June 2015 – after script IV: I have all ingredients to start our New World now, but I continue my mission going even deeper into the Source to receive even more force


Summary of the script today

  • June 28, 2015: I have all ingredients to start our New World now, but I continue my mission going even deeper into the Source to receive even more force. I am still forming my own new self now reaching smaller and smaller parts of me receiving more force to better spread new life and reach previous creations. The task of the Pope is to continue my mission for as long that he believes that I can still work/survive, otherwise he will break the silence and announce my coming. We are closing the two sides of Karen and I into one, and then no one can ever see that we have been separated. Lars Løkke’s new government is both the worst darkness and weakest of all likely to crack up at any moment symbolising the end of the Old World.


  • I was shown a big heart coming to me and told that we have now shaken the gold out of it, and also that it is vital that my mother doesn’t mind Karen and I together. One of the only advantages is that we decide when it will be springtime to start up everything, we now have all ingredients to start – I will NOT start before man has acknowledged me. This is when we will enter you from the ship of the Source as I feel from outside on Øresund strait, and that is when you give up. We have full power now and have implemented “Stig Dragholm” all over the world also because my mother has accepted everything. I continue the game living on the mercy of my mother and her love to bring forward all of Karen and connect even deeper with the Source. The attorney to the government ”cannot” understand/communicate, they obstruct and exhibit abuse of power, and they fail in my court of justice! I sent my replication to the court; the attorney to the government know that they are the last part of the game against me before changing darkness to light. This was my road going to the top of the society, which is where Karen/God sits, on top of everything of this dark world.
  • I am still forming my own new self now reaching smaller and smaller parts of me receiving more force to better spread new life and reach previous creations. We are closing the two sides of Karen and I into one, and then no one can ever see that we have been separated. I was shown two bars opposite each other, of Karen and I, and these match perfectly together, which equals “true love”. I was shown a sword from the ship of the Source coming into my living room from outside and there is still even more coming in. My mother feels embarrassed of still lying to me not telling the truth of what she did against me when she stood on Sanna’s side. This is what brings me sufferings, i.e. because of my mother, and what makes my whole mission possible bringing darkness to me to be cleansed. My mother has decided to continue fighting against her sufferings because she believes enough in me and a “better future”.
  • The secret network/elite working against me is just about to fall. These are the people carrying the secret of the world. In one word, the most important of all was Karen, to get my mother’s approval for me to be with her, i.e. replace herself with a new highest queen. My mother “lost it” again because of sorrow missing John and not wanting to live anymore, and Sanna and I brought her back up – without using a psychologist!. It was because of Obama going against Putin, as I, that the world at the end stopped listening to Putin and the marine stopped following his orders. We were ready to say “cut Elly” and “start everything” if you did not survive your mother’s darkness on holiday and afterwards. The task of the Pope is to continue my mission for as long that he believes that I can still work/survive, otherwise he will break the silence and announce my coming. My own plan is to continue until I win the case over the Appeal Board receiving my money symbolising the gold of everything, which may be in September 2015 – if I can. Lars Løkke’s new government is both the worst darkness and weakest of all likely to crack up at any moment symbolising the end of the Old World. The Danish Master of music, Kim Larsen, helps setting me free, switching on my new heart and spreading new life by amplifying the world acceptance of the Source. Kim Larsen & Co., Danish and International music stars, have been in spiritual contact with late music stars like Bob Marley to plan “a new tour”.



June 2015 – after script IV: I have all ingredients to start our New World now, but I continue my mission going even deeper into the Source to receive even more force

June 28, 2015: I have all ingredients to start our New World now, but I continue my mission going even deeper into the Source to receive even more force

FB 290615 Stig 1

June 19

Sister also always felt “no one is to touch Stig” – making her suffer too because this is what the world had to do to “release me”.

After publishing my script of yesterday, I tried taking a nap in the afternoon, but I had the strongest fear/feeling of my heart stopping at all time and I was told that this is because of my mother’s fear after having told her in my email to her, this is what it means, it is “killing” me.

I went to dinner with my mother this evening, and we had a fine and nice evening together, and she said that she is inviting Sanna, Hand and I – maybe the boys too – on Midsummer evening on Tuesday next week where Søs Fenger, another of the classic Danish, female pop singers, whom I like much, will sing, and where the famous actor, Tommy Kenter, will hold the fire speech, and yes, the man whom I saw the first time in the Circus Revue in the end of the 1970’s where he performed the inspired sketch about being “so tired, so tired”.

At my mother’s home, I was shown a big heart coming to me and told that we have now shaken the gold out of it, and also that it is vital that she doesn’t mind Karen and I together.

Tobias has received a new girlfriend, after having had a very turbulent relation with Mia for years.

One of the only advantages is that we decide when it will be springtime (for Hitler), i.e. to start up everything, and no, I don’t want to start before man has acknowledged me. We now have all ingredients to start.

I felt John and was told that my mother’s love is stronger than her fear of my health making it possible to go on. So this is about making it possible for me to continue living as old self.

This is when we will enter you from the ship of the Source as I feel from outside on Øresund strait, and that is when you give up.

I felt Buddha and was told that everything is prepared inside here, but not with you, you say …

Your mother’s blockage of Karen made it impossible to enter here.

I received one of these sudden and incredible STRONG pains to the backside of my right lower leg, as a strong cramp, and this was just to say that we have full power now. After having implemented “Stig Dragholm” all over the world. Which is also about mother having accepted how she is created and to show the world, yes, turned her around.

What are we now waiting on, then?

I was shown a kitchen through the window to it from outside, and inside stands the oracle, and she is waiting to put butter on pan, i.e. to bring out creation.

Is this about bringing forward all of Karen (?), and I am here given the feeling of Helle Thorning-Schmidt coming to together with “relief, joy and excitement” about what we are doing and what is coming, “we did It”, which was to release her from politics, this is what the turn around of my mother via my email to her was really about, and this is what brought the “manipulation” (of “the gnome”) of the election result, and I also feel Obama here saying “congratulations” and more.

It is because we are living on your mothers mercy and I am feeling the Source here and also that I will not be living when becoming the Source, but still “I am”, which is just “something else”, myself, and I received a deja vue, I just know this deeply inside of me.

I was shown four legs of creation connected to the IMMENSELY powerful Source of light.

Your mother knows that you cannot give up, which is what saved the world, you are a mini size of me (inside the Old World).

We found a new road, we are now even smaller with your mother’s help/understanding. So we are not yet unfit to work, but still continuing the journey. So you are alive against all odds on mercy of your mother, who agrees to let you search for something even deeper, yes to connect deeper inside the Source.

Not even Grethe, who know the secret, knew that you could dig this deep carrying your mother and all life with you, now it is just about finding a good place here. All is led by the “wife acceptance factor” of your mother in relation to Karen, and Sanna too – all know that we are headed for something better.

So John is dancing just on the other side, at the ship of the Source, and you can call him at any time. And the ship of the Source sailed by including both red and green lights and I was told that my mother is the over-command deciding to live. This is why we keep sending you a heart to continue your work in there. I felt my weak heart and my father, and was told that everything of course is controlled by him.

You are not dead yet, which is what the whole game was about – not being detected and destroyed by darkness of my mother. And I was told about her “purse” including darkness, which only included what we planned to include.

I felt John again, and was told that I have entered the Source, and now I am just finding the perfect spot. Well, is there more darkness, i.e. Source, inside mother, which we will get you (?), yes. This is only a matter of how much your eyes shall see when awakening.

I felt John at Hillerød Hospital, where he died, and I was told that it was not me, who interested the doctors there, but how to create, yes, via John.

And I received a deja vue that doing this work standing on my head inside this world is difficult to do.

June 20

I woke up with the words “Emancipation times 3, we just say”, which is about an important album by Prince, and I thought that it may also be about its definition “the act of freeing or state of being freed; liberation” in relation to my case against Helsingør Commune and the Appeal Board because the deadline for the attorney to the Government, who is my counterpart in the lawsuit, is running out this week, what will they write to me, will they give up and finally let me win?


Jens Olsen’s World Clock also counts down to our New World.

And yes, I did indeed receive the letter from the attorney to the Government today, and what did it say (?), and yes, did they give up (?), and no, they ask the court to disqualify me because of formalities (!), and because they “cannot find” all my documentation, and yes, they received a “brain haemorrhage” not working carefully but acting as better-knowing ignorants, and yes, as I have seen all the way and now also on the very top of the system, so I will now have to start writing a reply to them tomorrow.

Not long after reading their reply, I received the feeling of the Cure and a little letter it was of course their album “head on the door” coming to me because my case is truly like knocking my head on the door in relation to the THICK bureaucrazy and resistance of the worst darkness of the system of Hell making me bleed.

They didn’t quite get Peter A-J from Acta over on their side, which was also a major reason that things went my way, and yes, I have been told about this before, but it is the first time written.

June 21

I continued receiving the word “forming” again and again because I am forming my own new self now, which is what makes the maize keep coming, i.e. bring energy, and this is really about reaching smaller and smaller parts of me. This is so we better can read old LP’s, i.e. reach previous creations.

I was shown a zipper closing in the grand stand of a football match with the two sides on each side of it becoming one, and I was told that then no one can ever see that we have been separated (to release life from inside).

My mother visited me for coffee today, and she asked if I had eaten the left overs yesterday from our dinner two days ago, which she is always kind giving me and which I normally always eat the day after, but this time I had fallen for the temptation to have a pizza instead and did not have the left overs, and I knew what this was about, this came directly to her from the Source to challenge “my record” of not having given a lie for more than 20 years, which I have not, and I knew what I did when I told her “yes, I have”, so there you have it, my first lie for so many years, which I am NOT proud of, and the only reason why was because I am feeling so weak and did not like to receive my mother’s “rain squall” as result, and yes, it doesn’t take more than this, and afterwards, I felt an embarrassed, and I was told that this is how your mother feels like hiding what she did to me (agreeing with Sanna and the system to “take care of me”), which she does not want to get forward also because of how her friends will react to this, I felt Cyril and Annette, and yes, this is how it is to have a mother hiding information from you and lying, and not asking questions for example to the email that I sent to her recently because she knows that it also leads to the revealing of her, and yes, what a WIMP attitude, mother, haven’t I told you to ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH (?), and how difficult can it be for you to do (?), and yes, “impossible” it seems.

My mother also asked me why I don’t start at Fitness World again (?), and yes, “I have no energy”, mother (!), and no, she doesn’t realize just how little this is and what it really feels like, because I look “alright” (most of the time)?

June 22

The reason why I only receive few notes these days is to be able to write my reply to the attorney of the government and the court, which I started doing yesterday – as normal I am “bombarded” with ideas of what to write, thus having several pages of notes first to structure – and I feel so poorly today after a VERY poor sleep this night that I wonder if I will be able to continue work on this at all.

Ole was “made crazy” to divorce your mother because he had changed side to me. My mother has known all along about me because of Ole, but she was made believe that he had gone crazy, thus deciding to “forget” about what he told her about me and believing in Sanna and the system instead who told her that “Stig is crazy” after I had been opened and showed myself as God as Ole had told her would happen, funny right. And this is also what she would rather run away from, not believing in, because it was “not nice”, and yes, pretending that it was not true.

I kept on receiving feelings about how the secret network/elite working against me is just about to fall. These are the people carrying the secret of the world.

This is what brings me sufferings, i.e. because of my mother, and what makes my whole mission possible bringing darkness to me to be cleansed, so therefore it is really “thank you mother for doing wrong”. No, your mother has not even yet said thank you to you (saving her/the world).

In one word, the most important of all was Karen, to get your mother’s approval for you to be with her, i.e. replace herself with a new highest queen.

I was shown a fire around the shopping centre next to the motorway in Fuengirola and was told that I went to Costa del Sol to start up the force of the Source.

I wrote this comment about how I like Tobias on TV exploring new cultures, which many closed people here could learn much from.

FB 220615 Tobias

June 23

I can only work half a day, in the mornings, I am too tired to continue work after lunch, so it will take some days to finish my reply to the court.

Carsten was “inspired” when he decided to play “King of my castle” on P6 radio today, which Mikael did not like at all, and Carsten asked for support from listeners, which I then gave him, and yes, I am this “King of my castle”, this was your inspiration, Carsten :-).

FB 230615 P6

Pia brought a picture of Danish People’s Party’s new (almost doubled) Parliament group, and I could not avoid bringing her the comment that it is simple minded racists voting on her party, and that they are NAZI’S and murderers letter desperate people in Africa/Syria etc. die instead of helping them, and I encouraged her to put forward their hidden plan of spreading hate of foreigners to the population to create the road for the clash of civilizations between the Muslim and Western World with the true motive to eliminate 90% of the world population to create a New World for the elected 10%, i.e. the elite.

FB 230615 Pia 1

FB 230615 Pia 2

Your mother is not like Pocahontas now, is she?

It was “Sankt Hans” or Midsummer Eve today, and my mother had been kind inviting us all – Sanna/Hans and Niklas/Tobias (now both without girlfriends at the same time, for the first time in years) and I – for dinner, and to go and see the traditional Sankt Hans fire at Marienlyst Hotel, where Tommy Kenter, a famous actor here, would hold the traditional fire speech and where Søs Fenger, one of the great and famous Danish singers – would sing afterwards, but when Niklas and Tobias wanted to go to the hotel 15 minutes before we were planning to go, my mother “lost it” and kept on speaking about how this was “lack of respect” to her and the dinner, and Sanna kept on speaking against her that “it really doesn’t matter”, and this was enough to bring up even more “hidden darkness” of my mother, because it started her negative thoughts and feelings, and suddenly she could not take it anymore and started crying, which was not about Niklas and Tobias, or Sanna for that matter, but because she misses John so much and “sees/feels” him everywhere in the apartment, and then started one of the BIG ACTS with my mother crying and saying “I cannot take it anymore, I will kill myself”, and yes, she was again 100% dark/negative and “impossible” to turn around, but Sanna and I tried – while Hans, Niklas and Tobias went to see Tommy Kenter and Søs Fenger, which I had looked much forward to seeing myself, also thinking that Tommy would probably bring “inspired speech”, which could bring a good story, but no, this is not what darkness wanted me to do when it used our mother in the play again – and yes, our mother “completely lost it”, was black in black regardless of what we said to her, and then Sanna started recommending our mother to see a professional psychologist, and I just told her as objectively as possible that “I have another opinion on this”, which made Sanna “automatically reject me without listening” because I was obviously wrong in her mind, and yes, she does this from time to time and doesn’t think at all that it may be her who is wrong and just how disgusting she really is when she does this “complete /wrong rejection”, so this time I told her stronger “Do NOT automatically believe you are right, listen!”, and yes, I did not want to disagree directly with her because this was about our mother, and yes, Sanna and I were here working together as a team trying to lift up our mother from this grave of deep feelings, which were given to her, and once again, I told my mother that she is the only one who can decide whether she wants to be sad, which only is self-fuelling making her feel worse and worse, or to be strong and focus on her new life and freedom to do whatever she wants, which is only also self-fuelling making her stronger and stronger, and yes, you will become sad thousands of times, every single day, and every time you have to be stronger than this feeling, and no, we will NOT allow you to kill yourself, as she kept on speaking about, and yes, slowly we managed to bring our mother back – my sister confirmed what I told her, and said some of the same things herself, but when Sanna decides to be strong, she sounds like a director negatively ordering people, which I felt strongly as I am sure that our mother did too, and this is on contrary to how it works when I am strong, which is “motivating”, and yes, Sanna, this is also the difference between us, and yes, I also told our mother that “we all struggle with sufferings in the family, but decide to focus on good things to come through – and on a better future coming” and that I am personally suffering even more than you having no love and everyone having abandoned me (not to speak about having no energy and negative voices etc.), but I will NEVER giver up myself, I would NEVER dream about it, and yes, this was an eye-opener to our mother – and it took out energy of me that I do NOT have, which again was “completely unnecessary” if only our mother had decided to be stronger than these negative feelings coming to her – and after maybe one hour, she felt better, and I told her, as I had over again, that we know you the best of all and know what we can tell you, which a psychologist cannot – and you can use your good friend Käte as “psychologist” too telling you how she came over becoming alone 8 years ago and continuing living in the same apartment, which is MUCH better than a professional psychologist, which stood CLEAR for all here at the end of our dialogue, and we could now go to the hotel, but now we did not see the fire and Tommy Kenter’s speech, which I was really sad about, and we only saw the last two songs by Søs Fenger, who sang beautifully as in this her last song “Jeg holder øje med dig” (“I keep an eye on you”) and I do believe that this is what you did when you saw that my sister and I had arrived standing very close to the right side of the stage (our mother and the others stood five metres behind us), and yes, my sister recorded this video of Søs and I also loved the excellent playing on the double-bass in the end :-), and when everything becomes bright after 1:31 minutes I was told that “it is the sun coming in here”, i.e. the Source making this, and yes, it only happens in this version of the video and not the other four because Sanna uploaded the video no less than five times. This is the same way as when spiritual darkness used to work with the picture of my TV or computer “all of the time”.


Later, I was told that Sanna’s “recommendation” to our mother to see a psychologist would mean that she would be included in a journal, and this was really part of the game for “the dark side” to do, to make our mother “crazy” too, and I can only tell my sister to STOP what you do to our mother, Sanna, what you do is DISGUSTING (!), and yes, if you manage to send her to a psychologist, it will be “over my dead body” (!), and it will keep our mother a prisoner of her past instead of focusing on the future and her new life, and to use her family and friends if and when needed in “crisis-situations”, which is MUCH better, and yes, you should be able to understand now hearing how I do this job, right? And no, I don’t believe that our mother will give in to Sanna as she has been close to doing because I understand that they have been speaking about this on the phone without my knowledge, and yes, I have told my mother before that this is WRONG of her to do – do NOT get trapped in negative feelings of your past, focus on positive feelings and the now/future – GET OVER IT, BE STRONG, how difficult can it be (?), and yes, to our mother it can be “very difficult”, and I know, because I both have my mother and father in me knowing both the weak and strong side, so I know, mother – better than anyone.

And yes, Sanna also wondered and asked me something like “yes, why did you not break down” and I could only tell her that “it is because I am born with a strong will”, and yes, coming to me from my inner self to “never give up”, so this was really Sanna “showing her face” asking what she has been wondering for years, how in the world can Stig simply carry on with that enormous pressure on him, and with him, also our mother, and yes, this is how, Sanna – WILL POWER – and she even asked me if I truly believe in “a better future” coming, and yes, there is NO doubt about it, and again, “part of the game”, and I saw a white light of the Source on the Swedish coast – as the only one because it was still light – and I showed this to Sanna and told her that “our better future comes from this light”, and yes, when we walked down the 100-200 metres to the hotel, I saw that this white light was not the only light that had “decided” to shine on the Swedish coast, because there were 7-8 red lights and 1-2 white lights shining for maybe 10 seconds at a time, then 10 seconds off and on, which continued the next approx. half hour when we were there, and the red lights were about my mother, who “cannot take anymore” – because the world cannot take any more, but is about to crack up – and I showed it to my sister and said “see the lights all over”, and no, it was NOT “normal street lights” because it was still not dark and these had not been switched on, and yes, this is how it works here.

Yes, our mother also told us that she still sleeps poorly, awakes and feels like she is burning, yes, this is about our old world burning/ending.

I was also given the feeling and told that Hans is now “administrator” sharing my news, but being free of responsibility, I have taken over. I gave Hans one package of Segafredo espresso coffee, which I did not like myself, some time ago, and the final four packages, which I had today, and yes, he liked it, and this is just to say that despite of all, we still like each other, and I have noticed that he has improved his concentration when we speak together.

And then, when I cycled home via the beach road, I saw a couple walking against me, which was Tommy Kenter together with a nice looking woman, and yes, Tommy, we met after all, but I was sorry not to be hearing and writing a story about your Sankt Hans speech, but you can send it to me, if you like?

It was because of Obama going against Putin, as I, that the world at the end stopped listening to Putin and the marine stopped following his orders.

I was told that the Star Wars star child – as I watched in the Star Wars movie weeks ago – was arrested as a symbol to say that we are not being released without trouble.

ABC News 220615

I was thinking that my mother focuses negatively on dying apparently not believing strongly enough in me and our “new and better future”, and yes, “difficult to understand” and truly believe in all that I say. And did I write how much her negative energy and unnecessary sorrow pulled out of energy of me that I do NOT have, and yes, mother, if only you fully realized, you would never have allowed this negative energy to overtake your feelings.

This was the match serve bringing your sister on your side working together on bringing our mother home.

And I was told that this is how close I came to “end the game” when going against one of the rules of it by telling my mother about my true sufferings, which led to this drama, which was big, but still nothing compared to the drama of our holiday.

Naser Khader said that “we are now five theologians in the Parliament” – yes, he is a Muslim, who has become a theologian (!) – which was to through a cloth in my face because none of you are supporting me, so I asked him if there are any true servants of God (?) and also which side he is really working on and if he has the courage to tell now or if I still have to call him – and everyone else – for a wimp (?), and yes, to my surprise, he decided to play along on this game when he asked me to “explain, Stig”, which I then did, and I decided to say that I will let it up to him to give the difficult explanation to the world about how he really worked for the opposite of what he appears to be (for war and terror, not against as he says) and made a naïve world believe in, and I ended up by being kind telling him “take care, we will see each other again soon”, and yes, this shut up the mouth of Naser, who did not have the courage to support me and tell the truth, and instead I was met by angry and simple minded Danes believing that I was threatening (!!!) and of course “mental sick” because they have “blind faith” in Naser and not me, and yes, amazing that this is how it is – still.

FB 230615 Naser

FB 230615 Naser 2

Later, I was given the feeling of Naser with the feeling being “he is close to me”. It isn’t so that Naser was also a messenger of the Pope and had to find out himself, as all of the world, that he/they were wrong and “little Stig is right”.

I felt Naser again and was told “thank you”, and I am not “an idiot” now in Naser’s mind, am I (?), and also that he feels inferior to me.

Even later, I felt Naser again and was told that he also sends me much love because he knows what I have gone through. Yes, we only enter the Source via Naser because he turned around believing in me, which you can tell too, yes, how his dark view changed to bring life.

I was told that Morten Olsen, the national coach in football, was also a Genghis Khan, i.e. man of darkness, opening up to God, and he was another road we could have followed.

Naser and Margrethe Vestager agreed to share power of the world, and yes, they used to be together in the Danish Social Liberal Party in the Parliament.

Yes, they all know that you have created the New World, and they just wait for it to be switched on.

I was told that Richard of Berleburg, husband of the Danish Princess Benedikte, is also a key person, i.e. leader of the Old World, who has not revealed the truth yet about himself and his role, and there are people like him all over the world having responsibilities that the world does not know about.

I have received the name of my old colleague, Bjarne O. from DanskeBank-Pension (1988-91) MANY times for weeks, and I was here told that he was probably my biggest opponent, i.e. writing negative/wrong reports on me behind my back when we worked “closely together”, and yes, think that people could do as Bjarne as example did to me being so mean, but looking so friendly on the surface – just like Naser Khader and all of their secret network.

I was told that it is a “totally shaking feeling” for Naser and others to be revealed, which also goes for you, Pia Kjærsgaard, and yes, the two of you are like are “connected like pea straws” as we say here, and yes, “close friends”, which is VERY unlikely that Pia – from the Danish People’s Party – should be, and only is because she and Naser are key people in the set up that was meant to bring “the clash of civilizations” between the Muslim and Western World, and yes, one person was linking to my comment to Pia Kjærsgaard from the other day (about the hidden plan to eliminate 90% af the world population), which made people call me “crazy”, but to many others, i.e. the elite, it made you “do in your pants” because of fear being revealed to the world, which you all know that you will be, and they know that this is really what I am preparing them for – for you to stand forward telling what and why you did as you did.

June 24

My mother was stronger today, called me and apologised her behaviour yesterday.

Yes, it was my strength that pulled up my mother from “the grave” yesterday and made her feel embarrassed today – as I am here told, and yes, Sanna also helped her best and had some good points, but your problem, Sanna, is that when you try doing the same as her, which is to speak with strength, you sound like a dictator pushing/ordering people, which is VERY UNPLEASANT to listen to, this is how you are born, this is “darkness” streaming out of you, where I sound motivating, this is the difference between a “dictator” and a “motivator”, remember?

There was a story a few days ago about a fast food chain being accused of having deep fried and served a rat, which really was a chicken as it should be when they looked into it, and I was told that this is also a symbol of the worst darkness, i.e. elimination, as I have been through. http://abcnews.go.com/US/dna-test-debunks-claim-chicken-tender-fried-rat/story?id=31949186

I felt Naser Khader several times today, so still thinking of me you are?

I continued working on my replication to the court using more hours on it today, and I expect to finish and send it tomorrow.

Your father did not have faith in you because you were brought up by your mother, whom he had no faith in – because of her temper, “simple mindset” and poor economical situation asking him to pay double child contributions, which was THE WORST for him (!), and yes, he believed that she raised me wrongly, which she really did, however it was perfect to form me for my mission.

Is it so that your mother has decided to continue fighting against her sufferings because she believes enough in you and a “better future” because this is the only thing that keeps you going (?), yes.

Yes, when will the Vatican follow its promise releasing me when acknowledging me publicly and opening their archives?

Yes, I was on my very edge writing this replication to the court and I could as well have decided to give in to the strong desire to give up because it seemed “impossible” to do because of how I feel, but still I also decided to go against these strong feelings of disgust to do it and then just to work hour after hour, and suddenly I came through.

So your mother’s death desire was about this darkness wanting to kill you, yes, the trial of man against God even though you filed the lawsuit against man, and yes, they should have given up instead of fighting back.

I was shown solid potatoes changing into nuts and then gold and told that I cannot tell you how proud I am (for me doing this work too).

I was given the name of the former, Danish European Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, as I have some times lately, and I was told that she was decisive too.

We still dig deeper becoming even smaller doing this work to the court.

Greece is truly very close going bankrupt these days after having had many negotiations with the European Union not giving results, and I have been encouraged some times the last weeks to go to Greece, which I first did not want to do because of lack of energy and now don’t want to do because prices have increased above my budget, and I can only hope that it will have no negative consequences to Greece and the world economy, which may break down if Greece does, when I am not going there, but then again, this is the road home to the Source as it was “revealed” on DR1 TV news (the day after this), when they spoke about Greece, and the news reporter with inspiration said something like “it is like a roller-coaster in Tivoli”, which we all know is a symbol of the journey to the Source, right?

We were ready to say “cut Elly” and “start everything” if you did not survive your mother’s darkness on holiday and afterwards, and it is still this darkness that you are on your way out of.

And this is the task of the Pope, which is to continue your mission if he believes that you can still work/survive, otherwise he will break the silence and announce your coming, this is what it is about and yes, you have decided to continue until winning the case over the Commune receiving your money and getting new furniture, we know, and the attorney to the government writes in his reply that they expect to settle my case in “beginning of autumn”, which is September, and this is the same time as the last blood moon, which may also be the end of my mission and start of our New World – unless something new, as usual, will emerge, we will see.

So you announced your own death sentence telling the Pope “I don’t like to continue doing this” and yes, his task is to understand you an to continue until I really cannot no more.

Pia Vermund, the local Conservative candidate, who received many votes, but was not elected because of “the meltdown” of the Conservative Party, has received a large number of followers and friends supporting her, and here sending her flowers, wine etc. to show their appreciation, and yes, Pia simply says “common knowledge” and misunderstandings to people of “the old school” without truly wanting to reform society, and yes, just to show how people of the old world are appreciated here, where I only received silence and negative feedback from the same kind of people believing that I am crazy not understanding our true opposite roles, which makes me sad.

FB 240615 Pernille V

FB 240615 Pernille V 2

Tanwir has been “half deleted” to me on Facebook the same way as Britt used to be, so “important to creation” he is too.

FB 240615 Tanwir

June 25

I continue having dreams, which I have decided generally not to write down anymore, but this night I was dreaming about how Karen was making love to an incredible rude and primitive Russian and many other men, which made me sad, and when I woke up, I was told that already at the age of 28, she was destroyed, and I felt Sanna too when writing this.

I did the last edits of my replication to the court this morning, and I set it up in my email client and sent it this afternoon being satisfied that I also managed to write this “on the highest level of ambition” despite of how I feel, and I received a deja vue when doing this work because I have seen myself writing this email a long time ago, the feeling/vision is deep inside myself, “I just know”. Shortly thereafter I was told that “this is how to cut this cake”, and I was shown a strawberry cake being cut, i.e. our New World :-). Read the reply from the attorney to the government from page 115 above, and my reply from page 120. https://www.scribd.com/doc/250502729/Helsing%C3%B8r-Municipality-cheated-me-for-special-home-aid-forcing-me-to-live-on-a-stone

These are summaries in Danish and English of my replication:

FB 250615 Stig 1

FB 250615 Stig 2

This is what you and your mother had to go through – including Costa del Sol and the period until yesterday, which was “the worst darkness” because of this system of hell working against me.

And yes, I have been thinking – without being told anything – that just maybe it was “spiritual darkness”, or in this case the opposite, that made it impossible for the attorney to the government to make these links work making him “give up” and “jump to WRONG conclusions”.

Yes, the Synagogue in Copenhagen knew about Kim Bodnia and his special gift and that he one day should be “given away” to “another power coming down from the sky”, which happened to be you :-).

I was told that the management of the attorney to the government also know that they are part of the game against me, and I was shown myself sailing in a kayak on the very last part of the channel and behind me, the channel itself is being pulled up and removed, i.e. this is the very last of everything of the Old World.

It is also “Fanny’s rule”, which will now stop, which is about her resistance to me, which helped bringing up the Old World and darkness going against me – because of who she is too.

Obama had an unpleasant experience today with a person, who heckled him at the White House, which made Obama tell this heckler: “You’re in My House!” and “Shame on You!” before sending out the heckler to the applause of all, and this “shame on you” was really about my “shame on you” on the attorney to the government because of their poor work and completely unnecessary try to block me because of “misunderstood formalities” in their reply to me. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2015/jun/25/barack-obama-lgbt-heckler-immigration-white-house-video?CMP=fb_gu

Guardian 250615 Obama shame on you

I felt Peter T. again and again, who is really just me (“the end of the world”).

Yes, you opened up your mother again making her decide to carry on, despite having been in the worst crisis, with the key that your had, which your sister do not have, which is also why she recommended your mother to see a psychologist, this was part of the game.

I received the lyrics “They say in heaven love comes first, We’ll make heaven a place on earth” by Belinda Carlisle and “heaven is a place on earth”, i.e. “I walk upon earth” now, which was also a reference to a sentence in my replication, and yes, they know.

John’s true love was his former wife, Maiken, and not your mother.

They did not think of killing Ole until some years ago, until then he sent me positive energy.

We are still walking up darkness of Karen. Do you know what she wants (?), yes, she doesn’t mind starting all over again.

I was told that the Danish boxer Racheed Lawal, who was killed in a fight many years ago, was killed because he threatened to speak out loud about “the secret” of the Secret Network, and this murder of him was planned but made to look like a “random fight”, and this was also a reference to my replication where I told about lawyers being told to make “crimes of the nation” look “sober”, and I received several more references to content of my replication, which was to say that “it has been received and read by MANY people”.

Is it so so that the attorney to the government now fear losing its lucrative business after this replication (?), and yes, yes this is how it is for the worst darkness. It was according to plan to go to the top of the society as this attorney is. This was my road going to the top of the society. And where do I sit, Karen/God (?), yes, on top of everything of this dark world. And as usual, you decided to go directly after the throat of this the worst darkness. And I was told something about how this was “pretty much impossible” to do, because who can go up against the finest and most respected attorney alone (?), and yes, “no one” can.

I was shown myself going up almost see-through stairs inside a room full of light, yes, I am still walking up, or deeper into, the Source.

It was also a game of Sanna saying that she did not like going on summer holidays in the country visiting Elly and Aage when she was a girl, yes, she thought that she had them infiltrated too, and here “infiltrated” is again a reference to a word included in my replication – “infiltrated with bureaucracy” – which again is coming to me because people read it.

Karen loves you incredible much from old times, she just cannot see it, and she sees me as some kind of Clark Kent today – incredible strong, but “awkward”. No, Karen would never fall in love with a man helping Kenya, she only loved rich people and luxury, which you had to change in her too, because now she knows that you are alone with your mother waiting on her as you have been loyal too all these years.

I received a deja vue about my mother thinking of committing suicide, because no one can bear what she has gone through, yes, via the truth of her and the family in my scripts, which is a symbol of the Old World which really cannot go through these end times. It is also not possible seeing on your mother that she has just come through “washing up water”.

Yes, my new percolator coffee machine together with the Italian Kimbo coffee I brought via www.rigtigkaffe.dk may be the best coffee I have ever had, I truly love it, it is fantastic, this completes my coffee journey as symbol of love of the Source to man :-).

Yes, I have become member again of the Helsingør Facebook groups (except one) that kicked me out a couple of years ago, and apparently the people letting me in have not heard about me or cannot remember what happened, or it just may be that I have been accepted by some of these people, who could not kick the red button quickly enough back then to get rid of me?

Meshack was kind writing this to me, and yes, I am also looking forward to seeing him again as he is the one who showed me the most genuine warmth and understanding of all, not having to hide behind a facade, on my journey.

Email from Meshack 250615

Here it is Jesus unfriending Judas according to Wullfmorgenthaler, where it really was the opposite with MANY simple minded and better-knowing people unfriending me – including yourself, Morgenthaler!

FB 260615 Jesus

June 26

This morning I had agreed with my window polisher to come and polish my windows, but he first cancelled the agreement because of sickness, but later he said that he felt better and then came after all, and he told me that he had felt dizzy and received poor stomach at his first job this morning, but then felt better, and I was told that it was really because of darkness of my mother “playing this game” as it normally does with me. And when he came, I felt completely rotten inside – warm, moist and weak all over on the edge of passing out as always – but he could not see that and said “you look fresh”, and yes, if you don’t know, it is difficult to understand my sufferings.

For days when I have been given hiccups, which I still am given on a regular basis, I have been given the feeling of light of my mother inside this hiccup saying “please help me free”, which has to be the very last of her including the most inner and strongest force of the Source.

It was Nicolai Wammen, the (now almost previous) Danish Defence Minister, who ran with gossip to the media in the old story involving Helena, which would have eliminated me if my name had come forward, thus all of us, and this is what he has to reveal about himself (and more), which makes him feel awful.

My mother had been kind to invite me on dinner and to go to the “coast-to-coast lifestyle event” on Marienlyst Castle just next to her, which was mainly about hearing the local brothers Launbjerg in concert, who are “world famous” here in Helsingør, and yes, they come from Espergærde Youth School, and then we all know what it is about as I am told here, which is also because they – and the brothers Launbjerg – know about me.

My mother told me that she has received 2,027 DKK (272 Euros – we had asked for 361 Euros) from Hotels.com in compensation from our holiday, but NO letter, which I have also not, thus no explanation to how they have calculated this, no excuse for destroying our holiday, no “human face” and no information about whether they will change their sales- and marketing policies, and yes, also nothing from the Club la Costa hotel, and that includes NOTHING from the managements of these companies, and yes, is this really the best that you could do, to give my mother some money to “shut us up” instead of standing forward and taking showing responsibility in public (?), and yes, I am NOT impressed nor satisfied with your way dealing with “customer complaints”, not at all, and yes, you will continue your old polices making money as if nothing has happened, is this it (?), and no, this is NOT how it will be like in our New World!

My mother’s Ipad has lost its light, yes, it works, but there is no light on the screen, and I was told that this was a symbol too because of her silence, i.e. darkness.

We went to Marienlyst Castle to watch the concert with the Launbjerg brothers, and I saw Pernille Vermund there 10 metres from us with her dog and two of her young sons, I believe, and I am sure that she saw us too, but no, we do not say hello to each other (yet), do we, Pernille (?), and we were happily surprised when seeing that they were going to have “the old master”, the composer and pianist Svend Skipper, playing on piano, and yes, Svend is married to Ghita Nørby (or sweethearts today), who is the greatest Danish actress maybe ever, which I have been close to writing many times, and yes, I love her acting and not least her warmth, love and smile very much as my mother has too, and I can tell that she has a big temper as my mother also has, and yes, they look much like each other as I have told my mother many times, and when they started playing and singing the first song, which was a number by the legendary Mills Brothers, whom I liked much too, I smiled and thought that these brothers truly can sing, their harmonies were “right in the closet” and they also sing beautifully each of them individually, and yes, they cannot make up any groups/boybands in X Factor here or in the UK or USA for that matter, who are better than these brothers, they are truly great.


Many people had brought chairs to sit on as my mother and I did too, and in the beginning we had a perfect view to the stage outdoor and there were some people standing behind us not to take our view, but then one of the brothers received a “brain haemorrhage” when he told the people standing up “just come up here, it would be so cosy”, which they then did, and this is how approx. 25 people standing up were now blocking the view to most of the maybe 100-200 people sitting down on chairs, and this was also a reference to my case against the attorney to the government and their “brain haemorrhage” of a reply to me, which is really about “we have not been thinking at all”, and I don’t have to tell that my mother objected out loud, do I?

Launbjerg Marienlyst SlotThe Brothers Launbjerg together with Svend Skipper entertaining with their beautiful harmonies at Marienlyst Castle – I stand in the top, middle of the picture and Bettina and my mother sit to the right of me on the picture. Source: “Vild med Helsingør”

A little into their set, they said that they would now sing a song from an old musical from 1970, which instantly made me think of the Jesus Christ musical, and yes, this is what it was, and it was “Kind Herod’s song”, and it started with the lyrics “Jesus, I am overjoyed, To meet You face to face,

You’ve been getting quite a name, All around the place”, and yes, this is what they sang when we were facing each other and they could see me from stage as I could see them on stage, and yes, what a song to play if it was not because they know and have faith in me, and welcomes me with this song, but no, I did not record them singing it, I decided to focus on other, great songs instead, and when one of the brothers had finished singing this song, another brother said “thank that you sang this in front of the King’s summer castle”, and yes, I am “King of the castle”, you know :-).

The brothers continued singing a medley of (old Danish) Kaj Normann Andersen songs, arranged by Svend Skipper, which I liked much, and I told my mother that it is not often that you get a chance to hear these (famous in Denmark) songs today.

And when Jakob sang Elton John’s “Your song” and the last, high note of this, I received the chills because he really sang this very beautifully.

My recording of a medley of their songs:


They continued playing an act where they tried to spiritually contact “a late King”, which they then “succeeded” doing, and this was “the king of rock”, Elvis Presley, and I was told that they were inspired doing this because I am this “King of the castle”, you know, and they then gave one of his songs together, but during this song, suddenly one of the microphones starting “scratching” as you can also hear from my recording below, and they started wondering if this was done by “the spirits”, and yes, let us just say that “the true king” was “in play” with you today, and this meant that two brothers had to stand together using one microphone, which made them say that it was good to get a hug because it was “chilli” this cold June evening here, and this was “inspired” as a key word to me to say that “yes, we know you (and your mother) are there, Stig – but we don’t say anything” because I had just gone to my mother’s car a little before this to get her a blanket because she was cold, and shortly thereafter, Søren’s microphone gave an incredible LOUD noise, which made one of them say “this really woke us up”, and this was again a reference to my replication to the court asking the attorney to the government to “remove the sleep from your eyes”, and yes, WAKE UP, will you?

They finished their concert, and we were happy, Bettina was there and had joined us too, and the old mayor Johannes was standing right in front of us with his back towards us as you can see from my recording (the tallest man wearing a light jacket), and he turned around when the concert ended and I looked him straight in the eyes, nodded and was ready to say “hi Johannes”, but he decided to instantly look down and did not return my nod, and I was told that this is because of “shall we say poor conscience”, Johannes (?), and it made me sad that this is how people and the society still have decided to treat me, as the BIGGEST COWARDS imaginable.

I felt the ship of the Source from Øresund Strait coming to me, and I was told that we will put power through you to ignite all life, this is truly how it is.

The most unique is that your mother cannot make herself tell you her secret.

I was shown two bars opposite each other, of Karen and I, and these match perfectly together, which equals “true love”. And I was shown a sword from the ship of the Source coming into my living room from outside and I was told “thank you for letting me in”, and yes, there is still even more coming in. And I was shown the Metro Goldwyn Mayer lion roar, with the lion bringing force to the film, i.e. creation.

I watched the TV-show “Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life — An All-Star Grammy Salute”, and was amazed by the many great performances, and I liked this by the “new stars” Ariana Grande and Babyface covering “Signed, Sealed Delivered” the best, it is truly magnificent – except from Stevie’s own performance at the end of the show including “Superstition” and other GREAT CLASSICS, which made me think that “yes, Stevie is indeed one of the greatest musicians ever” :-).

And when Andrea Bocelli sang “I just called to say I love you” very beautifully, I thought about this being the song of my mother and John, which was here sung the most beautiful as I have ever heard it :-).

I was told that I also had my tonsils removed even though nothing was really wrong, “they just swallowed them”, and yes, the quacks supervising me calling themselves “doctors”.

The attorney to the government know that their give up to me is about replacing darkness with light, and I am shown a statue in darkness being visible in light, and I feel it as part of a film and it is about “liberty”.

This evening, Lars Løkke announced that he will establish a government consisting of his Liberal Party alone after it has shown impossible for him to bring unity on a governmental foundation between all four non-socialist parties, which had appointed him to lead the negotiations, and this means that it is now “little Lars”, who still has all scandals stuck to him and who lost ¼ of the votes and only represent 19% of the population, who will become Danish Prime Minister, and yes, this is really just showing Lars as “the Devil” again becoming Danish Prime Minister as “the worst darkness”, but also the weakest government ever (!), which is likely to “crack” at any moment, and yes, a symbol of the old world and the worst darkness about to crack up at any time, and yes, if Søren Pind will be appointed as Foreign Minister, as people believe he will, “the world really stands no more” (June 28: Søren Pind did not become Foreign Minister, but Justice Minister, which still means that THE WORLD DOES NOT STAND ANYMORE, and yes, this is the young boy, not a true man, who has a WRONG HUMAN VIEW, who has become Justice Minister, and yes, “how do you think it goes yourself, Søren?” as we say here). And yes, you do remember Lars Løkke’s “election promises” (reduce cash help, aid for refugees and foreign aid, but doing nothing to the 1,000 billion DKK annual public budget, and yes, this is what made him Prime Minister in this “the worst darkness”).

FB 270615 svage Løkke

Lille Lars

I was told about how I (also) at Falck in 2011 received “the worst task” imaginable, which was to create their “customer keys database”, which could easily have broken my neck, as it was planned to, and eeehhh, haven’t you really been using it since because you did not have “the discipline”, my LAZY gentlemen?

So Stig was to be driven directly into the earth becoming ash, which was planned before my birth.

I gave this comment to Times of India, which most people decided to meet with silence or even negativity, which is just how things normally are here.

FB 260615 Times of India

June 27

I dreamt about Kim S. winning a match race over 10 races, he and I speak together after he has accepted me being on his level. A man on the harbour says that it is like sending out a football team, which has never played before, to win the world cup, which is impossible. Kim has never sailed before and is sailing against the champion. He keeps maximum speed as no one has done before him, and I think that he is also motivated because he can win much money. And yes, Kim won this, and first I thought that it was to say that Kim S. really has supported me behind the lines instead of being a wimp as most, and then I thought that Kim S. is a symbol of the Source and me, so this is really about the effect of my replication to the court winning “money”, i.e. more force of the Source.

My internet had “decided” almost not to work for 2-3 hours this morning, and only slowly started improving/working again, which was “spiritual darkness” working against me because of reactions from this system of hell receiving my replication.

Bjarne O’s testimonies on you were “so strong” that they decided to build all of their case on these as foundation, “Stig is a lunatic” and “works poorly”.

I received the lyrics “It’s all right now, You learned your lesson well” from “Garden Party”.

No, they (Sanna and the world) are not so stupid that they show Stig “the document” from which everything is made of.

People will find out that the most difficult scenario was really for people not to interfere, i.e. to call/support me.

I received this email from “the travel card” from DSB saying that both my travels to and from Copenhagen recently have ended as they should!

Mail fra DSB 270615

I was told that my “alibi” of working from LWF in Kenya was the only reason why I was allowed into Kenya in 2009, and yes, I cheated them when I decided to find and work for the local LTO instead.

I brought this comment to Washington Post, and no, I was not surprised seeing that I received no likes/comments and others received hundreds of likes – this is how it is here.

FB 270615 WP

This evening at 21.00, Kim Larsen was going to play his concert in front of the Culture Yard in Helsingør, and at 19.10 I was so weak that I really did not like to go, and I was told that the whole band including Kim Larsen are waiting on you, and at 20.15 I was told that “Kim will just help switching on your heart”, and yes, despite of being so weak and despite of the ticket price being higher than what I wanted to pay, DKK 375, I decided to overcome my tiredness/weakness, and I left, and yes, also to avoid receiving negative messages from my voice about what I would have missed.

So I took my cycle and cycled the 2 kilometres there, and when I arrived, I was told that this would just amplify my mother’s feeling/opinion that she does not mind Karen – and also that “the system of Hell” will not be so strong against me as they otherwise would.

I was thinking of when I saw Kim Larsen the last time, which was together with Tobias and his girlfriend at the time, when he became 18 and I had given him three tickets for us at “Trommen” in Hørsholm, and I believe this was in 2007, and yes, I also saw him on Sletten Kro (Inn) with Jack in 1982, I believe, and furthermore I saw Kim smoking at a smoking box at the Italian restaurant on the City Hall Square in 2008 when I was there with dahlberg.

So now I was waiting with approx. 5,000 other people on Kim and his band to go on stage, I was given the feeling of Kim some minutes before this, and was told with his voice “are you letting go of the serfdom, let me give you a hand”.

And then he came on stage, and yes, now using a stick and looking like an old man, he is almost 70, and they started by playing “Langebro” (“Long bridge” – a bridge in Copenhagen), one of his first band (the greatest Danish band ever) Gasolin’s greatest hits, and it made me shiver all over and thinking that “Kim is truly THE MASTER” of all Danish musicians, he just “has it” like no one else, and the feeling was so strong that it almost made me cry, what immense beauty by the master self :-).

I was given the thought of my new fantastic coffee at home, i.e. love, and I was told that this is love of Kim Larsen to me because of the sufferings I have taken on me to save man, and yes, listen to many of Kim Larsen’s lyrics, and you will understand that they are symbolically about “the end of the world”, so he has known for a very long time about what would come “before life is over”, and yes, “vivid dreams”, you know :-), and I was told that “he knows you are there, he has seen you”, and yes, in the first set of 45 minutes, I was standing as the tallest person maybe 10 metres from the stage and directly in his viewpoint, so he could not miss me, and then he said that when he was a young man in Christianshavn, Copenhagen, a sailor had told him something like “Dear God, be merciful onto me, my boat is little, your sea is so big”, which to me is about Kim’s life (boat) and all life/creation (sea) – “we are all together on the same galley, we are all going the same direction” :-).

We are not on a tour in the forest are we, Stig, (?), and yes, I was waiting on this song, “Hvis din far gi’r dig lov, tar du så med mig I skoven” (“if your father allows, will you take me to the forest”) – with “forest” being a symbol of the Source – to come because this is one of the songs I have been given most often spiritually, but it never came during this concert.

When Kim ended singing his very popular “De unge, smukke mennesker” (“The young, beautiful people”) with the lyrics “gid de længe leve må” (“let them live for a long time”), I sang along with everything I had, and I do believe that Kim noticed, and right after the end of this, he said “God be with them”, which was because I was singing “with him”.

Years ago, which may be approx. 20 years, the newspaper Ekstra Bladet decided to bring Kim Larsen down by giving him POOR reviews and negative press in general, which was WRONG, and I was now told that this was because Kim did not want to give up on my mother and I, which means that Kim is a true hero of mine, thank you :-).

I felt Bob Marley and was told that Kim Larsen & Co., which are Danish and International music stars, have been in spiritual contact with late music stars, which is about “a new tour” when they will come alive again because of me.

I was told that Kim Larsen knows about Karen, and then he sang the lyrics “når rosen rød er visnet og død, og vi selv har set bedre dage, så skal vi danse sammen ind I mørket” (”when rose red has withered and is dead, and we have seen better days ourselves, we shall dance into the darkness”), and this is really what I am doing, which is “dancing” inside the darkness of Karen.

Kim Larsen Kulturværftet 270615Kim Larsen (sitting down to the right) with his band playing in front of the Culture Yard in Helsingør this evening – bringing me strength helping to set me free and spreading new life 🙂

Kim played two sets of 45 minutes with two extra numbers, and in the break, I had the chance to move even closer to the stage, so I watched the second set and extra number standing just two metres from the stage.

I was told that meeting Kim Larsen here means that the spreading (of life from the Source) will not be medium but full.

I was happy hearing both well known and lesser known songs, and when he started playing one of his most beautiful songs, “this is my life”), a Swedish man (Kim Larsen is VERY popular also in Sweden, and there were Swedes among the audience as result) standing to the right of me, who had had too much to drink (his girlfriend was constantly falling into me because she could almost not stand on her feet because she had had far too much to drink, which is a behaviour I do NOT like at all!) and a Danish man standing to the right/front of me, being together with two women, were VERY CLOSE to start a fight, which is when the Swedish man provoked the Danish man because of “nothing” and he decided to move close to the Danish man and stand directly in front of him staring him “challenging” directly into his eyes, and the Danish man was very close to hit him hard, it was apparent that he did not like the provocation and could not control him shouting “I will crush him”, and yes, his company of two women tried to stand in-between them and also looked at me to see if I could help, which I then did just before all hell broke lose, and yes, I grabbed the Swedish man on his shoulders and pushed him back to where he came from, and I told the Danish man “do NOT get provoked by him”, and yes, instead of “crushing” him, this man decided instead to leave entirely (to “cool down”) together with one of the women, and I was told that this is how close we came to “war”, Kim Larsen, i.e. the end of the world, and this is what you told the audience that you really don’t like, and yes, “let us do something new, which is to NOT go to war”, which I believe you told world leaders.

This is my recording of several songs from the concert, and I have decided to upload and show it, for you to see how it was, even though the sound was so loud that it can be heard as “poor sound” on my recording, which is the first time I experience this.

I was told that “it is Søren’s best that we have received here”, and this Søren is Søren Berlev, who is the old drummer by Gasolin, and I felt the music industry in general, and I am here given a new smile by Kim Larsen when writing this, because he brings the energy of the Danish and International music industry to me because you support me, thank you :-).

And he then ended the second set with “Midt om Natten”, where everyone sang along including on the lyrics “åh manãna, håber vi får i morgen med” (“Oh manãna, hope that we will get tomorrow with”), and yes, Kim, we will all get tomorrow with us, the train to our New World picked everyone up without exception because I was strong enough doing it when fighting darkness of my sister.

Kim ended the concert with his second extra number “Solsortevej” (“Black bird road”), and he was given a little grin “from above” just after singing “så skal vi giftes” (“then we will get married”), and yes, this is what it is really about when bringing Karen and I together, thus bringing all two parts of life together, which goes for everyone.

Yes, Kim was here and he did brilliantly, he still has all the power of his voice delivering all energy of his great music despite of walking poorer and looking older, and I was told that to him, it was a much bigger honour to play to me than to Queen Margrethe.

On my way home, I was also told that “they can tell you are their biggest fan” and I received more of this kind of “too much praise”, which I do not like to receive because everything has a balance, and I was then given the feeling that this was really about what I had seen when watching the celebration show of Stevie Wonder, where everyone could not stop bringing “too much praise” to Stevie, and yes, this is also WRONG to do and destroys people, so “keep the right balance” of not doing too little nor too much is what is right to do. And I was then told that this is also to say that there is is contact between Danish and international musical stars (planning/speaking about celebrating the opening of our New World), and I was here given the feeling of Paul Weller as example.

I returned home and I had done what was really difficult for me to do, which was just to go to watch this fine concert, and when I now sat in the sofa, I was given a strong physical feeling to the backside of my right lower leg, which is “more power of the Source”, and yes, because of support of the master of Danish music, Kim Larsen :-).

I kept on feeling Kim Larsen for the next couple of hours before I went to bed, and after one hour, I was told with his voice and receiving his smile “yes, you did the impossible”, and I was told that with Kim’s strength, you can now continue working some time inside darkness of your mother.

When I met Karen in 2003/04, I still had a number of bottles of “the finest Champagne”, which I bought at the price of “normal Champagne” in 2000, just after the New Year entering a new millennium, and yes, I bought them for 1/3 to ¼ of their normal price, and I had many of these bottles together with Karen when we met, and I was here told that this was really to make Karen believe that I was rich in order to become her boyfriend (for a short period of time) because she only wanted to be with “rich men”.

I was told that we have taken everything from Gelsenkirchen and moved it up here, which made me understand that the origin of life is in Mijas as I have been told earlier, which is then moved to Germany as I have also been told earlier and this is then what we move to Denmark, which is then my home here in Helsingør, and somehow the origin of the Source is also at Kirsten Piils Source on Bakken north of Copenhagen, which has to be “the moved Source” from Mijas then if I understand this correctly.

I received the feeling of Morten Løkkegaard, new MP of the Liberal Party (previous member of the European Parliament and anchor on DR1 TV news), and I was given the word “stamina” and told that the new Danish government – finding its ministers this evening – is nervous because of me. And I was shown the wall of Bethlehem and told that they will continue building walls like this (removing freedom of people), which is because they have to continue their plans going against me. Which is “Kalashnikov” controlled by Russia. Yes, they do not look forward to overtaking “the cases of hell” in each ministry.

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