June 2015 – after script II: Nothing remains of our Old World, it will start to crack up at any time revealing our New World, we only wait on man acknowledging me


Summary of the script today

  • June 15, 2015: Nothing remains of our Old World, it will start to crack up at any time revealing our New World, we only wait on man acknowledging me. Our only task is now to turn on the handle, or to switch on the engine of the plane, i.e. to switch on the force of the Source. The most difficult for people to understand was that I am God as a normal human being , but still my decisions and work had the power of God.


  • I am now called ”New England” after the designers of our New World, and I felt that it is Arthur Findlay College, who are these designers. The device of the Source in my right ankle is constantly turning around to spread energy. It is Henrik T. H.’s invention, which makes it possible for all life to enter the Source and become nothing; we use it to spread life all over. We are just waiting on man to open up everything and acknowledge me to spread life, which is my invention of life that we bring out everywhere. We are in principle still in the freezer (outside the Source), my mother is royal now because life has reached the Source. The most difficult for people to understand was that I am God as a normal human being , but still my decisions and work had the power of God. Our only task is now to turn on the handle, or to switch on the engine of the plane, i.e. to switch on the force of the Source. Willy Brandt and other historic German chancellors all knew about the well kept secret that turning around the clock has to happen in Germany. Hans’ job was go bring me out, my mother’s to form me and now comes my new self as “a big surprise”, I am being formed now. We pretend having the membrane of my mother over you, i.e. the Old World, even though I have reached home. I was shown myself in a spaceship in space rolling completely out of control, it cannot land, which is because my mother and the world have not yet accepted me. There is nothing remaining of our old selves, our front will peel off and open to our new selves inside – life will simply roll on, not go under. Our Old World today is an illusion, it will start to crack up at any time showing you our New World. There are really two buttons we will push, Karen’s and mine, but they are one, and it will be mankind pushing them when acknowledging me.


June 2015 – after script II: Nothing remains of our Old World, it will start to crack up at any time revealing our New World, we only wait on man acknowledging me

June 15, 2015: Nothing remains of our Old World, it will start to crack up at any time revealing our New World, we only wait on man acknowledging me

FB 150615 Stig 1

Besides from sleeping poorly and taking a nap of three hours in the afternoon (!), I worked all day to finish writing and publishing my first script this evening since May 24, which was not easy to do, but I did it.

Shortly thereafter, I was shown the old light of darkness in Hittarp but now not as a constant light but rapidly blinking light for approx. 10 minutes and I was given the feeling that this is about ”total dissolution” of darkness, I have never seen it like this before. And shortly thereafter I saw the ship of the Source back on the Øresund Strait for the first time since coming home again, and yes, with its very characteristic lights.

June 9
It is Henrik T. H.’s invention, which makes it possible for all life to enter the Source and becoming nothing.

Martin helped setting your mother free. So the golden balls easier could run out – via faith.

I sent this email to Vivian telling her that I am still ”the same old Stig” and ”some more than I ever could dream about” as a whole, official world now understands after we have survived Judgment Day in 2012 and now stand in front of the opening of our New World, and also about my holiday to Costa del Sol and my mentioning of her several times in my script, as I sent to her, and how she has had important influence on creation of our New World simply because of her warm feelings of me, which I hope she will show me again, not as lovers, but as best friends, and yes, I wonder when she will have the courage to write me and accept me as her best friend again (?), also thinking that she was also target from ”the propaganda machine” of Sanna and Hans against me.

Til Vivian 090615

I had this email chat via Linkedin with Martin today where I told him that we can have coffee at some other occasion, and yes, he said that he has now sold his Call Centre (!), so he has made ”millions” also because of me and the concept/experience/know-how I provided him with in 2006 when starting up the co-operation with Fair Insurance selling ”meeting-bookings” for Income Protection Insurance.

To my negative surprise, he said with his ”better-knowing and ignorant mindset” that ”it was truly good that the Earth did not go under as you otherwise had told me about”, and I told him that more and more people believe in me and that I don’t speak about my spiritual experiences (only write about them) because people cannot contain it, and if I had not decided to follow this road ”we would not be sitting here today, this is the meaning of my work”, which only made him say that ”it is difficult containing UFO’s and that you have resurrected as Jesus”, and I then saw that he visited my website to ”read” about the Jerusalem UFO (!), so it must have had some effect on him, and he then said that many people prefer watching TV without thinking and he then wanted to ”pump” me for information on ”which insurances will be new growth markets in the future, and how will people take them out” (?), which is because it is ”more interesting” to you to make money via my help instead of reading, understanding and supporting me (?), and yes, I wrote him that people have enough in themselves and their picture of the world, which they believe in without understanding that reality really is completely different to the reality that the rulers including the church have told mankind in centuries while keeping the big secret back, which is the end of the Old World and transition to our New World, and yes, as you can see, it is not easy to make a negative and better-knowing man like Martin believe in me, because instead of reading me, he works, watches TV and ”know better” about me. I also asked him if he will now live good from the millions he sold his call centre for, or do other work, which he never replied on. And yes, he asked me about traffic to my website, which he can see himself – he went to read about the Jerusalem UFO (!) – and yes, only a little more than 100,000 views since 2009 may be the “confirmation” that he needs that people don’t find me interesting, thus not “the one”, but it is you, who is too stupid, Martin, because you cannot do your work careful enough to find the truth in the details.

LI 090615 Martin

LI 090615 Martin-2

LI 090615 Martin-3

LI 090615 Martin-4

GC 090615 Martin

You are called ”New England” after the designers of our New World. Later I was given the feeling of Arthur Findlay College because they are these designers.

I was given the lyrics ”Its a mystery to me, The game commences” from Dire Straits’ ”Private Investigation”, which was to remind me that Mark Knopfler will be playing a free concert in Tivoli on Sunday, and yes, if I can, I will go and see you, Mark :-).

I was shown the middle of everything, where there is a little device constantly turning around to spread energy, which is all we do, and this device is located in my right ankle as I have felt for years, and had I given in to darkness, it would have started spreading its energy destroying the Old World.

Is it the last butterflies from Costa del Sol now coming to me with Martin opening a little to me (?), yes. He works like an amplifier of my mother, i.e. life. So Martin is part of the power sending out the train (of our New World). And yes, Martin also sees me as normal speaking to.

I was given ”Blackbird” by the Beatles, and reminded about moving them up on my Top 100 list because they are truly better than the place I have given them (in the 30’s, I believe).

I received the feeling of Jullian Assange from WikiLeaks and was told that he was sent to the world to publish secrets as a preparation for my coming asking the world to publish everything, and I was told that he knows about me too.

It is Henrik T. H.’s invention we use to spread the pizzas, i.e. life, all over – it is up to every creation inventing this tool.

My neighbour Preben knocked my door a 21.30, and we spoke a few minutes in the door, where I told him that I like him to come earlier, maybe 20.00-20.30, to have coffee, and I was told that he is this “blackbird” of darkness – still doing nothing and sleeping his days away – which is why I was given the song earlier.

So Karen was the other side, the spiritual world, now combined with physical life as one.

So we are just waiting on man to spread life from my right ankle. It is just my invention of life we bring out everywhere.

Just telling the Chief Rabi of Denmark that circumcision of boys is WRONG, which will NOT happen in our New World, which I thought you knew, Jair?

FB 090615 Jair 1

FB 090615 Jair 2

June 10
I had decided to write an email to CLC World and Hotels.com complaining about ”receiving less for more” and their WRONG attitude, and I was so tired and felt so disgusting writing it because it brought poor memories of what was Hell to go through that I almost could not do it, and I don’t know if it was my mother on her Ipad visiting my previous scrip several times a couple of days ago, and if she has decided (wrongly) to be mad on me again. Yes, I will send this email to my mother for her comments first before sending and publishing it one of the next days.

In reality, I was mentally and physically broken down today after the holiday, hard work coming home and being exhausted/tired because of poor sleep also thinking that I am done with my work – not knowing what may come.

What does your sister’s school book say when she was little (?), ”you have to kill almost everyone to get to the golden place”, which is what Naser overtook making him believe in the same, and this is what he was then just about to do.

I was given the lyrics ”You hear a laughter, Cracking through the walls” and ”It’s an illusion

You cannot shirk” from one of my favourite songs of all, Spellbound by Siouxsie & the Banshees, and it gave me the feeling that the Old World will start to crack up showing you the New World, it is only a matter of time now, and this is also to say that the Old World is really an illusion because we are really already all our New World, we have just waited to open it until everything was done to avoid terminating the Old World first.

Yes, I forgot to write in my previous script that I heard ”Let’s stay together” by Al Green twice when we were on Costa del Sol, which made me think of Karen, as I also told my mother.

We are in principle still in the freezer (outside the Source), my mother is royal now because life has reached the Source.

I was told that the most difficult for people to understand was that I am God as a normal human being apparently not having any special power, but still my decisions and work had the invisible power of God making the difference between survival and termination.

We have fishing stakes between you and Karen, but don’t feel them in reality.

You were never attacked by rot, which they would just continue doing seeing the opposite.

I watched Lars Løkke on DR1 TV’s Aftenshowet yesterday evening where I was told that he is only campaigning as leader of the opposition and Prime Minister candidate because of love to me playing the game, and this evening, I watched Helle Thorning-Schmidt on the same TV show and was told that she is really thinking more about how to have mankind entering me without dying than the election campaign, and yes, her red and Lars Løkke’s blue blocks are now ”completely even” – with a little plus to the blue block, and yes, they speak MUCH about reducing Cash Help because ”you have to be rewarded when having a low pay job”, which gave me a deja vue that it is because I am on cash help that the blue block wants to reduce this, and this is what much of the election campaign here is about, and I wonder why none of you speak about ”equal pay” for all as you know will come via my New World Order (?); and yes, a complete waste of time and energy of (well paid) people still plaing the game of the Devil.

I was given a sound on and off in the kitchen, and was told that we are testing to switch everything on when man will come here.

The Times of India wrote about Putin that he never makes a mistake because ”God wanted me to be perfect”, and I told them the truth about Putin, which Putin and they know, but don’t have the courage to tell the world.

FB 100615 Times of India

I was told that Mimi Jakobsen and other people were part of a special council, who was locked up in their own case invisible to Putin. I was told that it is this group we have the most thank you’s to. . Was Ole also part of this (?), yes, they succeeded bringing him on. Including people around you knowing you, and I am given the thought of my father’s mother, Helene etc., who worked in deepest secrecy educating/forming you.

I was given the feeling of music stars, Mick Jagger and Barry White, also being part of the group. And film directors, Steven Spielberg and more.

Your father was offered to join the group, but refused when not supporting you.

Your mother and the threat of the old nightmare was in between Karen and you, which we gladly remove.

So our only task is now to turn on the handle, or to switch on the plane of the engine, as I am shown here.

I was given Muse’s new song ”Dead inside”, which is really what I am and the whole world is, and yes, I would LOVE to see you on Roskilde Festival in the end of June (and Paul McCartney and many other acts too), but I don’t have the energy to go there, I am dead inside.

June 11
I woke up to Muse’s ”I want it now, I want it now”, which is my/our new heart and soul, and yes, this band ”do something to me”, they make the most beautiful symphonies too like SAGA, but have their own, unique, BIG sound and energy, which is second to none, they may be my favourite live band now :-).

Think they would let Hans run ít, and he had no drivers licence for it, i.e. also being world leader of New World.

If not before, today was the day where my mother read my previous script, and also other pages on my website, and I wonder if she will be able to understand and accept the script still being good friends, or if her negativity will “flower” up again not speaking to me for some time, we will see. Shortly thereafter I received a plug in my right ear, which could only be about “my mother cannot hear (understand)”.

GC 110615 1

GC 110615 2

And then we have go make your new self. I was shown a “united beach” of Karen and I being opened and behind this front is a ball-device including the force of the Source, which opens as a flower.

You will be the white bow around the gift of everything (life) made as humans too as only your mother can do because of your wish.

I received the feeling of Willy Brandt and other historic German chancellors and was told that they knew about the well kept secret that turning around the clock has to happen in Germany. And yes, I will be going there for Christmas with the family – I cannot remember the name of the place, but a castle approx. 70 kilometres from Rostock if I remember correctly, but I am not sure. It is only my mother can do reinstate me there. This is what the wedding in Spain is about, and yes, the origine of life is in Spain, and we send it first to Germany as the location of our New World.

Hans’ job was go bring you out and your mother’s to form you and now comes (my new self – I feel big surprise) …. We are forming you now, the last we have waited on. This is what makes it possible to conjure up new material things from out of nothing. You have only seen ¼ of me, imagine that everything has been brown, and you receive new, bright colours from the last ¾. I received the feeling of a lion, so it is now the force we bring on place everywhere.

I sent an email to my mother this afternoon with the email I plan to send to CLC World and Hotels.com and I asked to receive her account number, but later I received her reply, where she did as I had almost anticipated, which was to decide not giving me the bank account because she “fears” for her account number to be published, and yes, I could have told her “nothing will happen, this is normal procedure of both people and businesses to do”, but just another example of how negativity/darkness coming to her takes over. And yes, a “neutral” reply showing my mother as wrongly feeling “offended” after having read my previous script, and we will see for how long this will last.

Email to mother 110615

Email from mother 110615

I received the feeling of first Otto Leisner (famous, late “veteran” on Danish TV) and then Angela Merkel, and I felt this council of people working for me growing bigger and bigger with people changing to my side becoming clean.

I received a new Bodum vacuum coffee machine today, and when I tried making coffee on it for the first time, the manual “filter string” slipped making all coffee run out from the upper glass bowl, and I was told that it was darkness of my mother making this happen, but when I finally got it to work, coffee made like this tastes very good. The opening of the Source with our New World will be like coffee pouring out of this machine when it is ready, which will be “suddenly” and “rapid” (because of the vacuum system).

We pretend having the membrane of your mother over you, i.e. the Old World, even though you have reached home. This means that nothing will happen no matter what? Can I really do this, which is to give you a heart attack and kill your mother, i.e. all of the Old World, if they don’t follow me opening up all IT-systems, archives and acknowledge me? Well, it depends on your mother’s adjustments and if she, i.e. life, can get in here if she does not open up, which she cannot, which is why my mother and mankind has your “freedom of choice” to decide if you will do this to follow me or if you want to die first.

So the world hasn’t said one kind word to you yet, this is what my recent email to the psychiatric hospital and Helsingør commune is about – will you accept me?

I was encouraged to look at artists on my Top 100 list to decide which one to find concert clips with to watch, and I looked at it and decided for Roxy Music, and when I found the great “Mother of pearl”, I knew that this was the one meant for me to find, which will have to be “life of Karen” :-).

It was a nice, cloudless and clear evening here, and I decided to sit on my balcony watching it, and was “happy” to see one “star” (UFO) after another switching on its light, and the ship of the Source to pass me including both white and green light, and I was told and shown that the opening to our New World will be like unzipping a zipper. Just before going in, I was shown a BIG and STRONG white light on top with a green light beneath it “sailing” on the see just as lights without a boat!

I was given the thought of how Niklas looked “deeply” at me several times the other day when we spoke about Isabelle leaving him, “the look” you know, as he has never done before, and can it be that my writings on incest is what made Isabelle decide to leave him and his family? And yes, I was also surprised seeing Sanna’s reaction when I asked her if Isabelle had said goodbye, which was “no” and also “it doesn’t matter, there are many nice girls out there” (for Niklas), and yes, showing her cold self with so strong power that it was actually scary to witness (because they have had a close relation with Isabelle for 7 years), and yes, this comes forward from time to time, but not often, because you are a “good actor”, right Sanna?

June 12
I woke up to Siouxsie’s “Mittageisen”, which is one of the strongest “hypnotic” songs that I know of, an incredible piece of art, and I heard their chorus as if it sang “home” and then “Reunion beginnt mit einem Glas Quecksilber” (“Reunion begins with a glass of mercury”) and here “the metal”, as Siouxsie sings about (“Metal will rule in my master scheme”), is the Source and the “mittageisen” is the dinner, i.e. life, of our New World :-). And yes, I am happy to see that Steven Severin has decided to start communicating again in their Facebook group, and yes, it would be a dream to see you there too “from time to time”, Siouxsie :-).

Later, I woke up to SAGA in concert almost breaking through with a clear picture on the TV screen, and it was of Ian Chricton on guitar, and this is about our new life of our New World almost coming through :-).

I sent my email to CRC World Resorts & Hotels and Hotels.com and their parent Expedia today and published it on my as well as their Facebook timelines too, and I received the following feedback already today, and yes, I like people confirming the reception of an email saying what they will do (and also when they will do it). I was told that this is also part of letting them know who really visited them. https://www.scribd.com/doc/268459288/Work-properly-do-NOT-cheat-for-profits-be-responsible

I had “great difficulties” posting this email on the Facebook sites of CLC World because of darkness/my mother not wanting me to, but I do believe that it came through. There were no problems posting the same on the Facebook sites of Hotel.com and Expedia.

FB Could not post on CLC - because of darkness mother

Hotels com 1 120615

Hotels com 2 120615

CLC World was kind, as Hotels.com above, to confirm the reception of my email, which the Psychiatric Hospital and Helsingør Commune could learn MUCH from (!!!), and they also visited my website, and yes, making you believe that I am crazy but just maybe “the one” via the light of the Source as you could see from my website and because I am “serious”? And I wonder if CLC and Hotels.com/Expedia decided to forward my email to the mentioned top leaders of their businesses?

Email from CLC World 120615

GC 120615 CLC Visit

They still cannot understand how we got away from the landing of that airplane home without being killed.

This is what your mother’s guitar is about, to empty her from everything which you also do via your scripts “humiliating” her (when telling the truth) and the email to the Hotel, which she does NOT like because she is not build to publicity, she HATES it, but knows that this is what you do – use this as a teacing to the whole world.

I was shown myself in a spaceship in space rolling completely out of control, it cannot land, which is what the landing of our airplane in Copenhagen was really about, and yes, because your mother and the world have not yet accepted you.

Ehhh, what will really happen if the Pope and the world do not acknowledge me and open everything (?), and yes, we will die as our old selves, whom there are nothing remaining of, which will only mean that our front will peel off and open to our new selves inside, and it will take “no time”, thus avoiding the Old World from going under in all circumstances, is that how it is because I decided to save you (?), and I feel “yes, it is”. And it was just to make the world and me afraid to bring out the last that we did it?

It is what the soul is made of that you are now self. The building stones of everything. And your mother just taught us something new.

I received the feeling of David Bowie and his album “Ziggy Stardust” and was told of Bowie thinking “think that Stig thinks the best record in the world is this album and these songs, which I just made as young – including B-sides”, and I was then given the strong lyrics/singing from “Supermen” (the STRONG version from Ziggy Stardust) “So softly a super-god cries”, which is from these lyrics “Strange games they would play then, No death for the perfect men, Life rolls into one for them, So softly a super-god cries”, and yes, confirmation that life will simply “roll on”.

I went to town to do some shopping and was so tired that I really decided to “give up”, to tell my mother when we will speak again that “I have no more”, and yes, I have finished my work, I succeeded doing the last going to Malaga and may now just stay at home being unable to do anything waiting to become my new self, but I will continue writing these short updates on a daily basis to keep you updated, but I cannot imagine any new “projects” coming on board – except from the lawsuit if the Appeal Board will not decide to give up.

There are really two buttons we will push, Karen’s and yours, but they are one.

Priscilla Presley has been here too, and I feel that this is about pushing this button of Karen and mine via her faith after Elvis’ was transferred to her when he died.

When speaking of power from Malaga, it is only a matter of getting as much power as possible to shoot off the rocket of the New World, and I here receive a deja vue knowing inside of me that this is important. And it is about me getting as high up the mountain as possible.

We have decided that the button is you and it gets pushed when mankind opens up everything and acknowledges you.

Il Presidente, yes, the man who wanted to be Caliph, Naser Khader.

June 13
I have felt the leadership of Kenya for days, it also hurts them very much to release “all information you have on me”.

I decided to buy a meat slicer used via www.dba.dk to cut better slices from my Spanish cured ham than what I can do by hand, and I found a fine, electrical slicer in Helsingør for 100 DKK, and agreed with the seller, Tina, to pick it up this afternoon, and when the door was opened, I was very surprised because it was Bent opening it, the same Bent that I went to the activation course with in 2011 and who I have met in the Kvickly supermarket and library many times since, and yes, also the Bent I was class friends with for a few months in 1976 on Tibberup School in Espergærde before we moved from Kofoed Anchersvej to Karenvej in Espergærde, and I changed school to Mørdrupskolen.

And yes, Bent and Tina are married, but only recently after they met (again) four years ago, and the story gets even better because they were school friends too meaning that Tina went in the same class on Tibberup School as I came into for these few months, but no, I could not recognise her, and in 7th grade, she changed school to Mørdrup and went in my parallel class B (with Bobo and others, I believe) where I went in the C class.

But they have gone through “tough times” where Bent has had to stop working in Kvickly because of a slipped disc to his back, and he has 9 more potential slipped discs too, and Tina had a heart stop one year ago actually killing her, yes taking darkness from me, and this meat slice is about “spreading life”, which they helped creating via faith because “Stig is completely normal” as they also saw today, and yes, they were “nice people” as I only meet rarely here during my mission thinking that they are friends of mine too.

FC Helsingør had invited the town on free football in the Danish second division, which is the third best league, this afternoon because with two rounds remaining, they have already won it as a symbol of FC Barcelona also “won it” this season (as I did), thus moving up to the 1st division next year, for the first time in 20-25 years, and in the break, when Helsingør was behind by 0 to 1, I was told that in the end of the match, Mads Laudrup (son of Michael) would kick the ball up in the right corner making the most beautiful goal this season, but this is not what happened and instead Helsingør actually lost by 0 to 1, which was most disappointing, but often what happens when a team has already won, and only have 1-2 matches to finish, they WRONGLY lose motivation, and I could only explain the wrong message I received with darkness coming to me from my mother, who obviously does not like my previous script, and no, we have not been speaking together since going to Sanna and Hans one week ago, and it makes me sad, primarily because of how my mother may feel like being more “depressed” over this and for not speaking to me than I.

FC Helsingør against Nykøbing 130615I went to see FC Helsingør play against Nykøbing this afternoon. FC Helsingør won the third best league moving up to the second best league this season because I won over darkness

In the second half of the match, I was told that it was the Conservative Party sending Karen to me to bring me down, and suddenly I was given the feeling of the Conservative candidate for the Parliament, Pernille Vermund, who enjoys much success in the present election campaign, and I was spiritually given a kiss by her, which was to confirm that this was also her original mission in relation to me, and I did not think more of this before leaving the stadium when I passed her “just around the corner” speaking to other people, and yes, it was easy for her to see me from there because I stood at the fence up to the field in front of the old grand stand, and maybe there were other people also seeing me there not speaking to me, which could be Benedikte, the mayor, who was going to hold a speak after the match, I believe, to congratulate the team with the move up, and yes, isn’t it funny that she, as darkness bringing me down, held this speech, when the team played sovereign this year because of me?

In the evening, I watched Denmark play against Serbia and I felt and was told about darkness of my mother several times, which would help Serbia to score, but they only came very close a couple of times, which meant that Denmark ended up winning the match by 2 to 0, and this is how I was given wrong spiritual messages twice today about football, which is how darkness of my mother came to me.

Over the last couple of months, I have received only a small “lump” in the middle of my chest, which may be nothing, but on the other hand, can it be cancer (?), and yes, I may go to my doctor to check it out, and yes, did I ever write that for years, I have had a “lump” too in my behind, which I have done nothing about, which to me is a symbol of the world ending too because of darkness given to me.

June 14
It is also from the Conservative that Karen has been told that you are the one, not from Hans.

We are still spreading life all over. The Olsen Gang and Egon was also symbol of fighting the whole system alone as I do.

Removing John’s clothes etc. is to get your mother out of hell of man.

There is nothing more that my mother dislikes/fears than being published to the world, i.e. darkness does not want to come out, and I force it, this is what it is about.

It is the transport belt of everything we are setting up in you, and I am shown an electric toy tractor driving around on a circle belt.

I felt Whitney Houston, and was told with her voice that I wish I could be with you, but I am here, which is part of my back land.

I decided to do nothing today except than cleaning up my apartment still enough to take out everything of me, and no, I did not want to go to Tivoli to watch Mark Knopfler even if I could have done it with great difficulties, this was my limit, and later I was told that Mark Knopfler is example of force that we could have used. And this first made me somewhat disappointed, but then again, everything is a game and what I do not do, man will do.

The last is to shoot you, i.e. the Source, off. This is just about getting the last of your with you via acceptance of darkness, i.e. do my best, but no, I don’t have anything more to give unless I start feeling better.

I was told something about “Karen and Karen Blixen on top of the mountain”, and about stories not being brought to me if I do “nothing”.

Everything is literally about to break down. If Greece goes bankrupt, Deutsche Bank may go down, which may lead to the financial breakdown of the world and more, but still the world keeps on turning around as if people don’t know and don’t care, and we are standing right in front of the opening of our New World, amazing.

Just a comment to Nairobi News, which did not bring much attention or did it?

FB 140615 Nairobi News

FB 150615 Stig 2

FB 150615 Stig 3



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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