready too :-).

”All 7 and we’ll watch them fall
They stand in the way of love
And we will smoke them all
With an intellect and a savoir-faire
No one in the whole universe
Will ever compare
I am yours now and u are mine
And together we’ll love through
All space and time, so don’t cry
One day all 7 will die”

People would like to help you now, but they don’t because of the game. I felt Hans, is there a movement out there ”if only we could undo what we did”?

David Letterman – time to ”sign off”: ”The greatest songwriter of modern times is Bob Dylan. That’s all you need to know in life.”

I have loved watching David Letterman from time to time over the years when I have been able to see him on Danish TV (I have not had access to a channel showing him since 2009, I believe), and I have loved his humour, smile and also when he has been serious in some occasions, and I have disliked the ”primitive elements” to entertain ”primitive people”, which is also part of this show, but still, we have now brought out all ”letters”, i.e. new life, so now it was time for Letterman to call it a day signing off, and I understand that he did it with style for example bringing Bob Dylan in his second last show performing a beautiful new song ”The night we called it a day”, and yes, I completely agree with the verdict that Bob Dylan is the greatest songwriter of modern times, which I have said myself.

FB 210515 NYT

From the Time article below: ”Bob Dylan was the final musical ever on The Late Show with David Letterman, hitting the Ed Sullivan Theater on Tuesday night for the first time since 1993.

“I spend a lot of time, like everybody does, driving around with my son Harry. Sometimes you feel like you take an opportunity to teach him or reinforce things for him,” Letterman said in his introduction of Dylan. “I say, ‘Harry, what are the two most important things to know in the world? There’s really only two things you need to know.’ He says, ‘One, you have to be nice to other people.’ I said, ‘That’s right. And what’s the other one?’ He says, ‘The greatest songwriter of modern times is Bob Dylan.’ That’s all you need to know in life.”

Rather than play one of his own songs, however, Dylan performed the appropriately melancholy “The Night We Called It a Day” (off his 2015 album of pop standards, Shadows in the Night). “Beautiful,” Letterman said when it was over. Watch it below.”

FB 200515 Dylan

I was told that it was my father’s mother, Adela, who organized everything (of people working for me including Helene), and that my father chose not to join because he did not believe that I would be strong enough going up against the world, and I was even told that my mother, when she was with my father when I was a little boy, knew about the existence of this.

People were separated for or against you, and this included all of my network including my cousin Jan, as I feel here, and Karen as examples. And I also received the feeling of Jane, the MP, as example, it even included her.

And most people decided to follow my father against me because ”he has to know”.

You were born with this network for or against you, and they were representing the world having faith or no faith.

So Hans and the world wanted to kill you, I here receive the feeling of a whole hole going through my right ankle, which was not that different to back then as Jesus, yes, man simply doesn’t have it in them to do right reaching out for you.

I received the feeling of Robin Gibb and Sicily (1978), and was told that my network was controlled by the two spaceships of darkness and light and their programs.

We could try bringing it out from the cave at Mallorca, which is if my mother and I should have decided to go to Mallorca instead of Malaga as my mother first suggested, but it would not be the same (as Mijas).

The other day I told the MP Simon Emil Ammitzbøll that the time is also coming to the Government /Parliament to ”sign off” when I told him ””ELENDIGE HUNDEHOVEDER OG SOCIALDEMOKRATER”: TAG JER SAMMEN, FORTÆL VERDEN SANDHEDEN (også om jeres svigt, bedrag og bestikkelse!) OG ÅBN ALLE IT-SYSTEMER OG (HEMMELIGE) ARKIVER – NU!!!”, which is something like ”Miserable dog-faces and social democrats: Pull yourself together, tell the world the truth (also about your letdown, betrayal and bribery!) and open all IT-systems and (secret) archives – now!!!”, and now this ”miserable social democrat” (a quote from the Olsen Gang) showed out to be the Finance Minster Bjarne Corydon(g), who does not want to bring ”secret documents” about the sale of the Danish ”energy giant” DONG to the American speculation-bank Goldman Sachs (who almost brought financial meltdown to the world in 2008) to the Danish Parliament, which now makes the Parliament threaten to bring a vote of distrust to let him ”sign off”, and yes, why was it so important to sell DONG especially to Goldman Sachs and not Danish investors, Bjarne (?), and it shouldn’t have anything to do with a ”controlled meltdown” not only of the world financials but also ”energy supply” effectively making the world dark as part of the plan to let it go completely under including the 90% of mankind, whom you were willing to ”sacrifice” (?), and yes, why don’t you just follow what I tell you, you miserable social democrat, and speak out the full truth to the world as one of the domino pieces falling including your repentance (?), and no, you ”cannot” before the Pope tells you and the world to do it, is this it?

JP 200515 Corydon

I have had less work pressure the last couple of days and 2-4 hour naps in the afternoon making me less tired, but still very weak, so in this respect, my life is now ”easier”.

So it was your mother’s task to find you inside here of everything (my new self and access to the Source).

There was still a club called ”Peer loves Stig” because he did not want to hurt you just because he did not have faith in you. Of course your father also did not know who you were as your mother also did not.

Birthe also received a ”silverstone touch” because she was not only infected by darkness at Arthur Findlay College, but also by my presence there.

May 21
My mother called this morning telling me that her has passport arrived, and we can now find and order our holiday, and we spoke together three times this morning finding the hotel, which could only be
Club La Costa World at Mijas Costa, which had the best offer and facilities, and about finding the right airplane, and I told my mother how to ”navigate” on to exclude morning flights by clicking down the left mouse button, hold it down and move the shooter, but no, my mother could not, she is as ”it-ignorant” as the Danish Queen is, and I was extremely patient on contrary to my mother, who completely lost it and shouted out her temper, and even though I am as weak as I am, I had to go up in the high gear telling her equally as loud to speak to me properly, I am not a leper, which then brought her down, but just experiencing this and having to do this, which John could not, was taking out everything of me, and yes, this is how my mother is completely emptying people, which is also what makes people sick and die (on contrary to her positive energy when being equally as positive when she is positive), and yes, I truly cannot take it, and yes, my mother knows that it is wrong showing negative emotions, but it is ”difficult” to stop it when you don’t think about it, and yes, to find this holiday, to make my mother understand and to order it (because she has the money and credit card to use as I do not) is a ”massive achievement” itself, which we will finish tomorrow morning, when I will visit her, and yes, it almost makes me fear having to order a hired car in the airport too because of their ”mystique conditions” and the risk of being cheated, which I do NOT like at all!

Earth, Wind and Fire, no you don’t have to cross the Øresund Strait to see the light because it is right there inside of you.

Mette, now I understand you, and I did not because of ”alle andre siger” (”all the others say”) – without doing anything yourself to understand (before becoming my Facebook friend).

I was told that Stinne from dahlberg, who has been there three years today and who was my colleague in Fair (from 2002-07) copy my ideas from old written presentations to Lloyds and get the credit for my ideas, but now Bo knows and misses ”Stig Helmer”.

We will bring out everything (we have created) in Mijas. And then we will switch on the space rocket.

It seems as if you will win it, and then you can look away from the Chinese restaurant closing, which was simply because of your mother’s temper when she could not stand being portrayed ”negatively” in your scripts.

I was shown Danish royalty at their box in the theatre, and I was told that Queen Margrethe is one, who has a special ”diamond sight” being able to see if I do right and wrong, and I felt that this is also what people of the Russian Tzar family had.

We will switch you on first, and everyone else follows.

So your father was one of those who was made as ”darkness disguised as light”.

It is first there my mother will give me the key to become my new self.

I was shown the chairman of Danfoss, Jørgen Mads Clausen, and that ”it is alright with me”, which is about my New World without copyrights/trademarks.

I was told that I would not be granted access to enter Kenya at all back in 2009, but still I came through your guards doing what they could to ”protect” you.

Helene & Co. received a room to plan (inside the Source), which we closed off for Hans and the world.

I was shown two sets of wires formed as a heart in a 360 degree circle, which we will connect in Mijas, hereafter life will handle itself forever.

Again, I was told about how incredible and impossible it is to come here.

I was encouraged to log in to my WordPress-site on my tablet, until now I have only used my website on my computer, where it remembers my password and just lets me in, and I had forgotten about the double security system of my website not only requiring a password to enter but also a ”verification code”, which it sent to my old mobile phone number, which I could not open and read of good reasons because I don’t have the number anymore, and for a moment I feared that this would also close my access via my computer completely logging me out of my website, and at the same time, I received strong diarrhoea, which is because of darkness trying to log me out of Spain making my mother lose her temper and because of her disgust being mentioned in my scripts, but I found that I still have access to my website via my computer, but I cannot change the telephone number in there because it requires me to enter the verification code sent to my old mobile phone to enter ”account settings” (!), and yes, for now I will continue using my website only via my own computer, which means that there will be no updates to my website when we will be in Spain, which may be from May 28 (but maybe to Facebook).

I received the lyrics ”wherever you may find it, Wherever it may lead, Let your private emotion, come to me, Come to me” by Ricky Martin, which is about finding my new self in Mijas, which is really about ”And it shines on you baby can’t you see, You’re the only one who can shine for me” :-).

May 22
I was told about ”belonging there and there and there”, which is about life belonging different places of our New World, which is what we control from there, Mijas. We made Karen pregnant, and it is really her eggs that we lay there, my new children.

I went to my mother this morning as agreed to order the holiday to Costa del Sol as we had agreed on over the phone yesterday, but when I arrived, my mother started saying ”I have decided that I don’t want to go there because I have read a negative review about it complaining about horse smell and insects, and furthermore it is only 3 stars, I prefer 4” (!), and yes, this is what she really said (!!!), and when she saw my disappointment she even said ”I can give you money instead if you think it is too difficult to travel with me” (!), and yes, mother, it truly is, but it is darkness making you do this to make it ”impossible” for us to go there to complete my mission, and I knew that this was about turning you around showing you what I had seen myself yesterday on the Internet also read reviews of the place and seen pictures and videos making me in no doubt that this was a good place to go and the best deal around, so I did, I showed her mostly 5-star ratings of people having been there and returned several times and videos showing just how lovely the area and rooms are and not least the restaurants, fine houses, pools, entertainment etc., which did exactly that, which was to turn her around now accepting it again (!), and now, we ”only” had to order the holiday using my mother’s credit card and making her follow and understand what I did on the Internet, so we started by finding the plane tickets where we used the fine comparison site from where we found the tickets required (out on May 28 at 11:20, and home on June 5 at 11:50 with Vueling, a daughter company of the Spanish Iberia), but when we tried ordering the tickets via Vueling, we could not, because it was completely impossible to enter the telephone number, which blocked the entire system (!), and it did not tell us how many characters to enter, so we had to give up on that, and instead we tried to book the second cheapest tickets (the same tickets costing different prices at different sellers!) via Mr. Jet, but here it was not possible to include luggage (except from in the airport), which we did not like, and we even tried the 3rd cheapest option at, but it was 600 DKK more expensive in total, which is when I got a good idea and that was to go to Iberia’s website, which Momendo’s comprehensive list did not list (!), and there we could find and order the same tickets via their daughter company, and even doing it a little bit cheaper than their daughter company (!), and yes, this took a LONG time to do because John’s PC is VERY SLOW (it takes 10 minutes just to start up), and then we had to order the hotel, which was easy because I had found it at home yesterday, which was via, where we could order two apartments of 50 square metres at half price or so, and yes, in total 2 x 2 plane tickets and 2 x apartments for 8 days was DKK 8,200, which is actually cheap. And so far we agreed on taking the train from Malaga to Fuengirola and a taxi there to the hotel at arrival, and to rent a car at the hotel instead of booking a car at Malaga Airport with the risk of doing it through a company not having an office there where it may be difficult finding one of there employees at an agreed place and time in the airport, and yes, I have been there too reading the conditions of several car rental businesses through, and no, I do NOT like how they cheat and try to take out as much money from people even though it looks ”unreasonable cheap” on the price list, and that is not at all! On contrary to yesterday, my mother was patient all the way through, which I praised her for being, this is how I like it, there is NO need at all to lose your temper bringing ”poor vibrations” to others, it is only a matter of controlling it and decide to do RIGHT, which my mother did today, and yes, I look forward to going to Costa del Sol and exploring all of the sights there, and yes, it is very nice of my mother inviting me, and I am sure we will get a good holiday together because we know each other better now than ever before, what we and all of this is about :-).

After ordering, I was told that John is not angry with you not choosing a cruise, but to go out experiencing life as it is instead, and what do you think your mother prefers (?), which of course is exactly this.

This also means that I will not get around to see Gnags in Tivoli on May 29, which I would have loved to, and for one reason or another, you will play Denmark thin, but not return to Copenhagen or come to Helsingør, and I am not going to Køge or Ringsted to see you, it it too far away, which is really a shame, I had looked forward to seeing you much, and yes, the first time since the 1980’s where I remember seeing you on Roskilde Festival, 5-øren and even once in the Espergærde sport hall when I was teenager, but I will follow you, Peter A. G. :-).

So they will become my children all of them, yes Karen’s and mine created by my mother in-between us.

I was told that because I did not send text messages to Karen, only a few emails per year, the police did not find any reason to accuse me of stalking her!

In town today, I was very surprised seeing an old man looking exactly as the old school inspector Jeppesen, as I believe his name was, on my school, Mørdrupskolen, in the end of the 1970’s, and yes, if he was 50 or 55 back then, he should be around 85 or 90 today, and can it really be him (?), and yes, he had these VERY LONG eyebrows as he also had back then, and yes, I was sure that he would be dead a long time ago, but I do believe that it was him.

You are soon a proprietor now.

This is where it says ”no entrance” to sanna, who saw it looking like a prison.

I felt Prince and was told that he and everyone knows that you are taking us to this ”prohibited place”, which is still the cave in Mijas, but this is where I gave birth to you all, the densest darkness in the world.

So it is your mother bringing spices to me as another part of my father, and I was shown rosemary.

Life automatically goes through me bringing out required force and I don’t even know about it unless I adjust to it, yes, I promised you privacy, which you have.

And if man has not removed porn, ugly language etc from the Internet and all other media, we will simply do it.

We needed Lotus to spread the information that ”it is true, it is not himself, but the spirit of God speaking through him, I have experienced it myself”.

No, this document is not complete without your mother signing it, which is why she has to come too. She will be coming home to the Source there.

It is not without importance how Hans’ position it to you when going there. Has Hans turned around now being the most happy of all for you to return home with all life (?), yes, what he believed was his task, and yes, you survived too, Hans, and yes, I care much about you too, which you do understand, right (?), and yes, I just speak out the truth objectively as it comes to me, there are absolutely NO NEGATIVE FEELINGS at all in my scripts, not at all! I received the feeling of Fuengirola (next to Mijas), and was told that Hans has felt Fuengirola always in your blood since I went there in 2005/06.

This is what your father had to be alive to do now overtaken by you, they wanted to bring him to the same place.

The same with Obama who will be going to Hawaii to bring balance.

I felt Torremolinos, yes, also close to Mijas, and this is where we create our rocket spreading life to the entire Universe here (this newly opened cell of the Source). This is where we have to do it, everything is in perfect balance here, and I am shown a cylinder with all parts of it above matching the perfect form of the cylinder here.

It is directly from Florencio Anton, his power, that we bring there. And yes, today the arranger of the meeting with Florencio finally published his paintings of this day May 8, I was there, and I decided to bring them a summary of and link to my story of the evening, which ”may be interesting to you” (?), and yes, no one tells, but I understand that it is when writing this.

FB 220515 Spiritistforeningen

This is where we switch on all lights inside the spaceship of the Source as I am shown, and this is all new life inside this universe. It is here in Mijas that there is direct connection to nothing of the source, and I am shown the bottom open of the Spaceship of the Source opening to nothing. And then inside here, it is immensely beautiful, we have seen it, and I am shown the entire spaceship as an aquarium including fish.

So everything down there on Costa del Sol is ”an opposite orange”, i.e. the Source turned around as darkness, this is how we created the world in darkness for life self to turn around and return to light.

And it is all universes (open cells) of the Source that we have inside here of the spaceship of the Source, which is because there can only be one, and I am here shown one out of ”many boxes” on the inner wall of the spaceship opening and going down and into another box.

”The ship has been loaded with”, this is the same ship as we have been sailing with on the Øresund Strait in front of me to make the world get used to us with ”everything” of all cells of the Source now being inside this New World, the newest opened including everything. This is what my mother’s new car symbolizes.

I was shown living light on a red candlelight, which is the eternal light that we place here, which is the same light inside all universes and we are now all inside of your body, which still makes me feel ”strange” to say the least, but this is how it is.

This is where your mother will become your father.

I received the feeling of Jack, as I do often, and Mogenstrup Inn, which now is closed but used to be a good restaurant, and Jack only wants to invite me out on a good dinner as ”old friends”, isn’t it funny, and yes, this feeling of his goes right through all of this game, and yes, I look forward doing that too, Jack, and you can just call me if you DARE to cut through DARKNESS, and yes, ”I hear voices, don’t turn out the light”, which is what I followed then, and you do remember this one, right :-).

This is where your father reluctantly took his seat after dying, and that is inside the spaceship of the Source as its pilot.

I was given a sound to my kitchen and felt my mother, and this is then where we will receive the fruit of our efforts.

Let me tell you that every single day, and especially in the evenings, I still have as little energy and feel my heart so weak that I constantly feel like dying, which is truly not a nice feeling to have.

The MP Inger STØJberg wrote about a new, planted story of Bin Laden and concluded that he was a hypocrite, which made me write that the world elite and she invented terror to eliminate 90% of mankind, but to publicly go against terror in order to receive support from the same 90%, and I asked her who is really the hypocrite then (?), and later, I was told as ”reflection” coming to me that I am unfair, because she and the elite have to play the game, and I know about this, and yes, I do, and this is then also what I continue doing myself, because isn’t it just the truth that I write, Inger (?), and if you truly had courage you would do exactly as I write to you, which is to support me instead, which is the ONLY right thing to do.

FB 220515 Inger STØJhovede

May 23
I woke up in the middle of the night with a dream, as I often do, but this time I was kept awake giving additional information, which I decided to write down even though I was very close to ignoring it because of how poorly I feel.

The dream was about John meeting famous writers and comedians knowing about John’s purpose of serving God, but he kept these meetings a secret to me, and he wants to bring all of his possessions to Donald Sunderland, i.e. to play a game with me. And my mother knows, and is very close to share the information with me after we have made a hole through John’s shelves, and is this what my mother is thinking of doing in real life, which is to share with me what she knows of John’s ”secret life”?

Half awake, I was then told that John was jealous of my spiritual contact, and that John’s company was secretly pulling out God from the underground. He had to bring man to God at the same time as he brought nothing (of the Source) to me, this was his purpose. I heard people saying about John that ”he succeeded everywhere, a fantastic man”.

I felt my old class friend from Albertslund, Niels, and was told that John brought everything to him. I was shown and told that he carried big portions of fish (my new self), ”what a triumph he was”.

My mother’s temper being very negative and John’s attitude being very stingy was part of it, and he was to be made into the new Source because ”Sanna is not the right gold”.

This kind of information is about to being brought to me – from the darkness of Mijas. And I was given the feeling of John’s clothes, which my mother has not removed yet (giving it to John’s brother(s) or Red Cross), and this is also important to do to remove ”darkness of John”.

It was not nice for John lying at the hospital bed at the end knowing that he was becoming nothing and you everything knowing that he was a failure, this is how he saw himself when he could not handle you and your mother, which was the task of his life to do.

I was given a feeling of ”a meeting soon” about this at the office of the Danish Prime Minister, and has this to do with Niels working there?

I was told that on Ascension Day in 1965, man was told about my coming and what to do to you. This is where the scheme of ”crazy Stig” was planned by man to bring out man, and I am told about ”Yankee dollar” and ”Coca Cola”, which is about USA and US Presidents being responsible.

All of this is in the hole of Mijas being brought to me here in the middle of the night feeling not just uncomfortable, but awful. I was shown and told that this is what became my dark spinal column because man ”knew” that they had to transfer me to John to Putin to survive.

I have difficulties reading my notes on my phone – this is how it is when writing the notes as ”half awake” in the middle of the night – but something about my mother will tell me about here at the end.

This is what ”the city accountant” (accountant is about ”amount of energy/life”) here knew would happen at the end time (transferring my energy to John) not expecting me to turn around the game emptying the world and John of everything as I did, and I feel ”the director/management of Helsingør Commune” being this ”accountant”.

I was told and shown that the entire ship (of our New World) is here, and it is completely white, and really surrounded by frost, because it has not been used yet and was made inside darkness, and this white makes me think of the beautiful white villages of Andalusia, where Mijas is just one of them.

There are some people at the top of Helsingør Commune now working secretly for you knowing that you are the truth.

Other Communes have set up new systems taking over from you (part of their planned New World), everyone knows. My mother may go as long to say that ”I knew about it, it was just so difficult to understand”.

I was told that John was really not supposed to be my mother’s husband, but this is how we arranged it (the light side). He was their secret weapon taking away your dynasty.

I would awake in the mornings feeling like this, completely emptied, they emptied me and were going to bring everything to a hidden place to bring their new start.

So everything was based on John emptying you making man believe in their chance to survive in order for me to do the opposite emptying you all via John – while the world would believe that I was crazy, and without my mother and the mainstream world knowing that we have reached the end of the world to avoid chaos/darkness that I could not handle.

This is the dark cave holding this, the magic/beauty of everything, and yes, ”Grotto of the Virgin of the Peña” (”Capella Virgen de la Peña”) in Mijas.

Capella Virgen de la Pena Mijas2

Mijas - Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña

Mijas – Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña

I will plant all new life at the Cave of the Virgin of the Peña in Mijas, Spain, which is the zero point and eternal light and lifeline of the Source – when going on holiday to Costa del Sol with my mother from May 28 to June 5 🙂

I woke up to ”Pallas Athena” by David Bowie and the lyrics ”God is on top of it all”.

My mother called me and said that she had invited Sanna and Hans to come to Tony’s Italian Restaurant in Helsingør this evening, where I am also invited, and I was happy to learn that Sanna and Hans have decided to be STRONG just ”playing the game” after my previous scripts about them, which could easily have brought the opposite result for them to decide to stay at home and even worse to cut relations with me, and yes, I was here told that Hans knows that what he did to me was much worse than what I did to him/them telling the truth, and yes, it is also strong attitude if Sanna and Hans decide to stay together until the end because when everything comes to the end, it is really only a game that we have gone through with the main task being to control ”negative feelings”.

Your mother never came around to signing a denunciation, which has to be about me taking their stand against me.

I was told about my report on Falck from 2011 showing just how poorly they work, but no, they don’t work poorly, the know that and everyone knows that, but this is what my report showed clearly to everyone including John, and I am here told that this helped him understand who I really am and my ”agenda of light” thus starting to realise that he was fooled himself by Sanna and the whole system as Sanna normally leaned up against.

Yes, Hans would have loved to bring my mother and I new life, but it couldn’t be done, which is what he believed in.

Was my father’s wife Kirsten Hans’ secret cousin?

I received Cliff Richard’s ”She’s so beautiful, she’s all there is to me”, and I was told that Karen misses me much, and yes, another beautiful song by Cliff :-).

I was happy that my mother had invited Sanna, Hans and I together this evening – helping to keep us all together, which I am happy that we have succeeded doing – and when we met at Tony’s restaurant, as always, my mother is unsure where to sit thinking about ”is it better here than there” (given to her directly by the Source/her inner self) and we had two choices inside and one outside, and first this table, then that table before my mother decided on ”this table” inside. Tony was there today himself, and took our orders, and I told him about how I have praised his pizzas, 100 out of 100 points, and that it is unique that my sister and brother-in-law are also here today, but there was no feedback from him at all making me wonder.

After two minutes my mother had decided that there was a wind from the open door, which could make her sick, and yes, she is always thinking twice, the curse of her life having difficulties to choose, so now she wanted the table to move to the other table making the restaurant having to set up the table we left again, and to make Tony roll his eyes at us, and yes, my mother is notoriously NOT easy, she just doesn’t fully know it herself.

So we were now waiting on our orders while we saw the restaurant being filled up and also that other tables started receiving their food even though they came after us, so after 45 minutes when nothing had happened and my mother had started becoming constantly impatient so people could hear, even though I said that the only right thing to do in this situation is to decide being patient, we asked for our order, and I could see Tony going to the kitchen and also searching for his paper written order as if he had never passed it on to the kitchen, which I told my family that this is what I believed was the case, the kitchen had never received it (!), and it made me think about an episode of the old TV-series Upstairs, Downstairs, which I love much, as I saw yesterday, which was about an old nursery, who by now was too old to nurse a baby, which she could not do anymore, she had lost it and was dismissed as result, and I told my family of this and said that the same may be the case for Tony because it seemed as if he had ”forgotten” to bring his paper order to the kitchen, and instead of telling this, if this was the case, he told us that ”there is disorder in the kitchen”, and yes, he spoke with great difficulties as if has has received a stroke of some kind, and no, I don’t know, but it looks like he has ”lost it” too, and it was confirmed when he had difficulties opening a bottle of wine for us.

When he finally brought our pizzas after 70 minutes, my mother could not help telling him straight that she was not happy with the fact that it had taken five quarters, as she said, and she speaks so directly that Tony could not take her at all, so his reaction was to turn around with the attitude ”if you don’t want the pizzas, I will not bring it to you”, and yes, I could only say that this is another example of a man who loves receiving praise but cannot handle the truth when he does wrong and is told about it directly, and yes, to him, my mother was probably the worst customer ever, and no, Tony, you only saw a little of my mother’s famous temper, only a little, and yes, she is also the opposite showing all of her love, when she is happy, but she was not with this experience ……

Both Sanna and Hans spoke well and also asked questions, Hans listened even better than he usually does (maybe because we were only four, and he was not distracted by other people), and there was ”nothing the matter” on the surface, but I could see on Hans face that he doesn’t like the situation having been revealed to the world by me, but still he is playing the game without going under as my sister is too, and she looked even stronger than him, and this is the kind of attitude that I like, so well done (!), but there was one instance, where it was almost completely impossible to speak out a few words to Hans, and I was told that it is because he has done nothing in relation to let the world open all of its IT-systems and archives as condition to open to our New World, this is what the ”disorder in the kitchen” was about as a symbol saying that we cannot open our New World to you unless you follow me opening the Old World, but hopefully you are in control, Pope Francis, sending out your official message of this and me after we have planted all life in Mijas next week?

Eventually, we received the bill and my mother paid – ”they will receive NO tips” (!) – and I noticed that we had received one of two bottles of wine for free, but we did not know if this was because of Tony’s ”discretion” or because he had forgotten to put it on the bill, and this is because he had said nothing, and yes, this is how it goes when you cannot communicate, apologise or ”handle the apple juice”, Tony, but your pizzas still tasted fine, but you may understand that it was us and not you, who were ”offended” because of your mistakes?

Afterwards, I was thinking about Hans being full of poor conscience, for example for keeping Karen from me as I was told, and I was also told that the worst part for him is that he believed that he controlled the world now knowing that he was actually being controlled by the world.

I had invited my family to come home to me to watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, but Sanna and Hans had to go home because they were looking after Tobias’ dog, so I watched this show alone, which Denmark had not qualified to, and I was told that none countries bring me twelve points, which is why Denmark is not in the final, which is because my mission is not about me but about you and your new life :-).

I was of course hoping that Sweden would win with ”heroes” because this was the story that we are all heroes taking on sufferings, which brought the creation of our New World, and if I was to trust my old colleague from Fair Insurance, Kim, who was in Austria watching all shows and predicting the result with Sweden as winner before Russia, I should be in no doubt, because he has guessed the right winner since 2004 (!), and yes, what a ”talent” to have, Kim :-).

FB 230515 Kim

There were many songs that I liked, which made my smile, for example Estonia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, which was unique to me, Sweden, Russia and Italy as examples and then of course Australia, who were invited to this EUROPEAN contest for the first time, which they did with a fine song, and I was thinking that it was right to do, thus also helping Australia out of its ”loneliness” and bringing the people there a feeling of belonging to the world, is this what it meant to you (?), and yes, to me it was a symbol of bringing the New World and I was told that Crown Princess Mary was also the ”inspiration” making this happen.

In the first half of the voting, Russia was ahead most of the time before Sweden and Italy, and at half time, after the vote of 20 out of 40 countries, Russia was in the lead by 187 points against Sweden’s 173 point, which made me think that this will be difficult, but I was told that ”we are with you”, and yes, I use Kim as example here to show the feeling of ”many people” when he said at this point that ”I don’t want to go to Russia next year”.

FB 230515 Kim 2

Darkness of my mother was also part of the voting when suddenly first Estonia and later Georgia were ”cut off” with the picture and sound of their representatives suddenly ”completely vanishing”, and I was given the direct feeling that this was the Source doing this and yes because of darkness of my mother to show you an example of how it comes to me not always making my life easy here.

After the vote of 28 countries, Sweden had now taken the lead by 237 points against 236, and yes, ”what a drama” it was at this point, and Sweden and Russia continued sharing the 10 and 12 points between them until there were suddenly a couple of countries, who gave NOTHING to Russia (!), and when Russia still had to vote being unable to vote on themselves, it made what looked like a drama a more and more clear lead to Sweden until it was announced that now Sweden could not be caught, they had won the Eurovision Song Contest again, and the participants and the crown broke out in wild enthusiasm, and yes, it ended up with a victory of Sweden by 363 points against Russia with 303 points.

FB 230515 SVT

And OF COURSE it had to be Sweden winning saying that the Source is now mine because WE ARE ALL HEROES OF OUR TIME, which you may understand is about coming through the end times bringing the creation of our New World, and yes, ”heroes” is the title of the song because this is the title of my favourite song of all by David Bowie.

And yes, “so you win again”, Kim, but you cannot calculate, can you?

FB 230515 Kim 3'

Karen was afraid she would stand in my way.

So my mother is really just the Source having created life between Karen and I.

I was shown frames of life at a 3D stage with the middle of it being the only place where Karen I are the zero point of all, and that is in Mijas. I was shown a trumpet turning into a pistol being shot up, which is to say that it is from here that we will shoot off all new life. This is the cinema that all will walk out from, and I am shown several golden lines of people walking out of this cinema going in different directions. This is my beam of light, i.e. the eternal lifeline going through there. This is what your mother feared entering, i.e. nothing, and it took your father through you bringing the world here. This is when we will bring in and connect you to Karen. I was shown a big new town being created in darkness, and there is only one light button here, which is in the middle of the town. Mijas corresponds for you to enter the spaceship of the Source as I am here shown the inside of as darkness. This is where Hansen, i.e. the electrician, comes in.

Nixon, so it was the US working against you with Russia being invisible in the background as no one could see, so USA was executing orders from Russia.

I was told about the newspaper BT and ”can’t he soon have a copy of what we are writing about him” (?), no, not yet according to the game. And this is because I was told earlier today before meeting Sanna and Hans that I am ”a superstar” in the media brought to the Secret Network.

I was given ”the guns of Brixton” by the Clash, one of their many superior songs, and I was told that your mother knew about ”the clash” coming between your sister and you with the question being who of us would be working the best.

I received this copy of an email, which Kammeradvokaten (the lawyer for the Danish State) has sent to the court in Helsingør asking to postpone the deadline of their statement of defense from May 22 with four weeks (!), and yes, I can only say that this matter should have been easily solved by Helsingør Commune now many months ago, but still you are pulling it as long as you can taking me as innocent hostage and showing your system of Hell and bureaucracy for all of the world to see, and no, I do NOT like it, and I wonder what kind of ”defense” you may decide to bring or if it isn’t about time for you to give up and accept giving me the money that your system owes me?

Kammeradvokaten 210515

Lars L. used to work together with the owner Lars P. and my old friend Lars G. at Waterfront Communications in the 1990’s (and later), which is a ”secret business” working with Public Relations, lobbyism, strategy development etc. – which was revealed for its shady business moral years ago, click the link above – and yes not only for business clients because this is also ”a conservative stronghold” also helping as ”spin doctors” for the Conservative Party including Pia Christmas-Møller on ”how to get to me”, and here Lars brings the conservative claim of ”Nazi-Islamism” and said that surburban Denmark was outraged of this expression, and then he says ”Can I allow myself to use the term: CHRIST!!!”, which is obviously because he does not like the ”outrage” of ”surburban Denmark”, but no, do NOT use my name as a swearword, Lars, you should be ”too good to do this”, but this is how it is when you like my attention and become part of my scripts too, is that it (?), and I could only tell him to look himself in the mirror and to Danish People’s Party to find the true (not yet discovered) Nazi’s, which the world will soon understand, and I ask him ”do you have anything to say before I will reveal you and your partners in crime to the world” (?), and no, he did not react to my ”monstrous claims”, is this how you see it publicly, but not ”behind the curtain”?

FB 230515 Lars L

FB 240515 Stig 2

FB 240515 Stig 3



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