July 2015 – after script I: The world will die when we will pass through the Source and awake as our new selves and life on the other side of light “within the blink of an eye”


Summary of the script today

  • July 3, 2015: The world will die when we will pass through the Source and awake as our new selves and life on the other side of light “within the blink of an eye”. I picked up the finest gold leaf leading all the way back to the Source as any man could have done, but only one man had the will power to do it7. The media was ready to launch the world’s MUD campaign against me in 2012/13 to overtake me; Søren Pind was the Sheriff of darkness bringing me the final deathblow.


  • All of the Old World will die to exchange all with your new selves – with as little break as possible when I receive my new heart, “it may shake a little”. The world know that we have to die to be turned around, so this this is about dying with as little pain as possible – and we are really already our new selves :-). We will be passing through the metal plate of the Source to live on the other side of light, as I was shown with the plate standing up vertical. It is only the last thin membrane that we will crack through, which keeps on becoming thinner when I continue working. We will start deeper into the light of the Source because we can, instead of first experiencing this later. I could stop my mission now and accept my “old nightmare”, which I will not also because it would bring sufferings/the end to man. Arthur Findlay College and the Vatican have not yet decided to remove the foundation from me and to end the Old World to protect me from darkness. Naser Khader has lost support of media and the Arab World, but his faith in me helps my old heart to continue working without losing force of the Source to destruct darkness. We have decided going to the very end without exploding the bomb of the Source, thus saving man from more sufferings. There is nothing more pleasant than finding this Source; it is everything of Karen that we open when we lift the rocket. Arthur Findlay College also made me write about good behaviour etc. to help Sanna and the dark world to understand the truth of me. The dark side of the moon (control of minds and feelings of people – dividing light and darkness) was controlled by Arthur Findlay College on top.
  • Karen and I were divided in two but we never broke the lifeline between us but making it as thin as possible to bring out as much life as possible. It was my task to bring out this life via my mother by never giving up and it was evident to keep Karen alive; the biggest risk was to lose her. We have moved all life to the force of the Source, which is alright now after my mother has accepted Karen and I together. This is what my father was responsible to start when choosing the wrong road, otherwise this would never have happened. My father did not believe in me because of the raise of me, which he disapproved with – he concluded that “Stig is dumb” and Sanna was not. My father decided that he could not cut open the lock himself, and did not believe I could too, thus switching off the light device. My father decided to destroy the world through my sister instead of saving it because he was made with this built-in error to be replaced by me, but he did not know. I was a decoy, the world had gone with my father, who had chosen my sister over me, thus making the world believe that they did right. This was our trick to make it work, to fool the world to go against me, to bring me darkness and to end the world in order to enter the Source. My father was an actor all of his life never telling me believing Sanna was stronger, I was not opened and he gave into world pressure. My father knew that he was “the one” having created a “special one” with my mother, but he was made believe that I was made as a “terrible mistake”. My father wanted to bring me “many women and friends” like the world, it was my mother holding me back to save me from darkness and save the world working alone. This was to pick up the finest gold leaf leading all the way back to the Source as any man could have done, the road is open to all, but only one man had the will power doing it, me. Sanna has been working for me behind the curtains and it was also her task to close and switch off everything handing over the keys to me. Sanna first discovered late that there is not immensely beautiful inside mother as she believed but the opposite because of her own poor behaviour and work. Hans had blind faith in and loved Sanna not seeing the evidence that was planted speaking against her and for me.
  • The Vatican is waiting to bringing me the letter containing the document of all, which is “my home”, everything. The newspaper BT was ready to launch the WRONG mud campaign of the world against me in 2012/13 to bring me (and the world!) down, it took all of our power to resist it. However, the editor-in-chief decided to give me one more chance to see if I could ride off the storm, which I did when not being omitted to psychiatric hospital, which saved the world. It was “as good as sure” for the world elite that I was crazy, they believed that they had me and only waited for me to be locked up on psychiatric hospital. This was the height of Sanna/Hans’ campaign against me, which was about to break lose in the mainstream media, the world wanted to harvest what they had seed. The story was that I was Helena’s “dream lover” coming in-between her and Søren Pind, who had the task to bring me the final deathblow. This is when they were ready to “open me up”, bring out life of my mother to start their New World – and let doctors kill me, but it would bring termination! All of my family/friends etc. of the Secret Network knew that I was about to leave the surface of Earth, but still no one told me about it! They all believed that “we are not ugly Satan’s, are we” (?), but yes, you were, completely blinded by darkness disguised as light
  • Karen sacrificed me to become Queen of the world as Sanna, but she would be eliminated by the world the same way as they would also have eliminated Sanna. It is really Karen’s car we are driving around in, but moving it over to me, from darkness of one side to light of the other side uniting both sides of life here. My mother could only bring love as part of creation of life because of true love of Karen to me, which she ”could not” give in to.


July 2015 – after script I: The world will die when we will pass through the Source and awake as our new selves and life on the other side of light “within the blink of an eye”

July 3, 2015: The world will die when we will pass through the Source and awake as our new selves and life on the other side of light “within the blink of an eye”

FB 030715 Stig 1

June 28

I dreamt about a Champagne tasting where there is a very little and expensive bottle of Champagne in a wood box, which is impossible to get out, which is about the game going deeper into the Source, which apparently is “impossible” to do,

My internet was also “locked” today, i.e. on shift not working or very slow working, and it even included working on my script itself because when I saved this document the first time today, it simply froze as it never does before, and I felt it coming from the Source, and yes, “spiritual darkness” making it impossible to work, so I had to start over, but then I was allowed to work until I finished on this – but still my internet had “problems” all day, but my TV, on the same line, had not!

No, you haven’t heard from Karen yet because the fool Hans has not allowed it yet.

It is really only one drop of the finest, most concentrated and most expensive perfume that we pour. It is still this lifeline we are bringing out with full speed.

I was told Hans/they only knew that Karen’s and your energy is the same while I received “bad craziness” by D.A.D.

It is everything of Karen that we open when we lift the rocket. It is a condition that your mother, i.e. the Old World, die. So it is when you all die that we exchange you with your new selves and you have told us to do it “without people feeling it”.

I was told something about Vatican, the document and Sanna, and getting into the heart changing from minus to plus and then start again having the shortest break as possible.

There is nothing more pleasant than finding this Source, which the world has always looked after without finding it, and yes, it is inside Sanna as part of me.

I was shown a transport belt with some lose small rocks on it, the belt is shaking and it is going under a dark brush before it runs into a hole, which is about all matter returning into the hole of the Source where it came from, “so it may shake a little” when we end the Old World – before I will push the button and my new heart with the New World will start. This is what will cost the life of your mother, yourself and everyone. This is what Arthur Findlay College and everyone know that we have to do to be turned around and only you could ease our sufferings. So this is about dying with as little pain as possible because this is what was driving you also fearing death. Later, I could only think that we are already our new self playing to be our old selves, so hopefully it will be “easy” going through the transition in practise also becoming our new selves.

But this is what they gold Lisa T. and everyone that they had received a formula to do, i.e. to enter there and bring out new life based on my mother and me but, but eehhh, we would not break down thus destroying your plans, yes, until you realized that your survival went with me and not against me.

This required your mother’s acceptance of you and Karen. And the world to understand me, which was impossible because people in the secret network asked each other “have you read Stig” receiving a passive/reluctant answer “ehhh, no”, which was because people did not want to read and did not want to (and was not allowed) to speak of me.

And your father “knew” that “Stig is not container of life”, which is why he went for their New World, and because he did not believe in Stig because of the raise of his mother, and yes, “Stig is dumb”, which Sanna was not, which was only a simple misunderstanding by my father, who was the most simple minded, will-deaf and better-knowing ignorant imaginable, having no guts, a true wimp.

This is what no one has thanked for – yet. This is what they wanted your mother in on too inviting her inside the warmth.

I had “internet problems” all day, and finally succeeded to publish my new script in the evening where it was a little better, but I “could not” publish it on Facebook, which I will have to do tomorrow then.

No, Mette never succeeded closing John’s two Facebook pages as I encouraged her to do after his death, so my mother can still see my posts on Facebook.

I was shown a Danish pastry being broken in two, which is Karen and I, who were broken, but we never really broke it completely, and I am shown a thinner and thinner line of pastry holding the two parts together, this is the lifeline between us. This is where we have transferred everything from her to you via your mother creating life.

I was shown a completely precise laser light turning into the same completely pressure water pressure, which is the very thinnest of this lifeline, this was your task to get before going home, by never giving up. All of these have now been connected to the Source as I am shown as connected electrodes.

So it was evident to keep Karen alive, yes, the biggest risk was to lose her.

And I then saw the ship of the Source sailing from right to left with one red light on front of it, some white in the middle and a couple of blue lights on behind.

So everything was about releasing as much of Karen via your mother as possible. It was especially Karen, who was attentive/suspicious to you, yes because of your sister, who told her not to allow me to publish anything on her. This was the cow she had to swallow, because her feelings, love, good thoughts of you were meant to be stronger than this order in the game and they were because she decided to allow it in practise.

What is it with Stig, he has never forgotten about his perfect love, yes, he could feel it spiritually when meeting Karen in this life, “the same energy”, and so you believe that Karen could too, but she decided to keep this feeling down because she was told to, and made money on you delivering you to the prison. And this is as Ole told your mother that it would be like, yes with Karen, it is.

It is all of this we have moved to “the batteries” of the Source as I am shown here, which your mother did not want to fearing life self if reaching the Source, but it is alright now after she has accepted Karen, because she believes in you over your sister, thus the Source.

This is what your father was responsible to start when choosing the wrong road, otherwise this would never have happened, and it is ending with Karen and you happily finding each other again only prevented to see each other now because of Hans.

Who do you meet in Paris, Sanna and Hans (?) (who are there for some days), and is it asking them to stop investigations against me? This is about the new new Danish government, “don’t believe in them when they start sending out wrong orders about Stig”, which is their old role they had to resume – opposite of the now previous government – and this is just to make sure that no one will really follow them and their act against me.

Is it really so that my Internet problems is also because my mother’s view is “completely black”?

June 29

I dreamt about being in India on holiday, where people tell me that they don’t believe that I can connect the TV, and they ask “don’t we play football”, and I tell them “don’t say that” and see four connections on the TV and show them how to connect, i.e. to connect to the Source instead of continuing to play football against darkness.

My internet works normally again, but I am still not allowed to post on Facebook, “nothing happens” when I try. Later: Finally, I published script of yesterday to Facebook by reducing the number of characters of it (taking out and publishing the Kim Larsen chapter separately), and yes, it could not take 13,000 characters yesterday and also not this morning, which I have done many times before, so is it Facebook that have decided to decrease the maximum size (?), well I don’t know, but now it is there. Later: But then again, Facebook usually gives an error message when my scripts are too long, which it did not do this time where “nothing” simply happened when I pushed the button to publish, so you never really know …..

I took a nap and woke up to the brilliant “Kall Stjärna” by Mauro Scocco, which came after I had dreamt about spying against the Swedish defence and overhearing their secrets.

We will be moving through the metal plate of the Source and live on the other side, as I was shown with the plate standing up vertical.

The idea was for you to make your mother believe you had a good holiday together to make the machine of the Source run as good as possible. And I was told that your mother doesn’t mind doing this again – to my surprise.

I was told that Sanna has been working for me behind the curtains and it was also her task to close and switch off everything handing over the keys to me because she was not it, the solution for man, but death.

Because Sanna first discovered late that there is not immensely beautiful inside mother as she believed, this was only a “misunderstanding”, an opposite vision, because of her own poor behaviour and work, which we have shown the whole world, which is that she is not much brighter than me, but the opposite.

And then we know that it was her job to make me the most insane/negative. Which is what Helsingør Facebook groups now can see that I am not, and yes, I shared the Kim Larsen and Brothers Launbjerg concerts on “Crazy about Helsingør”, but I did receive a little negativity of “an old, angry man”, who asked me if I had the rights to publish the Kim Larsen concert (!), and yes, THE WORLD IS NOT STANDING ANYMORE, how crazy can you be, “thousands are doing this” as I wrote as my reply – without telling that I hate copyrights, which will be removed in our New World.

FB 300615 Vild med Helsingør

FB 290615 VMH1

FB 290615 VMH2

I felt Arthur Findlay College and was told that it was also them who made me write about good behaviour etc., and yes, to help Sanna and the dark world to understand the truth of me.

I still feel my new self all around me and from the corridor as darkness ready to become me. I felt on me and was told that it is still the spaceship of the Source landing here (inside the world).

And the dark side of the moon (control of minds and feelings of people – dividing light and darkness) was controlled by Arthur Findlay College on top.

I felt Acta, where I worked in 2007, and was told that the fun part is that Sanna believed she was in control all the time not realizing that it was the opposite because I never gave up to impossible situations all my life, which was also the case there, where I had the worst workload on me as no one really understood.

So we have decided going to the very end without exploding the bomb of the Source.

If it was not for Sanna creating the road for you, we would also not be here today.

Dylan knows that he is the the best song writer in your eyes, Prince that he is the best musician, but what is McCartney (?), and yes, he is part of the greatest rock band ever, which Beatles was, and is it about time to move up Beatles on my Top 100 as I have been encouraged to do several times for months – not doing it before now because I had no energy and did not prioritize it – and alright, they have done some of the most amazing songs in the world ever with immense beauty, which developed music self, and most of their songs stand as classics today 50 years after, but still there is music I personally like even more, so I have now lifted them up from no. 32 to no. 16 on my list recognizing them as “the greatest rock band” ever as I have recognized Elvis as “the greatest artist ever”, and it is only because of the taste for “New Wave” music etc. that I have been given that they are not no. 1 and 2 on my list.

I felt DanskeBank-Pension, Lars G., the Danish government “and more”, and “ha ha, how easy he is, he doesn’t even know”, which is how they used to react to me, but now they all have poor conscience because of what they did and said about me, which “we should never have done”, and yes, it really cannot bear the tooth of time, can it?

And all was because Hans had blind faith and loved Sanna not seeing the evidence that was planted speaking against her and for me.

Your father wanted you to “meet many women”, if he could – like Hans and all the rest. Which is what he would have done if he had had me at school, which is why it was important to be brought up by my mother and furthermore he really did not care, but thought mostly of himself, didn’t he?

This is what saved the world too, yes your father just wanted to give you what the world wanted, and your mother did the opposite because her role of life was to form you into the one including “no ladies”, which she knew inside of her.

Did your father do some writings on this too for the world to understand him after his death, as he thought, but no, we cannot read his scribbles.

Vera, my teacher from Mørdrup school, was incredible important not allowing me to join High School, everything would have collapsed for them if I did because it contained their command central, yes, Danish high school teachers led by Hans, and yes, your “best practise” project working together with the high school of Egypt is really something more about “origination of life and where to hide it after I was gone”, isn’t it?

Yes, the ship of the source continues sailing by my window every evening.

Also thank you to Helle Thorning-Schmidt for “four exquisite years” as Danish Prime Minister, which also saved the world, and yes, she has now stepped down both as Prime Minster and chairman of the Social Democratic Party.

I received the feeling of GE Insurance, Norway, as example of people being enrolled with the secret network and understanding that Stig was not part of it, this is when the manipulation started, “Stig is not the one as he will say he is”.

This is is what Sanna understood and turned around herself – in silence to you and the mainstream world.

Your mother and you were oppressed, and it was first at the end that they believed your mother could survive being part of them, which is why they invited her inside.

My mother mentioned the big concert at Ledreborg Castle on August 15 with some of the biggest names of Danish music – Sanne Salomonsen, Medina, Cæcilie Nordby, Mads Langer and Outlandish together with DR orchestras – the other day, and that we may go there together with Sanna and Hans too, and yes, “a decisive concert in August with some of your legends” as I was told.

June 30

I slept for 10 hours, but still feel like having been hit by a sledgehammer almost fainting when standing up.

I loved this song by Barry Gibb & Michael Jackson, “All In Your Name” (recorded 2002, released 2011), very much when I heard it the first time today, and I was thinking that this is also true in relation to all of the world is now in my name :-). https://www.facebook.com/BeeGees.BarryGibb.Tribute/videos/964111780315486/

FB 300615 Barry Gibb

Yes, your father decided that he could not cut open the lock himself, and did not believe you could too. This is what your father had explained Kirsten about. So your father was about to switch off the light device.

It is only the last thin membrane that we will crack through – but then again, when I continue working, this becomes less and less.

THE ABSOLUTELY WORST BUREAUCRACY!!! I received a letter from the court in Helsingør giving me time to July 28 to deliver a process script to respond “to the encouragements in the reply from the attorney to the government” (their misunderstood formalities and “lacking documentation”), and yes, this is what I have already done on June 25 (!!!), isn’t this sad, here you see the court system in action, automatically adding more time to stall a crystal clear case without even noticing that I have already sent them the “process script” that they ask me to deliver, but no, it obviously takes longer than five days for them to receive this and bring to the attention of the judge having my case, and yes, what a mess, a true BIG MESS, and yes, they/she know about Karen too (“I desire”), where there really was no case …..

Retten i Helsingør 300615

Retten i Helsingør 300615-2

I spoke to my mother, who has now decided to do right, even though it is difficult as she says, and order a painter and floor grinder to John’s office next week.

I was shown the worst darkness leading to the edge with the beginning of light and I was told and shown that we might as well start deeper into the light when we can instead of first experiencing this later.

It doesn’t matter how long we use on forming you here; well this is what it is about, and yes, you are going to see it anyway, so is it worth doing this now (?), no, this is not what it is about to me as Stig, but doing what is right and achieving your goal to getting the money/gold from the Commune, we know.

And then I was told that it would still require my acceptance of my old nightmare to “cut through” the last, “the easiest will be with Karen”, but NO, NEVER, this is the same as bringing sufferings/the end to man.

Hereafter, I received many songs without writing them down, but a symbol of love of the Source, and one of them was “When I need you” by Leo Sayer and the lyrics “I never knew there was so much love”.

And it was replaced by “one moment in time” by Whitney Houston and the lyrics “Give me one moment in time” and “Then in that one moment of time, I will feel, I will feel eternity”, which is what comes to us after this moment of time going through the membrane of the Source to live on the other side of light.

I received strong heartburn and felt darkness all the way down and so much that I was given cough. Still darkness from outside is entering me making me want to shout out loud feeling desperate – just wanting to sit down and cry doing nothing, this is the STRONG constant feeling – and incredible poor psychically all over, and yes, it is “desperation” of all people including my mother, sister etc. coming to me in concentrated form, which makes me “desperate”, which is what still constantly have to go through too, and yes, no one really thinks of this or even understand it, because you cannot see it, but a feeling like “constant throw-up desperation”.

And I also constantly have a weak heart fearing that it will stop at any time, and this evening the left side of my head felt as if I could receive a brain haemorrhage at any time, and I receive the strongest and very painful dark rays (“solid high frequency” receiving the “biggest mass” ever) to my feet and body, which is “pure darkness” still coming to me to bring in the last of the Source.

We have not quite overcome Angie-san (Angie in Tivoli last year).

I felt my mother and was told that she/they knew that I would explode like a mustard bomb.

I felt Karen and was told that their (she and Denis) baby was dead born, then there is really nothing more to say, which came after I was given feelings of “one last big story” which may come to me with these two also about starting a New World, which however does not fit with what I have been told before.

So it was your father who decided to destroy the world through your sister instead of saving it as I because he had a screw lose and was made with this built-in error to be replaced by me, not Sanna and the world taking this road.

I received a high sound to my left ear, and was told that this was exactly my plan making your father completely deaf, because by ending the world, we would enter the Source.

So you were a decoy, the world had gone with your father, who had chosen your sister over you, thus making the world believe that they did right, this was our trick to make it work, to fool the world to go against me.

And so much that your father did not have to ask, “he knew”, but your father and sister did not know that it was his mother, Adela, arranging and setting this up.

So your father used all his powder against you which is the real reason why you were never popular with him and also not with Kirsten.

This is what he now apologises, and I here receive his voice and feeling of him, as the world will do too for terrorizing me.

This is what made me smoke and brought all darkness to me, so my father was really the bad guy – also giving me wrong heart beats, which I just received here, which is still VERY uncomfortable, and yes, they are still coming now and again.

My father was also reason why your mother could not believe in you me because Sanna told that he did not.

Cannes, so your father received a big film prize too, i.e. being an actor never saying anything to you even at his end yes he was convinced that he was right, the most will-deaf person of all.

Yes, because he believed that Sanna was stronger and you were not opened, and he did not have patience to wait, and yes, he gave into world pressure. So did your father know that he was the one (?), and that he and your mother had created a special one, yes, but he was made believe that “we have made a terrible mistake”, yes, “wrong raise of me”.

And it was my father leading me from the Source at the end (after his death).

It was first there on Sicily in 1978 that your father was made evil where the game really started just before you became teenager/mature.

No, Stig could could not teach us Peer/Kirsten anything about good behaviour – as I wrote about – because they believed I was the opposite, and yes, this was confirmed one day where Camilla and I were invited for dinner with them in the 1990’s, where Camilla was delayed maybe one hour at the hairdresser, which annoyed me VERY much because of our dinner agreement, and yes, Camilla was normally always on time and not her fault but the hairdresser’s, so this was “planned” to make us come very late, thus losing much respect with my father and Kirsten as result – for years/the rest of their lives really.

Eeehhhh, just let many people be with Stig, I feel my father again, and no, it was also not him isolating me, it was my mother to protect me from darkness of man being my self planning to overtake the world as no one believed I could do in the beginning.

This was to pick up the finest gold leaf, which was almost not even there (because of darkness) but still leading all the way back to me as any man of creation could have done, because the road is open to all who really wanted go give it a try to reach the Source, but only one man had the will power doing it, which was the same power bringing creation out, yes, the man inside the devil, my new self guiding me. The road went through all people of my life carrying part of the line all the way back.

We only gave them Camilla making them believe that they extracted enough from me to make their New World shine, which was wrong as you now know.

And I received “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and the lyrics “Mama – Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go, Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.

No, your father did not know that he was on a suicide mission, only that you was his opponent.

I felt Arthur Findlay College and the Vatican and was told that none of them have yet decided to remove the foundation from you deciding to end the Old World – and then start the New World – to protect you from darkness of your sister.

I watched the documentary of James Brown “Mr. Dynamite: The rise of James Brown”, which made me learn the King of Soul even better and his enormous impact on the US society and especially the black people of USA in the 1960’s via the incredible strength of his music, personality and messages, and yes, “a true hero”, he was too in this respect, and it is only sad that he needed to write a song like “I’m black and proud” because of the oppression of white America, but he did, and it infected a whole people making them proud, what a strength to have, and no, I never made it to see a concert of his, which I would have loved to do, one of the greatest ever.

A comment on Facebook, which no one liked:

FB 300615 the Mirror

No, the Star of Bethlehem has really been with me for years, this is just another “rare event” symbolising the birth of Christ.

Tabooya 1

Tabooya 2

July 1

Apparently, it is time for some more dreams, which I have decided are “important enough” to bring here:

I dreamt that Eric Clapton has become part of our family, we are out walking in the forest and he is ordered to pay quite a big sum to walk there, but he refuses and gets away with it, they cannot hurt him, and at one time, the tortoise, which he brings, dive under water and Eric tries doing the same, but cannot. And this may be to say that Eric decided to be on my team too going against darkness of the system, and he tried to keep his knowledge secret while suffering when being under water (taking some of my sufferings because of his faith), but he could not help sharing it, is this how it is, Eric?

I dreamt about seeing the Swedish Insurance Association presenting a report of 2,000 pages including descriptions of “model families” for Swedish insurance companies to calculate insurance premiums for in order to make all Swedes understand the Swedish insurance market, and this is what I suggested the Danish Insurance Association to do myself, but I was told that “you are crazy”, but now I am invited together with Kim and Pernille S. representing the Danish insurance broker industry to a meeting with the Insurance Association, and I tell them that we – Kim, Pernille (insurance broker industry) and I – agree to do the same, and we start writing down on the blackboard, then then Kim and Pernille receive cold feet and pull out, but this is taking as a proof for the association that insurance brokers really do not wish clarity on the market, they live from the opposite and they are not neutral as promised, which then is a sign for them to go ahead doing what I suggest, and this is confirmed by Naser Khader, who know that Kim and Pernille represent all brokers because he worked for them, and he is here with his “partner in war crime”, which is an Arab, and I tell them that “it did not last all the way”, and “they know”, and I tell them that they were revealed when we noticed flying birds becoming fat from eating apples, and I see Naser drinking aquavit (= darkness) in Egypt, and they see twenty “stars”, which have decided to “shine” tonight, yes, they know about these too. And “insurance” is of course about our New World.

I was shown Naser Khader as the lid above the Source of light between the two parts of Karen and I, which I am shown closing, and I was given “Så længe skuden kan gå” (“as long as the ship can go”) both with Kim Larsen and Sven Bertil Taube, which truly is a special song to me – this is the very inner soul of traditional Swedish ballads, which is on a “high level” (much higher than Danish) and as I feel “deeply inside me” too – and it was followed up directly by Leo Sayer’s “When I need you” again and the lyrics “I hold out my hands and I touch love”, which is what the Source is about ♥.

I felt that “Naser knows” and I was shown that he now has no support from media and Arab countries after he has been revealed to the world. Half awake I was shown that Naser sees the “insurance work” continuing, this is what they (including media and arab countries) know about and have accepted, and yes, my continued work bringing even more concentration of the Source – they know I am the only one who can do this.

I was told again that Naser was the opposite of what he showed on the outside as the true head of totalitarian Arab states. Half awake again I was shown him buying ice cream, which is about how he has changed side now supporting me, thus also receiving sufferings symbolised by the ice cream.

And again I was given “Så længe skuden kan gå” above and now the lyrics “as long as the ship can go, as long as the heart can beat”, and yes, the ship is the Old World and the heart is my weak heart, which is to say that this story of Naser is helping us to prolong this journey doing our very best as foundation for our New World.

Naser was controlled by my father. If he did not do this important job working for me, it would have meant that part of the force of the Source would have been used to cut through darkness to reach us when opening our New World, so you are helping us to bring more concentration to the world, Naser, and when the world understands, this helps even more, and now I received “Masser af succes” by Gasolin/Kim Larsen and the lyrics “Men om natten, når lyset brænder ud, og alt blir stille, er du ene, åh så ene” (“But in the night, when the light burns out, and everything becomes quiet, you are alone, oh so alone”), which is truly what I am, “oh so alone”, but the song is magnificent with “the typical Gasolin-sound”, which is “part of my upbringing” and so wonderful :-).

I slept poorly and was so tired again when standing up that I really cannot work or do anything, but still I have pretty much to write.

I felt Stavanger, Norway, and Acta, and was told “revenge”, and also that not many wanted to employ me after my employment with Acta in 2007 because of what they wrote of me. This is why I almost could not get a job at the end because people were checking this secret database of me.

I was shown and told that this is the letter containing the document of all that the Vatican is waiting to bring me, and yes, “my home”, everything, and yes, it will fall down into my head as the Danish flag fell down in Estonia in 1219 in a battle following a prayer to God.

I spoke to my mother, who still suffers from a poor stomach, i.e. destruction. Later I was told that this is because of the situation in Greece, which is “out of control” and leading to bankruptcy of not only Greece, but also to western banks thus starting the financial breakdown, thus the end of the world – unless you have “a game” to save this from happening (?), and yes, I am not told.

This is also what Fridtjof Nansen said (the first man crossing Greenland, i.e. God).

I felt Sanna, then Helena and the newspaper BT and yes, what would they write about me (?), and that is “the wrong story” of the system, which was “Stig is crazy – not the one” etc., which still would have been catastrophic and ending all life. This is when they were ready to launch their mud-campaign against you, and it took all of our power to resist it, and yes, via your newspaper BT, Olav Skaaning Andersen, and you had approved it, so why didn’t you do as you had promised “the elite” to do (?), and yes, you decided to give me one more chance to see if I could ride off the storm, and it worked out well, right (?), and I feel smiles on both sides here, with him and me, and he knows that he saved the world from ending there, so thank you for “such a little one”, Olav, and yes “money” was also involved with you in “bribes” to follow the elite.

Yes, these were the days where it was “as good as sure” that this is how it was and Sanna was the queen to be, and they felt so sure that they had you that they were ready to launch their big campaign planned for months, is this how it is, Olav (?), and yes, you were just waiting for me to be locked up on psychiatric hospital, is this the only thing that kept your story away, thus saving the world?

This is when Pernille S. as example and everyone felt sure that this is how it was, and yes, it is only approx. 2-3 years ago, so we have been busy to come where we are today making the whole world elite believe in me, because this is what you do, right?

And how many have since thanked you – in their minds – for holding on tight to your dream saving the world? This is when we were at the very bottom of world support to you, and the height of Sanna/Hans’ and the world’s campaign against you, which was about to break lose in the mainstream media because now they were ready to harvest what they had seed, which was not the seeds of love, but the opposite because you were all a big gang of WIMPS who did not have the courage to tell me, or my mother at the time, about your plans of your New World, and this is NOT how we operate here, this is when you speak to the Devil acting as “darkness disguised as light”, which you all fell for, SHAME ON YOU!

And because you believed that I was dangerous and had to be tamed …

This is what they really needed Helena for, to bring her in embarrassment telling the world about her “dream lover” as she had revealed to Søren Pind, and ehhh, who else …. (?), and I feel darkness here and “the end”, because this is what it would have been, this is what this “delicious lady” was about to bring, and your task in life to bring me, Søren, which was “the final deathblow” to bring forward your dreams of a New World, and how do you feel now as Justice Minister where I have placed you, as my voice tells me, and no, you don’t think that the game is funny anymore now when we have turned it around making you, and not me, look like a COMPLETE FOOL, A TRUE WIMP and a little boy with a distorted view on people and the world.

FB 020715-2 PindThe Sheriff of darkness, Søren Pind, now Justice Minister, who was bringing me my deathblow for the world to overtake me and start their new world

This is when they were ready to “open me up” and bring out life of my mother as they had tried to cultivate inside of me, is that how it is? So this is what “your friend”, Søren Pind, was meant for, yes, to give me the deathblow/kiss of death to start your New World, isn’t it funny, Søren (?), and yes, the man who then, and still today, has decided that “the smartest thing is probably to shut Stig up”, which you then did by removing my freedom of speech to your Facebook site, and don’t you believe in OPENNESS as Justice Minister (?), and yes, it is now also your task to finally decide on opening up all IT-systems and archives of the official Denmark including the stories of your own “killer plans” against me, and why not start with removing your personal block of me (?), and yes, how does it feel like (?), and no, “not easy”, you think, and yes, have you ever considered how it felt like being in my shoes, and no, you were too busy to celebrating in Champagne and abundance of sex having girls/female company all the time, is this how it is, your cold Satan?

No, it didn’t say anything about me being a “kind soul”, so let it be up to the world to read and decide your story against me compared to mine, and what do you think the world will believe in (?), and yes, this was the task, and it fell out to my advantage, see?

And this was because your mother believed that everything was in the best order ….

And what was Karen going to become in this world, another queen/beauty, which she had looked forward to becoming and knowing that she had to sacrifice you on the way going there because this is what your sister and Hans and everyone else had told her, and you were the only one telling the opposite story, and yes, “if only I had believed in you, Stig” – but you were the only one as no one supported. And eehh, yes, they were ready to cheat Sanna, thus also Karen, they knew that they had to otherwise they, the dark world, would not get what they wanted, which was superior control of everything and this is how it was not only Sanna but also Karen, “another queen”, who was meant to be thrown on the waste disposal site, and yes, if also Karen and “everyone else” was following you working there in Brede Park (in 2010/11) and yes with sadness to see you going down, “he was such a handsome man”, and yes, the only one you have ever truly been in love with, Karen, this is the man you were ready to sacrifice to survive yourself – without knowing about the world being ready to also eliminate you.

And is it this knowledge that Helena had – together with Søren (?) – not knowing who to marry, and yes, you really knocked her off her feat, that is why.

Yes, when Søren Pind was appointed as new Justice Minister, he was inspired to say that “there is a new Sheriff on way to town”, and when he took over the Ministry from Mette Frederiksen, the new chairman of the Social Democrats, Mette gave him his Sheriff badge, which Søren obviously is proud of because he kept on speaking of it and bringing even more stories of the media reporting about it on Facebook, and yes, there is really only one problem because this is a symbol of THE WORST DARKNESS – Cowboys vs. Indians you know – with you being “the sheriff shooting on everything”, which is also the Danish title of the Mel Brooks film “Blazing Saddles”, and yes, as you can tell, it is really about “reversed roles” because you are not good as the Sheriff in this film, as you also show yourself on the surface to the public, because you are really the opposite and like the simple minded people of this town, which is a racist having a distorted view on the world and humanity, see?

FB 280615 Pind

FB 290615 PindSøren Pind is “the new Sheriff in town”, i.e. the worst darkness appointed as Justice Minister for the new WEAK Danish government

Yes, they were ready to shoot a bull into your head at the doctor’s room, this was their orders: “Kill Stig”.

Helena was also planted by Hans with the role to come in-between you and Søren Pind.

And is this what Karen has cried about ever since – still playing her act.

Yes, they all believed that “we are not ugly Satan’s, are we” (?), but yes, you were, completely blinded by darkness disguised as light.

And Karen led the way by “servicing” all of the Parliament, who desired her. Later I was told that every single time she made love to another man, she was given the thought of me.

I was here given the smell of wood burning, yes, this was designed to have become the end of the world, and I here feel Sanna, and no, she didn’t even realize it at this point. This is what we had to reach to turn everything around.

And this is what was “impossible” for me to avoid, because of the enormous pressure put on me.

It is really Karen’s fault, it is really her car we are driving around in, but moving it over to me, and yes, from darkness of one side to light of the other side uniting both sides of life here, that was the key, and yes, for the people of darkness to believe in me and deciding that they rather wanted my way of life than what they came up with themselves. And it was your mother, i.e. all life, who had to decide following you, which she eventually did.

Did we stammer out “we want out of here” when your father died?

Yes, Karen as queen too, this is how it is when the Source consists of three, and yes, not just two, but all female (Karen) and male life (Stig) and what did not become life (Sanna), but is “force” of the Source.

So, the logic is that they wanted to have all life live inside Karen – and not Niklas as I was told that Sanna wanted, and yes, also to transfer me to him …. – where the dark world wanted to place everything inside John. But then again, this does not correspond to what I have been told before, which is that they did not know the secret of Karen, or did they really?

Yes, this is why Lisbeth from the commune truly disgusted you, because of the official story of me as the Devil self – and I feel John too, but he kept his knowledge of this hidden.

This is what the local city trade association and the whole world had adjusted to.

Isn’t it so that you will be the only king here because Sanna and Karen will become part of me? But still they are allowed to be queens because they are parts of the Source, which we have just reorganised inside of me.

And then we are back to the old story about how Denis was a stand-in for you as creator not having your force and how dis this work? This is what your Mercedes (2008) was about, if Karen had noticed, she would have picked you instead of Denis, thus stopping creation and yes I remember how my keys to the Mercedes lay on table when I had a drink with her when meeting her in 2008, this is how dependant she was on money and luxury.

I was thinking of the Elton John and Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga concerts in Tivoli next week – and then we can choose almost any Champagne as we want, i.e. have free access to all of the Source, but the question is really if I can go. I received the feeling of the evening with Florencio Anton, the power of the painters there is leading directly to these concerts next week to amplify the power even more.

I received the feeling of the union Frie Funktionærer – the only union that was allowed to accept working together with me on Income Protection insurance – and was told that all knew that I was about to leave the surface of Earth when they would start the campaign against me, but still no one told me about it, this was the strength of their system and desire to survive.

The only unknown factor to Sanna and the world was my mother, who was not prepared to sacrifice you in the end – after she earlier had been brainwashed so much that she had decided never to see me again (2010). This was the decisive moment in history; to be or not to be.

All it required was really some mathematical skills transformed into behaviour of your father, Sanna and the world to bring us home and to make you as strong as possible to bring all home.

A couple of comments on Facebook today to the racist, Inger Støjberg, who is also new Integration Minister and in-human (!), and to the in-human “believer”, Stephen”, in Kenya, who believes so much in the old scripts that it makes him blind without discovering God in my new clothes as Stig.

FB 010715 Inger S

FB 010715 Stephen

July 2

I received a new email from the court yesterday saying that they have now received my replication of June 25 (!), and they give me further limit to July 28 for any additional comments I may have (!!!), and yes, a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, so I sent an email to the court, and I forwarded it to the attorney to the government too, asking them to cut through all bureaucracy/power of abuse and take the RIGHT decision in my EASY TO UNDERSTAND case.

Retten i Helsingør 010715-1

Retten i Helsingør 010715-2

Email til Helsingør Ret 020715

And it brought the attorney to the government – either the clerk to the lawyer or the lawyer self – to enter my website, and what was the most “relevant” or “important” for them to read about (?), and yes, apparently about “the official system treated me as a lunatic”, and is this what you believe that I am (?) (unless you know the truth of me from the elite), and are you still thinking of maybe filing a case against me for “defamation” after I told the truth of your LOUSY WORK in my replication (?), and yes, because you get “easily offended” and then it doesn’t matter that I just wrote the truth, is that how you “feel” the darkness working inside of you as “anger” towards me (?), and yes, let us see what your CHICKENS will decide to do. Later, they all read my “Jesus in Nairobi” website, so “maybe there is something about it”, and yes, because you can read that “he is not stupid”, right?

GV 020715 visit by the attorney to the government

Yes, the story of me included all of me that they had dug up including “sexual aviation”, so it was really “completely impossible” that I could be “the one” because everyone could easily see that I was “mad”, yes, this is how it was.

I decided to cancel my appointment with the doctor, there is really (almost) no lump/swelling in my chest, it is almost impossible to feel.

Til lægerne 020715

I turned on the TV to watch Caroline Wozniacki play the third round in Wimbledon, and when I turned it on, she was in front by 1 set (6-1) and 3-1 in the first set, and completely superior and she continued until it stood 5-1 to Caroline, and the Danish commentator said that “it is a short process”, which was coming after I had sent my email to the court asking for a “short process”, but then “hell took over” giving her opponent Allertova “new strength” and suddenly she played MUCH BETTER than before and went from 1-5 to 5-5 and 6-6, and yes, “the game” had completely turned around with darkness taking over as they also try to control the case against me, but eventually Caroline won a close tie-break and the set and match by 7-6. So what you saw here was the dying game between light and darkness, and this is also the difference showing you how “easy” or “difficult” it can be to “play the game” depending on whether you have me to play with you or against you, see? And I decided to take a nap, which made the commentator Tine Scheuer say “lur mig om ikke der kommer en overraskelse her”, and yes, “inspired speech” about my nap, see Tine?

I was told that it meant so much to my mother that I had become fat that I had to lose weight, as I did last year, to show her that I can, so now she knows, and Karen knows too, and then it doesn’t have the same negative impact as before.

Yes, Karen was also close to commit suicide because of what you wrote about her, this is how she would have died.

This is what Falck also knew, i.e. the official wrong story of me, thus Stig is crazy.

Have we now brought out all secrets of Karen (?), yes it was inside her that your father was. So you have been inside Karen to bring everything of her over to you with most people not even discovering this, which was yours and man’s biggest achievement and otherwise impossible to do because my light is so little compared to your darkness.

And they had the big set up ready to ridicule me and my mother when she would start defending me as they had foreseen. Yes, this was darkness killing me preferring their own way of life.

Karen learnt that it is you and not she who is the light. I received “no sleep” etc. because Karen shared all of me (emptied my energy). Still it is Karen’s love that has filled you, which is only a tool that your mother has used. This means that Karen has loved you all of the time because this is the only way that we have been able to extract this love when creating our New World. But you would not admit this and meet me again and why is that, Karen (?), yes only because of their New World as she had decided to believe in instead of me, which was also required for me to receive darkness and bring out everything.

I received the feeling of Pia from Hørsholm and was told that while you have been travelling 360 degrees around, she has been following you because you allowed her and yes first she was working for your sister and how long did it take until I opened you enough to believe in me as “the one”, Pia?

Sanna did not know that all people from before 1978 (Sicily) would count in the game, so we kept them – including Anni.

I received the deja vue of having to tell the last life that “I cannot bring you out” and having to leave this with a broken heart, and I was shown a whale bleeding symbolising this.

It was also a condition for Karen accepting me to come back otherwise it would cost life including parts of myself.

Pia Kjærsgaard from Danish People’s Party has both been appointed as “Europe’s biggest racist” as well as new chairman of the Danish Parliament (!!!), but according to her “best friend” and partner in crime, Naser Khader, “Pia is no racist”, and yes, these people lie faster than the fastest horse can run, and you are now close to admitting your crimes and lies to the world, and yes, I can almost see the script of your speech in front of me now, Naser, and yes, it will not be that difficult to do, do you think?

FB 020715 om Pia

FB 020715 Naser

The last blood moon is coming in September, and we will then open our New World thereafter, I believe.

Breakingisraelnews 020715


Muse’s concert on the Roskilde Festival was brought live on Danish national TV this evening, and what a concert it turned out to be – as I saw and felt it. When it started and I saw the band on stage with a wild crowd jumping up and down, I wished that it was me being “going wild” standing close to the stage feeling the band and the audience the best, and again I was thinking that this has to be the best live band in the world because of their incredible strong presence and overload of energy of their music.

The sheer energy sent out from this band was simply ENORMOUS, and when they played “Supermassive black hole” early in the set starting at 06:01, it was simply so strong that it almost made me cry and yes, this was experienced via the TV (!), not live, this is how strong these guys come out, and yes, “Supermassive black hole” was the song that finally opened my eyes for Muse in 2006, a “true killer” it is.

They all play their instruments with such high and “classical” skills, I love their special sound played on every instrument, the guitar, sometimes even sounding like a big church organ (I love its “crispy” sound, Matt truly knows how to bring out everything of it), the bass, drums and keyboards, and put together, this is “the biggest sound” in modern music today, and on top is Matthew Bellamy’s unique voice, which in itself is the strongest instrument, where he can keep a falsetto going for many seconds, and when he hits the highest notes, it is “divine beauty” where he simply cuts through all armour – flesh, blood, marrow and bones of me – and into my deepest feelings/”soul” as no other bands today. This is sheer beauty and the strongest musical experience of modern music today – to me at least.

The TV-production was in itself a piece of art with beautiful and often “wry” pictures, graphical elements and use of colour/technology/effects that reflected and suited the energy of the music very well. It really captured the very essence, atmosphere and “soul” of the band very well, and was a unique production to everything else I have seen. It was not only done here and now, it was clear that it had been planned for a long time with special effects made for individual songs, it was truly lifting up the experience watching it on TV – fine work :-).

I was moved may times – almost at the start of each new song – and also when Matt at 33:10 sang “Madness” about being the “mad man” and “I have finally seen the light” when all 50,000 people or more were waving and singing along, and yes, this is how many better-knowing ignorants see Matt, and how people see me too, this is how deeply irresponsible and unreasonable people treated us, Matt knows.

I kept on feeling that this is not only rock music, but sacred music in modern form, and that it could be played inside a cathedral, and the sacred elements reached its height when Matt at 37:53 sat down at the piano started playing “Apocalypse please” and singing “This is the end Of the world, It’s time we saw a miracle, Come on, it’s time for something Biblical, To pull us through”, and yes, this is what you have seen coming from me, Matt & Co., and it will be my “miracle” that will pull us through the membrane of the Source to live as our new selves in our New World on the other side of life, this is what it is about, and yes, thousands of people were singing along, and millions all over the world, but only few realize that this is serious and not coming from a “mad man” on stage, and yes, this is “sheer entertainment” to most people prioritizing to have a good time and get drunk when hearing it, which is truly SUCH A SHAME, and yes, Matt, I have now lifted you from no. 24 on my Top 100 list to no. 13, you are still on your way up, and have now passed TALK TALK on my list, so there you have something to talk about :-).

This is hard rock music with classical elements played by highly skilled musicians way beyond belief. This is the modern version of Queen, SAGA and Radiohead, which is just lifted to an even higher level, if possible. What tempo and IMMENSE ENERGY! And I received a desire to sing out as loud as Matt myself, if I could, and almost as if I am Matt singing out and doing it with immense satisfaction, this was his feeling that I received and to say that it is my inner self working inside of him.

At 1:14:51, everything of this band gave meaning when they played an extract of a famous speech about “the ruthless world order of darkness” about to overtake man by John F. Kennedy before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961 as you can read/listen to here http://www.jfklibrary.org/Research/Research-Aids/JFK-Speeches/American-Newspaper-Publishers-Association_19610427.aspx:

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised.”

And the speech led directly into their first extra-number “Uprising”, no. 2 of my favourites by Muse, and the lyrics/message that I love so much: “They will not force us, They will stop degrading us, They will not control us, We will be victorious – Hey, hey, hey, hey!”, and the crown was singing out everything of their lungs, it was a true moment of beauty :-). Yes, this is how only HEROES go up against this dark world order of man telling them directly that WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS, and this was indeed what we were, Matt & Co., we did the impossible defeating MUCH STRONGER darkness compared to the very little light that I brought to free you all inside of this darkness.

To me, this was truly a “total experience” witnessing a totally amazing show, grandiose and magnificent music, the strongest/most important messages and a great TV-production all melting together as one, and I feel and see one big ball of gold because this is what it is about, this is “divine” and brought to the people from God above, or my inner self if you wish.

Had I seen this concert live from one of the front rows, I am sure that it would have been my best concert experience ever, now it is “only” my best ever TV-concert, but this is also right up there ringing, you know :-).


FB 030715 Stig 2

FB 030715 Stig 3


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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