June 2015 – after script III: The Danish election was planned to make Helle Thorning-Schmidt resign as Prime Minister to bring me forward and welcome me


Summary of the script today

  • June 19, 2015: The Danish election was planned to make Helle Thorning-Schmidt resign as Prime Minister to bring me forward and welcome me. I took the most dangerous road releasing everything in Mijas, where we turned everything around and changed the lifeline and heart of all life. We are now really the opposite of what you see after this, our New World is acting as darkness of our Old World. I have felt even more terrible almost making me give up because of ”negative feelings” of my mother to my script from our holiday. It was required for my mother to ”break down” to go beyond what was to reach here to bring out as much force of the Source as possible.


  • I have slept and felt even more terrible almost making me give up work because of my mother’s negative feelings about my script from our holiday. This corresponds to dying as John and “to be given the message of the truth” including “the gold is paid then” – but it was only “close” without happening. I am now the freezer, i.e the Source, where it is only my father and I and where the bow cannot be tightened anymore because I cannot do more. I was shown a Ferrari with a rocket motor taking off, but right now there is only a very little flame from the rocket motor because we only have little power. It is about putting as many maize into the machine gun as possible, i.e. bringing in the smallest parts of the Source with the biggest power/concentration in me. It is the fight with my mother, which is forming my new self including “negative feelings” and no contact these days as result. Finally, I wrote an email to my mother telling her the truth about our New World and the world being with me and about to acknowledge me. This email to my mother corresponds to throwing the ball hard into the glass house and I am living myself in this glasshouse. It was necessary for my mother to “break down”, to go beyond what was to reach here, therefore. My mother shortly again believed in Sanna over me, which is why it was necessary for me to write this email making her realize that I am indeed the one. Poultry farming (creation) would have become much more difficult without this breakdown of my mother. We are adjusting the height of the handle inside the coffee machine before starting – cleaning the water nozzle to make as much water come out. It is first now that I am a large farmer with my mother’s renewed faith, can you feel the force running? I was shown a device creating flowers for an eternity, which is about eternal creation coming from this part of the Source for an eternity from now, and we just have to test this now . Love is stronger than all, my mother and I spoke together again – some things can only be done at the very edge, which I have passed now. ”The release of everything” (in Mijas) was the most dangerous road you could take, and you took it, this was about your mother accepting all of you.
  • I received wrong/opposite football results wrong/opposite ”IT-problems” of my train travel card, which is about ”turning things around” at Costa del Sol. This is because we have changed lifeline from darkness to light of all life at Costa del Sol meaning that ”everything you see in the world of today is WRONG”. We are really the opposite of what you see after having changed the heart of all life – our New World is acting as darkness of our Old World. ”Higher powers” decided the result of the Danish election: ”I am a gnome now”, which brought the opposite result than what I had been told.
  • Helle Thorning-Schmidt won the election, but had to step down as Prime Minister, and Lars Løkke lost the election, but will become the new Prime Minister! The election result was planned to make Helle Thorning-Schmidt resign as Prime Minister to bring me forward and welcome me. Sanna and Hans orchestrated this plan, which the whole secret network of the world elite knows about and support. The world realized that we brought everything into the sun being turned around. This is why there are so many lights on ships of the Source – because the world is with me.


June 2015 – after script III: The Danish election was planned to make Helle Thorning-Schmidt resign as Prime Minister to bring me forward and welcome me

June 19, 2015: The Danish election was planned to make Helle Thorning-Schmidt resign as Prime Minister to bring me forward and welcome me

FB 190615 Stig 1

June 15
I have slept more and more terrible since returning home from Spain, which has to do with my mother’s feelings towards my script from our experiences on holiday together. This night I was awake “ten times”, and I dreamt about big bombs exploding, completely unreasonable colleagues wanting to fire me etc., yes, darkness not wanting to see me, i.e. kill me.

I feel alone and sad because of my mother’s reaction and also because of everyone else ignoring me with no one supporting me, which is quite amazing.

Yes, the world is cracking up and I am as tired as only a “cracked actor” can be.

I received this email from CLC World saying that we are eligible to a refund from the agent (!), and I am surprised that it is the agent and not the hotel “taking charge” on this question and also that I have not been informed about whether the hotel (and the agent) have forwarded my email to the people of their managements mentioned in my email, and maybe they “feel” that this is not necessary (?), thus silencing my voice without saying anything, which of course is wrong if this is the case, and yes, I found the President of Hotels.com on Linkedin, and he accepted my invitation to connect, and I sent him this email, which he may understand one day is only the truth.

CLC 150615

LI 150615 Johan

So you are the freezer, i.e the Source, and I felt a tree in my stomach, yes you are now in here where it is only you and me (my father). Here where the bow cannot be tightened anymore because you cannot no more. I felt Kim Bodnia giving me what he has been looking after all his life.

Klaus Riskær is also one of those you can thank the most.

Does this mean that you give up and being your mother in here as result (?), yes we know, I have NOT given up, but work at a lower level because I feel physically the most tired and exhausted ever, which is making me incredible weak around the clock, where doing every little thing takes out everything of me. I am now close to start taking two naps per day because even though I may stand up at 08.00, and take a nap from 13.00 for 1-2 hours, at 17.00, I am “completely out” again making it “impossible” to stay awake. On top of this, I feel the worst these day not knowing how my mother handles our “disagreement”, which may potentially have brought her completely down.

I felt Sanna as light, she knows that the day is coming where everything including her role and actions will be published, which is when darkness becomes light.

Some time ago, I was told that a travel to London would be necessary too after Costa del Sol because this is where times start, but I don’t know from where and how it should come from, and I have also been told about going to Greece to “celebrate victory”, which however may just be because last minute travels to Kreta and other places in Greece have been cheap lately, but no, I have decided that I am far too weak to travel again.

I was shown a Ferrari with a rocket motor taking off, but right now there is only a very little flame from the rocket motor because we only have little power.

Kåre from DR1 TV News is interviewing all political party leaders one at the time every evening at the moment, and today, he asked for ideas of questions to ask Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and I suggested to ask him why they don’t try to create a New World Order via UN – sharing the world’s resources, removing economical crisis, “energy”/pollution challenges etc. – instead of stealing from the poor and give to the rich and their eternal stop-gap solutions, which does NOT bring a solution to anything, and I asked Kåre if he had the courage, “can you”, or he is a WIMP, and yes, you have showed the world many times that they are all WIMPS (!), and this was also the case this evening, where Kåre did not even have the courage to use the term “stealing from the poor and give to the rich” and even less to ask him about a New World Order, and instead it was directly embarrassing to watch Kåre continue asking Lars maybe ten times “how much more per month shall people in work receive – 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 DKK” (?), where Lars could not answer, but as Lars said and everyone agrees about in this crazy society, “money matters” (as “motivation”), but no, this is where you are all WRONG as you should be able to understand from my New World Order including the same income for all people regardless of their work, right?

FB 150615 Kåre 1

FB 150615 Kåre 2

The most important precious stone is what Sanna brought home from Machu Picchu, which has to do with “protection of life”.

Khomeini and everything was leading forward to Naser Khader, their big new hope controlling the world as a “nice guy”, but being the opposite.

Here you will decide when to drive out the tunnel and switch on the light, i.e. force of the Source.

June 16
I slept even more terrible this night being awake maybe 10 times feeling awful every time, still receiving only poor dreams, which is a nightmare to go through also making me unfit.

The picture of three HD channels on my TV has frozen the last couple of months, and when speaking to the TV-supplier, Telia, today, they said that it was because I restarted my router 74 days ago, where it started up “negotiating” the highest Internet speed and achieved 9 MB, and he recommended that I did it again to make it achieve 15 MB (there are 2½ kilometres to the nearest central, obviously), which I did, and then it worked again = sign of contact to the Source.

Isn’t it funny that you knew “the Jew over all Jews” from your school class, Kim Bodnia, who was meant to include everything until handing it over to you – that day of faith in the Copenhagen Synagogue.

I was too weak to write to my mother today as I have thought about doing and also taken notes of, because I “cannot do anything”, and when I went to town later today to do some shopping, I felt absolutely awful.

Still, I wrote this comment to Lars Løkke, “little Lars”, saying that he steals from the poor to give to the rich and lets the poorest in the world (from Africa, Syria etc.) die on the entrance to Europe because we have “asylum problems” and “too generous foreign development aid”, and I tell people that it is incredible that this man (murderer!) is still a leader and that people will vote on him, but this is how it is, he still has a “50-50 chance” to become Prime Minister even after what the world already has seen on his lies, cheating and WRONG behaviour.

FB 160615 Lars L

Scientists have a new “theory” about the missing MH370 airplane, and here I tell Ekstra Bladet that it disappeared out of the blue to a New World to bring all with it there, which is not difficult to understand or to write about (?), or maybe it is.

FB 160615 EB

I was told something about “we are not done”, “shall we tell him”, “we will take care of it” because I cannot do anything. This corresponds to dying as John – feeling “to be given the message of the truth”. On why your father was put on Earth in the first place. And why Kirsten was some of the most poisonous ever. Including “the gold is paid then” – and I feel John here, he was told of this.

So it is about putting as many maize into the machine gun as possible, i.e. force of the source in me. It is about slicing the bread of all until the very last and little slice and the more of this I can slice and get with me, the more power of the Source I will get. The smaller roll we can roll you into, the more light. You are still in the outer hall of the castle, as I am shown, with the vision turning into being in the arm of the guitar on my way to the central part of it.

The foundation of Old Smurf was created in Malaga. How does a grill sausage taste like (?), which will be “much better” in our New World with force of the Source, now just a matter of how much.

I watched the Danish party leaders in “debate” on DR1 TV this evening – behaving like fools in order to get the word and do better than the counterpart – and it included a “hurt” little Lars defending his policy on “you can still be a good person when reducing development aid”. Later, at 00.40 I was first given the name of the leader of the Conservative Party, Søren Pape, and then I was shown the brightest ever ship of the Source sailing on Øresund Strait, which was to say that all of these party leaders are with me knowing about my comment to little Lars, and I was given the name of the political journalist Anders Langballe from TV2 News too to say that the media is with me too.

Ship of Source 160615 - first half of itThe first half of the ship of the Source this evening (the other half is hidden behind trees) with more lights on it than ever before because of support in me

John was not even allowed to give me free trial subscriptions on Helsingør Daily News as he did from time to time when an offer was on, and he did it because I am nice, but still he believed that I was dark behind my appearance, and it was first at the very end that he understood all.

June 17
It is this fight with my mother, which is forming my new self.

I decided to write the email to my mother this morning not having energy enough to give it as many edits to lift it up on a higher level, but this will do, and yes, I explain her (again) that this is “the end of times” before the opening of our New World, which is why there are no stars on Heaven (but lights of UFO’s), and that the only reason why I receive no public support to my work is because the world elite have forbidden people from “the Secret Network” to do so, and the rest either don’t have the courage (because of who I am) or still don’t believe in me. And I tell her about how the world believed that Sanna was light, and after some years of my writings, Sanna, (Hans), and the world now believe in me, and the next thing which will happen is for the world to acknowledge me. And I explain about my sufferings, and how I write the truth to bring our New World, and that it is all about accepting how we were created in this game of creation without becoming negative and finally that my mother is all life!

“Kære mor,

Jeg skriver denne mail til dig efter, at der nu er gået lidt tid siden sidst, for at give dig en forklaring, som kan være svær at give mundtlig, og for at vi snart kan ses igen. Det kan jo ikke være rigtigt, at vi to, som er de tætteste på hinanden, ikke ses.

Vi lever vitterligt i de ”allersidste tider” for den gamle verden, før vi vil åbne vores Ny Verden (en hel Ny Verden, mor!!!) med uendeligt lys, liv og lykke! Det meste af det gamle univers ER gået under (som medierne IKKE skriver om), derfor er der ingen stjerner på himlen, og de lys, som kommer frem (ofte på min kommando), er UFO’er, som er en ”officiel hemmelighed”, som verdens ledelse ikke tør fortælle om på grund af dens egne forbrydelser, som ikke alene omfatter korruption, men også historien om, at verden troede, at Sanna var lyset, og jeg mørket (!), hvor det forholdt sig omvendt, som krævede nogle års skriverier fra min side for at få Sanna/Hans og den officielle verden til at forstå, og vi står nu lige foran, at verden vil anerkende mig officielt, og at ”verdens ledelse” vil gå af og blive afløst af min ny verdensorden, som fremgår af min hjemmeside, og nej, mor, dette er ”ikke sindssygt”, dette er, hvad Sanna og systemet ønskede at gøre mig til (“sindssyg” – skaffe mig af vejen), dette er blot sandheden, som INGEN kan flygte fra. Det er således i virkeligheden din søn, der styrer verden, men i stedet for at give verden ulighed, magtbegær og korruption, som gælder for verden af i dag dag, giver jeg hele verden LIGHED, FRIHED og ANSVAR som forudsætning for, at livet selv kan overleve.

Det er denne sandhed, som jeg er blevet fortalt spirituelt og som jeg har videregivet til verden som mit arbejde for at få den, og verdens ledelse, til at forstå sandheden herom, og i starten blev jeg af alle, som ”ikke kunne” læse og forstå, opfattet som ”sindssyg”, og folk talte bag om ryggen på mig om deres egne misforståelser og ”bedrevidende uvidenhed”, ikke mindst dig, som var den væsentligste årsag til, at jeg spirituelt meget direkte blev givet ”de værste lidelser en mand nogensinde har modtaget” via INGEN energi, dårlig søvn og ”spirituelt mørke”, som har været et sandt mareridt hvert sekund i over 10 år nu, og som først slutter, når den gamle verden nu vil slutte.

Når ingen offentligt supporterer mig, er det ganske enkelt fordi, at verdenseliten har afgivet ordre til ”det hemmelige netværk” (ca. 10% af verden, som de havde udvalgt til at overleve, hvor resten skulle dø inklusive du og jeg!) om, at folk ikke må, og for resten gælder, at de enten ”ikke tør” (på grund af hvem jeg er) eller fortsat ikke forstår, at jeg skriver sandheden, og derfor stadig tror, at jeg er tosset.

Hvis ikke jeg havde overkommet al modstand  og mine lidelser, og hvis systemet – inklusive Sanna og Hans – havde lykkedes med deres opdrag, så var jeg blevet sat bag lås og slå på et psykiatrisk hospital, og så ville jeg ikke have været i stand til at fortsætte mig arbejde, som ville have haft som konsekvens, at den gamle verden ville være gået under, som således ville være sket, før den senere åbning af den Ny Verden.

Dette er den viden, som jeg har haft samtidig med, at jeg har gennemgået fuldstændigt, ulidelige smerter, som INGEN forstår graden af, fordi jeg så ud til, at have det ”meget godt” på overfladen, og jeg gjorde det kun, fordi jeg vidste, at verden ville gå under, hvis jeg gav op, og samtidig oplevede jeg, at mennesker grinte mig hånligt op i ansigtet, ikke ville læse/lytte og blev ved med at omtale mig som sindssyg bag min ryg. I virkeligheden fungerede jeg som ”dynamo” for verden og alt liv, og mit hårde arbejde og motion, når jeg har kunnet dette, gav direkte verden energi til at overleve ”mørkets kræfter”, som hev denne energi ud af mig, og havde jeg givet op, så var der ganske enkelt ”ikke mere energi”, og uden energi, intet liv/ingen verden. Sådan er det at være ”Kilde”.

Der er nu flere og flere, der tror på mig, som også omfatter Sanna og Hans og verdens ledelse, som var mit formål at omvende, og i stedet for at modarbejde mig, har verden vidst de seneste år, at mit arbejde ville føre frem til enden af den gamle verden og åbningen af vores Ny Verden, men alt har været holdt hemmeligt, den officielle verden har ”ikke turdet” sige noget, og det er årsagen til, at du ikke har kunnet læse og se noget om mig og alt dette i medierne, men tag ikke fejl, de kender mig alle sammen (via deres ”hemmelige medier” forbeholdt de udvalgte 10%).

Det helt centrale i mit arbejde har været min hjemmeside og mine skrifter, som du ”ikke kunne lide”, men som var selve vejen til vores Ny Verden, som inkluderer ”opskriften” på den inklusive en ny verdensorden, som den gamle verden har accepteret, og dette er også forklaringen på, at jeg ikke er enig med nogle politiske partier i dag. De følger mig, ikke omvendt, og således følger det, at jeg i virkeligheden er verdens leder, som den gamle verden har accepteret, og som Sanna (og Hans) også fuldt ud er klar over, for hun havde denne rolle før mig, som imidlertid ville have ført verden til enden, for hun var mørke, som IKKE havde ”opskriften” på en Ny Verden, som jeg.

Og SANDHEDEN er det helt centrale i mine skrifter. Min opgave har helt enkelt været at skrive sandheden om mine oplevelser, og bruge dette som ”opskrift” på vores Ny Verden, som også inkluderer, at opdrage mennesker i rigtig adfærd, arbejde og kommunikation. Det er denne evne, som jeg er givet – jeg VED, hvad der er forkert og rigtigt i forhold til adfærd, kommunikation og arbejde, det er ikke en ”mening”, men en ”viden” inde i mig (men jeg misforstår også “almindelige ting”)– og som jeg bruger, når jeg skriver om mine oplevelser, som inkluderer mine nærmeste omgivelser, det vil sige dig, Sanna, familien m.fl., og her gælder det ganske enkelt om, at FORSTÅ og at ACCEPTERE, at vi alle i familien er blevet skabt, som vi er blevet skabt med hver vores egenskaber i et kompliceret spil, som har handlet om, at få bragt ”alle børn hjem til Gud”, som var at bringe alt liv ud af mørke og ind i lyset, som var min opgave – ved IKKE at give op til mørke kræfter, som ønskede at stoppe mig for enhver pris – og det betyder, at vi hver især er blevet givet de ”personlige egenskaber”, som vi nu engang er blevet givet, og dette er blot, hvad jeg også har skrevet om, og det inkluderer for dig VERDENS STØRSTE KÆRLIGHED, som du ved, at jeg har sagt og skrevet om MANGE GANGE, men også det modsatte, som er verdens største mørke, som kommer til dig som funktion af menneskehedens mørke, og som inkluderer ukontrollable følelser, decideret skræk i værste fald, utålmodighed og en ”evig negativitet” (du ser som regel alt nyt som negativt før positivt), som kan være ”umulig at stoppe”, og som i værste fald får dig til at ”se sort”, og det handler altså blot om at ACCEPTERE, HVEM VI ER, og ikke at forsøge at gøre os bedre eller at blive sur/ked af det over at se, når jeg fortæller sandheden, for dette er IKKE det samme som at sige, at jeg er ”negativ” eller ikke elsker dig og familien, for det gør jeg meget højt, og når man forstår, at mit ”sværd” mod mørket var min ”pen” og ”sandheden”, og at det var dette, som reddede dig og hele verden, som ellers ville være gået under tidligere (vi overlevede Dommedag i 2012), så er det måske nok lidt nemmere at acceptere, ikke?

Således er det, at VERDEN LEVER KUN I DAG, FORDI JEG IKKE GAV OP (!) – i denne sammenhæng er ”misforståede, sårede følelser” FULDSTÆNDIGT LIGEGYLDIGE (!), de skal blot ”kastes bort” ved at beslutte sig for at være stærkere end dem , og ja, det kan du også (!), dette er, hvad jeg har forsøgt at lære dig i flere år – og vi er nu ”meget tæt” på at åbne vores Ny Verden, som altså indeholder uendeligt liv uden lidelser, kun lykke og kærlighed. Dette er, hvad vores nuværende lidelser er om, og tror du ikke, at du kan ”udholde” mig, når du forstår, at dette er blot den hemmelighed, som jeg gemte?

Du, jeg og familien tjener således et højere formål, og det handler om at ACCEPTERE, hvem vi er i dag, for vi er skabt ”perfekt” for at redde og skabe nyt liv, og jeg kan desuden tilføje, at du er ”den kærlighed, som har skabt livet selv”, for du er selve livet, mor (!), og jeg er den ”kilde”, som giver livet energi, så uden os, er der intet liv, ser du? Og måske vil du lære ikke at være ked af det og forlegen over min adfærd og ”arbejdsløshed”, men være stolt over, at jeg har udført verdens vigtigste arbejde nogensinde til perfektion – ellers var vi her ikke i dag, og vi ville ikke have skabt vores “perfekte Ny Verden”. Dette er årsagen til, at jeg ALDRIG gav op, når du “desperat” bad mig om at stoppe med at skrive eller stoppe med at sende penge til Kenya (de eneste, der troede på mig i lang tid, som SKULLE overleve!) m.v., du var selve dette mørke, som IKKE ønskede at leve, derfor kommer mørke altid først for dig, hvor det er omvendt for mig.

Og nu er vi kommet så langt, at jeg ”ikke kan” mere. Jeg har været ”mere død end levende” i 10 år, konstant været ved at falde om bevidstløs og/eller med et hjerteanfald, som betyder, at jeg har INGEN ENERGI til at gøre, hvad jeg har gør og har gjort, inklusive mit arbejde og de fleste gange, vi har været sammen, men jeg har alligevel gjort det, fordi jeg IKKE ville give op, når så meget stod på spil.
Afslutningen af mit arbejde var på Costa del Sol, og siden vi kom hjem, har jeg haft endnu mindre energi, og hvis dette fortsætter, betyder det, at jeg blot vil ”være hjemme” det meste af tiden, hvor jeg kan ingenting og vil vente på overgangen til vores Ny Verden, som betyder, at vi alle vil vågne som vores ”nye selv”, som omfatter ”gode erindringer” fra vores gamle liv. ”Timeglasset” er blevet vendt, alt liv er på den anden side nu, hvorfor jeg har INGEN energi, det er ved at være på tide at vende alt om til vores Ny Verden og nye liv, som formentlig vil ske indenfor de kommende måneder.

Jeg beder således om din forståelse og ”tilgivelse”, selvom der er INTET at tilgive, for sandheden er sandheden. Den rigtige følelse for dig er, at være STOLT af mig, og ikke det modsatte, som du var i årevis.

Jeg glæder mig til at se dig igen :-).

Kærlige hilsener fra

This email to my mother corresponds to throwing the ball hard into the glass house and you are living yourself in this glasshouse.

I received this fine song by Oasis and the lyrics “I’m free to be whatever I, Whatever I choose, And I’ll sing the blues if I want”.

It was necessary for your mother to “break down”, to go beyond what was to reach here, therefore.

I had decided to order a coffee perculator (special coffee brewing system) and a deep-fryer because I have decided that I want to have “perfect fries” at home, and it was through the Swedish chain Webhallen, which has opened a store in Copenhagen, and yes, I decided to go there physically to save postal expenses, and I did it, but I felt so poorly that I almost regretted doing it and I told myself that this will be the last time I go to Copenhagen, and yes, I had my lunch at “the Lebanon” (their shawarma’s are GOOOOOD :-)), but I decided not to see anything else but to go straight home again because I was really close to a black-out really.

I had this “funny story” with DSB, Danish Railways, and their “Travel Card”, which has received much criticism for years because it does not work correctly (as my two stories below show), and now you know the Source of this “fault” :-).

Rejsekort 170615

Rejsekort skriv til os

Rejsekort skriv til os2

Your mother shortly again believed in Sanna over you, this is why I was encouraged to include the story about Sanna being darkness in my email.

Poultry farming (creation) would have become much more difficult without this breakdown (of my mother on my story of our holiday).

I was shown my mother shooting with a riffle at me, but far too high, this was the only way bringing out the last darkness of her, including me, the Source.

I tried brewing coffee on my new coffee perculator, which should be “easy” to do, but I was surprised seeing that the water was almost clear after “brewing” obviously not having been in contact with the coffee even though it gave the right sounds from it, and later I was told that this could have been “spiritual darkness” doing it, i.e. because of my mother.

My mother’s mood is what can be decisive in the Danish election tomorrow so just maybe my email to her will secure victory of Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Lars Løkke to finally resign as ”the worst darkness”, we shall see.

I was shown my mother as a white figure of love inside a garden, and the fence to the garden is breaking because of pressure from outside, and we, the Source, just has to get to her once, and then the rocket (of our New World) will go off.

The only reason why the plane (from Malaga to Copenhagen) did not fall down, i.e. the world terminating, was because of faith of your mother in you, and yes, they got the sign.

So we are adjusting the height of the handle inside the coffee machine before starting. This is about cleaning the water nozzle to make as much water come out.

Then this is also connected, and I was given a sound inside my new coffee perculator and I was given the feeling of my mother, which is because she has ”approved” me again (later I tried brewing coffee on it again, and now it worked without problems). This is the difference between doing nothing and working. The exhaustion would be rusty without your mother on your side – and I am as usual always not only told but also shown this.

It is first now that you are a large farmer with your mother’s renewed faith, can you feel the force running? This was to bring your mother back on track again.

I watched the new TV debate between party leaders on Danish TV2 this evening, which included much inspired speech and could have included even more if I decided to write it down, which I did not because I was too weak, but when Morten Østergaard said ”I believe that people out in the livingrooms now go through the loading motions of the Panodil glass”, it was both funny to all people, who laughed of it, and also inspired because this ”loading motions” was in connection to ”my mother shooting with a riffle at me” as mentioned above, and that losing contact with me made her think of killing herself taking an overdoses of Panodil.

And it was also inspired when Helle Thorning-Schmidt suddenly decided to ”break the stiff frame” of the debate standing behind rostrooms by walking across the floor offering her handshake to Lars Løkke (freeze house taxes until 2025), which made Lars Løkke look like ”a nervous LITTLE BOY” or ”Little Lars”, who did not know what to say or do (not accepting her handshake), which this was to show, and yes, because this is how he feels like having to play the act going up against me knowing who I am and that I am right, and yes, it must be ”awful” having so many hundreds of thousands of ”murderers” of the Danish population with you being just as disgusting in their views as you, Lars (?), and Helle was directly inspired from my thoughts, which was to ”give everything you have, Helle, don’t relax now”, and yes, a few seconds thereafter she took the tour over the floor, which I liked seeing, and yes, she has the courage as Lars does not, this is what it showed too. http://politik.tv2.dk/valg2015/2015-06-18-analyse-derfor-var-det-et-sats-fra-thornings-side-at-krydse-gulvet

And finally, the leader of the Christian Democrats, Stig Grenov, felt indisposed and had to leave the debate (!) and lie down to ”regain strenght”, and what this was really about is of course because I am feeling ”totally groggy” constantly on the limit of fainting, and this came because of my mother’s surprise that this is how poorly I feel, and yes, now you know all of you, and this also goes for you, Pia ”Christmas”, who was also laughing about Morten Østergaard in this post and commented ”the drama” of Stig Grenov feeling indisposed, and I told her that both were ”inspired from above” because of how my mother and I feel, and I asked her how she is and also the other ”criminals” from the old party (the Conservative), but I received ”no answer”, and why is this, Pia, are you afraid?

FB 170615 EB1

FB 170615 EB2

FB 170615 Pia C

I was shown a device creating flowers for an eternity, which is about eternal creation coming from this part of the Source for an eternity from now, and I was told that we just have to test this now (after my email to my mother ”opening up” again).

This is still about bringing everything inside the metal membrane, which used to be two, but is now united as one as I am shown here.

No, maybe it was not wise telling my mother about just how poorly I feel because of ”the game”, but I feel and have felt so completely awful that this is my limit.

Now Anne Linnet is back on the agenda, which is about my mother also having said that she would like to go see Anne Linnet in concert this autumn in Helsingør, and yes, we have saved ”tusind stykker” (”thousand pieces”) via my email this evening :-).

And then my mother called, and we were both happy speaking together again, there were ”no bad feelings” or mentioning about the content of my email to her, and we agreed to see each other again on Friday (in two days), and she will call me tomorrow to make sure that I have contacted the doctor about the (very little) lump in my chest, and yes, now I have to do it, which I was not really sure about because it is really not big, and it may be nothing and I don’t care much about it because we are heading towards something completely new, and yes, your mother knows that you are the one as I am here given the feeling of too, and yes, it required this email to ”confirm” it, and when finishing the call, the ship of the Source sailed by again this time with a whole arc of many lights on the side of it making me think of a full symphony orchestra, this is what came to me :-).

And I was encouraged to play the Wedding album by Bowie once again, because we are again back on track, and yes, isn’t this GREAT?

This proves that love is stronger than all. There are some things, which can only be done at the very edge, which you have passed now.

Yes, you could have decided to start before this, but we know, we will wait on man acknowledging me.

No, my old colleague and friend, Preben, is not very quick when it comes to understanding what I told him here, which is that all pension schemes and other “old values” of the society will completely “expire” and replaced by a new system, and yes, “it sounds exciting what you think of” as he wrote, but in his small head, he is still thinking “old world terms”, which is that “nothing is changed because the politicians sit on their hands”, and yes, was it really so “completely impossible” for you to read and understand me, Preben (?), and yes, SAD you made me – feel Yoda here.

A little hint from Suzanne when saying “Election 2015 dear God help Denmark”, and I told her that I have heard her and new and much better times are coming :-).

FB 170615 Suzanne 1

FB 170615 Suzanne 2

June 18
I was surprised sleeping MUCH better and longer than for a long time, which shows that it was my mother’s concerns that made me sleep awful.

I woke up to the lyrics ”you always meant the world to me” from Jeff Lynne’s fine ”Now you’re gone”, which is about my mother’s and my mutual feelings, and this music is about ”the greatest love”.

I sent my regards “from one fatman to another” because Master Fatman was on P6 radio this morning, and they decided to play the BRILLIANT song “Instant Karma” by John Lennon as I brought, and I here feel the pure diamond of our New World, and yes, “they know” :-).

FB 180615 P6

Yes, ”the release of everything” (in Mijas), this was the most dangerous road you could take, and you took it. This was about your mother accepting all of you.

I was told that I have gone through ”minimum (of maximum)” of Kraftwerk, and I received the feeling that the story about the wrong and opposite football results the other day, and the wrong and opposite ”IT-problems” of my travel card yesterday is about ”turning things around”, which I have also ”just felt” yesterday and today – as a result of this ”Costa del Sol task” that I went through now ending with the opening of my mother yesterday.

And this is because we have changed lifeline from darkness of Sanna to light of me to all life at Costa del Sol, this is what it is about meaning that ”everything you see in the world of today is WRONG” because we are really the opposite of what you see. This was about changing the heart for my mother and all life – from ”negative” to ”positive”. This is what Rigmor/photographing of my mother was about.

I heard the MP’s Henrik Dam and Bertel Haarder on TV2 News this afternoon for example saying ”water always run downs” with inspiration, and I was told that it is confirmation that they know of me in relation to TV debate yesterday (as I have been told many times today without writing it), and when answering the question on how the election will go today, they said that ”higher powers will decide”, so we will see what I want, what I really, really want :-).

No, I did not vote myself in this system of the old World Order, even though it is right to vote, because everyone is WRONG.

This is what was not easy doing alive (changing from ”minus” to ”plus”). This was about changing your mother’s telephone number. This is what was killing me – and my mother as well.

And this is about making your mother understand what was ”completely impossible” for her to understand, and to accept the truth of her – both positive and negative sides – to be published, which was even more impossible for her to accept.

Is it so that your mother is also bound by the ”don’t acknowledge/support Stig” order of ”the Secret network” since she doesn’t say anything (?) – or is it still her fear of being revealed that lets her avoid doing it?

Since coming home from Costa del Sol, it has been ”the worst summer weather for years” in Denmark, which is ”strange weather” because of the ”coldness” between my mother and I.

So USA was receiving orders from Russia in secrecy and bringing them out in life, and what happened when Obama started refusing these following in your footstep knowing that if nothing happened to you (when going up against Putin), he would be protected too, and yes, this is how faith brought us home – also not least because of Obama’s faith and courage, thank you ”my man” :-).

And your mother has listened to ”evil tongue” about you from Karen and Jack and others – or maybe being told about them also knowing that ”Stig is crazy”.

This is how it is having brought your mother with all life home to the Source, and no, we are not any ”bad guys”, but the opposite, so when you ask us to turn around the stream, this is what we do, and yes, here symbolised by Kim Larsen and his fine song ”Så vender vi kajakken” (”then, we turn around the kayak” (”with regards from Greenland”), which I here feel is also to remind me to go to his concert in Helsingør in the end of June, and yes, I will.

And yes, it is easy for your mother to suddenly be confused, which is why you had to tell her in your email to bring her back.

This is how your mother is the first fish here, so fish really means ”life”, which is what I bring to all as the Son with the Source inside of me, and yes, all life too.

And it was not first because my mother supported/believed in me that she decided to follow me and not join their secret network, it was simply about love.

I booked a time for a medical check of my ”lump” on my chest, which is really more like a ”swelling”, and they first had time on July 3, which made my mother worried when I told her over the phone, and I had to tell her that ”this is nothing, it is really more like a swelling”, so we will see.

I received ”Bob George” by Prince from his ”Black Album”.

My neighbour, Preben, rang on my door and I invited him in for coffee, and we started watching the election night on TV, and later I decided to also invite him on dinner giving him the same as I would have taken alone without doing anything special out of it, which was fine, and I did this because he obviously needed social contact to feel better, and he then stayed all evening until the final result was ready after midnight.

Already from the very first ”exit polls”, it looked as if the red block with the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt would lose to the blue block with the Prime Minister candidate Lars Løkke, and the trend continued, the more votes were counted, and I was told that I am a gnome now, which is to bring the opposite election result than what I have been told, which again is because we are really the opposite of what the world appears to be. So the world shows darkness which is not there at all and solely because of its old poor habits.

Is there an underlying plan for Helle Thorning-Schmidt to do something else (?), and when Anders Samuelsen held a speech on live TV, he said the inspired words ”plads til begejstring” (”room for enthusiasm”), which was about the album of the same name by Gnags, and here their ”national song” ”Danmark”, which is the best they ever did, and it comes here both with this enthusiasm because of ”an underlying plan”, but also because of ”DANMARK – Har aldrig set dig så selvisk og ensom, Nogen sinde før” (”DENMARK – have never seen you as selfish and lonely, ever before”) as Gnags sings, which is about Denmark going right almost doubling the extreme right wing party Denmark’s People’s Party in size making it the second biggest with 21% of all voters, which is truly about extreme egoism and selfishness of simple minded Danes, who have enough in themselves and want to shut out all immigrants and others from the borders of Denmark, and yes, ”DANMARK – Du trænger til nogen der kysser din næse, Og nulrer dine øer” (”DENMARK – you need someone kissing your nose, and rubbing your ears”), which is because ”Lige meget hvem du er, lige meget hvor du er, Så velkommen her” (”no matter who you are, no matter where you are, then welcome here”), which is how the TRUE FEELING is here in the Source, where everyone is welcome – ”Let me hear you say Yeah!” :-).

We have not even told you what Karen would get as reward for stealing (”emptying”) you, yes her task, what was that (?), yes, lose the only one she ever loved and for what (?), a bag of money, and Denis and ehhh ”fake creation” of a New World via him – is there a story here?

Preben continued asking me about whether this election result could have been manipulated electronically, and I was given the feeling that it is, and then I was told that everything including a new unemployment benefit reform, as the politicians here have talked about during the election campaign, was only a game because the big game is that Helle will welcome you.

This includes Liberal Alliance and the whole world, it has been agreed how to bring you forward, and it is just this plan that they are following. And you have played along this game not knowing about it. I felt Niklas, and was told that he knows, and that the media for the Secret Network has written about it. And I felt Peter Gabriel and other fine musicians (”celebrations”), and was told that this was how to bring out Helle Thorning-Schmidt from Danish politics.

FB 190615 Simpson

During the evening, I told Preben more about ”the corrupt world”, the planned financial breakdown of the world, ”natural disasters” (”weather manipulation”), the world elite carrying out their ”war against man” to save themselves and eliminate 90% of mankind and that we have survived Judgment Day going through the worst darkness to enter the smallest hole to the Source, and we will now turn everything around bringing our New World, and yes, I have preparated him several times now, and this was the final part telling him the full truth, which he did not reject, and that is on the contrary, because it is easy for him to believe in ”a corrupt world”.

In the end, Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s party, the Social Democrats, gained 1.5% to 26.3% of the votes, but despite of this, she was ”the loser”, and the question was if she would decide to resign as result, and Lars Løkke’s party, the Liberal Party, had a disastrous election losing 7.2% and only receiving 19.5% of the votes, but still the blue block won in total by 90 to 85 seats of the Parliament, and this is how the winner became the loser and the loser became the winner, and yes, this is how Lars Løkke having SCANDALS sticking to him ”won” the election and seems to become the new Prime Minister if he can agree on the foundation of a new government together with the Danish People’s Party and two other, smaller non-socialist parties including the Conservative party, which was almost ”wiped out” only receiving 3.4% of the votes after it had more than 20% in the 1980’s and the Prime Minister post.

FB 190615 Berlingske

When watching Helle Thorning-Schmidt driving from her home to the Parliament after midnight, Preben said that ”it is New Year’s evening, or Christmas Evening”, which is what he thought because there was no one on the streets, which was really the same as saying that ”we are opening our New World because of the birth of my new self”.

This is what Monrad & Rislund is about, and I was given their ”Fint besøg” (”fine visit”), which is about a visit of the Prime Minister then, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, who says ”I am finished”, which he continues saying (on the bathroom), ”I am finished, I am finished”, which is because I (Helle) have a more important job to do, which is to raise you up and bring you to our New World, this is the role I have been given, this is the plan, this is why ”Helle is finished”. And I was shown a glass flask including Scrooge McDuck, which Helle puts in her back pocket, and this is to open for this flask as I am shown with Scrooge McDuck being the Source – with our New World.

This plan has Danish People’s Party in a key role, and it also includes the mayor of Helsingør, and yes, the VERY SILENT Benedikte Kiær, who has NOT answered my email a few weeks ago.

And first now, Helle Thorning-Schmidt has come as far in her speech that she actually says that she will resign as Prime Minister and also chairman of the Social Democrats, and I was given the feeling of Vesterbrogade, which is about Lani and her friend, whom Lars G. and I used to visit for some time in 1990/91, and I was told that Helle Thorning-Schmidt knew about me and her role already back there, which would lead to this decision today if everything worked out working on my team, and it did – thank you, Helle :-). And Preben said that ”it is like watching a film”, which again was about ”a script”, and this is exactly what it was, Preben.

They did not know that you would not be given children, and I was then told that they wanted you and Karen to have a child, which is why she made love to me against her will, and it was because they believed that they could bring your father to the child and eliminate you, and eehhh, a new story coming now, which is different to the first story I was given, which is that they did not want me to make love with Karen.

By this time, I was reminded of receiving ”the black album” by Prince in the beginning of the evening, which was to say that it was darkness winning this election – as planned.

And do you know who else have been part of this plan (?), yes, Sanna and Hans orchestrated this to bring you forward. I received the feeling of Crown Prince Frederik and was told that the Royal family have not participated that much, but mainly monitored, which also goes for his mother, Queen Margrethe.

They tried all the time to bring Karen against you.

So what you are seeing is an act made in front of all of the people. And it is only because you made it to here – without the airplane, i.e. world crashing, and the story of the the Copenhagen Synagogue etc. – that we carry this out.

While the party leaders held their ending debate around 02.00 in the night, I was shown a dark room under the Parliament, which is my prison also containing the bomb that could have eliminated the world. And I was shown golden dust coming out from this room and see how it makes bread, i.e. creation, and this is what these party leaders are now really thinking of and eagerly waiting on.

Paul McCartney knew about this plan too, so the plan was sold to the secret network making them know about what is coming, which is just about bringing about their their new master plan following me, which the whole world does. Even Turkey, which otherwise was ”impossible”.

And I was shown a new ship of the Source sailing in front of my apartment, and I was told ”you are welcome”, and it includes the Arab League. The world realized that we brought everything into the sun being turned around. This is why there are so many lights on ships of the Source here – because the world is with me.

FB 190615 Stig 2

FB 190615 Stig 3



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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