July 2015 – after script II: Queen Margrethe possesses and brings me God’s stamp that created our world and authorized the Vatican to create my mother and I to save the world


Summary of the script today

  • July 8, 2015: Queen Margrethe possesses and brings me God’s stamp that created our world and authorized the Vatican to create my mother and I to save the world. Helena and I were meant to be the birth machine of man, but faith in me brought power of man to Karen and I as the true birth machine – via Helena. The main reason why we won against darkness was because we succeeded keeping Karen as the Source a secret to man.


  • Queen Margrethe was the messenger of God possessing ”the document” of the Source authorizing the Vatican to create my mother and I to save the world. This document is ”nothing”, it brought me to the top of the pyramid (of the Source) and is now installing my new heart in me. The physical world originates from this document, Queen Margrethe’s task in life was to chose right between my sister/the dark world and me. Queen Margrethe did not give in to Putin and the dark world order, which was also a condition to save the world. This document is inside her soul and is passed to me because of her faith in me to create my sober New World of light. The Danish Queen stood her grounds too, if she had given up to stronger forces of darkness, she would have pulled the world and I down. The Queen waited on my return home to the Source with all life where this document, i.e. her soul, comes from. I am now retrieving the document from the Queen, which was given to man in my absent with the task to return home to the Source; the task of Queen Margrethe. Queen Margrethe is the very foundation of all, and was only to be used when bringing all life to Mijas and ending world resistance to me. It was easy for the Queen to choose between Sanna/Karen and me because she “felt it” the same way as my mother, which is that “Stig is the good one, no trouble lies in him”. This was the decisive difference between Sanna and I, this is how we were born as darkness and light, which could not fool my mother, Queen Margrethe and the world in the end. This document is the famous stamp to create life, which all of man has decided to give me when having faith in me. It is just me, the ship of the Source, that has been a tour around the Queen before landing with you at the end as the only one”. This is what it means that there is only one King – elected by the people (representing it) self.
  • My mother and the world is bleeding, but faith of my mother and the world in me keeps the world going to the very end. I was shown the eternal, living light and felt the button to start our New World, which we will push while still being alive. Hans believed that he would always regret believing in me, thus having to give up world power to me, this was his challenge in life and he did right when he brought Sanna to me. Hans is now delivering me to the world confirming life and my presence inside the Source and also that I am not crazy. New and positive energy that will create our New World will stream out from all pyramids of the world.
  • My old friend Lars G. invited me on a business trip to Århus in 1989 to connect me to Helena to bring the end of me. Man thought that Helena as another part of my mother and I were destined to go together, and Søren Pind was raised to introduce Helena to me. The world has ever since worked to increase this connection in strength until it, my old nightmare uniting Helena and I, would inevitable happen. The world did not know about my counter-attack, which was to bring the world over on my side believing in me and losing faith in and strength for their own course. Søren Pind was meant to become World President according to Sanna and many others, but first he had to bring me down by bringing Helena to me. Everyone believed this would happen not knowing about the degree of faith that I had removed from the Secret Network because they don’t tell themselves. The world was astonished to see that I had power to break down their collective unbeatable force, which again was because of their faith in me. The world would tear into my mother to bring out life for their New World, and it required a lady of their choice to do (to make love to), which was Helena. Helena was the oracle, we turned everything around and used her force for my creation instead of creation of man, which was doomed. The light of the Source is shining with Helena inside of it transforming the power of man to Karen and I creating our New World. So Helena was going to become their birth machine (with me), but instead we used man’s power for my birth machine.
  • This is what it meant for me to make love to Karen, which was to bring all force/faith of man in me to create life inside her half of the Source. We had not invented Karen in 1978 (Sicily), which is why they (darkness) did not know about her. The main reason why we won against darkness was because we succeeded keeping Karen as the Source a secret to man. Man did not know what else to do than to use the old non working recipe Stig/mother for creation instead of Stig/Karen producing mother. It was first at the end that they discovered the meaning of Karen, but too late because I had carried out creation by then. Man had thought about everything in relation to how I would do my creation being without love; to make Karen pregnant and for us to think intimately of each other. It was part of the game for Karen and I not to see each other again and “make up” because her darkness was far bigger and stronger than I could handle.
  • Elton John helped me removing darkness and bringing more power to make our New World look the finest, my mother can now reach the smallest flowers. Elton had first gone to Hell too tempted by money, and it is first within the last few years that he has started believing in me. Elton was part of the dark game of Churchill spreading English culture/music to receive the power of world audiences when artists were with them. Elton is now with me bringing me the energy of his world audience as many other artists, which is why I love music. Elton and artists all over World know that they were used and abused in this game between darkness and light.


July 2015 – after script II: Queen Margrethe possesses and brings me God’s stamp that created our world and authorized the Vatican to create my mother and I to save the world

July 8, 2015: Queen Margrethe possesses and brings me God’s stamp that created our world and authorized the Vatican to create my mother and I to save the world

FB 080715 Stig 1

July 3

I was told that I was to be killed in “an accident” when I was to be fixated with a belt on Psychiatric Hospital.

I was shown a stamp and felt Queen Margrethe and was thinking that what she has in her possession is this “document” of the Source, which really is “nothing”, but still everything of our creation, and yes, I wonder if you would like to come by for a visit for coffee, Margrethe, and bring this to me – or would you like to invite me to your home instead?

I felt Vatican and was shown a corridor with a priest, and I was told if it isn’t about time to go there now, i.e. to Queen Margrethe to get this document, and then I was told that this is where her document leads us, this is what authorizes the Vatican as my representatives in my absent. These were the people having the responsibility to create my mother and I, and the people we really have to thank for having survived.

I felt Helle Thorning-Schmidt, this is what she knows about, and she is their representative in relation to you, so when will we be seeing each other, Helle (?), which may be never when being on this side.

This is what brought you to the top of the Cheops pyramid, i.e. the Source.

It was also to the other side that the world wanted to go, but they did not know how, they only hoped.

My mother invited me out on dinner in town this evening, and I was told that this is why my mother received the idea some weeks ago for the family to go out sailing on Esrum Lake from Fredensborg, which is next to the summer residence of Queen Margrethe, Fredensborg Castle, and I was even encouraged to go knocking on the door to her castle and she will invite me in, and yes, what do I know, is this “document” even in physical form or simply “nothing”, which is attached to the Queen, which I can collect just by being close to her?

My mother has had stomach pain for 4-5 days, and had made an appointment with her acupuncturist yesterday, but he was sick with stomach pain too (!), and when we had dinner, I received her stomach pain, and she said that for the first time in these 4-5 days, she did not have this pain (!), and yes, this is how it works, and I told her, and no, it wasn’t much pain to me, but it was to my mother, and after having had a nice evening, my mother called later and said that she received diarrhoea and could not even reach the toilet, so she had to wash her clothes, and yes, “I know mother, this is given to you”, but I did not tell her that this means “the end of the world”.

At 21.30, Preben rang my door, and I was really far too tired to invite him in, but he wanted in to receive my help setting up his mobile phone and tablet to his own wifi-network, which he believed that he was connected to, but it was “mobile-data” via 3G with a max. traffic limit as the wifi does not have, and he is a “simple man” not knowing much about these things – as my mother also does not, she knows even less – to make it more difficult for me, but despite of some challenges, we found the right network and got him installed, which made him very happy, and furthermore I gave him some examples of app’s I have downloaded to inspire him, and to make him find and download these himself to give him experience so he can work on his own hand, and yes, he was truly happy about this, and again, he said that he would like to go on holiday with me, and yes, prices to Greece have now reduced again because of their financial crisis, but I am not going anywhere when there are two big concerts in Tivoli next week, which I may go to if I am strong enough. I also showed him the end of Muse’s concert yesterday, and told him their messages of “this is the end of the world”, the JFK speech of the dark world order followed by their song “we will be victorious”, and yes, it only takes small things to make him and my mother as examples believe, this is things like this that they can cope.

I was told something about this document bringing a new heart and something about the Queen being another part of my mother, but no, the heart is not for her, it is for me, and yes, I have also received strong and very uncomfortable stitches to my heart for periods today. It is with this that your mother would kill you double.

The new Danish Science Minister declared today that “God created Earth”, which gave a storm of mostly (incredible) negative reactions on the social media of people finding it impossible that this is true and/or that God stands behind science, and many found that it disqualified the Science Minister to come with a statement like this, which was “completely contradictive” in their views (!), and when I wrote the truth with a reference to my website to the story of creation of not only the Universe but also God self and confirmed that God created Earth and that God and the Universe self stand behind evolution and science, there were no people liking my post despite of hundreds of others liking posts of people having an opinion of one sort or another, and yes, no one wanted to read the truth, but felt it much easier to have an opinion because they believe that they already know, but we know that they most of them are “better-knowing ignorants”, right? And I wonder what all of these better-knowing people will feel like and think when they will see the creation/opening of our New World carried out by God right in front of their eyes?

FB 030715 TV2

FB 030715 TV2-2


FB 030715 JP

FB 030715JP2

FB 030715 JP og Mogens

Yes, I also still receive out of this world pain to my right angle, which are strong but not as strong as when they were at their worst.

July 4

Yesterday, my mother asked me to go to music on Hornbæk harbour this afternoon, and after I had decided to overcome my pain and tiredness this morning also doing this, I spoke to her on the phone and then she cancelled herself because of her stomach pain.

The word “EMU” (Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union) has been given to me days and now that it is not the paper worth that it was made on, and that it was incredible that it lasted this long, i.e. it was designed to break down.

I watched the beginning of Tour de France today, and was told that cutting through (flesh, blood) marrow and bones to the soul as included in my review of the Muse concert yesterday, is a new expression in music, and that it is because of my work that the Australian racing cyclist Rohan Dennis set a world record with the fastest individual time trial ever. Furthermore, I was told that the Danish cyclist, Jakob Fuglsang, crashed and started bleeding as a symbol of my mother, i.e. the world, bleeding now. This makes me think that I sent the Danish commentator, Dennis Ritter, a Facebook invitation more than a month ago, but you were “too busy” to accept it, Dennis?

BBC SPort 040715

FB 040715 TV2

I was given Karen, Tobias and Thomas (Ole’s son) as examples of people, who have performed an act to me speaking to me what they had been told to say, but having a great desire to tell me the truth and apologize you have?

I was shown the physical world outside a little, pink lady’s bag, I smelled perfume, i.e. the Source, and was shown the world being packed down and inside this lady’s bag, and I felt Queen Margrethe, this is her bag, and she knows that she has it and what it is.

I received “God save the Queen” – this time, the Danish Queen – and no, she also did not give in to Putin and the dark world order. And where is this document hidden (?), yes, in her soul and has she really already passed it on to you (?), yes, when you politely ask for it to be used to create our sober New World, this was her condition, isn’t it funny this is what we have in common (?), the Danish Queen stood her grounds too, thus also saving the world, yes waiting on me to return home where this document, i.e. her soul, comes from. So if she had given up to stronger forces of darkness, she would have pulled you down too, thus all. And I received the song again and “for the prize of love and glory”.

It was Margrethe’s task to choose between me and the world, and I was here given the feeling of Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, Crown Prince Mary, and was told that “my children were also of importance” in this relation.

It is really Margrethe who is the messenger of God, and now myself when retrieving this document from her, which was given while I was away, yes, for man to do what man needed to do to return home to the Source, which was really the employment contract of the Queen, who has also been following you, your mother, family, friends and network in secrecy since you were little, and she has had secret meetings with Helle Thorning-Schmidt confidential.

So Margrethe is the very foundation of all, and was only to be used when bringing all life to Mijas and there would be no more “resistance” from the world, and I here feel all new life coming out of her. We would only reach here, if you succeeded washing up everything, i.e. bring all life home. And I was told that to the Queen, it was easy choosing between Sanna/Karen and you because she “felt it” the same way as my mother, which is that “Stig is the good one, no trouble lies in him”. This was the decisive difference between Sanna and I, this is how we were born – as darkness/cold feelings and light/warm feelings – which could not fool your mother, Queen Margrethe and the world in the end even though they did their best to make the world believe that it was opposite.

I went to town to do some shopping late this afternoon, it is heatwave these days, and I simply felt so terrible that I told myself that this game has to stop, I cannot do anything anymore, and I was then given “midnight blue” by Electric Light Orchestra, which is about my “lonely road” and “a lot of pain” and the blue of my new self that I will find at the end.

Your mother’s stomach pain isn’t because she is concerned about you, is it (?) – giving her, thus man, more sufferings. She and the World bleeds because the idea was that I should show myself as invincible, but no, we know, I cannot anymore ……

This (document of the Queen) means that I am having my new heart installed now as the very last of all.

Isn’t it just a whole yard (“factory of creation”) which is now free?

I was shown the eternal, living light in a little cave and myself around it, and I felt the button to push to start our New World, which we will do while still being alive, yes, because you don’t want to die yourself, which is then what it will be like.

I was told about Tobias taking drugs, as I have been told about before, but not written, I believe, and also that my sister does not speak about it to me to “protect him”, and yes, Tobias is a irresponsible and undisciplined young “party man” in many respects, but he also has a heart of gold.

There is only one thing that keeps the world from going under, which is your mother’s faith, which is an even stronger force than her concerns about you, this is the only reason why we are alive – and this was started by Hans, when he started receiving faith in me approx. 2-3 years ago.

We have also told her, the Queen, that there is a whole world in difference depending on her decision, and I felt that she has been spiritual opened like my mother, but probably she better understands this than my mother.

This is what Hans believed that he would always regret, which was when he started believing in me, because he knew that he had to give up his world power to me and become just a normal man himself, yes, also not easy for you, Hans, and your challenge in life, what would you decide to do, and yes, you did right when you brought Sanna to me too instead of continuing together on her wrong path.

This (the document) is the famous stamp to create life, which all of man has decided to give you.

We had not invented Karen in 1978 (Sicily), which is why they (darkness) did not know about her.

I was encouraged to watch and old Danish film from YouTube this evening, and the first that I found that I liked to watch was “Nøglen til Paradis” (“The key to Paradise”) from 1970 starring Dirch Passer, Lone Hertz and Jørgen Rye, who are among the “finest gold” of Danish actors ever (but there are many from “the golden age” of Danish film), whom I prefer in many respects to actors (and comedians too) of today because I like “the whole style” with less violence and negativity more – and this film with Lone Hertz playing “the secretary of Saint Peter” was really a symbol of “getting angel wings while alive”, i.e. to become our new selves without really dying other than in “the blink of an eye” – and yes, the film made me happy, these three actors simply play “divinely beautiful” with much humour and warmth together 🙂

I was shown the strong lights of the Source on the side of the ship of the Source sailing by – I normally wave at it when seeing it – and I was told that “we are the galley”.

I was encouraged to bring information on my family on the front page of my website, which today is part of the chapter of creation, to a new chapter, which makes sense, which I may do when and if I can.

And I felt and was shown Mexican pyramids, and was told that things will happen there too as it will to all pyramids of the world, which is from where we will bring out the stream of new and positive energy for the creation of our New World, this is how you will see it.

I was shown myself inside my coffin, where there is a very simple bird nest including all the eggs you want (to bring new creation as part of eternal creation also here).

So it is just me, the ship of the Source, that has been a tour around the Queen before landing with you at the end as the only one, which just had the condition that the world and your family understood.

Are we we high polished (?), yes as much as I could.

This is what it means that there is only one King – elected by the people (representing it) self.

Late in the evening, I was given the feeling of Lars Hug, who is also on Roskilde Festival, and then Paul McCartney, who was playing live on stage by this time, which may have been because you were thinking of me, Paul (?), and no, this concert was not transmitted on TV, so I did not see it, only a couple of short clips and I understood that it was a “marathon-concert” of more than 2½ hours including much material from Beatles, Wings and new and old solo songs, but where are your big songs from the 1980’s and 1990’s in the setlist (?), and yes, just wondering, I am? Here are two fine clips – “All your life, You were only waiting for this moment to arise”, as I was also given last week without writing it.

FB 040715 TV2 om Paul

Later, Paul McCartney brought this Facebook post, and yes, he brought a BIG BANG to Roskilde as I will bring you our New World with a BIG BANG :-).

FB 050715 Paul M

In reality your father felt inferior to you, yes he was dumb and simple minded pretending to be the opposite, which was “not easy” for him.

FB 040715 P6

July 5

Yes, my scripts, which is what Sanna told our mother and the world is “the most insane imaginable” without really reading and understanding, which made people believe in her because people “knew” that she was “the one” including Ricky, Kirsten’ son, whom I feel here, but this really made her a fool, and yes, when I started writing, I received “difficult to understand” symbols and later “long speech”, but with increasing faith in me, my scripts and website became more and more precise until also my sister eventually understood (via Hans, who first understood) that she had been the fool from the beginning not reading and understanding my first book in 2008, which she could have had if she really wanted it, but she did not.

Torben H., the electrician, has already been in where life is created, which was when you released all life in Mijas.

The last days, my new self inside darkness of the corridor has strongly wanted to enter and overtake me.

I was told “Salsa”, felt Art of Living in Copenhagen and was told that the truth is that Karen enormously would have liked to go with you there, but she was not allowed.

Since Sanna discovered the truth of you as “the one”, she has cared for you more than anyone else because it was a nightmare to her to lose Stig and I am here given the feeling of when I gave her – and also our mother, and partly my father – all of the many “soft CD’s” I had burned in 2006 as an expression of love, and yes, just before she thought that I would be overtaken by the Devil – as Ole also told her that I would.

It would be the best if you go (close) to Fredensborg Castle to collect the energy of the Queen there.

Why did Lars G. invite me on a business trip of his to Århus in 1989, I believe (?), which was when we worked together at DanskeBank-Pension, well to connect you to Helena, to bring the end of you, this is the only explanation there is. And this made me wonder if Helena was even born there (?), yes, how old is she?

Are we human” and destined to go together (?), and I feel another part of my mother with me, yes, man thought, this is what I raised Søren Pind up to be and to let him introduce Helena to me.

I felt Jack, this is what he and the world have ever since worked on to increase in strength until it would inevitable happen without knowing about my counter-attack to avoid it, which simply was “simple logic” to bring you over on my side, to believe in me, thus lose faith and strength for your course, this is why Søren was never mentioned here as new world President, was that your destiny according to Sanna and many others, Søren (?), but first you had to bring Stig down by bringing Helena to him.

This is what Bettina and everyone believed would happen not knowing about the degree of faith that I had removed from the Secret Network because they don’t tell themselves. It required that I would break down to their collective unbeatable force to bring my old nightmare, but they had not taken into account that people increasingly started believing in my “crazy scripts” including Helena, which is why my emails to her were important – telling her that it was not me, but Søren Pind and the psychiatric system, which were wrong. This is what they were astonished to see that I had power to refuse, but now you know that it was yourselves failing your own system and changing into mine. This is also why they sent Karen to you to empty you.

Again this could not have be done without the students of Arthur Findlay College in 2005/06, which I lost contact to when I lost my address list of them as Renee had put together, and it required that Arthur Findlay College put together a new plan for you to bring out all power of people you met here.

And then the idea for them was tear into your mother and bring out life for their New World. It required a lady of their choice to do (make love to), and when it could not be your mother, Helena was their choice, and this is connected to the story, which was almost revealed to the world but you fought against it enough to make Hans decide to wait bringing it.

In reality, Helena was the oracle whom we also used because she was so much in love with me that we … .., and the rest appears from your scripts, yes using her force going against them.

So it required all of the English army, i.e. Arthur Findlay College, one more time to make new plans.

I felt Kim Larsen, this is the force that he added to, which we are still adding to, this is how we used Helena to create life, another part your mother. Which was more to open our garden via her faith in me. This is why Lars G. was sent to you as their votive offering and really was the opposite in my plans because there would have been no creation without them. This is why Lars was so eager to get you to meet women (when we went out on town almost every weekend some years around 1990). Yes he was also sent by Sanna.

At some stage we had to accept making love to receive their power of creation, but to turn it around my way. This is what the two spaceships at Sicily in 1978 were about (fight on way of creation). So instead of bringing power to their creation as they all believed, I used your power for my creation. It is with Helena on my back running as a horse, feeling “as a slave”, that we rode to our New World. Here the old light of Hittarp was switched on, and it shined like a diamond with Helena inside of it, yes, I never slept with her and transformed their power to Karen and I, whom I was faithful to when creating our New World.

Helena was also only meant to be used while two halves of Karen and you were divided as I am here shown, but I understand that we will keep her alive too the same way as my mother.

So there was really only one left from Arthur Findlay College, Birthe, so they decided to bring all negative force of people from Arthur Findlay College inside of her and let you meet her again to release this, yes, this is what it took. And this was instead of all people spreading out to you, and to stake everything on one throw depending on how she saw you, which was positive and normal as it should be.

This included the magical formula from Arthur Findlay College, the way to create. Otherwise I would be so much in debt never being able to repay darkness and win.

This is how we fooled the whole world to work for me even though they believed I was crazy, yes, simple minded people like you, Søren Pind. And I tried to open to different internet sites, which both said “database error”, which was to say that their New World would not work.

I felt Lars G. and was told that this is what you were never meant to know.

The Greek people voted no to the terms of a bailout of Europe with the question now being: What will happen now? Is it possible to negotiate a new deal or will this mean the end of the Euro and financial breakdown of banks, stock markets and the financial world because there is no more cash – leading directly to the end of the world – and yes, this is at least what Tom Heneghan’s Intelligence Briefings say and what he has warned about for a long time, so let us see if this is what will happen, or if it will be as the now former Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon(g) told me last year and also the former Trade Minister, which is that there is no risk for a new financial breakdown, and yes, what did you REALLY know about it, my “gentlemen” when you were incautious coming with these statements?

FB 050715 Greece No

Greece no

IB 050715-1

IB 050715-2

Yes, it is truly the end of the world as you can see from this video (and MANY others here) because the (behind the sun) hidden planet, Nibiru, is also closing in on us and will be about as close to Earth as the moon in November 2015, which is in the magnetic field of Earth and will be of apocalyptical dimensions, and yes, that is if we have not ended the Old World and started our New World before this, which I do believe that we have. And no, there is no mainstream media writing on the front pages of their newspapers “The apocalypse will be coming before the end of the world”, which is also good because the world would not be able to control its negative feelings and temper with most people not being able to understand and have faith in me that we simply replace this world with a brand new.

And yes, it is pretty easy for “my old brother” Alan to watch and understand the end of the world as this is only one of many examples of posts of his, but it is “much more difficult” to understand that when there comes an end, there also comes a new beginning with a New World, and yes, to read and understand me, and no, he “cannot” as he also “could not” hold even one of his handful of now old promises to me, and that is because he is a lazy and simply man, this is how the game is.

FB 070715 Alan

July 6

I was shown a tunnel and a new train inside of it, which we have already created, which is about the creation of the next New World on top of ours.

Damon Albarn did an epic 5 hour concert at Roskilde Festival, which I would have loved to see, and yes, truly a COMMITTED man :-). http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/jul/06/damon-albarn-roskilde-carried-off-stage-following-five-hour-set-africa-express?CMP=fb_gu

FB 060715 Albarn

Apparently there is no limit to just how dumb and crazy a “scientist” can be – here is some more to the story that God and science don’t work together when the truth is that one depends on the other, which means that there would be no science and evolution without the building stones of God and creation self constantly evolving.

It seems as if there are many people out there believing that God and creation is what is included in the book of Genesis describing how God created the world in six days, and yes, “everyone knows” that the Universe was created via a Big Bang and that life took billions of years of evolution to create, which is why the story of God must be wrong according to many, well come on, don’t believe too much in those old writings, will you (?), and yes, read my book of Genesis on my website instead and believe that God stands behind everything delivering the building stones for the Universe to create life and evolve according to its own will, will you?

FB 060715 Videnskab

FB 060715 KD



FB 050715 Pind om minister og tro

FB 060715 Mads1

FB 060715 Mads2

So Helena was going to become their birth machine, but we used man’s power for my birth machine instead. Yes, she was the one they were going to use as “my sweetheart” when committed to psychiatric hospital.

This is what it meant for me to make love to Karen, which was to bring all force/faith of man in me to create life inside her half of the Source, the dark side – instead of Helena as another part of my mother (to be moved to John as the container to all). She made incredible much love, and all of her energy was brought to me, yes, thinking of me she was …. This is all that it took, for us to think intimately about each other.

Sanna and Hans returned home from a weekend at their derelict farm in Sweden and visited my mother this afternoon, where I also came because Hans and I were to move out the last furniture of John’s old office – a sofa bed, writing desk with computer, armchair and two carpets, which was harder than it sounds like because I really cannot do anything and it takes nothing for me to sweat, but we made it and my mother was happy.

I felt Sanna’s big love and also relief being freed from responsibility because of me, and also Hans’ “new style”, which is to be inferior to me, which is not right, but still how I feel him strongly now, and yes, a change of direction, you know. Sanna and Hans know of the importance of cleaning out John’s darkness from our mother’s apartment, which is why they are also kind to help.

We spoke about giving away the arm chair, and when no one seems to want it (in our family), I suggested that maybe John’s brothers Cyril or Tommy would like to have it, which made Sanna say that mother is not on speaking terms with them (!), and our mother to hush her up (!!!), and yes, apparently there is a secret here, which my mother doesn’t want to tell me because then I will write it in my scripts (!), and yes, it is probably “completely unimportant” making this and really a childish and immature behaviour not wanting to tell me, I do NOT like such behaviour at all, and yes, Tommy’s wife Inge called me one evening very late at almost 23.00 via Facebook, which I did not reply thinking that she will probably call back on my ordinary phone on an ordinary time or sent me an email if it is important, and yes, was this something about this or simply because you would like me to enter the senior club, which you have arranged here, Inge (?), which I have told you that I am not senior enough to enter.

I was told about young people in High School, who used to draft other “skilled, young people” to the Secret Network working against me, which Niklas did too and why it was important that I “infiltrated” at least some high schools via my Facebook contact with via young high school people approx. 2-3 years ago.

I felt a little better today knowing that it was to help me to go to Copenhagen to watch Elton John in concert, which I decided to do then, and I took the train to Copenhagen (my mother did not want to go not feeling well enough yet, and the view to stand up, which she cannot) and in the train I was shown a train wagon with sparkling copper connections ready to connect us (the New World with the Source), which is what Elton means, i.e. bringing more power.

I was in Copenhagen a little after 18.00 so I first could watch Denmark’s Radio’s Big Band play together with special guests Cæcilie Norby, Christian Hjelm, Miriam Mandipira from 18.30 at the King’s Garden in Copenhagen, which I did finding a little spot on the grass, which I could sit on on the left side not long from the stage, and this was the first time ever that I watched a big band play live, and what a performance and experience it was, this was truly beautiful music performed beautifully, I loved hearing all instruments and their beautiful sound, the trumpets, saxophones, trombones, flutes and the rhythm section, and the highlights were an amazingly beautiful second sog by Miriam Mandipira, which made me think that this is when jazz is world class and at its absolutely finest moment, I truly LOVED it, and also the classic “Jeg ved en lærkerede” sung by Christian Hjelm and finally “Close to you” sung by Cæcilie Nordby, and yes, the concert was hosted by a female P8 jazz radio host together with Master Fatman, and yes, I was thinking of going up to you, clap you on your shoulder and say “from one fat man to another” :-), and yes, I noticed “the look” from some musicians of the band, a black lady sitting in front of me and also you, Master Fatman? Yes, the show was recorded by DR for TV, and I thought it was on live, but I cannot see it, so it will probably first be broadcast later, and yes, I am sure that I am also in the pictures.

DR Big Band with Miriam Mandipira 060715

DR Big Band with Cæcilie Nordby 060715

Denmark’s Radio’s Big Band with Miriam Mandipira (top) and Cæcilie Nordby in the King’s Garden in Copenhagen today giving me my best ever jazz experience – it was WORLD CLASS 🙂

I was told that your mother soon has the most fairytale set (clothes) on, i.e. our New World will look its finest. We are close to starting father’s little paper flyer. We are standing at the tower of Babylon. Your mother can now reach the smallest flowers, which this (tour) is about.

On my way from the King’s Garden to Tivoli, I was told that it is the very inner we have started pricking hole on, this is where Elton comes from.

I did not have much time to get to Tivoli before 21.00, which is when the concert with Elton John started, and I had to get something quick to eat too, so I took the train from Nørreport to Vesterport, and decided to take a quick sausage at the sausage wagon (traditional Danish) just outside Vesterport Station, and when I ordered a hotdog, it only took me 1-2 seconds to place the black man working there as “sausage man”, as we say here, and yes, I could recognize his voice, and when he said something like “one hotdog, that will be 28 kroner”, I knew that he would end it by saying “KONTANT” (“CASH”) in a very typical way because this was my old kiosk man from the kiosk on Frederikssundsvej, where I lived from 1988-89 and the man I wrote about only a few weeks ago when my mother paid her new car “CASH”, and yes, I knew that I had been directed to him, and we had a nice conversation, and he confirmed that it was really him, but he could not remember me from back then, and he is a “funny guy” so he said that he becomes “younger and younger” with the years, and I told him that after meeting me, he will truly become “younger and younger”, and yes, I told him that I was on my way to the Elton John concert, and he said that he liked Elton’s “Don’t let the sun go down on me” and “Lion King” (“Can you feel the love”) the most, and “Lion” was here also about “the Lion of the Source” of course :-).

Min gamle KONTANT-ven er pølsemand ved Vesterport 060715My old kiosk-man from Frederikssundsvej (1988-89) is now sausage-man at Vesterport Station. “It will be 28 DKK IN CASH MY YOUNG MAN”, which is a symbol of paying with my energy/sufferings to remove the world’s negative energy 🙂

I entered Tivoli using my mother’s card, and the garden was FULL, and yes, they had shut off the largest area in front of the stage as I have ever seen, where they sold special tickets to enter, which was too expensive to what I would pay, so I took “a free ride” outside this area, where it was really impossible to find a place where you could actually see the stage, but eventually I found a solid water fountain (to the left of the stage) where people were standing on its edge making it easier for them to see, and there was just one free place for me, so this is where you could find me, Elton :-).

There is a power until the end trying to block me from marrying Karen, which now opens too with Elton, and yes, my mother loves Elton too, and it would be best if she was here, but this could not be.

Yes, Elton had first gone to Hell too, and it is first within the last few years that he has started believing in me, and then there is no shortage of your help for example coming here to Copenhagen to share your chocolate layer cake with me, yes, Elton is a BIG SPENDER, i.e. the worst darkness in this sense.

This is really a big celebration day, therefore the cake, he knows we have brought Sanna/the Devil down and are now waiting on the New World to open.

And yes, have I really seen Elton John before (?), and yes, now I remember that I saw him in Forum in Copenhagen some time in the 1990’s, which however did not make a big impression on me because we were sitting too far in the back and the sound was awful, and yes, today I was also standing far too long away from the stage, which is why I did not get the same experience of the artist and the music as when I stand close to the stage, and this is really why I try to stand as close to the stage as I can at concerts, and why I normally prefer smaller concerts, but then again, it is truly fantastic to watch a big concert like this if you stand close to stage, but this is the criterion at least to me.

This is also why Elton’s concert today was only “fine” and not “spectacular” to me, I was simply standing too far away, but still I was moved by his fine songs including some of the finest ballads in the world and some true rock songs at the end, and I was thinking that “Elton is truly a heaven-inspired piano player”, he truly plays the piano beautifully – still :-).

I much loved hearing Candle in the wind, Daniel, Philadelphia Freedom, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Your Song, and the artistic highlight to me was when Elton played “Levon”, who calls his child Jesus “And he shall be Levon, And he shall be a good man” and “), which I enjoyed much also because Elton truly played the piano as a master here :-).

Earlier in the evening at the concert at the King’s Garden, I wanted to take a picture, but then a photographer decided to stand in front of me blocking me from taking the picture, and the same happened here once in Tivoli, which was really a symbol about how our new creation wants to start up now.

Even though I stood far away from the stage, I filmed some clips of the concert as I have put together in this video, which includes a lady, who decided to cross the water of the fountain standing on the ball in the middle, which I thought was a “fun thing” to do myself earlier, and yes, then she came and did it, and I saw this ball as the Earth, and this as a symbol of standing on top of the world having reached home of the Source.

Here is another clip found on YouTube – closer on.

No, they did not let Churchill gets all of his (evil) way, Elton, yes, he was also employed by me working for the game of evil.

For days, I have been given the name of the late Torben Bille, who was a Danish music reviewer knowing everything about and everyone in music, and now I was told that it was also because of him that Elton knows about me.

I stood next to two Australian women and one of them asked me to take a picture of Elton with her mobile phone, but she had turned the camera around so it was pointing our way (taking a selfie) instead of the other way towards the stage, and I smiled at her and told her that “you have travelled to the other side of Earth, so you have to turn around the camera”, and this was really a symbol of turning around all life from the dark to the light side as we will be doing shortly.

Elton said that he did everything as musician because of the audience, and also that when he would leave this concert, he would take our energy with him keeping him high for 2-3 hours, “you don’t know how much your love means”, and I was told that this is the love of the audience that he sends to me, and when he then played “Don’t let the sun go down on me”, I was given the taste of coffee, which is “love”, and this is what Elton sends me.

Elton was part of this invasion force of Churchill bringing English culture/music to the world, which was used as an instrument to receive power over the world because they knew that when Elton, as example, would be with them, it would bring his audience with them too, and “then darkness make it difficult to me” as I was told with the voice of “the clumsy fool” Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.

Elton and artists all over World know that they were used and abused in this game between darkness and light. How many artists have turned around now being with me (?), and yes, now you understand why I love music – to attract artists, and their world audiences, to me.

This is how it has been with British Prime Ministers since Churchill – until Cameron, who is on my side.

Elton played many of his greatest hits for two hours, I wish that he had played more of lesser known and also newer songs instead of the same greatest hits all the time, and after a Shawarma at “the Lebanese” on my way home, it was impossible to buy a top-up to my train travel card, all systems were down, and I wonder why? But I came home on a “free ride” because there was no control of tickets in the train probably as a result of this.

I was shown a dark chocolate biscuit slowly becoming more and more light, which was to say that it took time to make Elton change over to my side because he was “hooked on money”.

Later I was told that it is Elton self being the resistance to me, which I have to break down to reach even stronger force of the Source, which is because he doesn’t like to become part of my scripts for the whole world to read as it has been the destiny of other artists too, but here you are, “Sir” Elton John, and no, I do NOT like the “sir” part, cancel it, will you (?), and yes, difficult to do with all of these things that the Devil has planted in you.

Isn’t it “strange” that Mimi Jacobsen recently and suddenly also stepped down as General Secretary for the Danish branch of “Save the Children” (?), and yes, she is part of the Committee to welcome me.

I cycled home from Helsingør Station via the beach road at around 00:45, and I stopped when I saw blinking lights over on the Swedish side, and yes, there were two red lights constantly blinking, which is about “we cannot continue the game anymore” and then one white light blinking to the left of these where I was told “not here”, so yes, it seems as if we only continue the game with difficulties, and for the first time ever, I saw a BIG ship of the Source passing me when I was located on the beach road, but it only had one white light in front and one in back together with a green light, which gave it away, because I have not seen “normal ships” have coloured lights. Sanna has tested creation of the Source by looking into these lights of the ship of the Source.

When I came home, I opened an email from Helsingør Court, and I had really expected that they would cancel my lawsuit against the Appeal Board because the Appeal Board has not yet decided themselves in my case, but they did not, they will continue the case for now (thus going against the attorney to the Government’s appeal to close the case, thus a little victory to me) and they asked me to send the enclosures I want to bring to the case and to number them (!), and yes, this system “cannot” print out my documentation from the correspondence of the case even though I have told them what and where to find it, so I will have to do this work even though they already have received everything, and yes, the point is that I would like you to accept “everything” as foundation to decide on instead of only “chosen enclosures”, this was a key message for you too, see? But I was glad to see the court giving my case a sober and quick processing cutting through bureaucracy.

Retsbog 060715-1

Retsbog 060715-2

Retsbog 060715-3

Retsbog 060715-4

Retsbog 060715-5

I was told “1970’s” and the main reason why we won was because we succeeded keeping Karen secret, they did not know what else to do than to use the old non working recipe Stig/mother for creation instead of Stig/Karen producing mother, yes, turning everything around.

It was first at the end that they really discovered the meaning of Karen, but too late because I had carried out creation by then.

I received the feeling of Rørholmsgade, where I lived as a child until 1972, and I was told that it depended on how I did as a child in relation to Sanna to see if we could pull off this the greatest stunt of the world, and we could, so you did alright, yes, also with your father and mother in this formula too.

They had thought about everything in relation to how you would do your creation when you were without love etc., yes, this was it – to make Karen pregnant to create our New World and “think intimately of each other”.

Yes, Karen was originally created by darkness, but we managed to keep her secret. This required that you were given many sufferings to keep her down for darkness not to see/recognise her, and yes, surrounding her with light, i.e. made to look as the enemy, isn’t it funny?

I was told that it is first now that we have effectively your computer from outside for people instead of entering my computer can read about Stig in the newspapers or in my next scripts, and this is because it is first now that I have been firm in my decision that I do NOT want any traffic from outside to enter my computer, what I have decided to store here is my private information. This is also why I have received some viruses. But somehow this was also life nerve of the world to me.

I was told that sufferings of the people of Greece help brings us home too.

July 7

I was shown the “light bulb spaceship” from the album cover of ELO 2, and it had arms and one of them contained an egg yolk in one of its arms. And I am shown rockets these days too, which is about our New World ready to being shut off.

Again, I felt worse and was so tired that I wanted to take a nap after lunch, but I could not because I was given so strong feelings and fear that my heart would stop making a nap impossible.

My mother gave me shorts and two shirts the other day, and I would like to have the shorts a number bigger, so I had agreed with my mother to go to Espergærde Centre today, which to me was “the worst pain” to overcome doing, and it is really a fight between my mother wanting to see me not to be alone and me wanting to do nothing staying at home ONLY because of how poorly I feel.

My mother is now planning to buy new furniture for John’s office – writing table, shelves etc. – and first agreed with me to go to the Ilva furniture store, but has now agreed with Sanna instead, which is fine with me, and originally I recommended my mother to look at used furniture at www.dba.dk, but she has decided that it is easier for her to shop in Ilva and get the furniture delivered, and yes, the feeling came strongly to me that this may be a new fight between my sister and I on how our mother is to design her “new home”, i.e. New World, but I refused it, and today Hans (and Sanna) called asking for my help to move the sleeping bed from my mother’s apartment down into a trailer (and home to them, they would like to have it), which I of course did, and when we arrived in front of my mother’s apartment, we decided to let the car park temporary inside the bus pocket, and first Sanna checked the timetable to make sure that there would come no busses now, which she said that there would not, and I also checked just to make sure, and no, no busses would come according to the timetable, so we told Hans that we could park there, and Hans and I could go up in the apartment to collect the sofa, and let Sanna stay to look after the car and to move it if someone should come, but then suddenly Sanna decided to have an extra look at the timetable, and yes, the time was 17:54 and what did she discover (?), and yes, there would actually come a bus at 17:56 (!), so why didn’t neither of us see this first (?), and yes, because we had mentally decided that the clock was now 18.00, so we looked from 18:00 and forwards on the timetable, which was to say that what I do not cover myself at the end, Sanna helps doing really working together with me as a team – without saying it because of the game. Afterwards, we laughed about the risk of Sanna having had to drive away with the car including the trailer on its back not being able to turn around and having to drive all around Zealand to return, which was also to say that this is how close we came to lose life inside darkness, but when working together, we did not. And yes, “a funny little thing”, where we were both fooled to bring this little story, right Sanna? Yesterday when moving the furniture out of the office, Hans ended up by saying “it is perfect”, and today when we had moved the sofa down and into the trailer, he also ended up by saying “it is perfect”, which was “inspired” and about our perfect New World.

My mother “cannot handle” mentally that all things (that have not been thrown out) from John’s office is now put in her living room thinking that she will “never make it”, and yes, “mentally impossible work” to change John’s office of darkness to her new room of light, and I have told her that we will make it all before August 1, and “just allow it to stand there mentally”, this is how we come through.

My Internet decided to almost stop working again this afternoon, which practically was “not working”, and still my TV – from the same line – worked perfectly, so this was again “spiritual darkness” coming at me, and maybe from the system of hell, or from my mother still resisting me and my scripts, and at least it meant that I did not publish my script today, which will be tomorrow instead. The Internet suddenly started working in the evening again.

I felt Preben, my neighbour, inside the Source on the same channel as I, and I felt him feeling me there, so it should be possible for him to figure out who I am, but then again, he is far from being smart.

I was told that the war between Britain and Argentina in 1982 was planned as the events in Greece now are too – to bring the world down.

Is Hans going to deliver me to the world in Canada (?), yes, they are leaving for 2½ weeks on Friday.

It was also “all life” that was collected by Sanna and Hans at Machu Picchu.

It is fizzing and bubbling inside of there (the Source), which Hans is going to say and still defend to some that there is very much life inside the Source, yes, still not having the courage telling me the exact purpose of your tour, Hans?

Well, we haven’t seen inside (the Source) how Stig/God really looks like, have we (?), yes.

Yes, this is Hans responsibility now telling the world that he has seen you inside nothing, which is a complete turn-around from before, and it includes telling the world that Stig is not crazy, he is my brother in law, I know.

So the last couple of years, they have reported that they have continued bringing me darkness as part of the game for me to cleanse to save the last.

My father told Sanna “don’t ever tell Stig that I chose you”, yes, he knew that he did wrong.

No, you were not to bring flowers or anything like that later to Karen trying “to make up”, this was part of the game, not to see her again, not to be friends, and simply to avoid receiving more of her darkness because you had done what you came for, which was to make her pregnant with our New World. You haven’t taken medicine on your coffee machine, have you? Which was simply because her darkness was far too strong. She contained all darkness that your family – sister and mother – pumped to you. And then it was really only a question about who was the strongest – pulling out the force of the other, assisted by Sanna as I here feel (Karen was). This is why we could not have Karen fallen too deeply in love with you seeing you truly as “the only one” for her. This is also why we could not accept to have her house inside ours, because hers was much bigger. It is first now when everything has been transferred to me that I can welcome you back, Karen, and I feel your relief and you still trapped inside the strongest darkness.

Well, Stig cannot sit all day at the library doing his work from there, can he (?), and yes, they tried to remove you from the library too, but no, what wouldn’t that look like (?), and yes, decided by mayors in Lyngby and Helsingør – “free acess for the public” you know, and of course because they were afraid of your public writings on them.

And they actually withdrew your passport to prevent you from escaping abroad thus making it easier for your sister to control the public system against you.

So the Yalta conference was more like a lunch-meeting about how to overtake and share the world.

My mother told us earlier today that she had not been sleeping since 2 am, but her stomach pain is now better after having been treated by her acupuncturist, and yes, you are sad about your mother suffering more, but is it so that when you cannot no more – telling her things like “I will have to see if I have energy doing this tomorrow” – you transfer your sufferings to her (?), yes.

FB 080715 Stig 2

FB 080715 Stig 3



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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